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two birds, one feather

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it's just a single word but it's really all seokjin can fathom, watching a basic replica of himself sleep peacefully on the bench.


sure, the whole setup is generally over-the-top and, frankly, cliché. but really, the hiss of the cover on the machine when it opens, fog flowing from the inside to the floor, seokjin watching in awe as it dissipates to show his finished work...


it really makes for a good feeling. he's sort of glad all these clichés were needed in order to get this done correctly.


he's just been calling it a cloning machine, because, well. that's essentially what it is. a piece of his dna replicated into a whole other being in the span of six months. basic motor function, speech, knowledge. all accounted for.


of course, he could've made his clone better. smarter, thinner, stronger, cooler. but no. this was all just to see if it would happen like he wanted it to.


and clearly, it is.


it takes about a week for his clone to come to his complete senses, finally waking up in one of the spare rooms in seokjin's home. and in a general sense, he doesn't know what's going on. isn't sure if yesterday happened, or if there was a yesterday for him.


looking in the mirror is like looking at himself for the first time.


"you're awake," seokjin says, causing his clone to jump and turn.


"who're you?" he asks, and seokjin hums.


"well, i don't like to lie, or be any sort of vague," seokjin shrugs. "you're a clone of me, finished yesterday. all real flesh and bone. of course, you don't have a sense of your own self or your own personality yet; sociologically, that'll be developed."


"...i'm you?"


"you look like me."


he watches as his clone looks at himself in the mirror, then at seokjin.


"oh," is all his clone says.


a few weeks pass. his clone lives comfortably with him. it's interesting, watching him develop. watching his tastes and interests change, watching him go through phase after phase so quickly, he isn't even sure if it could be considered as such.


he's not a carbon copy. where seokjin enjoys meat, his clone doesn't. and while seokjin hates the idea of sleeping on his back, his clone seemingly prefers it over anything.


but his laugh is the same. his smile. those little predispositions that speak the truth that he is his clone.


"jin," his clone says, and seokjin turns.


"yes," seokjin says.


"no, i mean. that's what i want to be called. since i- you, created me. i guess."


"oh, well. that's just fine, jin."


and at some point, seokjin notices more about him. as time goes on, jin's features become more pronounced and more. his personality, lighthearted and gentle. how he holds himself.


looking at him, from an outsider's point of view...


he can see now why all his friends believe he's inherently handsome and beautiful.


"why're you always staring at me?" jin asks one day.




"you. you're always staring at me like you can't figure something out."


"...oh." they're sitting on the couch. jin turns towards him.


"isn't it just like looking in the mirror all the time?" jin asks, and seokjin hums.


"no- well. when you look at me, do you see you in the mirror, or another person?"


"well... i guess i see you. i just see you."


"...well, that's what i see. i see you."


it's a little awkward, a little strange, but then jin smiles and seokjin feels something in him flip around for a second, and he doesn't know what exactly it is.


he likes it, though.


he likes jin.


a few nights pass. jin has his own room, filled with his own possessions that seokjin offered to buy.


"just let me know what you want. i can afford anything."


he fashioned jin's room with a piano, a standing work-table. a vanity with various make-ups. filled his closet with dark colours and varying accessories.


jin is the same as him but so, so different.


but his laugh is the same.


one night, seokjin is sleeping soundly when he hears a knock on his door. he cracks open one eye to see jin standing there, in his pyjamas, rubbing the back of his neck.


"what's wrong?" seokjin asks.


"can't sleep," jin admits. "um... can i sleep in here?"


and who is seokjin to refuse him?


so seokjin scoots over on his bed and lets jin slide under the covers, gives him enough space to sleep on his own.


jin moves close to him.


"can i ask something?" he says, his timbre the same as seokjin's, but his tone gentle, curious, a little worried.




"why did you make me?"


and seokjin has been dreading this question. this entire time, he'd been hoping maybe, maybe, it wouldn't come up. but he had a feeling it would be unavoidable.


"because," seokjin began. "because i wanted to. because i like science. and i like making breakthroughs. i like...creation."


"so...i'm an experiment?"


"no, not...really. there were other 'experiments'. when forming you...i knew it was going to work. the only way it wouldn't have is if the machine failed."


"but..." jin sighs and seokjin tries to think of a way to reassure him.


