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Tonight, I don't wanna be Mysterious with You

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Night had fallen once Kiryu emerged from the depths of Purgatory with his latest prize from the coliseum. The cool air was refreshing against Kiryu’s lightly sweaty forehead and after a short break that followed a few bloody matches earlier in order to get what he needed, he was certain he had it in him for one more. Double checking to make sure he had the image depicting a snake as Komaki requested, he headed for the fountain just outside of the entrance. As Kiryu expected, his mentor was resting against it always waiting for the next round.

“There you are, my prized pupil! Have you brought me the image of a snake?” Kiryu wordlessly handed it to him. Satisfied, Komaki glanced upwards, squinting seemingly over Kiryu’s shoulder into the dark. Just as Kiryu was about to turn and see where he was looking, a figure in a black tuxedo brushed past him. He blinked in confusion as a glimmer of gold atop the man’s head grabbed his attention. Were those horns?

The newcomer stepped up onto the edge of the fountain before turning to face Kiryu without so much as a greeting to him. For some reason Kiryu couldn’t place, there was something so alluring in the way this man presented himself. Thankfully he seemed to be a man of few words himself. His face was almost fully masked save for his handsome jaw by that of a hannya mask and the tuxedo was quite sharp on him. Not only was his mask adorned with gold horns but the upper jaw had a sharp row of matching gold teeth. Kiryu hadn’t realized how long he had been staring until Komaki spoke up again.

“This man is called ‘Hannya-Man.’ I met him many years ago, far to the west. He came to Kamurocho to do some sightseeing, so I have brought him here to see the sights of the arena.”

A tourist? What was he doing in such a place as this? As if Komaki read his mind, he added on, “Worry not, I shall take him to a pub, or karaoke, or some other Tokyo landmark after this.”

For some reason Kiryu felt a pang of jealousy that even he had not been expecting. Here he had just met this strange man, but he felt as though he should be the one taking him sightseeing. He told himself it was because he wanted to learn more about him, why he wore a mask like that and why he chose not to speak. Also, karaoke? Does he even sing let alone speak?

Now that Kiryu had a better look at Hannya Man, he couldn’t help but notice the eyepatch covering one eye of the mask, that haircut, those awful shoes, the jawline and the familiarly trimmed facial hair there- he had seen this man before elsewhere, hadn’t he?


Nah. It couldn’t have been.

If it were him, he would have already been teasing and taunting Kiryu. Majima was hardly ever quiet around Kiryu and the very idea that he could be for this long seemed nearly impossible. This was likely just a weird coincidence. It wasn’t as though Majima was the only person with an eyepatch after all, right? Right. Not to mention, there was no way Komaki would have been lying to him let alone be in on some weird scheme of Majima’s. Did he even know the guy?

Oh. Right. Komaki said he was going to take him places. Kiryu had been staring again.

“Wait, Shishou. You said you would take Hannya Man sightseeing?” Thankfully it was dark out and Kiryu had a good enough poker face to hide the fact that he was feeling heat rise in his cheeks the longer Hannya Man silently stared him down from above. Why did he choose to stand up there anyway? Was it to seem more imposing? “Can I take him in your stead?” Komaki shook his head, much to Kiryu’s dismay. “He and I go way back. I’ve already promised I would take him, it’s not your responsibility. No, instead he will be your opponent tonight.”

Well, that wasn’t how Kiryu was hoping it would go but he wasn’t exactly surprised.



Kiryu never felt less focused in a training session.

Part of it had to do with the fact that he couldn’t read Hannya Man with his face hidden but the other reason was because he couldn’t keep his gaze off him. The boldness in his movements and the air of mystery about him only made him want to get closer despite the danger that came with it. Not only that but he was strong and Kiryu was certain it was a strength that matched his easily, familiar even.

Somehow Kiryu managed to take Hannya Man down and was given the new Komaki technique which was just a bit of wisdom in defeating stronger allies. After Komaki finished his piece Kiryu turned about to leave them be when Hannya Man stopped him with a light tap on his shoulder. Very delicately, a stark contrast to how fiercely Hannya Man fought earlier, he slid a piece of paper into Kiryu’s breast pocket. It took Kiryu a moment to register what was there his touch was so light. When did he have the chance to write him a note?

As soon as Kiryu was out of sight and out of purgatory, he found the nearest street lamp to read the note Hannya Man handed to him. It was folded neatly but not written as neatly. In fact, the writing was scratchy and hastily written. Kiryu had to reread it a few times to make sure it said what he thought it said.

[Meet me here tomorrow, same time.]

As though he had been looking at something he shouldn’t have in public, Kiryu hastily shoved the note back into his pocket and made his way back to Serena to rest up, his heart pounding at the thought of what he had just gotten himself into with this mysterious man.

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“Hmm…let’s try…this one.” Kiryu murmured before keying in the requested song.

