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Life really had a bad timing and a strange sense of humor sometimes Erik thought when he made himself comfortable in his seat, wishing that he could be with his teammates instead of having to watch the last game of the season from the stands just because his heat was approaching – on his birthday of all days above all other things that had gone wrong lately.

The last days had been cold and rainy, but the sun was finally shining again, and Erik would most likely be in a better mood if his family were there to spend the day with him like they'd planned to do, but with his next heat due within the next twenty-four hours they'd decided to wait until it would be over before they would come to have a belated birthday celebration. Erik was already feeling restless and hot, and the prospect of having to stay trapped in his apartment over the next days - alone and without an Alpha to help him through the worst of his heat -was not meant to make him feel as excited as Omegas usually felt about their heats.

Christopher had volunteered to help him through the next days, but Erik had politely declined his offer. He knew that the handsome Alpha had feelings for him, and if things had been different from how they actually were, then Erik would feel tempted to accept his offer and maybe even try to start something serious with the older player, but it wasn't even sure that he'd stay in England, and Erik knew from experiences that long-distance relationships hardly worked out in the end. He'd gotten a lot of messages and good wishes for his birthday today, but there hadn't been any message from the two people Erik was still trying to forget and get over them. He wasn't foolish enough to really believe that they hadn't already found another Omega they could take care of, but his stupid heart simply wouldn't give up hope that they still thought of him at least now and then, and that they hadn't even bothered to send him at least a short 'happy birthday!' still hurt him more than he wanted to admit.

Erik sighed and focused his attention on the pitch, pushing the memories of happier days aside. He wouldn't let them ruin his special day, and he would make himself comfortable as best as he could, going through his heat alone like he'd done it the last time. He was mature and reasonable after all, and he really didn't need an Alpha to be happy and fine.




More than two hours later Erik was grateful to be back home, his skin burning and itching even though he wore only a t-shirt and a light jacket. His team had managed a draw, at least that, and Erik was really sad that he hadn't played with them, but his state was getting worse with every minute that passed. He started to strip the minute the door closed behind him, craving a cold shower to ease the fire running through his veins at least a little bit. His thighs were sticky where his slick was starting drip out of him and wet them, and he could smell himself, his scent heavy with the sweetness of his first heatwave. He was so busied with himself that he didn't pay attention to his surroundings, and he flinched violently when a low growl sounded close to his ear all of a sudden.

“Hmm, we didn't expect you to be so eager and already undress for us, handsome, but we're surely not complaining about it.” Erik spun around on his heels, staring at the intruder with wide eyes. “Robert?! What are you doing here?” he finally stammered when he'd found his tongue again, and the dark-haired Münchner chuckled. “Waiting for you to come home so we can celebrate your birthday properly, what did ya think?”

“But, but... How did you even get here?” Erik blinked, stunned and confused, but his body was already reacting to the beautiful Alpha, Robert's musky scent penetrating his nostrils and making more slick pour out of him. “Christopher was so kind to give us your spare key so we could prepare everything for you and your birthday, handsome,” Robert purred with another chuckle. “I must admit that I'm really impressed. It's clear that he cares deeply about you, and that he called us and asked us to take care of you during your heat instead of doing that himself is really generous of him.”

Erik swallowed, dropping his gaze to avoid Robert's piercing blue eyes. “He wanted to, but I declined his offer,” he admitted quietly, and calloused but gentle fingers under his chin made him look up at the Alpha again.

“And why did you decline his offer, handsome?” Robert regarded him closely, and Erik's cheeks heated up. “You know why I did that, Robert,” he said after a moment or two, and Robert's eyes darkened with something Erik couldn't quite detect. “Yes, I guess so.” He leaned in to place a gentle kiss onto Erik's tingling lips. “Let's get you out of these clothes and into the tub as long as you're still able to enjoy a warm bath, handsome,” he murmured, guiding Erik to his bathroom. Erik was too surprised to object, and his steps faltered when he realized the reason why Robert had used the word 'we' instead of 'I' ever since Erik had stumbled over him in his hallway.

“Marco!” the young Omega exclaimed when he saw the blond Alpha bending over his tub to check the temperature of the bath he'd prepared for Erik. The younger Alpha turned around to smile at Erik and pull him into a tight embrace, exchanging a quick glance with Robert watching them fondly. “Hello handsome, happy birthday to you!” Marco whispered into his ear, and Erik melted against him with a sob and buried his nose in the warm crook of his neck to inhale deeply Marco's still so familiar musky scent.

