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The team knows, and those closest to them. It was to be a secret until this was all over - Zarkon defeated and the universe saved - lest it be used against them.

Like now.

Pidge’s heart pounds in her chest so hard she fears it may burst out. Her breath is heavy, the only sound she can hear despite the busyness of the command deck.

The Galra commander pages through her journal, the one she vehemently denies as a diary. He stands only a few steps from her, but his lieutenant holds her in place, his hands pinching uncomfortably around her arms, aggravating the blaster wound on her shoulder.

He’s the only thing keeping her from dropping to her knees - thanks to the blade in her stomach.

None of the physical pain compares to the humiliation as her personal life is on display to the enemy.

Worse he’ll see… he’ll see Lance all over the back pages. Pidge is no Keith as far as talent, but it’ll be obvious it’s him. Her heart and soul are poured onto those pages - written or drawn.

The commander laughs. “What irony that there was a time that a Paladin had no idea what Voltron even was!” He snaps the journal shut with a single hand, a cruel smile on his lips. “I think I’ve seen enough. Take her to see the Blue Paladin. See if twisting the knife a bit will make him talk.”