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Walk into a Trap willingly

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Tang Yi watched as Shao Fei managed to grumble and mumble under his breath, while shoveling food into his mouth. It was a miracle that nothing had spilled out of it other than noise. 

“Officer Meng.”

“What?” Shao Fei managed to catch the one grain of rice had had slipped out of his mouth. 

“If you’re going to disturb our meal with such grumbling, maybe you should just say what’s on your mind.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t let people touch you so freely!” Shao Fei’s eyes widened for a moment, as if he had just realized what he said, before he went back to shoveling food into his mouth.

Tang Yi raised an eyebrow. “I’ve already offered you a chance as well.”

“That’s not the point!” This time a grain of rice escaped again. Tang Yi watched it fall right before his bowl.

“So what should be the point, Officer Meng?”

“Never you mind! Suddenly you’re so interested…”

The ends of Tang Yi’s lips curved ever so slightly upwards. “Maybe I’ve found something interesting.” Tang Yi leaned in. “A small bit of something wrong, Shao Fei?”

Shao Fei dropped the piece of meat between his chopsticks at the sound of his name. “Would you date me?”

Tang Yi paused mid sip of his tea. “What?”

Shao Fei seemed to shake himself. “I asked if you hate me!”

“Are you sure that’s what you asked?”

Shao Fei’s eyes darted to all manner of directions except Tang Yi’s face. “Yes…”

Tang Yi sighed. “If it’s that question, no. I don’t hate you.” Tang Yi put his cup down and stood up, straightening his suit. “You’re my half-friend after all, Shao Fei. But if it’s the question I may have misheard… Perhaps.” Tang Yi smiled. “Finish up and come to the car when you’re ready.”