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Swapped Over

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The fuzziness hadn’t gone away. Uncomfortably shifting on the couch, you frowned in your sleep as you twisted and turned.

What’s were you doing again? You weren’t asleep...Papyrus and Sans were trying to show you something.

You unconsciously furrowed your eyebrows, the distant voices were submerged in a water-like trance. It was so distant you could only hear the rumbles of someone’s voice. You tried to turn over but you had your arm caught on something, binding you down into the void. The soft inhale you gave hurt, as if you swallowed thousands of spikes.

You tried again, ignoring the hurting feeling you got when you inhaled. The fuzzy feeling was beginning to quicken, like static running through your skin at each attempts to breathe.

You moved your hand, the soft binds slowly digging into your skin tighter each time you moved. Where was Papyrus? Where was Sans? Did something happen to them?

Was Papyrus okay?

A small whine came from you, tears gathering in your eyes as you looked around the void. No light source anywhere as you desperately looked for those familiar blue eye lights. A whimper came from you as your eyes only saw pure black. Black from miles and miles on end, a endless feeling settled in your chest as you let the tears flow down you cheeks. Panic slowly rising in your chest as you vaguely remember what happened before being dragged into this endless void.

Papyrus was hugging you, so was Sans as they.. they what? What were they showing you before the three of you had fallen unconscious? Or was it you that only fell into this void?

Okay, okay, deep breaths. Ignore the pain and keep taking deep breaths.

“Tra la la…” finally, a clear voice spoke near you, and you whipped your head towards the direction to the voice. It was distant, but not like the shouting that was blurred away.

“Tra la la… everything happens for a reason.” The voice was closer now but in a different direction. You furrowed your eyebrows, breathing slow and short to stop the pain that spiked in your throat.

“Everything’s okay…”

A hand rested itself on your forehead, covering parts of your eyes as you craned your neck to see the person. He wore a long cloak that covered parts of his face. Bone. A boned smile greeted you, but some type of liquid was oozing out of his eye sockets as if he was crying an eternal stream. The grin that you met had soft glowing purple magic oozing out. Very slowly and very little.

“Tra la la…” he spoke again, this time his voice was disoriented. “Time to wake up.” He leaned down to your chained person, gripping the metal as the same substance wrapped itself around the rustic metal, a faint sizzling sounds and the binds on your right arm was lifted. Then your left, and both of your legs.

The person had crouched down to your level, his hand holding yours as he pulled you up to your feet. It was then that you noticed that his cloak was actually the same black substance that nipped away your chains.

“My dear,” he spoke, placing a hand on your cheek. The goo having no effect on your skin as he ran his thumb over your cheek in a caring matter. The soft smile on his cracked jaw made you ease up, you noticed it didn’t hurt to breathe anymore.

“I am very grateful for you. You helped my sons. And with the situation at hand, I am here to assist you to regain your senses.” His voice was mellow, a soft growl to it but without malice or hostility. Whoever this person was, you felt a small sense of familiarity.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What do you mean? I’m sleeping…”

The person shook his head, a throaty chuckle coming from him as he lifted your chin to face him. “You are not. You are in the void. The void where I reside in….”

“The...void?” You voiced out your confusion. This caused him to chuckle once more. Retracting his hand from your chin and you couldn’t help but stare at the goop that connected you to him until it broke, the goo on you skin evaporated like over boiled water.

“Tra la la...cannot talk. Must wake up. Must help them.”

You furrowed your eyebrows. So vague. Why? You reached out to grab his cloak-like-goop, but your fingers went through and you were left to see the goo evaporate from your skin. In stunned silence, you looked up so see the figure walking away. A strange slushing sound coming from him each step.

“Wait!” You cried, running to him. “Help who? What do you mean—” he turned to look at you over his shoulder. A ghost of a smile stretched on his lips that looked like a cracked crescent moon.

“Tra la la…we’ll speak again.” was all he said before the void around you turned white. You shut your eyes from the sudden brightness. A loud groan coming from you as you went to cover your eyes, blocking the brightness by the back of your hands.