Upon meeting up with Hannya Man the next night, the two found themselves in a stuffy karaoke booth after a series of yes and no questions Kiryu asked him to make sure he wasn’t making any assumptions about what this was exactly. The first place they had to hit up was karaoke if only because Kiryu wanted to see what Hannya Man would do if anything at all after Komaki had mentioned taking him.

Soon after keying the song in, the lighting above dimmed and gave way to spotlight on the masked man who, quiet as ever, had taken center stage. The intro to the chosen song kicked in, loud enough to fill the room. Kiryu knew this song by heart and the exact cue for when the vocals kicked in. It was coming up quick. Kiryu leaned forward in his seat with piqued interest, wondering if Hannya Man might sing or if he even could at all. Just a few more seconds and-


Well, it wasn’t like Kiryu expected him to instantly break out into a whole song and dance number for him right there, but he couldn’t ignore the bit of disappointment he felt. Of course he wasn’t going to push him to sing or speak if he didn’t want to. The music continued playing, an awkward and almost comical emptiness present without vocals to fill that gap.

It was subtle but Kiryu could see that the corners of Hannya Man’s partially concealed lips were curved into a small frown as though he wanted to sing but he couldn’t. Kiryu stood from his spot and shook his head before moving over to him, placing his hand over Hannya Man’s hand gripping the microphone. “That’s okay.” He spoke in a soft reassuring tone, the mic picking up his voice. His free hand took the mic from him, giving Hannya Man’s warm hand a gentle squeeze.

Kiryu let him go quickly, not wanting to overstep any boundaries Hannya Man might have had. Not only that but he was trying to ignore the growing warmth in his cheeks from being so close to him. “Allow me.” He spoke into the mic with a small smile, nodding his head toward the couch for him to take a seat.

After a few drinks and Kiryu explaining to some of the karaoke employees that his new companion was ‘just shy’, they were back out in the crisp early winter air, plenty warm from drinking.

With the holidays around the corner, it was no surprise that Kamurocho wasn’t short on displays and installations set up for it. Among them was a christmas light setup along the street he and Hannya Man were walking down, Kiryu finding himself stopping to admire it for a spell. With everything that had been happening around him, he seldom got the chance to just stop and take in the sights and sounds of the holidays. He took a mental note to bring Haruka here sometime when things were taken care of.

After Kiryu felt he had taken in the warm glow of the display long enough he turned where his date- er, where his company should have been standing. He had assumed like any person he would have stopped and waited for him or joined him to observe as well. Instead, the space Hannya Man was standing in just a moment ago was empty now. Furrowing his brow, Kiryu turned this way and that in search of his masked companion.

Finally he spotted what he was sure was him, gold horns being a dead giveaway atop his silhouette walking into what seemed to be a maze that was set up. Did he not like the lights? The more Kiryu thought of it, the more he realized he was likely not comfortable being out in the open, not wanting to attract attention to himself.

Well, this was slowly turning into a nightmare.

Not only was it a maze, it was one lined with mirrors. A kaleidoscope of Kiryus came into view as he stepped into it, sighing in exasperation as to what he just got himself into. As long as Majima wasn’t here to ambush him, he would be fine. He just needed to find Hannya Man and get out.

Why a mirror maze anyway? Kiryu hadn't seen one around in years and for this time of year seemed out of place. As he quietly navigated the maze, he was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of several screams followed by several people fleeing past him in fear. Oh boy, what now? He took another turn into a more open chamber and stopped in his tracks.


There were many Hannya Men.

Kiryu approached them, there were seven at least and they overwhelmed his field of vision. "Hey." He called out, a soft echo chasing it. “Figured you would be one for games." Hannya Man seemed mischievous if nothing else, it was the only thing Kiryu could really pick up about the guy. He glanced about the open room, surrounded by mirrors, some of which had a reflection of the other staring him down with their single unblinking yellow eye, and some that were either empty or contained Kiryu’s own confused reflection.

"Did you...need to get away from the crowd?" No answer.

“Do you want to get out of here?” At first there was no answer but then, all seven figures gave a single nod.

“Come on, we’ll go back to purgatory. We could…train again, if you like.”

There was a short pause as though they were stifling something…like a wide grin or a laugh before they settled for a small smile instead. The Hannya Men appeared to grow larger at some angles as the real one moved towards Kiryu, the false ones forming back into one just a moment before Hannya Man joined Kiryu in the same reality as him.



It was more of a romantic dance than a training session with how well their movements synced up, as though they had fought more times than just last night. Hannya Man really was formidable if he could pick up on another’s style so quickly from only one fight.

Kiryu raised a brow at him in wonder, as though he wanted to ask who the hell was he and how he was so quick to catch on to his abilities. There would have been predictably no answer he was sure. Hannya Man’s arm lashed out at Kiryu and he braced himself, expecting to feel pain. Instead, the other man’s arm slid around his waist and Kiryu froze. It really felt like a dance now, especially when Hannya Man tilted Kiryu back in a dip. Even through the mask Kiryu could feel his intense gaze on him. Hannya Man’s free hand reached up to cup Kiryu’s cheek and pulled him in closer.

