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Been Bonely Without You ||US Papyrus x Reader

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You don't know why you went to the lengths you did for your friends. They truly were an idiotic bunch, that constantly got themselves in trouble. Don't misunderstand, you were probably the worst influence your friends knew, but at least you knew how to take care of yourself and avoid the consequences of your bad decisions.
You were the most reliable person they knew, and while you would usually be proud of that statement, it also came with it's downsides. Including picking up your best-friend from some strangers house after she'd gotten in a mid-drunken haze brawl at 2 in the morning. Thankfully the guys who picked her up seemed like an alright bunch, but you didn't trust anyone enough to just leave her there alone for the night. So here you are, swinging by a 24/7 Mac-Donald's to pick up your friends favourites drink (a chocolate frappe) and some gravy loaded chips-her favourite. Apparently she'd already popped a painkiller or two, so you figured that grabbing her a little something to eat to help sober her up more, couldn't hurt.

These guys lived all the way on the other side of the city though, and you idly wondered why Charlize would go out drinking so far away from home. The traffic wasn't too bad, but then again you had taken the initiative to find all the shortcuts and quieter streets through the city when you had first moved here. It had really came in handy. The place the GPS was taking you too was also apparently in one of the richer suburbs, which was a surprise to you. It was hard to imagine someone with wealth ever bothering to help someone in need just out of charity. Then again, they probably expected something in return. God you hated being in other peoples debts. It was meant to be the other way around.
Damn it Charlize.

Pulling up outside the house that you has been given the address of, you weren't even mildly surprised to find how luxurious it was. Four storeys and walls made of marble, perfectly trimmed hedges and-was that a fountain? Holy Shit. You couldn't help but laugh at the site. Who the hell needed their own fountain? With a shrug, you decided that people could do whatever they wanted with their lives, before kicking open the car door while simultaneously struggling to pick up the take out.
With a grunt you held the food firmly under one arm, before pushing closed the car door, and strolling confidently over to the front door, and pressing on the doorbell.

The chime needed only ring once, before the door swung open with what could almost be described as eagerness-at first glance there was no one, before your eyes wandered downwards, meeting that of two blue orbs. Two blue orbs floating in amidst of two empty black eye sockets. Not a second later, another lankier male, came to join his counterpart. Both stared at you, momentarily stunned. They hardly should be the ones being stunned.

"What? Don't like my slippers?" You commented, purposely ignoring the blatant irony in the situation, slipping past the two wordlessly, in search of your friend. Turning a sharp left you found the lounge room, where your friend had draped herself lazily across the black leather couch. Your friend glanced up from her position buried in the lounge, giving your outfit a once over before wheezing and rolling over onto the floor.
Dear god. She was drunker then you had previously thought.
A large toothy grin decorated you face anyway, before glancing down at your slippers, making a show of inspecting them, "What? Are my slippers really that bad? I thought they were cool," you joked, before turning around to identify the unfamiliar snicker.

The longer, lankier skeleton grinned down at you, before offering a hand, "Nyeh, the names Papyrus. I assume your here to pick up your friend?"

You eyes fell back down to the shorter skeleton, clad in blue pyjama's, face flushed a matching colour and avoiding looking you way. More specifically, what you were wearing.
Of all days to wear your skeleton onesie. This was perfect.

"Yup," you looked back down at your hand before giving him a questioningly glance when he wouldn't let go. He flushed a light orange before letting go and avoid your gaze. Glancing back at your friend, now that she had finished her fit of giggles, spinning on your heel to help her stand up from her position sprawled across the (strangely comfortable appearing) floor. Forcing her chips and drink in her hand, she let out a grateful burst of drunk nonsensical praise, taking a long sip of her drink and moaning in contentment.
You watched your friend in amusement. Heh. Too bad the moment couldn't last much longer.

"So uh, now that your here," Papyrus spoke, causing you to turn around and stare at him expectantly. This is the part where he asks you for something. "You should probably know that we gave her some pain-killers, but uh, they're for monsters, so I don't exactly know if that's going to have any kind of side affects or anything. You might want to take her to see a doctor first thing tomorrow."

You raised an eyebrow in question. That was it? "Yeah, will do."

There was an awkward silence at first, and you could feel Papyrus' gaze burning into you, you shifted uncomfortably on the spot but it didn't fade. That's when it came to you. God, they were the type too polite to just ask for anything. That was annoying. Oh well, there was no point in having them randomly track you down later on to cash in on that favour. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, you threw it across the room, it having being swiftly caught by the smaller skeleton, who gave it a quizzical look.


"My number," you answered simply, keeping an eye on Charlize from the corner of your vision.


A wince from behind you drew the attention of all three of you, where Charlize was tenderly rubbing her temples with her fingers.

"Hey bro," Papyrus leaned towards to shorter skeleton as if whispering a secret, "You might want to keep your voice down, just for now."

"OH! I-I Mean, Oh! Of Course! I Apologize For My Extravagant Voice Human! But You, Human Friend, I Am So Glad That You Wish To Trade Numbers With Me! Now We Can Text All The Time!"


You turned around over to Charlize, swinging an arm around her and helping her to walk as you made you way to leave, taking your phone back on the way out. "So Uh, give me a call or whatever when you need something. Then we'll call it even, yeah? G'night," you called out as you swung the door open and helped your friend outside.


You approached the car, but all the way down the driveway you could feel Papyrus' stare drilling into your back. You shuddered, you weren't easily intimidated but there was something off in the way he looked at you, and you couldn't figure out what. Not thinking into it too much, you walked around the car to hold open the door for Charlize before leaning over her to put on her seatbelt for her before getting into your own seat. The drive back to Charlize's place was peaceful, despite the blaring music Charlize decided to put on and her constant talk of nonsense. It was endearing, in a way though. Moments like these. It gave you a sense of closeness.

Every now and then at a red light you glanced over to her, checking her injuries. They were only minor, and the skeletons seemed to have patched her up pretty well. She was going to have a headache deserving of the devil himself in the morning though. You could only grin at the idea.

Charlize wasn't exactly well off, but she certainly was managing quite well, she had a decent size home that she was renting out, for a good price too. The two storey home was of a decent size, and was only a couple years old, but was well loved. Using your spare key to open the front door, you half carried her into her room, navigating through the clutter of miscellaneous items. You could only imagine her running around the house like a headless chicken to clean everything up every time an inspection came around.
She'd never been the tidiest, but who were you too talk?

Her body dropped against her mattress, she had eaten everything already and you left the rubbish in the car for you to clean out another time. She curled into a foetal position, and you sighed playfully, before leaning over and forcing her legs up to pull the blankets down and over her. She groaned in displeasure before sinking into the pillows after you had tucked her in.
On you way out you kicked any possible hazards to the side of the room with your feet so she wouldn't end up eating the floor once she got up. Taking a single glance back at her, you closed the bedroom door quietly behind you before making sure to be extra quiet on your way out.

The trip home was significantly quieter, and you thought back to the two skeletons who had taken Charlize in. You were quite familiar with monsters, there was one in particular that you had been flirting with as of late, it was only a casual thing though. You had never seen nor heard of skeleton monsters though. They were intriguing to be honest. So much so that you hadn't managed to slip even a single skeleton pun in your short time together. Maybe it's because you haven't slept.
It took only seven minutes to get from Charlize's place back to yours. You lived in an apartment complex, it was a relatively decent place, and you had gotten the best room. Everything was a lot cheaper that it would have otherwise been, because of the type of neighbourhood it was stationed in.
You didn't mind though, you tended to thrive in this kind of environment.

There were two bedrooms, the larger one your one, and the smaller one a place for your friends to crash whenever they felt like it. Over the two years you had stayed here, it had collected quite the inventory of forgotten items. Enough so, it might even fool someone into thinking that it was somebody else's room.
You didn't dawdle around and headed straight to your room, collapsing into your bed. You frowned, noting how the blankets had lost their warmth, although not surprised. You weren't sure what time it was but you dreaded the moment the sun rose. Luckily you didn't have to work until afternoon, meaning you could sleep in for as long as you liked.

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Welp. needless to say you slept like the dead last night. Heh. Get it?
You groaned as you stretched your limbs, rolling over in your bed. Your blankets were so warm, and it was so cold outside...why'd you have to get up? Your stomach grumbled at you, and you finally relented, slipping a single foot off your bed and immediately hissing in displeasure.
The cold having woken you up, your eyes shot open and you sat up in your spot, blankets tumbling off of your form.

Eyes wandering around the room, they found your phone on the bench, stretching out for it you fell back down on your mattress scrolling through your notifications. You found a few different messages, a couple from Charlize and-'THE MAGNFICIENT SANS'?.
Oh wait. That skeleton in the blue pyjamas. You'd almost thought that was just a dream. You tapped onto Charlize's message, deciding you'd deal with the skeletons later. Although you were surprised they needed a favour from you so soon. Perhaps they already had one in mind but didn't have the guts to say it to your face?
Heh, well look at you. Haven't even been awake five minutes and your already rolling out the puns.

Charlize 10:52am

Hey Babe xoxo

Thanks so much for the lift home!
Don't know what I would do without you!


You 12:36pm


How are you feeling?

Skeledudes said that they gave you monster medicine and that you might want to go see a doctor just to be safe.


Most literally rolling out of bed, you scrolled through insta while mindlessly navigating your room in search for your slippers before wandering to the kitchen and throwing open the cupboards. With a huff, you noted that nothing particularly desirable was in the cupboard. You'd have to go shopping. Eyes rolling over to the oven you paused-did you reeeaaallly want to have to cook though?
Not particularly.

Besides you were feeling like something sweet. Like most days. You had a bit of a sweet tooth.

Your phone buzzed in your hand and you glanced down at the notification, before clicking on it with a growing grin.

Charlize 12:40pm

Ugh heads killing ((heh, called it))


Doctor? As If. Spent all my money on cocktails last. Can't afford the bill.


You 12:41pm

Mm, well, I'll throw you a bone, and let you off this time

As long as you get lots of rest, that is.


Charlize 12:41pm



You chuckled down at you screen, deciding to change the subject.

You 12:42pm

Anyway, I'm gonna grab a bite to eat a muffet's

I'll be sure to have lots of fun without you.


You grinned down at your screen, moving to the bathroom to give your teeth a quick brush.

Charlize 12:43pm

Ppft, by 'fun' you mean flirt with that spider chick?

Just hook up already! Jeez!

You 12:44pm


Nah it's not like that. I'm just messing around.

Charlize 12:44pm

Yeah, messing around with her feelings you little devious heartbreaker!


Rolling your eyes, you gave yourself a quick once over and contemplating getting changed or not. Nah, got a reputation to keep up. That and it's not like you planned on doing anything other then coming straight home.

You 12:46pm

Guess she's caught in my web of lies

lol. but really, a bit of light flirting doesn't hurt anyone!

Charlize 12:47pm

I know, I know, I'm just teasing. You go have your fun. Besides, my Spidey senses are telling me that something particularly sweet is going to happen today!

You 12:50pm

I'm morally obliged to not associate myself with you for any longer.


Turning of your phone you grinned as the phone vibrated again as you slipped it in your pocket. As endearing as it was to see her try and get in on the fun...puns just...weren't her strongest point. You mentally cringed as you repeated the message in your mind, closing the front door slightly louder then you should have in attempt to shock the thought out of you.

Muffet's was only about a block or two away, so you took to walking instead of driving. That and you had also forgotten to pick up your keys. You were going to love trying to get back in later on.
Hopefully you wouldn't have to resort to kicking to door down again.

It was a particularly unpleasant day today, you noted. Lots of lively voices and unfamiliar faces littered the streets, and traffic was busier then usual. Not to mention how blue the sky was, you felt as if the sun had come from the fiery pits of hell and come to send you to fiery damnation.
The real question was though, how it was so cold in your apartment, yet so warm outside! It was the middle of autumn! Like goddamn mother nature was fussy today.

The walk was significantly longer then it should have been, but you couldn't find yourself annoyed for long as you took a foot inside you favourite place to go out and eat. It was a pleasant temperature inside, and had a distinct smell of sugary freshly baked goods. Your favourite.

It took only a second for you eyes to locate your purple coloured flirting buddy before striding over to her one there was no-one left in que. You leaned against the bench patiently, watching her move back and forth serving another customer. Thirty seconds later she finally spotted you, an amused grin gracing her lips before she sauntered over to you.

"Ah, hello dearie, dressed to impress I see~ It seems you have been coming here a lot more often the usual, not that I mind, Ahuhu~"

Chuckling briefly, you tucked your hands away safely into the depths of your pockets, "What can I say? I like eating out."

Muffet gasped, before chuckling and hitting your arm playfully, "Straight to the point I see, I've never been a fan of foreplay anyway."

"Ppft. Heheh, that's too bad, I was really hoping to play around with ya for a bit longer," you paused to gauge her reaction grinning in amusement at her faint blush before standing up straighter, "Anyway, the usual, if you don't mind?"

"Of course not! Anything for you sugarplum!"

Grinning you leant against the counter, awaiting her return. Usually you'd stick around for a bit, but looking around-it was particularly busy today, and you just felt like keeping it down low.

"Hear you are!~"

Looking down, you were met with a packet of six spider donuts and extra large caramel frappe. Yum.
Most humans usually wouldn't go anywhere near Muffet's spider donuts, because of you know...the whole spider element. Truthfully, you were a little hesitant at first, but figured, if it had passed the food safety standards, then it couldn't hurt, right? Needless to say, you were now addicted.

Pulling out your wallet you went to pull out the exact amount that you had grown so familiar with, when you felt a gentle hand rest itself on top of yours, "Ahuhu~ No need, on the house Sugarplum."

Honestly, you were a little shocked. Not to be rude but she was a bit of a freak for money. After all, you had found yourself lending her an attentive ear to rant to about some customer that never paid their tab more then once. "Uh-you sure?"

"Of course! But I expect you to pay me back somehow~"

You raised an eyebrow in question, but the spider monster merely giggled with a knowing look in her eye, many eyes, actually, "Heh, well, I'm not complaining. Catch (heh) you later, sweet-thing," you winked, before gingerly exiting the store without so much as a glance back.
As you walked away, you took a loud, overly exaggerated sip of your drink, eyeing the donuts, eagerly awaiting to tear into the delicious treats when you got home.

You were pulled away from your thoughts when your phone buzzed. Gee you were popular today. Also you needed to make sure to get back to Sans pretty soon. You'd check it out when you got back home.


Mac 1:35pm

Boss called in, said he wants you in early.


You 1:35pm

Whys that, and how early?


There was no answer for a few minutes, and just as you were about to pocket your phone, it buzzed yet again.

Mac: 1:39pm

Got a job for ya that only you can do
hear it's nothing too big, nothing to worry bout

He expects you there round 4ish, yeah?

You 1:40pm

I'll be there.


Pocketing your phone you sighed. There goes your relaxing evening. Usually you didn't start until 7ish. Maybe they'll let you off early? Doubt it.
Let a girl dream though.

In the meantime, you were planning on binge watching season 4 of lucifer that had just come out on Netflix. You had been waiting way too long and had only gotten up to the third episode. Unfortunately there wouldn't be enough time to watch the entire season, but you could fit in a few good episodes.

The walk home was a little quieter, now that you supposed everyone's lunch break was over. It was moments like these that you were thankful for your work. It wasn't the most honest...of trades, but it gave you enough to get by, which was more then any mundane job could provide you. Besides, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?
No point in feeling guilty about it. It wasn't like you were the one getting into the messy stuff. No skin off your nose.

