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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Keith is selectively mute by his own choice, due to bullying and mistreatment towards his stuttering problem, of course the constant bullying amde the stutter worse. (cause his fear that he will stutter when he talks makes him stutter more)

Keith is now in high school and hasnt spoken in several years, he now does what he can not to draw attention to himself.
Enter lance, who transfers into the school late, he runs into keith and is immediately offended when keith doesnt talk to him. Keith is mostly just shocked lance talks so much and is kinda secretly amazed lance didnt stumble over any of his words.

Time passes and keith, who is in the middle of having a bad day runs into lance, who probably stalks him with his self imposed rivalry. Keith not having the patience to deal with lance yells at him to "JUST SHUT UP" and that is enough to shock both lance and keith.

Keith then decides that lance somehow is the reason he didnt stumble over his words, his in the moment arguements with lance are the only times he doesnt stutter(probably because he is too worked up to focus on the fact he should be worried about stuttering)

Now keith begins to secretly adore lance cause he is the only person he can literally talk to without stuttering and that is a big deal to him, but lance on the other hand believes keith hates him cause they only talk when they argue or fight.

Mind you, the stutter isnt magically cured by love or anything... that would be nonsense...

And when keith finally gets the guts to talk to lance and confess without arguing, he is a blushing stuttering mess and lance finds that adorable.

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Shiro is an android build by haggar to track the lions by reverse enginering the black bayard the zarkon has and the red lion that is in the empires custody. He is basicly a robot slave to haggars will and is super traumatized but it is all he knows.

Keith is a halfbreed soldier in the empires command, because of his hotheaded attitude and habit of helping those the empire wishes to subligate he is demoted to work under the druids as an assistant or something like that.

The empires arena is where haggar sends shiro for combat tests, so he is still the champion and gladiator he was in canon.

Keith first sees shiro when he fetches him from the arena, imagine his surprise when the droid he was sent to fetch, looks nothing like a droid, but like an alien with a glowing droid arm.(he is also covered in alien blood but like cut him some slack his life sucks) Keith is hotheaded and standoffish cause of the racism he gets dayly for being a halfbreed. So when he meets shiro and shiro isnt hostile, he is like "????????" because one would expect a killer droid the druids built and haggar is in charge of would be vicious and bloodthirsty, but nah, shiro is chill.

Over time keith comtinues to get caught off guard by shiros nice and open behaviour, why hes nice to keith but stoic most other times? probably noticed keiths shit treatment, or his connections to the red lion made him sense keiths potential, or hes just lonely and keith seemed a good target for a friend?

Haggar starts a new step in testing the "kuron project" to make shiro more vicious, cause she obvious noticed his hesitance to cause harm. Kuron project is bad news and shiro is kinda panicking inside, when keith catches wind he also gets panicky cause shiro is the only person who is openly kind to him.

So they plan a break out! But of course the plan goes terrible cause BOM interrupts and takes the spotlight, (damnit Ulaz, shiro and keith were gonna do the thing...) So during their escape attempt of over taking the gaurds on the way out of the arena, ulaz just blows the ship up, he set off charges, cause he is dramatic. And Ulaz cuts them off from getting cornered by sentries and tells them they need to plan better cause shiro is a robot and haggar has failsafes installed.(obviously)

Ulaz magically reveals he has a chip for shiros arm that will act as malware towards haggars programming and after a whole "how can we trust you!" spheal, they get the chip and escape in the red lion, cause mama red didnt wanna stay behind!

And thats how they became outlaws, maybe they run into the voltron crews, who knows (shrug) I just wanted sheith, platonic or not


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Krolia was not the first alien to visit earth. There were many many before her, and the government was aware. There are prodicals in-place outside of public knowledge to keep aliens from the publics knowledge.

So when krolia crashes to earth with her partner, right in Tex's backyard (keiths dad will always be texas kogane, fight me) it doesnt go unnoticed. Tho the sensors monitoring the desert have a blind spot because of the blue lion (yey lion magic) And cant accurately pin point tex's shack.

Oh right, krolia's partner blade dies. But not before krolia and tex get all panicked, depressed and then resigned about it.

Over time while fixing up krolias craft, krolia and tex wander the desert following blue's signals. The government is running around trying to bypass their blind spot to find krolia, before it becomes a public issue. (they are kinda lax in the issue cause of the fact it is in the middle of the desert away from the public)

!~Time skip to keith~!

Krolia and tex have obviously noticed vehicles coming into the desert lurking about so they have taken a low profile. They also gotta lay low cause they gotta take care of keith too.

The government agents have taken another strategy towards finding the craft and aliens, operation stalk tex when he goes into town for supplies! (cause theyve obviously had to have spotted him around in the desert, its not hard to assume he knows something or has information they need)

So on the way back from a supply run everything goes to sh*t~!

The empire's scouts come, alerting not only krolia, but also the governments extraterestrial response team! But again the government cant get an exact reading cause of blue! And krolia informs Tex who is on his way back to take keith and get outta dodge and the government decide to keep following tex, getting backup to head their way!

Tex probably realized he was being followed at some point, but like, his son!!! his cat wife!!! He still has to go!

Krolia decides on a plan, Tex grabs keith, Krolia takes out the scouts, they meet back up after a signal and get away from the mysterious government stalkers.

Problem is, the government back up included government fighters and after krolia took care of the scouts she was outnumbered by fighters! She decides damaging her craft would be too much of a risk cause she couldnt fly tex and keith to safety if it was damaged too much, so she takes evasive manuvers! Flying the craft out of the atmostphere, running into the international space stations (gotta feel sorry for the people incharge of silencing this incedent) one thing leads to another and she ends up too far from earth.

Krolia is picked up by and empire craft and cant return without risking earth, the blue lion, or tex and keith. So she never makes it back.

!~Cut back to tex~!

Cornered in his shack saferoom that krolia insisted he build at one point. (she is from a top secret spy organisation i can imagine she'd insist failsafes be put in place) Tex is with little toddler keith waiting for a signal that isnt coming. (sob)

(Officers and agents trained in dealing with aliens probably could get into the galra tech if they tried hard enough)

So the agents stormed the safe house and found a very human looking tex and keith, and were like "...take them anyway" And tex and keith were brought into custody. Much to tex's 'protests'. Tex gets roughed up and after several interogations they find keiths existance suspicious and do tests that reveal his nonhuman dna.(suspicious cause texas kagone may be a manly man but he cant create children out of thin air)

When Tex's 'protests' get out of their control they make him 'disappear', so they can do whatever they want now that he is gone.

So then keiths parents arch is over and we move over to keith growing up in governemtn 'custody'.

--- I dont really know where to go from here...this is more like a prologue to the story i wanna create, of keith being stuck in government 'custody and never leaving earth with the garrison crew or meeting shiro or going to space. I wanna see the reaction when voltron comes to earth and reveals the existance of aliens and screws up the clasified information that has been secret for so long.---

(cause in this voltron defeats zarkon/lotor/haggar back in space before returning to earth to bring them into the coalition)

And basicly, keith who has been trapped in a lab all his life with little to no knowledge of what was going on outside, (being too so young when he was taken and never really leaving his fathers shack to begin with) is suddenly released when pidge hacks into this particular branch of the government that seems to be so against the coalition and aliens coming in general and made the biggest fuss about keeping everything under wraps, and finds out they have a ton of alien knowledge and scrapped tech and alien bodies (they found krolias blade partner)

So pidge uncovers keith and is like "hold the f*cking phone, what is going on here" and of course being teamed up with the blade of marmora, when she notices they have not one but two marmora blades (krolias that she left with keith and her partner blade that passed away and was buried with it) pidge gets ahold of the blade and they take control of the warehouses and connected labs and keith! (yey keith)

Keith of course has no f*cking idea whats happening.

---- tbc thats all ive got for now---

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Pidge being a researcher in marine biology and a secret cryptid hunter.

Keith being a lonely mer who enjoys people watching from afar.

Kosmo being a little reef shark keith adopted, that follows him around, they have a psychic bond so they can share feelings and intent, but not words.

Haggar is the sea witch, cause like, she is a witch is canon? maybe she could be less evil and more mischievious, she goes by honerva in this AU. She just wants to cause mischief not take over the kingdom and rule the mer... this is light hearted okay?

Shiro is part of the royal gaurd of mers, krolia is like queen triton or whatever.

Shiro is the over protective one like "keith you must be more careful, keith you'll rule this kingdom soon, keith stop running off!" and krolia is like "let the boy have his fun, he is still young"
Lance, hunk and pidge and the alteans are all human.

Shiro, keith, krolia and the bom are all mer.

Allura runs a marine research and rescue centre, where lance, hunk and pidge work.

Lance works with the sharks and rays, hunk works with the whales and porpoises, pidge works with the fish and corals

While taking samples of the local reef corals, some sort of accident (slips on a current, startled by something, idk) happens and her leg gets caught in the rocks and she cant get back to the surface.

Keith who was watching her from behind the reefs, rushes to help when he sees she is starting to slow in her struggles and is drowning, when he gets her to the surface he sings til she wakes up (cause i said so) but not like sing sing, more like whale/dolphin songs.

When hunk and lance hear the song and come to investigae keith is already gone and they find pidge coughing up water.

Keith runs into shiro, shiro does his hovering worry filled brother routine and keith is like "my dude, my bro, im fine"

Pidge avoids the beach for awhile and hangs out at the research center listening to whale song and porpoise song recordings trying to figure out what she heard when she was saved.

And keith, who hasnt seen pidge since the incident is worried and goes to haggar to get legs (cause duh we need legs to get the plot moving)

Shiro is all "you cant see the sea witch! keith bro no! she be sneaky!" and of course keith gives shiro the slip and goes anyway.

Honerva is in her spooky whale bone cave and agrees to give our boy some legs, saying "you have one week, if you dont get the girl to kiss ya, you will belong to me(or something idk)" so she takes his voice (cause this is a little mermaid AU!) and sends him to the surface with his legs.

kosmo is obviously sad cause he cant follow, poor kosmo...

And keith is now naked as the day he was born in the middle of a tide pool right when lance and hunk comes along to comb the beach for sea life thats in trouble (or whatever marine rescue does on the beach) Keith being a mer with absolutely no knowledge of human customs is extremely happy that someone came along cause boy does he not know how to use legs. (i can just hear lances squawking in my head from here)

After giving hunk and lance a heartattack each (they give him a jacket dont worry he isnt as naked now), they take him to the nearest building which is the research centre, but not before trying to get the mute guy to speak (lance holds a grudge cause he thinks hes being messed with)

Keith is happy to find pidge is there, hurray and pidge is very confused as to why a half naked guy who wont speak is trying to follow her around.

They keep him around cause they figure out he has a way with the marine life (he can telapathicly comunucate with them, so he can get them to work with him easier) They also believe he is either really dumb or lived under a rock. cause you cant have a little mermaid AU without mers being really bad at humaning!

conflict? well i guess them trying to figure out what is harming the marine life in the area, at some point it turns out to be sendak and his crew illegally fishing with illegal nets(you know the ones that are really inhumane) sendaks crew caught word of mers and are hunting!

They probably catch shiro which then turns into a rescue with the voltron crew raiding the boat and saving shiro, hurray and then yadda yadda kiss omg keith can talk, omg keith is a fish (lance squawking again) omg the whole coast is a mer community hiding in under sea caves, blah blah blah shiro has several anuerisms and krolia is just glad her son got a girlfriend

---will build on the conflict part in another chapter---

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So cat hybrids AU, would be humans with cat features kept as pets by humans and lance and keith are kitties!

The animal hybrids can't speak, they have animal vocal cords so they can like meow and hiss and purr, but not speak. Which so why people dont really feel moral issues by keeping them as pets when they look so human. Their animal traits would be obvious tho, Their eyes are catlike, their nails are claws, they have paw pads! obviously the ears and tail, sometimes more traits then that.

Lance is a pampered pet living in a big house with a huge backyard garden. His owner is allura and he is very smug about it. He mostly lays about outside in the garden, sometimes hunk (who is also a cat hybrid) visits with pidge(who is hunks owner), but over all lance is pretty content.

Keith is a scruffy stray cat that claims the alleys as his "terittory". Shiro found him sometime in the past, but since his place refuses to allow pets and keith refuses to be sent to a shelter, shiro just kinda helps keith out sometimes. But like shiro is a busy guy, he is in the military and gets called to base or missions often, so keith doesn't always get shiros help with food and stuff...

Keith and lance meet when keith comes looking for food out of their trash, cause the rich guys gotta waste a ton of food by keiths logic. Lance thinks he is valiantly defending his terittory when he spectacularly fails to intimidate keith or even impress him at all. So Lance makes up their rivalry, cause lance doesn't wanna lose so easy, it was obviously a fluke!

Now that lance has his eyes out and keith finds lances trash an easy target, they run into each other more and more often. Allura at some point spots keith and lance fighting and worries about the "feral cat" harming lance or giving him a disease and locks lance inside while she decides how to keep keith out of her property.

At this point shiro has been sent away on a mission and keith is desperate, so he is scrounging whereever he can, but he knows how to be wary of humans, so when he realizes allura had spotted him he is more reluctant to return.

So lance is all depressed keith hasnt been around and is moping to the point when hunk visits he teases him for his "crush" (insert lance pout here) And lance adamently denies it.

Meanwhile keith gets into an altercation with some not so nice humans while cutting through an alley and hops a fence to escape, surprise surprise, its lances fence! cause plot says it is! Lance who was moping in the window spots keith and exclaims loudly like "aHA! MY CRUSH THAT ISNT MY CRUSH IS BACK!" of course not those exact words, but close enough.

He finds a way to sneak out and confront keith and realizes, gasp, keith is hurt! So he sneaks keith inside even tho keith probably is being stubborn the whole time like "IM FINE, I DONT NEED YOUR HELP KITTY PET" and lance is like "YOURE LITERALLY BLEEDING ALL OVER THE GROUND" you know, the usual.

So lance harbors keith inside his room, cause he has no idea how to hide anything and allura catches them and is like "LANCE WHY IS THAT DIRTY STRA- OMG ITS DYING!" and keith gets a free trip to the vet cause allura is f*cking loaded, like alfor probably left her so much damn money and assets and probably an entire enterprise... but yeah free vet trip!

Keith hates it! ;D

When allura notices how reluctant lance is about letting keith go she has a whole change of heart and decides "well shit, guess i have two cats now"

and we get a grumpy, bandaged keith who is probably on drugs, cause animal pain killers are trippy. The loopy and lazy and cuddly healing keith scenes are very important and must not be left out ever!

But of course while lance is estatic about the whole "Keith is staying!!!" keith gets off his drug trip and goes "I dont need no humans help, im fine on my own!" Tragic humans neglected and abandoned me far too much, sobstoryexposition "Humans cant be trusted, they dont like cats like me!"

Lance convinces he "at least stay til your better" and keith is like "fiiiiiiiine"

keith meets hunk who nudges lance and goes "he your boyfriend/mate yet?" (insert lance stuttering squawk here)

After a ton of fluff where keith learns how good pet life is, keith is reluctant to leave, cause allura is 'nice'??? humans arent supposed to be 'nice'??? (why does keith always lump shiro as some sort of exception in his angst fics???)

Insert important keith doesnt want a bath scene, lance loves water scene, keith suffers in the fluff.

insert cuddling klance scenes.

insert keith being soft and lance being smitten.

Much fluff and indecision later, keiths wounds have long healed but he is reluctant to leave. Lance being all sad cause he thinks keith is gonna leave, and then keith leaves, gasp!

But yeah he just went to go see shiro :P

When keith comes back lance is surprised and confused "thought you were leaving?" but yeah he wasnt just saying "bye" to shiro but he is staying. the end.

Bonus scene, allura and shiro were dating the whole time and shiro comes over and sees keith and keith and shiro just go "what" so shiro moves in and keith gets shiro and allura as owners, the end end

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-Keith -

keith went with his mother cause his mixed heritage was more obvious then in canon. His genes take after his galra side more, tho he still looks mostly human aside from yellow scalera and kitty galra ears and claws, he ages slower outwardly then humans.

Appearance, he would be pale skinned human. But! He'd have little black kitten ears, that had purple fur on the inside of them. Yellow scalera, dark blue pupils. Kitty feet, like, four toes, paw pads, kitty feet. Little claws (the main BOM call them kit claws cause they are tiny compared to theirs) and Little fangs! If he had a tail, its give away his galra heratige quicker then the ears and eyes (cause the ears blend in with his hair and eyes arent obvious at a distance) but a tail would have kitty value... decisions... decisions...

Galra live hundreds of years in this AU, so at 19 keith looks barely 6-8 years old in human terms, being the only 'kit' on base.

None of the blades die in this AU, so we get thace and ulaz and regris and antok, all alive and overprotective family for keith!

Krolia is still undercover, but keith is aware of it, even if he is kinda upset.

Keith is at the age where he is forbidden to leave base, all the war stuff is mostly hidden from him, he knows there is a war and that zarkon is bad, but he doesnt know the extent cause saying "zarkon is ruler of all the known universe and is a bad guy" doesnt sound as bad as "trillion of species suffer every day from slavery and abuse under zarkons rule as he destroys their planets and kills their people and there is little they can do about it cause his empire outnumbers them by millions" so yeah hes pretty sheltered...

