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Young & Beautiful

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“Quinn, hey…” Marley approached her by her locker, as she was rummaging through her things to get the schedule of the day.


“Hey Marley, what’s up?” Quinn smiled at the brunette, in her typical charming way that never failed to make guys drool and girls swoon.


“I was wondering if you could give me a hand with the English literature paper. I’m struggling with the latest assignment.” She tucked few strands behind her ear and looked anywhere but into her hazel eyes.


“Of course, do you want to meet up after school?” Quinn shut her locker and leaned against it. “I’ll bring pizza. What’s your favorite?”


“You don’t have to, I can cook something for us.” The brunette blushed and looked back down, hoping she hadn’t caught it.


“As you wish, Rose.” The blonde nudged her with her elbow and checked the time on her brand new Apple Watch, noticing she had also few missed texts and one unanswered call. “I’ll eat pretty much anything, so don’t worry too much about it.”


“I wonder where you put all that food, though.” Marley started walking towards their first class, even they didn’t share it.


“I workout a lot. Boxing and running helps burning calories, along with other kind of activities.” She winked knowingly. She had a reputation to hold after all.


“I’m sure there’s much more behind that player reputation.” Marley shook her head in amusement. Everyone knew about Quinn’s plethora of conquests in the female population and she wasn’t totally immune to her charme either. How could she? She had everything a girl could wish for.


“You don’t really wanna know about that, Marley.” Quinn smiled bitterly. She knew what was going on in the girl’s mind. She could read people better than what others credited her for and, mostly, she knew how to take advantage of it. It was a peculiar Fabray’s trait, after all.


“What do we have here?” A shorter brunette stood in their way, followed by the usual cheerleader duo that held pinkies behind their backs. “Lowering your standards, Fabray?”


“Well, don’t think there’s anything lower than your squad of brats and brainless bimbos.” Quinn challenged with her eyebrow, taking a step forward to stand in between the two brunette girls.


“You didn’t seem to complain when you got under their skirts, though. Had to test them all, to be sure they didn’t catch any STD from you.” Rachel snorted.


“Did you test yourself as well? Hudson doesn’t like washing his junk, from what I heard.” Quinn smirked when Santana chuckled behind the head cheerleader.


“That’s gross, Berry. Told you not to go there with him.” Santana leaned over to whisper in her ear, but Quinn and Marley heard her pretty clear.


“Shut up, Santana. I didn’t have sex with him.” Rachel looked up at Quinn, who kept her smirk in place and crossed her arms over her chest.


“Good for you, he has no stamina and his puffy nipples are a turn off.” The Latina stood back and nodded to Brittany, who seemed to agree.


“Geez Berry, sounds like you won the lottery with him.” The blonde chuckled. “C’mon Marley, let’s go to class or we’ll end up in detention. We don’t have free passes because of our uniforms…” She went to walk past them, but Rachel blocked her path in her usual power pose.


“Just because we are cheerleaders, it doesn’t mean we skip through our classes. I earn every single grade I have.” Rachel rested her hands on her hips, looking up into her hazel eyes with her usual fierce glare.


“That’s why Mr. Peterson gave you an A despite having submitted your paper 2 days later? It wasn’t because Coach Sylvester threatened him to run him over with her new truck?” Quinn chuckled sarcastically. “You don’t need to justify yourself, it’s how it works around here.” She shrugged. “We’re running late, so if you’ll excuse us…”


“No, I don’t excuse you, Fabray.” She nodded to a couple of jocks behind the two other girls, who walked up to the group. “Have a good day, girls.” She smirked and turned on her heels, walking away when the familiar sound of cold syrup was poured over Quinn and Marley’s heads.




“What are you doing here?” Quinn had just emerged from the shower, rubbing her hair with a towel she had borrowed from Dave.


“ you need a hand?” Rachel leaned against the metal lockers and looked up at the blonde, who shook her head and dropped the towel to the floor.


“Really, Rachel? You had your minions slushie me and you want to help me now?” She laughed bitterly. How long were they going to play this game? “I’m tired of this game, Rachel. I’m serious.”


“Quinn, c’mon…” Rachel approached her slowly. She stopped dead in her tracks when the blonde dropped the towel around body, revealing herself in all her glory. It was a sight that never failed to take her breath away.