Pulling up to the apartment complex, you took the elevator up marching to your room before halting. Right. You'd left the keys inside. Welp.


You 1:56pm

Hey, don't mind picking me up now do you? Kind of locked myself out and don't want to wait for the landlord to swing by to grab a spare key.


Leaning against the doorframe, you waited patiently for a reply, pulling open the paper bag and taking a large bite out of the delicious snack. The sugar practically melted in your mouth, before the donut disappeared completely as you tried swallowing it. God you loved monster food. You could eat as much as you want without gaining any weight. It was like a fantasy come to life.

Mac 1:59pm

Again? At least this time your not kicking down any doors. I'm on my way.

You 2:00pm

Thanks a heap. I owe you one.

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An amused grin tugged at your lips, as your co-workers threw you odd looks after getting a look at your onesie, not only that, but you were wearing slippers instead of shoes. Anywhere else, and you were sure you would have lost your job.
Luckily you knew your worth in this business, and no one could say anything to you.

Mac, the dirty brown haired male who had lent you a lift had stopped over at his place to grab you a spare change of clothes to get changed into when you got to headquarters. You had made sure to send a text over to your landlord, he said he would drop a spare key in your mailbox. It's going to cost you an extra $50 to your rent though.

Not that it would be much of a problem to you, you were paid plenty well-at least well enough to be able to afford a minor fine like that.
The spare change of clothes in hand, you navigated HQ until you found the bathrooms, locking yourself in one of the stalls and stripping off the onesie, changing into the slightly oversized change of clothing. A baggy white t-shirt hung off your shoulders, and oversized black shorts hugged your waist. Sitting on top of the toilet seat you pulled on the long black socks. Mac didn't have any shoes that would fit you so you supposed you were stuck with the slippers. Not that you minded-they were your favourite ones after all.

You could smell the faint scent of his cologne, it was spicy and warm-very pleasant actually, as you brought the shirt up to your nose and relished in the scent. You would have to ask him what brand he used. You wanted in on that shit.

Bundling up your onesie in your hands you wandered back out of the bathrooms, only sparing a quick glance at yourself in the mirror before heading out and straight to the boss's office. Everyone here knew each other quite well, but nobody spoke to each other. Nobody here was particularly friendly either, except Mac, and you, of course.
Not very surprising considering the type of people you were throwing yourself in with.

The boss was a middle aged business man, always dressed sharply in his signature grey suit and EMPA Gold tie. He was a very charismatic and charming person, who naturally seemed to able to make powerful friends. Anyone who fell for the persona though, obviously didn't belong here.
It only took you a single glance into those overwhelmingly cold eyes, empty and void of remorse, compassion, void of any kind of emotion really, to know exactly the type of person you were dealing with. You did like to think you were a good judge of character after all.
He wasn't like most other low-life criminals though, he was intelligent, cunning, dark and twisted motives worked behind the façade of his award winning grin, and you weren't curious enough to try and find out what. The boss was a dangerous man, he had created an empire of crime behind the façade of a multi-million dollar making goods and trades company.
You supposed in a way that made you dangerous too then. He knew how to show how valuable someone to him was when they were profitable to him. Buying their loyalty, really.
And you, somehow, had become one of his prized possessions. You generally didn't get involved with the dirtier jobs, but rather were tasked with covering up their tracks. You did it well, your work ethic is impeccable, flawless.
If it weren't for you, this business would have sunk long ago. You supposed that was what had won his favour.
You hardly minded, his favour promised protection and of course-a pretty decent pay check. At least a lot more then working at some run down bar or café would get you.

Knocking on the Boss' door, not a second later a firm, but familiar 'Come in' was called out. Not hesitating you boldly strode in, posture straighter and more formal then your previous lazier one.
There was a time for work and a time for play.

"Your early," was the only thing he said.

With a shrug, you observed him, he sat behind his wooden desk, not bothering to spare you a glance from his rapid typing on a laptop, "It was more convenient for me."

"I see. In that case, you can get started straight away then. You'll run into people at this hour of course."

"What exactly is it I will be doing?"

"There was a witness for last nights run, you were supposed to go to their place and give them a....friendly warning, about tattle-telling. I imagine they'd be at work at this very moment, so you are to go over and find out what they know. I trust you'll take care of it if things get out of hand, correct?"

With a nod of affirmation, a pleased smile graced Boss' lips, before he informed you of the location you would be going to. Not sparing a second you spun on your heel to head out and investigate this apparent 'Monster' vendor working in the park.
You hoped the poor guy hadn't seen anything, like you had mentioned, you usually didn't handle any of the dirtier work, but it seemed if push came to shove you might need to this time, and you knew all too well how easily monster dusted at the hands of humans.
Monster integration was certainly quite...rough. You never had a problem with them, unfortunately you worked alongside with several people who did. If it weren't for the Boss's Anti-racism policy, you imagined the streets would be significantly less safe for monster-kind.
Luckily it seemed the man you worked for held some kind of morality or at least a sense of honour.

You took the black and white SUV in the garage, especially reserved for the use of higher ranked workers such as yourself. The work you dealt with certainly came with it's luxuries.
The drive was pleasant, the air conditioner was on, saving you from the merciless heat of the sun. The two of you really didn't get along.

Pulling up at central park, the first thing you noticed were the little children running after each other, a few little girls chasing after some poor littler boy with handfuls of browning leaves. With a playful snicker you stepped out of the vehicle, you were thankful that the clothes you were given allowed for much better ventilation than your onesie. Once again-weather, what the actual fuck? Winter was approaching in less then a month!

Now, all you had to do was look for the monster vendor. You weren't told what they looked like or given any name, and as far as you were concerned, the only other monster vendor you knew was that burgerpants guy, and he usually hung around the opposite part of the city, so it shouldn't be too hard figuring out who this guy is.

Walking down the stone footpath, you noted that you wouldn't be able to get too...unfriendly with everybody around anyway. You'd always preferred the friendly approach anyway, you were better at it too.
Despite your less then inviting work, charisma was a valued asset to have in this kind of work, apparently.

You had reached to the play equipment, only just recently installed just a few weeks before, the populace at the park had been booming ever since. Made sense why someone would set up to make money around here.
Not far up a head, you spotted them, approaching them swiftly you halted mid-step-that was... That was Papyrus?

You were a slight distance away, but could clearly see the familiar skeletal person lazily leaning against the stand from his stool, eye lids (?) sleepily pressed closed.
You had only spoken to him once, but you had a funny feeling that this was the kind of thing he did often. Not that you could put it past him, you enjoyed slacking off too, you only wondered how he could sleep completely unconcerned for getting robbed.
With a shrug, you decided it was really nothing worth mulling over, before closing the rest of the distance between the two of you.
Before you even got a couple metres within distance from him his eye-sockets flew open, quickly darting to your figure, they seemed to observe you for a quick second, before his grin widen, now less casual and more..welcoming?

His eyes never left you as you approached, he seemed to straighten his posture as you stopped in front of him. Eyeing him and then his stand curiously, you decided to be the first one to speak, "Hey Paps," he visibly tensed at the nickname, and you wondered briefly if he was one of those people who didn't appreciate nicknames, "Didn't expect to run into you here."

"Heh, what a pleasant surprise. Glad to see you too....?"

"Oh, right. Name's Y/n," You shifted on the spot, noting that he ran a Pluto pup stand (corndog), "It's good to see you're a man with quality cuisine," you joked, nodding over to a few readily made Pluto pups.

"Nyeh, a sweet name for a sweet lady, and ditto."

Chuckling briefly at the cheesy comment, you grinned widely at Papyrus. Well crap. How were you supposed to proceed from here? Usually you'd just cut the crap and get straight to business, but this was the guy who you owed a favour too, and looking over into his eye sockets, you just couldn't bring yourself too. It was if there was this tugging-

"So, ya here to grab a bite to eat?"

"Mhm," you hummed In confirmation, "Tomato sauce, please." He quickly went and prepared one of the fresher Pluto pups, while you pulled out your wallet from the shorts you had pulled on, only to be stopped when a hand wrapped itself over yours gently, a spark jolted from the contact, running up your arm in electric kisses, causing you to glance up in surprise.

" Don't worry about it honey. 'S on the house."

Quirking an eyebrow, you relented. You supposed you owed him two favours now, but you had a feeling that arguing against his offer would only make things tense between the two of you. Which was the exact opposite of what you needed in order to properly investigate him.
"...If you insist. Thanks."

"Anytime." You took the Pluto pup in hand, going in for a confident bite before relishing the taste. holy crap, this guy made a mean Pluto Pup! You supposed your expression gave it away as he chuckled at you, as the laughter died down the two of you seemed to stand in a comfortable silence as you munched thoughtfully on the Pluto Pup, he seemed equally as content to just watch you eat.
You noticed his eyes wondering downwards, and he must have only just taken in the clothes you were wearing, and just as quickly as his grin had came did it disappear-along with the little white eye lights in his sockets.
You momentarily wondered if you had done something wrong, or if that perhaps was just something skeletons did from time to time.

"...Nyeh, I can't say I'm not a little disappointed to see you without you skeleton outfit. The look was really working for ya'," he mused hollowly. You were unsure what was going through his head, unsure if he was even really upset or if it was just you.

Glancing down at your oversized clothes, you laughed lightly in attempt to bring back the comfortable atmosphere, "Oh, heh, yeah. Accidently locked myself out of my place just before I had to go somewhere. Got a friend to pick me up and give me a spare change of clothes."

His eye lights were back as he searched your expression, before he seemed to accept your answer. "He your boyfriend?"

You gave the skeleton a quizzical look, what was with the odd questions? Fine then, if he was going to be weird, you supposed you'd just have to mess with him a bit. "Girlfriend, actually."

And there go the eye lights again. It was a little odd but very amusing to watch, "Pfft, I'm messing with ya, didn't mean to rattle your bones."

Papyrus' grin immediately seemed to stretch impossibly wider, completely forgetting whatever had him so upset, "Tch. Sorry, didn't mean to be so sternum, but I'll forgive you for your little fibula."

Grinning even wider then before you stared down at the skeleton in challenge. Oh it was on.
"Don't Skulk over it, I was just pulling your funny bone. It was quite the rib tickler though, aye?"

"Nyeheh, tibia honest, it was quite humerus-don't worry about skulking -I have no bone's to pick with you, nothing gets under my skin."

You wheezed, racking your mind for more bad skeleton puns, already knowing you couldn't win, but you'd be damned if you didn't go down without a fight, "Wow, didn't think you'd have the stomach to keep up with me. You've really got some guts. It's almost as if you were bone to pun-but I know better, after all, I can see straight through you!"

Papyrus broke, slumping forward onto the stand, his skull on his hands as he brushed away-were those tears? from his eye-sockets amidst his wheezing. "Geez honey, you don't realize how glad I am to have met you, before I had no body to pun with, but I must admit I'm having quite the osteoblast. You seem quite, hip. It was almost as if we were bone for each other."

Giggling lightly, you crossed your arms comfortably over your chest, you sighed in defeat, but something about what he said just said seemed more sincere then everything else. You didn't dwell on it.
"Heh, alright, alright, you win. Obviously I stepped out of my league. You're a worthy puntner though."

"Pft. Bit of a stretch on that one hon'."

You merely grinned, before finishing off the rest of your Pluto pop, you supposed the fun was over. "So uh, how often do you set up around here?"

"Why? You going to come keep me company?" He grinned towards you cheekily.

"Tch. If you're lucky."

"In that case, nearly everyday except weekends, I sometimes take Tuesdays off. Usually just work afternoons."

"Hmm, till what time?"

Paps eyed you curiously, but didn't seem to think anything of it, "Usually 5ish, there was some event on yesterday and didn't pack up 'till around 7."

That explained how he would have run into your co-workers drug run. They usually took through the central park. Nobody was around after 5 and the forestry area provided a great cover for shady operations.

"Huh. Didn't happen to run into anybody did you? Don't know exactly but there's been a few rumours going around about some shady operation going on here after dark."

Papyrus studied you for a moment, as if he didn't completely believe you, but didn't think to question it. "Actually, ran into two guys carrying some sort of boxes into a van up at the carpark. Don't know what they were up to though."

You hummed in thought as you registered the information. Well it seemed he didn't know anything, you reciprocated his gaze by studying him back, he didn't appear to be withholding any kind of information from you. "Seems a little sketchy if you ask me, did you call the police?"

"Nah, why would I?"

You shrugged. Yeah alright, it was safe. Less work on your part. "Welp, don't be getting into too much trouble then, but I better be going."

Your skeletal companion seemed a little taken-aback at you concern of his wellbeing. It was more out of just being friendly, then anything, but the words felt right when slipping off your tongue. "Wait, before you go, don't mind if I grab ya number? Thought it'd be rude just to get it off Sans."

You turned back to face Papyrus, smiling politely, and holding out your phone, as he reached out to grab it his fingers grazed your own. Your pulse skipped a beat at the sensation, what was with that feeling? The texture of bone was so smooth and the chill was very soothing against your skin.
As you zoned out you almost didn't notice your phone being held out for you to grab again. Taking it back, you were about to say goodbye when you were interrupted yet again.

"So uh, you coming tomorrow?"

You flashed him a confused look, tilted your head to the side.

"Ya know, the picnic me and Sans invited you too, we're getting together with a couple friends and thought you might like to come along. Your friend can come too if she likes."

It took you a few seconds to figure out what he was going on about, before it hit you. Unlocking your phone you went to check the message Sans had sent you but you had neglected to check-and sure enough, there was an invitation to come along to a picnic.
"Heh, oops. Never actually got around to checking that," running your eyes over the details sent to you, you looked back up at Papyrus whilst slipping your phone into your pocket, "But yeah, I should be able to come along."

"Mhm, I'll be looking forward to seeing you there honey."

Smiling, you waved the skeleton goodbye and began to wonder off back to the car, all the while feeling his eyes lingering on you. It seemed he had a habit of doing that, it was almost as if he couldn't force himself to look away from you. There was something in his gaze, something needy, something longing, and you were admittedly curious to figure out what.
As of the moment though, you had different matters to attend to, such as reporting back to the boss. A text could always be sent, but texts could also be traced, and you preferred to leave as little ties between you and your work as possible-so in person it was.

Chapter Text

God. What day was it?
Blinking open your eyes, you forced away the sleep in your eyes with the persistent rubbing of your hands. Forcing the blankets off of your body you hissed as the freezing as fuck air bite harshly at your skin.
Whining you quickly snatched the blanket back over your body were you proceeded to curl in on yourself in a foetal position to regain the warmth that was stolen from you.
Muttering silent cursing you idly wondered what time it was, you had this nagging feeling in the back of your mind like you had something you needed to do, but you couldn't remember what for the life of you.

After wallowing in self pity for another good 30 minutes and with no hope of temperature's rising, you jolted forwards out of bed, bolting towards the heating were you remained for the next 10 minutes. As you began to wake up properly, hands and legs toasting as they hovered in front of the mini heater, you began to notice a rather unappealing smell. Scrunching your nose you inspected the room from left to right in search of it's origin-wait a second.
Yep. That was you.
It had been a couple days since you showered. You should probably do that before even the wildlife refuse to get within close proximity of you.

Tottering over to your wardrobe, you pulled out the first jumper that caught against your fingers and a pair of high waisted jeans before entering your bathroom to take a shower.
The hot water was instant relief against your skin, quickly scaring away the freezing temperature as steam filled up the white tiled bathroom. It was a decent sized room, plated in simple albeit pretty grey tiles. It certainly wasn't anything fancy, but it was cute and quaint and served its purpose.
Amidst the duration of your shower, you phone began to ring from the other room. With a sigh you rested your forehead against the wall, deciding to just let it ring out. Yet for some reason it seemed to just wail on and on. Who the hell needed to talk to you this badly?