“Hmm, someone's in need to be taken care of,” Marco cooed, rubbing soothing circles over Erik's back. “Hello Marco,” Erik croaked out, wanting nothing more than to crawl into him and let Marco ease the fire raging inside him. “Happy birthday to you, sweetheart,” Robert murmured into his ear from behind now as well, pressing himself against Erik's sweaty back. “Thank you, both of you,” Erik managed, and he didn't object when two pairs of gentle hands liberated him from the clothes that felt so scratchy on his oversensitive skin. Marco kissed him tenderly before he helped him into the bathtub, and Erik leaned against the porcelain to watch the blond Alpha strip to join him in the tub. He and Robert must have talked about this beforehand because Robert nodded contentedly and turned around to leave the bathroom. “Marco will take care of you while I'm preparing your bed and a light meal for you, handsome,” he stated, “you two surely want to be alone for a few minutes.”

“Thank you, Lewy,” Erik whispered, grateful for the older Alpha's understanding. He'd always secretly desired Robert and longed for his tender care – which Omega with eyes in their heads would not desire a strong and beautiful Alpha like Robert Lewandowski after all – and he truly loved Robert with all his heart, but Marco had a very special place in Erik's heart, and Erik would always love and desire him more than anybody else in this world.

“You're welcome, handsome. This is all about you and what you need after all.” Robert said with a tender smile before he left the bathroom, his footsteps disappearing into the corridor.

Marco sat down behind him in the tub and pulled him into his arms, and Erik snuggled against him with a happy sigh, glad that he didn't need to fight against his heat any longer. Marco's scent was already soothing him, his mere presence easing the pain in Erik's body, and his lips on his cheeks and his neck sent shivers of delight down on his spine. His slick intermingled with the fragrant water and he was hard and throbbing with unfulfilled desire, his dick growing harder when he felt Marco's excitement about their closeness pressing against the small of his back. The blond Alpha chuckled and reached around him to tease his for an Omega impressive length with a few playful strokes. “You're already so hard for me, my beautiful Omega, aren't you?” Marco purred at his ear, his teeth ghosting over Erik's vulnerable throat. His loud moan echoed in the bathroom, and he tilted his head to the side in submission and invitation, but Marco shook his head with a regretful sigh. “This will have to wait for a while longer, handsome,” he said, and Erik whined unhappily, but Marco's hand on his aching cock distracted him from his disappointment. “Ah, that's where you need me, right?” the blond Alpha murmured, kissing along his jaw as he started to stroke up and down on Erik's hard shaft. The warm water made it easy for him to pleasure the writhing Omega, and he pushed his left hand between Erik's thighs to cup his balls and caress them while he stroked him just with the right pressure to quench the fire of his heat for a first time. Erik's mind was spinning with need, and he could feel his orgasm build at the end of his spine when Marco circled the engorged head of his cock, already slippery with the droplets of arousal the blond Alpha had milked from him, his empty hole clenching with the waves of ecstasy that captured his body before he even knew what was happening to him. His slick coated Marco's thighs, and he came hard all over the clever fingers stroking him so skillfully, his seed erupting from his dick and spilling over the shimmering bath-foam. Erik threw his head back and moaned, melting against Marco's slim but strong chest when it was finally over.

“I love doing that for you, my beautiful Omega, I can't get enough of your sweet moans,” Marco purred in that low bedroom voice that made new desire pool in his stomach. “Let's get you out of the tub and into your bed – so Lewy and I can take care of you the way you need it and how he's been longing to do for so long, birthday boy.”

Erik didn't want to leave the tub, but he knew that Marco was right, and he let the blond Alpha dry him with a soft towel before he was scooped up in strong arms and carried over to his bedroom where Robert was already waiting for them, dressed with a white bathrobe instead of the jeans and the t-shirt he'd worn when Erik had come back home. There was a platter prepared with food, water and tea for later, and Erik wrapped his arms around Robert's neck when Marco lowered him down into his arms, offering his lips for the kiss the dark-haired Alpha wanted to have. It must have been hard for him to let Marco take care of him alone at first, Robert's strong Alpha nature demanding to be the one doing that for the Omega in heat, and only the deep friendship and love between the two Alphas must have made Robert be so generous to grant Marco some quality time with the Omega both of them desired so much.

“I need you, Lewy,” Erik whispered, craving to give him something back and show him that he loved him as much as he loved Marco, only in a different way. “And you will have me, handsome,” Robert promised him hoarsely, gently dropping him onto the mattress and shrugging out of the bathrobe with Marco's help. Erik was burning again, his next heatwave running through his veins like liquid fire. He was aching to be filled, and he cried into Robert's mouth when Marco crouched between his spread legs to lap at his entrance while Robert kissed him hard and demanding, pushing his tongue deep into his mouth. He let the dark-haired Alpha claim his mouth while Marco licked into his aching hole until he felt like exploding the next second, his sweet smell intermingling with the musky fragrance of two Alphas that were pulled deep and deeper into their own ruts by the beautiful Omega in heat lying trapped beneath them.