“Don’t stare at me like that, you ain’t getting a piece of this for a while.” She slipped her compression boxers up her legs, followed by a pair of tight black jeans. “Did you have to really do that?”


“I didn’t have to…” Rachel took a step closer and reached for her t-shirt before she could, holding it in her hands. “But you disrespected me in front of my teammates and some of the students, I couldn’t let it slip. There’s a social hierarchy here and I can’t let you pass just because-”


“Because you let me fuck you?” She snatched the t-shirt away from her grasp and put it over her head, smoothening the wrinkles.


“I hate when you say that.” Rachel looked down at her pristine tennis shoes.


“It’s what happens though.” Quinn chuckled and sat down on the bench, to slip her socks and shoes on. “We meet up and we fuck. By the way, I can’t come over tonight, I have a school project…”


“Who is she?” Rachel’s hands balled into fists.


“None of your business.” Quinn stood up and reached for her sweater, but Rachel took it from her and threw it behind her back, on a different bench. “I’m already late for my second period, Rachel and I don’t want to play games with you.”


“Who is she, Quinn?” She walked up to her, invading her personal space.


“Like I said, none of your damn business.” Quinn was getting equally upset. “I’ll come over tomorrow and I’ll even let you be on top, happy?”


“You can be such a bitch.” She pushed her back, making her stumble in the lockers behind them.


“Takes one to know one, Berry.” Quinn leaned against the lockers, with her arms at her sides.


“Is there someone else? Am I not enough anymore?” She grabbed onto the front of her shirt, stretching on her tiptoes to be eye-to-eye with the blonde.


“Are you jealous?” Quinn closed her hands, to stop herself from reaching out and touch her. “Why don’t you call Finn over? I bet the poor guy would be ecstatic to get under your skirt for once, If he can last long enough to get you out of it.”


“Maybe, I should, shouldn’t I?” She held the girl’s gaze with hers, still on her toes.


“Call him. I wonder if he’ll make you come like I do.” Quinn challenged her. “Does he know how much you like having your neck kissed when you’re at it? Or how much you like getting your breasts cupped, when you’re on top?” She husked lower and lower. “Would he get his face between your legs and just bury his tongue into you, without caring about getting off? Just to have your taste lingering on his mouth for hours after you’ve done fucking?”


“Stop it.” Rachel dropped her face into the crook of the girl’s neck, swamped with the memories of many nights lost in each other’s arms. “Just stop…”


“I’m tired, Rachel. I’m tired of having to hide this.” Quinn dropped the back of her head against the locker, looking up at the ceiling. “I’m tired of playing these power games with you, when…when there’s so much going on between us.”


“I know…” Rachel sighed and nuzzled her face against her shoulder, while her hands loosened their grip around the t-shirt she was wearing. “I’m sorry.”


“I hear you say it so much, that it’s starting to lose any kind of meaning to me.” Quinn sighed and looked down at the brunette, who was still holding onto her. “I need to get to class and so should you.”


“We can stay here, I’ll get us a pass from Sue.” Rachel looked up at the blonde, who closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the locker, with a tired sigh.


“I’m not sleeping with anyone else, Rachel.” Quinn’s left arm circled her waist, holding onto the brunette who was still tense in her arms. “It’s you and only you.”


“I can’t help myself.” Rachel pulled them from the lockers and sat the blonde down on the bench, only to slip in her lap facing her. “It doesn’t help that you slept with half of my don’t know what they say about you, behind your back.”


“Let them talk.” Quinn looked up at the brunette cheerleader. “I may have slept with them, but I never pursued anything serious with them. It was just a quick fuck, without any meaning.” Her hands rested on the girl’s hip, under the hem of her cheerleader uniform.


“I know, but still…” She looked away from the blonde. Her hands played with the baby hairs at the base of the blonde’s neck, but her mind still went to the many rumors she had heard in the locker room.


“No buts.” Quinn tilted her head to her. “I never stayed long enough to wake up with them or to cook them breakfast, the morning after.” She held Rachel’s gaze, trying to convey the message. “I never cuddled with them in front of a movie nor let them drag me to Columbus, to see the local production of Funny Girl.”