He is in training tho, learning languages and hand to hand and knife/sword basics and stances. Cause i can imagine galra, a very battle driven race, would train their kits starting very young. Hes not into dangerous stuff like working with real sharp blades, but yeah i want little keith to kick ass.(Thace and antok train him in combat, Ulaz and thace teach him language and such)

-BOM -

I love the idea of close family pack dynamics in galra, not quite ABO dynamics, more platonic family instincts. Super protective, intimate family feels. All the fluff!

Thace would be keiths uncle, raising him with ulaz in krolias absence. Whether thulaz is a thing of not? Im leaning towards them pining not very obvious cause galra are pretty stoic. Thace and Ulaz would be constantly in and out of missions, they were in deep cover like cannon til the "champion" incident and then ulaz came back, Thace would go into deep cover when he gets that promotion from leutenant into commander. So it starts with caretaker Thace, then Ulaz returns and Thace goes deep cover til the zarkon confrontation.

Regris is like keiths big brother, He is considered young but not considered a 'kit' anymore. He often gets into mischief with keith cause he never really grew up. I imagine their favorite game is to see who can get away with pranking kolivan.(Thace would get into trouble with them cause he is an enabler who probably never grew up either)

Antok is like keiths mentor, and probably secretly keiths favorite guardian. Antok is in charge of his combat training (thace's training lessons are more like bonding time), but he probably spends too much time play fighting with keith. Antok is a huge enabler of keith and regris' mischief, he would sit back and not say a word and probably divert attention subtlely just to see how their pranks turn out.

Kolivan would be super stoic, but secretly a huge softy and literally only antok (and probably keith) would be around to notice him being soft. He would suffer silently through keiths mayhem cause keith is just too precious and he cant handle it.

-Paladins -

I'm thinking without keith on earth the timeline would move from "garrison trio rescuse shiro from the garrison" to "allura blue paladin, lance red paladin" and not much else changing on their end til the bom episode. Then allura and shiro travel to the bom headquarters (forget the whole only red can travel the path, plot dictates allura needs to be on base for shananigans!)

Keith (obviously sheltered and not allowed into the meeting of the paladins and kolivan) sneaks away from "anonymous babysitter" (cause ulaz was in the lion with the paladins and now at the meeting, and thace is in a mission or deep cover or whatever now) to go see the legendary paladins from his bedtime stories.

Allura who in this reality never met keith so she never had the ark where she comes to understand all galra arent bad (which i think is a big factor to her realization of acceptiance, cause living with keith and him proving his worth over and over had to have made an impact. Him and shiro both advocating a bom / voltron alliance sofened the blow i think, even if she didnt know keith was galra yet) Is highly hostle even if she is trying to subdue it for shiro

The galra who are extremely stoic can spot her anger a mile away but are better at hiding their feelings about it, so her subtle anger and barley hidden distrust as she is belting out stuff like "heartless species" or "all galra are monsters" is super obvious with her hostility.

Keith who witnesses her accusations about kolivan and his "family"s loyality and cause, is of course highly offended to put it lightly, so he of course hotheadedly runs out and chalanges her to a duel or something. The blades are silently panicking, not noticing keith earlier (antok is both proud at his stealth skills and extremely worried about his safely around a hostile alien on their base)
Shiro is probably frozen by the fact there is a child with a harmless practice blade that is not even sharp is challenging allura to a duel he believes the kid cant win and the fact the kid looks human

(gasp human)

Allura probably very conflicted, causeyouknow. Galra = dangerous, Child = harmless.

and kolivan is a very very tired father.

Safe to say the duel doesnt happen, but keith sure made it clear she should not be mean to his family.

His habit to sneak into kolivans and antoks shuttles when they meet the paladins for meetings is how he gets to meet the rest of the paladins, i imagine pidge is the first to notice him when he sneaks into the castleship the first time, (coran probably notices immediately but like coran wont tell no one, he is probably like antok and wants to see what happens)

eventually kolivan just gives up trying to keith proof the shuttles so he cant sneak out of base, he just lets him, but of course he always has one of his guardians to babysit him (at least til the paladins are proven trustworthy with their kit)

Allura -

I imagine after the keith confrontation, she becomes more conflicted about the "galra evil" thing. Not saying she warms up immediately, i feel she would take some time, and the blades really really would make it clear to her that if she is hostile to their only kit that she wont get away with it.

Over time she would develop a big sister relationship with keith, cause she cant hold onto her prejudices forever.

-Shiro -

I kinda imagine keith getting told stories about shiro by Ulaz. Like, ulaz would paint the picture of a hero who stands for the prisoners and doesnt surrender to the "evil zarkon" or something. That he is a warrior that spares the innocent.

In this AU shiro never killed any prisoners he was up against, he made a show of subduing them so the crowd was satisfied, but never killed them. So he wasnt dubbed the arena champion by the galra, he was the champion of the people. Cause he spared them and shared food and snuck them resources, he was given for his continued wins, to other prisoners.

So i imagine when keith is told the champion and hero of the arena, is human like his father, he wants to be like shiro. Though i believe given shiros ptsd he would be conflicted accepting such praise, cause all he remembers from the little flashes he gets are him causing pain to others or the druids haunting him, but this is a fluff fic so keith has to show him hes a hero.

-Lance -

Lance being from a big family, just loves kids. So he obviously wants to be keiths favorite, but of course keith favors shiro. Lance probably understands, cause shiro is his hero too, not for the same reasons but shiro is literally everyones hero at some point.

At some point there has to be a scene, where keith gets upset at someone for saying hes too young for something (training/flying/something) and he yells "Im not a little kit anymore! I'm gonna be 20 decaphebes soon!" and i just imagine lance just getting so offended that keith is older then him.

in extention to that scene, when keith learns that lance, hunk and pidge (18, 18, and 16 respectively) are younger then him and he becomes a little sh*t and starts bossing lance around saying hes "older" so he can.

-Pidge -

Pidges relationship with keith is probably similar to his relationship with regris after they get to know eachother more, (platonic kidge is literally my jam)

They probably gossip alot about who knows, keith likes hanging out with pidge while she tinkers cause him and regris have the same habit, also kidge causing meyham with pranks (usually on lance, but shiro probably got cause in one or two)

-Hunk -

Hunk is most likely gonna be nervous around keith at first (cause you know, sharp claws/teeth, glowing eyes, galra) but he probably sneaks keith snacks and keith would hang out in the kitchen cooking with him.

Another scene, keith approaching hunk asking help cooking something for a galra tradition/aniversery/birthday/holiday thing for his guardians and making a complete mess of the kitchen and kolivan trying so hard not to go soft at the sight of his messy kit covered in dough/powder smiling brightly while he presents him with his dish.

-The Lions -

You know how keith could feel the blue lion and had super strong instincts? He probably feels that tugging, not a "your a paladin tug" but a "we are here" tug

He would sneak off to the hangers to sit and talk with the lions, more often after his guardians deem the paladins trustworthy with their kit, leaving him at the castle ship alone with the paladins.

The lions would of course love their tiny halfbreed cub, cause who wouldnt???

-Other scenes -

The story would revolve around time between missions, being, cuddly fluff and mischief mostly.

On the day they face zarkon for the final battle with the giant teladov, would probably be the most angst it would get, but that'd be keiths point of view and he would be on base away from the battle being worried and lonely (cause he doesnt know how big the battle will be, but he knows that his family and new friend will be fighting and he cant do anything to help)

The rest is fluff, like

The paladins learning galra traditions and habits, and being really surprised the first time keith initiates play fighting.

First sleepover at the castle ship and keith learning the paladins dont all sleep in the same room and getting home sick.

Keith constantly trying to get allura to duel him, but getting distracted by one thing or another.

Keith pouncing on hunk or shiro cause he doesnt know he should ask for a piggypack ride (everyone on the BOM base probably just lets him jump on them whenever he likes) he would probably
start giggling if hunk freaked and started running.

Pidge making a laser pointer to see exactly how catlike the galra really are (ill let you decide if keith goes for it)

Lance teaching keith games from earth, like hide and seek, freeze tag, ect.

The paladins learning keith is lactose intolerant and nursing him through the ensuing cramps and sickness.

Krolia returning to base from deep cover to find keith not there and all his guardians not with him, and then rushing to the castle ship to retrieve her kit from the aliens her pack left him with, only to find him completely fine.

Of course krolia returns from deep cover with Kosmo, cause he cant be left out, so keith gets a new dog and he loves him

Keith's psychic abilities extend to Kosmo, so when he meets kosmo he feels a similar feeling from him as he feels from the lions in canon, like understand his feelings and intent. So when the paladins ask what he will name Kosmo and he says "im waiting for him to tell me" he really means it. (theyd probably dub him Kosmo anyway, even when keith pouts and says thats not his name)

Keith being so absolutely disgusted by food goo, he starts a food fight the first time he shares a meal with the paladins (bonus if kolivan is there and he gets pelted while he sits stoicly by trying hard not to join in)

Keith being super into corans story telling that he follows coran around while he does mantenance on the castle to hear his stories (i headcanon thace is a wild story teller so keith loves those kind of crazy stories)

Keith repeatedly trying to sneak into shuttles and fighters on the castle ship cause he wants to fly (the crafts on the bom base were age locked , similar to the way galra tech is species locked. So he couldnt fly anything without permission, but he didnt, cause who in their right mind would let a little kid who has never flown before fly his first craft between two black holes???)

Keith being really good at flying that he doesnt crash even when he is escorted back to the castle ship, (making lance sour cause he crashed every simulation he has every flown before blue and red) and being really smug even when he gets in trouble.

Keith building nests in all the common areas, like in the kitchen, lounge, the bridge, all the lion hangers, the training deck, the observation deck, ect. No one really has reason to stop him cause they arent in the way where they are built, but when he starts trying to build them in everyones bedroom they start questioning him. (I imagine galra use nests instead of beds and lounging furniture, so keith doesnt get the concept that 'bed is for sleeping' and 'couch is for relaxing' and he thinks they just dont know how to nest, so he "makes examples")

Keith napping, like a cat, in the most random places. Cause he is one of those kids that just goes and goes til he crashes.

Keith staring, like a cat. Be it across the room, behind furniture, in the dark (scaring lance half to death with glowing eyes), just staring, so innocently.

The garrison trio teaching keith earth traditions and customs (lance trying to convince him a dab is an acceptable greeting. Pidge not really correcting him, but hunks exasperation gives the prank away)

Keith and shiro bonding! keith teaching shiro how to play fight, while shiro teaching keith how to spar.

Lotor coming to the castleship, making keiths guardians more wary, so they start coming to watch over him again.

Lotor just having no idea how to deal with kids and meeting keith who is interested in meeting more halfbreeds.(lets just say lotor isnt a bad guy for fluffs sake)

Lotor going out of his way to avoid keith, but keith just not getting the hint.

Awkward babysitter lotor, I WANT AWKWARD BABYSITTER LOTOR!

The paladins seeing keiths paw feet during their first sleep over and gushing over a very unimpressed keith.

Keith getting lost at the space mall and hanging out with varkon til who ever he went to the mall with decides to check the mall help desk where varkon is.

During a coilition, aliens with ill feelings towards the BOM and paladin alliance tries to lure keith away and then getting the wrath of like everyone almost immediately and keith not realizing he was ever in danger.

Keith learning about earth animals and hippos. you know. (plus lance trying to convince his sharks are better and not getting anywhere)

Thace sneaking keith out into training flights, cause hes that kind of uncle.

The castle ship doesnt get destroyed cause lotor is an okay guy in this AU, so he doesnt turn on them. Also the altean colony isnt bad, lotor made it to protect them from haggar, all is right with the universe and the trip back to earth isnt a huge whatever that was. So when they goto free earth they have the castle for support, good day. I want keith to see earth, and everything not to be a tragedy, is that too much to ask? support from the coilition and the Blades that arent dead in this reality, they can save earth without getting f*cked. also since the colony isnt a hell hole, haggar doesnt find it and she doesnt get her altean robeast, so suck it haggar! (im completely drawing blanks about what happened past season 5, so i dont know, dont look at me if i dont got all the facts, i want earth and the MFEs and the garrison!)(NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO KILL ALLURA!)

Over protective blades hovering around keith after earth is saved and they land to visit.

Iverson not taking keith seriously after keith gets offended by his attitude and challenges him to a duel. Iverson then getting knocked onto his tailbone by a tiny keith and keith beaming about his victory even tho iverson is shocked and slightly fuming. (iverson obviously cant do anything about it cause antok is hovering nearby being intimidating while secretly highly amused)

Keith silently judging shiro and curtis for being "open" about their courting, shiro getting flustered when keith catches him kissing curtis and asks him if its normal for humans to 'mate in public' (insert judgy keith glare) (cause galra while they have all those family customs/insincts are very private about courting and mating)(bonus, keith witnessing allurance and immediately taking offence. allurance of course has no idea what they did to trigger little keith)(Edit: i just realized i wrote shallura instead of allurance)

Keith meeting a cat and paladins reactions. nuff said.

The blades losing track of keith and finding him sleeping with the space mice and cosmo in the lion's hanger.

Keith meeting the MFEs and immediately challeging james to a race, but getting stopped by Ulaz who over hears from somewhere nearby.(sneaking away later to race james anyway with fliers and winning the race cause james thought keith was kidding)

Assorted MFE and keith fluff.

Keith asking tons of questions about human mating ceremonies(weddings) and finding alot of human traditions weird or pointless. Bonus the blades who brought keith when they attended the wedding getting the shock of learning humans opening kiss in public and reacting much like keith when he found out.

Krolia taking keith to his dads shack in the desert.

Keith getting lost on the garrison base and ending up on the roof, where he hangs out watching the stars. Shiro finds him there after he has fallen asleep and takes him to bed.

Keith. Parkour.

Keith meeting the paladins families.

Keith meeting lances nieces and nephews and being like "oh that kid is so small what is he 5 decaphebes old?" and being told "no... he is not even 2 yet..." and being shocked.

Keith meeting the holts dog and wondering why they cant teleport.

Lance getting jealous when his mother and family just immediately wants to adopt keith.

Keith. Steals. A. Car. (shiro finds him after his joyride of course)

Someone give the keith a stuffed hippo. please.

Keith carrying the stuffed hippo everywhere with him.

Keith napping on people, just falling asleep on anyone and everyone.

Keith jumping on curtis and scaring him half to death for a piggy back ride. (shiro failing to hide his amusement)

Keith descovering the ventalation system and falling out of a vent right onto a very lucky human. That human is probably one of the MFEs...(itd be funny if it was iverson, but james would be better)

Sneaky keith raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night and scaring hunk in the process.

---more to be added at a later date---

Chapter Text

The concept is simple, The crew stay on earth, The galra are immortal demons that can only be stopped by sealing them away.

The Galra is what the Alteans called demons, that are practically immortal, no mortal can kill them. Only another Galra can kill a galra, but this fact is often overlooked cause it was believed it was impossible to get any demons to revolt against Zarkon.

Ten thousand years ago the last of the demon slayer clan 'the Alteans' sacrificed their power to seal away Zarkon the only demon powerful enough to open the gate to the demons realm and bring demons to earth.

The garrison an organisation or archeologists study the Altea clan, they are looking to discover cause of a huge wave of world wide destruction, that it seems the altean excavation sites seemed to be able to avoid for much of history.

The Marmora is a clan of demons that became trapped on earth after Zarkons fall, they have since chosen to live amongst the humans in harmony. Many are mixed bloods cause of mixing with humans over the years, giving them mortal and immortal blood.


The story begins with the kerberos excavation site, Shiro and his crew have set up camp to study remnants of a shrine of sorts. Unbenownst to them it isnt a shrine, but instead, the sealed crypt of Sendak! dun dun duuuun!

During their dig further into the site, matt and sam disturb the sela releasing sendak, who sends them into the demon realm and vanishes to search for zarkons seal to release him. But to any outsider, it looks like a regular cave collapse, so after digging and finding no bodies they declare the kerberos team dead.

Keith of course does not like that news "The site structure was stable! Are you calling shiro incompatent!" (shiro is a geaologist in this, sam and matt are the archeologists)

The entire site is closed off so no matter how much keith tries he cant get to it to prove shiro isnt compatent (keith is a intern in geology under shiro, cause i said so) So he goes through he digs in the same area to check the geography of the area to compile proof the site was never unstable.

Pidge meanwhile (a archeologist and linguistic intern) is snooping around as well to find out what the garrison is hiding, lance and hunk follow them(pidge is they/them in this) (lance is a geologist intern and hunk is an archeologist)

At some point they run into eachother outside the kerberos site trying to sneak in when a portal of sorts opens from the demons realm and shiro comes out, the garrison site crew is scrambling to quarrantine shiro.

Keith is about ready to rush in when pidge stops him saying they need a distraction, keith who is a geologist (and probably has demolition training) of course has explosives so he is like "i got you a distraction" and yeah he blows up another of their sites and while half the crew runs to investigate the trio and keith storm the site and abscond with shiro.

One jeep ride later and they are all in keiths shack (this time his shack is a cabin in the woods ;D)

After they all come down from their adrenaline, they settle shiro down and have their intorductions. The next day shiro wakes up and gives his exposition about the demon realm that he barely remembers, all he knows is "there are demons. They want to take over earth, but they are trapped. And a terrible monster called sendak has awakened and if they dont find voltron and reseal him he will release Zarkon, the emperor of all demons and the only one who can pull demons through the void."

What is voltron? it is five amulets with the power of the alteans, the power to seal demons and stop them, the very power used to seal zarkon in the beginning. But of course they dont know that.
So they find out keith has been feeling a preseance in woods for some time, while investigating the dig sites for proof shiro isnt incompetent. So they decide to follow keiths feeling, cause they gotta do something.

