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Not All Going According To Keikaku

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There were a lot of things in life that Shouto didn’t particularly give a lot of effort into, speaking to his father being the main one. In fact, the things that he didn’t care about mostly had to do with his father. It would actually be a lot easier to list the things he did spend a lot of time and consideration into, such as his conspiracy theories (the board was getting really full and he’d need to start using the reverse side); his visits to his mother (he liked to buy her a different bouquet of flowers each time or a box of her favourite chocolates), pissing off Bakugou (he did it even when he wasn’t putting effort into that job, actually) and his loving caring boyfriend who happened to be the world’s biggest Endeavor hater.

So when Shouto finally managed to get permission from Aizawa-Sensei to take Izuku out for an official date, their first since they began their relationship, he spent countless hours making sure everything would be perfect. It helped greatly that Izuku’s father (All Might) was heavily involved with the procedure, even giving him the shovel talk alongside their homeroom teacher. Of course, Aizawa-Sensei being Izuku’s secret older brother was a new theory that would be added on the board as soon as humanly possible.

Uraraka, bless her, also became heavily involved in the planning, giving him the best advice that any superb wingwoman could – sprinkled with helpings of memes and threats of murder if Izuku came back in tears, good deities she was terrifying. She even held an emergency squad meeting to get extra advice from Iida, Asui and Yaoyorozu (who was a recent addition to the squad after the Inquisition’s creation) which was a meeting and a half. No, Asui, he was not going to take Izuku to a lake to eat flies, he didn’t care if that was her dream date but scribbled it down anyway and passed it to Uraraka on the way back to his room with a wink and finger guns. Her tomato red face, alongside the killer glare at his back, was totally worth it.

After weeks of extensive research, ignoring Kaminari’s constant suggestions to have a meme focused date – they were never going to forget how he managed to re-write Kouda’s copy of Finding Nemo to play the Bee Movie – and making sure he knew his father’s pin number off by heart, he was ready. Well as ready as he could ever possibly be. Everything was planned out to a minute detail of perfection. First, a visit to the newly opened hero themed restaurant down the road from U.A., then a movie of their choice – with as many snacks as he can possibly buy and carry back to the dorms for everyone else – finishing it all up with a stroll through moonlit traditional gardens.

It was classy, it was beautiful and most importantly, neither of them were going to be paying a single yen.

The date had started off great, the class seeing them off with Iida hand chopping whilst reminding them of curfew. The walk to the restaurant was amazing too, with the two holding hands whilst sending soft smiles to each other. Perfect, absolutely perfect! Everything was going according to plan and Shouto was feeling really good about it. And as they turned the corner towards the entrance of the restaurant, it was like nothing could go wrong.

However, jinxing one’s self is never a smart thing to do.

The front of the restaurant was suddenly – almost purposefully – smashed into by two figures, one a poor unfortunate thief, the other the supposed number one. Shouto’s right eye began twitching as his plan began to crumble before his very eyes. Both boys watched as Endeavor appeared from the scorched hole in the front wall, staring at them with a smug grin on his face. It was if, he knew exactly what he was doing and how it would ruin everything.

That cocky sonnva bitch.

Shouto had half a mind to storm up to his father and deck him one in the face, well after his boyfriend had kicked him with Super Strength in those tiny crown jewels he loved so much. However, the press and civilians had appeared spontaneously in their masses and it was clear the establishment would not be open for a while. When he felt arms wrap around him, Shouto looked down to see Izuku hugging him tightly.

“It’s okay, Shouchan. We’ll go another time when your sperm donor isn’t being such a toddler.” That was all he needed for his spirits to rise and for him to return the hug with a hand ruffling his boyfriend’s curls.

“Yeah, he needs to work on keeping his toys in the pram.”

“Yep!” Izuku grinned. “We can always find dinner elsewhere, there should be some places to eat nearby. There’s still a lot of time before the movie!” With that, they left the scene, ignoring the angry stares of an oversized baby with a fire beard.

