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“So, what do you want for your birthday,” Thranduil asks, while they are having lunch.

Legolas pauses, puts the fork down and frowns.

“Already? Oh, it's almost March, you are right. I completely forgot.”

Thranduil smiles, sips his water, and then smirks.

“I was thinking you should do something new. I mean, 21 is a special number.”

“Oh, Thran, do I want to know?”

“Of course you do, my love. Let's see… what didn't we do by now?”

Legolas laughs out loud now.

“You do keep a list, right?”

“Of course, how else could I stay organized,” his father quips. “We could take a trip to Galadriel's new resort…”

“We are quite busy these weeks, remember the merger?” Legolas reminds him, making him pout. Of course his lover is amused by this.

“We can… yes, I know!” Thranduil is jubilant, and knows he had just the right idea. But he has to think a little…

“Oh God, you want to surprise me,” Legolas moans, and Gods, that's such a good sound.

“Mmm, keep that up, my darling, we have half an hour on the way to the next meeting,” Thranduil purrs, and loves the gleam in Legolas' eyes.

“It's your turn to chose dessert,” the tease says. “So, chocolate cake or…”

“No cake today,” Thranduil growls. “You'll drink your dessert. And you'll be very careful not to spill.”

Legolas shivers, and then grins, moving his hand until it touches his chest, just like a feather. The tease then licks his lips and signals a waiter, asking for the check.

They go to the limo and Legolas warns Bain not to leave for 5 minutes, and to buzz them when they arrive and allow them another 5.

Before Thranduil has the time to chastise him, Legolas is throwing his clothes off, then kneels and bends his body, until his lips touch Thranduil's fine black leather shoe.

“Please, master, I’ve been such a good boy,” he moans, “please, may I have dessert now?”

Thranduil shivers and his cock is trying to rip through his pants in 5 seconds flat. Legolas looks positively scrumptious like this, his back arched just right, his splendid ass just deviously turned upwards, and he burns to make it pink.

“Please master, I beg of you, give me your sweet cream,” his shameless boy begs again, his hands going under his trouser leg, scratching at his calf. The wicked pink tongue lingers outside his mouth, and he knows what that does to Thranduil, how could he not?

“Undress me,” he commands. “No touching.”

Legolas is mightily efficient at that and takes care to put all the clothes on the front seats, so they have them ready for the meeting.

Thranduil sits and motions Legolas to kneel again.

“Touch the rings,” he says. “Very slowly.”

Legolas does, and his eyes light up so beautifully as he arches his chest towards Thranduil. His cock is hard too, of course it is, twitching when Thranduil moves his hand downwards and starts teasing the inside of his thigh.

“What will you do for dessert,” he asks. “Would you remain hard if I ask it?”

“Yes master, anything you want,” Legolas breathes, still touching slowly, his cock twitching again when Thranduil's hand goes up, starting to tease his balls with the fingertips.

“Pull at them now,” he orders, and Legolas moans deep when obeying.

“Stop,” he says, and touches his own nipple rings, feeling the heat when he pulls, slow but decisive, enjoying so much the exquisite pleasure-pain. Having the damn piercings was one of the best decisions they made, for sure.

“Come here then,” he beckons the boy, and grabs his hair, pulling him slowly, oh so slowly, on his cock, until Legolas' lips reach his pelvis. He moans and keeps him there for a while, enjoying the wet heat, the velvety throat trying to relax against the invader. He lets go of the hair and Legolas goes up a little to breathe.

Thranduil bends and his hands catch his son's nipple rings, pulling him down with them. The thrum against his cock is exquisite, so he sets a nice, slow rhythm, pulling Legolas all the way down from them, loving the vibration of each moan, feeling it going up his spine. He's moaning too, but does not want to change the rhythm. He tortures both of them like that, he does not know for how long, until he can't take it anymore.

Pulling back a little, because his boy wanted to taste it, he comes on his tongue, and Legolas just swallows all, making pretty sucking noises.

Thranduil allows himself to slouch on the chair and pulls the boy in his lap, catching his breath.

“Enough dessert, little leaf?” he asks, drowsily.

“It was delicious!” Legolas purrs. “But I can always have some more!”

Thranduil laughs at that. Both of them are insatiable, he knows. But there's no time and, really, no need to torture Legolas right now.

“I think I need dessert too,” he says, and of course Legolas is eager to give it to him. His son pushes him to lay on the bench and comes on top, putting his knees on each side of his head, allowing him the perfect view of the pert bottom. He loves feeling the soft, plump balls rubbing on his face, while the pink cock pushes slowly into his open mouth.

He relaxes to let him enter all the way, but it seems Legolas wants to tease, because he uses one hand to support himself on the chair back and pushes just one inch at a time, then pulls out, angling himself to jab at his throat but not enter it for now.

