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[11/09/18-12:52 am-no fite no fite]


[lipstick has added Jeon Jeongguk to the chatroom]


lipstick: gather ‘round everybody

lipstick: meet the bestest boy ever


[11/09/18-06:29 am-no fite no fite]


11/10: good morning children

11/10: jimin who’s that?


Jeon Jeongguk: I’m jeongguk


11/10: I figured that much, hello jeongguk

11/10: how do you know jimin?


Jeon Jeongguk: we used to be close


lipstick: we are close! high school friends jinnie

lipstick: he’s a first-year student this year, but he doesn’t know anyone

lipstick: so I figured it’d be okay for me to introduce him to you guys

lipstick: is that okay??


11/10: of course- welcome aboard jeongguk

11/10: good luck


Jeon Jeongguk: thank you ^^


11/10: we’ll gather the others when it’s not six in the morning, but for now

11/10: I’m seokjin ^-^ and you know chim


[lipstick changed Jeon Jeongguk’s name to jeonjeon]


lipstick: you’ll like them ggukkie

lipstick: I’m positive!


[11/09/18-11:02 am-no fite no fite]


literal sunshine: who’s this???

literal sunshine: new person???

literal sunshine: Minnie's friend???

literal sunshine: hi!!


jeonjeon: hello!


literal sunshine: you’re a first year he said???

literal sunshine: I’m a third year! If you need help around the campus let me know!


jeonjeon: yeah, an art major! thank you!


grandpa: of all times to add someone new to the chatroom

grandpa: you have to add him at one in the morning


lipstick: sorry hyungie!

lipstick: ggukkie and I were talking a few hours before and I got too excited ^^


grandpa: hm


joonie: shouldn’t you be in class jimin?


lipstick: my prof didn’t show up so I left


joonie: you should’ve stayed in case he did come


lipstick: oh well


taetae: good morning!!

taetae: did everyone sleep okay?

taetae: yeontan says good morning!


11/10: good morning cutie


taetae: me or tannie??


11/10: the latter


taetae: (//ω\\)


11/10: have you met everyone now jeongguk?

11/10: I think we’re all here


jeonjeon: I don’t know anyone’s names except yours and jimin’s though!

jeonjeon: if it isn’t too much to ask, could you guys introduce yourselves?

jeonjeon: pictures would be nice too, so I can see what you look like!


lipstick: of course!

lipstick: jinnie hyung could you start us off, please?


11/10: of course chim


[11/10 changed the chatroom name to Introduce Yourself]


11/10: as you know!

11/10: my name is kim seokjin, I’m a fourth-year art major and I run the famous bake sales that are held here! but recently they're only held right before breaks, it's the only time I have the time of day. I'm twenty-four years old, taken, and happy in said relationship.

11/10: I'm also the best looking one here-


11/10: proof ;)

11/10: it's a pleasure to meet you annnnd since he already knows you, Jiminnie's turn!


lipstick: oh I'm doing it too?

lipstick: okay!

lipstick: I'm Jimin! Or Chim, or ChimChim, or Chimmy, or Mochi, or Minnie, or Jiminine, or MinMin. There's a lot- but you knew that already ^^

lipstick: I'm a second year double major (dance, vocal stuff), I'm not sure if you knew that I was a makeup youtuber?


lipstick: most recent hairstyling ^^ silver aha

lipstick: uhmmm Yoongi hyung ^^


grandpa: no


[literal sunshine changed grandpa’s name to My name is Min Yoongi and I'm really grumpy]


My name is Min Yoongi and I'm really grumpy: hey-


literal sunshine: heya

literal sunshine: come on now, introduce yourself

literal sunshine: or do you want me to do it for you?


