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So kalt die Nacht, so warm dein Herz

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The day Gavin arrived home was a blessing. How he even managed not to completely lose his mind in the hospital was a mystery to him, or perhaps it was the presence of Connor and Tina who had kept him sane over the last few days.

He took a deep breath after he closed his apartment door behind him, and let out a sigh while he looked around, a fine layer of dust had settled on every surface, his apartment definitely needed a thorough cleaning.

"C'mon, we can clean this later. Go take a shower." It was as if the android had read his damn mind. Arms wrapped around him from behind, and Connor pressed his chest against his back, while kissing the skin behind his left ear.

Gavin could never get enough of the feeling of Connor's lips against his skin, because it always left a tingling sensation behind that threatened to overwhelm him with desire.

Before he left to take his shower, he showed Connor around his apartment. It wasn't anything special, but suited him perfectly. Connor seemed to be particularly interested in his book collection, which he still looked at as Gavin made his way to the bathroom.

The hot water from the shower worked out the tension that seeped into him like poison on the car drive home. He still couldn't believe that Connor loved him, the android assured him time and time again, that this was not some kind of dream. It was almost as if Connor could tell every time Gavin started to have self-doubts.

The last relationships he had lasted no more than a few months and always ended with him getting hurt. Sometimes even more than just emotionally.

At some point, his soul felt so damaged that he could no longer trust anyone, he lost the ability to let strangers near him for longer periods, in fear of getting hurt or betrayed, but Connor was different.

The android, ever so slowly, managed to get under his skin, and then wormed his way into his heart, slowly healing the invisible scars others left behind.

Eventually the water got cold and he had to step out, he dried himself of and put on some clean clothes.

When he looked in to the mirror he frowned. His shirt, which had previously fitted him perfectly, was now too big, he had lost a lot of fat and muscle mass during his stay in the hospital.

All in all, he was sick looking, so pale that the scar on his nose was much more prominent than usual and he was much too thin for his own liking.

He stepped out of the bathroom and heard Connor humming in the bedroom.

Gavin's face grew red as he thought about the android digging around in his closet, he kicked himself mentally, he had promised himself, and Tina, after she roasted him at the hospital for being an idiot, to let Connor in, to at least try not to push him away. 

Gavin closed his eyes briefly and followed the humming sound Connor made. He came to a stop at the doorframe to watch the android before him.

Connor had changed his clothes too, and now he was wearing one of Gavin's old t-shirt and shorts, if he hadn't been so damn tired, he could have watched Connor for hours.

It would be their first night together outside the hospital, each night Connor had stayed with him, either sitting by his bed or lying on the bed with him, and Gavin had loved the feeling of security and warmth that emanated from the other.

Smiling, he made his way over to the android, who sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard. As soon as he reached the side of his, their, bed, Connor took hold of his hands and pulled. 

A choked of laugh left him, when he landed on Connor, who looked up at him with a big smile on his face.

Suddenly, Gavin was very aware of the position he was in, his own legs sprawled between Connor's, while the android's knees were slightly bent, effectively trapping him on top of the other.

Heat shot through his whole body as Connor placed a tender kiss on his lips. A hand began to travel up his back, and his skin began to burn with pleasure. He wondered what it would feel like without the thin fabric of his shirt between them.

His own hands started to explore the perfectly smooth skin underneath him, it felt like silk.

Sinful... and all his.

A loud moan that spilled from his mouth was swallowed as they deepened their kiss, Gavin pressed himself even more against his lover, rolling his hips a little, feeling Connor push back against him at the same time.

"Ahhhh, Con ~, I love you ... love you so much. " Brown, with arousal dilated eyes, stared into his own, and Connor whispered words of love every time there lips parted.

Strong arms wrapped around his back, pressing him down, taking control over him. Gavin loved it, the feeling of Connor's tongue exploring the insides of his mouth, leaving him desperate, and moaning for more. He tensed in anticipation, wanting more, so much more...

He wanted those hands everywhere, while at the same time he longed to taste every inch of the android's body.

The urge to make Connor moan, squirm, and beg almost drove him crazy.

Unexpectedly, the pleasure he felt came to an abrupt end, when his muscles in his abdomen tightened in a cramp, a pain filled noise left him, as tearing pain threatened to rip his innards to shreds.

All of the air in his lungs left him in a sudden rush as he arched against the body under him and then he slumped down completely.

Dazed, he felt himself being moved, slowly and carefully, until his heated skin of his back connected with the cool mattress. Owww, fuck, what the hell was that?...the pain almost drove tears into his eyes.

"Gavin?!" oh, right Connor was here too. The android's hands cradled his head, fingers caressing along his skin.

"Gavin, I need you to breath slowly, you're starting to hyperventilate. Breath slowly, in .... and out. Again, in .... out-" It took a few minutes until his breath evened out and the pain gradually subsided.

Something, what felt like a heating pad, gently pushed against his new scar on his abdomen.

...oh, that was what had hurt all of a sudden.

"Gavin, are you okay?" He slowly looked up, Connor's face was filled with worry and something almost indefinable, was it guilt? "Gavin?! I'm sorry I hurt you, I should have been mo-!"

"Whoa, whoa, Connor stop right there. I'm alright, it's not the first time I got hurt, I should have known better." Connor shifted as he sat up beside his hip. Cool air hit his skin when Connor raised his t-shirt to get a better look at the surgical scar.

"We put too much of a strain on it. You need more time to heal. I know you don't want to hear it, but I am sorry, I should have known that the wound hasn't healed well enough yet." Gavin let out a hum as the android leaned forward to place a kiss on the scar, he didn't want to argue about who was at fault.

He just settled with, they were both idiots...again.  

"I will get you some painkillers and then we should get some rest." Connor pressed another few kisses on his abdomen before he left.

After he took the pills, Connor and him lay side by side under the covers, and after a few moments he scooted as close as possible against Connor. The feeling of a heated hand, that once again, found its place over his scar, made him curious.

Gavin raised his own hand to caress over Connor's hot skin. "What are you doing Connor? That doesn't damage or hurt you, does it?"

Connor shook his head and smiled at him. "No, I can raise my internal temperature at will, it won't damage me. The warmth helps to relieve the pain a bit."

"Thanks Con." He mumbled, pressing one last kiss against Connor's lips, before he let his head rest against the android's chest, where he could hear the humming sound of the androids heart.

Not even a few minutes went by until Gavin fell asleep, pain almost forgotten, safe in his lover's embrace.


If anyone had asked Gavin a few months ago if he believed in something like a soulmate or not, he would have laughed for sure.

Now however, he was certain that something like this existed, and Gavin was lucky enough to have found his.

He would hold onto Connor for as long as he could, because if there was one thing  that Gavin had learned through the accident, then it was that life was too short.

So he would cherish every day, minute, second of it, together with Connor at his side.