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True Captivity

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The alarms went off just past midnight. Everyone had been in their dorm rooms, most people surely asleep, but not Izuku. He was seated at his desk, shoulders hunched over one of his hero notebooks filling out a page on a new hero that debuted earlier that day when the screech of the siren pierced his door.

He jumped up, knocking his knee into the side of his desk with his uncoordinated speed and force of standing. Izuku hardly winced but there was the slightest limp to his step as he burst from his room. The hall, eerily lit by the dulled red lights flashing on either side of the dorm floor, sat empty. Doors began to open sluggishly as people awoke, but Izuku was already headed for the stairs and down two flights of steps before he ran into any of the others.

“What's going on?”

Iida, Tsu, and Tokoyami all turned to him with frowns on their faces.

“I think we're on lock-down, kero.” The froggy hero turned back to the door.

Izuku's eyes turned to the large entry way as well. They widened at the sight of the large sheet of steel that seemed to have dropped down over the wooden doors. A quick turn of his head made Izuku realize that all the windows had been similarly blocked off.

“Indeed! I heard the alarms and didn't hesitate in running downstairs, but the exits had already been sealed off.”

“Do you know why?”

Asui stuck out her long tongue and brought a finger up to the side of her mouth. “I was on my way down to get a glass of water when the alarms began so I didn't see anything.”

“It is by the cruel hand of fate that even I, seated in the soothing embrace of the darkness in order to train my own dark soul, saw nothing but the metal shutting us all in for a duration indeterminable due to our own ignorance.”

Izuku nodded slowly, totally fluent in Tokoyami but perturbed by these turn of events. He brought a hand up to wrap around his chin.

“The only reasons the dorms would go under lockdown would be for our safety, indicating that there is some kind of threat. But whether that means there's a villain or an upcoming storm is unclear. I haven't heard anything about incoming bad weather, especially something bad enough to bar the windows and doors. We would definitely get a warning if that were the case. If it's a villain though, how did they get in and what kind of quirk—”

“How fucking long are you extras going to let the nerd keep muttering for?”

Izuku's head snapped upward and his face flushed bright red. He'd been totally unaware that the rest of class 1-A had made their way downstairs while he was deep in thought. Now they all stared at him or the doors with confused or sleepy faces.

“So, wait, what's going on?” Ashido called out from somewhere in the middle of the crowd.

“Apparently we're locked in?” Kirishima ran his hand through his straight red hair.

“With no teachers? Hell yeah!” Kaminari stuck a fist into the air with yell. “Party time!”

Ashido squealed next to him and Sero gave him a high five, but their mini-celebration was quickly cut short by a stern hand chopping through the crowd.

“There will be no such thing! In the event of a teacher's absence it is up to I and Ms. Vice Class President to maintain order and—where are you going?”

Kaminari, Sero, and Mina paused midstep. “Uh, to get snacks?”

“Snacks! No, it is proper procedure in times of uncertain crisis that we stick together at all times!”

“Iida's probably right guys.” Uraraka stepped forward from the crowd to walk over to Izuku's side. “We should at least try to get our bearings. Then we can get this party started.”

Iida began to sputter something about “no parties!” but his protests were drowned out by the murmurs of agreement and concern.

“Is this everyone?” Izuku asked, looking around the full common room.

“Yes?” “Uh huh.” “Looks like it.” “Think so.”

“Wait,” Ojiro turned his head back and forth, his tail swaying in the opposite direction with each turn. “Has anyone seen Hagakure?”

“Ohhhh, nice one.” Kaminari sent a couple of finger guns in the other's direction.

“I'm serious.”

At that moment everyone began to look around the room for the invisible girl.

“Maybe she's still in her room?” Yaoyorozu suggested.

“Her door was open when I walked by,” Jirou added with a frown. “I didn't see her in there.”

“Unless she's nak—ow!” Mineta rubbed his head where Jirou had bopped him without much thought.

“She has to be in here somewhere; she wouldn't be out past curfew.”

“TORU ARE YOU HERE SOMEWHERE?” Everyone covered their ears as Ashido bellowed at the top of her lungs.

Everyone stood quietly waiting for a response. They received none.

“Maybe Jirou is wrong,” Uraraka continued to look around the common room as if that would change anything. “Maybe she was outside of the dorms when the lockdown started?”

“Or someone took her.”

All eyes turned to Todoroki with shocked or disapproving looks. He blinked in return before flatly continuing with, “it's a possibility.”

“I'm sure she's fine!” Kirishima smiled but Izuku could tell his eyes were nervous.

“Who the hell cares about the Invisible Chick?” Bakugou stood up from where he'd been seated on one of the couches the entire ordeal. “Betcha she's asleep in bed instead of fucking around down here. Idiots. I'm going to bed.”

As soon as Bakugou took a step on the first stair, a loud “bang!” echoed down the hall from the other side of the building. Everyone froze then Izuku was the first to take off sprinting.

“Midoriya!” “Dude, don't go running off!” “Deku, wait up!”

Izuku wasn't listening to them. He had a bad feeling in his gut. Something was wrong. Villain or no villain, none of this made sense. Someone should have come to tell them what was going on outside. Any of the Pros could have made an announcement over the loudspeakers. Honestly it didn't feel like they were protecting class 1A by keeping someone out. More like someone had trapped class 1A in.

The teen skid to a stop in front of the laundry room. The metal carts used by the students to move clothes from the washers to the dryers or to air dry clothes had been flipped over as if tossed aside.

But the room sat empty.

His classmates caught up seconds later and stared at the empty room with just as much confusion.

“Did—did they just fall over?”

“That doesn't make a lot of sense…”

“This is getting pretty weird.”

“Do not panic everyone! We simply must calmly walk back to the common room, all together now, in an orderly fashion!”

The group mumbled amongst themselves, but slowly began to wander back down the hall. Only Izuku hesitated a second longer before he followed the group.

“Perhaps Bakugou is correct, kero. It might be best to go back to sleep.”

“Did Tokoyami already leave?”

Everyone looked at Todoroki then around the group.