In the end, they had found a cute little family run restaurant which sold both cold soba and katsudon, which was like killing two birds with one stone. For most of the meal, they ate in silence apart from the occasional loving stare or blush, that was until Shouto got a noodle stuck on his chin from the slurping which caused a laughing fit from his other half…

…Who then proceeded to almost spill his entire meal over the “tuxedo” shirt he was wearing. It seemed that they were both kind of messy eaters, and apologised to the owners about any fuss they made from their actions. Shouto even paid them their meal’s worth doubled in tips, especially since he had his father’s credit card to pay for it. That and the meal they never had was still charged for meant more “Fuck You’s” to that flaming sack of rotting rubbish.

Of course, from this point on Shouto expected everything to work out properly. Sure, the whole restaurant issue had caused a spanner in the works but a movie theatre? How could a hero justify destroying that after having done the same thing to another establishment the exact same night? Well he had just jinxed himself again because that’s what Endeavor did, a long time before they had even showed up. They were greeted to the sight of a half-collapsed building, employees with the looks on their faces that they were too tired and too done for this shit and right at the middle of the carnage was guess who…

… If you guessed the world’s biggest douchebag, you were right!

This was definitely no longer coincidental, his father had somehow got word of his plans – or checked his bank account for once in his goddamned life – and made sure that they were thwarted as a sign of control, of power. If Shouto was no longer willing to play along to his own tune, he’d make his son’s life more of a misery than he had already, starting by ruining the night he had spent so long planning. All of this confirmed by a smug smirk from the ‘hero’ when he caught sight of the two of them.

Shouto no longer felt angry, his anger drained into sadness. A tidal wave of negative emotion washed over him and he almost felt the need to cry. This was his first ever date, he was very certain it was Izuku’s first ever date too, and all he wanted was for it to be memorable and amazing. This was a mess, a horrible mess. Sure, he’d kinda saved the dinner aspect but now… there was nothing left to save. The mass noise of the gathering crowd blurred and blended in his ears as he felt himself disassociate with the rest of the world. He didn’t even feel himself be lead away from the carnage, he didn’t even hear the reassuring words being whispered to him until they were far away from anyone.


“I’m sorry…” Shouto muttered, huddled in on himself as he sat on the wooden bench. The two had made it to the gardens, finding a spot overlooking a moonlit lake with the fragrant smell of flowers wafting through the sky. It was taking every ounce of strength he had not to break down.

“What are you sorry for?” Izuku asked, giving him some space by sitting cross-legged on the opposite end, staring deeply into the moon’s reflection on the water’s surface. “You do know none of this was your fault.”

“I know, but this was your first ever date,” Shouto sighed deeply, hiding most of his face behind his arms. “I wanted everything to be perfect for you. Instead it all fell to pieces…”

“Don’t blame yourself, blame the walking flaming turd for it,” A smug smile twitched on Izuku’s face. “Isn’t he paying for everything anyway? Sure, we never got to see that movie or eat at the restaurant, but it’s still coming out of his pocket and he has to pay extra on the meal we did have and damage control for the establishments.” A proper, sun-beaming smile took over the original one, and in that moment the world seemed to feel a little bit lighter on his shoulders. “Any blow like that is enough to make this the best day ever, let alone date.”

“What did I ever do to deserve you?”

“Well, you told me you were stronger than me in a declaration of war,” Izuku began counting his reasons out on his fingers. “You looked sad in your battle with Sero, you then told me your backstory in horrific detail, I fought a battle to save you from yourself and won whilst losing the actual fight…”

“I get it, I get it.” The dual hair coloured boy had uncurled himself by this point, slowly feeling more relaxed as time passed by.

“… We became friends, you came to save me in Hosu, you helped me figure out how to get through to Kouta…”

“… Izuku…”

“… You were there for me with the Overhaul incident, need I continue?” For a moment, they both stayed in silence, gazing at the stars from their darkened corner of the city. It was the first time that silence wasn’t just an instrument to pull at his fear, Shouto was used to silence being a moment of brief rest before hellfire and brimstone collapsed upon him once more. Just taking the time to reflect without the background noises of Kaminari blowing up something with his Quirk again or Bakugou threatening to murder someone – most times that someone was his boyfriend – was a rare experience he wouldn’t have for a long time coming. So, he was going to make the most of it whilst he could now, close to one of the people he loved in his life.