With a huff you turned off the shower, very briefly rubbing yourself dry and slipping on the clothes you had snagged before marching into your bedroom. With furrowed eyebrows and the slightest bit of annoyance bubbling up within you from the interruption of your shower, you immediately deadpanned as soon as you had the phone in your grasp.
It was an alarm.

Why the hell did you set an alarm for 12 in the middle of the day?


Picnic with skelebois


oh shit.
That's what you were forgetting!
Thinking back, you could briefly recall setting an alarm for an hour before the picnic started right before your head hit the pillow. It was a long night after all, and just as you had suspected, the boss didn't let you go that easily. You had spent the next six hours moving crates and packing boxes with some of the crew, but at least you slept well.
You didn't wake up a single time, which automatically ranked it up as one of the better sleeps you've had long as you could remember really. You'd always had a bit of trouble sleeping in an empty house-well, apartment. You had a problem with being alone in general, hence why you so often surrounded yourself with people, both good and bad. It was company either way and you craved it.

With a huff you turned to inspect your room, it was a little messy, the odd sock or five littering the floor, but otherwise it was comfortable. Although you may need to do a quick clean up sooner or later, you knew several people who would bite your head off over the state of your living.
The thought made you chuckle, before you shuffled over to your sock draw, pulling out a pair and slipping them on before going to gather your shoes.

You still had a little under a hour before the picnic started at one, but the skeleton brothers (you were assuming they were brothers anyway) lived in the rich part of the city, and therefore had organized the picnic over there as well. The park there wasn't as large as the one you had gone to yesterday, but it was nice, if you could recall correctly from the brief visit you made when you had first moved here.

After having completed getting dressed you bounced back onto your bed, before staring idly at your winter mood white walls in thought. You were familiar enough with monsters, you had known Muffet long enough to maybe even consider the two of you friends. You had found monsters had come in all shapes and varieties, and so did their magic. Each were so unique it was near impossible for it to not peak your curiosity, you didn't understand how so many humans could treat them with such disdain.
The idea of skeleton monsters, on the other hand, had never crossed your mind. To be honest, they fascinated you.
You found something along the lines of excitement welling up in your chest, intrigue, and another emotion you couldn't place your finger on, it was very subtle, near unnoticeable, but it fluctuated whenever you thought of the skeleton brothers-rather, Papyrus.

A hum escaped your lips, and you pondered if you should bring something along with you to the picnic. That's what people did right? At least that's what you saw from movies. You'd never been on a picnic before, and were conflicted on what to do. Would that be weird? Can monsters even eat human food?
With a shrug, you decided it wasn't a major concern, and that no one you were willing to associate yourself with would get upset over such a petty matter, so it didn't really matter anyway.
You should probably ask if Monsters could eat human food anyway, if not just out of courtesy, than curiosity.

Pocketing your phone and throwing sheets, pillows and random pieces of clothes in search of your wallet you scrambled out the door with 30 minutes to spare. Hopefully by now the midday traffic would be finished, otherwise you may be ten or twenty minutes late.


Whelp, the park was much larger then you remembered it to be. Once where you vaguely remembered a run down apartment block stood, now was more area of the park. They must have knocked the buildings down and expanded this place. It was a pleasant change, although you were hardly one to spend too much time out in nature, it was a nice change of scenery from the usual concrete jungle.
You had actually grown up in a particularly sleepy town-or at least, a rather desolate town. The place was full of greenery, the council had purposely made it so that the shrubbery and bush that circled the town were near untouched, like a protective barrier around the place. It was so well hidden that no one really knew the place existed, despite it's larger then average population. No one ever really went there-and no one ever left.
Except you, of course.

Checking your phone, you noticed that you had actually arrived a couple minutes early, which totally wasn't caused by you going 20 over the speed limit, you definitely didn't.
Now all you had to do was scout out were they would be setting up, you figured whoever planned this whole event would have gotten here a little early to prepare. With that in mind you set off down one of the pathways at a comfortable if not a tad bit lazy pace, taking in your surroundings and keeping a sharp eye out for any monsters looking to have a picnic.

Five minutes in too your little scenic journey, you found a particularly large furry (that was probably rude to say albeit funny) monster, paw engulfing that of a smaller human child spreading out a classic red and white checkered picnic blanket under a even larger oak tree that shaded the area. Eyeing them for a couple minutes longer, you decided that this was probably them-and if it wasn't, whelp, you weren't against making a couple friendly acquaintances.

"It's a tad chilly for a picnic don't you think?" You mused good naturedly from behind the pair. Upon hearing your voice they immediately spun to meet you. At first the furry appeared a little surprised but it was soon replaced with a very warm, and very genuine smile.
It put you a little on edge.

"Ah, hello young one," the furry began, which only caused you to quirk an eyebrow in question. You weren't old but you certainly weren't a kid, perhaps you were just young compared to a monster, you had heard somewhere that certain monsters outlived humans by a long time. "Yes, your right, it Is a little cold out, but nothing that some Golden flower tea to warm the heart can't fix! I assume your the human Sans and Papyrus had invited to join us this evening, yes?"

The beared goat furry stared at you questioningly, and you merely nodded in reply, a little taken aback by his very warm and welcoming nature, which seemed to contradict his large if not slightly intimidating stature. This monster would have to be at least 8 or 9 feet tall, and had the girth to support it. Your eyes suddenly dropped down to the child next to the monster upon remembering their presence, they were quite small, and you had no doubt they would fit in the palm of the goat furry's hand.
The kid had no distinctive gender, their brunette hair curled around the sides of their face and ears, with naturally flushed cheeks and deep, crimson red eyes.
The colour was unnatural, if not a little off-putting, but they were very pretty to stare into. Plus the large goofy grin they wore was enough to put you at ease. They seemed innocent enough.

"Sup kiddo," you greeted, offering a hand of your own to shake, to which they eagerly took, "The names y/n, but you, can call me n/n."

The kid grinned wider, slightly flattered that they had so quickly received the privilege of being able to call you by a nickname. "I'm Chara! This is my Dad, Asgore. It is very nice to meet you, n/n." The way your nickname rolled of their tongue was if they were unfamiliar with it, like they were trying it out to see how it sounded.

You grinned in a friendly manner, before glancing at the half set up picnic area, "You two need a hand setting everything up?"

Asgore, the furry monster's name as you had just learned, seemed to have just realized that they were still mid-setting up and look behind himself in surprise, "Oh yes, I suppose we should finish doing that before we can properly settle down. Yes, if you don't mind could you run to my car and get the picnic basket?"

You paused, wait a second. You'd known this guy for two seconds and he was letting you go off to his car all by yourself? Was this a test of some sort?
"Uh, sure thing."

"Great! Thank you very much young one, here are my keys."

Asgore's keys in hand you sceptically tottered back the way you came to the carpark, looking for the car that Asgore had described to you. You inspected the keys as you walked, the keychain had a little pink fur pom pom ball decoration thing attached to it. You snickered at it, this guy was a riot.
That name though, Asgore. You had heard it before. The former king of monsters-and Chara, the human ambassador for monsters.
Apparently the guy had divorced queen Toriel ages ago, back when she decided that the only way to escape the underground was to collect the seven human souls.

You could see Asgore's reasoning, but you personally held nothing against Toriel. Perhaps it was a little unfortunate considering the humans killed were just children after all, but you couldn't really couldn't put it past her. After all, in this world, it was k-

"-Nyeh, nice keychain honey," The familiar voice made you nearly stumble over your feet, before you glanced up at the familiar seven foot skeleton. Looking beside him, you expected to find Sans with him, almost as if he had read your thoughts he explained to you, "Sans has already run up ahead, probably walked straight by him, considering how zoned out you were."

You chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of your head tenderly, "Uh yeah, got a little carried away that's all. These aren't actually mine, " you explain, holding the keychain up in the air for all to see, "Asgore gave them to me to go grab the picnic basket from his car."

Papyrus looked a little surprised, "Ppft, he just gave you his keys and let you go?"

You shrugged, an amused grin tugging on your lips, "Can't say I'm not a little surprised either. Seems like a nice guy-maybe a little too nice."

"Heh, yeah. But if he trusted you so quickly, he must get a good feeling from you. Glad to find your making good first impressions?"

Rolling your eyes playfully you grinned, "I feel like I'm meeting the parents for the first time. The pressure's on."

"Nyeheh," he chuckled light heartedly, "C'mon, I'll walk ya to his car."

The short walk was spent in a pleasant silence, pondering Papyrus' odd, although endearing laugh.
Upon finding the large furry monsters car, you opened up the boot and pulled out the hefty looking black picnic basket.Looks like there were going to be a fair few people coming. Either that or everyone just had a really big appetite-you could relate.

Reaching in to wrap your arms around the oversized picnic basket you jolted as the electric touch settled on your shoulder, "Woah, honey, that seems a little heavy. Lemme carry it?"

Pausing you turned to face the skeleton,ignoring the burning sensation under where his hand sat snugly between your shoulder and neck, but he seemed rather insistent from the way he gazed at you. Not going to argue against an opportunity to take it easy, you relented before shifting backwards to stand out of the way, you expected Papyrus' hand to drop from your shoulder, but instead it lingered a couple seconds longer then necessary before he seemed to realize so, and abruptly taking it away to pick up the basket instead.

Chapter Text

By the time you had gotten back to where Asgore and Chara had set up, it seemed everyone else had already arrived. You didn't realise that you had taken so long. Papyrus seemed quick to greet the large Goat monster, so you took a second to observe the rest of your company.

Sitting down to the far left of the picnic blanket was a rather tiny reptile monster, yellow and dinosaur like, the points on her head had a curvature to them, and her face was rather round and cute-feminine, but there was a furiousness to them with the way they held themselves and the bold toothy grin they wore as they spoke to Sans. You assumed they were female. They dwarfed in comparison to the monster next to them (although you think they actually may be shorter than Sans anyway, it's hard to tell while she was sitting down). This monster was rather fish like, with gills and fins rather then ears, and blue scaly skin that glinted silver against the sun, her head was fiery red and pulled up in a high pony tail-unlike the confidence the yellow monster radiated, this one seemed to be more reserved-timid even. She sat closely to the yellow monster, knees touching-you figured the two must be close.

To your right, was another goat monster, although female this time, but no less as giant as the first, who spoke politely to Chara. You figured this must be Toriel-the Queen of all monsters. You were a little surprised to find her here, and you weren't completely sure how to act around her (formalities and such) but figured you would just have to figure it out when the time came. In the mean time, you stood semi-awkwardly in the middle of everyone greeting each other, not wanting to interrupt anyone's conversation.

Thankfully, it seemed you were spared from the awkward situation by being whisked away by Sans towards the two monster he was talking to. "HUMAN FRIEND! I AM SO GLAD YOU COULD MAKE IT! THIS IS ALPHYS," he gestured towards the shorter yellow monster, "MY FRIEND AND MENTOR, THE CAPTAIN OF THE ROYAL GUARD! THAT IS UNDYNE," now pointing towards the timid blue monster, "ALPHYS' FIANCE! I AM SURE YOU WILL BECOME FRIENDS IN NO TIME!"

"Heya Punk, You The Human Sans Has Been Going On About? It's Good To Finally Meet Ya," Alphys, held out a clawed hand from you to take, you accepted only to be surprised by the strength of the grip before being dragged into a tight hug, causing you to fall to your knees joining the three on the ground.

You winced as your knees made contact with the ground, less from actual pain and more from surprise, but no sooner did you find two eyes staring holes into your back, and Papyrus' presence no sooner later having found itself by your side. "Woah, you alright there honey? Go easy on her there Alphys," He mused, although there was a clear undertone of concern, and it made your stomach tighten into knots.

"Heh, yep," you managed to squeeze out as Alphys tightened her already suffocating grip on your ribcage before abruptly letting you go causing you to fall backwards onto your rear with a small thump.

"FUHUHU! Anyway, As You Know, This Is My Fiancé Undyne. She's Actually The Royal Scientist And The Smartest Person I Know!"

Undyne seemed to flush at Alphys' compliment, "I-I'm really not that..."

"NONSENSE! Your Probably One Of The Smartest People To Have Ever Lived! No One Is Smarter Than My Fiancé!" The navy blue that decorated the fish monster's face darkened, but this time she didn't argue with Alphys' words, instead fiddling with her fingers in her lap and avoiding eye contact with everyone.

"MWEH! NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN INTRODUCED TO MY FRIENDS HUMAN, YOU HAVE TO TRY MY MAGNIFICENT TACOS OF FRIENDSHIP! IT IS THE VERY FIRST STEP TO STARTING ANY GOOD FRIENDSHIP!" Sans suddenly cut in, before bouncing off towards another picnic basket, one you assumed he had brought along. Maybe you should have brought something along with you?

"Heheh, oh boy, your gonna love these hun'," Looking back up to Papyrus, who was currently hovering over you flashed him a curious expression, to which he simply snickered and crumpled into a sitting position next to you without any explanation. You weren't sure if he was being sarcastic or not, and were curious to as what could be so special about these 'magnificent tacos of friendship', as Sans had described.

Bounding back over-this time with both goat monsters and Chara everyone sat around in a circle as Sans abruptly placed a taco each in everyone's lap.
You were certainly right to assume these taco's would be special.
The taco shell was died an electric blue, and from the way the colour stained you fingers you assumed it was food colouring (at least you hoped it was), the minced meat was a little charcoaly, and was decorated with glitter, but other than that, it was a perfectly normal taco.

okay, who were you kidding, you were a little afraid to actually put the thing in your mouth, or anywhere near it really. You watched from the corner of your eyes as Stretch opened his jaw and put the entire thing in his mouth in one go, before shutting it and the taco to have never been seen again. You were instantly flooded with hundreds of questions, but decided that those were for another day, currently you had your own obstacle to overcome.
You weren't sure what Monsters digestive systems were like (if they even had one?), but you figured if Papyrus ate it, than it couldn't be too life threatening if you did too. Not hesitating a second longer you took a swift, confident bite of the taco.
Pausing, you took a moment to actually taste what you were eating. It was certainly...strange, but not awful. But that might just be because you could eat practically anything without complaint.
It tasted a lot like it looked, burnt, slightly crisp, and the glitter stuck to the sides of your mouth and you knew fully well that you were going to have to brush your teeth really well tonight to get it all out. The Taco was wetter then it would usually be, but simultaneously drier as well. It was a weird sensation, but you powered through until the very last bite.

After successfully finishing the taco, you glanced up only to realize that your company all appeared quite surprised, except Sans of course, who looked quite pleased. "WOWZERS! YOU MUST HAVE REALLY ENJOYED MY FRIENDSHIP TACOS! OUR RELATIONSHIP IS ALREADY BLOSSOMING INTO A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP!"

"Nyeh, I guess you could can feel It, in your bones."

Sans groaned loudly at Papyrus' pun while you just barely managed to muffle a snort, though you were sure everyone except Sans heard you quite clearly. "PAPYRUS! NOW ISN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR AWFUL PUNS! YOUR GOING TO RUIN THE PICNIC!"

"Aww, c'mon bro, I thought it was quite the rib tickler," Papyrus grin seemed to stretch wider in anticipation of Sans' groan and huff of defeat.


You grinned, "It's alright Sans, there's no need to be so sternum," Sans's sockets seemed to widen in betrayal, while the rest of your company began to cackle, "Besides, I thought it was quite humerus."