“OH THANK STARS YOU’RE ALRIGHT, HUMAN!” A...familiar yet not too familiar voice boasted from besides you. The events in the void becoming a blur as you groaned and turned away.

“Not now, Sans.” You moaned, feeling the pounding headache take place as you pulled the...sweater? Over your head. Papyrus must’ve given you his hoodie. You pulled the sleeve to your nose, and took a long sniff. Adoring the distant smoke and honey.

But… you opened your eyes. You don’t recall this smell.. Blue. This hoodie was blue. You quickly sat up and looked around you. The place wasn’t anything like Sans and Papyrus’ mini mansion. The place was swapped around and instead of the furniture was on the opposite side of the room—the door was on the wrong side too!

You quickly looked at the skeletons in the room, your face paling slightly at you took in the two that looked at you with concern.

Sans—or, who you thought was sans, wore a simple white shirt and black shorts. Messy-pulled up socks with pink coloured slippers.

Papyrus sans. The opposite. Instead of the orange hoodie you were so used too, he wore a ‘battle’ body and instead of the baby blue bandanna, he wore a red scarf.

“H-haha…” you forced a laugh, holding into the sweater much tighter than before. “This this funny guys, haha.. I’m laughing…” you forced another laugh, watching as the two brothers shared a look. Concern.

“P-papyrus.. this is… too far.” You muttered, your feeling all over the place after seeing how swapped these two seemed, taking a harmless prank too far for your liking. Even though you have adored his puns, how Sans would boggle each time and scold him for it, he enjoyed it like you had.

The fact that Papyrus has dragged Sans into this was...beyond mind boggling.

“She thinks we’re Stretch and Blueberry.” Sans spoke carefully, taking his white eye lights off of you to send a look to his brother.

“AH, THAT MIGHT EXPLAIN WHY WE FOUND HER IN BETWEEN THE TWO. MAYBE WE SHOULD TRY WAKE THEM UP?” Papyrus—Sans? Whoever, said turning to his brother, his shoulder slumped slightly before perking back up and turned to you, a kind grin on his face as he stood up from his knelt position and placed a hand on his chest, his scarf flowing by magic (much like how you’d see Sans do with his bandanna.)


You blinked owlishly, looking up at Papyrus with a startled look, before turning your eyes to look at Sans. Expecting him to crack from excitement and show those familiar starry eyes.

You looked back up at Papyrus. Eyes watering softly as you looked down and covered your face. Your shoulders slightly shaking as you held back a laugh.

They were cruel. So cruel. Papyrus never laughed that loud, only soft ‘nyeh he he’ as if he was embarrassed of his own laughter. Sans was a different cause his boisterous `Mweh heh heh’ was always on point, matching the stars in his eyes.

“Uh, are you okay, Kid?” Sans—Papyrus? This is getting too confusing.. asked as he sat himself near the edge of the couch, placing a boney hand on your shaking shoulder.

“W-whose Stretch..” you voiced, lowering your hands from your face as you composed yourself. Knowing how rejected Sans looked whenever you laughed at his laugh. It was always an adoring laugh, as you loved his laugh much like you loved Papyrus’s, even if he rarely laughed like that.

“And who is Blueberry?”

“How about we go try wake them up? I’m sorry.” The Sans-but-Papyrus-speaking-one said, pushing him off the couch and held out his hands. The apology threw you off, and you clasped your hand onto his open palm. The deep chuckle surprising you as you looked at him questionably.

“My sweater.” He chuckled, giving your hand a hearty squeeze before letting go. You furrowed your eyebrows and followed his eye lights. Looking at your arms, you threw the sweater from your arms as if it was acid. A surprised look in your eyes as you watched the smaller skeleton chuckle and pick it off the floor.

“We’ll wake the other four and explain, alright?”

“The other four?” You looked in between Sans and Papyrus, “didn’t Papyrus say that the two of you were the only Skeletons left?” You pointed at the two, but pushed yourself off the familiar green couch.