“What? But he was just here.” Yaoyorozu gripped both arms with her hands.

“He definitely ran toward the laundry room with us.” Jirou cleared her throat when she realized how high her voice sounded.

Silence slunk in between the gaps of the group sticking to them and suffocating with its implications. Eventually Izuku said what everyone was thinking.

“People are disappearing and it's probably on purpose. I don't think we're alone in here.”

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Katsuki, Deku, Kirishima, Uraraka, and the rest of the Extras from their class waited in the common room.

Fact One: They were locked inside.

The thick metal walls of the barrier were strong enough that neither Half and Half’s fire or ice could touch them. Katsuki’s explosions left scorch marks, but hardly made a dent.

Deku punched a wall and not only discovered the joys of a broken set of knuckles, but also that the metal barriers that covered the doors and windows were also hidden behind the drywall.

(Katsuki shoved aside the fear that Deku would have been able to get them out when Katsuki had failed.)

Fact Two: They were in the damn dark.

The emergency lights went out ten minutes after they regrouped in the common room, leaving them entirely without power. Half and Half lit a fire on his hand long enough for the group to gather flashlights (or rather, for Yaoyorozu to make some with her Quirk since no one wanted to leave the common room) and do a second and third head count to make sure everyone was still present and accounted for.

Fact Three: Hagakure and Tokoyami were still missing.

The group had scoured the entire dorm from head to toe while they still had emergency lights working. They checked the storage areas, the bedrooms (including closets and under beds), and the remainder of the common areas.

When they had no luck finding neither the missing idiots or the fucker responsible, they went back to the common room to sulk.

Katsuki leaned against the wall near the couch and growled under his breath. He thought for sure he’d find a clue somewhere. No one should be good enough to completely grab someone and sneak them away without leaving a mark or a sound. Even Kurogiri’s Warp Quirk made a noise when it appeared.

He could forgive them missing the invisible girl’s abduction since no one had been around for it, but Katsuki should have noticed when Tokoyami was taken. He looked over the room, counting the students one by one and making sure that the rest of his class was in the common room in plain sight and well lit by their acquired flashlights and lamps.

Katsuki wouldn’t let the culprit get away with it a third time.

Deku rubbed the bandages kept his knuckles and fingers from moving too much. He held his hand near his chest and a bead of sweat dropped down the side of his face. The little shit was in pain but was too proud to ask for a painkiller. “Why do you think they only took Hagakure and Tokoyami?”

“They’re easy to overlook,” Yaoyorozu said, putting her hand on the portable lamp she’d created with her Quirk. “Hagakure is invisible, so we wouldn’t notice her missing right away, and Tokoyami blends into the dark.”

“So the fucker is a coward.” Katsuki smacked his sparking palm with his other fist, letting the smoke curl in the air. “That doesn’t help us find them.”

“But if we find the pattern, we might be able to figure out who he’ll take next and be on better watch,” Deku said, looking up at Katsuki from the couch. “Though it is odd he took two people so close together and then left us alone. Do you think he only wanted them?”

“Technically we don’t know how long Hagakure has been missing,” Uraraka said. She crossed her arms and dropped her head, biting the edge of her lip. “So we don’t know how much time passed between Hagakure and Tokoyami going missing.”

“We also don’t know what prompted the lockdown to start with,” Mina added. She bit into a protein bar from the stack of snacks she and Kaminari had gathered from the kitchen when they heard a stomach rumble and decided an early breakfast would do them all a favor in case they needed to jump into action. Mina crumbled the wrapper in her palm and breathed out. “What if the bad guy set it off?”

“Why would he do that?” Yaoyorozu asked.

“To keep us all locked in, duh.” Kaminari snorted and threw his hands out. “Haven’t you seen a horror movie?”

“This is not a horror movie,” Class Rep said, swinging his hand down. “Let’s not put those thoughts in everyone’s head!”

“I agree with Iida,” Uraraka said. She rubbed her arm and slumped into the couch, her thigh touching Deku’s leg. The twerp twitched, but Uraraka didn’t notice. “Let’s stay positive.”

“Two of our friends are missing!” Grape Boy shouted. “How are we supposed to stay positive?”

“Three,” Sato said, biting the edge of his nails.

Deku looked at him with narrowed eyes. “Three what?”

“Three are missing,” Sato said. He dropped his hand and whispered, “Koda’s gone.”

“Shit,” Katsuki said. He pushed off the wall and smashed his hands into fists. The smoke rose and he looked around the room. He confirmed that they were yet another classmate short. “What the fuck?”

Koda had been in the center of the room and well lit—he wasn’t a small guy, either!

Quiet, but not small.

And certainly not someone that could vanish without someone noticing!

“Wait!” Deku shouted, cutting off the budding murmurs of panic as the class contemplated their missing friend. He stood up, still holding his broken hand near his chest. “What time is it?”

Half and half checked his phone. “Four-fifteen.”

“That’s four hours after Tokoyami went missing,” Deku said. “Did anyone see Hagakure before nine-fifteen?”

“No,” Mina said. She clutched the protein bar wrapper, squeezing it hard in her hands. “Normally she stays up with us until ten or eleven in the common room, but I noticed she wasn’t around tonight. I assumed she went to bed early.”

“So it’s possible she went missing at nine-fifteen,” Deku said. He covered his mouth, staring down. “I know it’s not much to go on, but if we can narrow down the people missing to one every four hours, then we can time the next disappearance and have a better chance at catching the Villain in the act.”

“And if you’re wrong?” Katsuki asked. “You can’t call one confirmed time gap a pattern.”

“No, we can’t,” Deku snapped back. “But we don’t have much to go on, so I’ll take what we’ve got. If I’m right, the next person will go missing at eight-fifteen.”

“Or no one will go missing because we’re going to find this fucker and put him out of his misery before the sun comes up,” Katsuki said. He shoved Deku’s head down and stomped into the center of the room. “I’m not going to sit here twiddling my thumbs for four hours waiting for someone to go missing and confirm the Villain’s timing.”