“You belong to us, Omega, you're ours to touch and to kiss, ours to take care of and keep satisfied,” Robert snarled passionately when the need for air forced them apart, and Erik whined and sobbed, writhing shamelessly under Marco's ardent ministration. “Yes, I'm yours, please take me, Alpha!” he demanded breathlessly, and Robert rewarded him with a growl and another deep tongue kiss.

“He's ready for you, Lewy, just give our beautiful birthday boy what he needs so badly,” Marco ordered his Alpha mate, and Robert finally covered Erik's burning body with his own, his Alpha cock nudging at his wet entrance. “Kiss him, Marco, kiss him while I'm making him ours again!” Robert growled, and Marco didn't need to be told twice, kissing Erik and letting him taste himself on his tongue. His walls clenched around the passionate intruder, and Erik sobbed with relief when the older Alpha filled his emptiness and pushed into him until he was buried to the hilt inside his tight channel. Sharp teeth nipped at his shoulder and his throat, sending hot waves of painful lust through Erik's body. Robert pulled almost out just to push back into him again, setting up a hard and fast pace as he possessed him with unrestrained passion, his eyes glowing red and his aristocratic features suffused with passion and ecstasy.

“Make sure that no other Alpha will ever come near our Omega again, Marco,” Robert snarled when he felt Erik getting close, his walls cramping around Robert's big cock with his next climax. “Mark him as ours forever and make sure that everyone will see right away that our birthday boy is taken by two strong Alphas!”

The blond Alpha's amber-green eyes shone red-gold when he looked down at Erik like a hungry predator, baring his teeth to do as he'd been bid and mark Erik as his rightful Omega and mate at last. Erik could hardly believe that this was truly happening to him, he'd craved to become Marco and Robert's mate for so long, but he'd never dared to hope that it would ever really happen, and now it was happening right on his birthday, making his every dream come true at last.

“Make him come for us, Lewy, make our beautiful Omega come for us when I lay our claim on him,” Marco whispered hoarsely, bending his neck to bit down on Erik's fragrant throat where his pulse was racing under his skin. The sharp pain of teeth breaking his skin intermingled with the pleasure of Robert's next powerful thrust against his prostate, and Erik came with a loud scream of ecstasy, shaking in Robert's arms and spurting hot and fast between their connected bodies. He could feel his own blood filling Marco's mouth with the bond that was forming between them, could taste the iron on his tongue like Marco was tasting it, and he cried out again when Robert pumped his seed deep into his body, his large Alpha knot swelling against his tender walls and stretching him to his limits. Erik had never ever felt so full before, so full and complete at the same time, and he arched his back and wrapped his long legs around Robert's waist, trembling with the aftershock rolling through him.

Marco let go of his throat to let Robert suck at the fresh bite mark as well, the still new and yet so strong bond that had established between them welcoming Robert as the missing puzzle piece that completed their connection. Robert made purring sounds against his abused throat, soothing it with tender kisses, spurting more pleasure against his walls until his knot began to subside and he could pull out again with one last tender kiss.

Erik was drowsy and sated, but he reached out for the younger Alpha to welcome him in his arms and his body, sensing the pain of Marco's unfulfilled desire as if it were his own. Marco didn't meet any resistance when he carefully and gently searched his way into his Omega, and he tilted his head to the side invitingly. “Take what's yours, handsome, take what has always been yours – ever since we first met.”

Robert kissed Marco when Erik bit down to lay his own claim upon the blond Alpha, and he could feel Marco shiver with the sensations running through him, sucking eagerly at the small wounds his teeth left on Marco's warm throat. His Alpha's blood tasted deliciously to him, and he pushed his hips against Marco's body to give him the release he needed so badly. Marco buried his face on Erik's shoulder when he came, shuddering above Erik's willing body, clinging to the dark-haired Alpha with one had as he filled his Omega with his seed and his own knot began to swell. It was almost too much, but Erik just pulled his mate closer, stroking his back and searching for Robert's tender gaze.

“Now we're true mates,” he whispered happily, and Robert nodded his head and kissed him on his swollen lips. “Yes, true mates, birthday boy, mates forever,” he said smiling, and Erik thought that this had to be the best birthday ever.




They'd taken a nap after their first passionate lovemaking and Robert laying his own claim on Marco right over Erik's mark, Erik lying curled up between his two Alphas, wrapped safely in their arms and their scent. He was still sated when he woke up again, another kind of hunger rumbling in his stomach instead, and he let his two Alphas feed him with the food Robert had prepared, hiding his smile at the tough footballers fussing over him and competing with each other in their attempts to take care of their beautiful Omega.