“You didn’t dislike it that much.” Rachel chuckled and dropped her forehead on Quinn, sighing softly when the blonde’s lips brushed over hers.


“I know what I said earlier about this, but you know I don’t think we’re just fucking, right?” The blonde nibbled on her bottom lip. “If it was just a casual thing between us, I wouldn’t be so mad about having to hide us.”


“I know you were just trying to upset me.” Rachel sniffed and hugged the blonde to her, burying her face into the crook of her neck.


“Yes, but I’m still mad about what happened, Rach.” Quinn rubbed her back soothingly. “You shouldn’t have dragged Marley into this, either. It was between you and me.”


“I see the way she looks at you. She wants you.” Rachel scoffed and pulled back, to stare down at the blonde.


“So, what? You can’t go around throwing slushies at people because they may be interested in me.” She groaned in frustration. “I’m not a toy that you don’t want to share with other people. If you want people to back off, you know what you can do.”


“I told you I can’t.” Rachel stood up and crossed her arms over her chest. “Santana is waiting for the right moment to take the capitancy away from me. I need this to get out of here, Quinn.”


“Rach, you have Glee and your grades are great, plus why should strip you off your title when she’s dating Brittany as well?” Quinn stood up as well.


“How do you know about them?” Rachel looked up puzzled. She had caught them a couple of times, but she had also seen them with guys.


“Oh c’mon, you must be pretty oblivious to it. It’s not exactly like us, but they are pretty smitten with each other.” Quinn went to retrieve her sweater and put it on, needing to make it in time for her third period.


“No one is like us.” Rachel walked up to the blonde and hugged her from behind, resting her head between her shoulders.


“Just talk to Santana, Rach.” Quinn sighed, bracing herself against the locker with one arm. “We can start telling our close friends, if you aren’t ready to come out to everyone in school.” She looked at the brunette over her shoulder, who nodded softly




“Do you want to take a break?” Marley looked up from her laptop to stare at her study companion, who was looking down at her mobile phone.


“Huh?” Quinn looked up at the brunette, with a frown. “No, sorry. I’m here” She switched her phone to silent mode and dropped it back in her bag, scooting to the side to see what the other girl had written so far. “The first paragraph isn’t bad, but I think you should start going more in depth about Shakespeare’s works, rather than his biography.” She grabbed the heavy textbook and moved between the pages, until she landed on one of his most known sonnets.


“That’s where I struggle, Quinn.” Marley looked down at the book. “Besides the obvious analysis of the structure, how should I describe this?”


“Well, let’s go line by line…” Quinn grabbed her notepad and a pen, writing down few notes as she interpreted the sonnet. “So, what’s the main theme of the whole sonnet?”


“Talking about the weather?” Marley chuckled, having read it few times but still struggling to fully comprehend the true meaning of it.


“Close but not really the point, Rose.” Quinn smiled and showed the girl the sonnet line by line. “He is actually making a comparison between a typical English summer to his lover’s beauty.” She highlighted the key-words that gave that away. “He starts it off with a rhetorical question about this comparison and whether it makes sense to do it at all.” She watched Marley take her notes as she kept on talking. “From the second line until the eighth, the poet actually addresses his lover more than the reader. He’s trying to explain how an English summer really is, describing how it alternates between strong wind blowing to rain and to a sun shining too hotly. Summer is too short to even be considered it a season but it still will mark the time passing and that people will grow old, as the season comes and goes.”


“How do you do it?” Marley was in awe.


“Do what?” Quinn read through the lines, failing to see the look on Marley’s face.


“This…” Marley took her hand, catching her attention. “You’re one of a kind and you don’t even know that, do you?” She whispered, mostly to herself. Why couldn’t Quinn see she was right there, in front of her?


“Marley, I’m just a Shakespeare nerd.” Quinn chuckled, trying to ease the tension. “It’s nothing biggie.”


“You don’t see it do you?” Marley shook her head and looked away from her intense hazel eyes.


“See what?” Quinn’s eyebrow rose in a perfect Fabray way.


“God, you can be oblivious.” Marley stood up and paced in front of the confused blonde. “Can’t you see the effect you have on people? Or are you too full of yourself to see we would all climb mountains to get a second of your attention?”


