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A loyal fiancé

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“Hey, guess what,” Steve says with a wide, happy and excited grin when the number of viewers finally has climbed up high enough for his liking. He sees plenty of familiar names among the list of online users in his room on Chaturbate. He’s been talking nonsense mostly, wanting to drive up the numbers to a decent amount before springing the announcement on them. Even if the news has been burning a hole in his chest.

Now, however, Steve judges is the right time to tell. He grins widely, his cheeks still hurt a bit from all the smiling he’s done the past weekend, and he lets the viewers type their responses for a moment, guessing what the big news is. Steve can’t help but laugh when one of them asks if he’s been offered to do a porno. Steve shakes his head and brushes his hair out of his eyes.

“No, I’m not doing a porno,” he says with a wink to the camera, although he feels pretty confident that he would do pretty well. He’s got a pretty solid following online already but Steve has no interest in doing porn like that. “The news is actually nothing of the sorts like that.” Steve shifts a little on the bed and smirks to the camera. He would have given them another minute to guess but at this point, Steve’s become impatient enough to pull the rug out from under them.

And damn it, he wants to tell the world. He wants to shout it from the rooftops. Just calling friends had been wonderful but not quite enough. Steve wanted everybody to know, even the disinterested woman at the counter in the local grocery store. Steve raises his left hand to the camera, revealing the silver band around his ring finger. It’s discrete but perfect. SinnamonRose is the first one to realise what it means and posts a bunch of jaw dropping emojis in the chat.

“I’m getting married!” Steve admires his ring with a wide grin, spinning it a little bit with his thumb. There’s no engraving on it, it’s just plain and simple silver and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Then, just because he can, Steve moves his hand closer to the camera so the viewers who are currently offering him their congratulations can have a look. It makes him feel all warm and fuzzy when the names he’s come to recognize over the past few years all wish him well. “Thank you,” Steve says smiling widely, shifting a little bit, and looks at his ring once more just because he can’t help it.

“It’s pretty new actually. I’ve been waiting since Sunday to be able to tell all of you guys.” Steve lets out a little chuckle and brushes his fingers through his hair, then hugs one of his legs against his chest. “So bear with me, I know you all come here for a show but I got to tell someone, alright? I promise, just this, and then I’ll get on with it, I swear to god,” he assures them. They come here to see him get off based on their instructions, not to listen to him talking on about a proposal. But jesus, they can wait for five minutes, he thinks.

“So uhm, some of you know but for those who don’t know, Red and I have Sundays as date night if we can’t make Friday date nights. Last week we skipped on purpose, uh.” Steve laughs again, feeling a little bit dreamy as he thinks back on it. “Cause well, this Sunday was actually Red’s birthday. And we had just lived in our apartment for a little over a year not long before that. And officially together so we waited on purpose. Red was real sweet, he got us this reservation at a really nice place. Steaks and Hamburgers so, well. I was happy before we even got there. Anyway, we ate, had a nice time, paid. We went out for a little walk, stopped by the dog park cause well, Red and dogs.” Steve rolls his eyes a little with a faint smile as he tells that. Bucky would always try to make a detour to see dogs.

“Continued to the piers, just talked. You know how you can talk shit? Yeah we did that,” Steve tells the camera and nods a little bit, expecting them to know what he’s talking about. Surprisingly, he hasn’t lost as many viewers as he thought he would with the little tale. It seems like most are listening to him. And here he was, he had been fully prepared to work harder to attract more of them once he got started. “I didn’t suspect a thing and you guys know Red, he can be so smug and keep such a Poker Face so I had no idea that he was planning anything to begin with.” At that, SinnamonRose sends one of those laughing while crying emojis.

“He picked out a wonderful spot to stop. We had a beautiful view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was just real pretty. He leant against the railing and I joined him. He didn’t go down on his knee or anything. He doesn’t do that.” Steve waves with a hand and snorts. The comment earns him more laughing smileys in the chatbox than he expected.

“Then, he just leaned in to me. Kissed me on my cheek and whispered to me. Asking me if I would marry him.” Steve pauses unintentionally and looks down to his ring again, fiddling with it and spinning it around his finger before he sniffs and looks back to the camera. With a light chuckle, he dabs at the corners of his eyes that have begun to water again. “I didn’t hear him first. Well, I did. But I just… couldn’t believe that’s what he said, you know? So I just stared at him like a fucking idiot. And you know Red, so he just started laughing and repeated the question to me. But this time he fished this ring out of his pocket and showed it to me,”

“I told him yes, of course. Yes, I’ll marry him and you know what he said as he tried to give me the ring?” Steve pauses a couple of seconds for dramatic effect. Long enough to build a little bit of mystery but short enough to ensure no one would have actually come up with anything. He can barely contain himself with laughter. “He said don’t you fucking dare drop it in the water now, ” Steve tells them and breaks out in a fit of giggles. He puts both of his hands in front of his mouth to stifle it and gives himself a second.

“Anyway, I’m sorry. This isn’t what you guys came here for. I just needed to get it out for a second,” Steve laughs and waves with his hand in front of his face. He’s bursting with excitement and thinks he hardly can be blamed for being excited about his own wedding. He glances at the chatbox again with a content little smile and leans in a little, mostly for show.

SinnamonRose: Can I come to the wedding?

“I’ll have to talk with my husband-to-be about that first,” Steve winks at the camera. Calling Bucky his husband-to-be thrills him, almost just as much that he’ll be able to call Bucky his husband in less than a year’s time if all goes well. He’s going to get married, he’s going to have someone by his side for the rest of his life. Steve never believed he would get a chance at marriage and a happy ending like that until he met Bucky. Now he can’t imagine his life any differently.

SinnamonRose responds with a slightly disappointed emoji but fills in quickly that she’ll be waiting for a proper answer once he’s spoken with Bucky about it. Out of all his viewers, Rose is the one that would deserve an actual invitation. She has been following him for years as well, helped with his rent and supported him through everything. Just like Bucky, in a way.

