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The Closing

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It all started on a hot and humid summer afternoon with Izuku being out in the woods away from his friends looking for a good place to camp. He wondered a bit, and was pretty far from where they originally wanted to set their belongings down and rest. He only wanted the best view to see the stars tonight. How hard can that be? Its not like anythings gonna happen to them tonight right? right.

“Zukuuuu can we pleaseee just set up somewhere ? Its been a long drive here and now you’re making us walk to far out away from the truck. “Izuku turned and looked at one of his first friends he’s made during grade school. “Ura you know I want to have the best place to see the stars! It’s the only reason why I asked all you guys to come out here with me tonight. Besides, us getting the best spot means extra credit for class. “He winked at her and she sighed in exasperation.

“ I for one have to agree with Uraraka on this one Midoriya. It is not safe for us to be so far from our only safety way out not too mention we won’t have cell service later on. “Izuku stopped dead in his tracts looking at the new found land and, ignoring his friend Iida input as well in the process. “I think this is the perfect place to set up camp. There’s a nice opening looks like a canopy I think .” Izuku got started with trying to set up tent. Uraraka started to get a fire working and Iida was on standby watching and making sure that everything was in order.


As night fell the natural sounds of nature started to start up with the calls of crickets and the mosquitoes being active in doing the only thing they know how. Sucking blood.

“Iida where did you put my repellent?”

“Ura stop complaining you put a ton load of that stuff before we even came out and can you get my telescope while you’re getting her precious repellent iida please?”

I am a man of one power and not of multiple things Iida thinks to himself quietly as he’s going to get the things his friends suddenly asked for.

He brings the telescope to Izuku and gives Uraraka her repellent. He then settled down by Uraraka and watches Izuku get his telescope ready.

“Izu don’t you think you should do this tomorrow night since it’s pretty cloudy out ? I mean I understand you want the pictures and all but could we at least use this night to unwind first ? “ He gives uraraka his best “leave me alone“ face. “

No, I want to take at least 3 pictures before I decide to go to sleep tonight you on the other hand can do as you please.“ They stare each other down until she gives up and decides she wasn’t going to put up with his recently snappy attitude and calls it a night. Iida being the observant man he is decides to also leave Izuku alone to his doings.




Izuku yawns as his limbs are worn down from the daily travels and his eyes are dry from looking into the telescope for periods of time without break. I should sleep soon I do want to go into town in the morning. As he gets ready to put up his telescope he scans the sky once more, looks upon the tree tops, and spot the reddest pair of eyes he’s ever seen. He rubs his eyes thinking that it was just his imagination because nobody else could be here at night nevertheless in the trees as well. Let me just check one more time he says to himself. When he looks back he doesn’t see those strange red eyes instead he feels the warmth of somebody breathing down his neck and the smell of cinnamon hits his nose instantly.




Izuku’s body goes rigid from the close proximity of this stranger with such an alluring smell. “ W-who a-are you ? “. The stranger says nothing but begins to walk around him until he’s facing his front. Izuku notices that his ash blonde hair seems transparent under the soft glow of the cloudy sky. Izuku asks again but more controlled this time “ Who are you ? “. The stranger then ducks his hair down to sniff at the junction of his neck and shoulder. I should run away izuku thinks, as he’s about to make a move for it the deep gravel voice of the stranger stops it. “ I wouldn’t want to run if I was you shortstack “


Oh so he can talk? He halts in his barely started run and asks this stranger one last time “ Who are you ? “ The man smirks down at him with his fang like canines whispers in his ear “ Until next time “ and then he’s gone. Izuku starts looking around the woods trying to get a trace of where he vanished off to so suddenly when he hears Iida “ Are you still up Midoriya ? Won’t you come rest ?”

Midoriya turns around with the face of him just having seen a ghost and goes into a fitful slumber about the man with strange red eyes and ash blonde hair.




“ Where were you Bakugo ? “ Kirishima asks. Bakugo walks past him into his tent, “ I was out looking at my next mate got a problem ? “ He looks up at Kirishima as if to challenge him to push it any further.


