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Sleeper Spider-man

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"MJ I think he is dead"

"No he is just ignoring you." Peter said pulling a pillow over his face.

Sleeper pouted and squeezed Peter's body. They were currently acting as a blanket for him. "Come on get up sleepy head!"

Peter had been acting as Sleeper's temporary host for just less than three months after Sleeper lost his previous host saving Peter's life. The two surprisingly had been getting along pretty well. Peter never thought he could host a symbiote again or would ever want to but here he was, companion to his former arch nemesis' favorite child.

MJ laughed and leaned down next to Peter. "Come on Tiger time to get up." She gently nibbled his ear. Peter gasped and flailed out from under his pillow.

"Ok I'm up!" Peter was completely red.

"There we go. Now, you promised me you were going to take me out today" MJ said giving Peter a hug.

"You shouldn't break your promises Peter. MJ is so nice you should treat her as such." Sleeper said.

"I'm not breaking anything I mean its only... 10:36 a.m. ok that is late." Peter got up and stretched heading to the bathroom.

"Hey Peter I have a question." Sleeper said as Peter brushed his teeth.


Sleeper formed a small head and began vomiting bullets into the sink.

"Gah Sleeper, the hell!"

"What should I do with these?"

"Throw them out? I don't know why did you hold onto them from last night?"

"Well it seemed like a waste to get rid of all this good metal. Maybe we could make something?"

"Make something out of the bullets people shot at us?"

"Hmmm yes! Yes I know what to make!" Sleeper grabbed the bullets back up and went back inside Peter's body.

Peter stared at the spot of his stomach Sleeper went into. "...Buddy?"

Suddenly a little metal statue shot out of Peter's stomach and landed in the sink. Peter let out a shriek at the surprise.

"Peter, you two ok in there?" MJ knocked on the door.

"Ya we are fine, Sleeper is just being Sleeper." Peter said picking up the foreign object that had just been launched from his abdomen. It was a figurine of Mary Jane though somewhat crudely made. "Did you make this for MJ?"

"Yes! A gift! MJ likes it when you give her gifts!" Sleeper said swelling with pride.

Pete chuckled. "Ok I guess thats true. Just make sure you don't tell her that you made it out of bullets that were shot at us last night."

Peter finished grooming himself and Sleeper formed clothing for him. "Ugh Peter one day I will get you to stop wearing underwear."

"Why? What's wrong with underwear?"

"It is incredibly uncomfortable for me! I have to wrap around this annoying clump of dead plants and synthetics instead of pressing against my hosts comforting skin."

"Well not wearing underwear is uncomfortable for me."

"Maybe we can compromise? How about we get you a thong? Less fabric to bother me but you still keep your precious modesty."

Peter's ear burned with embarrassment. "No way am I wearing a thong." He exited the bathroom.

"You two have the strangest conversations." MJ said sitting on the bed.

"Ya we do. Anyway Sleeps made you a present." Peter presented the statue.

"Aw how cute! Thank you Sleeper." MJ admired the tiny figure.

"You're welcome MJ. I made it with love, and 22 caliber rounds" Sleeper snaked out of Peter's shoulder.

MJ laughed and gave both of them a kiss on the cheek. "Ok boys so where are you taking me?"

"Well I made lunch reservations and I have two tickets to a musical if thats ok with you?"

"That sounds lovely Peter." MJ said wrapping her arms around his neck.

They headed out and walked together through the city. It was already October and the city air was crisp. Peter took them near central park to look at the leaves on their way to the restaurant. Sleeper was a bundle of excitement. For someone who had gone on so many strange adventures in outer space they were easily entertained by simple things. MJ hung onto Peter's arm and laced her fingers through his hand.

"Today was a good day for this, the weather is perfect."

"Yeah, I'm hoping the restaurant I picked is-" his spider sense went off.

"Peter?" MJ said.

"MJ get down!" Peter pushed MJ out of the way just in time as a sniper fired down at them.

Peter grabbed MJ, lifting her bridal style as Sleeper dispensed a pheromone to mask their presence. They ran and Peter suited up.

"What was that?" MJ said clinging to Peter's neck.

"I don't know but they know who I am!" Peter said. His spider sense was deafening inside him and as they turned a corner Sleeper screamed in pain as the group was hit with a wall of sonics.

The last thing Peter saw before he blacked out was the butt of a gun slamming into his temple.