"....," At first all Sans did was stare at you, jaw hanging loosely as he processed your words, "....PAPYRUS! LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THE HUMAN! YOU HAVE BROKEN HER!"

Snickering as the two brothers began to banter with each other, your attention is moved over to the small brunette that had taken a seat next to you, by the tugging of your shirt. Raising an eyebrow, you grinned down at them, "Yeah Kiddo?"

"Can we go play?" They pointed over to the playground equipment twenty metres over in the distance. With a nod of your head you stood up, offering a hand and pulling them up with you.

"Sure thing kid," just as you were about to leave, you remembered that parents around here usually liked to keep up where there kids went, so you halted in your tracks and glanced over behind you, "Hey Asgore, me and the kid are just gonna swing by the playground, if that's alright with you?"

Asgore's eyes seemed to light up at your purposeful pun before giving you a hearty chuckle, "Of course young one. Play safe you two."

Nodding, you felt the little hand engulfed in yours begin to pull, dragging you off to the playground. For such a little kid, they sure did have some muscle on them.
There were only one or two other children on the playground, both human. The equipment was of a decent size and appeared only a couple of years old and well maintained. Chara immediately pulled you over to the currently unoccupied swing set, taking a seat and smiling up at you expectantly.

Chuckling, you walked behind them and took a firm grip on either side of them, "Alright, ladies and gents, take a seat and make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times," you voice mimicked that of a ride instructor and Chara giggled at the nasally sound. Pulling them up as far as you could pull, you could hear them squeal in delight, "In 3....," you could feel them bracing for being let go, "2...." you let go without finishing to one.
They squealed loudly, before the squealing became loud joyous laughter. The momentum of the first drop was enough to keep them going for another couple of minutes, so you stood to the side and watched them swing their feet in the air.

A goofy grin spread across your features whilst watching Chara, before you noticed Sans had eagerly marched over to the two of you and decided to join in, taking a place behind Chara and pushing her on the swing instead.
"MWEHEH! HUMAN! IS THAT REALLY AS HIGH AS YOU CAN GO? I THINK NOT!" And with that remark he gave Chara a heft push and the swing flew further up than you could ever have pushed it.
Whelp. Reminder to yourself: don't get on Sans' bad side, he's may be all bones but he's got muscle.
You grinned to yourself at the silly joke, before deciding to head back over to where everyone else was sitting.

The four monsters sitting on the picnic blanket seemed to have found something else to munch on, Papyrus quickly found your gaze as you began to approach, and you were a little surprised to see him drinking honey.
To each there own, you guess.
You couldn't held but snicker silently to yourself at Papyrus' quirkiness. In fact, all these monsters you've met are quite extra-ordinary. You imagined there was never a dull day with them around.

Taking a seat in between Papyrus and Undyne, you were silent as you tried to catch up on whatever you had missed out on in the conversation. You felt something brush against your shoulder and your turned to face Papyrus, who held there hand out to offer you scone, topped with whipped cream and strawberry jam.
Straightening, you giddily took the scone with a quick thanks and practically inhaled the treat, you heard Papyrus chuckling next to you.

"Glad to see I'm not the only one with a sweet-tooth."

You were about to think of some witty reply when your attention was drawn over to the goat monsters, you missed what was said but all of a sudden it became very tense. Everyone went silent, awkwardly staring at the two while they continued to glare at each other. You decided you would be the one to break the tension, if no one else would.

"Uh, hey there Asgore, you're looking a little tired over there," you began unsurely. The Bearded furry turned to face you curiously.

"I am?"

"Yeah, I mean, I'm not surprised either. You've been running through my mind all day," everyone was silent, and you mentally sweat-dropped. You were about to back-peddle and apologize for doing cheesy pick-up lines at an obviously inappropriate time when all of a sudden every-especially Asgore roared with laughter.
You tensed as you watched Undyne, Alphys and even Toriel practically fall over each other in a fit of giggles. You began to relax, and even began to laugh yourself.

"My my, your quite the charmer at you, but I have to ask, are you religious?" You paused, about to reply when suddenly he cut you off, "Because you're the answer to my prayers!"

It took a couple seconds for the words to sink in, before you found yourself wheezing along with the man. Your eyes began to water, and you tenderly rubbed the laughter induced tears as you began to calm down, glad that you had successfully restored the lively atmosphere.
Although, from the corner of your eye, you noticed that Papyrus had been awful quite, in fact, you don't think he laughed even once during the whole pick up line session.

You turned to face him, only to find him staring at you quite intently with an unrecognizable expression. Flashing him a half smile, he seemed to break out of his thoughts, eyes meeting your own before his own grin seemed to stretch just the slightest bit upwards.


The rest of the evening was mostly filled with friendly banter, and you could say that you had gotten to know the skeleton brothers and their friends a lot better in the couple of hours spent together. However, after the whole incident between Toriel and Asgore, Papyrus seemed particularly quiet, and you momentarily wondered if the tension between the two goat monsters had upset him, although you could feel his sockets lingering on you for the remainder of the picnic. You wondered what he was thinking about.

Now that you were home, you were currently restocking the fridge full of treats left over from the picnic that Asgore and Sans seemed so adamant about taking with you. Not that you minded, seeing as it consisted mostly of sugary treats that would be sure to rot your teeth. You'd also snagged a box of the Golden Flower Tea that Asgore seemed to like, you hadn't tried it yourself yet, but you would be sure to get around to doing so.

You'd also found that most of the food you'd eaten at the picnic was human food, which answered your question from before. At least now that you know, you could bring something of your own if you were ever invited again.

If you were ever invited again.
Sure you had seemed to get along well these couple of past hours, but you knew from experience that it didn't really mean anything. Could have been curtesy, really.
So they didn't feel rude for taking your number but never using it.


Eh. Whatever.

Snagging a chocolate chip cooking from the tin you were about to put away in the cupboard, you began to munch on it before dawdling over to the lounge room and falling face first into the couch.
Wiggling around until you got comfortable, you picked up the remote and flipped on Netflix, continuing a series you were halfway through.

You felt your eyes beginning to droop closed. Body becoming heavier as you began to fall asleep.
Only for that sleep to be interrupted by the vibration of your phone in your back pocket.
Groaning, you stretched and arm back and pulled it out, dropping the device on the floor.

Huffing in annoyance, you felt around for it, sleep heavy in your eyes as you yawned loudly. Finding it, you hummed to yourself in victory before turning it on to read whatever notification you had.
It was probably either work or one of your friends inviting you out drinking. You really hoped it was the latter of the two, that way you could actually decline and get those much needed Z's.




Heya hun, thanks for coming to the picnic with us this afternoon, made everyone real happy to see ya

Anyhow, you must be bone tired. Tibia honest you did look a little sleepy.
Sleep well.


Eye brows furrowing, you grinned unsurely at the message. It was written with such a sincerity you weren't used to. As if he was genuinely really happy to have seen you, and genuinely hoped you sleep well.
Then again, all the monsters you had met so far had been far kinder than any human you'd met. Something about being made up of love and compassion? You didn't really remember.
Whatever it was though, it must be some sort of monster thing.

Turning off your phone you put it down on the ground as you shifted once again, before sinking into the plush cushions and falling into a deep sleep in a surprisingly good mood, more so than you were used to.

Chapter Text

You really didn't want to be up this early in the day. It was only 7am and the grocery just opened moments ago. Here you were thinking you wouldn't need to go shopping for food for another week or so because of all the leftovers so graciously donated to you, only to have to go to buy snacks for a party a friend of yours was having later on today.
You would have gone and simply gotten things later on, but you really shouldn't have been surprised at his insistence to start early. He always has been a worry wart.

Now, as far as you knew this was going to be a rather large house party, one in which you were going to have to sit through and babysit all the wasted strangers that attended to make sure nobody did anything stupid. Or destroyed your friends house.
Strolling down the snack aisle, you mindlessly reached out with your left hand and let anything within reach tumble into your trolley. Timothy, your friend, was born into wealth-he'd pay you back sooner or later, so you weren't too concerned about the cost of everything. Plus the funds from your job had just been put into your account directly from your boss, and you had money to burn.

As your trolley began to gradually grow fuller, you turned into the cold section, where you thought you would snag yourself a caramel or vanilla milkshake to drink on the way over to Timothy's. He would cover all the alcohol, and when the both of you were finished with the shopping, you would set up the house together.
He had a real sweet place, two storeys with sleek white walls, plush grey carpet and marble tiled floors. It was very open, French sliding doors and large open windows decorated near every wall. It was the perfect summer holiday escape home. Except that was where he lived all year round.
Timothy generally threw massive parties that always remained to be the talk of the town weeks after, one time somebody had brought fire crackers and oil and had managed to set the pool on fire. Made the news.

With a gradually growing goofy grin on your face at the memory, you picked up your drink and got ready to head over to pay for your things.


You paused in your tracks, turning around only to come face to face with Sans. Except not really face to face, seeing as his head only just skimmed your shoulders. "Oh, heya Sans. Didn't expect to run into you here."


"Uh, yeah. Always runnin' around...doin' stuff, as people do..." you grin sheepishly, rubbing the back of your neck knowing fully well that on any other day you would still be dead asleep. (heh-'dead' asleep)

"THAT IS GOOD TO HEA-" Sans' sentence was cut short when his white pinpricks seemed to find the contents of your trolley. Heheh, oh yeah. Wonder what he's going to think about that. "HUMAN!...."

"Yeah Sans?"

".....WHAT IN STARS NAME IS IN YOUR TROLLEY!!!!!" The skeleton honestly looked a little mortified, as if he had just witnessed the most traumatic experience of his lifetime. He approach the trolley, standing on the tip of his toes to reach over and sort through the contents of it. "CHIPS? CHOCOLATE? LOLLIES? HUMAN! ALL OF THIS FOOD IS AWFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH!"

"Uh, what about my emotional health?"


"Heh, " you raised your hands in a surrender position, "Hey, if it makes you feel any better it's not for me."
The small skeleton raised a bone brow at your question, waiting patiently for an explanation with his arms firmly cross across his chest looking ready to continue scolding you on your poor eating habits at any moment. "I'm helping set up for a friends party and I'm covering the snacks."


You merely shrugged, "There will probably be far too many people coming to make enough tacos for everyone," you decided to let him down easy from the truth in which you simply could not bother to make hundreds of tacos for a house party.


"Dunno. It's a house party-no invitation required. People tend to just come and go as they please," you paused, eyeing the skeleton who seemed to be considering your excuse, " you can come if you want."

Sans scrunched up his nose(?) and appeared to grimace, all the while his eyes flickering back to your trolley, "I THINK I WILL BE QUITE ALRIGHT FRIEND! THANK YOU FOR YOUR MOST GRACIOUS INVITATION, BUT PERHAPS ANOTHER TIME!"

You shrugged again, "Alright. Until next time then." Sans nodded a goodbye before you both gave each other a brief wave before departing in opposite directions.
As you began to load up your things for the employee to scan, they merely eyed you, unimpressed. You grinned sheepishly yet again before hurriedly paying for your things and leaving.
Why did people care so much about others eating habits anyway? Wasn't like it was any of their business.
Although, you couldn't help but feel a slight bit of appreciation for Sans' concern anyway.


Damn. Was it just you or had Timothy's place gotten even nicer since the last time you had been here? You sat comfortably on his marble benchtop in the kitchen waiting for the male to get back home from the bottle shop with the alcohol. Swinging your legs mindlessly against the lower cupboards, you shot a text to Charlize and a couple other friends of yours an invitation to come. You had a few friends that generally preferred to keep to themselves or weren't really into this kind of thing so you refrained from sending them a text, knowing that you would have to make it up to them by hanging out somewhere more suited to their preferences.
You stopped in front of one contact-Papyrus. You idly wondered if you should invite him, but decided that might come off as a bit weird seeing as you did just only see each other yesterday. Besides, Sans probably would have told him about it anyway. Skipping the contact you invited a few more friends before switching apps and going onto your Instagram to instead scroll through your feed.

Only ten or twenty minutes later the front door open and Timothy entered the kitchen looking surprised to see you. "Oh, right. I keep forgetting about your strange ability to enter my house even when it's locked."

You shrugged, not bothering to remind him about the spare key he gave you a year ago that he has obviously forgotten about ever since. Sliding off the counter your feet hit the wooden floor with a click, before you strolled up to the male and swung your arm around his shoulder, pressing into each other in a half hug. "S'good to see ya bud'," you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck, smirking as you could feel the flush growing on his face and neck.

He patted your back semi-awkwardly, mostly used to your antics by now, "Yup, you too N/n." Pulling away from each other you go to inspect the chosen alcohol he had placed on the counter-tops.

"Mm, most of this is fancy stuff man," pulling out a bottled filled with pretty electric blue and royal purple swirls you eyed Timothy curiously, "Monster Alcohol?"

"Oh yeah," he took the bottle from your hands to inspect it further himself, " I hired this monster chick who works part-time as a mixologist to tend the bar. Hear she runs a bakery too actually, says she'll bring some sweets along too for a small extra price."

You raised an eyebrow curiously, "Really? Sounds like I might know her," you mused, thinking of the familiar spider monster you flirted with commonly. This would be the first time you would see her outside of the bakery, even though she was still technically working. You certainly hadn't thought she'd be the type to know the ins and outs of alcohol of all things. Guess a person can surprise you.

"Hey that's good, maybe you can score me a mates rates or something? I hear she's good but she definitely charges a hefty price."

Snorting, you shrugged, "Sorry my man, if we're talking about the same monster, I doubt there will be anyway to get her to budge when it comes to money."

Timothy sighed as he began to unpack the rest of the alcohol and shifting through the snacks you had brought along with you with interest, "Worth a try."

Grinning, you began to get to work. You were left with the task of setting up the food, pulling out bowls and plates and filling them with all varieties of coma-inducing sugary treats. There was a fair bit, and it came to a point where you ran out of bowls and instead just decided to open the packets and put them up on the food bench for people to help themselves too. As Timothy began to set up a few of his friends began to show up to help also, bringing more packs of beer and snacks. One particularly burly looking person (you couldn't figure out if they were male and female, though they dressed in a particularly feminine manner) was carrying a particularly large speaker against their back inside the house. They caught you staring and winked your way. You were surprised, before grinning back at them, watching as they walked passed you and into the lounge room. You could tell you were going to have some fun with them later on.

For now though, you should probably head home and change out of your tracky dacks and slippers and something more appropriate for the occasion (although it would be funny to see Timothy's look of dismay at your apparent disregard for his reputation). Exiting the home and slipping back into your car you drove back home where you would change into something more accordingly fitting into the 'party-wear' genre of your preference.

Chapter Text

By now the party had come to life. The sun had just set and people were flooding in the door like eager fans about to see Billie Eilish. Music with heavy beat shook the walls and people and monsters alike helped themselves to the snack bar , in which you were currently guarding. Well, less like guarding and more like being too lazy to come back and forward for something to eat and rather standing here and helping yourself to food.

You had pre-ordered the pizza a couple hours ago and would get here in half-an hour or so, which you were thankful for because you could really use something other then honey-soy chicken chips and peanut m&m's to fill you up. Despite how delicious both were. You eyed the snack bar greedily yet again, but refrained from taking another handful and to distract yourself going to instead find the bar where Muffet had set up and say hello. As far as you knew she hadn't spotted you yet but you had been watching from afar. You must admit those extra pairs of arms must be pretty handy, she certainly knew how to make a show out of making her drinks and from the pleased expressions people walked away with, you imagined her drinks must taste as good as her baked goods.