“We?” Quinn stood up and walked up to the brunette. “What are you talking about, Marley? I thought we were friends...if I offended you in any way, well I apologize.”

“Geez Quinn, I like you” Marley looked at her, taking a step back. “I like you more than just a friend.” She confessed it for the first time out and loud.


“You like me? But when…” Quinn frowned. How had she missed it? “Marley, I don’t-”


“Please, spare me the whole ‘I don’t deserve you’ speech.” Marley wiped the corner of her eyes. “I don’t deserve you.” She chuckled bitterly. “You’re gorgeous and smart and will go places, I’m just another Lima loser.”


“Don’t say that, you got me?” Quinn took a tentative step and cupped her face with her palms. “You’re not a Lima loser.” She used her thumbs to wipe her tears away from her skin. “You’re equally beautiful and smart and you also have your voice that can take you places. You’ll get out of here and leave this town behind.”


“Easy for you to say it. You never belonged here.” Marley leaned in her touch, closing her eyes. “You have a ticket back to Los Angeles, as soon as this year ends.”


“Maybe, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it out of here.” Quinn pressed a kiss against her forehead.


“Not with you, though.” Marley burrowed her face into the crook of her neck, gripping the back of her shirt with both hands.


“Marley…” Quinn sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Had it been a different moment of her life, she’d have even given it a thought but now? Her heart was already someone else’s.


“I know…” Marley pulled back and wiped her tears away, angrily. “I shouldn’t have said anything, it’s not fair to you.”


“If I had known you felt this way, I-” Quinn struggled with her words.


“It wouldn’t have changed a thing, Quinn.” Marley took another step back. “You’re already taken, aren’t you?” She smiled sadly.


“Well...yeah.” Quinn nodded and rubbed the back of her head. “It’s just fucking complicated.”


“When is it not?” Marley sniffed. “Does she make you happy?”


“Yes, she does.” Quinn nodded and let her mind go back to Rachel. They had good moments. Very good and happy moments together.


“You deserve to be happy.” Marley nodded and stepped up into the blonde’s space, cupping her face with her trembling hands.


“So, do you.” Quinn looked at Marley and stood still, as the brunette placed one of the chastest kisses she’d have received, on her lips.


“Night, Quinn.” Marley let her go and walked out of the living room, with a sad smile and a broken heart.




Rachel was surprised to hear the doorbell, so late in the night. She had spent the evening in her favorite loveseat, cuddled under a thick blanket, to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy while her parents were away for another business conference outside the State. She was so used to their absence that she didn’t even worry about being home alone, anymore.


She paused the episode and walked up to the door, looking through the peephole. Much to her surprise, there was a familiar silhouette standing on her porch, with her hands tucked in her leather jacket and her bag draped over one shoulder.


“Quinn, what are you doing here?” Rachel let the girl in and locked the door behind themselves.


“You were right.” Quinn sighed and looked down at the petite brunette, who was now frowning in confusion. “About Marley…”


“Were you with her?” Rachel bit down on her lip, fighting her jealousy. “That’s why you couldn’t come over earlier?” She crossed her arms over her chest, pushing it inwardly higher up and briefly distracting the blonde with her gesture.


“I…” Quinn licked her lips and dragged her eyes back up to the brunette’s face, who wore an annoyed look. “It wasn’t a date or anything like that. She asked my help with her English paper on Shakespeare…”


“And you couldn’t turn the offer down, given your insane love for him huh?” Rachel rolled her eyes and walked toward the living room, to sit more comfortably as they talked.


“You love his work almost as much as I do.” Quinn dropped the bag by the couch, followed by her jacket. “You’re watching Grey’s without me?” She pouted at the brunette.


“I’m watching the earlier seasons.” Rachel sat cross-legged on the couch and rested her head against the back of it, looking up at the blonde, who had just taken a seat beside her.


“Fine.” Quinn rested her head back, looking up at the ceiling with her hands in her lap.


“What happened with Marley?” Rachel held herself back and kept her hands in her lap, despite wanting to reach out and run her fingers through Quinn’s golden mane.