“Now.” Steve claps his hands together and shifts on the bed again, sitting up on his heels to raise his upper body more in the view of the camera. Less relaxed, more intense with an aim to please. “I’m sorry for dragging it all out. Shall we get started?” Steve winks at the camera and brushes his hand over his chest, down his stomach.

“I thought I’d be a little bit generous tonight and I thought I’d let all of you decide how this evening goes. Does everybody like the sound of that?” Steve suggests with a wink. The suggestion is instantly popular and the sound of the first amount of tokens being dropped rings out of the speakers. Small and low numbers but Steve doesn’t mind. It’s just their way of showing their approval.

“I have to tell you all though, before any of you are thinking it. Red won't be able to join us this evening. He’s got work to do,” Steve tells his viewers. It’s a little white lie. Bucky isn’t exactly working but he’s got other things to do and he had asked not to be called into the stream. Steve respected that. Bucky just joined in for fun and that meant, in Steve’s eyes, that he only had to participate when he wanted to.

There’s a couple more disappointed comments and emojis but only a handful. “Think of it this way,” Steve muses in a dark tone and leans in closer to the camera. “Gives you guys a chance to do whatever you want with me. You will be the ones who will be making me feel so good. Making me beg for more,” Steve tells them with a wink and sure enough, it’s all that’s needed to turn the public opinion around. The little comment alone earns him a token drop of 50 tokens.

“So come on.” Steve brushes his hand further down his stomach and to his cock, giving himself a light squeeze through the fabric of his boxer briefs. His breathing hitches a little bit and he’s positive that the seventy-four people watching him have seen it as well. It’s what they come to see and it’s the first thing they notice. “Tell me, what do you want to do to me tonight?”

There’s a myriad of comments being written and low number of tokens being dropped second after second. Making Steve feel a little like he’s at an auction. But he laughs and enjoys the feeling. Enjoys that he’s so desired and that there’s so many people who want to do all sorts of things to him. He pretends to ignore the comments a little and pulls up his hand only to slide it back down the hem of his boxer briefs. He moans lightly at the touch of his own hand, tilting his head back a little for a sense of dramatics and mutters under his breath. The sound of more token drops brings him back to the world and he grins at his viewers.

“Naked? You want me naked?” He asks, watching them all quickly type their agreements. Steve moans again at his own touch, thrusting his hips forward a little in the air before he pulls out his hand. He pulls his top over his head and tosses it away, then hooks both of his thumbs into his underwear. “These too?” he asks with a naughty little smirk, pushing them down slowly, bit by bit and showing off, carefully and calculated the increase of the hairs on his abdomen further down.

It earns him a token drop of a 100 to strip out of his boxers and with the little auction that went off, he’s already off to a good start. So he gives them what they want and smoothly moves out of his underwear, tossing them in the same direction as his shirt. His cock is only half hard from his own touches and he strokes his palm down over it which makes him moan again.

He slides his hand down beside his cock and cups his balls gently. Steve’s breathing picks up a pace and he rocks his hips a little. The number of viewers is climbing now that he’s not wearing any clothes anymore. “Come on now,” Steve breathes out. “Please, c’mon. Make me feel good,” he tells them, making sure that it sounds a little like he’s begging.

Steve begins to stroke himself before they even tell him to. Alright, he’s a little bit impatient. He doesn’t need more than a handful of strokes before he finds himself fully erect. He brushes his thumb over the tip and lets out a little shaky moan before checking the requests again.

A token drop of a thousand pulls his attention and he grins to the camera. It’s a user he doesn’t recognize. “You want me to ride, huh? Want me to get myself off while riding for all of you guys to see?” he asks. The question alone earns him a couple more token drops but none of a number that high. They’re all in the low hundreds.

“Well, I’d love to and now I will. But...” Steve slides a hand down between his legs, presses a finger against him, and moans again. He loves the little bit of pressure despite the lack of lube. It’s a hint of anticipation, of what’s to come. “You’ll have to get me ready first before I can ride anything and you’ll have to decide which one,” Steve tells them and in an instant, the viewers who have followed his stream regularly start typing away, telling Steve what dildo they want him to use.

“The black one? Oh, I do love the black one.” Steve groans a bit at the thought. He loves all his toys equally, they all have something that make him want to use them again and again. The black one is one of the smaller ones that he owns but for what it lacks in length, it makes up for in girth. It gives him such an enjoyable stretch and makes him feel so full that the thought of it alone makes him shiver. The black vote wins by popular vote and another token drop of a thousand.

“You’ll have to get me ready real good if you’ll have me use that one,” Steve tells them with an amused little smile. He knows he still has to steer them to a certain extent despite surrendering control. Or they will just try to get him to ride instantly. Which doesn’t earn him much money if the finale happens within half an hour. And it doesn’t work that way, he doesn’t work that way. He can’t take a toy or a dick without a little bit of preparation even if that’s all that he ever wants to at certain moments.

Steve lets go of his cock and reaches for the tube of lube that’s standing on the desk. He waves it in front of the camera a couple of times to get their minds out of the gutter and back on track with what they should do to him. “Come on now,” he teases them and opens the cap. “Seems like I’m all on my own here.”

He pours some of the lube onto his fingers, spreading it nice and even. It feels cold to the touch and he wants it to be warmer. “How do you all want these? Want me to face you, want me to turn my back to you? Want me to lay down while I fuck myself with these?” he asks them and breaks through their silence once more. There’s token drops but few who actually write suggestions.