When Shouto finally decided to speak up again, it took longer than he expected for his brain to select the best way to phrase what he wanted to say. “So, are we going to have another one?” Izuku gave him a confuddled expression for a second, until his eyes lit up like a lightbulb in realisation.

“Ohhh! You mean another date? I mean, only if you want too…”

“Yeah, I do,” Shouto frowned slightly. “Although, next time, I probably shouldn’t plan so far ahead. Maybe seeing what we want to do then and there might be a good idea. Probably won’t get places destroyed because my father’s an arsehole.”

“Honestly, Shouchan,” he felt his hand being held gently by a slightly crooked one. “Just spending a date roasting your father with a bowl of katusdon would be the best one ever. You don’t have to splash out on me, just knowing you’re happy and that we can spend a night together doing what we like to do would be all I ever wanted.”    

“But I’m technically not the one splashing out on you,” Shouto pulled out Endeavor’s credit card from his jacket pocket. “All of this is curtesy of the garbage fire himself.”

“How did you even get that?”

“He gave me access to his account as a form of ‘apology’,” he scoffed loudly, putting it back in its safe pocket where it wouldn’t fall out. “He didn’t tell me I couldn’t spend his money on you so, that’s what I’m going to do. If he has a problem with it, he can take the card back and so take back his apology.” Izuku chuckled at the implications of what the flame ‘hero’ had dragged himself into. It was beautiful, seeing him stuck in a situation that he couldn’t benefit from either way. “He’s also paying for all the gifts I get mother when I go to see her.”

“Oh, really?” The greenette’s expression softened immediately. “How is she anyway?”

“Alright, Fuyumi and Natsuo are visiting her together. All three of us go to see her when our timetables match up,” Shouto smiled fondly at the new memories he had made with his mother, seeing her again after so long to find that she had truly missed him and desperately wanted to apologise for scarring him as a child was a blessed surprise. It was after that first visit that Shouto promised he would see his mother as often as he could, and that he would someday get her out of the hospital that her so called husband had locked her away in. “She says she’d really like to meet you sometime. I think it’s because she wants to know who managed to make me fall for them.”

“I’d love to meet her too, I mean, if I won’t be intruding on anything…”

“You won’t. My siblings really want to meet you as well,” Shouto couldn’t help but smirk at what followed. “They want to meet the person who my father hates the most, in other words, their favourite person.”

“In that case, whenever I’m free, I would be more than happy to meet them all!” Izuku beamed. “And I’m glad that Endeavor hates me. If he didn’t, then I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly, would I?”

“Which job, the one of being my boyfriend or the U.A. Inquisition?”


“Zuku, I love you and I would happily marry you right now but that is not an actual answer to my question!”

“Well, it is now, Shouchan.” Izuku got up from the bench, stretching out his stiff form. “We need to be heading back to the dorms, it’s almost curfew. I don’t want Iida or Aizawa-sensei to get mad at us, they were bad enough after the whole fight between Kacchan and I.”

“Yeah, I don’t think any sane person would want to get on the wrong side of Aizawa-sensei.”

“Shinsou would.”

“Well he’s Aizawa-sensei’s secret love child, he’s the exception.”

By the time they had reached the dormitories, only entering the building a minute before curfew began, Shouto had strongly put forwards his case on Shinsou being the possible secret child of their homeroom teacher, ignoring the many inconsistencies that Izuku had thrown back at him. Shouto knew the truth, most of the teachers at their school – if not all – had secret love children within the ranks of U.A., he just knew it. As they entered into the common room, still bickering about the whole conspiracy theories topic, they came face to face with the entire class who were staring intensely at the two. After a moment of awkward silence, Uraraka was the first to speak.

“So, how did it go? Did everything go according to plan?” She spoke with a cheeky tone, a massive grin split her face in half. Shouto turned his head to briefly look down at his boyfriend, before facing everyone else – including a reluctant Bakugou who was being held in place by an excitable Kirishima.

“Well, the plan didn’t work out properly but,” he returned Uraraka’s grin with a slightly less crazy one. “I think it was a success.”