“And that the two of you…” you trailed. Unsure if you should bring up that conversation again. The uncomfortable look on Papyrus’s face showed you that he didn’t know what you were talking about and why you preferred him instead of his brother.

You purses your lips. You loved both Him and Sans, the two were held deeply into your heart as friends ever since you met them on that particular autumn day.

But, with the two of them looking at you as if they hadn’t recalled the conversation you were about to bring up, you decided to drop it.

“Technically, yes.. look, let’s go wake the others and I’ll explain, okay? I wouldn’t want to explain twice.” The small skeleton—he was slighter bigger than your Sans, probably a inch or two taller, which automatically made him your height as well.

You nodded your head, and followed the two skeleton brothers into another room. You recognized it as a kitchen. Two edger versions of this Sans and Papyrus laid on the tiled floor they had their arms pressed against their sides, red sweat forming on the Sans look-a-like and his facial expression was twisted into one of seer panic. His phalanges twitched ever so often, like Papyrus does when he’s in a deep sleep.

A nightmare, you concluded, taking in his edgy appearance. His grin was pulled down into a scowl, a single golden tooth stuck out from the rows of sharp teeth, bangs were under his closed sockets, he wore a black jacket(some stitching were embroidered on his sides) with fluffy lined fur. Black basketball shorts with a white stripe, a v-neck black shirt, a single spiked collar with a dog leash attached to it.

The figure next to him was very Papyrus-looking(the skeleton next to you), he wore a battle body like the one standing next to you, you ignored their fleeting glances to examine this particular Papyrus.

His battle body was black, underlined with red(much like the Sans next to him) and his mouth seemed to have a permanent scowl, his eye ridges furrowed as he laid stiff like a log.

The royal rune was carved into the metal, the long spiked shoulders made you frown. Kind of show-y but you weren’t going to comment. He wore leather pants and a red belt with a golden buckle. He wore it lower than your Papyrus as ever, wrapping the fabric and holding it up but the belt around his pelvic bone. Large red boots with a few inches of heel and a tattered scarf—much like the one next to you it was red.

You swallowed thickly as he grumbled under his breath, like you had been doing not to long ago before you had woken up.
His voice, from what you can recall, was scratchy and equally loud as Sans. But unlike the starry eyed skeleton, his held malice and… uncertainty.

You chalked him up as ‘scary, but not bad’, as you turned away and quickly followed at the other two skeletons. They lead you into another room, a few doors down from the living room before Sans had pushed the door open and lead inside with his brother hot on his heel.

The feeling weighing on your chest made you not want to enter the room they had. After a inner battle with yourself, you forced yourself through the door and closed it behind you with a soft click.

A sharp gasp came from you as you saw your pair of skeleton brothers. Sans was propped up on the the couch(which you assumed this was a hangout area. Guessing from the bar, the pool table and the large TV in the far corner) while Papyrus was laying on the leather couch, his feet propped up, and the head laid back. His breathing was shallow, magic sweat dusting over his skull as he tightly gripped the arm chair. His feet would kick often, and weak pleas would escape his, normally tight, mouth.

Sans, unlike his brother, looked anxious but his posture wasn’t as bad at Papyrus’s induced nightmare.

You shot a look at Sans look-a-like before scurried past them. Momentarily forgetting your favourite blue skeleton in favour of getting Papyrus out of the nightmare. The sinking feeling in your stomach intensifies as you make out a name; Frisk. Followed by the monster ambassador’s name: Chara.

Yes, he told you of the resets. He told you everything. Down to the last reset, the promise the rosey cheeked kid had given him and his doubts of said promise and to how Chara confessed about not having control over the mass genocide.

You couldn’t see the ambassador murdering and turning time, but from what you gathered from Papyrus’ mumbles, it was all true.

You sighed and dropped to a crouch, holding onto Papyrus’ clenched hand. A soft soothing song came from you as you slowly undid his hands from the leather, picking out the small torn pieces from his bones as he visibly relaxed.