Of course what they find is an undiscovered altean site, they causiously enter the cave like shrine and it starts glowing when lance touches it, dragging them underground. There they find a pedestal with the blue talisman on it surrounded by a barrier.

After investigating around the shrine lance knocks on the barrier and it drops, and they have a vision of five different paladins each with a talisman of a different color talismans, and each releasing a lion. The lions sours above to fuse into spectral warror with a lion head.

Lance picks up the talisman and puts it on, in a trance while he listens to blue in his head. a lion shaped light darts from the talisman into the far wall forming a portal.

After some hesitation and deliberation they decide to pass through the portal

On the otherside is building of stone, with large abolisks rising from its roofs. The talisman lights one more time releasing a bright blue lion which roars at the building lighting torches all over the enterance opening the large doors.

Once inside they follow the lights to a room where the floor has several crystal filled indentations, inside two are allura and coran, the crystals glow bright blue and desolve as if made of ice and from them the alteans wake up.

The crew is told the story of Zarkons fall and The alteans sacrifice to make it happen, when they are told about sendaks release there is a mild panic. Then they plan their search for the remaining talismans while they are given uniforms (exorcists uniforms :D) and their bayards, which even tho they cant kill a galra they can defend the user and deflect the demons.

Keiths bayard doesnt work yet cause he has galra blood, but no one realises thats why, he just questions whether he can really be the red paladin or if he isnt worthy. Keith doesnt know about the marmora and neither does anyone else at the moment, the alteans believe the demons were banished with zarkon.

---So the hunt for the talismans is more drawn out then the hunt for the lions in canon, cause i find the whole 'we can get all the lions in like 24 hours just cause' really unrealistic even if they had magic wormholes and altean ships---

The hunt for the talismans takes several months, over that time they are trained how to deal with demons and lance is trained how to seal weaker demons.(keith notices some of the demon repellants make him feel ill or weak but doesnt mention it, he thinks its unrelated)

One talisman is enough to seal weaker demons, but more are needed the stronger the demon is and they need to learn to pool their power together through mind syncing and bonding!

They find the green talisman first and they realise, sendak has been releasing lesser demons from their seals left and right searching for zarkon and raising and army, luckily the lesser demons he releases are great practice!

With the green talisman found deep in a far away grove from the 'castle' a week and a half from the start of their search, (allura is leading them through a divining trick similar to those old water divining methods) Allura then directs their path to the yellow talisman.

Of course its not easy, there is a ambush of lesser demons when they get their where we get some plot! The first hint of keiths demon origins, since his bayard isnt working he is using his mothers dagger to fight. Killing one of the lesser demons before pidge or lance or hunk can seal it, he freaks and hides the evidence, cause 'galra cant die?? allura said that they are immortal??? thats why we need the talismans???'

They retreat back to the 'castle', three talismans found and allura confused as to why she cant divine the red talismans location. Keith is having a mini freak out where he piles on his denial "the bayard just doesnt work cause im not the red paladin. That demon wasnt dead... it didnt die, they cant die... unless allura was wrong???' and continuing the downward spiral

Sendak sends a stronger demon to the 'castle' to pass along a message

(lets say there are five levels of demons,

Lesser demons - 'dont really have a will, are controlled by their urges and the orders of stronger demons',

Rogue demons - 'they dont hold much rank, but are higher then lesser demons and have will beyond their urges',

Soldier demons - 'They are the rogue demons that band together to follow a higher level demon, they hold wills beyond their urges',

Demon Generals - 'Strongest of the soldier demons who have proved their worth to lead their peers and fight by their princes will'

Demon Princes - 'Strongest of all demons, they have the ability to subjugate even general demons under their will' Zarkon is of this class, but has somehow gained the ability to subjugate other princes and named himself the emperor of all demons.

So sendak a General has subjugated many rogues to build up an army of soldiers)

After restraining the demon that invaded the outer barrier of the castle the demon gives the message from sendak "surrender the talimans of parish"


At this point sendak has located zarkons seal but cant break it alone, it is too stong, so he believes he can somehow use the talismans to break the seal. of course the crew doesnt know that.
So sendak is on the way to the castle with an army of soldier demons to claim voltron :D


Its around this time allura realizes sendak has the red talisman, and everyone starts to disagree on what to do. They eventually decide to stand their ground, when allura says the black talismans is sealed within the castle til the rest are gathered.

The castle barrier is summoned and they head out with their bayards to face sendak's army, three talismans are not enough to seal him away but they seam enough to stand their ground against him, keith splits from the group against their protests cause he hears the red talismans voice.

Keith and a weakened sendak wrestle for a bit with keiths dagger and sendak realizes the dagger can actually harm him, but neither realize that its not the dagger that is harming him but keiths demon power occupying the blade with his intent. So sendak really wants the blade, but keith has already severed his arm and taken the red talisman, leaving sendak to throw a tantrum while he returns to the team.

With four of the five talisman the voltron team is able to seal a majority of the soldier demons and retreats to the castle to awaken the black talisman.

With the five talismans and their paladins together they somehow fuse their lion spirits and seal the remaining demons in one go, the voltron spirit stands among the now empty field with glowing yellow eyes looking back at the team before disbanding.

After the adrenaline winds down they realize sendak has vanished during the chaos.

They return to the castle to celebrate their victory and rest.


Switch back to sendak who is tending his severed arm wound, beside him the remains of his demon army, a soilder named haxus and a couple of lesser demons. Sendak pride has taken a beating and he is holding a grudge but he knows now voltron has reunited he stands no change so he takes his remaining forces and leaves.

Its isnt by chance sendak finds haggar (an altean exorcist who became a demon prince by forbidden magic, she can travel from the demon realm and back but cant take demons with her) Haggar was searching for the strong galra aura that arose those many months ago. Haggar has been laying low cause her corrupted power could not summon demons, nor could it free demons from their seal, so when she sensed a demon wake she knew to act.

Haggars power surpased sendaks, with the gift of a new arm and eye(i forgot about his eye for a moment lol) she subjugated him and his demons under her will. Using sendak as a catalist she and sendak went about releasing more demons to sacrifice to release zarkon from his seal.

---next part tba , clan intoduction and info dump , alliance forming , group bonding ---

Chapter Text

During the corrupted wormhole episode when the lions are seperated, pidge instead of ending up in the space caterpillar junkyard she ends up on a planet.

---I kinda find it hard to believe all the planets in the voltron universe all speak common tongue so f*ck that---

Pidge ends up none the worse for wear on a planet of aliens that resemble brightly colored tropical birds. Like imagine a velociraptors with feathers and beaks and pretty feather tails. (scaley limps, with frilly bright feathers and curved bird beaks) The aliens seem fascinated by pidge to put it lightly, but there is a language barrier.

The aliens seem nice enough leading pidge into their city and letting her freshen up with a bath and change of clothes. But its kinda awkward when they cant understand each other, when pidge tries to go back to the green lion for repairs or at least build a translator with her tools in her lion, she is stopped by the aliens that just chirp and coo at her.

These aliens dont get visitors from outside their planet like ever, (which is probably why they never picked up the common tongue), pidge is an oddity, and facinates them to no end.

Because of the lack of alien contact and language barrier they dont seem to believe pidge is anything more then a strange animal. So they try to keep and pamper her, when they realize she is more clever then they first thought they put more measures into keeping her in the city.

But pidge being pidge, finds ways around their measures, realizing she has to get out if she wants to contact her team and the castle.

---tbc cause im out of ideas for the moment---

Chapter Text

Hunk is the owner of a restaraut in the city and has his own rooftop garden.

Keith is the fairy that moved into his rooftop garden because once upon a time hunk was nice to him once.

Hunk helped keith once when he got stuck in a bottle and keith swore to repay him tenfold for saving him. Which his repaying just becomes him hanging around hunks garden trying to decide what he can do to help hunk.

---tbc no idea where this would go, just a rough idea at the moment---

Chapter Text

Keith is the son of honerva and Zarkon and was sickly/weak so he couldnt join the guard/army like he wanted as he grew up, he was dragged into honervas work to have some sort of purpose.

Pre-rift honerva and zarkon were super doting helicopter parents, cause i say so. In this AU keith is Lotors elder brother by almost eight years, unlike keith, lotor was perfectly strong/healthy, but keith is a good brother so he doesnt turn bitter toward lotor.

Unlike lotor, keith takes more after galra more in appearance, but has more dominant altean abilities. (cause like, lotor cant shapeshift and lacks altean markings, which is bull he looks almost completely like an altean with purple skin) While lotor takes after alteans in appearance while having dominant galra abilities.

He often over worked himself much to his parents distress, but something changed when honervas work switched to focusing entirely on the rift on diabazaal. Testing proved quintessance could effect the longevity and constitution of the affected organism, and keith secretly started testing the theory on himself to see if it could help with his weakness/sickliness.

When Alfor started becoming uneasy about the rift, keith was right in the middle of arguement when he discovers Alfor wishes to close the rift. Believing the rift can not only save his life by curing his sickness, but also giving him power over his own life.

The ensuing conflict goes like this.

An experiment keith was conducting again in secret without his parents knowledge is discovered when honerva walks into the lab late when she forgot something. The shock and startled keith accidently loses control of the volitile quintessence and honerva is harmed in the crossfire.

He panics and calls his father in his panic begging him to help, When regular medical treatment shows no signs of helping, keith mentions how the rift could help, but the idea is immediately shot down.

Honerva surrcomes to the sickness of quintessance poisoning, Zarkon falls into a depression and Alfor torments him saying the rift is to blame and must be closed. Keith overhears and decides to take action himself, spiriting himself and honerva's body to the rift.

Zarkon realizes what keith is doing and goes to stop him, Alfor leads the original paladins to intercept Zarkon, believing him going to try and stop the rift from being closed. One thing leads to another and Zarkon accidently kills Alfor, before fleeing to stop keith only to get dragged into the rift as it reacts to keith going in with honerva. (like when keith goes in the rift turns into a vacuum for a short time while reacting to them passing through, sucking zarkon and the lab inside)

Keiths particular consitution, and testing of the rift quintessance on himself for some time before has made his trip to the rift less of a shock then honervas and zarkons. They are split apart and spat out of the rift into different parts of space, zarkon and honerva back at the ruins of diabazaal with their memories a mess. (honerva's memories are completely gone, zarkons are warped and partially rewritten)

While Zarkon and haggar take revenge of their destroyed home, zarkon collects lotor and puts him into cryosleep. His mind is nagging him about keiths disappearance, he does not remember keith going into the rift or being seperated, he believes keith died with diabazaal and since honerva was dead when she went into the rift she cant tell him otherwise even if she recovered he memories.
Lotor of course was barely six years old (keith being 13 or 14 when going into the rift) he was with his babysitter and had no idea what the hell was going on, dont ask him.

Back to keith, the rift not only spat him out far from diabazaal, but also in a different time, about five thousand years into the future from the event. Also he is floating in space cause he had no ship when going in the rift...

Keiths memory is not empty like honervas or warped and confused like zarkons. It is more missing bits and pieces, he knows who he is, he knows about his family (does not remember their names tho), but he only remembers the times where he was too sick to participate in training or leave home. He doesnt remember the rift opening or the paladins turning on each other (he wasnt even there during that...) doesnt remember his mother dying, doesnt remember going into the rift and getting seperated either.

So we have a confused 13/14 year old halfbreed prince floating in space for a bit, then he gets picked up by some space pirates who are planning to sell him or something, he turns the tables on them tho, learning he isnt the weak sickly prince he remembered himself being, and also becoming a badass pirate. (galra grow faster in this AU so while keith is 13/14 he looks 16 and due to the rift he stops aging/growing)

So for five thousand years he is a badass notorious pirate wanted in nearly every quadrant for his exploits. He gets dragged into the war when his crew raids a galra criuser and he robs sendak blind of the red lion and him and his crew end up on Arus.

----(remember that keith is immortal but his crew is not, so they arent the same crew he started with five thousand years prior, some come, some go, keith is probably got some existantial crisis' he has to work through)----

- Thannu, She/Her, She likes to sit out of planetside missions cause she hates the brightness of the orbiting stars, she has a calm and mellow personality, but will turn vicious when the situation calls for it. Her motivations for joining keith's are unclear, keith brought her back on a solo heist of a trade moon, he never said what happened during the raid but since he only brought back thannu and not any loot its assumed something happened.

She has been with the crew for about 6 years already by now, being the newest addition to the crew.

(a reptilian like alien, with a feather crest down her spine, she kinda looks like a raptor, her tail is long and she uses it like a whip when fighting, her scales are a mix of blue and green, her feathers are white, her eyes are pure black, she wears a visor in brighter enviroments due to light sensitivity)(She wears a set of dark green light armor with neon green interfaces, it covers only partially most of the time, but similar to the BOM armor it can materialize to cover the rest when she needs it to. She fights with curved knife blades and has a bladed gauntlet for her tail to give her tail whip more damage)

- Zeitre, He/Him, Zeitre or Zei for short, is the tech expert, his specialty focuses on programming and hacking, he has a bubbly personality that he uses to tease keith often. He isnt much for combat and tends to focus on long distance cover for the crew during raids, he rarely goes anywhere without his sister Retri and tends to look to her for support when his self esteme is low.

Zeitre and Retri joined the crew a two years before Thannu, they were black market dealers who got cause in the middle of a planetary civil war and fled from there. They were migrating to and fro for sometime before running into keiths crew and asking to join. They wished for security with their trade and offered their reputation and knowledge to assist in heists to get better coin.

(A human-like alien, except his skin is similar to an amphibians and is bright yellow. He has ridges along his head instead of hair, he has bulby finger tips without any claws, His eyes are blue and human like, he needs regular rehydration cause of his thin amphibious skin)(He wears light armor that has a orange and red scheme. He has two single handed blasters on his belt and a two handed rifle on his back)

- Retri, She/Her, Retri or Rei for short, is also a tech expert, tho her specialty isnt software its hard ware, her serious personality rivals Zei's bubbly one, she sees her brother fondly, amused by his antics. She is much larger and sturdier then Zei, while he focuses on long range she takes the fight to the aggressor. She has no issue with defending and supporting her brother in his lows, since she grew up faster she took the role of the protector towards her brother.

Retre and Zeitre have been with the crew for 8 years.

(Same species as Zeitre, Her skin is more orange then yellow, she lacks the skull ridges he has, but she has the bulby fingers and amphibious skin, her eyes are purple, she is half a head taller then zeitre cause females of their race are bigger then males)(She wears a set of light armor that matches his brothers, hers is a color scheme of white and yellow insead of red and orange tho. She wears gauntlets on her hands to fight hand to hand and has a short bladed staff for when she cant fight hand to hand)

- Thoreik, She/Her, She is probably the oldest of the crew in appearance, she has been around the longest and has seen the crew disband and reform a few times. She has taken the role of keiths parental figure, and refuses to call him by his name, she wil only call him kit, even when in the enemies preseance. She is like the tank of the team, going into battle first swords in hands, she really likes to kick for some reason... it lead to her losing her leg some years before. She has the personality of a mother lion, fierce, aggressive and protective.

Thoreik has been with keith for nearly three hundred years (galra live five hundred years in this universe normally) she was a bounty hunter after keiths bounty for many years with many run ins before she met him face to face, his young appears took her off guard long enough for keith to subdue her and flee. When she found him again his crew had disbanded and he was alone, and yet keith refused to give up, she had come to consider him fondly by then. From then on she had followed keith, promising to fight for him til the day she could no longer hold a blade.

(A galra, she has light lilac and grey fur and has big ears like sendak, she rivals sendak in size too, yellow pupilless eyes obviously, her left leg is a prothetic where she hides weapons)(Thoreik wears stolen commander armor that she refurbished to remove the empires ensignia, Her main weapons are twin short swords, but she has a few throwing knives she keeps on her person always)

- Jukhi, They/Them, is kind of a jack of all trades, they make it their focus to collect information due to the amount of times their trivia knowledge has saved the crew from disaster. They have been with the crew second longest and over time have seen many crew come and go, they have come to the conclusion that they shouldnt get attached to any new comers, only thoreik has earned their trust. To the newbies they are distant and often really rude and snide, but to keith and Thoreik, they are very excitable, chattering off endlessly while keith or thoreik watch on fondly.

The difference between Jukhi and the others is that Juhki didnt ask to join, they were recruited by keith. Keith and Thoreik and their crew at the time (two misc aliens that didnt stay long) had all but adopted them, they were young and alone in a slave port keiths crew was raiding. Jukhi had sworn their life to keith and his crew, and was personally betrayed by any crew that left or disbanded cause they saw the crew as family. They had been in keiths crew for almost 170 years now, their race longer living then galra, living up to 800 years.

(A genderless species, they are insect-like but not intirely, they have a light translucent exoskeleton covering half their face and most of their body, it has a milky color and slightly teal cause of the muscles and organs showing slightly beneath, they have a high pitch hissy voice and green compound eyes)(Jukhi prefers heavy armor plating similar to their exoskeleton, cause light armor is strange to them, He fights with a staff, that has retractable blades at the ends)


Keith of course is immediately seen as an enemy cause of his galra appearance and the princess and paladins attack him the second he disembarks from red.
(insert badass pirate/paladin showoff)

After the fighting slows to a standstill (cause six pirates used to combat can of course over power the paladins when three arent used to battle, im looking at you lance, pidge and hunk)

Allura has an epiffany moment where she is like "WAIT, I KNOW YOU!" (cause although keith was restricted to remain home bound by illness, i assume zarkon is the kinda parent to show off his kids) And keith who was sword locked with shiros robo arm is like "ive never met you in my life wtf???"