Kirishima walks deeper into his bestfriends tent “Mate ? The big bad alpha Bakugo wants a mate ? Since when did you care about finding someone? “ Bakugo glares at him “ It’s time I found an omega we need to complete our pack bond shitty hair and would you get the hell out of my tent you’re gonna stink it up with your fucking smell. “ Kirishima smiles with his sharp and pointy teeth knowing that him staying in the tent and asking more questions would be like poking a bear. “ Well we missed you last night at the campfire dude try not to stalk them too long bakubro. “ With that he was off and left Katsuki to his own devices. Green hair and green eyes huh ? Broccoli boy.




Izuku stares out of the car window wondering if he’s really going to see that strange man that’s starting to not seem like a “ man “ anymore.

“ Midoriya are you alright ? You’ve been distant since this morning. What’s making you seem on edge? “ Iida looks at him in the mirror while Uraraka turns around to assess her bestfriends behavior. “ Yea izu are you alright ? Are you upset about yesterday afternoon still ?” She looks down with a crestfallen face as if she was the reason for his sudden mood swift.

“No guys I’m fine I swear I’ve just been in my head today thinking about mom and stuff I’m fine guys really.. just ready to get back and see if I’ll be able to see the moon tonight.” And if I’ll see that stranger . Izuku closes his eyes and drifts off again thinking about that stranger until they arrive at camp.


“ IZU ! “ Uraraka all but shouts. “ GET UP COME ON LETS GO “. Izuku jumps with a start “ WHAT WHAT WHAT’S WRONG URA ? “ he looks around and notices that they’re at the edge of the trail to their set up and groans “ you could’ve woken me up like a normal person you know ?”


On their way back to sight Izuku starts to look around the trees trying to find that man that haunts his dreams. With his luck at the moment he won’t see him since the sun still hasn’t set yet.

“ Alright guys lets go ahead and get the fire started so when the sun fully sets we won’t be around here blind.” He looks at his other bestfriend as a second thought “no offense Iida.”



“ Izu are you going to stay up all night like last night ? It’s pretty late and whatever you’re trying to find obviously isn’t here.” Uraraka looks at him with slight curiosity. He turns around from his telescope again and looks at her “ I’m going to be up for a while don’t worry about me go ahead and sleep. Thanks for the concern though I guess”. And with that he was off to searching the “ stars “ as he told his friends but was really looking to find that stranger.


Seconds passed , minutes passed and, hours passed as Izuku started to doze off from waiting too long.




Leaves crinkling, birds moving from trees, twigs snapping, and the little huffs and puffs of air from Katsukis snout drown out any sounds from his pact as he runs to find his mate. The adrenaline of him seeing the one that’ll bear his children one day too great to stop. He sniffs the air and makes a sharp right, narrowly missing a log.


He comes to a halt when he spots his human mate.. hah human what a pity. He then quietly shifts back into human form and walks up to the snoozing boy. As he’s walking he steps on a twig and watches as the little bean sprout opens his eyed and gathers his surroundings while staring him down.


“You’re back.” He says sluggish and slow from him waking up. “I did say until next time so obviously I was gonna come back you idiot.”

Izuku shifts at the sudden rudeness. “What’s your name?” Katsuki closes the little distance they had between each other and begins to sniff at his neck “ Bakugo Katsuki and what’s yours bean stalk?” Izuku tries to shimmies further away from his advances. “ Izuku Midoriya “ he says muttering. “Hah? What was that? Deku? Your name is fucking deku?” He laughs loud and brashly.” No, I said Izuku you asswipe.”


Oh he has a little spitfire to him huh? I’ve always liked them spicy. “ Okay deku how about you come with me back to my pack and I won’t hurt your friends.”


Izuku gasps at the sudden threat.”Me? Leave with some stranger to some fucking pack? What are you a wolf or some shit ?” He whisper shouts. “You’re precisely right deku now come with me and there won’t be any trouble.”

“No, you have to be out of your damn mind if you think I’d go with some deranged man who thinks he’s a werewolf.” He moves to push katsuki off of him but Katsuki catches his hands. “Guess I’ll have to do this the hard way”. Katsuki bites the junction of his neck and izuku feels himself go ice cold. I’m going to come back Iida and Uraraka please don’t come looking for me . Suddenly his vision blanks out and he’s cold to the world in bakugos grasp.




Where am I? Why is that smell so concentrated? Izuku opens his eyes to reveal a new world of color. His ears are sharper than before and everything feels different. Taking from how he can smell he knows who tent he’s in. He looks around and comes across pelts, knives, necklaces,and hunting gear . That’s when it all comes to head. I need to get out of here.


