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I don't know all the titles in the universe, lady!

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“Hi, how are you? Anything I can help you with today?” Lance asked cheerful behind the till as it were a nice quiet day at Voltron Tomes. No annoying customers yet to cause havoc in the store, and Lance was counting down the seconds until a breakdown were to happen.


“Hi, I’m good. I’m looking for a specific book, it’s crucial you have it, I’ve heard wonderful things about it.” The elderly woman smiled nicely at Lance.

“Well you’ve come to the right place. Do you remember the title?” He had his hand on the mouse, ready to click on the search bar and punch in the book’s title.

“Uhm, no.”

“Name of the author?” He kept his voice chipper, swallowing down the annoyance boiling inside of his gut knowing where this was leading to.

“No…” The women kept on smiling at Lance.

“Do you remember what the book was about, then? Or its publication date? Genre?” Lance said through gritted teeth, forcing to keep his smile peeled.

“I don’t sorry, but I do remember the cover being blue!” The woman looked intently on Lance waiting for him to know exactly which book she was looking for.


“Sure! Why don’t we just check all of the blue books in this store.” Lance muttered under his breath.

“Excuse me?” The woman squinted at Lance, still waiting for the title of the book to magically appear on a blue cover.


Lance ran his fingers through his hair, sustaining any rude retorts, uncertain where to go from here when the woman clearly had no idea about the book she was looking for. Had she never heard of taking a picture of the book? Or maybe she could have remembered or written down a title or an author.


“Hey, Shiro?” Lance yelled for his coworker who was pricing the new releases at the front of the store to put them on their display.

“Yeah, Lance?” Shiro perked up from the tower of new releases.

“Wanna come help this nice lady find a book?” Lance smiled widely, the glint in is blue eyes not hinting at anything mischievous at all. “Shiro is our miracle worker, he’ll help you with your blue book problem.”

“Wonderful.” The woman smiled happily when Shiro took over Lance’s spot behind the till.


“Now which book were you looking for mam?” Shiro made a cute face at the woman.


Lance was on his way out of the store, when he heard from behind him..”Laaaance!”


“Sorry, Shiro! Break-time.” Lance chuckled wildly when he ran into Olkari Games across the hall with his tongue stuck out.


“What was it this time?” Pidge leaned bored over the counter.

“Lady didn’t know the title, the author, she knew nothing, only that the cover was blue...seriously, we’re not miracle workers.” Lance heaved a sigh, and stared at Shiro scratching his head wearing an apologetic look at the woman, then made a menacing stare at Lance. “Shoot...he’s gonna make me clean all the shelves now...oh well, worth it.”

“I bet.” Pidge snickered.