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At first, there were three.


"Say something, anything... Please! Tell me it isn't true.... tell me what she said isn't true!" The shorter man yells at the taller man in front of him. The look on his face is a mix of shock, disbelief, but most prominent.... heartbreak.

"Well-" The woman, who had been silent up until this point, she said. "Tell him, tell him the truth for once. Tell him how you fucked me over a table, a desk, a couch, and any other place you could get a quick fuck, while he was in the hospital grieving over the death of his mother and brother, needing someone to comfort him." The woman is getting angrier and angrier by the second. "Tell him how you lied to me. Told me that you 'weren't' in a relationship, and that he was just some kid you were using to get a fuckin' feature, that he-" She points to the short male "-told me that he would've been happy to give you if you had just asked him. Tell him how you were ignoring his phone calls because you were having sex with me when he was about to be raped by your very own Father and so-called best friend. SO TELL HIM, BECAUSE I WON'T LET YOU CONTINUE TO HURT HIM!" The woman's shouts bounced off the damp concrete of the Parking garage.

Heavy breathing, rain, quiet sobbing, and silence. Pure, unmoving, unadulterated silence, that makes the quiet sobbing sound like roaring thunder, is all that can be heard from the top tier of that old dreary parking garage.

"You should be ashamed of yourself." The woman says to the tall male, then turns to the short male, "I apologize for unintentionally hurting you, you really deserve someone better than him. Goodbye", and with that, the woman left.


Then there were two


"I-I... T-That's not... I-I... Love....y-you... He-r" The Tall man sighs. "I'm so sorry... Its just....old feelings came back.... feeling's like love"

The sobbing slowly stops, which only causes the tension between the two males to intensify.

"You know-", The shorter man chuckles bitterly. "I thought that you truly loved me, that by some miracle you've changed." He paused, running a shaky hand through his hair. "But what could YOU-" emphasizing his point by jabbing his index finger in the tall man's chest. "-possibly know about love huh? I'm sick and tired of people using love as if it's some sort of disease you can catch. As an excuse to do shit you shouldn't. 'Love' should've brought your ass home to me."

The smaller male turns to walk away, but the taller grabbed one of his wrists, desperately trying to stop him from leaving. "W-Wait-"

With a sudden burst of anger "*crack*" The small man's palm connects with the tall man's cheek, and he starts to speak again

"I might not be all glamorous with hair weaved all down my back and C-cup breast, but I got a heart, and do you know what the bad thing about having a heart is Levi?"

The short man waits, but the taller male, now named Levi, doesn't give an answer. So he finishes his thought, "It gets broken when you deal with people like you. Now stay the fuck out of my life." He gets in his car and drives away.

Suddenly, it starts to rain even harder, like the bottom of the sky fell out.


And then there was one


"Eren......" Levi falls to his knees. One tear slips out of his eyes, one quickly becomes two, then three, until it seems like a dam broke in his eyes.


Or maybe it was just the falling rain.