Gold fangs brushed against Kiryu’s lips and he couldn’t resist placing a few small kisses on them first. “Is this okay…?” He whispered, adjusting the mask slightly so he could access his lips better. There was no response and there didn’t need to be as Hannya Man took the initiative and closed the distance between their lips.


Kiryu was back on his feet again after what was probably a good amount of time but not enough for Kiryu. He held onto Hannya Man’s shoulders for a little longer, lightheaded and he was now certain he was blushing. There was a comfortable pause between them before Hannya Man let go of him when he was sure Kiryu could stand on his own again, opening some distance back up between them. “Hm?” Kiryu tilted his head, baffled by the sudden shift in mood. No answer of course. Instead, Hannya Man lifted a hand, waving goodbye before hastily taking off into the darkness of the woods.

Kiryu scratched his head. Well, at least it seemed like he had a good time? He had his doubts when he escaped into the mirror room but after what had just happened, he was sure he enjoyed himself. Hopefully he would see him again.



The grimy restroom that led to Purgatory was the same as ever except that for once it wasn’t empty. Kiryu was used to being able to go in and out as he pleased, unbothered by anyone there since most people even in a city such as this avoided it. This time however, he heard shuffling in the stall beside the secret entrance. Carefully he closed the door behind him and tried to, as quietly as possible, pass the occupied stall.

That probably would have worked had it not been for who was in there.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan!” cried a familiar voice as the stall door slammed open.

Kiryu froze. Normally he would have been annoyed as hell but his head was still in the clouds over earlier. “Hm?” He turned to face him briefly, hands tucked in his pockets. “Oh, hey Majima-san.” He murmured, yawning before walking away. Majima blinked, almost shocked by the very nonchalant response from Kiryu.

“Oi, don’t you ‘hey Majima-san’ me! Where’ve ya been?” Majima demanded, quickly following after him. Kiryu kept walking but remained at a pace that his new company could catch up to him with. “Hm? Oh. Around.” Kiryu removed his pack of cigarettes from his pocket, silently offering one to Majima. He accepted it and Kiryu provided a light to the both of them. “Tch, yer more standoffish than usual. What’s the big deal, Kiryu-chan?”

Kiryu took a drag of his cigarette, walking nowhere in particular. “I’m not in a mood to fight you tonight. I got a lot of things on my mind.”

Majima paused, a smile spreading across his lips as though he knew something Kiryu wasn’t aware of. “Hey, y’know what? Yer in luck, I’ll take it easy on ya tonight ‘cause I do too. Wanna go get some drinks somewhere?”

The idea of actually opening up about stuff to Majima felt about as surreal as a mirror room full of Hannya Men but as Kiryu glanced at his watch to see the night was still young, he decided he had nothing to lose.


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Majima couldn’t believe how well that worked out.

The fact that Kiryu showed no signs of suspicion that he was Hannya Man meant one thing:

Obviously, it meant that he excelled at pulling a fast one on a genius like Kiryu-chan!

Not to mention, Kiryu seemed to be really into this disguise. It felt as though Majima accidentally cracked some hidden code and hit the jackpot. The jackpot being Kiryu’s heart somehow.

Damn, that’s cheesy as hell but that really was it, wasn’t it? Never did Majima think he’d get a kiss out of him like this. If only he could have stuck around longer but he had to really keep Kiryu on his toes especially with this disguise. All a part of the mystery that is Hannya Man. Why else would he lead him into a mirror maze for no reason and then fuck off into the woods like some sort of ghost? He couldn’t help but chuckle quietly to himself as he disappeared from Kiryu’s vision into the darkness.

Good thing he was quick enough to change out of his costume in time to find Kiryu again. Just not in the bathroom stalls, he wasn’t that greasy. Instead he met up with Nishida parked not too far from Purgatory and changed in the car. Last thing he wanted was to wrinkle his tux or get it stained from who knows what in there. Hannya Man had to look his best for Kiryu-chan after all.

As soon as Nishida fled the scene, Majima made a beeline for the shady restroom and waited in the first stall for Kiryu, prepared to play dumb as though he had no clue as to what lie beyond the stall at the end.

Not even a minute later he heard the door in the last stall slowly open. It was obvious Kiryu was trying to be quiet so as not to alarm anyone, if there was ever anyone in there at all. Majima’s lips curled into a grin as soon as he saw the familiar set of shoes walk past his stall, throwing the door open to announce himself and grab his attention.



The bar was just a few blocks down the road from where they met up. It was small and thankfully did not have very many patrons tonight. Most had already gone home or they were preoccupied with darts and billiards.