Slipping past the dense population of the room you had successfully made it to the bar and took a seat on a stool at the far end. You put an elbow against the bench and rested your cheek in your palm, watching her work with all the alcohol she had been provided, and by the looks of it, some of her own too. A lively mummer had rippled through the room, there was some cheering from the game room in which no doubt someone was playing beer pong-but this room was significantly more settled then the rest. You could only imagine how it was outside with the pool- you were pretty sure somebody slid off the roof riding a mattress into it just a little while ago.

With a snicker, you realized Muffet had finally noticed your presence and smirked widely at you. You raised a curious brow watching as she finished off a drink for a cute little blonde guy who seemed to be rather intimidated by the monsters alluring presence. As the familiar purple spider approached, you sat up straighter in your seat watching as she stopped right in front of you, two pairs of arms resting on her hips and the other drying a glass.
"Well hello there," the monster leaned forward pressing her body against the counter, face stopping mere inches in front of yours, "What can I get for you Sugar Plum~?"

You grinned casually deciding to play along with her and also leaning forward to the point your lips hovered above hers only centimetres apart, "What do you recommend?"

"Ahuhu, perhaps something sweet?" she purred.

"Heh," you leaned back to a more casual distance, "Sorry sweet-stuff, seems I've run all out of sugar."

Muffet eyed you, before standing back up to her more professional stance, "Perhaps another time then ahuhu. Let me make you something real quick."
You watched eagerly as she throw and spun the shaker before pouring the frothy yellow liquid into a fancy cocktail glass for you. She slid it across the counter and you wrapped your fingers against the cold glass and taking a confident sip. You moaned in satisfaction, holy shit that was good.
"Ahuhu, that was a tropical Chi Chi cocktail-I thought you would like it."

"Mm," you inspected the drink before taking another longer sip, "Definitely good. Dare I say the best drink I've had."

"Well I'm flattered Sugar Plum! I'll make you a drink anytime."

You grinned, "Heh, will be taking you up on that offer for sure."

"Good! Good," Muffet spun to go grab something quickly before coming back with a piece of paper and held it out for you.
It was a phone number-hers, probably. Glancing back up at the spider monster you smirked before pocketing the number somewhere you wouldn't loose it and proceeding to knock back the last of your drink.

"Whelp. Suppose I better let you get back to it," you gestured over to a woman on her phone who was waiting patiently for Muffet's service, "Catch you later," you winked and strolled away into the crowd knowing fully well you didn't pay for your drink. You would definitely get a mouthful for that later on. Maybe you should get in on this tab thing Muffet was always complaining about some other monster never paying. That guy sounded like he had the right idea.

Chuckling lowly to yourself you meandered into the living room, where the main two speakers were blasting music. A few people occupied the couch while others lingered against the walls. Locating a free seat you moved to head over only to have someone step in your way.
The brawny person in the particularly mischievous red dress carrying the speaker early stood in front of you. You had to crane your neck upwards to meet their eyes, though they weren't the tallest person you had ever met they still had a whole head more than you in height.
"Mm, you clean up well," they complimented, eyes running up and down yourself, seemingly appreciating your outfit.

"Heh, is that so? Most people tend to think I get pretty dirty," you took a bold step forward, chest pressing against theirs as you flashed them a mischievous smile.

"Guess I'll have to be the one to tidy you up and get you out of those clothes."

"tch-" you wheezed, that one was really good and the both of you laughed together. "So uh, not to be rude or anything but uh I was just ya'know-wondering, if you had any preferred pronouns?"

They're eyes seemed to widen and you momentarily wondered if that came off as rude, "Okay wow uh- wasn't expecting that out of the blue."

You winced, "Sorry?"

"Oh nonono!" They held their hands up in panic, "No that's no it at all! It's just that usually people just assume or don't bother at all! I really appreciate it-I do."

"Oh uh, that's good-I guess?"

"Heh uh yeah," they scratched the back of their head awkwardly, ruffling their black silky shoulder length locks, "I'm a she, by the way."

"Hmm, well, nice to meet you a she, I'm Y/n, by the way," you mused, offering a hand to shake.

They took it and laughed at your joke which made your heart swell. You always enjoyed the company of someone who enjoyed your jokes. "Rebecca."

"Well, Rebecca, care for a drink?" You plucked to cocktails from a male walking by and pulled Rebecca deeper into the crowd whilst handing her one. She laughed deeply at your antics and accepted, quick to knock back the drink. From the light sweat glistening on her forehead and the way her borderline ragged appearance, you'd say this was far from her first drink.

The two of you hung together amongst the crowd, talking and laughing together with the occasional devious comment or touch. You were having fun needless to say, you always enjoyed some light flirting-no strings attached. You found it was a good way to relieve yourself of stress as well.
As the night went on the party only began to climax, it was only a couple hours after that, maybe 2 or 3 in the morning that it began to become a little quieter. Most had found their way home, others had instead gone for passing out against some random piece of furniture.
The house was a mess, cups, paper plates and food littered the floor. Both you and Rebecca stumbled through the rubbish and sleeping bodies as you both swayed at your own passes to the now less-upbeat music. There were still a fair few up, though mostly just talking to each other with half-lidded eyes resisting the temptation of sleep. As far as you knew you two were the only ones still dancing-if you could even call it that at this point. You had gone and inspected the property about half an hour ago with Rebecca stumbling after you as you made sure there were no fires and nobody had fallen asleep in the pool. You imagined Timothy was upstairs getting laid although it was a little hard to tell over the music-which you were grateful for. Timothy was a fairly attractive male and overall a very charismatic and upbeat person, he never really had a hard time finding company.

"Heheh, okay okay-here's another one, What's the difference between a piano, a tuna and a pot of glue?" You questioned eagerly.

"Hmm," she pat her cheek with a sole finger in thought before shrugging, "Dunno, what?" she slurred.

"You can tuna piano but you can't piano a tuna!"

Rebecca burst out laughing and you along side her, you watched as she regained her bearings whilst leaning against you, wiping tears out of your eyes, "Wait-what about the pot of glue?"

"I knew you'd get stuck on that."

And you were both back to practically falling over each other in a fit of tear-inducing laughter. You grinned widely at your company.
You were also beginning to feel a bit drowsy. You had stopped drinking after that last cocktail with Rebecca, but you were pretty sure she was wasted at this point. Like literally borderline about to pass out. You decided it was time for her to get some sleep and you slipped your hand into hers, she giddily followed behind you as you found a spare lounge and sat her down.
"Alright, do you need a lift home or are you crashing here for the night?"

The black haired woman whined, "I'm not ready to go home yet!, I wanna partyyyy!" she huffed.

You snickered, "Sorry, but I'm about to head home myself. You need to get some shut eye."

She glared at you before you found the front of your shirt being yanked forward, your lips clashing against Rebecca's. Eye open wide, you attempted to push yourself off her, but her grip was too strong and instead you found yourself begin thrown backwards against the couch and under the woman.
You struggled knowing fully well that this wasn't her and rather the alcohol.
At your attempts to push her away her lips merely pressed harder against your own, the taste of alcohol was strong, she reeked of it too. She pulled away to take a hearty breath and you pounced at your chance to speak, "Rebecca wait! Your drun-"

Her lips were once again upon your own and you thrashed underneath her body but she merely pinned your arms against the arm rest and leaned the rest of her weight against your legs. You couldn't move, you were trapped. A small sharp piercing fear cut through you momentarily, but you pushed it away. You were okay-everything was going to be okay. You could deal with this.

You felt something slippery against your lips, and by the time you had realized it was actually her tongue it had already slipped inside your mouth, sloppily feeling its way around your mouth. You shuddered at the unpleasant experience-you just wanted her to get off you.
So, without too much hesitance you sunk your head back into the cushion as far as you could go and pushed It forward, head bumping your captor as hard as you could. She hissed, going to rub her forehead and were glad to find that It had successfully gotten her to loosen her grip on you. Slipping out of her hold and off the couch you found yourself immediately being dragged to the floor by a firm hold on your ankle. With a thump you landed on your shoulder and knew your forehead wouldn't be the only place with bruises.
"Rebecca stop!" you warned, thrashing against her hold.

"Ugh! C'mon babe stop playing hard to get!"

"I'm not!" She spun you round onto your back and moved back in for another kiss, "Now get off me!" You shoved her and she fell back, but before you could crawl away she was back on you-this time with her large hand wrapped tightly around your throat. You struggled to choke in air. You clawed at her hands as her grip tightened at you were unable to breathe at all. There was a deep rooted rage in her eyes, a look you recognized, not in yourself, but alongside the men, woman and everyone in between you worked with under the don. Hurt. She'd obviously gone through some shit in her time and she was hurting. This wasn't her, she was under the influence of alcohol-she didn't know what she was doing.
But that didn't mean she had the right to hurt you.
As spots of black began to enter your field of vision, with one last burst of adrenaline you wedged your foot under her chest and threw her backwards with all your strength. Toppling backwards she hit her head against a coffee table, knocking her out.

Spinning to your feet you heaved desperate breaths to make up for the air you had lost. Your heart hammered in your chest and the adrenaline and panic was dwindling. After a minute or two of regaining your bearings you tenderly toyed with your neck, before choking down a wince. Yeah, you couldn't wait to see how those bruises would turn out by the time you woke up later in the afternoon.
Note the sarcasm.
You watched Rebecca carefully, and after determining that she was in fact, not dead (as you could tell from the deep breathing of her own) you decided that it was time for you to get going.

A heavy unpleasant feeling had formed in the pit of your stomach as you stumbled out the door, you think you might have sprained your ankle from the fall. Although you don't think it was quite as bad as everything else and would probably be fine in a couple hours.
Slipping back into the comfort of the plush seats of your car, your head hit the back of the head rest and you slammed the door closed, taking a few seconds to register everything.
Your hand crept back up to your neck, timidly prodding it before pulling back-almost as if it had burned you.

Heh. Well this brought up some memories.

Chapter Text

Once again you found yourself struggling to sleep over the past few days- you should have known those few nights of decent sleep were too good to be true. Ever since the party incident you hadn't done much except mope around and go to work whenever you were called in. Mack had noticed the bruising and threatened to 'get rid' of the problem for you, but you assured him if was no problem and he let it drop.
It was strangely comforting to know someone had your back though.

You were currently draped in a baggy blue turtle neck that didn't look half bad on you. It made perfect sense considering the weather and hid the bruising well. Rolling it down you tilted your head to inspect the bruising in the bathroom mirror.
It was clear what had happened, yellow and purple sprung up and decorated your skin in curves and lines too perfect to be anything but the imprints of hands. As you had predicted, your ankle didn't take long to stop being sore, your shoulder and forehead on the other hand had bruised as well, but were healing nicely-near to the point you wouldn't notice them if you weren't paying attention.

After the half week of locking yourself up in your apartment for most of the time you had also manage to raid the fridge and cupboard whilst binge watching either Netflix or whatever was on your recommended on YouTube. You would probably have to go grocery shopping sometime soon. You idly wondered if you would see Sans again.
Speaking of Sans, you were pretty sure you had received a text from Papyrus earlier today and had yet to read. You looked down your hallway towards your bedroom where your phone was on charged and contemplated just how motivated you truly were.
Slumping back in the seat you had made your decision, now for the hard part-actually getting up.
Groaning, your limbs popped as you sat upwards, and eventually got off the couch. You shuffled over to your phone at a particularly slow pace.

After the party you had gone straight home and passed out in bed, you had been up for a total of 21 hours and that was about 19 hours too long-you were exhausted. Plus the recent events had taken a toll on you. Though by no means was it anything but a restless cold-sweat filled sleep. You woke up particularly grumpy and unmotivated to do anything but sulk all day. Not that you didn't do that every other day anyway.

You fell back on your bed and pulled your phone off charge. Typing in your password you checked your messages, and just as you had guessed, Papyrus had messaged you. A grin crept across your features and you felt oddly glad to see that he had.


Papyrus 12:32pm

Hey Honey, how r u? It's been awhile

Y'know I was kinda lookin forward to seeing you at work. Guess i'm just not that lucky huh?

Anyway, here's a joke for ya

Why do blind people hate skydiving? It scares the hell out of their dogs.


Pausing, you registered the joke before cackling, your back fell back against your bed and you held your stomach as your ribs began to hurt from the force of your laughter. Tears began to spill down your cheeks and your began to wipe them away with the sleeve of your turtle-neck jumper. Gasping for air you grabbed your phone unable to swallow the large goofy grin decorating your face.


You 2:57pm

That was so bad

I'm definitely using that one

sorry for not answering straight away, I ate a clock yesterday, it was very time consuming


You giggled at your own joke before your eyes flickered back up to his own text. Huh. Did he actually want you to come visit him at work? That was...strange?
You could imagine how he could easily get pretty bored doing what he does, perhaps he simply wanted some compuny.
heh. see what you did there?

Yeah that one was pretty lame. heh.


Papyrus 2:58pm

Clock puns huh?
Once I tried to make a belt out of watches
I found out it was a big waist of time


You were a little surprised at how quickly he had answered, but then again, he worked at a food stand. He couldn't possibly be that busy. You briefly wondered if he only did that as a part time thing-it didn't seem like the type of job to make a living off of.

You 2:58pm

alright alright, enough with the time puns before I clean your clock


You grinned down at your phone eagerly awaiting his reply. This is what you had needed, an laid back conversation with a good friend.
Well uh, you'd like to think he was a good friend. You didn't exactly know him very well, or anything about him, but he was good company. You grinned at the thought, you felt a lot lighter then you had these past previous days. After all, laughter is the best medicine.


Papyrus 2:59pm

Heh, sorry, didn't mean to waste your time.
Speaking of which, I know you probably have a lot on your to do list

But I'd love if you could put me on it


You snorted at the cheesy pick up line, and with an eye roll you shot back a quick text.


You 3:00pm

Hey, 'watch' your mouth. Now isn't the time lol

anyway, I'll give you the time of day and swing by the park later on.

See you later bone boy


Putting down your phone you stood up to go take a shower. You hadn't planned on going out anywhere but you felt that some good company was needed after several days of locking yourself up. That and also because you hadn't eaten all day because you had eaten everything already over the past few days.
You heard your phone vibrate-surely another text from Papyrus. You decided you would check it after your shower.

Stepping into the hot running water you were quick to wash yourself and complete whatever else required to be done in the span of time you were in the bathroom, strangely eager to get out of the house. Feeling a lot better and more awake after your shower you dried and slipped back on your turtle neck and a pair of high waisted comfortable jeans.

Your hair was still a soggy tangled mess but you honestly couldn't bother blow drying it (did you even have one of those?). Ensuring that you took your keys with you, along with your phone and wallet you set out the door and down to carparking where your car was. ON your way out you checked your phone for the message Papyrus had sent.

Papyrus 3:01pm

Looking forward to seeing you there

Grinning down at your screen you slipped your phone away. Walking to the carpark, you had noticed that the season was progressively getting colder, and soon enough, it may even start snowing. It got quite cold here-colder than where you grew up.
In fact the first time you had ever seen snow was when you first moved here. It was quite pretty but you generally stayed inside the comfort of you own home. Away from frostbite and the potential flu the snow promised.

You headed over to the park, stopping at McDonalds to grab a caramel frappe for you both. Papyrus liked sweet things, right? You figured since you were paying him a visit you may as well bring something, even if you were just visiting him a work. That was something people did right? Bring food when they were visiting people at work?
You liked to think you were largely involved in the lives of your friends, but you don't think you'll ever get the hang of all this domestic stuff.