“Where are you going, Kacchan?” Deku asked. He stood up from the couch and held his hand. “We need to stay together.”

“If your theory is right, we’re safe for four hours right?” Katsuki asked, looking over his shoulder. “I’m going to hunt the Villain down before the time limit is up. He has to be here somewhere and I’m going to find him even if I have to rip up the floorboards.”

“He’s right,” Jirou said, crossing her arms. “I don’t want to sit around waiting either. I’d rather look again, too.”

“Let’s split into teams then,” the Class Rep said. “And make sure we check in at fifteen minute intervals to keep track of everyone. Yaoyorozu, do you think you can make us a radio system for the team?”

“Of course!”

“Then we’ve got a plan,” Deku said. “Let’s find our friends!”

“That’s what I fucking said.” Katsuki elbowed a snickering Kirishima and crossed his arms. “And I bet I find them before you do.”

“It’s not a competition. We have to take this seriously,” Deku said, right back. He licked the side of his lip. His mouth said “Missing friends aren’t something to risk a petty competition over” but his eyes were easy to read: “You’re on, Kacchan.”

Katsuki would do both: Take it seriously and wreck Deku’s day at the same time.

“I’m surprised you’re still awake,” Kaminari said, shining his flashlight around the inside of the empty room at the end of the top floor hall. “Don’t you go to bed at like eight?”

“If you say one more word, I’m going to kill you and pretend you went missing with the other idiots,” Katsuki replied, kicking him in the back. Kaminari yelped and fell face first into the waiting bedroom. “See anything?”

“No,” Kaminari groaned from the floor. “It’s as empty as the rest.”

“We might have to put your floorboard plan into action,” Kirishima said. He took a step inside the room, using his own flashlight to look around. “Because we’ve been at this for another hour and found nothing on our end.”

The radio sprung to life at Katsuki’s waist and he heard Deku said, “This is Izuku. We’re all here and accounted for. No sign of the intruder or anything suspicious. Over.”

The other teams spoke up in turn, all stating that they were still looking and had yet to find anything.

Katsuki answered last. “This is Bakugou. I’m still surrounded by idiots and no Villain to punch. Over.”

He smirked at Kaminari’s exclamation of “Hey!” in the background and Jirou’s snickering at his outburst.

“Roger,” Iida answered from the home base they’d set up in the common room with the main radio transponder and small generator running the power for it. “Thank you for checking in. Keep looking everyone and report again in fifteen minutes. Out.”

Kirishima ruffled his hands through the loose strands of his hair and groaned. “I don’t know if I should be glad or more worried that no one else is missing.”

“Be glad,” Jirou said, speaking up. “It looks like we can use all the help we can get to find this loser.”

“You’ve got a point.”

They shouldn’t need that many to find one Villain.

One Hero student should be enough, but they were still empty handed. Katsuki stared at the wooden boards under Kaminari’s feet. He shoved the radio back on his belt and walked into the center of the dorm room.

“Fuck it.”

Katsuki dropped to his knees and slammed his palms into the floor. He lit an explosion large enough to rattle the entire room.

Chapter Text

The explosion rattled the dormitory, causing some rubble to begin falling from the ceiling. 

Everyone knew exactly what it was and who caused it, but the nerve to confront the culprit was lacking. Suddenly, two voices were heard on the radio.

"Bakugou, you couldn't have at least waited or asked before trying to bring this building to nothing but ashes?!" the Class President scolded the blonde.

"Kacchan! Now's not the time to destroy anything! We still have to find the intruder, and even more so Hagakure, Tokoyami, and Koda!" Izuku began to worry about the well-being of everyone considering the situation at hand.

"Huh!? Who the fuck are you two to be telling me anything?! I don't see you trying to be efficient in finding the fucker responsible for this!" Katsuki yelled through the radio, discouraging the two boys. Kirishima and Kaminari were behind him, conflicted about whether they should help their friend or not. 

"Do you not realize how dangerous this is for everyone!? Have you no regard for the safety of your classmates?" 

"Do you honestly think I care about you extras, four eyes? If you're not gonna find the villain, I will!" the voice of determination and persistence echoed through the radios throughout. Iida found himself defeated. Bakugou had a point. Izuku even more so, trying to contemplate what was going through his friend's mind. Explosions continued to echo throughout the building as the groups tried to hasten their search before everything collapsed. 

"I propose we regroup in the commons area. Everyone, take a head count quickly before making a move." Yaoyorozu said.

"We're all here." "Everyone present." "Still with the idiots." "W-where's Sato?" 

An abrupt feeling of dread interrupted the communications line. How could they have lost someone so large? He was somewhat of a talker too. 

"This is just getting creepier the further along we go..." Mina's mumbled, slightly worried about her own safety.

That makes Hagakure, Tokoyami, Koda, and now Sato. Invisible, brooding, quiet, and noticeably tall. It was understandable how some of them would disappear, but the others, made no sense at all. 

"H-how did you guys lose Sato? He's not so easy to miss..." Deku's worried voice rang through the radios.

"I-I don't know, he was just here. A-and we had him in the middle of the group. He was rather quiet but still..." 

"That's it! If you fuckers don't start tearing down this place with me, then I'll just have to turn this place into rubble myself!" Bakugou hissed.

"Bakugou wait! Let's not be reckless here!" Iida promptly warned the blonde.

"Kacchan, we have to think about this! Obviously the disappearances are going to keep occurring if we don't find the person responsible. But, how are we gonna find anyone if the dorm is in pieces?! Do you realize how dangerous it is to destroy this place? We still don't know if they're in the building or not!" Deku was trying to compromise with his old friend.

"WELL WHAT OTHER IDEAS DO YOU HAVE SHITTY NERD?!" the now irate young man sneered. 

"I-I don't know exactly. But..."

"My point exactly, you damned nerd. Unless any of you extras has another idea, I'm gonna continue to tear this place down." Bakugou's suddenly commanding presence emanated throughout.

So tearing down the dorm wasn't ideal, and no one had any other ideas. Problematic was describing the situation lightly. 