Majima opened a tab before Kiryu could object. “Drinks are on me tonight.” He said with a grin, he couldn’t explain why to Kiryu but it was the least he could do after he had taken him out for karaoke earlier, even if he couldn’t sing as Hannya Man. It was well worth it alone for getting to hear Kiryu sing, he would listen to him sing all night if he could.

“I promise it ain’t swill this time.” He added when Kiryu gave him a sour look.

Kiryu thanked Majima and held up his glass to drink from it once it was poured. Majima’s eye fixed on Kiryu’s hand, reminded of their- Hannya Man and Kiryu’s moment from earlier. Hardly did he ever get to touch Kiryu with his own hands since he preferred to wear gloves but he appreciated, even enjoyed the warmth in that small moment. He couldn’t stop thinking about the gentle look Kiryu gave him and how kind and supportive he sounded, how he never coaxed Hannya Man into speaking or doing anything he was uncomfortable doing.

Even when Hannya Man decided to run off Kiryu simply rolled with it, recognizing that he wasn’t comfortable in public looking the way he did. He was supposed to be a mysterious creature after all, as much as he appreciated the little ‘date’ they were on. It was a side of Kiryu that Majima didn’t get to see very often since he normally preferred to antagonize him.

Shit. Not only was he staring for too long he was getting sentimental. He was gonna be downing drinks quickly to get his mind of off this.

After shooting the shit for a while with Kiryu about nothing in particular, something he thought he’d never do, the heat from the alcohol was starting to get to him so he shed his coat and draped it over the empty bar stool next to him. When he turned his attention back to Kiryu he noticed he had been staring at his back. Oh shit, he really just exposed his ink without thinking about it first didn’t he?

“What’s up, Kiryu-chan? Can’t keep yer eyes off of me?” He teased to try and break the tension in the air.

“Well…” Kiryu paused as his eyes darted this way and that as though he were avoiding looking at the tattoo on his back for too long. “Your ink…reminds me of someone.”

“Ah…?” Majima blinked, feigning ignorance as to whom it was. Fuck, did he just blow his cover? He shouldn’t have taken off his jacket like a god damn fool, what did he think was gonna happen? That’s it, this was gonna be his last drink for the night. He grumbled under his breath and slowly took another sip.

“My boyf- ah. An acquaintance of mine. He wears a hannya mask.”


Oh Kiryu-chan.

Even with alcohol heavily influencing Majima he somehow managed to keep himself from losing his shit and his drink at that little slip up. Boy was Kiryu cute as hell. Majima was beside himself that he still hadn’t put two and two together that he was Hannya Man. Hiding his giddiness, Majima straightened his posture and took a longer, more confident sip of his drink.

“Yeah? He isn’t who I think he is, is he?”

“I don’t know, Majima-san. Who is it?”

“If yer talkin’ bout Hannya Man, I heard some things about him. Might wanna be careful there, I hear he’s a real killer. They say he’ll gobble yer soul right up.”

The face Kiryu made indicated he was either waiting for a punchline or that he wholeheartedly believed what he was hearing. Fuckin precious. Majima continued.

“Heard lotsa weird shit about him in my time, used to be a real terror over in Sotenbori. Know how bodies would sometimes wash up in the river? Sometimes they’d have inhuman teeth marks in em, plenty of locals had suspicions it was him.” He watched as Kiryu’s frown became more apparent to the point it was concerning.

“Relax, I’m kiddin’.” He took another sip of his drink to hold his tongue from tacking on ‘Or am I?’ just to further fuck with Kiryu. “But y’know, I still wouldn’t trust the guy. Did ya know he has several rows of sharp teeth behind that mask? That shit can shred your flesh in an instant.” That didn’t seem to help, not surprising. Kiryu looked hurt on Hannya Man’s behalf, it was real sweet in a way with how determined he looked to stand up for his acquaintance who was definitely not his boyfriend. Majima could have kissed him right there but technically he already had that night.

“Majima-san, I don’t think he would do that.” Kiryu broke his silence after mulling over the other man’s words. “Even if that is true…there is no way I would be sitting here if he wanted to actually kill me. He is only ever rough when he knows I can handle it.”

Oh fuck. This was hopefully just the alcohol making Majima’s face warm up and not the other thing. Gross. Were those butterflies he was feeling in his stomach? Un-fuckin-believable. Hopefully if he really was blushing it wasn’t noticeable or at least could be mistaken for drunkenness. Okay gotta calm down, act cool.

“Ya sure ‘bout that?” Majima took another sip, forcing himself to relax as soon as he realized how stiff he was sitting. “Listen Kiryu-chan, all I’m sayin’ is ya haven’t known him for very long, yeah? He might be a real nasty dude. You’ll be straight fucked if ya let someone close to you that easily.”