Allura goes all racist rage and goes "THATS THE FIRST PRINCE OF THE GALRA EMPIRE" and keith just shrugs cause he has long assumed his family is gone and that he wasnt a prince anymore and he says so like "Not anymore im not" and Zeitre stumbles with his gun exclaiming "boss your a prince!?!?!?"

"I just said not anymore!" keith huffs

"i dont think you stop being a prince by denying it kit" Thoreik says lightly (insert aggravated keith noise)

So allura being overly blinded by her hatrid of galra assumes keith is here to steal the lions and joins shiro and trying to subdue keith, which is a dumb move cause while keith is struggling with shiro that doesnt mean he is an easy target... like his crew subdued lance, hunk and pidge... with minimal losses, so its six versus two...They don't stand back anymore when they see the princess and shiro tag teaming keith.

After shiro and allura are brought down and restrained, thannu looks at them and goes "I am concerned of how the pink one knew of you sir"

Keith rolls his eyes "it doesnt matter, find a place to lock them up" (their ship was left behind when they stole red cause red went right to arus much to their displeasure)

"sure thing boss" Zei and Re with thannu gather the half unconscience paladins and choose a random hallway to follow "Im gonna go ssscout their bassse" Jukhi hisses quietly

"do that" keith looks back at red and gets like a nagging of a memory before looking back up at the castle and feeling the same nagging. He blames it on stress and follows his crew inside the castle, cause he needs a new base since his badass pirate ship was lost.

Keith enters the castle with thoreik at his side.


Fast forward past the scenes of Jukhi finding coran and subduing him to lock with the other paladins in a hallways of storage rooms, the amphibian siblings stand outside the locked closets, Retri casually converses with thannu while Zeitre watches the closets warily.

Keith and Thoreik return from exploring the castle "it seems this place has been abandoned for quite sometime" keith says

Thoreik nods "these aliens most likely only claimed this castle a short time ago, it is lacking in the most basic matenance, tho it looks like they may have started to fix some of the basic life support functions"

Retri's eyes narrow slightly "why does a castle have life support systems..."

Zeitre looks as confused as his sister for a moment before his eyes light up and him and his sister exclaim in sync "IS THIS A SHIP!?"

Jukhi who just turned into the hallways from around the corner "it would appear sssso" they hiss narrowing their eyes at the noise the siblings made "sssshould we be disscussssing thisss ssso closse to the prissonersss"(Retri makes a face at how long the hisses draw out this sentence)

Thannu looks at the storage closet doors "They are not in a position to do much with such knowledge" she said evenly

Jukhi narrows their eyes further and stands beside keith and thoreik. Keith rolls his eyes and looks at the doors as well "these rooms will make interigation difficult"

Retri whispers "and awkward" her brother nods

Jukhi speaks up again "I located ssseveral interigation roomss in a lower floor"

Thoreik nods turning to the others "We can move them there to get information"

Thannu and Retri nod in affirmation, Zeitre looks slightly pale at the prospect of letting them out but nods as well. Jukhi simply moves to the closest door and opens to reveal a slightly green hunk, who pales when the door opens.


Fast forward to move, hunk and coran fight the least, pidge and lance fight the most. Each paladin and altean are chained in seperate interigation cells. And we start with allura.


Keith with thoreik and Jukhi at his back stands before allura, while she glares all the rage she can muster at him. Keith just sighs internally and signals for thoreik to start.

"We have a few questions, i hope your feeling cooperative." Thoreik crosses her arms and narrows her eyes, not liking the aggression and hate pointed at keith.

The crew has a very whatever attitude about keith being a prince, but thoreik and jukhi being the ones who have proven themselves the longest have learned about keiths immortality and know he has been around long enough that no one alive in this time should know of who he was before now, so they especially are wary of allura. Even if thannu, Zeitre and Retri dont get the signifigance they see that their seniors are wary so they are on guard even if they dont show it.

Keith watches allura as if she had all the secrets of the universe, his head was beginning to ache with that same tugging sensation he got from the lion and castle. Jukhi as if he sensed keiths weakness steps slightly closer to him.

Allura sneers at Thoreik "What could you possibly wish to know!? You have the lions! The castle! the paladins your prisoner! what more could you possibly want!?"

Thoreik just shakes her head "Oh, well you see, we dont care about your little crew or your lions" Allura scoffs as if thoreik was spouting nonsense, Jukhi bristles quietly at keiths side "What we want to know is how you know about kit, cause you see" Leaning over the table between them as allura's expression becomes confused "No one but those in this room know about how long kit has been around."

Keith steps up beside thoreik as she straightens, jukhi following close behind, allura opens her mouth "what do yo-" Jukhi interupts "Bosss, hasss been called many thingsss over the yearsss, but only you have called him a princccce" their hiss lingers in the room quietly

(my brain just gave up on me, im terrible at dialog)

Allura is angry for a while and then she gets really confused cause she has no idea whats going on. Cause she knows keith as a sickly prince kept away from the universe, but the galra before her with red alteans marks down his face, the face of the sickly prince she knew, is anything but the weak and meek boy she was told of, he is a boy with the eyes of someone who has lived for hundreds of years.

The group presenting themselves as pirates, the crew that subdued the newest paladins and secured the castle for their own, she doesnt know what to make of it. She is still waiting for the other shoe to drop, for them to drop the facade and exacute her on the spot and hand the lions over to zarkon.

allura being the stubborn woman she is, doesnt answer their questions directly, so keith doesnt get answers. Nor does he realize that zarkon is the father he cant remember the name of, so they move on to question shiro.

(like she assumes keith knows all about what happened at the start of the war and is messing with her, but keith has been pirating without any knowledge of what happened between altea and daizabaal or the original paladins during and after thr rift incedent. He doesnt know about the empires inner workings, he only knows what the empire spouts in their propaganda and he chose not to follow the empire because of what it became)

It doesnt take long for them to realized shiro is the champion of the galra, the same one with wanted posters in every system, when they off handedly mention the bounty during the interigation, shiro stiffens at the thought of returning to the arena.

Thoreik mentions it might be a mercy to claim the bounty with him corpse rather then return him alive, keith doesnt say anything, but he secretly decides not to hand shiro over to the empire.(he is probably considering whether shiro would join his crew or not)

Before they can move to the next intergation chamber the castle alarms blare, startling the pirates and prisoners. Zeitre yells over them asking whats going on, while jukhi checks the interigation chambers for tampering. The crew darts to the bridge just as the castles power crystal explodes in the observation deck below. Zeitre and Retri leave the control consoles they were reading due to the lack of power and turn to thannu who removes her visor.(cause its dark in the room now instead of blinding blue and white)

They decide to split up, the siblings and jukki make sure the prisoners dont escape and keith, thoreik and thannu search for the cause.
(insert sendak coming in expecting the paladins and getting pirates)

Thoreik versus sendak, thannu versus haxus, keith clearing out the sentries, the paladins escaping and subduing the siblings while jukhi darts into the vents to warn keith.
(insert the scene where the siblings are tied up with coran watching over them and Zeitre just goes "can we get some hydration packs?")

The paladins storming the bridge to find sendak and haxus subdued and the pirates just standing over them, they are all fozen for a bit just staring at eachother. Then jukhi drops out of the ceiling vent right in the middle of the room like "oh"

--- Confrontation number two! tba ---

Chapter Text

So this takes place after keith goes with the blade, but before he meets his mother and visits the space whale.

Following a lead about a quintessance shipment turns out to have been a trap, keith and the team he is currently with (a couple of random blade agents) are sent to the edge of galran terittory and are ambushed by antigalra aliens who dont like the blades. They manage to send out a message about the lead being a trap and right before getting absolutely wrecked.

In the ensuing chaos keiths ship is shot down(they were all in seperate ships for convienance of plot) and he gets seperated. Landing on a planet that never heard of the galra or about other life beyond their own planet.

These aliens are little harmless looking guys, like a mix between the arusians and taugeerans(like image the arusians with the taugeeran plate exoskeleton armor, little tiny warriors, with matching bone weapons)

Keith is now stranded and is found by the local populous who believe he is a god fallen from the heavens and they bring him to their biggest temple to test him, against his explinations of the war or other life beyond their planet or anything.

The test happened to consist of a quintessance sensitive crystal that also fell from the "heavens" and keith who happens to be quintessance sensitive himself accidently resonates with it making it glow and shocking the locals into worshiping him as their god of the hunt or war or battle or something.(cause of his behaviour so far and the fact he is covered in strange armor with a strange weapon)

Keith of course is having none of their nonsense and tries to run off every chance he gets to fix his ship and leave. When the locals realize their god isnt gonna stay they panic and over power keith and knock him out(but like these aliens are little weak guys, so they probably drug him).

He then wakes up in a glorified cage in the middle of their big temple, its a pretty cushy cage tho being their god and all, but still a glorified cage. Oh yeah, they changed his clothes while he was unconscience too, he is now in pretty silk like flowy robes and pretty jewelry!

Keith learns real quick the little alien warriors sure know alot making prisons when he fails to find a way to escape, he even goes as far as to attack any alien that comes into the cage to bring him food or anything and it just makes the aliens happier, cause like "THE GOD OF BATTLE HAS DEEMED ME WORTHY FOR BATTLE"

(tbc cause thats all i got for ideas so far)

Chapter Text

College/University setting.

The garrison is a college of astrological science and engineering, where the voltron crew are studying.

Keith and shiro are childhood friends and when keith is struggling shiro helps him apply and get into the garrison with scholarship programs or something.

So when Keith gets in his friend group of just Shiro and Matt, extends from Matt to pidge and in extention hunk and lance cause they are a package deal. Also the girls Romelle and Allura,(cause I ship platonic shallura so hard) cause they know shiro. Everyone knows shiro.

Kidge are roommates in the dorms, cause pidge applied as a boy. (pidge is they/them in this one)

So its not obvious at first cause keith himself doesnt notice his own feelings cause he is a disaster, but he is slightly smitten by hunk after awhile. But due to many misunderstandings and a very possesive shiro, everyone thinks shiro and keith are dating already when they first met him. (they dont say it right to keiths face, so him being a social disaster as well, doesnt catch the subtle hints everyone spouts. Shiro is just being super uncool by letting people believe they are dating and by chasing off anyone who keith even looks heart eyes at. going so far as cementing the belief that he is dating keith into alot of peoples minds)

like "we wouldnt wanna get in the way of your and shiros time together" and keith going "oh alright? another time then? guess its just you and me shiro"

Several times shiro just straight diverts keiths courage when he is going to confess to hunk or even interupting time keith tries to have alone with hunk. (seriously rude shiro...)

When keith finally gets a chance to ask hunk out he is nervous like "but what about you and shiro?" then keith goes "what about me and shiro???" and hunk goes "you are dating shiro???" "Im not dating shiro hes like my brother wtf???" and both keith and hunk are confused. but they get over it and have a cute little moment together.

Then shiro goes full crazy and yells at keith after he seperates from hunk. And when keith makes it clear to shiro he needs to back off shiro just knocks him out cold and drags him into his car.
(seriously NOT COOL SHIRO)

Keith wakes up some time later in a hot dusty room, tied up. It turns out shiro dragged him out to that desert shack that was their special hide out or whatever. And keith is not happy.

Meanwhile shiro is at university, telling everyone who asks that keith isnt feeling well and stayed at his place. Hunk is of course confused cause keith told him shiro and him arent dating and shiro is telling everyone they are. When he asks shiro about keith, shiro not so politely tells him to back off or else. (BE NICE TO HUNK)

So hunk who is kinda unsetled backs off, for now.

And we cut back to keith, who is probably sweating away all his water and is mighty thirsty right now. And he probably passed out abit, he comes to and shiro has arrived and is really chipper, cause he has keith all to himself.

---tbc, ill come back to this when i have more---

Chapter Text

Keith is full galra and looks it, tho he is still small for a galra. He is from the pre -war era, before altea was destroyed by the empires rise.

Before the war with the galra, alteans had galra and other alien immigrants on altea, keith himself was a servant in the castle, but after the war began the galra citizen rights were taken, those who didnt escape were made slaves by the alteans to keep them from joining the galran ranks in the war.

of course the galra are a warrior race and they dont submit, so they would be restrained and junk, like collars, cuffs and muzzles.

So now keith is a slave in the castle, poor muzzled keith, he doesnt know when to quit.

Keith is of course far from submissive and gets punished like alot, and when the galra show signs of winning over altea and the castle ship launches. keith ends up with it.

Alfor puts keith into cryo with allura and coran so they have a servant when they wake up and you just know keith is terrified. Like he hears the galra are winning and he believes he will be freed by his people only to get frozen and told he will remain a slave... poor keith...

So when the garrison crew come and the cryopods release keith probably falls flat on his face(cause you know alfor had to chain him up to keep him from taking advange of whoever woke them) the garrison crew are freaked about the galra, but even more so the fact he is in rags, thin as a twig and wrapped in chains.

Of course as humans they are so not okay with slavery, especially shiro who was a slave not too long before.

The story follows along as the paladins try to make life easier for keith as he fufils his duties and the alteans being spitful for them being nice to keith so they punish him more behind their backs, just angst all over the place.

Keith being restricted as a slave (maybe his collar or cuffs keep certain doors from working) can't goto the hangers, even tho he feels reds call, and the alteans are all confused by the red lions fussiness when it was proven lance could pilot her (cause lance got red out of the galra ship and they formed voltron before retiring them to their hangers)

Things get worse when they find out keith is who red wanted, cause the black paladin that betrayed altea and started the war was galra, gasp, shock, horror, ect (coran has a change of heart around this point tho he doesnt show it right away)

The story just goes on with the angst til allura finally gives in and takes off keiths muzzle like "he can pilot the lion but i wont like it!" Allura still bullies and punishes keith in the background

Mind you keith doesnt tell anyone cause hes afraid allura wont let him pilot red, so he is really submissive and jumpy.

the turning point is when they find out its the black lion the galra are tracking and allura cant subconsciencely blame keith for the galra attacks (like how could he have??? he literally has no galra friends or access to galra channels??? everything has changed after ten thousand years)

Add to that the fact they met Ulaz a "good galra" who noticed keiths cuffs and collar (like how can you not?) and took keith aside at some point during the mayhem to tell him he is welcome in marmora (free the boy please)

So while keith is debating if he want to leave (which he doesnt cause his relationship with red is super tight and she loves her fluffy son) to goto marmora or stay and deal with not being more then a slave, (like how does that work... he is a slave... but still a paladin?.. dont question it lucas... dont question it)

Since keith is a slave and was frozen for ten thousand years i doubt he'd have a marmora blade, so the trials can't happen how they did in canon. Allura doesn't really trust keith to goto the marmora base after they fix the black lion tracking issue, but the red lion is the only one that could make the path safely so she had no choice.

When they get to base keith says he want to join and shiro goes "gasp didnt see that coming" and kolivan is like "you must do the trials" and he does and shiro and kolivan from the observation room, see the pre-war altea visions and stuff and like

keith as a servant still with his father (keith is full galra in this one) and his father telling him they have to leave altea cause something is coming, and keith knowing what is coming is conflicted, cause even tho alteans enslave the galra immagrants, the galra turn worse after the war starts. so he doesnt leave and stays with altea (giving up his freedom cause he knows he can make a difference in the future)

Then the vision splits to the war and keith and the galra being enslaved on altea, and it shows the suffering and pain they went through to be subjugated cause they would not surrender. and again the vision diverts from the memory, giving keith the option of getting revenge on the alteans (like maybe it gives him the choice of killing alfor or something) and alfor is there taunting him about the fall of the immagrants who only came to altea for a new life, but again keith decides that he will let himself suffer so he can make a difference in the future after he is frozen, the vision cuts off when he is chained and shoved into the cryopod.

Keith comes to and shiro is there conflicted and the BOM crew is yelling to give up the blade , you know how the scene goes in canon, except this isnt his moms blade its a blade he was given for the trial and he isnt unaware of his heritage, he just wants to join the cool ninja club.

So yeah, red beating up the astroid, BOM crew yelling, Shiro conflicted but defending keith, and keith like "just f*cking take it" and then wooosh, it turns into a sword and the blades just stop and are like "oh... it did the thing"

so now with a shiney new sword and alot of bruises and trauma, they fly back to the castle with kolivan. Allura is still sour about keith going, realizes he joined their blade club and throws a tantrum "how dare, you are my slave, blah blah" and shiro and kolivan who saw the memory vision defend him and allura is like "betrayal"

the garrison trio is of course confused cause they didnt get any exposition on what went down, they are kinda hurt also at the fact keith joined another club while they thought he was part of their club.

later on when everything cools down allura tries to corner keith alone like she has in the past to punish him for joining the blades, but this time the garrison trio to the rescue! cause i need a reason to show them how unwelcome and in danger keith still feels, so they understand why he joined the blade.

Endgame is keith leaving for the blade after zarkon is defeated and voltron isnt needed anymore. like in this AU there was no kuron, or disappearing shiro. so keith vanishes. maybe it continues as him fighting from the blades side when lotor joins the picture but thats pretty much as far as i got.

ps. the alternate route is if keith continued as a paladin when lotor appeared, i imagine allura would be completely okay with the whole "hoktril" party, so yeah... let the boy be happy damn it!