Pulling up at the park you could only hope that Papyrus had set up in the same place he usually did. It would make sense, seeing as he did have what was probably the best place to set up in the park anyway. There weren't as many people around as last time you had come here, the park was a lot quieter, but not in an eerie fashion; peaceful actually.

From the distance you spotted Papyrus and his familiar little food stand, although it seemed it had spotted you quicker. He watched you approached with his chin resting on his hand, his signature lazy grin stretching as you grew close enough. Stopping in front of him he eyed the drinks questioningly before seemingly being taken aback when you carefully placed one down in front of him.

"I remembered you liked sweet things, thought I'd stop and grab us drinks?"

He glanced down at the drink and then back up to you, relaxing again and eagerly taking his drink. Whelp. Seemed like you made a good choice. He seemed to be enjoying it. You in turn also took a sip from the straw of your own drink.

"Nyeh, well. Your right when you say I like sweet things-why'd ya think I started calling ya honey?"

You blinked.
You had to quickly swallow your drink before wheezing otherwise you'd risk coughing it all back up in a fit of laughter. That was so cheesy.
"Heheh, daww, that was real sweet of you."

Papyrus grinned widely at you, sitting up straighter then he previously had-

"-Uh hate to interrupt you, but do you think me and my son could get one of those?"
You both turn to face a middle-aged woman with stunning curly brunette hair and a thick pair of trendy glasses dressed nicely in a brown trench coat, in the palm of her hand was another hand belonging to that of what appeared to be a six year old boy. He was dressed nicely with slick combed back hair and a brown waistcoat. You winced at the sudden use of your neck, and from the looks of it-Papyrus had noticed. He stared at you strangely before going to attend to the customers.

"Heh, sure thing," He moved too prepare two while you merely stared at the two unfamiliar faces. The woman noticed you and you flashed her a smile, she smiled back equally as warmly and you were glad to see they were nice people. "Sauce?"

The woman looked back over to Papyrus before shaking her head, "No thank you, what will that be?"


The woman payed in full and tipped him ten dollars, to which Papyrus seemed quite pleased. You refrained from laughing and instead watching the boy and mother walk away enjoying their food.
You idly wondered if they had just come after some sort of fancy event. Perhaps they just preferred to dress well.
That was more than you could say.

"So.. What happened to your neck?"

You froze.

Crap. Of course he wasn't going to let your little slip up drop.
You shrugged, "It's nothing."

"Didn't sound like nothing."

You turned back around to face him, mustering your most convincing smile, "Seriously, I'm fine."

"Ya know, I noticed that bruise on your head. Didn't think anything of it because it didn't look like anything bad. 'm starting to think different," there was something heavy to his voice, almost like a growl. The way his eyes seemed to bore into your own made you feel small, as if he could see straight into your soul and didn't believe the lies you were spilling even for a second.

"Really, it's no-"

A loud growl rippled through the air and you tensed.
Papyrus loomed over you, eyes staring straight into your own, there was something in the way he looked at you-something predatory-

"-You mean to tell me if I were to check under that jumper of yours there wouldn't be anything there?" He grumbled darkly. A shudder ran down your spine from the rumble of his voice, which seemed to shake your very soul. He was so close, despite how much taller he was than you, he was slouching over to get a better look at you, and you could feel his hot breath brushing up against your jaw.

"I-I-" you moved your hands upwards to rest on his chest to try and create some distance between you in hopes to prevent the blood that was quickly rushing to your face.
You felt something slip behind your lower back and it pulled you close until your were pressed flushed across Papyrus, you tried to get out of his grasp but froze when you felt his chilly fingers graze the back of your neck as he pulled the turtle neck down to inspect you.
"-Wait, Papyrus, I-"

His fingers slipped underneath the cloth and you shuddered again, your chest was still pressed up against his own, except he had tilted your neck back to get a better look at you. He slipped the material covering your neck downward and his breath hit against the tender skin of your neck. He froze.
You felt something tie knots in your chest like anxiety and you weren't quite sure why you were feeling the way you were, you pulse began to pick up and you could feel your heart in your throat.

Another loud vicious growl broke the silence and your acknowledged that the deep grumble had originated from Papyrus, you were afraid to meet his gaze but did so anyway. It was burning, piercing and the pinpricks were completely missing from his sockets.

"Who. The. Fuck. Did. This. To. You?"
Each word was sharp and spilled out of his mouth in benevolent grumbles, rage evident in each syllable.
By now you thought you heart hammered so loudly in your chest that the skeleton monster in front of you just may be able to hear it.
You shook, but then you realised it wasn't you who was shaking at all-it was Papyrus. He looked ready to kill. He hovered over you, his grip had tightened to the point to which you knew there was no escape, and from the way his sockets burnt into your eyes you knew he wasn't playing around. He wanted a straight answer and he wanted it now.

But strangely enough, you didn't feel scared of him in the slightest.

"Uh-it was an accident-" you began to explain but he quickly cut you off.

"You call this an accident!" The way his thumb ever so gently pushed your jaw to the side to put your neck at a more visible angle completely contradicted the rage evident in his voice, and the tremble in his body. He thumb dropped down from your jaw and slid down your neck towards the worst of the bruising.
You sucked in air from the touch and his fingers paused their decent.
You looked away, but you could feel his eyes on your face-searching, for something, but you didn't know what.

You began to relax as you felt no further movement from him on his part. You assumed he was going to let the topic drop when you felt something smooth and delightfully cool press against your burning neck that sent tingles running threw your body and crawling down your spine.
It took you a moment to recover from the electricity that just coursed through your body to the point it made your knees weak and your stomach do flips to realise that he had put his teeth against your neck. Like a kiss he ever so tenderly caressed the bruises decorating your skin, the coolness of his teeth but pleasurably warm breath sent a course of warmth tingling down your body.
"Please," his words were so soft-softer then you could ever have imagined words could sound, "Tell me who did this to you. I can make it better-I promise."

Shuddering you whispered out just as quietly, "It was at a party-they were drunk-they didn't know what they were doing-I-"

"-Name?" his voice was still just as soft, teeth still pressed against your neck as he held you against him, waiting patiently for you.

"R-Rebecca," you choked out fully feeling the extent of what the way he was holding you was doing to your body.

He grunted, "Where'd ya see her last?"

You gave him your friend Timothy's address and he nodded into your shoulder, which came across as a gentle nuzzle. He held you for a few moments longer in silence before finally releasing you gently, almost as if he didn't want to let you go.

Despite his cold touch you felt as if you were missing a warmth as his embrace left yours, you reached out to try and grab his attention, but instead he took that hand and spun you around in such a quick and smooth manner you would have thought it to have been practised. Furrowing your eyebrows you turn back around to face him "What? Papyru-"

He was gone.

Chapter Text

You stuck around for another hour or so, waiting for Papyrus to come back as you didn't just want to leave his food stand unguarded. You waited and waited as the day progressed and the temperature dropped even further.

But nobody came.

You tugged at the ends of your jumper in attempt to cover your body more fully, before huffing in defeat. You turned back around to face the food stand, eyeing it wearingly. What were you supposed to do?
Right. Sans.

Pulling out your phone you pressed on his contact, only a single dial later and he picked up.


You gave a breathy chuckle, shifting weight from foot to foot as the chill of the late afternoon seeped through your jeans, "Heh, yeah, uh I need to ask you for a favour."

Another debt. Yet again to the same skeletons. How in hell were you ever going to manage to repay them?

"OF COURSE! ANYTHING!" Well, at least Sans seemed eager to give a helping hand.

"Well uh, I came to visit your brother at work at the park a while back but it seems he's disappeared. Do you think you could drop by and pack up everything? I don't know when he'll be getting back and I need to head home?"


You nodded despite Sans being unable to see you, "Uh yeah, thanks a heap. See you soon," you clicked end call and pocketed your phone. With a huff you made yourself comfortable on Papyrus' stool once again, inspecting the now empty area.
Very soon some of the men from your gang would be running through here for the usual late afternoon drug dealings with another smaller gang whose territory started right past the park here.

Speaking of the devil.
Amidst the trees you saw a group of about three dressed in totally inconspicuous clothing. Two more, obviously from the other gang approached the three and the five talked over something with large boxes and briefcases in their hands. One, from your side seemed to notice you and informed the rest of something. All five heads turn to face you and you sat up straighter in you chair watching as the one who originally noticed you began to approach.
You knew once the male had gotten within a certain distance he would recognize you and there wouldn't be any trouble so you merely watched the male with the scowl marching towards you with amusement.

"Hey girlie, whats a pretty thing like you doing round these parts so late-


With a half lidded grin you greeted the familiar face, "Heya Sourface."

Sourface was back to scowling at you, obviously displeased with the nickname. Which only made it more fitting. The poor man couldn't do anything but make matters worse.
You got a good knock on the back of the head the first time you had given the male the nickname, and a significant few violent threats the next few times after-at this point he has seemingly given up on trying to get you to stop. "What are you doing here? Isn't this that skeletons freak's stand?"

You tensed at the males harsh wording, but didn't comment on your obviously opposing opinions, not wanting to start unnecessary confrontation. "Ah, so you were the one he had run into a while back."

"Yeah, now answer my fucking question," he spat, arms crossed as he appeared to not to have time for idle conversation such as this.

You shrugged, "Stand-sitting." Sourface glowered down at you, a signal to continue further with your explanation, "A friend of mine will be here in a second to come pack up. You should probably skedaddle before he gets here and sees us together."

Grunting the bitter male scanned the area briefly, before throwing a glance back over to the group of suspicious males a hundred metres back. "Yeah whatever, we're done here anyway." Without so much as a goodbye he stormed back off in a equally as agitated mood to the one he had walking over here.
You decided to finish the formalities for him.

"Later Sourface!" you grinned as he barked out some colourful adjectives back at you without so much as a glance back. You watched the group interact for another few minutes with slight difficulty, seeing as they were mostly hidden by the cover of trees and bush. Some of the people traded certain items and began to depart in their own dedicated directions and once again everything was silent.


You jumped, nearly falling back off the stood, but luckily catching yourself with the quick reflex of your hand grabbing onto the stand. "Heh-hey there baby blue, 'caught' me off guard there for a second. Nearly found myself 'falling' for ya."

Sans groaned, and stomped his foot against the ground, "NUHUUU! I CAN'T STAND PUNS!"

You quirked an eyebrow and stared at the skeleton in mildly amused curiosity, "Was that a pun?"
Sans stared back equally as confused before seemingly coming to a realisation.

"NO! WHAT HAVE I DONE! MY BROTHER HAS ONCE AGAIN SUCCEEDED IN BEING A BAD INFLUENCE AND HE ISN'T EVEN HERE!" Sans cried desperately, apparently horrified at the development of the situation that was his unintentional pun. You chuckled good naturedly at his whining and stood up from your seat.

"Heh, whelp, sorry to cut this short but It's getting cold out and I should be getting home. It was real good to see you Sans-we'll have to hang sometime, yeah?"

Sans seems to snap out of his little pity party and seemed to light up, "OF COURSE! THAT WOULD BE A MAGNIFICENT IDEA HUMAN! TOMOROW! YOU MUST COME OVER FOR ANIME NIGHT WITH US!"

Anime night? You didn't watch the stuff too often, but from the series you had watched, you were a fan. Although, eyeing the bubbly skeleton, you doubted he watched things such as black butler and assassination classroom. You nodded, "Sure, why not? Sounds fun."


You giggled, "Yeah, yeah, alright-i'm going," you began to walk off with a brief wave back at Sans, "Remember to send me the details!" you called back and he replied with an 'O.K.' not needing to raise his voice in the slightest in order for his voice to carry over to you.

Heading back to the carpark, your thoughts lingered on Papyrus and where exactly he had gone off to. He couldn't possibly be actually going to hunt down Rebecca could he? Nah, there was no way he'd even be able to find her with the small amount of information you had given him. Although, a small part of you was flattered because of his concern.
The way his gaze burned into your own though....

The memory triggered a delightful shudder to crawl down your spine.

You were jolted out of your thoughts by the loud grumble from your stomach. It was then that you realized that aside from the frappe you actually ended up not having eaten anything. Luckily you knew just the place to kick back and relax.
After all the stressful events of the past week, you really just needed to have some laid back fun.

Slamming the car-door shut you headed off to the background boys hangout. The boys ran a take out shop that disguised the workings out back. The small group were laid back and always looking for a smoking buddy. Which is how you had originally first met them.

It would have only been four or five months ago and you had just picked up some take out from their little restaurant, you were lucky, you had gotten there right before they closed up. They closed later then everywhere else and you were glad to score something to eat. You had stepped outside about to walk back to your car when a slightly bigger than average build shuffled from out of the darkness of an alleyway.

Pausing, you were all of a sudden aware of just how alone you were. This was a quiet street, nobody else seemed to be up and alive. It was quiet, and shadows clung to the sides of the street.
Eyeing the silhouette wearily you tensed at the coarse laugh that escaped the males throat. He puffed out smoke and held out something for you to take.
"Here, take a hit-you look like you could use it."

Upon further inspection you realized it was a joint. You didn't smoke but this wouldn't be the first time you had a hit. You cautiously took the joint between two fingers and took a deep puff, immediately relaxing upon exhalation.
Oh whatever-fuck it.
You joined the stranger against the brick wall and rested your head on it, staring upwards up at the night sky. Light pollution made it hard to pick out the stars, but if you squinted enough you could spot a few. Taking another hasty puff you held it out for the stranger to take back.
"Hah, good ta see a girl who knows how to have a good time."

Your eyes rolled in your sockets towards the male who had shifted off the wall to turn and face you. In the light you could make out more details, he had sloppily combed sandy hair and chocolatey brown eyes, a mischievous smirk curled up his lips and his eyes met yours.

And that was the beginning of a beautiful smoking pal relationship.



Sans had been very excited to see he had gotten a phone call from you. He always kept his phone on him in the case one of his many fans decided to give him a call to express their undying admiration for him.
Sans was quick to answer your call but was displeased to hear that his lazy brother was slacking off again.

Sans sighed, that was so typical of him.
Finishing up the phone call he dusted off his gloved and inspected the lounge room he had just finished cleaning. There was not a single spec of dirt anywhere-aside from Papyrus' sock, which he refused to pick up. With an eyeroll at the filthy sock that had been collecting dust for how many weeks now, before turning to head to the park he knew his brother usually set up at.

Checking the time on his way out he noted that it was already seven o'clock. A frown tugged at his teeth, this would be the second time in the passed couple of weeks that Papyrus had come home late. At least the first time he had an excuse because of the event down at the park, but this time Sans hadn't received anything so much as a text or phone call.
Papyrus better have not run off to Muffet's again.
Was her café even open at this time anyway?

Sans arrived at the park in no time, he already knew where about his brother set up and was pleased to find you right by the play equipment not too far away in the distance.
He called out to you but you apparently couldn't hear him from this distance.
He halted.

It appeared another human, a particularly unfriendly appearing male had slipped out from behind the trees and approached Y/n. Sans was momentarily concerned for his friends safety, moving closer to intervene, but sighed in relief upon realizing the two knew each other.

The male seemed to know Y/n's name and she had given him some sort of nickname (Sourface?). Sans figured they must be some sort of friends even if Sourface appeared to not be too pleased by her presence. Perhaps he had a bad day?
Sans felt he should go over and say hello to you and your friend, but something inside him urged him not too. He oddly felt like he was intruding on something-like he wasn't supposed to see this.
He watched the conversation with concern evident on his features. As he pondered he noticed the male walking away and back to another group of people-all dressed in black, in which Sans had only just noticed.

