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Hidey Hole

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“ Grrr ….. come back here you unfortunate girl!” screamed a rage-filled Nako Sunao at the top of her lungs.

Aru Honsho , vice president of Class 1-1 dashed towards the entrance of the classroom, catching many of the students off guard. Hitori Bocchi sat motionlessly at her desk, tending to herself per usual. She looked up from her desk and stared up at the terrified girl. “Hey, Aru, what’s up?”

Aru exhaled heavily. Before speaking, she noticed scribbling on Hitori’s hands and elbows. Sighing, she caught her breath and started the conversation. “I accidentally bumped into Nako , and her phone fell on the floor and I cracked the screen.” She looked down at Hitori again and saw that she was shuffling through her writing to figure out what to say next. “I don’t have that as an option. Can we skip that?”

Aru grabbed Hitori’s hands and got to her eye level. “ Hitori , this is serious.” She looked deeply into the confused girl’s eyes to accentuate her point. “You have to hide me.”

Hitori started to panic upon hearing it. “ Wh -what if I get caught?” Hitori started to tear up. “I don’t want to go to jail!!”

Aru shook Hitori to get her attention. “Don’t worry, Nako won’t know that you helped me.”

“She won’t?” sobbed Hitori .

“No, now, where can you hide me at?”

While the two contemplated the idea, Hitori’s stomach started to growl. Hitori giggles embarrassingly. “Well, it’s not like you could hide in my belly.”

Aru’s eyes widened in consideration. While she was weighing her options, she was forced out of her train of thought when Nako’s sharp voice was getting closer. “Aru, I know that you’re in there. You better come out and get what’s coming to you.”

Aru screams and turns to Hitori .

“Huh, Ar -!”

Aru pries open Hitori’s mouth and without any prewarning, she shoves her face into Hitori’s maw. Hitori fought to hold back the tears from her friend suddenly forcing her mouth open and plunging herself deep inside it. Aru’s head reached the opening of Hitori’s stomach, but Aru continued pushing. Her neck disappeared down Hitori’s esophagus, enabling Aru to then push forward. Her shoulders slipped into her mouth with little effort and made a huge bulge in Hitori’s esophagus. Hitori tried to heave, but the combined force of Aru pushing forward overwhelmed her. Her midsection easily slipped into Hitori’s waiting mouth followed by her legs. Before she could react, Aru kicked a few times, causing Hitori to tilt her head and gravity allowed her legs to slide down. Hitori burped and laid back in her chair. “Why…why did you do this, Aru?”

“ARU!!!” screamed Nako , turning the corner. She scanned the room , seeing only the terrified expressions that her classmates were giving her. She then turned her glance over at Hitori , who was still preoccupied with trying to adjust to sitting in her seat. “ Hitori ,” Nako began.

“ Yeep ! H-hi, Nako .” While she tried to speak, Aru lightly moved in her stomach causing her to welp like a dog.

“ Hitori , are you okay?”

Hitori covered her mouth with both of her hands. Nako moved backwards out of fear that Hitori would vomit again.

“Have you seen Aru?”


Nako scratched her chin deep in thought. “Before I forget, I need to ask you something else.”

“Yes, Nako ?”

“Why is you belly big?”
Hitori looked down frightfully. It was true: Aru had given quite a large volume to her belly, making it harder to pick up and maneuver. Hitori desperately tried to construct an explanation behind it.

“Uh…I had a big breakfast earlier today?”

There was a moment of silence that was seemingly without end. Would Nako really believe her claim? After a couple excruciating moments, Nako shrugged her shoulders.

“Whatever. Just be sure to tell Aru that I will be expecting her after school’s over, okay?”

Hitori shook her head nervously. Soon afterward, the teacher walked in and class began. Whilst writing down what she had planned for that day, she paused and placed her piece of chalk on the board. “Um, where is Aru?” she asked.

Hitori began to have a panic attack. Before she could offer an explanation, Nako spoke up. “She probably went home.”

The teacher fearfully picked her chalk up. She tried to state her appreciation towards Nako for her answer, but she only musters up a “thanks” and resumed her lesson. As the lesson droned on, Hitori couldn’t help but be preoccupied with her dilemma. Aru had gone silent for a couple of hours, and her stomach was feeling less heavy now. Worse, it felt as if a mighty pressure was slowly being applied to her lower intestines. Realizing what the feeling was, Hitori attempted to call out to the teacher for a bathroom break, but she was too anxious to ask. The excruciating pain from the unruly pressure only built until the final hour approached and school was let out. Hitori practically exploded out of her seat and dashed out of the room, her need to r elease drowning out Nako’s shouting.

Arriving to the girls’ restroom, Hitori was about to head in until she saw two girls leave. Running around the corner, she waited until the two girls exited the restroom, and after making sure that there wasn’t anyone there, Hitori selected a stall, and dropped her exposed rear onto the toilet seat. A fart exited from her rear end followed up by a trickle of urine. After emptying her bladder, she could feel Aru slide out of her rear. Aru grunted to speed up Aru’s expulsion. There was a pop, and Hitori sighed in relief. Getting up from the toilet bowl seat, Hitori immediately turned her eyes to see if Aru was anywhere in the bowl. Instead of seeing a fully-grown girl in one piece, she instead saw that bones and traces of her clothes were scattered throughout the stool. Hitori’s eyes grew large from her discovery. The pungent stench of the turds violated her nose, spurring Hitori’s stomach to rumble again. Her cheeks became enlarged as Hitori tried desperately to fight the need to vomit. Tears and s weat fell from Hitori as she felt what she had eaten build up.