Chapter Text

This AU starts on earth with krolia and keiths dad. The concept is simple, not even the blade is okay with half breeds, so when krolia has keith she left him because she wanted to protect him not just from the empire but also from the blade.

With nothing but his mother blade when his father passes away, keith stays out in the desert, hiding from child sevices and staying in his fathers shack.

At some point the BOM come to earth to retrieve krolias blade (cause seriously those things dont grow on trees krolia you think they'd really accept your "i lost it tee hee ;P" excuse???) and they find keith, a scrawny half starved kid in the middle of the desert and when he demands they tell him what the blade means they realize what krolia did.

So they take keith, cause they realize he is krolias child and just abduct him into space. Since he had the blade they assumed he knew more then he should and decided they needed to keep him on a tight leash.

So little scawny ten year old keith was abducted by aliens and very freaked out, cause they keep asking him what he knows about marmora and he has no idea what marmora is.

So like, really f*cked up BOM beat a ten year old for information, get none, and decide to just "well we cant let him go now, he knows too much" and slaps a collar on him
the collar has tech in it that not only prevent him from using the dna tech, like doors and shuttles. It shocks him too and keeps track of his location on base.

Years later keith realizes a few things. one, his mother was an alien. two, his mothers race was not nice. three, he probably shouldnt have run from that social worker years ago. four, he is royally f*cked.

So keith is now a glorified slave working under the galra at the marmora base, like he is the bottom of the totem pole here, he is gagged during important events and meetings cause they really dont want him interrupting (also cause i want muzzle whump)

one such event is the arrival of the red lion, which for some reason keith can feel, even tho he doesnt know what it is yet. He is called to standby outside of the meeting hall, where shiro and lance are being all diplomatic, tho he doesnt know it.

So since the path doesnt open again for two days the paladins are given lodging while kolivan decides what to do, and who is their escort you ask? its keith, yay

and kolivan is both uncaring about keith being a slave and unhappy keith's preseance became an issue. he is just like "the halfbreed is a slave"

badda boom! badda bang! drama!

the paladin demand the blade surrenders keith, kolivan gets several headaches, lance makes a huge fuss, shiro blocks keith from the BOM so they dont drag him away and keith, well he is in shock cause like "omg humans are here, omg they wanna free me, omg im gonna get punished cause of this arent i, omg i think im gonna faint" but like he is gagged so he cant say all that and he just faints and shiro cradles him in his arms, cause you know lance wont do it, that disaster of a bi.

one disaster later keith is brought to the castle ship, cause kolivan wants peace and quiet and lance is not peace and quiet.

So keith wakes up to blue lights and white walls and proceeds to have a panic attack cause omg everything is supposed to be purple wtf.

cue coran coran the gorgeous man to save the day and tell the boy to relax his tots. Keith, who is forbidden from speaking to the point they muzzled him of course stays quiet cause like, he has been a slave for nine years, that kind of conditioning needs a recovering arc to fix it!

but like this is just the angst part, and its over now keith is free!

----tbc if i have more ideas---

Chapter Text

The bayards and talismans

-The talismans were the compilation of the last of the alteans power. They were created by accident during their attempt to seal Zarkon, It was descovered that the talisman had absorbed all the altean power. Five 'paladins' were chosen to wield them one from each clan, Altean for red, Olkari for green, Balmeran for yellow, Baku for blue, and Taujeeran for black.

The talismans had magnified their strengths and together they sealed zarkon and voltron divided and vanished.

The Blue talisman, the first talisman found within an ancient altean temple which begins their journey, it houses the power of the loyal spirit of the blue lion.

The Green talisman, The second talisman found within a hidden grove and no troubles are found during its recovery, it houses the inquisitive spirit of the green lion.

The Yellow talisman, The third talisman found within an abandoned mining site and is found in the middle of an ambuse of lesser demons, it houses the the courageous spirit of the yellow lion.

The Red talisman, The fourth talisman found and hardest to recover, was snatched right from Sendak's possession during the battle for the castle, it houses the instinctive spirit of the red lion.

The Black talisman, and last talisman found is recovered from a hidden room within the castle, it houses the supportive(couldnt think of anything else, might change it) spirit of the black lion.

It is implied throughout the story that each of the paladins are decended from the original paladins clans. Pidge from olkari, Hunk from balmera, Lance from Baku and Shiro from Taujeer. Keith is the only one not connected to the original clan formula, because the alteans are all gone, his inability to use the bayard was an example of this, not only because he was away from the talismans influence, but because it was slowly evolving to fit with keiths marmora heritage.

Because of this each paladin has a specialty common to their associated clan.

Pidge can send out their aura to possess things like tech. This is similar to how the bayards work, only the power and similar aura can subdue galra. So with this ability Pidge can use anything at their disposal to fight.

Hunk has healing powers, his aura can also project vague feelings (warm hugs) With hunks support coran is able to get the healing pods up and running. He eventually will learn to communicate with the aura of the earth, using that aura to assist the team.

Lance has the ability to create portals, he has difficulty keeping portals open without the blue talisman's assistance. It is why the blue talisman was able to create a portal when awakened earlier in the story.

Shiro's arm, tho not mentioned earlier is enhanced with demon gliphs. They only appear when he fights, they use his aura so his arm can act as a defence agains demons. Later when they recover the black bayard (will mention what happened to it in the bayard section) Shiro descovers his ability to create defensive shields around himself and the other paladins.

Keith relies on his mother's blade in the beginning before recovering his talisman and awakening his bayard. His blade is similar as the blade in canon, spooky and purple and all. The marmora blade has been shown to be the only thing that can kill a demon til the marmora is revealed. When he begins to rely on the bayard and talisman he begins to notice how it strengthens his ability to sense auras, like when he felt the blue talisman, it takes a huge learning curve before he can come to use the sense to his advantage.

The stronger the paladin / talisman bond, the more magnified their auras become, making their abilities stronger over time.

The bayards

Each bayard was built to only work for the user of the matching talisman.

The Blue bayard which takes the form of a magic gun, thats a mix between a handgun and a rifle, projects aura into bullets or beams that stun and subdue demons.

The Green bayard which takes the form of a hookshot (from legend of zelda, cause seriously thats basicly what their bayard is and tazer/hookshot!) projects aura into the hookshot blade creating a tazer like effect towards demons.

The Yellow bayard which takes the form of a heavy blaster, Projects huge amounts of aura per shot stunning even the largest of demons.

The Red bayard which takes the form of a broad sword, projects aura into the edge of the blade to subdue demons.

The black bayard is currently out of the paladins possession, its with zarkon, but not in the same way as in canon. The bayard was left in zarkons seal as extra leverage to keep him down, it is the reason Sendak cannot release zarkon, He cannot pull the blade out.(imagine like the sword in the stone story, its like that but there is more then one way to pull a sword out of a stone)


The five clans, (the altean, balmeran, olkari, taujeeran, and baku) all has a specialization they are known for.

-The alteans were known for their strength to fuse their power together to seal even the strongest of galra, like Zarkon. (like how the talisman fuse their power to create voltron)

They sacrificed all their power to seal zarkon, essentially surrendering their place as one of the five clans, since none of their powers could be passed down to their children anymore. The only remaining alteans allura and coran no longer have the power to seal demons, the last of their power used to seal themselves within the 'castle' to protect the legacy of the alteans the 'talismans of voltron' (they were also the center of the war against the galra, they taught the other clans their power of sealing demons, creating the aliance among the clans)

-The balmerans were known for their healing power, they had a intimate relationship with the aura of the earth itself, being able to ask the earth to fight with them. (whispers"earth benders")

Over the last ten thousand years the demon preseance has become docile and barely there, the way of the balmerans have changed from ruthless demon slayers to reclusive healers. The balmerans have a colony far from modern civilization where they have turned their focus to living in harmony with the earth, healing the aura the modern era has been harming. Their legacy is their crytals the earth has gifted them for their loyalty, these crystals have been dubbed balmeran crystals cause they share the clans healing power. (The balmerans gifted healing pods to the alteans back during the galras active era ten thousand years ago, they have become inactive after lack of matenance)

-The olkari were known for their ability to project their aura to possess stuff (mostly inanimate objects and plants and fungi) This ability is used similarly to the bayards ability, giving normal mortal objects the ability to subdue demons, since regular stuff and humans cant do anything to galra.

Over the last ten thousand years the olkari integrated with in to modern society and has hidden their colony in plain site, in the middle of a city. After stablizing society from zarkons after math they became leaders in the tech era, using their abilities to form intimate relations with tech to better understand it. They have chosen to follow the path humanity is moving towards, even tho many other clans have decided to keep tradition.(the olkari in the past were the one who created the bayards, thats why the bayards match their power as a medium)

-The Baku were known for their ability to create connections between vast distances, the strongest of which were even able to create portals between the demon and earth realm. (they lacked the power to travel back and forth tho, it would only be a one way trip traping whoever chose to go to the demon realm)

Over the past ten thousand years similar to the balmerans, the baku chose to segregate from modern society. The baku is an all women clan, there have been men, but the baku put most stock in their women, cause women have stronger ablilities. They have set up a colony within the mountains, where underground springs and rivers are plentiful, water has been shown to help magnify their powers. The baku have created a type of accessory to extend their telepathy to other clans to keep in contact. (allura and coran have prototypes of these 'comms' that they give the paladins to use when they travel to the balmera.)

-The taujeerans were by far the most docile of the clans, they werent known for their fighting prowess, they were masters of endurance and defence. Their gliphs (like symbol writting?) hold the power of protection and to create protective barriers.

Over the past ten thousand years they became the most reclusive of all the clans, even with the Baku trying to keep connected they have closed themselves off, wishing to remain segregated from not only society but societies conflicts. They are highly against violence and war after the history of the galra, and wish to be away from humanities infighting. They have staked out a colony in a archgapeligo of islands, tho the islands are highly volcanic, they have used their protective powers to avoid disasters. (They were the ones who gifted the alteans their protective barriers and granted protection to the paladins uniforms)

-The marmora, tho they arent known by the clans, are a clan of their own. They have taken it upon themselves to create order within the remaining demon populous on earth, while the remaining clans believe the demons have been banished. They have the abilities as galra not only to end other galra's lives, but also the power to feel and read auras.

The marmora rose up after a demon prince named marmora sacrificed their power to subjigate the remaining demons under one law, but only the demons that were on earth when marmora did this are bound by this law. (demons that had been sealed or are summoned later are not subjigated under the clan) The law was harmony, to live in balance with the world in a new era, cause marmora saw it as the only way to escape the fate of zarkon. The marmora, unlike the other clans, isnt centralized, they are spread out world wide, with bases hidden everywhere. Their daggers were created as a sign they are of marmora's law, and is the key to enter any of their hidden bases.

---Clan structures.---

Each clan has a base structure of,

-Queen/King who leads the clan as a keeper of the clan legacy (it has changed to Priest/Priestess after ten thousand years)(They are incharge of updating the history of the clan, while also training the paladins in their demon slaying)

-Advisors who make up the keeper's council (They are there to support the people and share the keepers voice)

-Maidens/knights are those studying under the keeper to learn the abilities of the clan (like interns for demon slaying magic)(the term was changed to paladins to pay tribute to those who brought the end to zarkon)

-Peasents are those who have either chose not to follow along in training or lack the ability (the term has been changed to just citizens in recent years)(They basicly take care of the menial not magic tasks that keep the clan running smoothly)

---The other common terms amoung the clans---

-Colony, which is where the clan has its headquarters or has settled.

-Aura, which is the power within one born amoung the clans that has the ability to manifest to fight demons. Humans without clan blood cannot call upon their aura therefor cannot fend off demons.

-Law, a pact usually bound by aura that cannot be broken without consequence. Most bound laws will cripple or kill those who break them.

-Realm, The worlds that are connected to earth through aura. The galra empire/Demon realm is one such world. Oriande is another realm.

---I will make more info dumps as the story progresses---

Chapter Text

Keith doesnt survive the battle of naxzela, his plan to crash into the barrier backfires, he is too close when lotor destroys the barrier and ship.

Killed in the blast and only matt and the blade know, the coalition celibrates their success, the ensuing lotor drama distracts them from the fact keith isnt around. Matt has to return to the rebellion and assumes the paladins already know and the Blade isnt as conserned(cause they are kinda heartless in this fic sorry)

The paladins never realize, even when someone makes an offhand comment about how keith didnt stop by after the battle (probably lance tbh) but it is forgotten again when clone shiro brings their attention back to lotor drama


Keith who is both connected to the red and black lion but aslo neither, is tugged by their connected astral realms but not bound strong enough to be tethered in them like shiro is sort of flung like a rubber band.

He probably assumes its a weird fever dream, he doesnt know he is dead yet.

It takes a long while of him drifting in space to realize he is dead, and by then it he has drifted to the unstable space in which the space whale resides.

The story is basicly keith wandering the space whale as a ghost when krolia shows up and he kinda just stalks her cause he is lonely and its all sad because krolia doesnt know ehr son is dead and keith doesnt know krolia is his mother.

Then he kinda see's her memories in the flashes and starts to put it together.

Oh yeah, kosmo can see keith. (cause animals can see ghosts, except only if the animal is kosmo in the AU)

Eventually keith just follows krolia out of the quantum abyss and finds his way back to the castle ship and feels all discombobulated cause of the tugs of both red and black, but he sort of yells at them and they stop. (stubborn lions)

Krolia meets the paladins, but in this universe keith isnt there so she doesnt go straight to the paladins she takes a pit stop at the blades, and tells them about lotor and the altean colony (oooooh lotor you're busted!)

Shiro clone goes beserk and keith freaks cause he cant do anything but kosmo is a good alien space wolf dog and keith and kosmo kinda do a thing? and keith kinda possesses kosmo, but no one knows (cause literally how could they?)

Keith/kosmo the fusion (that just looks like kosmo) teleports after shiro and we have the black paladin fight where haggar possesed shiro is very confused and keith possesed kosmo drags him back to the castle after biting his arm off.

On the way back keiths ghost is split from kosmo and difts to blacks astral plane and both shiro and keith are supprised to see each other.

It goes kinda like this, keith "Shiro what are you? you were evil!" and shiro is like "Thats not me! im dead!" and keith goes "how can you be dead??? IM DEAD!" they are both shocked and shiro gets his explination and keith gets his and keith somehow possesses the black lion and flies it to help form voltron, while the paladins think shiro is flying until they look at their video connection and see no one in the seat...

Everything goes crazy and allura does the black lion voodoo and sees both keith and shiro.

Then we have the moment where the paladins realize both shiro and keith died and they never noticed...

Shiro gets the clone body and keith gets nothing... cause there is no keith clone...

---That's all i got---

Chapter Text

Takes place during the paladin swap, before lotor's introduction.

---Druids POV---

Humans are sturdy beings, the champion proved that, the galra remember. So when the voltron's halfbreed crashes right on their doorstep, Shaken up but no worse for wear. The perfect specimen for the druids, for you see, Zarkon has been quite under the weather. Haggar takes advantage of the halfbreed's constitution, to revive her emperor.

How you ask? Simple, if the emperors body isn't well, give him a new one.

The little halfbreed's body isn't fit yet to house the emperor though, so haggar must encourage some changes, bring out his galra heratige, give him some bulk and strength, build up his quintessance endurance.

It towers over the druids in its chains, fur fighting scales for cover of its form, Tail like a beast of it's own lashes wildly with no where to go, the bright glow of refined quintessance shines within it's eyes, claws shear through the floor of its containment chamber where they are restrained down, any inteligence it once held is lost to a feral, wild madness.

The changes aren't perfect, but they are better then the start, the druids are satisfied. Time to test out its stability, endurance and strength...

They send the halfbreed to the arena, disoriented and barely coping with it's new appearance, it is forced to adapt and so it does.

Adaptations take longer then the druids hope for, but they improve over the phebes, the feral nature of the halfbreed is a bonus, it shall make the transfer of the emperor's conscienceness go easier.

The next step appears to fail against all careful calculation, The halfbreed rejects the emperor's conscienceness violently, awakening from the tranferance ritual and destroying it's restraints.

The druids are slaughtered, even Haggar is severly wounded before her escape.

The halfbreed has escaped.

Haggar takes some pleasure in knowing the mindless beast has lost the knowledge of piloting, the halfbreed is trapped on the planetside base, lost to the alien wilderness.

Haggar leaves with Zarkons wounded spirit essance stuff and her failed project rampages over the jungle planet's massive landscape.

She has back-ups that would take less effort then trying to break a mindless beast.

---Paladins POV---

After Keith's disappearance the paladins are only able to recover the black lion (which has blacked out like it did when shiro disappeared) and his helmet.

They search for him of course, but have little luck, even Pidge's search through the galran database turns up nothing.

What they do find is Shiro! (or his clone...)

Maybe Shiro questions where keith is and they tell him of his disappearance and black's state. So Shiro tries black and fails and everyone is confused, but they blame it on the fact keith is blacks paladin now and not on the fact shiro has a weird new hairdo.

Over the next few months the search continues while clearing out the scattered galra army, then they get weird info from an abandoned druid lab (not the one keith was in)

Pidge recovers files from a project that appears to be creating a new Zarkon! Shock! Gasp!

