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The light pours from those censored clouds as the porcelain skin shimmer, revealing every indent and scar that provides another story.
Nothing is better than the sheets that crumble and giggle every time you nudge into them.
The sensation that falls between the thin integument and arises from the breath that comes and goes. Hands crossed as a mutual understanding structure in the fingerprints that ends on one point and begins from another.

Hip bones tug against each other as oxygen and carbon dioxide played tag you're it. The bulbous kissing the fatty folds to submission as it slowly starts to submerge into the opening, spattering a yellow glowing substance. Her opening twitching and malfunctioning as her body attempts to attack the intruder, her whimpering doesn't fall on silent ears.

He bites into her lips as if it was his attempts to seduce her into his mouth. Finally, he enters her to the hilt, both parties panting from the refineries. His hands fallen to grip the patron and she reaches for steady ground, which in her case was his back. He pulls away from the kiss and genuinely smiles while slowly grinding against her.

The few exchanges a couple of 'okays' before he starts to push deeper and stretched her opening. He soon used that as a rhythm to balanced out her impatience, "This is your first time doll, I don't want you getting hurt over something avoidable," his warning was stern at first glance but as you digest the words, it flickers that was his way of showing he cares.


She rolls her eyes, "You caring...ah...for me?"


The incubus chuckles as his hands caress her, "Surprise Surprise," the witty comment made her giggle as she looked in between them before making eye contact with G.

His cheeks were tinted yellow as his bony lips were marked by her lips. His skull was fizzled with as it was nuzzled by her hands, "I don't know if you see what I see, but I really do think you're adorable,"

G lifts a hand to his face and looks the other way as if to protect his ego, "No, you do not have the right to look the other way whenever I call you gorgeous," she continues.

She drags her nails lightly across his shoulders
before grabbing both of his cheeks and pushes them together, "I don't get why other people fear you because as of right now I see you as a cute puppy,"

G frowns and removes her hands, "For someone who is losing their virginity, you sure do talk a lot,"

She copies his expression and pouts, "Hey tha—Aah!" G grins stupidly as he adds more power to his thrusts. His hips were the only thing keeping her from talking.

Her hands crawled back towards his shoulders as she wraps her legs around his hip bones, "G—G,"

The incubus's tail rolled out of its sleep and loosely wrapped around her neck. G releases a huff and launches himself forward, deepening his cock.

"I-I am starting to get impatient doll,”


She softly smiles and removes the smudges of light sweat from his eye-sockets, "Do whatever you desire," her feet nudge his butt as if to compare him to a horse getting whipped. G bucks and releases a deep growl as he readjusts himself to where her ankles are rested on his shoulders. He starts a harsh pace as if to finish what he started.

The tip of the tail around her neck starts to force itself into her mouth; succeeding. G breathes heavily as he deepens his place inside her, "Nngh...Are you close kitten?”

The sounds of skin against bones were vibrant as they continued the search for full satisfaction. His signature smirk returns and he starts to plays with the nub that blossoms. The teaspoon of blood splatter the white bed sheets as the impatient pair starts a streak of raggedy thrusts.

Pain and pleasure act upon like Neapolitan ice cream, all compressed to make a finishing product. G's cock would sometimes slip out on accident and she would sometimes make a bad pun about it.

All in all, the incubus truly never had this much fun since forever and he was almost sad to let go but when shit hits the fan, he can't face her with an anger face.

" close," her hands were gripping his bones and her face shrink a couple sizes before her final climax. G grunts and digs his hips deep enough to make her believe he will stay longer.

But, life doesn't work that way.