He takes in his surroundings and came to a conclusion that the man had recently left. He tries to get up to look around for Katuski when he feels a sharp and sudden pain that turns his vision white.


What the fuck? Like what the actual fuck? He really bit me, asshole. Now I could suck up the pain and leave or I can-




Deku . I need to get back to my deku. Kirishima looks over. “Yo bakugo get your head out of the gutter and come on bro. We’re missing all of the shots and it’s not from me this time.” Bakugo growls “Don’t tell me what to do we have plenty meat to last us for at least 2 days. I’m calling quits.”


Bakugo and Kirishima walk back to their camp and he leaves kiri to deal with the meat. He has more important matters to attend too. He’s outside of his tent sniffing around to see if anybody has come close or if deku left.




“ You’re up now huh ? Bout fucking time. You know you’re heavier than you look.” Bakugo walks in throwing his gear down and immediately aims his nose right where he left his mark. Not a mark deep enough for a soul bond but deep enough for transformation and a heat he thinks to himself bitterly but smiles. Izuku pushes himself off the pelts and goes to the farthest corner in the tent. “Don’t come near me again you freak. I don’t wanna be your dinner.” Bakugo smirks and walks towards him slowly like he’s stalking his prey. “Do you think this is a game? I’ll- I’ll hurt you !” He stops just in arms reach of deku.


They stare at each other for a while until deku breaks the silence. “When are you taking me back and why did you bite me? Why is everything clearer?” The saliva has taken effects already heh just a matter of time before he becomes mine.


“ You can leave whenever you want.” He shrugs. “Just know that you won’t be able to leave too far. The forest will bring you back.” He walks around and starts getting ready for their next encounter.


“What do you mean by that? I-I can just go? You-you aren’t going to stop me?” He gets up minding how he bends his neck and walks around bakugo’s form carefully. He crosses halfway and locks eyes with him.


He’s wasn’t kidding? I can really just go? I don’t think it’s that easy . He walks closer and closer towards the entrance making sure that bakugo won’t chase him. “If you’re gonna leave then fucking leave already. I’m not chasing your dumbass.” Yet he thinks. Izuku turns around and makes a dash for it. He’ll be back soon enough.




“ IZUKU WHERE ARE YOU? THIS ISN’T A FUNNY JOKE COME OUT!” Uraraka yells out again. “Iida he’s been gone all morning ALL MORNING where is he?” She starts to sniffle and eventually the dam breaks. She lost her best friend and doesn’t know where he’s at. No trace of him. No nothing.


“Uraraka he probably ventured out earlier to get more wood or something surely enough he’ll be fine.” I have to be the stronger one here it’s almost midday and he’s been gone since we were up at dawn.




Izuku runs and runs until his legs give out. He starts sniffing the air unconsciously to find where his friends are when he picks up a fruity perfume scent. Uraraka . He picks back up speed and starts running again noticing how he’s gotten faster as well as his better eyesight and hearing.


“ IIDA! URARAKA! “ he shouts as he sees his friends. They turn around with one look of astonishment and one with snot and tears rolling down her pink puffy cheeks. “IZU? IZU ITS REALLY YOU” she runs towards him and they clash into messy limbs and snot ridden hugs.

“ I missed you guys so much..I- I was so scared I didn’t want you guys to come after me.” Iida walks into view but he doesn’t hug Izuku instead he just stares.


“Pardon my language but what in the heck is that on your neck Midoriya? It looks like you’ve been mauled by a bear! Why is it so freaking big? WHERE DID YOU GET IT FROM?” Izuku looks confused for a second when he realized he’s talking about the bite mark. Iida tries to get a closer look while sticking his hand out as if he’s going to touch the mark Izuku growls with his eyes glowing.


Don’t touch my mark.” He says it as if he’s possessed. Uraraka looks at him as if he’s grown a second head. “Izu... did- did you just growl? Like a full on growl?” She gets up off him aware that something bad had happened to Izuku. His eyes return to normal and he looks at the with horror. Did I really just growl at my friends? Why do I feel like I have to bite off Iida’s hand? “ Guys listen I.. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’m really sorry I- I just.. i just don’t know.” Iida looks at his friend and goes near him with caution. “Okay Izuku lets go back to camp. We have to dress your wound and from what I can see you’re going to need stitches.”