Coupled with the largest drop of the evening so far at 1500 tokens from SinnamonRose, he gives into her request. He winks at the camera and thanks her before adjusting the big fluffy pillows behind his back and his head. With one hand, he gives himself lazy strokes, letting out a little sigh of a moan. Steve trails his lubed fingers down past his cock and presses one of the fingers against himself. He lets out a needy little whine, teasing himself until he hears another token drop

“Thank you,” he says, turning his head just enough to see how much it was. 600. It’s a number high enough, Steve decides and slides a finger in. Steve arches his hips off the bed, moaning as he does, partially from relief. It feels good to finally have something inside of him and he falls into a steady rhythmic movement with the one finger.

“Oh, this feels so nice,” he tells his viewers, moaning again as he squeezes his cock a little bit tighter. There’s precum gathering at the tip of it but he doubts that they can see it. Maybe he’ll use that later, he hasn’t quite decided yet. For now, all Steve wants is just a moment to feel good. He moans again, imagines how the finger inside of him is Bucky’s, twisting and moving in all the right ways to get him trembling and begging for more. “Fuck,” Steve groans again, lifting his hips up once more and opens one eye for the camera.

“Can I have one more? Please?” he asks them, making sure he sounds needy as he does. And he feels a bit needy, one finger is far from enough. It’s enough to tell him that something is in him but not enough to give him that wonderful sensation of being filled that Bucky’s cock or the black toy gives him. “C’mon, please,” he whines and pushes his finger in as far as his hand allows it. It’s not much.

It’s a user that he doesn’t recognize by the name of HarmlessLime that drops him more coins to continue. Another 600 tokens and Steve gives himself a second finger. The moan that slips past his lips then is real, one not for show but one out of relief for being given more. He whimpers again and now steadily rocks his hips towards his hand as he feels more of it.

“Oh fuck,” Steve groans and lets go of his cock. Instead, he brings his hand up into his hair and grabs hold of it, arching his back a little to put his abdomen muscles on display for a moment. He shifts one of his legs, pulling it up a little bit just so his reach into himself gets deeper and shudder. Steve keeps cursing on repeat, whimpering softly. He doesn’t even check the amount of tokens when the sound drops again and just gives himself a third finger.

His skin feels flushed and his head feels heavy. He’s certain that his cheeks have gotten a pink tint to them. Steve lets out another whimper and lifts his hips off the bed again. He could take the dildo now, if he takes it slowly. Slow is good, slow drags everything out. It both leaves him panting and whining and needy for more while also earning him money in encouragement.

“Please,” he says and licks his lips. He looks at the camera again. “Please, please, please, can I fuck myself with it now?” Steve begs them. There’s another influx of dropped tokens in the chatroom and Steve lets out a little laugh. He pulls out his fingers from himself and shifts, kneeling back on the bed. He reaches under the desk to pull out the piece of plexiglass and sets it on the bed. He grabs the black dildo and puts it in the center, pushing down a little so the suction cup takes hold.

“You want me to face you? Or do you want to see how it moves in and out of me from behind?” He asks them with a wink, opening the cap of the lube and empties the last little bit of it on the dildo. He spreads it with his hand, then brings it back behind him to slide in two fingers. He shivers a little as he reads the commentary. It’s about fifty/fifty but HarmlessLime ends the discussion by requesting that he faces them and gives him 2000 tokens worth his trouble. How can Steve deny that?

He blows a kiss to the camera then moves up. He lines the black dildo up with him and then slowly, just to tease, he lowers himself onto it. Steve tilts his head back and moans when the tip of it pushes into him, hard and unforgiving, the unmistakable rigidity that he’s going to fuck a toy. Steve lets out a little gasp but keeps lowering himself on top of it. It doesn’t hurt but Steve feels every little bit of it.

For every little bit that Steve moves down on it, he moves back up to allow himself to get used to it. As he does, he lets out short little moans, feeling how his back breaks out into a cold sweat and how his thighs get a tremble with the effort of going so slowly. Somehow, that’s more of a workout than being able to do it repeatedly.

By the time he’s fully lowered himself on the toy, Steve feels out of breath. He’s barely aware of the sounds that come from the computer as he gets token drops in praise. Though a quick glance up reveals that he’s gained a lot more viewers now that the show is really on. So Steve grins at the camera and waves. “Hi to all the newcomers,” he says, stretching back a little and gives his cock a couple of strokes. Steve moans again and then starts to move his hips, slowly at first.

“Oh,” Steve breathes softly and unable to help himself, he starts to move a little bit faster on top of it. Before long, he’s moaning louder, forgetting all that he promised himself about taking it slow and throwing it out of the window. What he wants is to feel good and god, it feels so fucking good , Steve thinks as he moves his hips.

“Feels so fucking good, fuck,” Steve murmurs, stroking his hand down his stomach again and grips his cock, stroking it at the same pace of his movements. He lets out a groan at that, tilting his head back and stroking the fingers of his other hand over his throat. The precum is now dripping from him and Steve can feel that warm familiar feeling pooling in his stomach. He’s getting close. And the closer he gets, the more his breathing and moans hitch.

“You’re all going to make me cum,” he reveals with a little laugh, interrupting himself with another moan. His hips twitch and Steve can feel himself tensing up. He whimpers again and grips the hair on the back of his head, stroking his cock steadily and whimpers. “Fuck, fuck, so close, so close,” he murmurs. Moving his hips on top of the toy exactly how he likes it, making him feel so downright amazing that it’s almost maddening. His moans make a steady climb, becoming nothing but a ramble of short little ah-ah’s , each cutting the other one short.

He gains more tokens now as he’s getting close but Steve doesn’t even bother checking how much they are or what they write to him. Not now, not when the only thing he can bothered to do is chase his orgasm.

When his orgasm hits him, it hits him strong and hard, making him let out one final, long and drawn out moan. He cums over his hand and a little of it spills over his fist and onto the bed. As it finishes, Steve feels the strength leave his muscles and drain him. So he moves enough to have the toy slide out of him and lays down on the bed, breathing heavily and burning so hot that for a second he’s almost glad he’s alone and that nobody can touch him. That would have been too much.