"Hey, Shoji-san. Have you picked up anything as of late? Seen anything? You seem to be our most viable option right now besides burning our dorm down." Deku questioned Shoji, hopeful that he had something.

"I haven't seen much at all besides empty rooms and halls. With the occasional crumbling of the building and explosions. I'm sorry, Midoriya." 

"Hm...Jirou-san? You hear anything through your jacks?"

"You mean besides Kaminari freaking out, Bakugou ravaging the surrounding area, and you guys? No, no I haven't." Jirou said half-jokingly.

Deku was trying to find all the solutions possible that didn't end in someone hurt, but deep down, also wanted to find the others before Bakugou. Jirou and Shoji hadn't gotten any clues yet, and still, a new plan or even a suggestion has bore fruit.

"Let's all regroup for now. Meet in the lobby area." the Class President ordered.

As soon as orders were given, they were followed diligently. A few minutes later and everyone was in the lobby. Head-counts were made, everyone accounted for. Minor scrapes and bruises from falling debris, but nothing too serious.

"Ugh, this is exhausting." Kaminari groaned, tired. 

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find someone soon!" Kirishima said as he slapped Kaminari on his back.

"What are you two idiots bitching about?" Bakugou gave a snide remark at the two. 

"How do you suggest we proceed with this, Iida?" Deku asked.

"I-I don't know. We can't just sit here and do nothing. But we also can't go and destroy our living space." Iida was contemplating everything, from the disappearance of his classmates to the plan they should enact moving forward. 

"I'm really worried about the others, kero." Tsuyu sighed.

"As all of us are. We're stuck here in the lobby, no sign of anything, and no results from our previous plans." Momo pointed out.

"I wonder if they're okay..." Ochako was sitting down, arms cross, with an uncomfortable look on her usually happy face. 

"How long has it been since Sato disappeared?" Deku asked everyone. 

"It's been about an hour and a half. There may be a pattern to the disappearances, but the consistency of people is weird. Do you think, just maybe, that the assailant knows the quirks of who they capture, and their demeanor or personalities? It just seems kind of odd how the person responsible has targeted the quieter ones of us." Todoroki observed.

"That's a really good point. But, what person has all that information? Teachers are the only ones to our knowledge, with any insight to our quirks and us as people. But even that makes no sense. Why would a teacher do this?" Deku mumbled.

"Oi, nerd. Don't go and make any assumptions just yet." Bakugou very ironically replied.

"This is all so confusing, even for me." Kaminari tiredly commented. 

"Well, our search mission failed to provide us results. Same outcome with attempting to destroy the dorm. We need to think through this a bit more thoroughly, and not rush to any assumptions. I don't know how long the lock down will last, but we have some time before this person, whomever they may be, strikes again. Best not wait for them to make a move either." Iida suggested to everyone. 

Everyone gathered round, and began to talk through a more reasonable plan. Bakugou on the other hand stood aside, leaning against a wall, not wanting to hear what his classmates could be devising. He had to admit, he felt a little guilty causing some damage to his class, but what else was he supposed to have done? They can't just wait for people to keep vanishing, and he sure as hell didn't regret destroying some potential grounds where the person in question could have hidden themselves while they weren't looking.

Chapter Text

Uraraka glanced over from her position on the couch to where Bakugou was standing. Her arms were still crossed and her lips pursed as she saw the line on his forehead deepening.

She pushed herself to her feet in one quick motion, stalking over to the other end of the room without anyone truly noticing.

‘Whatcha thinking?’ she asked, leaning forward on the balls of her feet, her hands clasped behind her back as Bakugou jumped, startled at her sudden presence.

‘Nothing,’ Bakugou grumbled, side-eyeing the brunette as he dug his hands deeper into the pockets of his sweats.

‘You sure?’ Uraraka asked in return. ‘You looked like you had a plan.’

She watched as his eyes flickered over to her again, the tension in his shoulders slightly seeping away as she kept her curiosity filled gaze on him. ‘Was just thinking how stupid it was we can’t find the idiot that did this,’ Bakugou growled, tapping his fingers impatiently against his forearms.

Uraraka could read from his posture that the blond was tired of sitting around and waiting for someone new to disappear, tired of not looking for the culprit despite the fact they had already searched the entire dorms twice.

Uraraka looked around, her own brows furrowing in the process. She could understand Bakugou’s frustration. Their friends were disappearing without a trace while they were forced to sit tight and wait, trapped in their own home.

‘W-wait! Where are you going!’ Uraraka shrieked, her voice low as she tried not to attract any attention as Bakugou moved away.

‘Finding the fucker that did this,’ Bakugou huffed, already moving towards the staircase.

Uraraka jogged as she caught up, glancing over her shoulder at everyone that was still huddled together, loudly talking about their plan as she and Bakugou were already heading into the dark corridors again.

‘You know we’re not gonna find anyone here,’ Uraraka complained as they treaded through the hallway. They were on the boy’s side of the dorm as she whipped her head around viciously, heart skipping a beat at every unknown sound she heard.

Uraraka held her breath, nose scrunching up as the foul smell of burnt wood and concrete entered her nose. ‘You know it was really stupid of you to try to destroy the dorms,’ Uraraka commented.

Bakugou glanced over his shoulder and clicked his tongue. ‘I know a lot of things and both of those are correct.’

Uraraka tilted her head to the side, puzzled at his answer. ‘If we’re not here to look for the culprit or to wreck more of the preciously build dorms-‘ Bakugou growled lowly at her tease. ‘-then what are we here for?’

Bakugou turned on his heel as Uraraka nearly crashed nose-first into his pecs. She yelped and jumped back as Bakugou raised an eyebrow at her, scowling as she trembled slightly.

‘What do you think we’re here for, angel-face?’ Bakugou said. ‘We’re here to find clues.’


Midoriya stood to the side, his finger to his lips as he was muttering to himself.

‘Four of our classmates have already disappeared without any of us noticing. There are no traces left of their disappearances, nor any hints to who could’ve kidnapped them. Logic would say that it’s a villain’s doing, but that would make no sense, the teachers would have already come to help us if that were the case and if the villain is inside the building, they wouldn’t have us trapped in here as well…’

‘Do you think he’s finally done?’

