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Totally Normal

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“Please dad?” Peter pleaded, quickly moving out of the way of a table as he followed Tony around the lab.

While it wasn’t unusual for Peter to be following Tony around, this time he had a mission. This weekend was the New York Comic-Con and Peter, being the gigantic nerd he was, was determined to go. Nothing was going to stop him. Well, other than the fact that anyone under the age of 18 must have an adult accompanying them and Peter wasn’t 18. Which led to their currently predicament.

“I don’t have time to go to a- a- whatever it is.” Tony trailed off, looking intently some data on a Starkpad.

“Comic-Con.” Peter supplied.

“Yeah, a Comic-Con. Tons of deadlines coming up and stuff.” Tony said, dismissively.

“And when have deadlines ever stopped you before?” Peter asked, crossing his arms indignantly.

Tony paused and looked back at the teenager, obviously realizing he had a point. He shrugged and looked back at the data, changing some variables.

Peter walked around Tony to stand in front of him. “Please dad, there’s going to be a giant Star Wars exhibit and it’s only going to be here once. Like, I’ll never have the change to see it again and you know how much I love Star Wars and- “

Tony put a hand up to stop his rambling. “Peter, no.” Tony said firmly.

Peter pouted for a second. He had one card left, and he didn’t really want to use it, but he really wanted to go to Comic-Con.

“Aunt May said she’d take me one year.” Peter mumbled quietly, putting an exaggerated amount of sadness into the sentence.

Tony stopped what he was doing and looked up at Peter who was giving him puppy dog eyes. He seemed torn, then sighed exasperatedly and rubbed his hand over his face.

“Fine.” Tony agreed finally. Peter whooped and jumped, pumping his fist into the air. He engulfed his dad in a hug then ran off.

“But I’m not dressing up!” Tony called after the retreating teenager. Peter sent him a thumbs up then disappeared out the door.

“God, this kid is going to be the death of me.” Tony sighed, going back to his work.

“Boss would like me to inform you that he is leaving in 5 minutes, with or without you, Peter.” FRIDAY announced.

Peter looked up from putting on his costume grinning. “I thought he didn’t want to go?” He asked sarcastically.

FRIDAY responded after a moment. “Boss says very funny, now get your spider ass down here before I regret agreeing to this.”

Peter laughed as he finished putting on his boots. He had really wanted to go as Han Solo, but Ned had said that he looked like Luke Skywalker. So, Peter had managed to put together a pretty realistic Luke Skywalker outfit with one of Bucky’s white Wakandan shirts from his time in Wakanda rehabilitating, a pair of tan kakis that he’d already owned, and a pair of tan boots he’d gotten from a thrift store. On a belt he borrowed from Clint was a small water bottle and a real working lightsaber that Peter had made himself.

In retrospect, Peter was glad of Ned’s input because if he had dressed up as Han, he wouldn’t have gotten the best part of his costume. Behind him, following him wherever he went, was a real, working, R2D2. He had been building it with Ned, along with help from Tony, and it was finally finished, just in time to take it to Comic-Con.

Checking his outfit to make sure he didn’t forget anything; Peter ran out the door, hopping in the elevator to grab the rest of his things.

Peter got out of the elevator and ran into the common room, going straight to the couch where Tony was sitting.

Tony had been telling the truth when he said he wasn’t dressing up. He was dressed in quintessential Tony Stark style, tinted sunglasses and a suit.

Peter stopped in front of his father, R2 following behind at a slightly slower pace. Tony’s eyes widened as he looked up from his phone, taking in Peter’s outfit.

“Are you Luke Skywalker?” Tony asked, then noticed the robot. “And is that an R2D2?”

“Yes, and yes.” Peter said, grinning.

Tony looked confused. “I thought you were just going to be Spiderman?”

“Why would I be Spiderman? I’m Spiderman every day!” Peter exclaimed, incredulous.

Tony rubbed his hand over his face and sighed. He got up and walked carefully around Peter and R2D2. “Come on, lets get this over with.”

Peter grinned and ran off after him, R2D2 following behind.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Tony asked to no one in particular.

They were standing inside the main atrium of Javits Center. All around them people in cosplay chatted and conversed. Banners and advertisements were everywhere, colorfully announcing different events and activities that were to take place throughout the day. It was a place where even Tony Stark didn’t stand out, because in the short amount of time they had been standing there Peter had counted 10 other people dressed exactly like the billionaire.

“Look dad, there’s a Tony Stark costume contest at 3! You should enter!” Peter exclaimed, pointing at a sign nearby.

Tony looked at him incredulously. “Me, enter a lookalike contest, of myself?”

R2D2 gave a confirming whirr as Peter nodded excitedly. Tony looked torn, then nodded. “Sure, why not. Might as well do something entertaining.”

Peter grinned then saw a sign for the Star Wars exhibit. He grabbed Tony’s arm and pulled him through the crowd, R2D2 following helpfully behind.

Peter decided that even though the Star Wars exhibit had been amazing, nothing could be better than the scene playing out in front of him.

After getting pulled though a replica of the Millennian Falcon and past a 3D diagram of the Death Star, Tony had signed up for the Tony Stark costume contest, to Peter’s delight. Which is how Peter found himself in the audience as Tony and 19 other Tony’s stood on stage getting judged. Each Tony had a number, his dad being number 7.

“Alright, we have decided the winners.” The judge announced. The audience quieted down as all the contestants looked to the judge.

“In third place we have number 16.” The judge said. The audience clapped as a man, younger looking than Tony and without his trademark tinted glasses, stepped forward and received his trophy.

“Then in second place we have number 7, and in first number 12.” The judge finished.

“Wait what? But I’m actually Tony Stark!” Tony exclaimed as contestant 12 stepped forward to receive first place.

“Of course you are sir.” The judge said dismissively as he handed Tony the second-place trophy. Tony stood stunned, holding the trophy and Peter died laughing in the audience. He snapped a picture of the momentous occasion.

As the contest disbanded Tony, still holding the trophy, caught up with Peter who was still giggling.

“I guess you just don’t look enough like Tony Stark.” Peter teased, trying and failing to catch his breath before laughing more.

Tony rolled his eyes but grinned slightly. “Come on, let’s go before I’ve had enough of this place.”

After they left, Peter was sure to tell everyone about the contest to Tony’s dismay. But Peter doesn’t fail to notice the trophy proudly displayed on a shelf in the lab next to a picture of the two of them in front of the death star model.