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Hiss hiss Bitch

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Felix ran into trash cans, stumbling over them while clutching onto his forearm, which was bleeding profusely. He dashed into an alleyway and shifted into the first animal that came into his mind. He laid on a trash bag, and curled up, staring at the moon which was unusually bright that night. Felix hoped his friends would find him. He looked up at the moon as dots began to dance in his vision.



Changbin walked down an alleyway on his way to the grocery store. He sighed and kicked a rock on the ground, only for it to ricochet from a wall and hit him square in the chin. He groaned loudly and rubbed his leg.

He’s had the worst luck today. His biology professor gave him a paper that's due tomorrow like wtf, he got splashed by a truck on his way to his dorm, and he spilled fucking grape juice on his favorite shirt.

Changbin picked up the rock and threw it at a trash can and flinched when it made a loud clang. He turned to stomp away when he heard a garbage bag rustle. He looked back and walked towards the bags, looking for the source of the noise. The air was getting colder so Changbin gave up, only to see something move near him, on a garbage bag. He peered at the source and squealed with delight. There on a bag, was a yellow ball python with striking blue eyes, curled up and looking at him with curiosity, and it’s little tongue poking out.


Changbin picked it up carefully and saw a big gash on its side and cringed. He assumed it’s owner had thrown it away or it had been abused. The snake slithered it’s way around Changbin’s arm, lifting its head up and looking at him. It’s tongue flicked out and tickled Changbin’s nose. He giggled and carried the snake out of the alley.

Changbin decided he would keep the snake, since he already had the equipment from his previous snake. And come on. It’s a free fucking snake.


He walked back to his dorm with the snake wrapped around his arm, groceries long forgotten. The snake looked around at the town and bright lights with curiosity, big blue eyes taking in the surroundings. Changbin reached his dorm and knocked on the door.

“Hey Jisung can you get the door?” Changbin called out.

“Yeah sure just a second.” A voice said from inside. The door flung open and a boy with chestnut hair sticking up from everywhere, sweats hanging off his limbs, was standing in the entrance.“Why couldn’t you open the door? You have a key do-.” The boy was cut off as he saw what was in Changbin’s hand. “Really! Another one! Changbin I swear to god.”


“Jisung come on.” Changbin argued as he made his way into the dorm. “I found it in an alleyway and look-.” Changbin said, showing Jisung the gash on the snakes side. “It’s injured. It’s owner probably threw it away or something and some animals got at it.”

Jisung sighed, running his hand through his hair. “Fine but make sure it doesn’t escape. I don’t want to wake up to a snake next to me again.”

Changbin light up and he ran into his room. He laid the snake on his bed and set up his old terrarium. He was pretty proud of his little enclosure. It had real plants and vines in it with a little machine waterfall. It looked like a mini jungle. He made sure everything still worked and placed the snake in the closure. The snake explored its new surroundings while Changbin pulled out his phone and searched up how to treat the snake’s wound.

Changbin heard the front door open and some voices followed. All the sudden the door to his room was thrown open, someone rushing in and pressing their face against the terrarium glass.

“Oh hey Woojin.” Changbin said, waving at the older.

“Hey.” The other replied, eyes glued to the little snake in the enclosure. “Jisung said you found him.”

“Yep, he was abandoned in an alleyway.”

“Aww but he’s so damn cute.” Woojin whined.

Changbin smiled at the older’s behavior. “But he has a nasty wound. Do you know where the first aid kit is?”

“You’re using our first aid kit on a fucking snake?!” Jisung yelled from the living room.

“Yes he is! And you can’t do anything about it!” Woojin yelled back and dashed out to get the kit.

Changbin opened the enclosure and gently lifted the snake onto his desk.

“It’s ok little guy.” Changbin said soothingly, softly petting the snake. “We’ll get you fixed up.”

Woojin brought the kit and set it down. Changbin opened it and pulled out the disinfectant and poured a little onto a cloth. He dabbed as gently as he could on the snake’s wound. The snake started to wriggle in obvious discomfort while Woojin started freaking out, rushing to the snakes side. Changbin bandaged the snake and set it back in the enclosure.

“Are you sure it’s going to be fine?” Woojin asked.

“Yes it should be fine now.” Changbin said, trying to calm the older down.

“But it looked so sad, I mean-.”

“Woojin it’s going to be ok.” Changbin said, closing the disinfectant.  

“Ok.” Woojin said, deflating. Changbin sighed and shooed the older out of his room. He changed into his sleepwear and turned off the snake’s lights. The little yellow snake was curled in a ball on a rock, fast asleep.

Changbin smiled at the scene. “Good night.” He whispered before crawling into his bed and falling asleep.




Felix honestly had no idea what to think or what to do. The enclosure he was in was warm and comfy, with fresh water that Felix took advantage of. But it was fortified like a damn fortress. Every crack and gap was sealed. There was no way in hell Felix could get out of this. He also couldn't shift into another animal without freaking everyone out. Felix sighed as best as he could in his current form and slowly made his way to a rock. He looked out the glass and saw Changbin curled up in his sheets, black hair everywhere. The other had surprised Felix greatly. He didn’t think someone would be so delighted to find a random snake in an alleyway. Felix decided he was a good person as he at least gave him shelter. Even though this shelter was impenetrable.


Woojin scared him a bit though. As his first impression of the other was his face squished against the glass, staring at Felix. Though he seemed like a nice person.


Felix thought about his friends. Chan was probably freaking out about right now. Minho was mostly likely hacking onto his phone or something while Seungmin and Hyunjin were stealing his clothes, and Jeongin eating cereal in front of the tv, indifferent to everything around him. 


Felix tried to stretch out, but flinched when his side started throbbing. He couldn’t believe that he had gotten hurt from a simple pocket knife. He was a supernatural creature for crying out loud, and he got taken down by your every day thief.


He curled up into a ball letting his worries drift away for now. He closed his eyes, the waterfall in his enclosure lulling him to sleep.