“She confessed her feelings for me, that I was oblivious to.” Quinn sighed and turned her head to the side, to stare up at the brunette.


“Told you.” Rachel sighed and looked down. “Did...did something else happen?”


“I just comforted her, even if it’s the last thing you want after you get turned down.” She reached for her hand and brought her knuckles to her lips, “She knows I am not emotionally available.”


“Did you tell her about us?” Rachel scooted closer and slipped in her lap, cradling her head between her forearms.


“No and she didn’t ask.” Quinn’s hands trailed along her sides over her basketball jersey and slipped under its hem, to palm her narrow hips. “I was looking for this anywhere...when did you steal it?”


“The last time I came over, I borrowed it for the morning after.” Rachel leaned down to brush their lips together, for a tender kiss. “I couldn’t join you and your dad for breakfast, in the nude.”


“I wouldn’t have minded that at all.” Quinn chuckled and pulled her closer, nipping at her bottom lip.


“Your dad would have.” The brunette smiled and lifted her head off the couch, to kiss her a bit harder. “He’s been so understanding with this, why scare him off?”


“He doesn’t want to catch us in the act, so he rather lets us keep the door closed.” Quinn sat fully up and pressed her mouth more urgently against Rachel’s, who whimpered and locked her long legs behind her back.


“I like your Dad, a lot.” She squealed when Quinn rolled them over and pressed her down on the couch, with her on top.


“I’ll have to tell him where I am, though.” She reached in the backpocket of her jeans, to retrieve her iPhone.


“Do you need to go back?” Rachel tucked few wild strands behind her ears, clearing her visual.


“Do you want me to stay?” Quinn smirked when Rachel rolled her eyes, at her obvious challenging tone.


“Do what you want, Fabray.” She tried to slip from under her, but Quinn pinned her down with her body. “Quinn…”


“Rachel…” She held her down with her weight and stared down into her chocolate orbs. “Do you want me to stay?”


“You know the answer to that, Quinn.” Rachel looked away from her.


“I want you to say it.” Quinn’s lips brushed along the shell of her left ear. She gently nipped at the tender skin of her earlobe as their hips pressed together, rendering them both aware of the state of arousal Quinn was in. “With your words, Berry.”


“Why do I need to say it?” Rachel whimpered when their hips started gyrating together, in a familiar way that never failed to make her breath catch in her throat.


“Because I came all the way here to be with you It’s time for you to make your move, now.” Quinn’s nose nuzzled behind her left ear, breathing softly as petite hands undid the front of her pants and slipped past her boxers, to drag them down her thighs. “Fuck…”


“Stay with me.” Rachel gripped her from the base and pumped her slowly. Her other hand gripped onto her hair, holding her head in place.


“See? Was it really so hard?” Quinn nudged her head back and dropped their foreheads together, struggling to keep her eyes open due to the pleasure coursing through her lower regions.


“Oh, it’s so damn hard…” Rachel smirked and crashed her mouth against hers.




“Quinn?” Rachel nuzzled along the column of her throat, dropping soft kisses on the skin she had worshipped for the last 3 hours.


“Hmm?” The blonde’s eyes struggled to stay open. She was so tired, but completely satisfied.


“What’s going to happen once this year ends?” The brunette’s feet slipped between her shins and locked around them, as she angled her body to stare up at her blonde bed partner.


“Why are you thinking about that now?” Quinn groaned and tried to pull the brunette against her, so they could fall asleep together, but she knew it was a lost battle already.


“Quinn…” Rachel pushed her on her back and hovered her, in all her glory. “I’m serious.” She straddled the blonde and rested her hands on her sides, right under her ribcage.


“I know you are, Rach.” Quinn rubbed her tired eyes and took in a deep breath. “But I’m tired and we have school in the morning.” She tried to pull the brunette down with her, but without success.


“So, it’s fine for us to stay up to fuck but not to have a serious conversation?” She crossed her arms over her chest, looking away from the blonde.


“It’s not what I meant.” Quinn sat up and circled her waist with her arms, nuzzling her face in the crook of her neck. “Can you tell me what’s this really about?”


“Is this going to be over, when we graduate?” Rachel sighed softly.