“You’re fine.” You spoke, slowly standing up to hover over the anxiety-ridden skeleton. He was your dear friend and you absolutely hated it when he was stressed about something that had happened over six years ago. The promise Chara gave him was still going strong.

“I’m here.” You spoke softly, ignoring the stares that burned into your back as you soothed the Skeleton. “Remember her promise, Papyrus.” You spoke, bringing his clenched hand to your lips, kissing his knuckles softly as he held onto you for dear life.

“Stars, kid.” Sans spoke from behind you. “We haven’t been able to get through him for days, and you did it under five minutes.” He whistles, impressed.

You shot a look at Sans once again, turning back to face your Papyrus and held onto his hand like he was to you.

“He was like this for days? How long since…”

“FOUR DAYS, 14 HOURS, THIRTY-FIVE MINUTES AND SIXTY SECONDS!” Papyrus spoke, looking down at his wrist as if he wore a wrist watch. You smiled softly at the skeleton—he reminded you of your Sans in some points.

It was beyond cute.

But you didn’t have the time to gush at the similarities, you had to get your Papyrus out of this sleep and into reality. The endless loop of a possible genocide, watching Sans die over and over again.

You swallowed thickly, looking back at the look-a-likes. “Could you please leave us alone for a bit? Go see if you can wake the two in the kitchen… I-is there anymore of you?”

Sans scratched his cheek, the sound of bone rubbing on bone making you cringe slightly as he nervously chuckled. “A few more. We uh, we don’t know where they are though. There is a forest behind the house.. there is two more in there and…. two more somewhere in the city.”

You nodded. “Any humans?” You spoke, gesturing to yourself. Because… well, you never expected to end up where ever this place was. You somehow knew that was going to be answered soon when everyone wakes up.

If it goes smoothly.

“Uh, no. You’re the only one that doesn’t.. belong here.” His words were careful as if he was treading on a minefield. One wrong step and he’ll be blown sky-high. His answer doesn’t settle the feeling in your stomach as you thickly swallowed.

“Okay, Thank you.”

He nodded his head and followed after his brother, closing the door as he left.

You turned back to your Papyrus, holding his older hand and softly sang the lullaby that always soothed him out of his nightmares.

“Oh won’t you come with me,
Where the moon is made of gold
And in the morning sun
We’ll be sailing.”

The furrow in his eyebrows softened and the hold on your hand began to decrease. A soft giggle escaping your lips as you continued.

“Oh, won’t you come with me,
Where the ocean meets the sky
And as the clouds roll by
We’ll sing the song of the sea..”

Despite Papyrus telling you to stop singing him to wake up, it never failed. With him lazily opening his eyes only to close it as he draped his arm over his sockets. Blocking out the sun that seeped through the thin curtains. A loud groan came from the skeleton as you trailed off the note.

“Honey, I told you to stop that.” He groaned, slipping his hand from your hold to wipe his face. An embarrassed orange blush dusting over his cheeks as he lazily opened an eye socket to watch you from the sides. For a split second, his pinpricks turned into small, small hearts before returning back to the orange hue you were familiar with.

You giggled, taking a step back and rolled on your heels. A cat’s grin on your lips as you went to wake up Sans.

“It never fails, though. I’m starting to think you like me singing you to wake up~” You purred teasingly, the familiarity settling into your tensed body now overflowing with people you knew. With people you grew to love over the few years they had been released from the underground.

When Papyrus hadn’t replied with a witty pun, you looked over your shoulder to look at him. Concern shown on your face as you stood from your knelt position next to Sans.

Moving over, you sat on the arm rest. The alarmed aura around Papyrus obviously oozing out as he took his surroundings.

“Where are we?” He asked, turning to you, a long string of magic coming from his lit eye.

“I don’t know. What do you remember?” You asked. “Before we fell unconscious.”

He flinched when you added that but quickly melted into your touch as you placed your palm on his head, rubbing softly as he relaxed into the chair.