Kiryu shook his head. “I know that. He may be a little strange and he enjoys fighting me almost as much as you do.” That’s rich. Majima couldn’t help but snort at that. Kiryu ignored it and continued, “But…he’s gentle, even if a little rough on the edges. I can tell he’s not a bad person.”

Majima didn’t need to see his hands beneath his gloves to know his knuckles were turning white with how tightly he was holding his glass. It was nearly to the point it might have possibly broken in his hands. “If…ya say so. Just be careful, okay?” Fuck, that’s too genuine. Majima lowered his voice so no one else could hear, “Remember, I’m the only one who gets to kill ya.” That’s better. He felt more in his element again and relaxed, pushing a small smirk at him.

“I know.” Kiryu chuckled, having gotten used to hearing that by this point.

“Say…” Majima was gonna regret asking but it was eating at him since he first donned the mask. “What is it ya like about him so much anyway?” He had to know after seeing how quickly Kiryu seemed to fall for him.

Thankfully it looked like Majima wasn’t the only one blushing now. Kiryu had the look of a kid with an innocent crush with the way he avoided his gaze and covered his lips as he frantically thought of what to say, having just been put on the spot like that. Heh, cute.

“W-Well…” Kiryu swallowed. Majima leaned in to gently elbow him. “I won’t judge.” Kiryu took a long sip of his drink. Majima grinned. “Wouldn’t be that long forked tongue he supposedly has, would it?”

Somehow, Kiryu managed to not spit take his drink everywhere at that but he did nearly choke. Majima cackled but only after he patted his back and made sure he was okay. When he said he’d kill Kiryu, he didn’t mean it like that!

“Sorry, Kiryu-chan. I couldn’t resist.”

Kiryu grumbled.

“I’m…not really sure what it is.” He finally admitted once he had recovered from his series of coughing fits. “There’s something so familiar and…ah, charming about him. I wanted to get to know him, even if he never speaks or takes his mask off.” He finished off his drink and quickly added in just above a whisper, “…and I admit I like his horns and his fangs. They’re…handsome.”

Well. Under any other circumstances Majima would have mercilessly teased him for that last comment but he already said he wouldn’t judge. Not only that but he was very fixed on everything else he said that lead up to it.

“Heh, got it.” Was all he managed to get out, clearly surprising even Kiryu that he had nothing else to say about it.

Majima downed the last of his drink and checked his phone. Time to get the hell out of dodge. Last thing he needed was for things to get more dicey than they already were. Majima had collected enough information as to what to do next for Kiryu and of course he didn’t want him to catch on to how much this conversation had affected him. Majima stood from his chair and stretched, grabbing his jacket before placing it back on.

“Well, y’know what? It’s been fun but I gotta get back to my boys now, make sure the place hasn’t gone to shit in my absence. Hope yer right about ole’ Hannya Man.” Kiryu remained seated, watching him as he got ready to leave despite looking as though he wanted to say something. “Oh and I’ll keep the tab open for ya, have as much as ya like.” If he could wink, he would. Instead he gave a thumbs up as a substitute.

“Anyway! I’ll seeya again real soon, ya better not disappoint me. Sweet dreams, Kiryu-chan!” He spoke with a wicked grin and kicked the door open before seeing himself out, cackling into the night.

Hopefully it would be a while before Kiryu returned home, there were a few quick stops he had to make before he did.



The next morning Kiryu awoke to another folded up note that had been slipped under the door to Serena. He stooped to pick it up and open it, his heart racing as soon as he saw the familiar scratchy black ballpoint writing etched into it.

[Coliseum tonight.]

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The roar of a bloodthirsty audience brought Kiryu back to his senses.

He blinked at the harsh stage lights shining down from above and moved his head to take in his surroundings. Next to him lie Hannya Man on the floor of the Coliseum ring, the only sign of life from him were his slightly parted lips as he tried to catch his breath.

Right. Kiryu agreed to meet him here, didn’t he? It was coming back to him now, he barely survived fighting him. He was much fiercer than he had been a few days prior. Since they were both on the ground, it must have been a draw.

Just as Kiryu started to regain his bearings and moved to his knees to stand back up, Hannya Man quickly grabbed his hand, making the crowd gasp at the sudden movement from an otherwise lifeless looking body on the ground. It wasn’t to support himself so he could stand but to instead hand Kiryu another note. Afterwards he let him go and hoisted himself back onto his feet just as Kiryu did the same before they both respectfully parted their ways.

As soon as they left the ring, Kiryu immediately checked the note.

[Come find me. I’ll be waiting in Room 7.]

 “This looks like the place.” Kiryu thought to himself as he wandered the hallway bathed only in the soft glow of pink neon lighting. It didn't take too long for him to find the door that had the matching number from Hannya Man’s note. The room itself was pitch dark but looking in from the light of the hallway, it seemed to be one of the rooms reserved for the brothel and its clients. Kiryu shivered and stepped inside to search for Hannya Man, not entirely certain of what to expect but with a room like this, he had at least a clue that he was in for a long night.