Midoriya looked up, face bleeding red as he saw the crowd that had gathered around him. ‘Wh-why are all of you staring at me?’ he said as he raised his arms to hide his bright red face.

‘Well, we thought that what you were saying made sense,’ Kaminari spoke up first.

‘And you always seem to be the one with the most logic,’ Todoroki added as he shrugged.

Midoriya chewed on his bottom lip, wishing he could disagree with their statements but knowing he was usually the most rational one in situations like these.

‘But if isn’t a villain doing this, who is it kero?’ Tsu asked.

Everyone in the room started to share nervous glances, suspicion rising with every minute passing. The clock was slowly ticking as the time for the next disappearance crept closer and suddenly people started stepping away from each other.

Panic started to flare in Midoriya’s chest as he realized what was happening. ‘Wait, wait!’ he shouted, drawing everyone’s attention again. ‘Just because it doesn’t make any sense for a villain to be doing this, doesn’t mean it’s one of us! For all we know, communication between our dorm and the teachers has been cut off. You know, just like at USJ.’

His classmates looked at him again, understanding dawning in on them. He breathed a sigh of relief as the panic that started rising instantly died out again. Right now their main priority was to keep calm and investigate the situation.

‘Hey, has anyone seen Bakugou?’

Midoriya’s head whipped around as he looked over at Kirishima who was searching the room.

‘Wasn’t he over in the corner a minute ago?’ Sero called out in return. Several eyes turned to the place the blond had been brooding, nervousness filling the room as they found it empty.

‘You don’t think he-’

‘He couldn’t have, it doesn’t fit with the profile, right?’

‘Maybe he is-’


Midoriya’s gaze flickered over to Yaoyorozu who was standing aside. ‘We shouldn’t draw conclusions. Bakugou indeed doesn’t fit the profile the perpetrator has gone for so far, but besides that, the time hasn’t even run out yet, as well as the fact that he isn’t the only one missing.’

‘What do you mean, he isn’t the only one missing?’ Kirishima said, worry flooding his voice.

‘Uraraka is gone too!’ Mina spoke up.

Murmurs started to rise as everyone searched the room for their two classmates, keeping a close eye on the time. Several of them glanced around nervously, afraid they might be next, though none of them knew what to look out for, let alone how to defend themselves against it.

Midoriya turned around and headed to a quieter part of the room, bringing the radio with him as he brought it to his mouth. ‘Kacchan? Are you there? Please respond if you hear me.’

The radio crackled, indistinguishable sounds emanating from the device.

A panicked voice flared up from behind, temporarily distracting him while at the same time the radio burst to life.  

‘Where’s Shouji!?’  

‘I’m here. We found something.’


‘Do you even know where you’re going?’ Uraraka whined.

Bakugou grit his teeth, ready to turn on his  heels and flip her off but he was kind enough not to do that. ‘No, I don’t, now shut up.’

‘What’s the point of going here if you don’t even know where you’re- hey!’ she protested as Bakugou put a hand over her mouth, shutting her up as she tried to pull it away.

Bakugou shot her a glare as she licked his palm in which she narrowed her eyes in return.

Bakugou brought a finger to his lip, shushing her as he glanced around. He slowly removed his hand, wiping the saliva on his pants as he wrinkled his nose.

He gestured to her to tread carefully as he moved forward, watching his every step as he kept listening intently. A weird, almost eerie sound emanated from down the hall, a sound neither of them could quite place.

Bakugou’s hands were already sparking, ready to fight whoever was behind all of this.

He jumped up, explosions illuminating the area as Uraraka was close behind him, a dark shadow moving away before he could catch a proper glimpse.

Bakugou growled as he turned around, looking for the fucker that was toying with them, distracted as Uraraka spoke up. ‘Look!’

Bakugou turned around to see Uraraka holding a piece of fabric. It was long and raggedy, dark blue and worn.

He walked up to her and took it from her hand, running his fingers over the fabric. Right at that moment, the radio crackled to life.

‘Kacchan? Are you there? Please respond if you hear me,’ Midoriya’s voice came through, distorted from the transmission.

He raised the radio to his mouth and pressed the button, his eyes never leaving the fabric as his brows were furrowed together, brain wracking over all the possibilities as he spoke:

‘I’m here. We found something.’

Chapter Text

“Kacchan! Uraraka!”

Izuku raced over to his friends and fellow classmates as the others followed close behind. The remaining students of Class 1-A huddled together, looks of concern and terror switching between them.

Izuku approached Ochako. “Are you guys ok?”

“Yeah,” she replied, her eyes on the object in her hands. “We found this while we were searching.”

Izuku took the ragged cloth between his hands and observed it carefully. He felt his blood run cold as the cloth looked familiar to that of—

No, he thought to himself, it can’t be...

He looked up to Ochako’s expression. Her eyes were ringed with purple from lack of sleep. Her hair was disheveled and her whole body spoke of fear. Izuku felt a lump in his throat grow as he gripped the cloth tighter. He had to figure out something before it was too late.

Mina had started to cry, hot tears rolling down her face as she covered it with her hands. Eijirou stood next to her and laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t cry, Min. We’re gonna get through this.”

She sniffled as she tried to control her sobs. “Are you sure?”

Eijirou’s wide toothy smile was bright in the darkened corridor. “Absolutely! If we can fight like we did at the USJ, we can handle anything!”

A small smile stretched across her lips before she dissolved back into tears.

“I can’t do this, man.”

Denki was going through a mini breakdown as Jirou and Iida tried to placate him.

“We’re gonna fucking die here!”

“No we’re not,” Tenya said. “Please calm yourself, Kaminari. You’re upsetting the others—”

“At this rate, there will be no left to be upset!”

“Kaminari,” Jirou chimed in, her face completely stern with annoyance, “you need to calm down before you have a brain aneurysm.”

