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Year 2- A Siren's Mate

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Hali is Harry’s siren name

This picks up right where we left off


Harry quickly left the train station, after saying his farewells to Neville, Draco, and Artemis. Using his portkey, he traveled to the cottage. Soon after he arrived, he began to write a letter.

Dear Flamels,

During the previous school year, Albus Dumbledore used your Philosophers Stone to attempt to lure Lord Voldemort to the school. However, I foiled the Dark Lord’s attempts to take the stone for his own nefarious purposes by taking it before he could. I currently have it in my own possession, I have no wish to use it, only to return it. If you are agreeable, we should meet to avoid interception of a package that valuable.

Sincerely, Lord Harrison James Potter

Grabbing an owl from the Owlery, he tied the letter to her leg and sent her on her way.


§Guppy, we can finally go swimming again!§ Azula, Harry’s Occamy familiar said, expressing her joy at being a large size and able to swim with Harry deep under water again.

As the sun began to rise the next day, glittering across the sea, the two of them went into the water. Following a well-known path, soon they reached an underwater town. A conch shell sounded, signaling his entrance to the Mermaid town. Merpeople swimming out of coral houses or turning away from the small market's shops near the center to see who he was. Two dolphins swam up to Hali, nudging his arms and clicking joyfully at his long-awaited arrival.

A mermaid with an intricate sea glass crown and a rose-colored tail swam up to Harry with a gaggle of other merpeople and various creatures. “Ah, Hali, how was your year up on the surface?”

“Cora, it is wonderful to see you again. It was...interesting to say the least.”

“How so?”

“I believe this conversation is best in a place without any ‘seagulls’ there to share what I tell you.” In Hali’s many years in this town, he had picked up on some of the phrases used. All merpeople knew that seagulls could not keep secrets.

Hali ended up spending the rest of the week in the village. He had some important matters on the surface that Freya had informed him of.

As he returned to the cottage, Zazzy and Shia greeted him with a pile of sandwiches and a pile of about ten letters. This was going to take a while if all of these were important.

Dear Lord Potter,

We would both like to thank you for informing us of your possession to the Philosopher's Stone, as Albus had told us that it was destroyed. Nicholas and I would enjoy meeting with you. Not just because you hold what keeps us youthful but because we have other matters we would like to discuss. Would next week’s Wednesday work for you? Around noon mayhaps for some lunch and discussion? We will let you choose a meeting place.

Sincerely, Lady Perenelle Flamel

Ancient House of Flamel.

Harry put that letter aside, he’d write his responses once he finished reading the letters. The next two letters were from Gringotts. One was his Accounts analysis that he had sent once a year. The other seemed much more important.

Lord Harrison James Agalope-Potter-Shafiq-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Peverell-Emrys,

It would be beneficial to both you and us if you could make your way to our London Branch to discuss some of your estates. Our previous meeting has lead to the discovery of family items that should be seen to. Along with the GRIM matter that you shared. Which can be fixed with the proper funds quite quickly.

Zutuk Bloodthrasher

Potter Vault Manager

This letter came with multiple pages of notes filled with the discoveries made. Two pages were filled with different portraits. Harry was filled with disappointment when he couldn’t find his parents, but that quickly dissipated when he found the Founder’s paintings.

All but one of the other sever letters were from his friends. They were all fairly the same, asking how he was, wanting to meet up over the holiday and tales of their travels. The final letter, however, came with a small package. By now, he knew that this letter was from his Mate.

My Ocean,

You can trust the Flamels, take them to Starcaster Manor. I hope you will not stress too much, but I know you will. They are kind people who will accept you for who you are. In the parcel, you will find your last ingredient for your secret project. Daddy has given me permission to try it too, you can help me with the transformation when we get to school! Onto some serious news, your sky-borne family isn’t doing too well. Their numbers have been dwindling. Tomorrow night at exactly eight o’clock, you MUST take down the cottage wards. That is all I can tell you on that matter. Everything will turn out fine. Tell Salazar that he MUST show you his chamber BEFORE Halloween night, preferably two weeks before or more. Also, you should attempt to contact Robert, he has something he may be willing to tell you privately.

Your Moon