He stuck near the entrance to take in his surroundings with the bit of light spilling in through the doorway. A round mirror shimmered, almost glowing pink in the darkness as it reflected hazy outside lighting while suspended above an equally round bed, sheer curtains pulled aside for presentation. A tray for some wine glasses, a bottle of red wine, and an ice bucket sat on a ledge nearby and Kiryu could make out the shape of some decorative plants flanking it. To his left the shine of a pole caught his attention, most likely used for dancing. Kiryu shook his head at the reminder of the time he almost got into that business.

The light in the mirror had been giving Kiryu what he needed to see where the hell he was in an otherwise completely dark room and it left him wondering where his opponent slash possible boyfriend had run off to and what he was planning exactly. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the light of the hallway fading fast, eclipsed by the silhouette of the door closing in on him. Kiryu spun around just in time to see a glimmer of gold horns and a flash of white before they were engulfed in darkness.

Oh shit.

Kiryu blinked, frantically turned and tried his best to see into the darkness but there was nothing, he couldn’t even see a hand in front of his face even after he waited for the retinal burn from the light to fade, his eyes slowly adjusting to his surroundings. He furrowed his brow as he recalled what Majima told him.

“…Hannya Man, you’re not about to steal my soul, are you?”

There was a slight shake to his voice, he was admittedly spooked by this point. Of course he wouldn’t answer his question but he thought he would try anyway. There were no signs that Hannya Man had moved, no sign of any footsteps, and yet he knew he was gradually getting closer.

Then, Kiryu got his answer.

Hot breath on the back of his neck made him freeze up, swallowing hard when he felt what he was sure were the teeth of Hannya Man’s mask poking against his flesh. Not hard enough to harm but enough to tease. He lightly dragged them against his sensitive skin until Kiryu shuddered, withdrawing immediately afterwards.

Kiryu didn’t need to see to know Hannya Man was looming over him. He could practically feel his grin as he stared him down in the dark.

He nearly jumped when he felt his tongue lick the same spot he was teasing, gasping at the warm sensation on his skin. There was a texture to his tongue there as well, something smooth and metallic. A piercing?

Kiryu nearly missed it but he heard something akin to a chuckle under Hannya Man’s breath. His own breath hitched at the sound, there was a familiar cadence to it but he couldn’t be sure where else he had heard it. Before he could really pin down whose voice it was, he was pulled from his thoughts at the feeling of hands gently grasping his hips. This time Hannya Man leaned in to pepper the back of Kiryu’s neck with apologetic kisses, pausing with steady even breaths when he gently pressed his ‘fangs’ against his skin again, as though asking for permission to continue.

Kiryu would have been lying if he wasn’t at least a little curious as to what Hannya Man could do to him. The dark atmosphere and the rush of adrenaline he previously had from his little scare certainly wasn’t helping matters, especially since his other senses were heightened because of it. Every little touch or breath from Hannya Man gave Kiryu goosebumps and it left him wanting more.

He nodded his head, uncertain if Hannya Man could see him. “…Go ahead.”

Hannya Man’s hands squeezed his hips and Kiryu was certain he heard a growl of approval beneath his breath and then he moved his hands around to the front to unbutton Kiryu’s shirt, his (actual) teeth sinking into his neck and sucking on the skin enough to bring some bruises to the surface. At some point between Hannya Man biting Kiryu and getting his shirt undone, Kiryu found himself leaning against one of the walls. All the attention the masked man was giving him was overwhelming him to the point he wasn’t certain where he was in the room now.

With Hannya Man’s hands roaming up his body to his exposed chest though, Kiryu couldn’t find himself to care much as to where he was. His dress shirt shuffled off of his shoulders, exposing more skin that Hannya Man wasted no time in tasting and leaving more marks on as his fingers gently teased and pinched at Kiryu’s nipples. At one point, Kiryu arched his back against Hannya Man and felt his erection pressing into his rear, inhaling sharply at the realization that he was affecting him in such a way as well.

“Please.” He breathed, now overcome with a strong desire to have this mysterious man inside him.

Well, Hannya Man wasn’t going to be able to do that with Kiryu still almost fully clothed. He helped him undress the rest of the way while covering his back, his ass, and the backs of his thighs in kisses, his breaths on the more sensitive areas making Kiryu shiver.

The draft against Kiryu’s now completely nude body had him shaking against the wall especially when he felt the warmth of Hannya Man’s body draw away from his, he thought to protest but something told him he needed to stay put. The last thing he wanted was to disappoint him.

After what felt like hours of waiting, he heard the pop of a cap behind him, familiar enough with that sound from times he spent with Majima to know that was the signal for him to get into position. He arched his back a bit, pushing his ass up so that Hannya Man had easy access to him. A few seconds passed, then instead of what he expected would follow, a clean hand reached to cup his chin, tilting his head over his shoulder so that Hannya Man could claim him in a kiss.