“You know,” Mineta said as he slid into the space next to Tsu, “this could be our last night together as a class. We should probably try and make the best of it.”

His eyes lingered on her orange t-shirt. He totally knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Those small hands inched closer and closer to copping a feel. He was close to nirvana when a force suddenly ricocheted him into the wall. Tsu’s tongue quickly retracted into her mouth as she turned to everyone’s look of surprise with a shrug and a simple ‘ribbit’.

“All right, everyone,” Izuku said, calling for their attention. “We need a different plan.”

“Fuck that.”

Izuku rolled his eyes as he turned toward his childhood friend. “What do you mean? Kacchan, we don’t have time to be at odds with each other.”

“Exactly,” Katsuki agreed as he straightened himself from his hunched position. “Which is why we don’t have time to be debating strategy. We need to find these fuckers and hit them head on.”


“Shut it,” Katsuki spat, his gaze showing utter contempt. “I’ve had it with these Scooby Doo bullshit tactics of splitting up and looking for clues. The enemy is here, and they aren’t gonna stop until they have every one of us. It’s all or nothing now.”

Katsuki cracked his neck as he approached Izuku, stopping at arm’s length from him and staring him down as he spoke. “I’m going to find these assholes myself. Anyone who wants to stay with Deku and follow his so called ‘plan’, be my guest.”

Silence fell over the room, and everyone looked at one another. Izuku was about to speak when Momo chimed in.

“He-he may have a point, Midoriya.”

Everyone, including Katuski, turned to observe Momo. She stood in a tank top and shorts covered by a lilac silk robe. She pushed her long jet black hair behind her ear as she continued.

“Splitting up has proven to be futile, as we already lost another classmate. But maybe if we tried to flush out the perpetrator together, we just might be able to catch them and hopefully end this nightmare.”

“Yeah,” Eijirou chimed in. He got up from his kneeling position next to Mina and approached the center of the room. “That actually doesn’t sound like a half bad idea—”

“Except, you forget that Bakugou already tried that when he nearly blew up the entire dormitory a few short hours ago,” Tenya interjected gravely next to Eijirou. “We can’t go chasing after them.”

“But they can be baited,” Izuku said, half realizing it was him that said it.

“Yaoyorozu, do you think you can create a net for us?”

She nodded. “It will take some time, but yeah, I can definitely do that.” Shouto walked up silently next to her, his face stoic as his interest seemed to pique.

Izuku nodded. “Then this could work. All we need is the bait.” Silence fell over the room again as all eyes shifted toward Katsuki.

Katsuki’s scowl deepened. “The fuck you extras lookin’ at?” The stares from his class continued as it dawned on him what was happening. “Oh hell no.”

“You’re the one who wanted to go after them by yourself,” Shouto reminded. Those two toned eyes met surprised carmine ones.

“Yeah, but I ain’t gonna be no fucking bait for these psychos.”

“It’s not like you haven’t already been before.”

Izuku flinched back at Shouto’s words. He slowly looked over at the blond.

Katsuki stood there, his eyes shining with bloodlust as he stared daggers at the heterochromatic boy before him.

“What did you fucking say, Icyhot?” His voice was dangerously low, each word dripping with venom. His eyes were sharp with the intent to kill.

Unfazed, Shouto stood before him, his indifferent stance steadfast as he continued.

“You heard me. It was Midoriya, Iida, Yaoyorozu, and I who came to save you during Kamino Ward. You always want to be the center of attention, but when the time comes, you don’t want to step up and show your worth as a hero.”

That did it.

Katsuki felt rage flow through his veins at the words coming out of that fucker’s mouth.

“My worth as a hero, huh?” Katsuki chuckled, his palms sparking as his manic grin stretched wide. “You think you’re such a hero? Then prove it, little bitch.”

He lunged for Shouto, a full on explosion ready to scar that already fucked up face of his. He saw nothing but red as his focus was to search and destroy. Ice began to trickle over Shouto’s right hand as he stood his ground, prepared to attack back.

Katsuki was about to send him straight to hell when a giant rush of wind pushed him back. He did a flip midair and landed on his feet, sliding to the end of the hallway. He looked up, eyes like a wild animal hunting for blood. He saw Izuku standing in the middle, fist up in the air as he waited patiently, ready for another altercation.

Todoroki was at the other end of the corridor, also on the floor. Midoriya lowered his fist as he looked at the both of them, jade eyes livid.

“Will you two shut up for a moment and look at the bigger picture? We need to focus on what our enemy is planning next. Not egging each other into a fight.”

He looked over at Shouto. “Todoroki, I know you’re frustrated, but trying to start a fight with Kacchan isn’t going to bring back our classmates.”

Shouto looked down, his expression showing what was probably his version of remorse. “You’re right.” He stood up straight and bowed slightly toward Katsuki. “I am sorry.”

Katsuki stood up as well, crossing his arm as he let out an irritated ‘tch’.

Midoriya looked at Katsuki, his eyes softening as he began to speak. Katsuki felt his irritation start to bubble as Izuku approached him.

“I know this isn’t your ideal situation, but we need to do something. You have the type of quirk that can flush these people out. If you don’t do it for us, do it for your missing classma—”

“Where’s Mina?”

Ochako’s frantic voice cut through the room. The room was dead silent as the weight of Ochako’s question sank in.

Eijirou looked around frantically. He kicked down the door to the nearest room and rushed through. Both Shouto and Ojiro followed suit, not wanting to leave their classmate alone. They came back, and the expression on their faces sent chills through Izuku.

“She was right here! She was! Oh my god.” Eijirou’s voice broke as he fell to his knees. He punched the floor, the wood cracking underneath his hardened hand.

Ojiro knelt next to him, lending a comforting hand on his shoulder. Eijirou started to cry, wiping his face furiously.

Izuku looked to Katsuki. Katsuki stood there, his body frozen as he watched the scene play out before him.

“Kacchan. Please.”

Katsuki looked to Izuku. Carmine met jade as the pair stood silent.


Katsuki should have left these fuckers to their own demise. He should just go back to his room and wait the rest of this out until the Pros came to help them.

