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The Rules Of Chocolate ;)

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1. Chocolate is one of the four food groups.

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Valentine’s Day


(February 14, 1934)

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“What’s all this?” Johnny asked in amusement as he entered the small apartment that he and Mel were currently sharing while on the lam.

The kitchenette table was lit by two red candles and the table was covered by a deep-red cloth. There were two place settings and several plates in the middle of the table.

“What is all this?” Johnny asked again. “Honey, these dishes are all chocolate!”

“Not quite. This dish is French vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. That’s for the milk group. Chicken with a little chocolate sauce for the meat group. Mexicans swear by this recipe. The fruits and vegetables group was easiest: chocolate-covered strawberries and cherries, yum. For breads and cereals, I got some chocolate cake from the bakery. Kind of cheating, but I won’t tell if you don’t. Hot chocolate to drink to top it all off.”


“Chocolate is one of the four food groups, though I couldn’t decide which one, so I assembled all four.”

Johnny grinned. “Let’s eat the ice cream before it melts.”