Pin pricks flickering back to you, he noted that you didn't seemed particularly fazed and instead watched the interactions between the group further away. Sans decided that it mustn't be anything to be concerned about if you weren't worried.
Either way, Sans decided to wait until the group had left until he approached you.

When he spoke to you, you appeared to behave just as usual, but that didn't prevent him from feeling on edge.
Something felt off about your apparent friend.

Chapter Text

Okay, where the hell were you this time?

The world was distorted, and your mind dizzy. This certainly wasn't your first time waking up not totally aware of where you were, but experience didn't make you any calmer. There was a strong familiar scent hanging in the air but you couldn't place your finger on it. You were in somebody's lounge room, a hangout maybe.
Lounges and loveseats decorated the area. Your shins hit something sharp and you winced. Glancing downwards you focused long enough to find you had run into a glass coffee table, you noticed it was decorated in empty beer and wine bottles.
That explained the quickly rising migraine growing in the back of your skull. You temples throbbed and you relented in your exploration, abruptly falling backwards and back into the leather cushions of a couch. The leather was cool against your burning skin and provided you instant relief.
As the world began to settle you realised the scent was actually pot. Eyes tracing the outlines of everything in the room you noticed the two men currently sprawled across each other on the couch across the room and you snickered quietly.
Right. You were at the background boys hangout.
Glancing at the window covered by thick curtains, you could tell it was at least the middle of the day from the way the light seeped through the gaps. Everyone was still asleep you concluded from the silent snoring from the other room.

You sat, unbothered to get up for awhile and instead looking through your phones notifications. You had a few from Sans merely telling you to get home safe and sleep well as well as the details for that anime night thing. You grinned down at your screen. A few missed calls and another message from Charlize inviting you to go drinking with her and a few friends Friday night. That was still a couple days away and as far as you knew you didn't have anything else on.
You quickly shot her back a 'sure' text.
About to turn off your phone you paused, you wondered if Papyrus had messaged you or at least tried giving you a call. Checking, you were disappointed to find that there was nothing. You noticed the time and realized it had been nearly forty minutes since you woke up. With a groan you forced yourself off of the couch with the palms of your hands and stumbled to your feet. It was time to get going.
But before you did that you shuffled into the kitchen, pulling open the cupboards and rummaging through them. You snagged a biscuit and stuck it between your lips to munch on before pulling out the medication box. Filling up a glass of water your threw back some Panadol before meandering back into the cluttered lounge room.

Ensuring that you had everything, you shut the door behind you as quietly as you could as to not wake anyone up. On your way out you shot one of them a text just to let them know that you had already left for them to see when they woke up. You left the hangout hidden behind the restaurant with a lazy grin. Your eyes were heavy and your shoulders drooped, you felt as if you could fall back asleep at any moment. Which is exactly what you planned on doing as soon as you got home.
First though, you should probably drop by the grocery to pick up the bare necessities. Who knows how long it would be before you could bother to do so again.

Jumping in the car you head straight to the shops. You were pleased to find that there was only minimal traffic and concluded it was probably due to the fact everyone was probably at work or school.
You know, maybe you should put that engineering degree of yours to use sometime.
Your parents weren't very involved in your life, but if there was anything to get on your case about-it was your education. They demanded high grades and excellence from you.
And of course, you provided.
It never ended well when you didn't.

You originally leaned towards a medical degree and had studied that as your minor, but you had always had a knack when it came to putting things together and understanding machinery. It was a trait you no longer had to use anymore now that you were an adult and had a income to be able to provide for yourself.
Sighing, you knew the chances of earning an honest income anytime soon wasn't in the books. You were too deep in your work. And as the say, the only way out is through the gun you live by.

Whatever. Life was good.


Pulling up at the grocery you only went to grab what you thought you would use in the next couple of days. A proper grocery shopping trip could be saved for another day-particularly one when you didn't feel like chucking up your guts. Rubbing at your eyes tenderly to wipe away any remaining sleep you could only hope any redness in your eyes or any other signs of previously being high had faded. You hadn't bothered to check on your way out.
Fortunately, you only received minimal strange looks, stemming solely from your dishevelled appearance. You threw in a drink that you liked, some crackers and chips to munch on later, some pasta and minced meat and frozen vegetables so you could make some easy spaghetti for dinner tonight, and maybe tomorrow if there was enough. Lastly you threw in your favourite ice cream and headed over to pay for everything. Except this time you recognized this employee.

"Ah, hey Nicey."

"You look like shit little buddy."

"Mm," you grinned sleepily, "That's an improvement."

Nicey chuckled softly, taking your items and scanning them. "So, did ya get hit by a truck or what?"

"Something like that," you grinned at the witty blue rabbit monster. Usually he only worked for the famous robot monster Napstaton, yet you found him working several other jobs anyway. Did this guy do anything but work?

"Alright then, keep your secrets," he mused and you grinned widely in return. You paid for your things and waved each other goodbye before you carried your stuff back to your car to head home.

The journey from the store and than back to your apartment was short, jamming your keys into the doors lock you forced open the door with your hip, and then proceeded to drop everything on the kitchen counter.
You would put everything away later.

Peeling off your sweat soaked turtle neck and slipping out of your jeans you stumbled into the bathroom. You turned on the shower taps and sat under the cool stream of water. Your eyes began to flutter shut but the water pounding against your head and sides stopped you from falling asleep. You could feel your skin beginning to cool down and you relaxed.
You felt anxious for some reason, bile had risen into the back of your throat and you attempted to swallow it back down with a big gulp of water falling from the shower.
All of a sudden you weren't feeling as upbeat as you just had. Sure you were a little nauseous and had a splitting headache, but it seemed the buzz from whatever leftover alcohol was in your system had worn off. It was usually at this point you entered one of your depressive states. When the party was over and reality hit you.
It was suffocating.

You barely managed to dry yourself off with a still damp towel that was draped over the closed toilet seat. Slipping into an oversized t-shirt you collapsed faced first into your bed and were out like a light. You never opened your curtains so it was already dim inside your room, perfect conditions for napping.



The playground was abandoned. Nobody came here except teenagers and kids looking for trouble. The slide and play equipment were decorated in the bright colours of spray paint. Rubbish littered the dying grass. You weren't the only one here. In fact, a decent size crowd had gathered.
A small audience of children ranging from six year old's to pre-teens. A little girl sat on one of the rubber swings, watching you with a blank expression. No one spoke. Merely stared. Some at you, others at the year older boy standing just as quietly as yourself in front of the seesaw.

You approached confidently, you knew just looking at the boy that you were in trouble. The olive skinned brunette met your gaze, neutral of any expression. A neutral expression drilled into the children that lived in this small town.
Sometimes quite literally.

Freckles sprinkled across his pudgy cheeks. Dressed in tattered dirty jeans and plaid you noted that he must come from one of the less well off families. Usually adults around here stressed the importance of keeping up a reputation. No adult would let their 'brat' run around in rags like his unless they themselves dressed similarly.
Your nine year old self almost felt bad for him, but everyone learned around here pretty early-it was every man for themselves.
It was either him or you.
And you sure as hell weren't going to just stand around and let it be you.

This would be your first round in the ring. Every Tuesday afternoon after school the kids would gather and two would fight it out. Why?
You weren't sure.
You didn't even know how people were chosen, or who even chose them.
But ever since you walked into school grounds this morning all eyes were on you and Cameron, the boy in front of you. You'd been going to your school long enough to know exactly what that meant.
Apparently, so did he.

Cameron was the first one to take a step forward, you stood in your place. Your pulse picked up. You didn't know what to do. You had gotten yourself in trouble more times than you could count and always managed to get out of it-but this time, you couldn't flee.
You had to taint those fists of yours for the first time.

A fist was swung, not yours, but Cameron's. You dodged. It was something you were good at. You dodged again, a fist grazing your cheek.
There was no cheering. Just eerie silence.
That was the next thing taught to you all from a soon as you could understand-no talking unless spoken too.
Silence. You were not to be rowdy, and not to annoy your elders.

It was an old town with old traditions. Nobody knew anything different. Practically isolated from the rest of the world.
You were far out enough from the town that everyone here could collectively cheer as loud as their lungs would allow and still nobody would hear. Yet nobody dared to.
Despite the silence, the children your age and older watched with amusement. They had crept closer, encircling the two of you. Little children push passed under arms to be able to peek their heads inside and watch what was happening.

You felt sick. You didn't want to do this.
This wasn't a typical fist fight, no,The winner would beat the loser until the point they couldn't walk, and then they were thrown in the tool shed not even twenty metres to your right and locked inside until somebody came and bothered to let them out.
One time you had heard someone had been completely forgotten and had starved to death.
But that was just a rumour.

Not only that, but losing also made you an underdog. It basically meant you were the immediate target of every kid around for the next week until the next underdog was determined. You wouldn't be it-you wouldn't be it! You refused!
You could see the shed in the distance from the corner of your eye and it filled you with determination.

Little fist clenched and pulled back with what looked like expertise, you landed the first hit. A crack, and a gush of blood like waterworks streamed out of the boys nose. He had fell backwards, rear firmly hitting the dirt underneath him. He glared at you, "Bastard," he gritted out.

There were a few gasps, and quiet mummering rippled throughout the small crowd. You pounced with all the strength you could muster and threw yourself on Cameron, crushing him underneath him. Lifting your fists they rose and fell working like machinery.
You could hear the boy crying out from underneath you, but you were too distracted amidst your blind fury to notice.

A hand curled around your neck and threw you off of the boy, and all of a sudden you found yourself under him, his much large hand wrapped snugly around your throat. You gasped in air, clawing desperately at the boy on top of you. His gripped tightened and you could no longer manage to struggle in any air at all. There was fire in his eyes, pure rage. But there was something deeper, something like hurt. This boy was hurt. But everyone in this town was hurt. It didn't give him an excuse to hurt you.
His opposite hand drew backwards into the air, and pushed forwards with such a force you almost didn't see it.
It went dark before you could even register the pain. You kicked and flailed under him, and as the searing pain began to throb in your eyes you freaked out.
Thrashing, your hands and legs kicked in every direction until they were numb. The grip around your neck didn't loosen.
You were going to die.


You were going to DIE.


What seemed like an eternity later the grip loosened. You gasped in air greedily, tears welling up in your eyes. You expected for your sight to slowly come back to you-but it didn't.
You heart skipped a beat when you felt something grab at the back of your shirt's collar, and began dragging you through the dirt. You cried out, desperately pleading for help.

But nobody came.

The sound of the tin shed's door slammed closed and you were tossed in. You could hear mummers, mummers of the crowd. Some of pity, some of amusement, some of concern. Nobody came to help. You couldn't blame them. You had been in their same position countless times before and never attempted to help the poor kid thrown inside.
Eventually they began to disperse. "N-No! P-please!" you sobbed, "C-com-D-don't leave!"

No response. You clawed at your surroundings, your hand nicked something sharp, but your body was already too numb to register the pain. "P-please! I can't see! I can't see anything!" you wailed desperately.
You weren't sure whether it was because the shed merely lacked any form of light, or whether your sight still hadn't returned, but fear ate at your very soul.
You shook, you crawled towards the door and hit against it desperately, "I-I can't see! I CAN'T SEE!-





You shot up in your bed in cold sweat. You heaved and threw yourself out of your blankets in a panic, trying to figure out where you were.

You were home.


This was your apartment.
You were safe.

Chapter Text

Panting heavily, your body was coated in a thick layer of cold sweat. Your eyes shot across the room left and right towards the slightest noise. Heart hammering in your chest, your chest heaved heavily.

You were home, this was your apartment. Everything is fine. Calm down.

With each gasp of air it felt as if the knot in your stomach twisted itself tighter, you felt as if your stomach was folding in on itself, as if your throat was closing up, as if you were suffocating. You needed to get up.
Stumbling out of bed, your sheets are pulled down to the ground by the hook of your foot, where you stumble hazardously. Kicking the sheets away you stumbled towards the bathroom, busting through the door and pressing your body against the sink as if your body could no longer support itself.

Breathe, breathe. BREATHE GODDAMN IT.

You couldn't see anything. The world was a mess, colours melting together and shapes moulding into something unrecognizable. You could feel it, the unnoticeable trace of cold sweat burning against your skin, the freezing late afternoon air pinching at your flushed skin.
Shoulders slumping, you could feel your heart rate dropping. Good-That was good. You were calming down.
Just don't think about it-don't thing about back t h e r e.

The world began to twist and turn back the way it came, slowly warping back into it's original shape. Vision becoming clearer, you stared at yourself dead in the eye in the mirror. Your fingers curled around the edges of the white ceramic, firmly holding it in a grip as if you were afraid to let go. As if it was the only thing keeping you from slipping away into the depths of the darkest, most horrific corners of your mind.

Your hair was dishevelled, hanging in your eyes, face flushed and a dreary grey painting itself under your eyes. You looked like the devil on Monday morning before coffee.
A timid smile curled on your lips, "Heh."

You could see yourself now, you could see your surroundings. You were in your apartment-your bathroom. Everything is fine-your okay.
Despite your reassurances, you didn't feel okay.
It was silly, you were alone-there was no-one here to hurt you. You were alone. That was precisely it. You quivered against the cool air as your temperature dropped, skin prickling. You were alone. So alone. You craved it-the comforting warmth of two arms slipping around your waist and pulling you forward into their embrace, flush against their chest, fingers curling in your hair and their hot breath hitting against the tender flesh of your neck as they whispered sweet promises in your ears-to keep you safe, to always be there-to hold you forever.

Eyes flying open wide, you immediately stood up straighter. What the hell were you thinking!? Flushing, you avoided your own gaze in the mirror and dawdled out of the bathroom shamefully.
You were much calmer now, you began to acknowledge the silence that had settled in the room-all except for your unnecessarily loud breathing as you remained greedily sucking in air as if it would soon run out. Bloody hell, you needed to get into a new change of clothes. Maybe put some deodorant on too. You would have to text one of your friends and see if they weren't busy. You just didn't want to be alone right now.

Swinging open your cupboard draw, you pulled off whatever caught your eye off the hanger before pulling off and abruptly dropping your previous articles of clothing on your carpet.

Freezing, you turn around hesitantly to face the lit up screen of your phone next to your bed. The familiar ding of a notification had broken you out of your thoughts and startled you. With a huff you half-heartedly marched over to your phone, bringing the screen up close to your face to read the message sent to you.






oh. shit.

Now wide awake, in a panic you flung yourself on your bed, harshly pulling on your shoes and scrambling for your phone, wallet and keys in a panic before storming out the door like a maniac. It would take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to get to the skeleton brother's place, and Anime night started at 6!
With a heavy sigh, you accepted your fate consisting of showing up late.

The car shook as you slammed the door shut, before the car roared to life, rumbling livelily underneath you. Your whole body froze, heart sinking in your chest. You just realized-Papyrus is going to be there.
You could still feel his phantom touch pulling you closer from the bridge of your back, his hot breath teasing your skin. You could feel the blood rushing to your face.
What the hell? What was with this kind of thinking today? Your going to get yourself all hot and bothered if you keep this up. Damn hormones. It must be that time of the month coming up.
Why do you even care if Papyrus is there? He's just some dude you could barely call a friend that wanted to help you out.
You briefly wondered if he ever did manage to find Rebecca, and what he would have done if he even did manage to. Your heart hit heavily against your chest.
Goddamn it, you were out of it today. Usually you coped better with the nightmares. Then again it had been a little while since you had last had one, perhaps you had grown used to sleeping peacefully these last few days.

