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Taiyang continued to pace around the kitchen of his house well into the night. This had become common for him over the past two weeks. It had been a month since his second wife Summer had gone on her solo mission. A mission that he didn’t know anything about due to the secret nature of it. While Taiyang knew that Summer would be able to take care of herself he still wished that she had brought backup. He wanted to go himself but she had insisted that he stay and take care of their children. But he still though that she should have brought some of there former class mates and fellow hunters like Robert Hoad or Naruto Kyubi. They also lived in Patch and would be easy to get ahold off. However Summer had insisted that she had to do this herself. Taiyang knew that things should work out fine but a huge sense of dread had washed over him for a reason that he didn’t know, but he wished that it would go away. Taiyang couldn’t handle another heart break. Like when his first wife Raven had left him and their newborn daughter Yang with out a trace. It was like she disappeared of the face of the earth, no note or any other explanation of what had happened. Ravens disappearance just didn’t make sense to him. She had gone on and on about how she would restore her former clan from the bandits and criminals that they were to the mighty warriors that had been with her family by her side. Tai’s thoughts were interrupted when a red portal opened up right in front of him. At that moment Tai became angry. Raven had just disappeared for six years only to show up in one of his darkest moments. Taiyang hands became fists in rage, has he prepared to tell Raven that he wasn’t going to help her. She had her chance and she blew it. At this point he didn’t care that his yelling would wake up his daughters. All he saw was red. However that ended when not just Raven but also Summer who was badly injured stumbled out of the portal. All Tai could do was stand still trying to comprehend what was going on. Raven shouting quickly broke him out of his trance.

“What are you just standing there for, she needs medical attention now.” Raven barked to Tai. It was at that moment instinct took over. Tai quickly grabbed his wife and put her on the kitchen table pushing everything that was previously on it to the ground. While Tai was no doctor he, like all hunters, knew enough to do emergency field surgery. More often than not when hunters were badly injured they were far in the wild away from proper medical centers.

“We still have the old emergency field medical kit in the hall closet.” Tai stated. Raven quickly headed in the direction that Tai had stated. From the corner of his eye he noticed that Raven also had her fair share of cuts and bruises and was walking with a noticeable limp. His eyes returned to Summer and her wounds. She was covered in cuts, her left leg was twisted at an odd angle indicating a break and her right eye was black and swollen shut. However to his relief none of her wounds seemed to be fatal as long has she got the proper medical attention. It was at that moment that Raven returned with the medical kit. Tai quickly grabbed it from her hands has the two of them began to work. It took them hours and they nearly lost Summer to blood loss but they were able to stabilize her. Relief washed over the pair has Summer was taken to the hospital. The professionals stating that Summer would most likely make a full recovery.

Tai then turned to Raven with his arms crossed “I want answers, why you left and what happened now."