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A feeling of hesitant energy courses through the young, ancient God's veins. 

He is alive. He can feel it like a crash of thunder smashing into him, or the way a fresh cut burns. Its refreshing, but surprisingly painful. And yet a smile is what he wears, only for a second as the feeling fades. 

He opens his eyes. 

A blanket of grass peeks from below him, a clear blue sky littered with clouds lay above him. Where is he? Heaven, perhaps? Not possible, he thinks to himself- Chaos doesnt go to heaven. 

Wait, am I riding on a star?

A sudden gasp fills his ears, and his gaze shifts- 

What he sees is an orange haired child, skin tan with lighter splotches strung over their face. The child wears a striking blue bandana, and their gloved hands held up to their mouth in an expression of shock. But yet they look relieved to see him. Strange


"You guys! You guys they're awake!" 

Definitely a child.

Void speaks, for what feels like an eternity. His voice is dry, and he feels sore. He can't seem to grasp words right now, but he attempts to gather himself- 

"Where is this?"

 "Oh snap, they're talking. Did you hear that?" The orange haired child continues. 

Another voice- this one deeper, soft and yet rough speaks. "Oh geez. Already?" This one seems to be older, and not as happy in his presence. Not that he could blame them.

"Great King, you really could have been nicer about that." 

Ah. A king? Interesting. But then again, what's a king to a diety? 

"Sorry, but... I expected to have more time to... you know." The king gestures vaguely. The child nods in understanding. 

"Yay! They're awake! Okay, landing coming up. Get ready!" Another voice speaks, cheerful and sweet. 

Suddenly, the Star beneath them disappears and they are on the ground. 

Void crawls up from his knees and onto his feet.  His legs feel weak, but he doesn't falter.

"If I may repeat myself. Where are we?"