But no. No, he had to get dragged into yet another shitty ass plan by that stupid nerd and the rest of the extras in this class. And to make matters even worse, he was wearing this ridiculous traffic vest in the middle of the common room. The communicator crackled to life as Deku’s voice came through.

“Remember the plan, Kacchan. Do not engage if you see anything. Iida is on standby to get you out of there if—”

“I know, dipshit, I was there for the fucking plan!” he roared into the communicator. He angrily stuffed the device into his pocket before he blew it up.

Katsuki stood there and stared into darkness. He felt fear prickle under his skin as he looked around, listening and looking for any sign of movement. Quickly shaking the feeling away, he took a deep breath and screamed.

“Hey, you fuckers! Come out wherever you are so I can kick your asses back to Thursday!”

The echoes of his scream bounced off the wall as he held his breath for any answer back. Minutes went by as he stood there. His palms started to spark in annoyance the longer he waited.

“What are you? Scared? Come out and face me, you bunch of cowards!”

Silence greeted him once more as he continued to stand there. A frustrated growl sounded from his throat as he sent an explosion to the nearest wall. The building trembled under his feet. He pulled out the radio.

“Any more bright ideas, geniuses?”

The lights to the common room flicked on all at once. Katsuki flinched, his stance becoming defensive immediately. His whole body was rigid, warning bells in his head sounding off.

“Kacchan!” Deku’s voice screamed through the radio.

Katsuki continued to stand still, his eyes flashing around. A loud shrill rang throughout the room. He covered his ears, but the sound was painful and piercing even through his hands. Katsuki fell to his knees. It was so fucking loud, louder even than an explosion. His breaths came quick and shallow as he began to hyperventilate. What the fuck was happening?

The shrill continued. Each second felt like an eternity as the high pitched ringing continued to assault Katsuki’s ears.

“Show yourselves, you fucking cowards!” he screamed at the top of his lungs as he slammed his fists to the ground.

The shrill ceased immediately. The hollow sound of Katsuki’s breathing was the only thing heard past the ringing in his ears as he rose slowly from the ground.

A woman’s chuckle sounded throughout the room. Katsuki felt a chill run down his spine. The fluorescent lights began to blow out. One by one, each bulb blew in succession until the room was pitch black. Katsuki felt his hands shake. His hands! He gulped as he tried to calm his nerves.

“Where are you?” he whispered.

“Right here,” a voice whispered back. Katsuki sent forth a large explosion, relying on reflex and pure instinct as he propelled himself into the air away from it. The building rattled beneath him as wild eyes searched the dark room.

A taunting, sing-song voice breathed in his ear: “Missed me!”

Katsuki launched another explosion. Pieces of the common room ceiling fell to the ground. Katsuki stood, palms sparking as he gulped huge lungfuls of air.


On reflex, he turned to send another explosion when he realized it was Deku in front of him. Green electricity surged through Izuku as he caught Katsuki’s wrist. He ripped his wrist out of Deku’s hold, shaking his head as he came back down from his adrenaline high.

“Took you long enough, shithead. The Villain was right here, and now they probably got away.”

“You nearly destroyed the dorm, Kacchan! We talked about this—”

“Uh yeah, the fucking Villain was here, you ass wipe! I had to shake them off me—”

“By nearly obliterating the dorm?! We could have gotten killed! You could have—”

“I was the one who was left there with no fucking backup. How do except me to react? ‘Hi there, Mr. Villain. We know you took half our class but, uh, do you mind just giving us our friends back and just leaving? That would be fabulous.’”

Deku sighed as he looked around at the destruction. As if things couldn’t be worse, the shit head started to chuckle.

“What in the world could possibly be funny to you right now?” Katsuki exclaimed, exasperated.

“No, it’s just...I know Midnight was talking about redesigning the dorms at one point. Principal Nedzu didn’t approve it because the specifications for the dorms were approved and unless there was something to destroy it there would be no redesign. Well…”

They both looked up at the ceiling. Most of it was blown to pieces. The couches were charred past fixing, and the television was shattered to pieces.

“Looks like we’ll have that redesign after all,” Deku said, developing a fit of giggles.

Katsuki smirked. “God, knowing her, everything will be lace and leather with black and red accents.”

They both shuddered at the thought and laughed. Katsuki couldn’t remember the last time he and Deku shared laughter. Maybe once a long time ago when they were kids, before Katsuki’s quick manifestation.

“Hey!” Eijirou called out. He was waving a flashlight in his hand. “You guys ok?”

Deku waved his hand. “Yeah, we’re o—”

Deku never got to finish his sentence, as something grabbed hold of his ankle and pulled him to the ground. A black tentacle held onto Deku’s ankle as it pulled him into another wall. He screamed in pain as the tentacle continued to smash his body into the wall.

Katsuki exhaled as he watched the scene before him. He felt his whole body go numb as he watched the horror show unfold. Time seemed to fast forward even as his body remained still. Why? Why the hell was he waiting? In that moment, his mind went back to the training camp. He saw Deku’s battered face coming after him. The same fear he had felt as Dabi closed his hand around his throat flowed through his nerves.

He watched as Shouto try to use his ice to freeze the foreign body, but the ice shattered. Mineta even tried to use his balls to see if it would keep the tentacle still. No such luck.

“Bakugou!” Shouto shouted. “Do something! He’s your friend, too!”

Katsuki quickly regained himself. Horror dissipated into pure anger as he let the words sink in. He used a large explosion to propel himself forward. There was no way in hell he was going to let them take Deku. Deku was going to stay here and help them stop this fucking nightmare. Villain or not, this thing was going down.

Katsuki waded his way through floating debris and ice as he tried to reach him. Deku was on the ground unconscious as the creature started pulling him away. Katsuki landed on top of Deku and sent a medium sized explosion to the tentacle. Unaffected, the tentacle still continued to drag Deku.

“Fuck!” He cursed as he grabbed onto Deku and started to pull. Shouto, Eijirou, and the remaining students of class 1-A grabbed onto Katsuki as they all started to pull. Tenya used his engines to add more force while Momo created an anchor in order for the rest of them to stay where they were.