“That was real nice,” Steve eventually murmurs to his viewers, dragging his cum stained fingers over his stomach which twitches away involuntarily against the touch. Tonight’s a short show. After that orgasm, Steve has absolutely no desire to continue and he imagines that everything will just be uncomfortable and hurt. But that’s alright, every now and then people can have a half day at work. “I really, really enjoyed myself,” he says, turning his head towards the camera and he gives them a sweet smile.




Steve comes out of the bathroom about forty-five minutes later, drying the hair at the nape of his neck with a towel and wearing fresh pajama pants and a t-shirt. The washing machine is already tumbling with the cover of the bed. He feels a little sore but nothing that won’t be gone in the morning. His own excitement had carried him away.

Draping the towel around his neck, Steve heads out to the main living area. Bucky doesn’t look up from his laptop, having nestled himself on the couch with a blanket in front of the television. And Steve doesn’t call out for him either. He goes to get himself a glass of water first and downs it, refills it, and then goes over to the couch. “Hey,” Steve says and pulls at one of the pillows to give him some space. Bucky looks to his side confused and then smiles when he sees Steve, tugging one of his headphones out of his ear.

“Hey,” Bucky says with that bright smile that only he can manage and grabs the sphynx cat that’s nestled in between Bucky’s legs and the blanket and lifts it. Hot Dog meows his disapproval. From Bucky’s other side, the other Spynx cat Hamburger lifts his head and looks at his brother. “Had a good show?”

“It was alright.” Steve drops himself down on the couch and leans against Bucky’s side, pulls the blanket over his legs and then takes over Hot Dog, placing him back on the blanket. “Short show. It was a little bit weird, auction at times. I gave them free reign but still had to coax what I had to do out of them.” Steve shrugs a little and pets Hot Dog who’s still blinking disapprovingly at Bucky for disturbing his nap.

“But you made enough to call it a night?” Bucky assumes, ignoring entirely what’s on his laptop and is still looking at Steve who smiles to him and nods, letting Hot Dog get up and resettle himself in Steve’s lap with a little flop. He presses his head against Steve’s hand to coax pets out of him.

“I did.” Steve smirks at him and gives Hot Dog what he wants and starts petting the cat. His skin feels leathery to the touch but Hot Dog starts to purr and stretches out his front legs, spreading his pads wide open. “Made about six hundred? Give or take. So not a crazy amount but good enough for an evening’s work. A short evening.” Steve chuckles a little, then turns his focus to Bucky’s laptop. “What have you been up to?”

“I,” Bucky begins and opens up his documents, “have been doing some research on everything that we need to get done and it’s a big fucking list.” Bucky laughs a little and taps the touchpad on his laptop twice to open up a pdf file. On the screen, a document opens, headlining twelve months+ to go and lists a variety of things to do with little checkboxes by each point. Bucky scrolls down, there’s several more categories over the months, until he eventually reaches the bottom of the four page long document. Then in one quick movement, he scrolls them right back up to top.

“We can do that,” Steve says and squints a little, leaning in a bit to see what’s written among the tasks for twelve months+ to go. He stops petting Hot Dog and moves Bucky’s hand away from the touchpad of the laptop, scrolling down to 10-11 months to go and 8-9 months to go. “The first bits don’t seem to hard though, should go by pretty fast. Pick the date and make guest lists and such.”

“We better manage,” Bucky says and moves his arm around Steve’s shoulders. He doesn’t sound annoyed but he does sound a little bit worried, maybe even a little bit stressed. “You’re the one who wants to get married in the summer and not wait until next year,” Bucky teases him a little and kisses Steve on the top of his head. Bucky’s left hand disappears by his side and there’s the rustle of a packet. When Bucky pulls his hand back out and opens his palm, he reveals a bunch of haribo bears. “Haribo?”

Steve takes one of them and pops it in his mouth. He sucks at it and scrolls down the list again. From 6-7 months to go and downwards, the list seems to grow with what needs to be done. And it is a little bit of a worrying sight to see that eventually the list changes to quite a quantity of things that need to be done three weeks before, two weeks before, one week before and even the day before. “Okay, so maybe it’ll be a bit tight but I think we can manage,” Steve says and surrenders the laptop back to Bucky. He continues to pet Hot Dog instead who starts purring again.

Bucky hums, his lips back against Steve’s head and presses another kiss against it. “You know when in July you want to get married?” Bucky asks him with a little grin. The little bit of worry that had been in his voice moments earlier is now entirely gone. The confident happy Bucky that makes Steve smile again is back.

“Early July, like, first half,” Steve says with a little nod, “But we shouldn’t have it too close to my birthday or people will be sick of celebrations. What day’s my birthday on this year?” Steve asks. Bucky makes another humming noise and moves the mouse with the trackpad over to the calendar in the bottom corner and clicks it.  He scrolls down to July.

“Fourth of July is on a Thursday, so that weekend is out. People will barely be over their hangovers by the sixth. We should have it in a weekend, I think?” Bucky pulls a face, Steve joins him in that. “I mean, d’you think most of them will have taken their summer vacations by then?” Steve shakes his head to indicate that he doesn’t have a clue. “Weekend after? The thirteenth?”

“Thirteenth of July,” Steve agrees with a nod, feeling himself break out in a grin. He’s going to get married on the thirteenth of July this year. “Buck, how many days until we get married? How many more times do I got to sleep?” he asks on a childish voice, like a child asking a parent how many more nights until Santa. Bucky snorts and opens a new tab. Within a minute, he’s typed in the date on the first readily available site.

“In about one hundred and twenty-three days, we’ll be married. If, if,” Bucky raises a finger at Steve as he smirks, “all goes well,”

“All will go well because I said so. Isn’t that like some unspoken law that nothing is supposed to go to hell on a wedding day?” Steve asks and looks back to the PDF file. “Print that out, I want to cross that little sucker out and put it on the fridge,” Steve says and taps the screen of the laptop with his finger nail. The first thing to do on their twelve months to go is Choose a date .

