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The Betrayal of Elgar’nar

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This wasn’t reality. There was no way this could happen, that… that they would do this of all things.

Solas fell to his knees before a crumpled body, his eyes wide and his jaw slack as he reached down to press his hands to her chest, to feel the life that had to still burn within — no, only the thick stickiness of fresh blood was felt on his thin fingers. Solas choked back the sob that threatened to overcome him as he reached up and closed her unseeing eyes and streaked her caramel complexion with crimson. That beautiful gaze that reflected the sky and was once filled with her warmth.


Screams of the faithful bounced off the ornate walls of Mythal’s inner sanctum in a deafening cacophony, her loyal sentinels were already assembling with bows cocked and blades drawn. There was hesitation among most as they sped toward their Goddess’ killers, and why would there not be? For they faced the sadistic smirk of Elgar’nar, The All-Father.

Where Solas, the gifted magician and tactician, had previously knelt, the full wrath of Fen’Harel — the wrath of the Rebel Wolf that this false god had burdened him with — stood, his angular features twisted in a snarl.

Just as the elf stepped over the body of Mythal, a crack energy burst through the sanctum. The All-Father stood at its nexus with no compassion over his flawless features as the sentinels who had been rushing for revenge were blasted backward and away from the god. A flash on Solas’ eyes summoned the magic that flowed around them and prickled their skin, enveloping him in a barrier to protect from the worst of the blast.

The Wolf grimaced as he stumbled back a step and almost tripped over the form that had once contained the essence of his dearest friend. “Murderer!” He yelled as the sound of the blast ebbed and left in its wake pained groans and mournful wails.

“Murderer?” Elgar’nar repeated with a chuckle. The embodiment of vengeance flicked his hand and erected a barrier at the base of the steps, causing the Wolf to slam bodily into it. “I believe that you were the one who dragged her into your little rebellion. You should have left well enough alone.”

Solas snarled as he slammed a fist into the barrier. His forehead beaded with sweat as he channeled the magic through him and fought in vain for the wall to dispel. “Do not pin this on me, your mad dash for power will be the end of you!”

“It is already on your head, rebel. I would leave Arlathan if I were you.” Elgar’nar turned, his booted steps echoing on the mosaic tiles as he approached the Eluvian. “You have no way of fighting us while the power of the earth is ours.”

The God of Vengeance glanced over his shoulder with a pleasant smile spread across his lips that did nothing to erase the cruelty in his eyes. “Goodbye, little wolf.”

Solas beat his fists violently against the barrier, his voice risen in incoherent anger as the tall form disappeared within the Eluvian. Moments after Elgar’nar’s disappearance, the barrier dissipated and with it the only thing that kept Solas on his feet.

Tears of grief and rage poured down his cheeks as he continued to yell without any true word coming to his lips, though finally as the armored hand of the sentinel captain came to place a hand on Solas’ shoulder, his yells quieted to bitter sobs.

“Mythal,” her name rolled off his tongue in agony. “I will avenge you.” The elf stumbled to his feet, and his eyes swung over the grief stricken faithful before he settled his gaze on the captain. “They will die.”