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Mineta Die Challenge: Failed

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iida added im babie, hEWWO??, lickitung, u'll float too, the REAL babie, bolt, rock city bih, !kouda!, sugarbaby, puppet man, msi turned me gay, scotch, a shout out from tara and raven, burn baby burn, lesbian hulk, bakubitch, deku, grape juice, and lets go lesbians! to the chat!

iida named the chat Class 1-A!

hEWWO??: owo? whats this!

deku: iida, ochako and me were talking about how we should have a class gc just in case something comes up that involves all of us!

iida: please only use this for important matters!

deku: i would've made it myself but i didn't have everyones numbers

u'll float too: by everyones he means he didn't have bakugous

bakubitch: iida i trusted you fucker

iida: ,,oop

grape juice: oh????

grape juice: thank you for all the girls numbers iida :)

bakubitch: i think the FUCK not

bakubitch removed grape juice from the chat!

bakubitch: this chat is for faggots who respect women only

rock city bih: god im in love

bolt: mood

burn baby burn: in that case

burn baby burn added Gucci eyebags to the chat!

bakubitch: youre the only bitch i trust

Gucci eyebags: tf is this

burn baby burn: class 1-a group chat

bakubitch: welcome to the class loser

lickitung: ive never seen bakugou like this and tbh it scares me more than seeing him irl

hEWWO??: you get used to it eventually trust me

bolt: wait tho hold on can yall say who you are and why the fuck your user is whatever it is? idk who half yall are

bakubitch: i swear i lose a brain cell everytime i hear kaminari say yall

bolt: ive heard you use yall at least once before cmon

bakubitch: bullshit

scotch: will yall shut the fuck up

scotch: everyone say who they are and why they have their users before denki loses it

scotch: im sero and scotch is,, y aknow,,,, self explainitory

hEWWO??: its mina! and i honestly dont remember when or why i made this my user oop

iida: im iida. my name is iida.

the REAL babie: wow originality

deku: leave him alone!! hes not very creative :((

bakubitch: obviously you aren't either lol

deku: shove it kacchan

bakubitch: up yours deku

bolt: well we know who those two are obvs

bolt: and uhh its kami and the user is for that lil dog named bolt in the movie bolt bc he has a lighting bolt n i thought it made sense

msi turned me gay: that sentence gave me a headahce

bolt: fuck you

msi turned me gay: thxs but im a lesbian

bolt: trust me, i know

msi turned me gay: anyways hi its jirou

msi turned me gay: and uh

msi turned me gay: this is where my user came from

im babie: mina made my user!

im babie: also its aoyama uwu

the REAL babie: ochako made mine lol

the REAL babie: its ojiro btw

u'll float too: its ochako! and my user is bc the new it trailer came out and im hyped!! but also cause ya know,, quirk

hEWWO??: oh thats good bitch

u'll float too: thanks baby!!

lickitung: its tsu

lickitung: and uh,,, idk how to explain this but yall probably get it anyways

rock city bih: its kiri!!! and mines just rack city bitch but with ROCKS

bakubitch: god your stupid i love

rock city bih: !!! ily

!kouda!: its kouda :) but you guys probably already realized that haha

scotch: now THAT is the REAL BABIE

!kouda!: !!!

im babie: u rite

the REAL babie: absolutely right

sugarbaby: this is such a bad joke but yeah its bc my quirk

sugarbaby: this is satou btw if it wasn't obvious

bolt: thats so bad....but so good.......

puppet man: someone said my arms are like fucked up puppets and its haunted me since

puppet man: but also its still lowkey funny

deku: ,,,honestly thats awful

puppet man: ye lol

a shout out from tara and raven: tragic, truly

bolt: god tokoyami is that you

a shout out from tara and raven: howd you guess?

bolt: ive seen the fucking video you emo little bitch

a shout out from tara and raven: GOTH YOU WHORE

bolt: i,,,,

burn baby burn: what video?

bolt: a shout out from tara and raven

burn baby burn: oh lord

rock city bih: hey todoroki!! thats u right?

burn baby burn: yes

rock city bih: is your user bc your quirk?

burn baby burn: no its bc the burn on my face

rock city bih: ,,,oh

burn baby burn: what

lesbian hulk: this was a terrible time to look at this chat huh

burn baby burn: wym

lesbian hulk: nothing dw

lesbian hulk: anyways hi its hagakure! my user is bc everyone talks abt thor being the lesbian protector but consider... lesbian protector hulk.

rock city bih:

rock city bih: holy shit ur right

lesbian hulk: oh god kiri i just realized somethinh

rock city bih: huh?

lesbian hulk: youre the lesbian protector of our class im-

rock city bih: HOLY SHIT AM I??


lets go lesbians!: oh my god oh my god you guys are right im crying kirishima i love you

rock city bih: ilyt but who are you?? :( sry

lets go lesbians!: right, sorry! this is yaoyorozu!


msi turned me gay: this makes me so soft i luv

rock city bih: !!! i love my lesbians!!!!!


u'll float too: we love you so much kiri

lickitung: sooo much

bakubitch: i wanna get in on this kiri appreciation but im not a lesbian :/

rock city bih: baby youre right next to me you dont need to join in the lesbian kiri appreciation

bakubitch: shit youre right

bakubitch: sorry lesbians please resume

bakubitch muted the chat!

lickitung: yeah i dont think ill EVER get used to text bakugou what the fuck

scotch: trust me its wack at first but eventually its just a thing and you dont think twice about it

Gucci eyebags: bullshit ive been texting him for months now and i still get confused sometimes

bolt: honestly me too

burn baby burn: in his defense all we talk about in our chat is our parents and bein gay so yeah getting confused makes sense

sugarbaby: yall have your OWN group chat???

burn baby burn: i mean,, yeah lol

Gucci eyebags: we the shitty parents squad

Gucci eyebags: imagine i whipped after that bc im not sending a video of myself rn

lets go lesbians!: add me add me add me

burn baby burn: okay

deku: why are all my friends sad im-

puppet man: who else has chats now im interested

hEWWO??: bakusquad and dekusquad obvs do

iida: how do YOU KNOW

hEWWO??: im friends,,, with all of you??? ive seen,,,,,, yalls chat??????? ochako has ADDED ME to settle arguments before????????????????????

iida: oh yeah

msi turned me gay: kasjks

msi turned me gay: anyways me bakugou tokoyami and shinsou have a goth chat

lets go lesbians!: the wlw have a chat

im babie: trans kids have a chat

burn baby burn: provisional hero license course kids have a chat

the REAL babie: why is bakugou in like,, every chat holy shit

deku: bakugou: i have no friends and no emotions

also bakugou: friends with the whole class, numerous group chats, even has friends from FUCKING SHIKETSU

rock city bih: in his defense he got added to all these chats just bc he happened to fit the requirements

burn baby burn: bullshit. bakugou made shitty parents squad chat, license course chat and was the one who "jokingly" suggested a trans chat in class. next.

bolt: in conclusion, bakugou is a bitch ass liar.