Bucky does as he’s asked and sends the document to their printer but doesn’t get up to get it just yet. The cats would complain if he moved and, more importantly, Steve would complain. Bucky’s hand disappears by his side again and he frowns. “Talk budget and decide who’s contributing? No one’s contributing, right? It’s our wedding,” Bucky says confused and opens up his palm again for Steve, offering him another Haribo. Steve shakes his head and Bucky tosses all of them into his mouth.

“Sometimes I’ve heard that the parents want to pay for something. I mean they did back in older days but...” Steve shrugs a little. “We don’t need yours paying for anything,”

“Mom’s gonna want to pay for the flowers though, knowing her. And dad’s gonna try to pay for an open bar to make sure that there is one,” Bucky points out. Steve snorts a little in response and nods. He can definitely see George paying for an open bar. And he knows Winnie well enough to know that she’d like to help out as well somehow and would love to do so with something that’s her passion.

“Well, why don’t we just assume we’re paying for everything and if they push, we can let them pay for something?” Steve suggests and looks back at Bucky. He’d feel guilty knowing that Bucky’s parents would pay for their wedding for a reason that he can’t quite explain. “How much does a wedding even cost?”

Bucky opens another tab and types in Steve’s question. The quick answer that google gives them is just above $33,000. “Somehow, I thought it’d be much more,” Bucky says. Steve nods in agreement. They easily have that amount stashed away on their savings, more even. They’re close to six figures in their bank account after buying the apartment together. Steve’s job pays well and Bucky’s even better. They shouldn’t have a problem paying for their wedding without having to worry.

“Want to cap it off at fifty? By the time the wedding happens, we’d have twice that in the account,” Steve suggests and looks at Bucky.His mother had taught him a lesson in his young years before she passed away which was that if you can’t afford the same thing twice then you can’t afford it at all. And it’s not like they’ll burn through fifty grand in one day. Bucky nods in agreement.

“You got two things you can cross out now,” he says with a smirk to Steve who beams at the idea of doing so. The list might be huge but damn is he looking forward to working down it over the next few months. “Discover your wedding style,” Bucky reads up next.

“We can do that tomorrow,” Steve suggests, though he’s already pretty confident in what sort of wedding he wants to have. The problem, he imagines, lies in explaining to Bucky what he has in mind without the use of images. He takes note that one of the checklist boxes are to make a pinterest board with pictures for inspiration and figures that he’ll find something there. For the most part, he and Bucky agree when it comes to those sort of things, it had been easy to decorate the apartment. They were on the same page and Steve thinks that it’ll be the same planning a wedding.

Bucky nods a bit and shuts his laptop, then leans over to place it on the table. In between his legs and chest, Hamburger lets out a meow in protest at being squished a little bit. Bucky rolls his eyes and digs out the bag of haribos, offers them to Steve who declines again, then empties the bag into his mouth and tosses the empty packet on the floor. “You tell your family yet?” Steve asks and lifts Hot Dog a little so he can turn against Bucky. Bucky shakes his head but seems to be of the same mind. He lifts Hamburger and twists on the couch so he’s laying on his back. Steve settles in between his legs.

“No, figured we’d tell them when we’re over there for dinner on Friday for my so called birthday celebration.” Bucky puts down Hamburger on Steve’s back. The first thing the cat does is sink his claws into his back which makes Steve hiss. Then the cat steps into a circle and lays down, naked tail over his nose. Hot Dog comes up to join his brother and curls up on Steve’s ass instead.

“Your mom is going to flip,” Steve says with a little grin, poking Bucky in his side and feels him trying to squirm underneath him. He can already imagine Winnie. She will probably cover her mouth and let out a shrill shriek, sharp enough to make George beside her deaf. True to his grumpy looking self, all George would do is complain that she blasted his ear drum out for the rest of the evening. Bucky lets out a groan at the idea and slaps a hand over his eyes. “She’ll be so happy about her little baby boy getting married.”

“Cut it out,” Bucky whines at Steve who just giggles. The ripples that he makes seem to annoy the cats enough to decide not to sleep on his back and ass and they both jump off him. Hamburger heads straight for the armchair and jumps up to sleep on the blanket put out especially for them. Hot Dog disappears from sight.

“She will be real happy for you though,” Steve says and shifts a little bit further up Bucky, giving him a light little kiss. “So excited, I think she might cry,” Steve tells him and means every single word that he says. Winnie would be the first to spill tears for them. “Your sisters will too.”

Bucky hums and strokes his fingers through Steve’s hair, smiling to him. “Yeah, they will be.” Bucky falls silent for a moment, looking at Steve with a curious little look, then he turns serious. “From what I’ve heard of her, your mom would be happy for you too. You know that right?” Bucky eventually says, real soft and gentle as if he’s careful of what impact the words will have. They upset Steve but he knows Bucky didn’t mean it like that, not at all.

That doesn’t stop it from stinging though. The idea that she won’t be there, watching him recite his vows and say I do to the man that he loves hurt. With one quick pang, he is overcome with the feeling that he misses her. So he presses his forehead against Bucky’s chest and shuts his eyes. “I know.”

Bucky doesn’t say anything for a little while. He just rubs little circles on Steve’s back and tells him that way that he didn’t mean to upset him. Steve knows that, he doesn’t think that Bucky tried to upset him on purpose. Bucky never does.




“Do you want to tell them or do you want to tell them together?” Steve asks as he steps out of the elevator and follows Bucky down the hallway. Steve has his hands shoved in the pockets of his jean jacket, freezing from the cold outside. Why it’s necessary to snow in March, he doesn’t understand.

Bucky on the other hand doesn’t seem to be too phased by the cold. In fact, he walked around in nothing but a jean jacket to keep him warm most of the winter months, earning him a bunch of looks from onlookers on the streets, packed with clothing as he strolled by without a care in the world. Having lived through Russian winters for the past decade before, Bucky now finds that the winter months are warm in Brooklyn.