This was appreciated very much, but Kiryu was beginning to get impatient- wait, he felt no teeth from the mask. Had Hannya Man at some point removed it so that he could kiss him? It was hard to tell with how dark the room was and with his hand trailing from his face down his back to gently squeeze his rear, he was right back to feeling impatient. He whimpered against the kiss and gave his hip a small wiggle, urging him to keep going.

Unfortunately for him, that seemed to just make Hannya Man draw it out longer. He could feel the shape of his smirk against their kiss as his other hand moved downwards, a slick digit playfully circling and prodding at his entrance. “Fuck. Please, Hannya Man…” Kiryu whispered against the kiss, his panting the only sound in the room and it seemed so overwhelmingly loud because of that.

Hannya Man closed the gap between them again and parted his lips, coaxing Kiryu with his pierced tongue to do the same. Kiryu’s patience was thinning and he thought to protest, but ultimately his desire to remain obedient for his mystery lover won out. Just as he parted his lips, Hannya Man’s tongue pushed into him and so did his slick finger.

The muffled noise Kiryu made against the kiss was unexpected and Hannya Man seemed to appreciate it enough that he pushed in further, hoping to get more out of him while he teasingly pressed his piercing against Kiryu’s tongue. Kiryu relaxed as much as he could around Hannya Man, sighing in pleasure when they broke the kiss with a small wet sound.

Whatever the hell Hannya Man was doing to him, it seemed like he had done it before. He found Kiryu’s sweet spot quickly but kept his slow pace to get him more worked up. Kiryu moaned and pushed his hips back against his hand, wanting more. Luckily for him, Hannya Man was more than willing to oblige this time. He squeezed his hip again as he slid his other hand out only to push two digits in this time, eliciting a pleased groan from Kiryu as Hannya Man slowly worked him open.

At first Hannya Man allowed Kiryu to buck his hips back onto his fingers, encouraging him by guiding him with his free hand until he stopped him by then moving that hand to the small of his back, pinning him there. Kiryu blinked as he felt Hannya Man’s fingers leave him and just as he started to groan in disappointment at the empty feeling, he was cut off with a gasp as the head of the other man’s cock pressed against his stretched hole, pushing just enough that it passed the threshold and he stopped, his hand still pinning him. Even he seemed to be restraining himself if the small growl against the back of Kiryu’s neck was anything to go by.

Kiryu bit his lip and waited, understanding that Hannya Man wanted to make sure he wasn’t hurting him. After a few moments of adjusting, he frantically tried to urge him to keep going. “G-Go ahead, please…fuck me, Hannya Man.” He begged, met with the other man pushing further in, his own breaths ragged against the back of his ear. Kiryu reached back with both hands and spread himself open to help him along, groaning at the feeling of him sinking in more quickly.

Hannya Man’s hands moved to Kiryu’s hips as he bottomed out, both men panting by this point as the former covered the latter’s neck in more kisses. Kiryu couldn’t help but notice at some point he placed his mask back on, the wooden fangs of it poking against his skin again. He would have found it endearing of him if he wasn’t so overwhelmingly stuffed.

Kiryu didn’t need to ask any further, Hannya Man was already starting to thrust into him with a slow experimental pace at first and it didn’t take long to deepen his thrusts especially when the sounds that Kiryu made encouraged him to keep going. He leaned in to reach a hand around his front and move downwards, an appreciative moan from Kiryu when he started to stroke him in time with his own thrusts.

It wasn’t going to last much longer however, Hannya Man could tell by the sounds Kiryu was making that he was close and he wasn’t about to allow that. He stopped all at once and withdrew from him, turning Kiryu around to pin him against the wall. “Why did you- ah!” Kiryu was stopped short as Hannya Man moved in to tease a nipple with his tongue piercing, lapping against it and making Kiryu twitch and whimper against it. It wouldn’t have been enough to make him cum but it was enough to make him wish he could.

Somehow, Kiryu managed not to from just the feeling of Hannya Man moving downwards to take his leaking cock in his mouth.

He moaned desperately, his fists tightening against the wall as the other man dragged his piercing along the underside of his shaft while sucking gently on him. Kiryu knew what he was trying to do, it was very much like a game that Majima would play on him and he was trying his best not to cum yet. His whole body tensed up as he forced himself not to thrust into his mouth. He only wished that Hannya Man could speak and tell him what a good boy he was for not cumming yet.

“H-Hannya Man, please…” Kiryu’s voice was nearly hoarse by this point.

His only response was to suck even harder on him.

“Hannya Man!” He cried, partially out of pleasure and partially out of panic as to whether he would last.

It wasn’t until Kiryu’s hips started twitching that he pulled back and without warning, lifted him up by his thighs.