“Come on, keep pulling!” Eijirou yelled.

“We can’t let them get away!” Shouto shouted.

Katsuki held onto Deku’s hand, but he felt his grip slipping.

Deku lifted his head up, his face covered in blood and scratches. Their eyes met for a brief second. Deku took in Katsuki’s horrified expression as he tried to stay conscious.

“Deku!” Katsuki shouted.

Deku looked up again, his eyes wide in fear.


With one snap, the students were flung across the room. As he went careening through the air, Katsuki could only watch in horror as Deku was dragged away into darkness.

Chapter Text

Deku couldn't hardly breath due to the pain radiating through his body. He forced his eyes open, his surroundings blurred by his tears. He could still feel the tentacle wrapped around his body as he was thrown about and forcibly ripped from his friends. He shook his head. Now was not the right time to focus on that. He needed to figure out where he was and why.


As he blinked away the tears in his eyes, he took inventory of himself. He was sitting in a chair. Feet cuffed to the legs of a chair and hands cuffed behind his back. He was in a whitewashed room. No other furniture, no one with him. Absolutely blank. He tried to power up One for All and found that he couldn't. His breathing picked up. Starting to panic, he pulled at his restraints again, feeling the cold metal bite into his skin.


Suddenly he heard something, a door opening. He tried to turn towards the sound, his movement restricted by his bindings.


"Tsk tsk tsk. Poor Midoriya. Feeling a little stuck, child?"


The woman's sickeningly sweet voice reaches out to him. Captivating. Safe. Home.


Wait. No.


He shook his head. Clearing the fog creeping its way into his brain.


"Wh-what are you doing to me? Why are you doing this to us?" Deku asked and tried to breath through the pain to push away the effects of the woman's voice.


The woman walked closer to Deku. Running long boney fingers through his matted curls and down the length of his face. Deku jerked his head away from the caress. A pit forming in his stomach.


"Oh sweet, sweet child. I am merely talking to you. I am not doing anything to you or your friends."


An overly wide, sadistic smile took over her face as she leaned closer to him.  Her hot breath fanning over his face. The putrid smell making him want to gag.


"You are doing this to each other."


Deku tilted his head back, looking up at her in confusion.  They were doing this to each other? How? What did that even mean?


"What do you mean?" He questioned


The woman cackled. "Now, now, what fun would that be if I just have you all the answers sweet boy? Hmm?"


"But your voice," Deku pointed out, "it is part of your quirk, you used it on me a moment ago."


"Smart boy. Yes my voice is part of my quirk. But I am not the one physically taking your friends. I am merely in the background. Maaaybe pulling the strings juuuust a little." She grinned as she made puppet gestures with her hands.


"You see. I can control a person's nervous system with my voice. I can make them hurt,  or make them feel safe, and any neurological response in between. Think of it as controlling someone's fight or flight as well as pain and pleasure receptors." She looked at Deku with a sick gleam in her eyes.  

" Your friends seemed very receptive to my suggestions."


Deku felt a shiver run down his spine. What did this lady want? Why was she doing this?


"Why?" He asked.


"Oh, you will see soon enough sweetie. For now let's get you more comfortable."


The woman started humming and Deku could feel his body relax. He tried to fight the feeling, but soon found himself slipping into darkness.




Deku awoke once again to the feel of cold steel around his wrists and ankles. So much for feeling more comfortable, he thought as the fog cleared from his mind.


He looked around and the sight he saw made his blood run cold. Aizawa was hunched in a corner, bound by his own capture weapon in his sleeping bag that had been torn. Deku remembered the yellow scrap of fabric that Kacchan and Uraraka had found in their search of the dorms. And the realization that this situation was much worse than any of them had thought when that fabric had been found.


He squinted his eyes, trying to adjust to the dimly lit room. More shadowed shapes started to come into focus.


Deku gasped as he saw a pair of floating pink pajamas: it was Hagakure Tooru. She was laying on a mat, her knees pulled to her chest. He couldn't tell if she was awake or asleep. He hoped asleep, for her sake.


Further to the left Deku could make out the large mass of (Satou). His head leaned back against the wall, eyes shut. He looked--peaceful.


He noticed Tokoyami. The bird boy almost seemed euphoric.  He appeared to be more affected than the others.


Deku recalled a quirk lesson that mentioned bird nervous systems and how that included a heightened sense of hearing. Maybe the woman's quirk was amplified on Tokoyami because of this.


As Deku scanned the room, he could see every classmate that had been taken so far. One by one he located them and did his best to assess their condition.


They all seemed--calm.


Even Mina, who had been the most recent to be taken captive, was sitting on a pillow on the floor, quirk cancelling cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Her eyes open, but she didn't seem to be looking at anything in particular.  She just appeared to be content.


Sitting at a small metal table, with an overhead lamp being the only source of light in the dark, dank room, sat Tamaki, no restraints, and not seeming to mind or be aware of his surroundings.


"Tamaki-kun!" Deku yelled, hope blossoming in his chest. Surely he would help!


Tamaki glanced up at Deku, eyes vacant and unseeing. Tentacles disable from his hands. Deku gasped, as he recognized the appendages.


"T-Tamaki-kun? Can you hear me? Are you ok? Is someone controlling you? Talk to me!"


Deku prodded the boy for a response, but Tamaki just resumed his staring at the metal table before him.


Deku started to try to tear out of his restraints. He knew it was useless. He couldn't feel his quirk. The subtle buzzing that had become a constant in his life. He tried regardless. He thrashed on the bed he was confined to, growling and screaming in frustration. The sound of a metal door scraping against concrete made Deku stop in his endeavors. His head jerked to the side to see who had entered the room. His heart sped up and a cold sweat broke out along his body.








This couldn't be happening. He had to be wrong.


Don't jump to conclusions. There has to be an explanation. This CAN'T be… it just..can't.


A slow smile crept along the intruders face. Sleepy plum eyes meeting jade.


"Hello Midoriya."