“We should tell them together,” Bucky declares after a moment of thinking, then looks at Steve over his shoulder. “I think that'd be best. It’s about the both of us, right? Not just me, you should tell them with me.” Bucky stops in front of the door to his parents’ apartment. Steve can hear the noise that the Barnes family is making through the thick metal door and smiles to him. By the sound of it, all of Bucky’s sisters are already there which makes Steve wonder if Rebecca brought her boyfriend along.

Bucky smiles at him and pulls Steve in by his jacket, tugs at it a little to adjust it and then gives him a light kiss. “You ready?” he asks in a soft tone, almost as if it’s the first time ever that he’ll get to meet Bucky’s parents. Steve chuckles a little bit and sneaks in another little peck.

“You don’t think they’ll notice our rings?” he asks. Bucky shakes his head and looks at his own ring on his left hand. It’s the same as Steve’s own, the same plain silver with no engravings. The only difference is that Bucky’s ring is a little bit wider than Steve’s own but it suits him best that way. Steve’s looking forward finding the ideal wedding ring with Bucky and wonders if Bucky would agree to have some sort of engraving on their wedding rings because their engagement rings are kept plain.

“Nah, it’s not unusual for me to wear rings and I’d be very surprised if they noticed you wearing one,” Bucky says with a shrug and lowers his hand again. “Come on, let’s get going,” Bucky says and kisses Steve’s cheek before fishing the keys out of his back pocket. How Bucky dares to walk around with a set of keys in the back pocket of his jeans, Steve will never understand.

Bucky puts the key in the lock and twists it to let them in rather than to ring the doorbell. The sound erupts already in the hallway. There’s a fiery discussion going on between the twins that Steve doesn’t even bother making out. Bucky’s father George is somewhere in the living room, Steve guesses, talking with another male voice that Steve’s only heard a handful of times. Turns out Rebecca did bring her boyfriend along. He can hear Rebecca bickering with her mother in the kitchen. The only one that acknowledges their sudden appearance is Bita, Judith’s dog.

The claws of the little striped basenji clatter against the wooden floor as he races towards them. Attempts to make his curled tail wag and then dashes off again, skidding a little on the floor as he goes back to the kitchen to beg for some food. Bucky rolls his eyes with an amused expression and glances at Steve before he heads into the kitchen. Soon enough, Winnie exclaims from the kitchen. “Birthday boy is here!”

“Mom, stop,” Bucky whines but when Steve makes it into the kitchen, Bucky is already hugging his mother. Steve chuckles a little and leans in over the counter to see what snacks she’s preparing. Finds that she’s already focusing on the food and steals a carrot instead. Rebecca winks at Steve and nibbles at her own carrot.

“You’re thirty now. How does that feel?” Rebecca teases Bucky and pokes him in his side which makes Bucky squirm away from her, rubbing his side and glaring at her cautiously. Judging if there are any more attacks that he should ward off. Steve giggles a bit, not certain if the disapproving look is because of the comment on Bucky’s age or the tickle attack.

“I’ll be sure to tell you. In two years,” Bucky retorts to her in an almost childish manner, reminding her of her own age. Rebecca just waves his hand at him in response and shifts to stand against Steve now when Winnie opens the fridge.

“Stop it,” she threatens her two eldest and takes a pot out of the fridge, putting it back on the stove. Like magic, it shuts both of the eldest Barnes children up from what would undoubtedly escalate to a childish little war. “How’s the work for the gallery going, Steve? All good?” she asks and turns on the stove before looking at him. Steve gives her a stupid expression at first before he realises what she’s on about.

“Oh.” Steve swallows down his mouthful of carrot and coughs once. The clattering of claws hints of the dog racing into the kitchen and then races back out this time with Bucky chasing him. “It’s going good, just need to finish two more paintings and let them dry. But I have enough time for those so everything is still on schedule. It’s exciting.” Steve grins, hardly able to believe it that he’s about to have his own and first gallery showing in one go. He’s not even sharing the gallery with some other artists. No, the owner wanted a full exhibit of his works. “There’ll be an auction on some works,” Steve tells the two women in the kitchen with a nod, feeling incredibly proud of himself.

“Oh, really?” Winnie beams at that little bit of news and smiles widely to him. “I’m so happy for you, Steve. You’ve been working so hard. It’ll be nice for you to see that work being paid off. Who knows, maybe it’s a change of career in the future, maybe one of these days you’ll be a painter and an artist,” Winnie trails off. Steve nods with a happy little smile.

“That’s the plan, you know. For when and if I ever quit,” Steve shrugs. He’s glad that Bucky was open from day one with his parents what Steve did for a living. Though he still recalls the event as rather painful. It had been a dinner with his family when Steve was still getting to know them. All of a sudden, George had just turned to Steve and asked what he did for a living.

Steve had turned bright red at the question and stammered, not knowing what to respond to that. He hadn’t talked with Bucky about it, hadn’t asked him what he wanted him to tell them. If it was best to keep it a lie and come up with something, or if it was best to say it gently. He had panicked and looked at Bucky who had calmly told his parents that Steve streamed online. Winnie, bless her heart, had just looked confused at Bucky and asked ‘What, like those gamers?’

Bucky had laughed at that and told her no, not like those gamers. Everyone around the table had been quiet for a moment and then watched as the revelation made itself clear to Winnie. How her expression changed when she realised just what Bucky meant that he streamed. Steve had felt himself burn up and wanted to sink under the floorboards at that.

George had broken the ice after that while Winnie was still trying to make it work in her head. All George had to say about the matter, and that had settled it instantly, was ‘Well, as long as you can pay your rent, are debt free and make him and yourself happy, then you do what you have to do ’ which had been rather surprising to hear. Steve had still been intimidated by the large and stern looking man. So to hear him say that he didn’t care what sort of job Steve did as long as he made those four requirements was a bit of a surprise. Steve has made sure to keep up with those requirements since that day. He pays his rent, he’s debt free, he’s happy, and he makes sure Bucky is too.