“Mhm…” he thought. “That we were hugging after showing you… something.” He drawled, leaning into your side and snakes his arms around your waist.

You sighed loudly. “Like me then, I can’t remember much either.” You unraveled yourself from his hold and went back to Sans. Twirling the fabric of his bandanna around your finger before sitting on the edge of the couch, much like other Sans had done when you woken up.

“Is he okay?” Papyrus’s voice was much closer now, looking over your shoulder, his eye light hazy with worry as he watched his brother’s chest slowly rise and fall.

You hummed. “He should be. Like us, he must be in a deep sleep.” You began to gently shake Sans, a different lullaby coming from you, it wasn’t slow like Papyrus’s much after and had a small spunk to it.

The classic Pop! goes the weasel.

When he didn’t wake up, you furrowed your eyebrows slightly and took his hand, squeezing slightly and tried again—this time, Sans turned over and pulled you with him.

A gasp came from you as Sans’ arms wrapped around you and snuggled into your neck. Glaring at a snickering Papyrus, you lightly shook Sans once more. The flash of a phone going off as you looked over at Papyrus once more to see him slip his phone back into his pockets, wandering away to examine the room closer.

His magic flared greatly when there was a crash coming from the door, and he popped out of existence before popping back up in front of you and his sleeping brother. A large single Gaster blaster hovering over his head as his hand was outstretched in front of him.

Loud, boisterous shouting could be heard along with crashes and curses. You frowned as you turned back to Sans, only to yelp loudly as he stared back with wide, unblinking, eyes.

“Good morning!” You cheered, scrambling off of him and backed up into Papyrus. A small ‘oof’ coming from you as your back crashed into his, sending his charging up blaster to fire a laser.

The orange laser beamed through the thick doors, narrowing missing a Sans. From the small hole, the edgier version of your Sans whipped his head towards your direction, a deep sneer appearing in his grin as he popped out (like Papyrus had) and popped up in front of you, a red fire blazing in his eye socket like Papyrus. He gripped your clothes, pulling you to his level as he growled loudly.

You flinched as his fingertips glazed your skin.

“STEP AWAY FROM HER!” Cried a panicked Sans as he immediately sat up from his position, charging up several blasters aimed at him.

Papyrus was quick enough to shove off the edgier version of his brother of off you and kicked him away, his hand engulfed in orange magic as he threw the guy across the room and out into the hall, shattering the door into splinters. Sans had barely managed to stop the blasters from firing.

“Are you okay?” Papyrus spoke, quickly going to examine the places he had touched. A low growl coming from him as he spotting a deep cut on your collar bone. His hand now engulfed in green magic as he placed it over the cut.

The pain had subsided almost instant as the healing manic took action.

And again, his attention was at the black and red skeleton.

“That’s pretty brave of you.” He spoke, malice heavily weighted on his words. “Goin’ after our human like that.”


you laughed nervously, scratching your cheek as you muttered a “not really squishy.” Despite your refusal to work out. You liked your body the way it is, if someone had something to say; they can kiss your perfectly plump ass!

You watched as the first pair of brothers you seen walk in, a single blue bone wedged into the other Papyrus’ soul, stopping him in his tracks as a blue hue covered him, lifting him off the ground and dragged him from the hallway.

Other Sans sighed at the damage, lightly picking up other Sans 2 from the floor and walked into the gaming room(?), while his brother wedged another blue bone into his soul.

“Ah kid.” Other Sans 1 sighed, walking over the splinters.

Your Papyrus and Sans quickly stood in front of you, their hands outstretched defensively, challenging the two to come closer.

However, you wrapped your hands around their humerus bones and pulled the two of them back.
“It’s okay.”

Reluctantly, the two put away their blasters, lowering their hands as they looked over you with a certain doubt before turning their attention to the four skeletons.

“So…” Your Papyrus started, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Not bothering to move from his spot near you as Sans 1 placed the two edgier versions of your pair of brothers on the couch, the blue bone still stabbed into their chests, rendering them useless. “Care to explain what’s goin’ on?”