On the way back Iida hangs out behind Uraraka and Izuku. That mark looks something akin to a bear but the puncture marks looks like they were meant to be there. Not just randomly placed for eating. Izuku what happened?


They get back to camp and settle down with Izuku sitting in Uraraka’s lap and Iida going around to look at the wound. “You’re going to need stitches Midoriya. The best I can do now is clean it out so it won’t get affected. We’re going to have to go to a hospital but that’s in two towns over. I can give you stitches but I also don’t know how long they’ll do you any good.” Izuku sighs I’m so tired and sleepy and oh so cold . “Okay Iida I rather you give me stitches then for me to bleed out. Can we go ahead and go I wanna try to get back in time before the sun sets. We only have so much time left and I’m so tired.”




Iida gets in the car while Uraraka and Izuku are close behind. As Izuku gets ready to step foot out of the forest he starts to whine and shiver profusely. Uraraka stops “Izu are you okay?” I’m missing something.. someone.. I’m missing it but I don’t know what it is. “Ura i dont feel too well.” Everything starts to turn and Izuku falls onto Uraraka.” Izu.. Izu come on get up we need to go its almost night fall.” She slaps his face a lil as if that’ll get him back started but he won’t budge. “Iida can you go out and get what we need? I’ll walk back with Izu and put him down.” Iida looks at her with a worrying look. “If you say so Uraraka. I’ll be back but not before the sun sets since we wasted so much time already.” He gets in the car and waits until he doesn’t see their forms anymore before he pulls off to the nearest convenience store.




I told that idiot that he couldn’t leave the forest and what does he do? Try to leave. Dumbass.

“Yo shitty hair I’m gonna take some meat back to my tent and go out. Don’t come for me.” Bakugo gets up but feels Kirishima touch his shoulder.” Bro the full moon is in 2 days.. do you think you’ll be able to.. you know..convince him to be a part of the pack?” Well I already bit him he’s gonna start to crave me soon anyways. “ Don’t worry I got this.” He smirks and is off to meet his mate.




“Izu what are you doing? Why are you spouting nonsense? Iida’s coming back sooner then you know it hold down.” He looks like he’s in so much pain. I hate to see him like this. I.. i cant do anything to help him. “Ura i need to go deeper into the forest i NEED TO GO.” Izuku whines again but this time this whine sounds of agony. He try’s to run off but Uraraka catches him and hold him down. “IZU STOP THIS! You’re.. you’re scaring me..” Izuku looks up to see Uraraka pinning him down. He headbutts her and scrambles to get up and run. I’m so sorry for what I did to you Ura .” You were in my way Ura.” And with that he was truly off.




Izuku runs off into the forest getting scraped by branches, stepping on rocks, and running into spiderwebs. This enhancement to my vision is pretty great I guess. As he’s running he steps on a rock the wrong way and stumbles down. Falling and rolling into the forest floor. Getting sticks and dirt into his mouth when he finally lands on his face. God that fucking hurt I obviously couldn’t see that well. He moves to get up when he feels eyes on him.


Red . Bakugo goes to pick him up bridal style but pauses when he touches him. When Izuku doesn’t put up a fight he fully picks him up. “I told you if you tried to leave you would be able too. Why’d you do it? Now you look like a damn cooked noodle with a messed up face and a foot. Why aren’t you wearing shoes dumbass?” Izuku looks at him and puts his face to Bakugo’s neck “I’m so tired and so cold but you smell so good.” He mumbles out into his neck as Bakugo is leading them back to the camp.


They reach his tent and Bakugo lays deku down on his pelts. He immediately goes for his coat and drowns his nose in his smell. He looks like he’s going into a preheat .” So how do you feel now since you’re back where you belong?” He sits down by deku. Izuku whines and makes grabby hands for bakugo.” Kacchan I don’t want to stay I want to go home.”


Kacchan huh? It’s better then stranger. ” You are home deku. This is our home now. Get comfortable because you won’t be leaving this tent for a very long while.” He moves to put deku into his lap and kisses his mark. He grabs one of the biggest pelts to put over him and deku.


“Kacchannn I’m not cold anymore. Are we going to sleep? In the morning we’re gonna talk about me going home.” He slurs before he drifts off. He’s drunk off my scent.. this is going to be perfect. He’s gonna be extra toasty and ready for the full moon. Katuski lets a purr like sound from the bottom of his throat to soothe deku into a deep slumber.