Steve would never have guessed it back then but the next hour, he wound up explaining the policy behind how he gets paid on Chaturbate and how he’s able to make a living off it. Something which fascinated both Winnie and George at how the site still made money all while Steve was earning, like it was any other job on the planet. It had been quite a relief.

“That’s good. Backup plans are always good to have. Back up plans, retirement plans and stocks. That’s three plans everyone should have in their life,” Winnie declares and then glares at her oldest daughter. “You hear that, Becca? You should think of those three plans you know,” she huffs and begins to stir the sauce. Steve just smirks at Becca who rolls her eyes at her mother.

Steve leaves the two women to be and heads back out to the hall. The argument between Judith and Doris is still going on in one of their old bedrooms, even if it has calmed down to a heated discussion by now. Steve decides that he wants no part of it and leaves them be until they’ve sorted it out between them. The twins wouldn’t see him until they’re finished spitting fire at one another anyway. He finds Bucky in the living room, now cradling the dog against his chest as he listens in on the conversation between George and Jahan.

Steve doesn’t hear what it’s about at first but the moment he hears the mention of the word taxes, he loses interest and focuses on the dog in Bucky’s arms instead. Bita makes a noise when Steve scratches her stomach and starts to squirm in Bucky’s arms though he doesn’t let go. Whatever sort of taxes the conversation is about, it seems to interest him and he has an input to give.

About five minutes later, Winnie finishes whatever she was doing in the kitchen and comes out, carrying two bowls with snacks and Rebecca on her heels, carrying a third bowl. “Alright now, that’s enough, boys. No more business talk,” Winnie tells her husband and puts the bowls down on the coffee table. “Judy, Doris! Give it a fucking rest and come out here!” she calls out to her youngest daughters and then sinks down in the armchair that no one but her is allowed to sit in.

Bucky puts Bita down on the floor and she races off again, then Bucky goes to sit down on the long couch and pulls Steve down with him. Steve goes willingly and leans against him, taking Bucky’s hand as the others arrange themselves in the remaining seats. There’s only one spot left in the couch by the time the twins (both flushed from their argument) come out and they race for it. Judith wins with a triumphant ha and Doris is degraded to the floor.

She doesn’t seem to mind too much though. Her dog comes over to sit down beside her and she’s the first one to dive a fist into the bowl of chips then toss a few pieces in her mouth. Bucky raises the hand that Steve holds and brings it down against his thigh and breaks the silence. “We have something to tell you all before we get started on the party.”

“Which one of you is pregnant?” Judith teases with a little smirk and reaches for some nuts from the smallest bowl.

“Actually, we have decided to adopt. One kid from each content and then all of yours because we thought to ourselves, let’s save those kids from Judie’s clutches and shitty music taste too,” Bucky shoots back without flinching and stares his youngest sister down, the other two start to giggle.

“Please tell me you two haven’t decided on moving back to Russia,” Winnie says with a slight hint of fear in her voice. George seems to be unphased and just stretches out his legs, resting both of his hands on top of each other on his stomach. “You’ve barely been here for a year!” Winnie continues as if they just admitted to moving back. Steve finds himself smiling and looks down at their hands, spotting Bucky’s ring around his finger. And here he thought they would have been able to tell.

“We’re not moving to Russia. That’d be like suicide for us, mom, come on.” Bucky looks over at his mother with a incredulous glare. Steve giggles again and rests his head against his hand, looking at Bucky with an amused expression as he tries to navigate himself through his family’s guesses.

“You’re getting married,” Jahan guesses, speaking up for the first time since the entire Barnes family came to sit down in the living room. Everybody looks at him and Jahan visibly sinks down a little in his spot, suddenly terrified of having spoken out of turn. The silence is broken by a shriek from Winnie, letting out all of her joy before Bucky or Steve even confirm it. But at the shriek, Bucky and Steve can’t help but break out in grins and nod.

Winnie is on Steve in a flash, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in for a tight hug against her chest. Steve has to let go of Bucky’s hand to hold onto her. When she lets go, she steps over Steve’s legs and goes to hug Bucky whom she hugs tighter and longer. Judith gets up from the floor and comes over to hug Steve herself, giving him her congratulations.

For a moment, the volume in the room goes up to max as everyone is talking and congratulating them. Even George is smiling uncharacteristically big for him, giving Steve a hard knock on the shoulder. No matter what, George doesn’t hug but by now, Steve’s come to know the man well enough that he knows he’s absolutely overjoyed by the news.

“When? How? I will murder you if you kept this a secret from us, James,” Winnie threatens as she squeezes herself on the couch in between Bucky and Rebecca. Steve shifts a little as Bucky scoots closer and puts his legs over Bucky’s who puts a hand on them. On the other side of the couch, Rebecca murmurs a complaint to Doris to move her ass and the dog is trying to come into the midst of the excitement.

“We didn’t keep nothing a secret!” Bucky defends himself. She narrows her eyes at him and then looks at Steve to confirm, to take his side. Which Steve of course would, married or not married.

“We didn’t keep it a secret. It’s recent and we didn’t want to tell you over the phone. We both felt like today would be a good day since everybody would be here,” Steve tells her. It seems to soothe Winnie a little bit. She would have murdered them if they told her over the phone. She would have murdered them if they came over to tell them at a time when the sisters weren’t there.

“I asked him this Sunday.” Bucky breaks out in a grin and looks at Steve. “When we were out for dinner for my birthday, asked him if he would marry me when we were walking down the piers.” Bucky looks at him with so much love that it radiates from him. A mixture of pure happiness and pride, like Steve is a black hole in space, attracting every little bit of focus to him.