My name is Min Yoongi and I'm really grumpy: fine

My name is Min Yoongi and I'm really grumpy: change my name first, it's too long


[literal sunshine changed My name is Min Yoongi and I'm really grumpy's name to yoonie]


yoonie: no


literal sunshine: so that's Yoongi, he's a third year in music production. He's my best friend and he's adorable, a literal meow meow.


yoonie: HEY


literal sunshine: 


literal sunshine: okay I'm done, me next!!!


jeonjeon: wait wait!

jeonjeon: are you and ‘taetae’ dating?? seokjin??


11/10: what???


jeonjeon: you said you were dating someone and you were just really couple like with that person…


11/10: I'm like that with everyone cutie

11/10: but nah

11/10: tae wishes he was dating me


taetae: you flatter yourself hyung


11/10: rude


jeonjeon: oh! okay! carry on sunshine ^^


literal sunshine: awe he called me sunshine

literal sunshine: but I'm hoseok! I'm twenty three years old and a dance major like Minnie!


lipstick: he's the captain ^^


literal sunshine: yep!

literal sunshine: I speak fluent Yoongi and I work at a little restaurant just off campus as a waiter! they have really good food! the six of us go there all the time!


yoonie: because you have an employee discount


joonie: wait hold up

joonie: yoongi hyung and I match names

joonie: unacceptable


[literal sunshine changed yoonie's name to kitty]


literal sunshine: fixed ~


kitty: jung hoseok I stg


literal sunshine: he says he loves it, thx

literal sunshine: back to me!

literal sunshine: 


literal sunshine: I deem it Joonie's turn (*´・v・)


joonie: your name was Jeongguk right?


jeonjeon: yep!


joonie: I'm Namjoon, I'm the one who's dating Seokjin, I saw you asked.

joonie: I'm a music production major with Yoongi, same age as both Yoongi and Hoseok (twenty-three) and that's really it?

joonie: I'm not a super interesting person


taetae: he has an IQ of 148

taetae: he tutors so many people that he doesn't have a job other than that because everyone wants him as their tutor.


joonie: I do work at a math help place and get paid per hour there…


11/10: plus paid extra something-something per kid you help

11/10: oh here


jeonjeon: wow


joonie: … :)


jeonjeon: is that everyone…?

jeonjeon: it's really nice to meet all of you! I was sure you guys would be cool since you're Jimin's friends

jeonjeon: thank you for letting me join the group so quickly! o(^▽^)o


taetae: waaaaiiiiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ヽ(´□`。)ノ

taetae: what about me????


11/10: oh my goodness tae baby

11/10: I'm sorry

11/10: introduce yourself cutie

11/10: then we'll get Jeongguk to do the same for us!


taetae: okay!!

taetae: so my name is Taehyung, but Tae works just fine! I'm a photography major and in the same year as Jiminie hyung! He's my model whenever I need one ♡

taetae: thinking about it, that's really it about me. but I'm Minnie’s roommate, so if you ever need to talk to him come on down to our dorm!


jeonjeon: thank you(*´▽`*)


lipstick: uhm???

lipstick: tae??? baby you said n o t h i n g about what you do for work???


taetae: my work isn't important (⊙﹏⊙✿)


jeonjeon: I'm scared to ask what you do?


joonie: don't be, it's nothing bad

joonie: you said you're an art major? do you keep up on fashion magazines and big brand photoshoots?


jeonjeon: I do! but why are you asking??


taetae: (//ω\\)


lipstick: our taehyung is a model




jeonjeon: that's V!!!!!!





11/10: a lot of people recognize you all the time baby


taetae: it's special this time ~


jeonjeon: oh (‘∀’●)♡


taetae: (´ ▽`).。o♡

taetae: but it's jeonggukkie's turn now!


jeonjeon: jeonggukkie?


taetae: do you not like being called that? I'm sorry!


jeonjeon: no no!