Kiryu knew Hannya Man was strong but he didn’t expect him to be strong enough to lift him. He held on to his shoulders and was sure that his eyes had adjusted enough now that he could at least see the shape of his mask in the dark. He couldn’t resist moving in to kiss those handsome fangs that he had enjoyed using against his sensitive skin all through the night. Hannya Man seemed to appreciate this gesture, his tongue darting out against Kiryu’s bottom lip to catch him off guard just as he entered him again, pinning Kiryu to the wall and fucking him with no restraint.

Kiryu was grateful that they were in the dark, he was sure that his eyes were watering from how overwhelming this whole experience was. “I…It feels so good, keep going.” This time, Hannya Man wasn’t holding back. He made sure he had Kiryu pinned so that he could penetrate him at just the right angle, hitting his sweet spot effortlessly with each hard thrust until finally, Kiryu threw his head back and nearly screamed as he came. Hannya Man fucked him through it until he finished inside him not long after.

For Kiryu, everything was a blur afterwards and he was amazed that even mid orgasm, Hannya man somehow managed to remain silent.

At some point, Hannya Man must have brought Kiryu to the bed because he was laying on something soft and- ow, suddenly lights were on again. Kiryu shielded his eyes until they adjusted to it, which thankfully did not take long since they were rather dim.

Amazingly, Hannya Man did not flee while Kiryu wasn’t looking. When he came into view he was sitting comfortably at the edge of the bed while pouring a glass of wine for the both of them. Kiryu accepted his with a small nod when he held it out to him and took a sip, awkwardly clearing his throat.

“I ah…that was…nice.” He chuckled, scooting up beside Hannya Man to plant a kiss on his neck. “Can I…?” He asked as he reached towards Hannya Man’s bowtie with an intent to unravel it. He shook his head and pushed his hand back. Kiryu respected his boundaries but raised a hand to his own neck, knowing full well that he was not going to be able to hide all of the marks the other left on him.

“You covered me with marks of your own, can I at least leave one…?”

Hannya Man thought about it for a few moments, then gave a slight nod.

Later when Kiryu awoke, he found another note from Hannya Man resting on the nightstand. Unsurprisingly, he was long gone now. Kiryu yawned and unfolded it as he sat up in bed.

[I had fun, seemed like you did too.]

Kiryu felt heat rise in his cheeks and continued reading.

[I hope we can do this again sometime. Meet me back here tomorrow same time? I’ll be waiting.]

There was a small addition tacked on at the end after a series of scribbles, as though it took Hannya Man a few tries to find the right words for the last bit.

[P.S. You were amazing last night.]

Kiryu smiled and folded the note up, handling it as delicately as possible. He already knew his answer.

“I’m…not really in the mood to fight you, Majima-san.”

Once again, Kiryu was blowing off a fight with the guy, expecting him to berate him for it. Instead however, Majima seemed unaffected by that and shrugged it off much like the night before. “Yeah? Looks like ya got somethin’ on yer mind again.” He wasn’t wrong. Kiryu had been up most of the night with Hannya Man and only slept a few hours after he had left, his dreams overrun with his mysterious new boyfriend. “Sure ya gettin’ enough sleep? That’s as important as trainin’, ya know! I ain’t gonna fight ya if yer not in peak condition.”

Kiryu snorted. “As if you get enough sleep yourself, Maji-“ He stopped as realization hit him like one of the many bicycles he was so famous for breaking over randos’ heads. Initially he wanted to point out the baggage under Majima’s eye but instead his own eyes wandered to the exact same mark on Majima’s neck that he left on Hannya Man. Shit. Kiryu couldn’t believe himself for dismissing all the evidence right in front of him as just coincidences, of course it was all just Majima. Of course.

Majima seemed to catch all the subtle changes in Kiryu’s shift in expressions as he connected the dots because he gave him a sly knowing smile and slid an arm around his shoulder.

“Can’t believe ya really fucked Hannya Man. Yer an animal.”

Kiryu thought he might die right there on the spot from embarrassment.

“It’s…nothing like that.”

“Yer full of shit, Kiryu-chan. What the hell is all over yer neck then?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“Nah, man. You first.”

Kiryu’s face was bright red as he thought of something to say. In the end, the weakest ass excuse that first came to mind was it.

“I uh…fell.”

Majima snorted. Dammit Kiryu-chan, he was gonna use that exact excuse. Kiryu stared him down, wanting an answer.

“Ahh…well.” Majima shrugged. “Couldn’t find ya last night so I got in a fight with a guy, real tough bastard he was but ya know…” A smirk spread across his lips. “Once ya pin em to a wall, they go down pretty easily.”

Kiryu never regretted asking something so quickly in his life. He retrieved a smoke from his pocket to calm himself down.

“Hey Kiryu-chan?”


“Ya better get some rest, wouldn’t want ya disappointin’ yer date tonight. He might devour yer soul for real if ya fuck it up.”

“Heh, got it."