“Look at the ring,” Steve offers and extends his left hand for Winnie to see. She takes his fingers and pulls Steve’s hand closer to look at the silver ring that currently adorns his ring finger.

“Did it cost you two months wages, Buck?” George chimes in but he is leaning forward in his own corner to have a look at the ring. All three sisters attempt to do the same. Only Jahan stays behind a little with Bita now in his lap and scratches her. Bucky flushes a little which tells Steve that the ring didn’t cost two months wages but he doesn’t really care. He still loves it.

“It’s a lovely ring.” Winnie smiles at Steve and lets go of Steve’s hand. Steve leans against the back of the couch and he moves his hand behind Bucky’s back so Rebecca and Doris can have a better look. “Have you decided on a date yet? Or are you going to do the thing where you’re engaged for five or ten years before getting married?” She squints at them, hinting that she’s not up to mood to wait that long for the actual event.

“We have a date,” Steve declares, keeping them in suspension for a little while as Bucky takes his hand again. Winnie looks at him with those bright blue eyes that are so alike Bucky’s own. He can’t keep them waiting, not more than they’ve already have. They’ve tortured her enough for one day. “We’re getting married on the thirteenth of July,”

“What? This year?” George asks and leans in, as if he’s not quite certain what he heard to begin with. Steve nods his response and George looks even more surprised, if that’s even possible.

“Steve wanted to get married in the summer and didn’t want to wait until next year so July it is,” Bucky says with a confirming nod. Not trying to throw Steve under the bus and he doesn’t get that feeling from it either. Instead, all that Steve feels from hearing that is Bucky taking his side and defending his choice. George shrugs and seems satisfied with that explanation.

“Well, I suppose you and I got married three months after I asked,” George says and takes a sip from his beer. Winnie nods at that but still seems thoughtful. Steve bites down on the inside of his cheek, worried that she’ll have some sort of commentary on how it’ll be difficult to throw a wedding together in less than four months.

“I will have to find a nice summer dress,” is all that Winnie says though. She pats Bucky’s knee and pulls herself up from the couch to go over to her armchair that no one has dared to occupy in her absence from it. “Let me know as soon as you two have decided on what colour scheme you’re going with, okay? I will have to find something nice.”

“Does this mean we get to be your bridesmaids… groomsmaids?” Rebecca asks them both, now shifting to sit more comfortably on the couch. Bucky shrugs in response and looks at Steve who pulls a face in response.

“I don’t know. We haven’t really thought that much about all that sort of stuff yet. We’ve just done the very basic things of our checklist,” Steve confesses to them, feeling how Bucky’s thumb strokes the inside of his wrist. All they really managed to do during the week since they had printed the list was to create a wedding website. Bucky hadn’t liked any of the free options they found online and they both felt too stingy to pay for it when Bucky mentioned he could do better. It had taken him a day and half a night but sure enough, Bucky launched a wedding website that was by far nicer, even if they still aren’t entirely sure what to do with it.

They have started making a list of caterers, florists, photographers (and settled on one to take their engagement pictures which Bucky found a little bit ridiculous but he had gone along with it for Steve’s sake), a couple of musicians. Done a quick google at wedding venues, contacted most of their friends and started a guest list which they have put up on their fridge so they can scribble down names whenever they come up with them. It feels like they have done quite a lot since Tuesday evening and have already crossed out eight out of the fifteen points from the 12 months+ to go checklist.

“Bita volunteers as ring bearer!” Doris says and stretches out the front legs of the dog. At some point, Bita had relocated to her instead and now she looks at Doris like she’s crazy. Bucky chuckles and shakes his head.

“That dog will race down the aisle and then up it again and no one will have a chance to even see the rings, let alone will we have the chance to take them off her. No, Bita does not get to be ring bearer,” Bucky tells her instantly. Doris scoffs and lowers Bita’s legs again. The dog twists her head and attempts to bite down on Doris hand and makes a noise while she’s at it.

“You know who should be ring bearer?” Winnie interrupts but Bucky cuts her off with an answer before she can continue.

“Someone that Steve and I decide on,” he says in a low tone, looking at his mother. She closes her mouth and drops her hand, taking back all she intended to say with her suggestion. Secretly, Steve is glad that Bucky halted it. Steve loves Winnie with all his heart but he is fully aware of how she would only get more and more invested in the planning of their wedding if they let her.

“I’m happy for you both,” George breaks the silence in between all of them, preventing a layer of uncomfortable stillness falling over them. “I’m happy you found one another and I’m happy you’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together with one another,” he says with a sweet smile that Steve can’t remember ever having seen. It makes him feel both warm and accepted by the Barnes family. He has felt so for a long time but it somehow feels real now.

“Thank you,” Steve says and squeezes Bucky’s hand, feeling how the other squeezes him back. They steal a look at one another. Bucky with that smug little smirk of his. He leans in and kisses Steve on his cheek.

“Just one question,” Judith says and raises her hand like she’s in class. In her other hand, she holds her phone. Both Bucky and Steve look at her. “We can tell others, right? It’s not supposed to be a secret?” Both Bucky and Steve shake their heads, then she grins and raises her phone. “I’m posting this shit on facebook, smile!” she tells them before she snaps the picture.

She posts it and then gets asked to drop it in the family group chat. She does as she’s asked and when everybody confirms that they’ve received the picture, Bucky declares that now they can go on with his birthday party because he wants to open his presents and he wants to play games. So for the rest of the evening, that’s exactly what they do and they celebrate Bucky in the best way they can manage. Which turns out to be rather hilarious when Bucky gets gifted a card game called Drunk Stoned or Stupid. They play it until late into the night and Steve feels how the muscles in his stomach have worked themselves beyond exhaustion with all the giggling and laughing that they’ve done.

It’s taken him a while, he thinks. But in the end, Steve has found himself a new family to belong to and is going to build his own branch from it with Bucky.