His heat was still burning in his body, but he needed some more time to recover, and Erik didn't miss the hidden glances the two proud Alphas were shooting at each other when they thought that the other one wouldn't notice them.

Erik leaned against the pillow Robert had stuffed behind his back so carefully, pursing his lips and looking back and forth between the two stubborn Alphas that couldn't admit their longing for one another.

“It's my birthday today, isn't it?” he asked, schooling his features into a mask of innocent plea. Robert's hand stopped in the middle of its motion, hovering a few inches before Erik's mouth with the juicy strawberry he'd wanted to feed his Omega with. “Yes, it is, handsome,” he agreed, his eyes roaming passionately over Erik's face.

“I'm allowed to utter a special birthday wish then, right?” Erik asked, and Marco who'd just refilled Erik's glass stopped in his motion now too. “What kind of wish, birthday boy?” he asked, and Erik smiled sweetly at him. “I'd love to enjoy another round with you, but I fear that I'm still too exhausted for that, you two have really worn me out. I'm sure that I'd recover much faster though – if there was something to bring me into the right mood again...” he drawled, taking the glass out of Marco's hand to put it back onto the platter on the nightstand.

“And what would that be?” Marco asked, avoiding Robert's gaze. Erik grinned at him. “Maybe you two could start without me and let me watch you kiss and perhaps do a little bit more than just kiss? That would surely help me to get back into the right mood for a second round...” He took the strawberry out of Robert's hand to close his lips around the red fruit in a seducing way, and he was pleased when his two Alpha mates started to breathe louder at the sight of the red juice coating his full pink lips as he slowly sucked the berry into his mouth.

“You're my mates now, my Alphas, and it's my birthday. You do want to make your Omega happy, don't you?” Robert let out a snarl at that challenge, and he was all over Marco and pulling him into his arms harshly before Marco had the chance to react to the passionate onslaught on his mouth. Their kiss was more a fight than a real kiss at first, both Alphas trying to win the upper hand and take control before their love for each other helped them to stop fighting at least partly. Erik shifted closer to take their hands and entangle their fingers over his own heart. “You're my Alphas, my mates, and I know that you love each other. You're finally allowed to show your love openly, so don't restrain yourselves any longer,” he encouraged his snarling mates to give in to their desire for one another, and he wasn't surprised when it was Robert submitting to Marco at first, letting him claim his mouth and melting against Marco's frame in surrender.

“Just like that, that's what you both want and need,” Erik murmured, snuggling against Robert's side when the older Alpha let Marco push him down onto his back. The blond crawled on top of him to kiss him and stroke him, both Alphas already hard again. Robert growled when Marco tilted his head to the side to get access to his throat, and Erik murmured soothingly into his ear to distract him when Marco sank his teeth into Robert's neck to make sure that no other Omega and no other Alpha would mistake him for an unmated Alpha they could hit on just like that. Robert drew in a shaky breath, nuzzling Erik's cheek for comfort, but he relaxed quickly and pulled Marco's head down to make him suck harder on the fresh mark. Marco growled triumphantly, and Erik had a sudden idea, taking Marco's hand to line his fingers up with his own slick. The blond Alpha gasped approvingly against Robert's neck and wrapped his now wet fingers around both of their cocks to stroke up and down on them, and he finally tore his mouth away from Robert's throat to let their Omega suck on the bite mark.

Erik could sense Robert's pleasure through their bond when he latched onto his throat, a new wave of desire for his amazing mates making his blood boil in his veins. This was what he'd longed for ever since he'd met Marco and Robert back then so many years ago, and he could hardly believe that this was finally happening, right on his special day and when he'd thought that Marco and Robert had forgotten him. But here he was, lying in his bed with his two Alphas right beside him, and he raised his head to watch the two Alphas as they lost themselves in their shared pleasure, coming together from Marco's hand and with their Omega purring happily into their ears. Marco dropped down on Robert, and the older Alpha didn't try to push him away but pulled him close, smiling drowsily at Erik.

“You really know how to get what you want, handsome, don't you?” Robert remarked dryly, and Erik gifted him with a blinding smile. “I'm your Omega and it's my birthday,” was all he said with a wink of his eye, and Robert and Marco pulled him close to kiss him tenderly at the same time.

“Yes, you are, handsome and it is your birthday today, so we'll do whatever you want us to do. You're our beloved Omega, and we'll always take care of you. We love you, pretty much, birthday boy,” Robert and Marco whispered in perfect unison, and Erik let his Alphas kiss him once more, basking in their warmth and their love for him. “I love you too,” he said happily, thinking again that this was for sure the best birthday he'd ever had, now that his secret dream had finally come true.