"think of it this way," he decides to say. "when people have sex, try to have children... are their kids experiments? was their encounter to try to have kids an experiment? or...were they just trying to create life?" seokjin turns his head to find himself inches from jin's face. "i was just trying to create life. you're a person. you're alive."


after a moment, jin reaches down, holds his hand. and it should feel strange but it doesn't.


the mirror above his bed, on his ceiling, makes him stare at himself. he looks back down and... he doesn't see his reflection. he sees jin.


"but i'm you, still," he says. "all of my dna is a copy of you."


"and yet your interests, thoughts and feelings are different," he says. "the way you think is different. the way you feel based on how you've developed is different from me. that's what makes you your own person."


"like we're twins?"


"no. not really. you don't exactly have parents." a pause. "you just have me."


"right." jin looks down, looks back up. "i have you."


and it takes a moment, but seokjin wonders. wonders what would happen if he just closed that distance between their faces, pressed his lips against jin's. pressed against him, touched him, kissed him, caressed him.


jin answers the thought by leaning forward and kissing seokjin.


it's not an odd feeling. it doesn't feel like him. it feels like he's kissing another person, and he is. he's kissing jin and jin is kissing him and everything is so soft and warm under the bedsheets. jin's hand grips his tighter until he pulls away and his hold goes limp.


"i'm sorry, i-" is all jin manages to say before seokjin dives back in to kiss him, more feeling behind it all, biting down on jin's lip because he knows how much he likes that himself.


he knows his own body better than anyone. physically, jin has the same weak points. seokjin can put that to use.


jin jumps back in surprise before sighing into seokjin's mouth, letting himself be pulled in closer, quicker, slotting their legs together, their hands moving to hold each other.


and it's good, and it works, and seokjin loves it.


it takes about five minutes until jin's hand has gone back to cup seokjin's dick through his sweats, and seokjin gasps at the motion.


"i want this," jin says, breathily, gasping. "i want you."


and it should be strange, it shouldn't work.


but it does. and seokjin wants him, too.


seokjin flips them, straddling jin's hips, looking into a face that replicates his own. feels himself more aroused at how aroused jin looks. wonders if that's really what he looks like himself in the moment.


"touch me," jin huffs, and seokjin reaches down to stroke jin through his pyjama bottoms, leaning to kiss him again, tongue in his mouth, grinding down for that friction to build them up. "no, i- more. i want-"


"what?" seokjin finds himself asking as he pulls away. "you want me to-"


"ye- yes," jin nods. "i want you to fuck me."


and seokjin never thought he'd be doing this, ever. never thought he'd find himself here, with a likeness of himself underneath him, asking to be fucked by him, wanting him so badly.


"alright," seokjin says.


he moves off, pulls off jin's shirt and bottoms, pulls off his own shirt and sweats. gets lube from his nightstand and gently preps jin, slowly, knowing this is a first time, knowing this will be the first time for anything like this.


and once jin's prepped, seokjin coats his own cock and slides in and the way he hears jin moan is what begins to tip him over the edge. hearing his own voice, turned on by his cock in him. feeling the likeness of his hands raking down his back. gripping the flesh of a likeness of his own hips as he begins to thrust.


it's nothing he's ever felt before.


it's something he'll never want to go back from.


"f-fuck," jin breaks the silence, finally. seokjin thrusts into him as an easy pace, moving with jin's hips as they move down to meet his thrusts halfway. "switch with me."


and jin flips them once more, sheets be damned, staying on top of seokjin with his cock still buried deep, and seokjin grips jin's hips, thrusts up quicker, faster. jin throwing his head back in pleasure, his moans resonating through the room so loud, seokjin feels it in his bones.


he looks up. watches his cock slide in and out of jin in the ceiling's mirror. looks at himself, then at jin. sees the copies of two pairs of the same hands gripping all of the same likeness of skin. two cocks, identical, both red and hard, large. bulging veins in exactly the same place on two pairs of arms.


it's all so much but it feels so fucking good.


"i'm coming," jin cries out as seokjin watches him in the mirror, feeling the edge of it all overwhelm him as jin comes, clenching around his cock so tightly, and seokjin can't hold anything back. the entirety of everything turning him on so much.


"fuck," seokjin gasps out as he comes inside of jin, holding his hips in place as he pumps it in, moaning out as jin leans down and kisses it out of him, kissing everything from him.


and seokjin kisses jin back, his likeness, his clone, until it feels like they're just one person connected together.