“I haven’t thought about the future, Rach.” Quinn kissed her neck and rested her head against her shoulder. “We are still struggling to figure this out now…”


“You don’t know what this is? It’s pretty clear to me.” Rachel pulled her back from her neck and looked down at her.


“Well, enlighten me then.” It was Quinn’s turn to scoff. “Are we dating? Are we friends with benefits? Are we even friends?”


“We are…” Rachel looked away and tried to think about something that could clearly define what they were.


“You don’t know.” Quinn chuckled. “We are having amazing sex, but what else do we do?” She shook her head and looked around for her clothes.


“Don’t do that.” Rachel cupped her face and tilted her head back up, to stare up at her. “Don’t look around the room for the easy escape route…”


“I’m not looking for a way out.” Quinn sighed and pulled her closer, brushing their lips for a soft and tentative kiss. “I don’t know your favorite color. I don’t know anything about your childhood, besides the few pictures I saw around in your room.” She circled her back with both arms. “I know you dream about NY, but I don’t know why.”


“Quinn…” Rachel nodded and framed her face with her hands, pressing her lips harder against the blonde’s.


“I know how you like to be held, when we sleep.” Quinn rolled them over and settled on top of the brunette, between her parted thighs. “I know what you taste like or how you feel, when I slip inside you.” She whispered in her mouth, swiftly entering the brunette.


“God, Quinn.” Rachel gripped on her, with both arms and legs. She could feel the blonde start the familiar rhythm inside her, without missing a beat despite their obvious tiredness.


“I know what you look like in the morning and you’re still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Quinn trailed her lips down her jawline and up to her left ear, whispering the words against it.


“You’re more beautiful, though.” Rachel panted in her ear. “Don’t stop…” She whimpered, arching her back off the bed to meet each thrust.


“I know I’ve been your first and that memory will stay with me even years from now, no matter what happens between us.” Quinn kissed her ear and buried herself all the way in, when she felt the girl’s walls clamp down around her shaft.


“Quinn, please.” Rachel held onto her, throwing her head back as the umpteenth orgasm of the night coursed through her body. She moaned out the blonde’s name, over and over while her body spasmed under her weight.


“Fuck, Rach.” Quinn dropped her head onto the mattress and pumped away into her clenching core, till she finally spilled herself into her.


“It’s pink.” Rachel nuzzled her face against the blonde’s rosey cheek. “But it’s not because of a stereotypical notion that little girls like pink.”


“Of course.” Quinn pulled back to drop a soft kiss on her pout.

“I liked the Pink Panther movies.” Rachel looked away from her, blushing even more despite the flushed cheeks caused by their sexual activities. “They were funny and I remember my Daddies and I sit in the living room, doing marathons when I was a kid.”


“That’s a very sweet memory, Rach.” Quinn kissed her temple and leaned over her, still on her elbows. “You miss them, do you?”


“Maybe I shouldn’t be so sad about them not being around, because I’m a grown up…” Rachel looked up at the blonde, stroking her lower back with the pad of her fingers.


“You’re only 18 years old, Rachel.” Quinn shook her head softly. “You will always need them, even when you’ll have your own family and you’ll be a mother yourself.”


“Didn’t know you were so mature, Fabray.” Rachel pecked her lips and pushed her off her, on her side.


“I’m wise beyond my years, despite the appearances.” Quinn smirked. She watched the brunette roll her eyes and scoot in her personal space, slipping one arm over her waist and resting her other hand against her chest, where she laid her cheek.


“If you say so.” Rachel nuzzled into her neck and curled on herself, shivering lightly.


“Here.” Quinn reached for the duvet they had kicked to the foot of the bed and draped it over their bare frames. The temperature had visibly dropped, now they had stopped rolling around.


“Can you set the alarm?” Rachel cuddled up into the blonde, who nodded and reached for her phone, checking the time as well.


“Tell me you don’t have Cheerio practice, at least.” Quinn groaned at the thought of getting less than 4 hours of sleep.


“I don’t.” Rachel yawned and closed her eyes. “You can set it up at 7.30.”


“Thank God.” Quinn did what she was told and dropped the phone back on the nightstand. “Night, Rach.” The blonde rested her head on the pillow and circled the petite brunette with both arms, following her into Morpheus’ arms.