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jasico one shots

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Jason was visiting camp today, and he was glad to be there. He hung out with Percy, of course, and was able to catch up with Piper and Leo. He chatted with Annabeth, and he was pleased to hear that he would be able to participate in tonights capture the flag game.

   But, as usual, there was a problem.

   Nico di Angelo.

   The son of Hades was around camp for a bit, but he wouldn’t be playing capture the flag. He planned to stick around until just after dinner.

   Jason needed to see him.

   There was obviously something between them. Dark, tired eyes met bright, electric ones and sparks flew. Jason wanted nothing more than to hold Nico, and Nico wanted nothing more than to be held.

   It was with this thought that Jason marched right to the Hades cabin. It was dark and edgy, reminiscent of the boy Nico was after the battle with Kronos. He never got around to changing it, and Jason was silently glad that the cabin stood apart from the others.

   There was movement inside, Jason could hear, but he didn’t knock just yet. He had to calm down first. What could he say? What was there to say? Hey, I like you and I know you like me, wanna cuddle? It was a silent battle that Jason knew he could never win.

    Rap, rap, rap , a small prayer to his father, and the door swung open. Nico was there, with his messy, just-rolled-out-bed-but-I-can-still-make-it-work hair and his jacket was off, leaving his pale arms exposed.

   Jason swallowed. What to say, what to say, what to say… “Uh, hey, Nico.”

   Nico blinked. “Hey. What do you want?”

   “May I come inside?” Nico stepped away from the door, eyeing him warily. It wasn’t every day that the son of Jupiter waltzed into camp, pounding on Nico’s door.

   “You have yet to answer my question, Grace,” Nico spat out. It wasn’t that he hated Jason, just that he had to keep everyone at a distance, even Hazel was kept at arm's length.

   “I just thought we could…talk.” Jason avoided Nico’s eyes, not ready to face this confession.

   “Well? Spit it out.”

   “I like you.”

   Nico cocked his head. “Okay? And?”

   Jason finally looked up. “I really, really like you.”

   To say Nico was confused would be an understatement. He was puzzled, bewildered, even discombobulated, for the ones here with a big vocabulary. Jason, perfect, golden boy, Jason, liked Nico? What?

   Noticing Nico’s confusion, and then slight disgust, he raced to defend himself. “Hey, you don’t have to say anything now! You can think about it, please?

   Nico shook his head, once, twice, three times. He grabbed Jason’s arm and rushed to get him out the door. “No, no, no.” He muttered it like a mantra.

   He fell for Percy, and where did that get him? Running around with Minos and then being labeled as dangerous because he went against the camp, and never being viewed as anything other even after he fought with them. He was excluded, and no one would meet his eyes when he walked through camp.

   Jason stopped him. “It’s okay, Nico, you don’t have to panic. Just calm down, calm it.”

   Nico released his grip slightly.

   “Give me a chance.”

   Nico kept shaking his head. “You need to leave.” Jason sputtered, caught off guard by the cold that Nico was expelling. “You need to leave .” He turned to Jason, grabbed his arm, and hauled him out of his cabin.

   “Stay away from me Grace, I mean it.” He slammed the door and vowed to never see Jason’s face again.