[jeonjeon changed jeonjeon's name to jeonggukkie]


jeonggukkie: I like it a lot actually


taetae: oh! ^^


jeonggukkie: yeah!

jeonggukkie: so for everyone! my name is jeongguk and I’m a first year, art major and minor in dance! I’ve considered switching my major to vocals though

jeonggukkie: I think it’s a lot more my style, but I don’t know how this school works with it?

jeonggukkie: I’ll ask you about it later hyung


lipstick: mhm!


jeonggukkie: I haven’t even met my roommate yet

jeonggukkie: but I’m glad I’ve met you guys! thank you for introducing me to your friends hyung, it’s really a pleasure to meet you all!



11/10: awe


jeonggukkie: what?


11/10: cutie. we’re all happy to meet you ^^


joonie: don’t be afraid to ask us if you need help at all, the campus is quite large and it seems you have at least one person in this group that should know where you have to head for your classes

joonie: which, I do have to go to one of mine right now- so does yoongi

joonie: so we’ll talk later!


yoongles: already here, you’re going to be late


joonie: what? I have five minutes?


yoongles: yes joon, five minutes is not enough time to get here from your dorm


joonie: but I’m walking already!

joonie: imma run

joonie: unlock the door for me if I’m late


yoongles: maybe


11/10: be nice to him


yoongles: no


jeonggukkie: seems fun


yoongles: it’s exhausting really


literal sunshine: I mean


literal sunshine: so jeongguk


yoongles: don’t ignore me hoseok

literal sunshine: I’ll ignore you all I want stfu


lipstick: okay children

lipstick: ggukkie, I’ll explain the vocals stuff to you after, but I should start heading to class

lipstick: why don’t you come to my dorm later?

lipstick: you can meet tae and I, and we’ll get you familiar with some stuff


jeonggukkie: I’m down! where is your dorm?


lipstick: building D, third floor, room 23!


taetae: I’ll be here all day


lipstick: no you won’t


taetae: mostly all day

taetae: I have a shoot at like 4

taetae: but then I’ll be home all day

taetae: I don’t have any classes today~


jeonggukkie: neither do I!

jeonggukkie: are you there now? do you mind if I stop by right now? I want to be home later to meet my roommate


taetae: sure, but Minnie isn’t here right now


lipstick: I’ll be there after my next class, so around 3

lipstick: tae are we still going out for dinner after your shoot?


taetae: yep!

taetae: jeonggukkie~

taetae: come with us?


jeonggukkie: I don’t want to invade


lipstick: it’s been a year since we hung out properly, I’m excited to see you again!


jeonggukkie: then I guess I'll hang out with you guys today ^^


taetae: yay!

taetae: I'm just at our dorm, see you soon ^^


11/10: be nice to him you two

11/10: don’t bombard him with

11/10: literally everything

11/10: let him settle into the group


jeonggukkie: I don’t mind (@^◡^)


lipstick: yeah see he loves me (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚


taetae: ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ


literal sunshine: well,  have to go deal with some first years who look like they have no idea what they’re doing

literal sunshine: I’ll chat later (っ˘ω˘ς )


taetae: hobi are you working tonight?


literal sunshine: yeah, 4 to closing

literal sunshine: I have nothing better to do


taetae: you could do me


literal sunshine: hush tae


taetae: muah

taetae: no, but seriously, we’ll see you tonight then! If you don’t end up being our waiter make sure you stop by our table or else


literal sunshine: or else?

literal sunshine: I’ll stop by your dorm in an hour and give you my card, mkay?


lipstick: thanks hobi!


11/10: hoseok they’re using you for your discount


literal sunshine: I don’t mind at all

literal sunshine: as long as I get previews of tae’s shoot ;)


taetae: I knew there was a price you fucker

taetae: fine


literal sunshine: yay

literal sunshine: see you guys in about an hour


taetae: see ya


jeonggukkie: so where are we going?


taetae: I genuinely don’t know the name of the place

taetae: Minnie seems to have disappeared

taetae: just follow him


jeonggukkie: got it


taetae: on your way?


jeonggukkie: just got here!

jeonggukkie: see you in a few minutes (^▽^)