They are still worried about keith but their hopes have signifigantly dropped by now and decide Zarkons return should be a higher priority then keith recovery. (thanks shiro clone, some brother figure you are)

It takes time but they find the encripted file that will lead to the planetside facility the druids used to ruin keiths life.(Takes like a week to decript and shiro is kinda a jerk the whole time saying its not important enough to focus on)

Pidge blows the whistle and everyone is gathered to the bridge where she reveals the coordinates that lead to the druids Zarkon recovery lab and they wormhole there!


The alteans insure the planet has few beast that will be of trouble to the paladins when they land, only like a dog sized cat weasel thing and some plants they shouldn't eat.

Hearing that the paladin trek onward becoming increasingly unnerved by the giant claw marks in the trees and huge weird paw prints (they are weird cause keith doesnt have paws, just distorted hands and feet)

They disregard their worry because of the cat weasel thing coran mentioned, that is until they find a dead weasel cat with huge claw tears threw its side (and keith sort of ate some of it, but leave him be he hungry)

Now more unerved and extremely worried as "nothing in this planets natural ecosystem should be able to do that..."

The paladins find the druids lab without running into the beast keith, that they don't know is beast keith.

And what they find inside is a lab half destroyed by keith and his monster claws that can somehow cut through metal walls, and some dead druids (which are just druid robes filled with dust) And that is enough for them to really be unsettled beyond the level they were before.

Pidge is adament about finding an undamaged console to gain info from while hunk is very very adament about leaving, lance close behind.

They end up finding a console and pidge discovers the project files, after some digging she discovers what the project really is and goes "Oh my god, they used one of their own to create a monster!?" because without images she doesnt consider it might be keith.

Oh yeah as uneasy as lance is he was still snooping around and comes in like "uuuh, guys...." holding up the black bayard, the one that wasnt recovered with the lion or keith's helmet.

And pidge has a "please god no" moment as she puts two and two together 'halfbreed' and 'experiment that left it completely feral'. She dig deeper into the files without telling the paladins her epiphany.

The others are kinda worried cause they now know keith may have been here a some point, here being a druid lab, with only druids...

A roar suddenly echos through the abandoned halls and the crew freaks, cause by then they have figured out that whatever the druids made it escaped and is now loose in the forest they just passed through.

----Keith's POV (may not be very clear cause he is all instinct)---

He could smell them, they returned, returned to the bad place that hurts, they are gonna make more hurt...

He stalked them, stalked them all the way to the bad place, but did not follow, could not return, never wished to return.

He slowly worked himself into a rage with his thoughts of pain and memories of torture and fighting in the arena and roared as he ran into the bad place.

Deciding that it was better to hurt them before they hurt him, his thoughts carried through his skull like voices directly to his brain, he could barely understand them sometimes, but he could understand the simple one.

Attack or Pain

He had found them in the worse place, they were in the place that had painful metal to hold him down and cold sharp metal that would freese his veins, his roar echoed painfully into his skull in the closed off space.

They had weapons, he did not understand them beyond the pain they could cause, his hackles raised to make himself look bigger to make them fear, to make them understand he would not return to the painful cold metal.

(like image him in this moment, hugs purple chimera of a galra, covered in dirt and filth with rags barely on his body, with solid glowing purple eyes, probably looks scary)

(insert battle here)
(he sees Shiro as the biggest threat because he is the biggest and his arm is the color of druid magic, so he and shiro wrestle luckily shiros are is stronger then the metal the base is made of cause he uses it to block keiths claws when he can)
(Hunk and lance are taking shots where they can to distract keith to protect shiro, but they dont do alot of damage cause the druids made keith more then just a mass of muscle)
(allura jumps in and out of the fray when she can to try and subdue keith before he hurts shiro, it does little more then feed keiths blind rage tho)
(Pidge on the other hand is conflicted, she is both horrified by how dangerous keith is and by how the thing before them might be keith, but she uses her brain and remembers the entire facility is a containment unit for keiths very strength and she gets a plan)
(after some deliberation and trying not to die by keiths claws they follow Pidge's plan to lure keith into a cell and lock him in, it works surprisingly easily and then they have their freak out about what keith is and what to do with him, cause pidge hasnt mentioned it might be keith)
(Shiro may or may not be betraying the team as haggar can see through him sometimes and knows they caught her "failed" project)
(Keith is extremely angry that he was captured and kinda expects to be hurt again like with the druids)
(End of battle)

---Next part is paladins POV and deliberation some more and shock about keith---

Chapter Text

When the crystal venom begins, instead of focusing on their own things, someone suggests training with the mind meld helmets.

And so, the five paladins sit in a circle in the training room with corans supervision to meditate and bond.

Except, the helmets are a part of the castle too...

And when the castle malfunctions, the paladins minds fuse and they are dragged into each others worst fears and traumatic memories.

They witness Keiths happy childhood with his father be ripped away in an instant. Thrown into a foster system that is underfunded and understaffed. Where he was often pushed away when he needed someone, scolded for things that werent his fault, bullied by other kids who would take what little he had. He sees his unworthiness..

They witness Lance's family big and loving, often over looking him due to the amount of kids running around and numurous mouths to feed. The night's he went hungry so his siblings didnt, The amount of times he only got attention when he was being scolded, The amount of times oppurtunities were lost because his siblings got them first. He see's his worthlessness...

They witness Shiro's trauma buried deep first hand, the blood on his hands as he is forced to kill others just like him fighting for their lives. Feel his hopelessness as his perfectly healthy arm is sawed off without anesthesia and replaced with a prosthetic all while his is forced to stay awake. They see him struggling not to lose himself day by day into his flashbacks that linger from nightmares that never leave him even when he wakes. He sees his weakness...

They witness Hunk's debilitating anxiety as he struggles to keep up with the fact that he is now a soldier of war. They see his sleepless nights where he stays up with shaky hands stress baking and repeating encouraging words to himself under his breath over and over again til morning comes. They feel his unsteadness as he goes into battle everyday, his hesitation and horror when he realizes the enemy is dead and that he stole their life from them.He sees his mistakes...

They witness Pidge's cluttered unsteady mind racing endlessly in fear of what will come when she finally stops. They see her avoid sleep for days on end til she finally surcomes and her fears come to light before her. When the nightmares and fears finally catch up and she sees her family dying before her because she was too late and that she may not make it back either to tell her mother of their fate. She sees her failure...

And as each insecurity, fear and hopelessness piles before them, shared in this torture of a mindspace they now share, they are torn apart violently.

The helmets basicly like break...

They come to, to coran fussing over his console trying to get the terminal to obey him without success.

When the fog in their head clears they realise something in their bond has broken, there is a wall between them that wasnt their before, a wariness and distrust.

The castle alert goes off about them wormholing and they goto the bridge to reinact the canon scene, but afterwards things start to change.

They can't form voltron anymore, their bond has recoiled like a wounded animal, too fearful of getting hurt and exposed again.

They have begun avoiding eachother where they used to seek eachother out, they would become violently aggressive at the first mention of the incident and the alteans are at a loss.

Coran and allura do not know what happened inside their head during the castle malfuction because, allura wasnt there and the screens of shared memory went red when sh*t hit the fan so coran didnt see anything.

It all comes to a head during the next robeast fight (that i have suddenl;y forgotten what fight occurse after crystal venom wtf) Instead of overcoming the issue and forming voltron in the heat of battle they are forced to retreat and allura has a meltdown and scolds all of them.

One big fight later and the paladins are in the training room staring at the mind meld helmets in horror. (thats your solution allura? really?)

She basicly locks them in and her and coran sit up in the control room above saying "your locked in til you do the mindmeld cause your being rediculous"

After a very long stubborn bit of protest they end up in the helmets.

And another long stubborn protest occures where they refuse to let their walls down.

Finally one by one they let their walls down and one by one the team has to accept and sooth each others insecurities and fears.

One mindmeld later and they are less closed off and far closer then before the crystal venom incident. And just for the heck of it they go form voltron.

Chapter Text

Keith grew up in a cabin in the forest with his father, that is all he knows.

His mother is the forest, he knows because his father told him so and she is not with them because she had to return to the forest.

His father does not mention much about what is beyond the forest, even though he sometimes leaves for extended periods of time to bring back food and supplies for them.

He is not lonely tho, the forest all around is filled with life, from the mischivous and playful animals to endlessly tall trees.

But that is not all, he also has friends with the tiny people of the forest that flutter around on butterfly wings.

Once he had asked his father why he could see the people of the forest but his father could not, he was told "Your mother took that gift from me the day she left" and although he was a bit sad his father could not meet his friends he was satisfied his father believed they were real.

(Basicly, pidge, lance, and hunk are a fairies. Keith is technically half fairy, cause krolia is a fairy and she left keith to his father bacuse keith didnt have wings or magic, that she knew of)

The day his father left and did not return was like anyother, keith wasnt worried because the people of the forest took care of him when his father was away, but this time he wasnt aware his father would not return.

(like, keiths father's death is the only angst in this story, everything else is just keith getting adopted by a bunch of fairies, its all fluff)

Fairies dont have the same sense of time as humans, so when keith gets worried that his father hasnt returned and has been gone too long they dont understand how long too long is.

But to help cheer him up they promise to be with him til his father returns and so they are, for so many damn years, its in those years that keith realises he stopped aging at some point, and probably also realized his mother was one of the forest people / fairies.

(I wanna put in a ton of fluff scenes with keith and his tiny fairy friends/family but i can't think of anything, the story is just supposed to go on under the assumption keith just lives in the woods for like hundreds of years)

And then shiro shows up! Like somewhere in keiths family on his father's side shiro somehow is given the cabin, dont know why the family ignored it for like five hundred years dont ask me! By year shiro comes and shows up to fix up the cabin that has like become one with nature.

It's like super over grown, the forest is literally growing inside it and keith technically lives there but doesnt? its just sentimentality now...

Did i mention in this shiro looks just f*cking like keith's father.

So after all those hundred of years keith because as bad at keeping track of time as the fairies had and left the cabin for a few months to hang out in fairy land or where ever the fairies go and when he comes back he sees shiro fixing up the cabin and just freezes.

Scene is like - keith "dad?" shiro who is chopping giant vines off the cabin freezes and goes "who's dad?" and keith gives shiro a big old arm full of crying thirteen looking kid and shiro is freaked cause keith definitely look the part of kid growing up in the woods without adults.

After some crying from keith and some freaking out from shiro, keith realizes its not his dad and runs off before shiro can figure out whats going on.

Several cases of keith watching shiro from the woods, sabotaging his efforts by making the fairies grow plants where he clears them out and all out ending in him confronting shiro and saying he cant have the cabin cause its keiths and his dad.

It takes some time for shiro to get keith to calm down and figure out whats going on and of course he finds it hard to believe the kids story about fairies, but hard not too when plants are magicly growing over night where he cleared them out.

Turns out keith can give shiro the gift of fairy sight too! they found out by accident... (probably something to do with his arm :P)

(allura and coran come in as helpers to shiro's fix the cabin project and to make sure he got food and stuff)

(then the fic turns to keith and fairies hanging out with shiro who has far more patience than any mortal ever had, and thats all i got)

Chapter Text

The holts are aliens, samuel and matt are always off doing research on foreign planets.

And earth is considered uncharted by all aliens so the holts decide to be the first to document about it and they go and land in the middle of the desert and get picked up by the governemt and just chill in area fifty one.

Not getting disected or tortured or anything, just to share knowledge cause everyone is super chill in this AU.

And when news that the holt's ship signal went out after they landed on earth, the aliens assume they are lost, and pidge will never accept that so she steals a ship and goes to earth.

Some info on the others---

Keith and lance are roommates, who may or may not be dating but that doesnt matter cause this isnt a klance fic. Lance is a barista and keith is a bartender.

Hunk owns a bakery, cause the world needs his food.

Shallura are platonic and very important space parents, who should probably act more like adults but they dont cause they are both menaces. Allura owns a huge company and shiro is like a celebrity face in the company.

Coran is coran and probably already knows about aliens. Cause he probably knows about alot of secrets. No one knows what coran does for a living, he has a different job everytime they ask... His most consistant thing is advising for alluras business decisions

end of exposition---

So pidge crashes into Allura's mansion, like yeah right throught the roof, during bonding night where everyone gathers at allura's to trash the place.

While the crew is struggling with the existance of aliens and the new hole in the roof and the bill that repairing it will probably cost(yeah no... allura is f*cking loaded... she doesnt care about the cost)

Pidge is extremely unconcerned about the humans and the party she crashed, she just continues recovering what she can from her ship so she can start looking for her dad and bro.

After a bit of fuss where the humans try to explain that, no the alien cant just wander the streets freely, pidge gives in only when they say they will help her find her family.

Keith get his "i told you so" moment, cause he definitely believes in aliens.

Shiro is very tired.

Allura puts up a serious business facade, but is sercretly down for the adventure.

Hunk's feeling are jumping between anxiety about something literally crashing through the roof and really curious about pidge's tech.

Lance is very openly down for the adventure.

Pidge's mind is dead set on finding her family so she is trying really hard not to get distracted about finding life on an uncharted planet. (she gets distracted and then disappointed at the level of tech the humans have)

Pidge gets introduced to human video games and other human stuff over the course of a few weeks. (after doning a disguise of course)

The holts are from a super dense jungle planet so they like, can't see the sky? that is a really big deal when pidge walks out of the mansion for the first time and sees the sun right in her face! (she makes glasses that look like normal glasses but filter light like sun glasses)

Coran wasnt at the house during thye bonding night, cause idk, but when he meets pidge for the first time he makes a comment that only pidge understands and winks. (the humans assumes its just corans normal nonsense and pidge is very shocked)

They introduce pidge to coffee and then regret it when she becomes dependant.

Pidge uses her left over tech and lances computer to make a super computer and everyone just kinda lets her... lance isnt happy about it but keith calms him down...

Eventually they stop fooling around and find out the holts are in area 51 and keith has another "i told you so" moment

So they plan this huge heist and everything, and then get let in when they get caught, then find out the holts were just hanging out the whole time while their ship was getting repaired.

Pidge scolds them about not sending any messages home when they say it slipped their mind (while keith short circuits)

The humans chill at area 51 with a very serious but chill iverson, and then say bye to the holts when they leave to go home. (to get scolded by colleen, cause pidge left a note but still left without asking, and the guys didnt send messages about anything that happened and colleen was worried)

Oh yeah as the crew leaves area 51, coran of handly mentions "this really takes me back" and no one knows whether or not he is serious.

---The end---

Chapter Text

I dont hear alot about the kinds of shinanigans Allura gets up to in the castleship so i decided i'll just come up with my own.

After Allura awakens from cryo and comes to terms with the state of the universe and her life getting turned upside down (after the drill sergent skit, the castle take over, and launch of the castle) she decides she wants some normality back.

I imagine she was quite rebelious and mischivious back before the war made things so serious, and her mice are completely supportive of her mischief.

The first hints are of course her trying to nudge pidge about her gender, but she gets more crafty when keith talks about bonding moment "trademark" and sees both lance's deflecting and keiths strong feelings about it.

So she makes plans to be their secret wingman cause klance.

She purposely makes their rooms next to each other, pairs them up for training and drills.


she has the mice spy on them, so she can have updates.

Has the mice steal their stuff to lure them to the other more then once.

The others don't notice at first, lance and keith cause they are really oblivious...
Pidge cause she is focused on finding her family,
Hunk cause he is anxious about the war in general and distracts himself with cooking and tinkering,
Coran notices everything, coran knows all, coran is a spectator, he finds it highly amusing,
Shiro notices first and doesn't really care at first (just imagine, shiro walking by spotting allura spying on klance and just raising an eyebrow at her while she scrambles to pretend she wasnt)

Shiro kinda supports her cause he wants his brother to get a boyfriend, but isnt really actively helping project klance.

Allura ordering keith to go fetch lance after his lion is retrieved.

(just imagine all the convienant klance action that happened in canon is cause of allura, thats the whole fic)

After lance stops trying to flirt with allura we get platonic Allurance. (spa and beauty bonding / girls nights cause pidge wouldnt do it with her)(Shiro gets dragged to a spa bonding night cause he needs rest)

We get platonic Kallura after the marmora/zarkon/shiro missing trainwreck, cause they made up before that battle and are closer after. (Training bonding / enjoying each others company at night when neither can sleep) (Allura and keith finding shiro awake and dragging him to rest)

Lance and keith both thinking the other is either dating allura or wants to date allura and allura trying to use her close friendship to guid them to each other and just not getting through their thick skulls...

Pidge finding out and "helping" (she locks the two in a closet together)

The closet confession works surprisingly...

And it only took allura how many seasons? shrug. I'll let you fill in the details, like whether shiro is a clone or not, whether keith leaves to the blade, how the lion swap effects things and all the juicy drama

Chapter Text

I saw a version of this where is was klance i think? but like i want a shiro version where, everyone is cats.

(I literally know nothing about neko atsume (im pretty sure thats what its called... im not certain anymore) beyond their are cats and you feed them, so forgive me)

Shiro is on leave from the military after losing his arm and all the scars and trauma, so he finds a nice cottage/cabin/lodge/whatever and decides to settle reluctantly.

He isnt satisfied with being benched and is super restless at first, cleaning up the place and rummaging through the old owners stuff.

And its during his restless episodes that he meets keith who is a feral red tabby who has been hiding in the storage spaces of the house before shiro moved in.

I imagine shiro being terrible at names and just calling ketih red (and then lance/blue, pidge/green, hunk/yellow lol)

It's after keith refuses to play nice and flees through a hole in the floor out the crawlspace under the house and outside that Adam shows up!