“Can you breathe,” he asks, and when Thranduil confirms, he pushes fast and hard, hitting the back of his throat almost painfully, gasping because of course his cockhead is sensitive, making Thranduil gasp too, feeling used and just loving it.

He wonders if the boy will come like this to make him choke, and would like to beg for it, but can't speak like this, can only relax and take it. He realizes this will ruin his voice, and that adds to the pleasure, so he groans and enjoys it even more. Then Legolas changes the angle and starts going as deep in his throat as possible, making his eyes tear up, and he really tries not to choke on saliva now. He stays buried deep and very soon Thranduil indeed can't breathe. It's beyond beautiful and his throat constricts around the plump piece of meat and Legolas flicks his rings and pulls back to fill his mouth, growling, pinching his nipple over the ring, sending abrupt jolts of pleasure into his sated body.

He managed not to choke, but has to gulp air to recover, and knows he must look so well used, because he sees the greed in Legolas' eyes when he watches him, also trying to catch his breath.

Of course Bain buzzes them right then, so they have to get dressed and try to arrange their hair. Damn, it's a real mess.

“Thank you for dessert,” Thranduil rasps, and Legolas just whimpers.

“Tell me you have a cock cage hidden around here!”

This startles a laugh out of Thranduil.

“Why would you want a cock cage now?”

“Because I really shouldn't tent my pants listening to your voice for the next two hours.”

“Well, my dear, then you should do the talking. No pouting!”


When did the twins move to his house, Thranduil wonders, when they get home and the two are near the pool, trying to give each other a tonsillectomy. Legolas grins and brashly goes to pull at their hair, and yeah, they were so lost in it they haven't heard them arriving and are now sputtering and trying to get their breath back. Oh, and yes, there's that room they used more than once now, when they stayed overnight. Interesting.

“What are you two doing here?” he asks them, noticing they really are beyond enticing and watching keenly Legolas' face, wondering how he still feels about them.

“Sorry,” Elrohir says. “The girl has a fever, Eldarion is crying because his mother doesn't pay him enough attention because of it and father seems to find us beyond annoying.”

“And we really needed some time just for ourselves,” Elladan adds.

“Hmm, well if you want to stay at Greenwood Hotel,” he smirks, “I need your input on something.”

“Sure, we'd love to help. What's the issue?”

“Legolas, can you please find something to do elsewhere for half an hour? And not pester the boys after?”

That is one delicious pout right there, and of course he leaves with a glorious shimmy of his ass. Damn, that's hot.

The twins laugh and look at him expectantly.

“It's going to be his birthday soon,” he tells them, “and I have an idea for a gift, but want to make sure he will actually like it.”

“You could always ask,” Elladan smirks, “but I suppose you don't want that, don't you?”

“Well, not really. He does like surprises, even if now he will play the disgruntled one.”

“So you are willing to let him tan your hide for it?”

Thranduil mock growls at this, but it is pretty true that Legolas will find a delicious way to torture him for it, even if he does it for the boy's own good.

“The idea is, from what I understand he never had a woman, right?”

“Not while you were separated, no, I'm sure you know better about the rest.”

“Yes, well, then. My question is, was he really not interested in that, or just, there was no opportunity?”

“I remember we did discuss it once,” Elrohir says, “I think he was interested, just, well, you know he wasn't all that looking for new people at that time, Thranduil. He was with us because he already trusted us, but was too unsure to try a stranger.”

“And he was adamant against a professional,” Elladan adds, “even one from Lothlorien, who would have been in no way coerced into it.”

“I see. Well, at least I know not to propose that, it's a start. And now, more recently, did he ever hint he liked somebody?”

“Thranduil, you do know he loves you completely?”

“Yes, I do, it's not about that! I was thinking to offer him a new experience for his birthday, and was wondering what type of woman he would appreciate for this. If he would appreciate it, something like that.”

“You've been really exclusive since you got back together, right?”

“Yes, at first it was really difficult to think I could share him, and well, then… I don't know, it just didn't happen. We do need more off time, yes, I know. Still, I don't want him to be stifled by this, and I think it's something he should know.”

“I'm afraid you'll have to speak with him about this, yeah, there were things like him appreciating something in a woman, but nothing too… well, clear in one direction – maybe a pair of eyes or a pair of legs or even a particular skin shade, but not a type.”

“Hm… no surprise then. I'll have to deal with that, I suppose.”

“Don't worry that much. He is happy.”

“I know. But I just want to make him even happier.”

“Can we watch the talk?” Elladan grins, making all of them laugh.

“I don't know, a show for a show?”

“We are always putting on a show here,” he pouts, positively melting against his brother again. “I haven't seen much appreciation for it.”

“Be glad I don't throw you out and leave you with no solution but getting your own place,” he smirks, “I think that show is just the rent.”

Of course this is a tease, it's good to see them and not feel that guilty for chaining Legolas to him, but then, it must work both ways, it's really not like they couldn't afford a place or a hotel room. Still, this could be an interesting conversation indeed.