Either way, it was becoming harder and harder to ignore the tugging in your chest whenever you thought of Papyrus.


You busied yourself listening to the radio on the way over, but ended up zoning out anyway. Roughly 15 minutes later you pulled up out front of the familiar house. Papyrus' house.
Sans' too, you guess.

You stared up at there front door for a few moments later, before forcing yourself out of your thoughts and swallowing any uninvited feelings or nerves. Stepping out of your car, you were quick to the front door, knocking confidently against the hardwood.
No sooner had the front door swung open, as if someone had been standing there waiting for you.
Upon finding no one in front of you, you glanced down to find the familiar inviting grin decorating Sans' skull. "Heya Sans, I'm so sorry I came late. I got caught up in..-stuff."


You could only manage to grin goofily down at Sans, it was oddly comforting to be treated so warmly by someone. You only spared a single glance at the back of Sans' skull as he lead you to the lounge room before becoming the focus of attention of three pairs of eyes. Well, two, one person was missing eyes.

His sockets seemed to bore into you, you tensed under his gazed, and opted to instead flash your most casual smile over to Alphys and Undyne.
"Hey Punk! Glad Ya Could Make It! Come, We've Already Started Without You!" Well, it was confirmed. Alphys truly had no indoor voice-similarly to Sans. There was no room left on the couch you noted, and instead went to sit next to Undyne on the floor. A few pillows were provided to ensure comfort, and you were thankful for that.
Allow, you did find yourself sitting directly in front of Papyrus' legs, and whether that was a blessing or curse was unclear.
You'd have to talk to him and reacquaint yourselves before the tension between the two of you got too awkward. You honestly couldn't remember the last time you felt even remotely this awkward or anxious around someone. It was certainly an unpleasant feeling.

Settling next to Undyne, your eyes drifted to the screen, they were watching some sort of cat girl anime? It didn't seem like the kind of thing you would chose to watch yourself, but you weren't very picky. You did you best to relax, resisting the temptation to slump back on Papyrus' legs.
Everyone was mostly silent, except from both Undyne and Sans' occasional excited remarks and comments, and the lazy murmur of idle agreement from Papyrus.

As you began to pay more attention and ignore Papyrus' gaze lingering on your back, you noted that this wasn't all to bad of a show. A little too 'cutesy' for your tastes, but otherwise entertaining. You had gone a solid two and a half episodes without any interruption when you began to zone out yet again.
Eyes straying from the screen, they instead found themselves at the window, first at the gorgeous lights that peppered the inky black canvas of the sky, then at the reflection of the room.
You could see Papyrus. You knew you needed to talk to him. It was obvious he had something he wanted to say to you, or at the very least just converse with you.
With a heavy sigh, you shifted in your crossed legged position and began to stand to your feet, meeting Sans' curious gaze, "Thirsty," you explained, "Don't mind if I head to the kitchen-" you through an ever so subtle glance Papyrus' way, "-and grab a glass of water?"


With your signature relaxed grin you got up and shuffled out of the room, taking your time navigating your way tot he kitchen knowing you will have to wait a few minutes before Papyrus could leave so everything seemed inconspicuous.
The only noise in the dimly lit home was the faded conversation of two of the main characters from the anime you were watching, the further you dawdled away the more obscured their words became before it became unintelligible.

You noted the difference in sound your shoes made hitting against the wood of the kitchen then the plush carpet of the living room and hallway. Eyes wandering the room, you found the light switch and flipped it with a single finger.
Locating a glass, you turned on the sink tap and filled the glass, taking a second to press the cold substance against your lips and swallowing the refreshing liquid. Your mind was still heavy with sleep from the nap you had earlier on, still on edge after the nightmare. Mentally you weren't tired, but your body appeared to not agree.
Your limbs were heavy, movements sloppy and eyelids constantly drooping. You imagined you looked like you hadn't slept in a week. Certainly felt that way.


The familiar voice caused your body to tense, palm squeezing tightly against the glass. Pouring the remainder of the liquid down the drain, you turned to face the skeleton, who was significantly closer then you previously anticipated.
Hovering mere inches above you was Papyrus, grin squeezed tightly in a nervous smile, wringing his fingers inside of his burnt orange hoodie's pockets. Despite his lanky and significantly taller build then yours, his skull hanged close to yours, as if he purposely slouched so low just to shorten the distance between you.
The both of you stood in silence merely taking in each other, that's when you realised you had been holding your breath. With a silent sigh, you decided to be the one to break the ice, "Heya Paps'," you grinned lopsidedly at the skeleton, in hopes to ease the awkwardness building in the room.

He didn't move away. "It's good to see you," he commented.

Quirking an eyebrow, you shifted weight from one foot to another, "It hasn't been that long," you remarked back, easing into the friendly banter between the two of you that you had accustomed yourself too.

He chuckled dryly, gaze drifting from your own to just past you, "Yeah, suppose so. Feels like longer." You weren't sure how to respond. He certainly was an interesting character. Was he this way with everyone? Such sincerity isn't something you were familiar with, but had been displayed to you in several monsters in the short time that you had been introduced to them. They sure were an interesting bunch. "But uh, I suppose you want some explanation for disappearing on you like that the other day."

With a quirked eyebrow, you rested your palms against your hips, "Really, that occur to you just now?"

"Tch, yeah yeah, alright-I get it." You smiled softly up at the skeleton, patiently waiting for an explanation on his behalf, "Look, I'm sorry alright. It's just-I just, when I saw you were hurt-that someone else, had hurt you...I just, I didn't know what to do-I just freaked out." You watched Papyrus carefully, you were certainly not angry at him, nor were you overly suspicious of his words (what reason would he have to lie?), but you weren't too sure of where else to look at the moment.
Papyrus' gaze never met yours, instead shifting around the room nervously, acting almost as if he were a child trying to explain to their parents why they had their hands in the cookie jar. "I just-" a heavy sigh escaped passed his teeth, as his sockets slowly lifted upwards to meet yours, his hands crept out of his pockets to instead grab a hold of your own, tenderly enveloping your own hands that dwarfed in his.

"Listen, Honey," his thumb grazed the back of your hand, "I'm sorry if I scared you-or if I broke any boundary's, I just wanted to help you. I talked to that Rebecca chick, and she won't be bothering you anymore alright? Can you forgive me?"

Your heart sunk, a frown tugging at the edges of your lips. "What are you talking about?"
Papyrus' sockets shot open in surprised, his jaw moved to question you but you abruptly cut him off, "I'm not angry at you Paps', 'm not all to sure why you'd think I was in the first place..." His jaw slacked, but his gentle grip on your hand didn't loosen, "Things were just a little awkward after you ran off like that. I'm not mad at you though, I mean, you certainly did give me a bit of a surprise, but really, I guess I should be saying thank you? For talking to her? I appreciate it," you chuckled nervously, as it was now your turn to break eye contact and instead inspect the floor awkwardly.

Papyrus didn't answer you. Had you said something wrong? Glancing back up to-
Two strong arms slipped past your own and pulled you against a solid chest. It took you a few seconds after feeling Papyrus nozzle his head into the crook of your neck to realise he had pulled you into a hug. His body held your own protectively, and you melted into his embrace, a first your heart stuttered, but you began to sink into the warm feeling that his hold brought.
You could feel his pleasantly cool fingers brushing up against the bridge of your neck as he held you tightly.
This was what you needed, someone to hold you.
For Papyrus to hold you.

Chapter Text

Papyrus' pov

God I'm so in love with you.

The warmth, the smoothness of your skin-the feeling is euphoric. I can feel your soul buzzing from ages away, and each time I see you I find myself staring, completely unable to rip away my gaze, and the closer you get the harder my soul thumps against my ribs until I feel as if it's about to burst. The overwhelming need to pull you close and cradle you in my arms, trace my fingers down your spine, feeling, memorizing every surface and crevice, with your head tucked safely under mine. Protect you, shield you from anything or anyone that could hurt or upset you.

I had already gone and had a 'friendly' conversation with that Rebecca girl that hurt you, and was proud to say that she wouldn't be bothering you again. I didn't do anything too extreme, just put her in her place. If anyone thought they could get away with hurting you-stars, they were wrong.

Pushing away the darker thoughts, my mind wandered back to you. I did that often these days, and found my thoughts drifting back to you and your signature lopsided smile. Your phantom touch lingered on my arms and ribs. Holding you in my arms just felt so right . Like everything was alright and the only thing that mattered was you and me in that very moment. Like nothing could ever possibly go wrong.

That very first moment I met you-late at night dressed in your skeleton onesie (as ironic as it was)-you just looked so damn cute.
I was stunned. Your round, gorgeous eyes, and cute little lips. And stars that smile of yours. Those lips looked so soft, and plush, and how I desperately wanted to run my fingers across them, push in lightly against the flesh-press my teeth against them, taste you- claim you.

From the moment I could feel your soul pulsing from behind the front door, I knew I had to see you. And from that very second our gazes locked, only one thing ran through my mind-


Stars was I so happy to have brought your friend home with us that night. I would have been taking humans in under my wing ages ago if I knew It would have led me to you quicker.

It was so hard, seeing you and knowing that I couldn't just have you-no, you were human. Your soul and body were so out of touch, that this would take time. An agonizingly slow process of making you mine. My soul ached at the thought of you so far away in your own home, instead of in bed next to me- under me.

A shiver crawled down my spine at the thought of you squirming underneath me, face flushed and eyes unwavering from my gaze. All the things I would do to you-take you, taste you, make you moan and gasp my name-make you feel better then any other partner could ever hope of making you feel-

-No, no! I need to stop my mind from travelling down that trail of thought. I could feel the flush building in my bones, the heat that slithered down my pelvis and created a pool of concentrated magic. My ribs shook from the heavy gasps of air I inhaled in attempts to push away the building need.
Pushing myself up from my bed, I sat hunched over amongst my sheets that entangled my legs and waist.
It was the middle of the night, and you had already left hours ago after anime night with Sans, Alphys and Undyne.

You seemed to get along with them very well. If you didn't end up liking Alphys and Undyne-I could live with that, but Sans.
Stars I was so grateful you two get along. I don't know what I would do if you didn't.

It felt lonely without you here. Before I met you, it would have been fine. Laying alone in my dark, empty room. Completely silent, almost as if no one was in here at all. My eye lights traced over the mess on the floor, the lumps of forgotten clothing and leftover rubbish. A frown tugged at my permanent grin-I wonder if I should clean up all of this?
Would you be disgusted to see the mess that I lived in?
Would you think I was a slob and not want anything to do with me?

I thought back to that stunning mischievous grin that so often lazily played at your lips, to the warm and inviting way you held yourself and the comfortable clothing that you wore.
No, even if you didn't appreciate a mess-you'd never hate me for it. Never be disgusted by me for it. You were too good for that. Too nice, too unjudgmental.
My eye lights flickered over to the rubbish cyclone spinning silently in the corner of the room.
On second thought, maybe I'll at least make a small attempt of cleaning up, for you.

I paused my train of thought when I suddenly realised that this visit would have been the second time you had come over to my place now. I couldn't help but wonder where you lived-would i get to go there? Did you have your own home, did you live in an apartment, did you have a roommate?
Where you well off? Did you live somewhere run down because you couldn't afford any place better?- If that was the case that was okay-you could always come live here with me, we had a spare room anyway so-

Hold up. Now I was just getting ahead of myself. I hadn't even known you for that long to start being able to consider living together, albeit a long time if you were a monster, but you were not. Establishing bonds between soulmates that were both monsters was a considerably quicker process then between a human and a monster (then again, soulmates between humans and monsters were completely unheard of), seeing monsters were so in tune with their souls, both parties would instantly know who they were to each other. Unfortunately it wasn't that simple with humans. With a huff, I threw my legs off of the bed, dragging the sheets to the ground with them before stumbling out the door with a grunt. I needed a smoke.

Closing your apartment door silently from behind, you were left with a content smile curling on your lips. Your visit to Sans' and Papyrus' place had been a very pleasant one. After about six or seven episodes Undyne paused the anime so Papyrus could order some take out (much too Sans' disapproval), and in that time you had taken a few moments to talk with your peers to get to know them better.
You think you may have made yourself some new friends (despite that fact you still owed a favour or two to the skeleton brothers).

Unfortunately, you found you had to leave earlier than expected. One of the downsides of your job was that you were constantly on call. Apparently you were to meet some people downtown, and deliver some package to some guy working in forensics at the police station at midstreet.
You were usually left with the riskier (albeit less dangerous) work, which made sense considering you were probably one of if not the most inconspicuous worker under The Boss. Who would suspect a seemingly harmless young woman like yourself?
You certainly wouldn't.

You didn't have the pass to go and simply enter the police station and wander round as you pleased, but apparently some man would be waiting for you in the carpark outback, and would take you from there. You didn't understand why you needed to actually go in rather than just give it to the man waiting and leave, but you didn't question it-orders were orders.

With that thought in mind you trailed back to your bedroom to sloppily redress yourself into something that would blend in with your environment better than your hoodie would. Considering it was after five and already pretty late, no-one would really be there, but better safe then sorry.

Picking up your keys from the kitchen bench you slipped back out your door and to the underground carpark were your car was, and heading to your first destination.
There wasn't much traffic around where you lived, but it quickly became denser the further in the city you drove. You generally enjoyed your visits downtown, there was always plenty to do and many people to meet, but it certainly wouldn't be a desirable area to live. Too noisy and too busy.

You flicked on the radio on the drive over, but instead of music a podcast was being played. You listened in half-heartily whilst you payed attention to the road.

-Against monsters had decreased significantly, although, there are still plenty of uproar about the settlement of monsters in Ebott City.

You paused, finally realizing that whoever was speaking was discussing the topic of monsters, and decided to pay closer attention.

Thankfully, there hasn't been a dusted monster for over six months, but recently there has been some tension created over the development of inter-species relationships.
I, for one, whole-heartedly support any monster or human who wish to be together. People don't realise that Monsters are highly intelligent sentient creatures just like us, that they are in fact people too, with their own thoughts and feelings.

You nodded to yourself as you listened, in support of the words being spoken by what could be a middle aged woman, with a pleasantly smooth voice.

Today, I would like to discuss the topic of romantic relationships between monsters and humans, and offer my own advice to anyone apart of one. Firstly, I would like to make everyone aware that marriage is not yet legal between monsters and humans, but you can go to my website at to sign a petition towards that cause.
also, while I am on the topic, I have heard about a study that has recently started up about reproduction between humans and monsters, and have their own site set up for funding if you would like to donate to the project-the link is currently on my main page of my blog if you want to check it out.

You were jolted out of your thoughts while listening when you realised you accidently had forgotten to go at a green light. You sheepishly grinned to yourself before pressing on the pedal and turning right as the gps directed you.
Listening idly, you couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be in a relationship with a monster. A being that was literally made of magic. Would they show you their magic? Would they use their magic on you?

The thought was exciting, and you all of a sudden you remembered Muffet, and the number she had gave you. You'd have to give her a ring and catch up later on. Maybe convince her to show you a trick or two.
You weren't sure if it was rude to ask a monster to see their magic, but what can you say? Your curious!
Besides, Muffet is pretty cool, and the two of you were on pretty friendly terms.
Thinking about it, you wouldn't mind being in a relationship with a monster at all. Sure, it would certainly be a new and strange experience, and you imagined that you would have a lot to learn, but you were certainly both curious and patient enough to do so.
You grinned to yourself.

Yeah. Dating a monster would be cool.