Adam gives shiro the good natured "welcome to the neighborhood" greeting and an offering of foodstuff and then spots keith fleeing.

Shiro mentions how keith... er... "red" was in his house and ran out, and Adam is like "yeah, that cat always stayed in this house before you moved in" and then mentions the astounding amount of cats allowed to roam the area.

Adam leaves after that, and shiro thinks about earning kei- reds trust.

So he goes and buys cat food to try and lure red in, and he completely fails to lure in keith, cause keith isnt on to take bribes.

Keith eats the food when shiro isnt around, so shiro spends more time out on his porch trying to spot red and not getting much luck til he falls asleep outside and wakes up to keith right there staring at him warily.

Flash foward past a lot of patiant shiro and causious keith and "red" oficially decides shiro isnt so bad.

Lance is one of those "blue" cats with the silver fur, he chases keith around and comes around after he follows keith, lance opens up right away. (shiro names lance blue cause of his "blue" fur)

Pidge and Matt are both tortoiseshell cats, pidge is like a kitten twin of cat matt, matt is like lance and very open and trusting, Pidge is wary like keith but doesnt care much for attention, she is just following matt. (Shiro names pidge green caus eher eyes are green, he notices matt after and realizes he cant name matt green too so he names matt "idk yet i gotta think of something")

Adam is there when hunk visits for the first time, hunk is very cautious (like you know those cats that act "careful" not quite "fearful" but just "careful") and only approaches Adam cause he knows adam. When adam hears shiro name hunk yellow for his "sandy yellow" coat he laughs and mentions that most of the cats already have names... shiro just deflates.

Adam tells shiro all the cats names, and shiro is happy to learn keith didnt already have a name (everyone else has their canon names, lance, pidge, hunk, matt, allura, coran, ect) and keith gets dubbed "Red"

The whole fic is just shiro becoming a cat dad and slowing gaining the courage to ask Adam on a date.

Chapter Text

The voltron crew are all cryptids

In a world where cryptids are not hidden and pretty much everyone knows they exist and believes in them.

The world is currently divided on how to treat cryptids, the "galra" are a bunch of people who want to use cryptids and believe they are nothing more then animals. The "alteans" are the group who believe cryptids are sentient enough to deserve rights and protections.

Alfor created a rescue centre for cryptid wildlife that was forced out of their territories by humans or were harmed or indanger in some way. Allura inherited the centre after alfor passed away, coran legally owns it til she comes of age.

Lance is a mer that got stuck in-land when he got overly cocky tormenting tourists and he was injured on some rocky outcrops trying to get back to the ocean. He was brought to the centre for rehabilitation shortly after.

Hunk is a centaur and human encroachment chased his herd from there territory and he was separated during their relocation, he is staying at the centre til his herd is located.

Matt and Pidge are fairies, matt got way to close to humans out of curiousity and was kept as an exotic pet, after a raid for illegal ownership of cryptid creatures he was brought to the centre for rehabilitation, Pidge came the the centre looking for her brother, she doesnt really have any other reason to be there.

Keith is a reclusive Naga who was sort of "worshiped" by the humans that lived near him, they basicly sent "sacrifices" to him and he sent them away, the centre became involved when they learned that the humans were taking his scales and blood for good luck (like not super gorey of violently... just a scale or nick or two at a time) and such a practice is illegal in this world so they relocated a very reluctant and untrusting naga to their centre for rehabilitation.

Shiro is a chimera (lion, eagle, lizard thing, i'll draw it and put the picture here later) who was rescued from a illegal underground fighting ring, he has been staying at the centre for the longest.

Each of the crew has their own space in the centre for their own taliored needs.

Lance has a large pool with a beached incline, in the pool is fish and plants and some rock outcrops with a tunnel system. He spends alot of time on the beach cause his friends don't all know how to swim.

Hunk has like field big enough to run in, some trees for shade and a stable like house to sleep and rest in.

Matt and pidge stay in a dense greenhouse filled with many plants, flowers, vegatables and fruits. They have made their own house within the garden, like a little plant hut.

Keith has a rock mountain like space with caves and dense foliage, complete with a deep enough pond to submerge in and flat rocks for sunning.

Shiro has an enclosure thats a mix between hunk's and keith's. Fields for running and caves to rest and hide in, a small pool to submerge in, with sandy dusty soild so he can sand bathe his feathers.

Matt, Shiro and Keith are best bros, they all hang out all the time in Keith's space, even though keith pretends he wants to be alone. (keith is more accepting of other cryptids then he is of humans)

Hunk, Pidge and Lance are the other best trio, they hang out in Lance's space the most cause he isnt the most mobile. (lance is lonely, he misses his pod of mer, pidge and hunk know this, they are also lonely missing their groups)

---tbc, will add more to this soon---

Chapter Text

So basicly Voltron is a cult on an island. How do i explain it... So like picture a huuuge river split right through a big city, and their just happens to pbe a plot of land in the middle, thats the island.

And the galra are the police or some kind of law enforcement.

Basicly Allura's father had a big vision for his "voltron" and he was super rich so when he dies Allura takes the inheritance and buys that island to build her father's vision, which is basicly a cult.

Pidge joins because when her father and matt disappears the police arent helpful at all and when she finds out that her father and brother had joined voltron she gets dragged in too.

Lance joins because his sister is there and he promised his family he would bring her home, buuut he got side tracked.

Hunk joined cause he was helping lance get his sister, hunk and lance are childhood friends.

Shiro was targeted by a crime group or serial killer or something and is saved by allura. He is keiths adoptive brother in this.

Keith is in the police academy when shiro went missing and uses his brother as motivation to train harder.

Basicly During a raid on one of the compounds the cult has within the city keith sees his brother and follows him getting dragged into the cult as well, but keith isnt just gonna be like "okay im accepting this, im a member of your cult now"

He tries to get his brother to leave with him, but shiro feels indebted to allura and wont leave.

Keith returns to the precinct with the other officers and is conflicted, and the other officers basicly don't see the cult members as victims since that are openly supporting the cult.

---I'm out of ideas for now... tbc---

Chapter Text

There are five countries, for each country stood a dragon that watched over them.

The country of Galra had the black Dragon, The largest of them all.

The country of Altea had the red dragon, The fastest and hardest to tame.

The country of Olkari had the green dragon, The wisest of them all.

The country of Baku had the blue dragon, The most loyal and kindest of them all.

The country of Balmera had the yellow dragon, The most protective and nurturing.

Those five stood in harmony for thousands of years, til the country of Galra grew greedy and stuck down their neighbors of Altea and stol their land and their dragon.

The Red dragon in mourning for her country and king, fell into dormant slumber after banishing the black dragon.

The Galra kingdom held the red dragon, but since she slumbers cannot harness her strength. And their own black dragon gone from their kingdom, much to the rage of the galran king Zarkon.

So allura and coran were sent away by the red dragon as a last effort to save its charges.

---many many many years later---

The three kingdoms of Baku, Balmera and Olkari are standing their own because of their dragons protection, but the galra are relentless.

Meanwhile under the nose of everyone a new kingdom rose up, it was Atlas! Cause thats where the black dragon went. Dragon = kingdom

Allura and Coran find the new kingdom of Atlas and plea for aid to recover the red dragon to finally end the galra.

Shiro is the king of Atlas.

Lance, Pidge and Hunk or the rulers of Baku, Olkari and Balmera respectively.

(they each got a love interest cause politics demand rulers have lovers. Shiro has Adam, Hunk has Shay, Lance has Plaxum, and pidge has Acxa)

The galra is currently divided, split between teh followers of Zarkon/Honerva and the followers of Keith.

Basicly we gotta find keith a partner so he can wake the red dragon and become the true ruler of galra.

But like thats only if allura and coran don succeed with their plan of just wiping the galra out.

It's all very complicated.

Chapter Text

I got this idea cause my niece was watching the animated astroy boy film and the only part of the movie i remembered is the star core stuff. So im gonna use that.

So A star fragment is hurtling through space, burning a bright purple when it happens to soar towards earth.

When it breaches the atmosphere it is torn apart, one fragment blue and the other red.

Of course people come and collect the fragments, and they take note of the properties of the fragments.

The blue seems more stable then the red, the blue is calm, while the red seems wild.

The fragments seems to become more unstable the closer they are to each other so they are separated, with the assumption bad things will happen when they are brought together.

Two androids are developed to test the fragments, L4NC3 for the blue core and K13T5 for the red core.

The android were to never meet and kept in separate facilities for monitoring.

The androids tho, unbeknownst by the scientists, held the fragments conscienceness'.

The fragments wanted to be together, the more stable of the fragments knew this very well, that it was incomplete.

The unstable red fragment tho, was forgetful, it did not know what it had lost or what it was missing, it just knew that it was missing something.

While the L4NC3 begged, the K13T5 lashed out.

Allura and shiro were the scientists in charge of K13T5.

Hunk and Pidge were the scientists in charge of L4NC3.

Endgame is them both breaking out of their facilities and finding each other, both desperate to be whole again.

When they finally come together (much chaos and panic from the scientists expecting mass distruction) It is less destructive and more just a pretty light show.

K13T5 and L4NC3 go back to being together and its all happy and gay (and i probably cried).

Chapter Text

The alteans are super old vampires.

The galra are a clan of humans that hunt vampires.

Hunk, Lance, Pidge, Matt, and whoever else are all vampires of the Altean coven already.

Shiro an old vampire of the coven (not as old as the alteans who started the clan, but older then the hunk, lance, pidge and matt) Picks up a homeless orphan kid that is keith

And its basicly fluff fo vampires that adopt keith but dont fully understand how to raise a child.

They dont turn him cause they arent moralless, they are waiting til he comes of age.

Keith is like really stubborn about receiving help so he doesnt mention when he's hungry or cold or tired of stuff like that and we get scenes like

hunk saying "how often do humans need to eat...?" cause he notices keith hasnt really mentioned he was hungry in the first few days and they panic cause they realized they are kinda starving him.

Vampires being cold blooded and not realizing keith needs the mansion heated instead of just constantly cold, he just sneezing kitten sneezes cause he is cold and not saying anything about it til pidge comes out of her den like "the human is cold, humans arent supposed to be cold!" and someone going "OMG" and proceeding to wrap him in blankets

They taking keith out late at night and him just getting sluggish and tired and not saying anything til he passes out.

Eventually he opens up and the vampires get better at caring for their little human.

The galra are nice in this, they are only mean to vampires.

So whenever keith is out they are super kind to him thinking he is a lost child and eventually realizing he lives with vampires and continually try to "rescue" him

But like the rescue atempts are kinda comedic and light hearted cause the altean vampires dont kill anyone, they dont even kill hunters.(im laughing so hard cause i just imagined the team rocket thwarted scenes with sendak or zarkon or lotor and them just being like "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME VAMPIRE SCUM" and then just ending up kicked outside the mansion and walking home to brood)

---Basicly the whole fic is just that---

Chapter Text

So pre-BOM episode, probably during the space mall episode.

Instead of noticing the knife booth, keith notices a different shop first. He notices an alien offering free samples of something very similar to earth food that keith can't fight the temptation.

But like it wasn't food, it was a type of alien idk, but like it wasn't food.

He is feeling okay til they are on their way back from the space mall, like he is feeling lightheaded, like floaty.

And the other paladins don't notice til they get back to the bridge and notice him kinda dopey and wobbly.

Then poof he just faints and poofs into a fluff of earth feline.

Yeah he turns into a little black cat.

It's implied that his transformation is because of his galra blood but its very very subtle.

The whole premise of this is he turns into a cat with no way to comunicate with the team and since his instincts are so strong he starts acting like a cat.

His touchstarved self becomes like super cuddley and followed the paladins around. He is easily distracted by shiney things and moving things and smells.

All the while he is very confused and very much still keith in his head, since he acts so cat like the paladins assume he isn't completely "there"

Like bonus if the convienant language barrier goes both ways and keith can't understand the paladins anymore. like are the castles translators even made to sync with animals? probably not.

After a quick check up with coran the paladins learn that its temparary, that they will get him back in a week, but since there is a language barrier keith doesnt know this...

After the first few days keith gets lost in his instincts and kinda agrivated that he doesnt know how to turn back, towards the last day he kinda begins to accept he might stay a cat forever.

---Some scene ideas---

pidge makes a robot with a laser light on it that keith chases around.

Keith sleeping on everyone's laps, enjoying the perks and attentions.

Keith shreds some of lance's clothes as revenge for his coddling that came off as teasing.

Keith sleeping with the paladins at night, just sneaking into their rooms and sleeping at the end of their bed or by their head on their pillow, or even straight up on top of them.

Hunk in the kitchen cooking and keith staring out of boredom and then just like knocking stuff off the counters much to hunks dismay.

Allura having to keep a close eye on the mice cause keith cant control his instincts well enough to not chase them.

Keith discovering pidge's secret. That she brought the caterpillars back with her from the trash space and keith just falling asleep with them in a cuddle puddle and pidge finding him.

Keith stealing lance's stuff and hiding it.(sometimes even hiding it in the vents where he never finds them)

Keith being a perfect little therapy cat for shiro's nightmares and hunks anxieties. Just agressively nuzzles and purrs at them.

Food goo is not good food for cats and keith pukes it up so they have to go back to the space mall for space cat food. (they learn this the first day when they are convienantly still close to the space mall)

Keith likes to meow when he is bored and wants attention, he also likes to meow to annoy lance.

Shiro training in the training deck with a practice droid and keith walking in getting all protective and trying to hiss the droid to submission and then trying to straight up attack it before shiro stops him and ends the training session.

When looking for space cat food they find space cat nip and keith turns into a puddle of fur and purr.

Keith succeeding in catching one of the space mice and just like carrying it by the scruff proudly when whoever was chasing him to save the mouse finally corners him. (the mouse has a tiny little heart attack and keith is just purring happily)

keith falling asleep in a crawl space and everyone panicking when they realize he is missing.

Keith never responding to his name cause his little cat head only hears english as mumbled giberish.

Keith being highly offended by loud or sudden noises.

Shiro gets shoulder cat time.

Keith stops teasing lance and cuddles with him.

lots of petting and ear scritches.


Oh and when all is said and done the paladins knowing keith will probably turn back soon being the last day of his cat glory try to keep him from sleeping in any of their rooms. Since he has yet to sleep with lance, lance assumes he doesnt have to try very hard to keep keith out.

So keith being stubborn sneaks into lances room after his beauty routine is all done (so he has the eye mask on and noise canceling headset on) and lays on his pillow after he falls asleep.

Lance wakes up to a very naked and completely human keith whole is still asleep and still purring???

Keith wakes up to lance screaming and yells "WTF" and since keith doesnt imediately say otherwise everyone assumes keith doesnt remember his time as a cat.

Keith is too embarrassed to admit he remembers. And every once and a while he gets a cat like urge or makes a catlike noise only to immediately stiffen and leave the room.

---the end---

Chapter Text

So, everyone knows shiro's memory is all over the place with alot of blanks, but what if the clone incident made it worse?

What if he forgot about all the bonding between himself and the paladins, especially keith.

So he knows them "objectively" but he doesnt have the deep conection he built over the course of their adventures, even going as far back as his earth memories of bonding with keith.

Because haggar didnt want the clone to get "distracted" but when shiro fused with the clone he fused with the clones conscienceness.

So he doesnt have that closeness anymore.

And that lack of closeness is why he doesnt trust the paladins enough to tell them about the holes in his memories, he doesnt trust them cause its like haggar getting into his head. He doesnt know if what he does know about them is real (that they are supposed to be close but they dont feel like it) like for all he knows the memories could be implanted.

---just throwing that out there, take it as you will---

Chapter Text

Like have you noticed in canon just how distant Shiro became after Keith literally saved his life over and over and over again?

I'm not just talking about the later seasons, I mean right after Keith saves Shiro from the garason, if you consider how close they were pre-canon and compare it to during canon... Shiro literally made time for Keith, even as he had garrison work and adam and literally everything!

But during canon, you see keith off to the side or hanging with Lance, Lance who he argued and fought with, He hung out with Lance more in canon then he hung out with Shiro???

And in the later seasons, Shiro just becomes to busy to even spend that tiny bit of time he had with Keith??? Pre-canon he was busy too and "MADE" time, to get away and talk and race hoverbikes and all that stuff... you saying he couldnt even sit down for breaks or meals and talk with keith???

Thats what this one is about, yup! (im gonna binge voltron soon and come back and fix all the canon facts i got wrong... )

So basicly it starts at the end of voltron when Keith leaves to turn the blade into a humanitarian organization or whatever and Shiro had married "Curtis", (The fact that the team grew apart after voltron still bugs me btw) and everyone went their seperate ways.

Keith and Shiro have their goodbyes like they are some "aquaintances" instead of close friends with a long history and onesided pining. Just to be clear Shiro is well aware of Keiths affection for him, he is kinda a jerk in this, a huge jerk.


So on that, we split to two perspectives starting with Shiro, we go into detail about Shiros marriage with "Curtis" and how it is a political marriage. (but like "Curtis" has the hots for shiro and is trying to turn the marriage into something real, cause i said so, "Curtis" needs development damn it!)

So While in public or with friends they are the picture perfect couple, but behind closed doors they are distant, Shiro is cold and distant, Curtis is kinda sad and tries to close the gap without much help cause Shiro is a jerk, like i said.

They have arguements that bleed into the public view and they eventual decide to take a break. (I said break, not divorce)


And we cut to Keiths point of view.

