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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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This AU starts on earth with krolia and keiths dad. The concept is simple, not even the blade is okay with half breeds, so when krolia has keith she left him because she wanted to protect him not just from the empire but also from the blade.

With nothing but his mother blade when his father passes away, keith stays out in the desert, hiding from child sevices and staying in his fathers shack.

At some point the BOM come to earth to retrieve krolias blade (cause seriously those things dont grow on trees krolia you think they'd really accept your "i lost it tee hee ;P" excuse???) and they find keith, a scrawny half starved kid in the middle of the desert and when he demands they tell him what the blade means they realize what krolia did.

So they take keith, cause they realize he is krolias child and just abduct him into space. Since he had the blade they assumed he knew more then he should and decided they needed to keep him on a tight leash.

So little scawny ten year old keith was abducted by aliens and very freaked out, cause they keep asking him what he knows about marmora and he has no idea what marmora is.

So like, really f*cked up BOM beat a ten year old for information, get none, and decide to just "well we cant let him go now, he knows too much" and slaps a collar on him
the collar has tech in it that not only prevent him from using the dna tech, like doors and shuttles. It shocks him too and keeps track of his location on base.

Years later keith realizes a few things. one, his mother was an alien. two, his mothers race was not nice. three, he probably shouldnt have run from that social worker years ago. four, he is royally f*cked.

So keith is now a glorified slave working under the galra at the marmora base, like he is the bottom of the totem pole here, he is gagged during important events and meetings cause they really dont want him interrupting (also cause i want muzzle whump)

one such event is the arrival of the red lion, which for some reason keith can feel, even tho he doesnt know what it is yet. He is called to standby outside of the meeting hall, where shiro and lance are being all diplomatic, tho he doesnt know it.

So since the path doesnt open again for two days the paladins are given lodging while kolivan decides what to do, and who is their escort you ask? its keith, yay

and kolivan is both uncaring about keith being a slave and unhappy keith's preseance became an issue. he is just like "the halfbreed is a slave"

badda boom! badda bang! drama!

the paladin demand the blade surrenders keith, kolivan gets several headaches, lance makes a huge fuss, shiro blocks keith from the BOM so they dont drag him away and keith, well he is in shock cause like "omg humans are here, omg they wanna free me, omg im gonna get punished cause of this arent i, omg i think im gonna faint" but like he is gagged so he cant say all that and he just faints and shiro cradles him in his arms, cause you know lance wont do it, that disaster of a bi.

one disaster later keith is brought to the castle ship, cause kolivan wants peace and quiet and lance is not peace and quiet.

So keith wakes up to blue lights and white walls and proceeds to have a panic attack cause omg everything is supposed to be purple wtf.

cue coran coran the gorgeous man to save the day and tell the boy to relax his tots. Keith, who is forbidden from speaking to the point they muzzled him of course stays quiet cause like, he has been a slave for nine years, that kind of conditioning needs a recovering arc to fix it!

but like this is just the angst part, and its over now keith is free!

----tbc if i have more ideas---