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He had an essay due on Wednesday.

He was splayed out on the bed, spread-eagle, reciting John Mulaney quotes to repress the fast running monorails, that is, his current state of mind.
Kaminari groaned and suppressed a sob a bit at the thought that, yes, he'd procrastinated again. He would have wallowed in self-pity more if the deadline were today but it wasn't.

Not yet it wasn't.

He had time to turn this around.


He turned over on his belly like an over fed cat and stretched.
Different subjects and teachers with different deadlines, how could he possibly hope to keep up?


Multiple F's

His grade. . . OMGAAAAaah, his grAaAAAAde!

Kaminari knew that wasn't an excuse to slack off and that it barely worked as one with how he could have handled things.
He'd been away to miss a week of class because of some family matters; having not seen his extended relatives overseas in a hot minute, he'd asked for an extension on his work and was even given double the assignments with him to work through so he was caught up by the time he got back.

Aizawa had given one of his 'smiles' in, what Kaminari assumed to be encouragement but ran more along the lines of a sadistic curve of teeth. Probably as punishment of missing a week of work instead of learning all he could to be a hero, however, family was important.

Kaminari had spouted some magnificent horse shit to even make the transition of broaching the topic of leaving the UA dorms.

('Sir, what are your thoughts about the cultural phenomenon of mimesis?'

'I'd say to stop thinking so hard and to stop thinking that you can dodge the subject - say what you have to say.')

It didn't work out but still, he relented.

Aizawa understood.

Kaminari was surprised but definitely not ungrateful.

('Thank you very much, sir 😋😋😘'

'This is a verbal conversation, how -')

The trip in the end had been great. Epic. A dream come true. Nostalgic. And reminiscent of waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3, because, it had been a long time before he met his grandmother and grandfather on his mother's side and as much as he hates them pinching his cheeks and them calling him fat he still missed them.


Throughout all the excitement, Kaminari never forgot about the homework and had even lain down a schedule down to the hour of when he should be focussing on the next subject.
It was the fact that, it was a trip, a very fast trip of visiting old friends -

('Tsukiyama! What's up? Hey, did you know you're named after a ship?'

'You're holding up the damn line, just buy your damn brobiotec yoghurt and we'll catch up later.'

'Heh, bro-biotic, noice. Gotta tell Kiri that.'

'I get off at five just please leave.')

- and they were driving around here and there to get to the next destination.

It was a trip down memory lane and he remembers memorably the Buddha statues which were overtaken with moss. The steps taken before stepping underneath leaves hushing themselves into a lullaby and covering the visitors of the temple in a blanket of shadow.

It was a nice trip. It was a lot though and he should have expected it. Should have prepared for it.

He was doing too much. Too busy relaxing and, the irony of that statement made him want to roll down a hill sobbing.

Because it solved . . . Literally nothing.

Calculus still sucked. English still sucked. Why? Present MiCwHy -

Ufgggfh, it was six in the morning.

It was around this time that he should be getting up.

But he didn't really want to get up.

Not because he was lazy nor was it jetlag.

It was the fact that -

A crashing and a curse was heard outside the windows.

The courtyard. The damn courtyard.

Some green haired buffoon had it in their mind to practice with their quirk up til around four in the morning.

Kaminari wasn't bitter nor salty, that is - no.

He loves the guy for his charisma and spunk and has even tried to analyse people's quirks as well on his free time. Though they were never as succesful as he is at psychoanalysing them. He can see him being like All Might one day with how similar his quirk is to -


. . .

Pfft, hah.

Nah, All Might's quirk doesn't have as much recoil as Midorya's does.

Another crash, this time closer. From his perspective he can just barely see the kicked up dust cloud that Midoriya had made.

. . .

Okie d
Okie do
Okie dokie

He huffs pushing himself off the bed like a seal and crumpling on the floor, his blankets following and encasing him with warmth.

He could legit just take a snooze here.

. . .


but his grade

. . .