I'm not saying keith is heartless for not caring about Shiro anymore, but like considering all the mixed simbols and times he is straight up disregarded by Shiro, Keith moved on.

He saw glimpses in his future from the quantum abyss and saw that him and shiro werent meant to be and from then he went through his own growth, the cloning facility was his denial and wish to change his fate and get shiro to care but when it didnt work he distanced his heart from Shiro and Shiro showed him that their frinedship didnt matter when he spread the distance farther.

So we move to Keith, who has somewhat moved on but still wishes he could have changed his fate with shiro.

But like their are other fish in the sea and im not talking about Axca!

He meets someone during his new blade work, during his travels across the universe. He meets a dude from one of the planets he was bringing aid to, an old bounty hunter who retired when the war got rough. (cause like a bounty hunter during the empires rule would be working for the empire, cause they rule most of the universe. So when the war made the empire unstable he got outta dodge, not that he is a good guy or a bad guy, he is in the grey)

so yeah, retired bounty hunter that is now just a nomad, they dont hit it off right away but they keep running into each other.

So this bounty hunter that I havent decided the name of yet... Let alone species...(maybe make him galra to make things easier) He falls for keith basicly and Keith like i said is still hanging on to shiro by a very thin thread is reluctant to consider dating.

But eventually he tries to use this stranger as a means to forget Shiro, the nomad guy knows he is being used after a while and says "nope, you cant use me, thats cruel" and they dont see each other for a while.

During which Keith reflects and realizes he kinda does have feelings for the retired bounty hunter and when he runs into him he apologises and tells him about his feelings.


And we move back to Shiro, who is kinda regretting being all mean to Curtis (no more quotations) cause Curtis was super nice and trying his best and Shiro misses the presence he created in the now empty house they used to share.

But that is a problem to deal with later cause shiro is a procrastinator who doesnt care enough to make time for his own husband...

The yearly meet up is almost here and Shiro has been avoiding it for the last few years (the jerk) and now that Curtis has made them take a break from each other he has time to go! (seriously Shiro, wtf)

The yearly meet up has him thinking of Keith, and the jerk that Shiro is thinks he can just walk back into Keiths life like he didnt destroy his heart and his feelings. (basicly he wants to cheat on Curtis cause Curtis is ignoring him)

So Shiro comes in acting all buddy buddy with everyone and no one seems to remember how distant and cold he was last time they were together... And so far it is Lance, Coran and Hunk. Pidge shows up shortly after shiro gives hellos to everyone and pretends to be sorry for not showing up the last few years, he gives his speal to pidge too and asks if Keith is gonna be there.

Coran tell them that Keith got held up and will be coming a bit late and basicly says not to worry about him and just gets everyone sat down.

Of course news of Shiros's marriage discord has reached the others and they ask about it, Shiro feigns sadness and all that saying that things are difficult when the whole universe is watching and something about having no privacy to work things out and says they are taking a break.

The paladins all accept it, cause even after the kuron incident they still just accept everything Shiro spouts as gospal...

Just before the conversation can continue Keith arrives and comes to sit down. (he comes alone, yus, the surprise partner is for later)


So we go back to Keith.

And he is very surprised Shiro is there, It has been sometime since he met his alien partner and said partner helped him completely move on from shiro, but Shiro doesnt know that.

So having moved on, Keith, While surprised by Shiro's friendliness, is happy to be kind in return. But not because of his old feelings, this time its in hopes to fix their friendship.

After the hugs and greeting and apologies for being late, every sits down and gets back to talking about how they have been. (In this fic, everyone fell out fo touch after voltron and only talk when they run into eachother or when they get together for their yearly meet up for Allura)

Pidge goes on about her projects and tech and how her life is going. Hunk talks about all the alien food and and planets he has eaten and been to. Lance talks about his garden and how his family is doing, how the next generation is growing up. and so on and so forth.

Keith meanwhile is waiting til the dinner is over to introduce his new partner, but that plan gets held off when Shiro asks Keith if they can talk alone and Keith agrees believing Shiro wants to rekindle their old friendship as well.

But like...

When they go into closed room to talk Shiro gets handsy and tries to kiss keith. Shiro is out of shape from staying on earth... and Keith never stops training... So Keith easily throws Shiro off yelling "SHIRO WTF!?"

Shiro starts to rant about how Keith should just go along with it because Shiro knows Keith has always wanted that, and so on and so forth while Keith gets increasingly enraged by Shiro's betrayal.

Keith punches Shiro in the face and tells him that he's moved on and that he should go find another broken kid to grovel at his feet, cause thats not Keith anymore.

Meanwhile all the commotion has brought everyone to come investigate.


We switch to Shiro's pov now

Shiro is very much offended and confused at how much Keith has changed, cause the Keith in the past before his wedding would have done anything Shiro had asked.

The former paladins meanwhile have no idea whats going on, cause both Keith and Shiro are misheveled and Shiro has a nice bruise on his face forming, to them it looked like keith attacked Shiro, which that wouldnt have made sense cause they cant think of a reason why Keith would have done that.

There is a ton of yelling and questioning and the paladins even stop Keith from trying to leave.

Eventually Keith just yells for them to stop and shut up.

then it awkward...


Keith pov again

Oh and its in this perfect moment that Keiths partner shows up because keith told his partner to wait in another room to be brought back and introduced, and Keith never came when he said he would.

So everyone but Keith is like "WHO THE F*CK IS YOU" and the alien partner runs to Keith cause he realizes keith is not feeling so happy right now, he is overwhelmed and betrayed, so like this random alien runs up and hugs Keith and asks if hes okay and whats going on.

And Shiro loses it like "WHO ARE YOU TO TOUCH KEITH"

And the alien partner is like "IM HIS HUSBAND/MATE"

And everything freezes before erupting into chaos.

Shiro is exposed for the jerk he is, Keith gets to kiss his alien husband, the former paladins are no longer confused and Coran just goes "I knew all along" and no one is sure if he really did or not.

-----The end?-----

Chapter Text

Keith = Harry
Pidge = Harmione
Lance = Ron (completely fits)
Hunk = Nevile
Shiro = Sirius
Allura = Dumbledore
Lotor = Draco
Sendak = Lucius
Haggar = (omg i forgot that chicks name... the crazy death eater girl???)
Krolia = Lily
Keith's dad = James
Kolivan = Snape
Coran = Hagrid
Zarkon = Voldemort (duh)
Zethrid = Crab (i honestly dont remember the difference between crab and goyle)
Ezor = Goyle (wow that doesnt fit at all, but whatever)
Axca = That one slytherine girl Draco has a kid with at the end of the books (im just great at remembering names arent i?)


I'll be back to this after i rewatch voltron... and maybe reread the Harry Potter books...

Chapter Text

So it simple goes like this.

literally everyone in the universe is against child soldiers or hurting kids in anyway possible, except zarkon, sendak, haggar.

So everything kinda follows canon til the space mall episode when the paladins are loose in the mall fooling around. Instead of escape on their cow ex machina, they get caught and brought to the mall like containment room where varkon immediately freaks out when he realizes they are just kids.

Meanwhile coran went and fetched shiro to get them out of custody and while shiro offhandly teases them about their age which backfires when keith mentions shiro is only six, which makes varkon freak even more.

After they leave the space mall, varkon shares his experiance with the space internet and someone finds out that those "kids" are the paladins and all hell breaks loose cause the news the paladins are kids becomes viral.

So basicly literally everyone helps the paladins out so that they dont get hurt and they even get treated as young children when they visit planets they rescue or gather supplies from. Even the alteans subtly give them easier missions as well.

There becomes major disruptions within like all of the empire and everyone is refusing to harm the paladins to the point the soldiers basicly overtrow the empire so the paladins dont have to face zarkon and haggar and sendak.

The paladins of course are very confused, but literally no one cares.

And in the end the war ends not because of voltron but because no one wanted the paladins to get hurt.

This seemed alot funnier in my head, but thats the gist of it.

Chapter Text

Basicly Shiro is a guardian or god or spirit or something that watches over a massive forest from atop a tall mountain.

He is like bound to a flowering white tree, and can only materialize on that hill, even tho his influence stretches beyond the hill to the entire forest.

And basicly the whole fic is him adopting/guiding the paladins who are kids that get lost in the forest. It's kinda of fluffy kidfic with a seasoning sadness...

Keith finds him first, Keith was abandoned after his father died and he ran away into the forest to escape some sort of abuse, he is quiet and untrusting. Shiro, tho Keith doesnt know it, guides him to food and water and shelter for weeks before Keith finds the hill Shiro's tree is on.

It takes kid Keith awhile to trust him but soon Keith swears to pay back Shiro's kindness a thousands fold.

Next is Lance, Lance gets separated from his family somewhere on the edge of shiro's territory when he wanders in. Like with Keith, Shiro guides lance to food and water and shelter as well, but cant guide him to his family cause he cant see beyond his territory. Lance doesnt find Shiro directly, he runs into Keith who heard from shiro their was someone else in the forest besides him, and in his little childish mind he goes to seek Lance out to see if he is trustworthy enough to see Shiro or to have his help, or something along that line.

Keith and Lance squabble and Lance decides he gets to meet whoever Shiro is because Keith said he couldnt, that leads to Keith trying to argue more before Shiro gets tired of listening and leads them both to his tree, much to Keiths dismay.

Keith and Lance become like best friends after a while, they still argue and fight, but in a sibling kinda way.

Next is Hunk, Hunk is Lance's friend from outside the forest so when he heard lance vanished somewhere inside he reluctantly went looking, cause hunk is loyal like that even if he's kinda worried and a bit scared.

Unlike Keith who took a few days to draw up the courage to seek Lance out when he heard about someone entering the forest, Lance seeks the new person out immediately and is really happy to see hunk.

Unfortunately, hunk is now really lost and doesnt know the way back home, so its kinda sad...

Last to show up is Pidge, who of course heard about the forest where everyone goes missing/gets lost and assumes her missing brother and father must be there. In this fic tho... They are actually dead... Im so sorry... Pidge is just a tiny innocent child who cant accept death...

Shiro adopting Pidge is probably the sadest part cause while Hunk, Lance, and Keith are 10/11 years old, Pidge is like 6/7 and she is a tiny ball of denial and rage, which she immedialtey takes out on shiro.

She hears about Shiro from Lance and Hunk, and immediately assume Shiro is a monster that brainwashes or murders and devours anyone who enters and goes to confront shiro to get her brother and father back.

So when Pidge realizes Shiro doesnt have her family and that she is now trapped in the forest like Hunk, Lance, and Keith and screams and cries and tried to beat up shiros tree... and everyone is really heartbroken... Lance and hunk comfort her the best they can, but Keith is awkward and doesnt know how...

In the end, Shiro has adopted four forest children and they grow up in the woods...

Epilogue would consist of the now teenage kids finally leaving the forest together and saying goodbye to shiro, but dont worry they promise to come back.

Chapter Text

I've seen this role swap a few times, but since i'm picky i thought up my own!

Keith is swapped with allura, so altean keith and half galra allura!

I am gonna swap some of the canon galra and altean characters too. Alfor is Allura's human parent who raised her on earth before leaving her the shack in the desert when he died, Her mother is the galra blade that crash landed on earth before leaving again and leaving allura her blade!

Following that train of thought would make Allura be the cadet Shiro mentors instead of Keith, of course their dynamic would be different then when it was Keith and Shiro. Allura turns out much like she is in canon, if not a bit more untrusting due to her lonely back story now that was once Keith's!

So when Shiro and the crew vanish on kerberos, she like any sane person can see they were covering up something by not sharing the incident details and is kicked out of the garrison for digging to far and asking too many questions. Leading to her hearing blue's call and searching the dessert, after this it goes similar to canon, except with Allura in Keiths place.

Lance's jealousy towards Allura in this is because of her ignoring his terrible flirting while she was at the garrison, so when they run into each other at the quarentine tent lance doesnt spew a "rivalry" he makes comments about allura being here because she somehow cant escape Lance's charm, to which she scoffs...

Also when they find the blue lion Allura is the blue paladin in this, i'll explain later.

So we get to Shiro waking up and the alien and voltron business! (Shallura is super platonic cause platonic Shallura is my otp, like they are both supposed to be the adult/mature influences but they arent subtle about how immature they really are at all, its adorable)

Now we get to the castle where things divert from canon further!

Keith awakes crying "Krolia!" instead of father, cause krolia and alfor are swapped duh, and the advisor is altean Kolivan who is like keith's mentor/father figure, but he's super stoic so its subtle. Yeah this means Coran is leading the blade as a galra, thats a quirky change that will make sense later.

So Lance catches damsel Keith and keith quotes canon allura with "who are you, where am i" and lance goes "im lance, and youre right here in my arms" Keith then stares at his ears and also quotes canon allura cause thats one of the best lines in canon and i refuse to cut it "your ears... theyre hidious! Whats wrong with them!?" and then blah blah and keith floors lance and pins him to the ground demanded to know where queen krolia is. (btw Allura finds this both concerning and amusing, but she doesnt say anything)

Shiro takes charge and this scene goes similar to canon, except when kolivan comes out of the cryopod and immediately draws his sword scaring everyone before keith waves him to stand down. lol

Keith mine you is alot more vengeful and impulsive then allura, so i imagine when he finds out how much time has passed and the genicide of the alteans he is out for blood and willing to be much more violent? dangerous? cruel? (Like in canon Allura hides her feelings behind a kind of nobel righteousness, well keith doesnt, he is just really bloodthirsty) But when Shiro mentions he knows zarkon Keith turns all his hate in shiro's direction and the poor dude flinches... Kolivan places a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

Btw! Instead of space mice, Keith has Kosmo early! And he has the same psychic connection with kosmo as Allura had with the mice! Little kosmo puppy in the bottom of the cryo chamber just napping til his reveal, picture it.

Sudden galra proximity alarm! Keith reveals his connection to the lions as a way to find the lions for the new paladins and then everyone gets their lion assignments!

In this AU, Keith is not a paladin! Thats just how it is, live with it.

Lance, gets the red lion, Allura the blue lion and Shiro the black lion. Obliviously, Hunk the yellow lion and Pidge the green lion.

Everyone goes off to get their lions, while Lance stays behind cause of course the galra have the red lion... that basicly goes exactly like canon. (except Lance is bitter about Keith pinning him so he tries to piss Keith off the whole time the others are gone)

Imagine Kolivan doing Corans lines cold and heartless like "the wormhole can not stay open for long, you must retrieve your lion and return before it closes. We will not retrieve you if you fail." (he still has the knowledge or death mindset lol)

They get back to a very frustrated and angry Keith who has located the red lion on a galra ship and is really pissed about it, its his mothers lion after all. Kolivan takes charge with the talking bits cause Keith failed his diplomacy lessons... He is currently a barely contained fuse at the moment with everything that has happened since he woke up, you know the whole galra rule everything, voltron has completely new paladins and he misses the old paladins and is really angry about Zarkons betrayal, Oh yeah and him and kolivan are the last living alteans that they know of, he hasnt had any time to absorb and cope with this knowledge but thats fine i guess. shrug.

Enter Sendak with his message of "surrender voltron or parish"

The new paladins argue about whether they should fight or flee and Keith loses patience and explodes saying they are staying and fighting the galra, but he is like really pushy and angry about it cause he finally has a way to fight back and they arent even in sync. But like the paladins are super uncomfortable about how keith is trying to force them to chose.

(Like in canon when allura is getting stuck in cryo isnt it kinda implied that she had no say in the war? it kinda seemed she wasnt even allowed to fight, not even because her life force being connected to the lions, more so Alfor being an overprotective father. Lets just assume thats how it was for Keith, Krolia wanted to protect him cause he was still young and she didnt want him throwing his life away)

Anyway, kolivan steps in with another shoulder touch, but this time Keith refuses to calm down and he says "perhaps you should have a word with queen krolia" and keith snaps out of it so fast he gets whiplash.

Altean Krolia in the memory core!!!

Keith is of course hurt and angry at first about her basicly abandoning him and their people by sending the lions away and all that but eventually he is just sad... then Krolia explains to Keith he has to have patience and not become corrupted by his rage and blah blah blah.

Keith returns without his fancy dress clothes and with super fancy altean armour!

He apologises and motivates them into standing up to the galra. Then they get their armour and bayards!

Allura "you know how you teased me about feeling that energy back on earth?"
Lance "Yeah?"
Allura "well you gotta do that, good luck"
Lance "Wait what"

They do the plan where instead of lance and hunk, its hunk and allura!

Lance pulls out some fake bravado when Shiro tells him they are gonna split up, but damn is lance super nervous and insecure about going alone... Everything goes fine tho! Red lets him in without having to prove himself too much! (cause Lance cant open the airlock... he doesnt have galra blood, why does everyone thing the balmera was the first galra sign??? the airlock is galra tech!)

Back at the castle when the particle barrier failed and they gotta align the crystals little mini Cosmo wants to help so he teleports in cause i said so! This is when Keith discovers the telepathic connection with him and Kosmo!

They get the prisoners, get them to the escape pods and discover Shiros arm power. They all get back to the castle cause in this time allura and hunk destroyed the ion cannon, and they return to awaken the black lion.

They panic abit, fight some more, get stuck in the tractor beam and form voltron!

-----I see alot of role swaps either speed through canon or divert entirely, but i wanted something that while it diverted from canon slightly it didnt speed through and also i wanted Keith to be an altean prince while still being keith (albiet barely coping with the major trauma of what happened to altea that canon overlooks)-----