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So kalt die Nacht, so warm dein Herz

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When Gavin woke up next time, he could still hear the overly annoying sound of the heart monitor. So he was still here, just great.

His body felt hollowed out and stuffed with cotton, and after a few moments, his drowsy brain had finally figured out that he could move his body again!

He started slowly, wiggling his toes, moving his head slowly from side to side. His eyes were still closed as he stopped moving, something was wrapped around his left hand?

Gavin opened his eyes, blinking a few times to get his eyes to clear, and his heart made weird move in his chest.

There, right beside his bed, sat Connor, almost tipping out of the chair, fast asleep. The android looked horrible. Connor's hair was a mess, clothes rumbled, his LED a dark yellow, almost red. He looked completely exhausted, Gavin didn't even know that was possible at all.

Gavin let his gaze wander to his left hand, it was gripped firmly by the android, he slowly pulled his hand away, and caressed the back of Connor's hand, in hope of waking him.

After a few moments of drawing meaningless circles, Connor began to stir. 

"Connor?" Gavin voice sounded terrible, rough and weak.  

Unexpectedly, Connor jumped up from his chair and almost tilted over.

Gavin entwined their fingers tightly, as if he could stop the android from falling, should he fail to regain his balance.

The android must have been so deep in stasis, he needed seconds to figure out why he woke up, and when he did, Gavin's name left his mouth like a prayer, and Connor's warm brown eyes drowned in tears. 

""  Gavin could see the hesitation on Connor's face, he could see that the android was torn between hugging him, and standing there like the stupid, sweet, crying, lovable tin can he was.

So he made the decision for Connor, he scooted over a bit, tugged at the hand still gripped in his, and pulled the android onto the side of his bed.

They both lay on their sides as full-blown sobs worked through the android in his arms, every whine from Connor's mouth broke his heart. 

Gavin tried to press the android closer but his muscles were weak and sluggish.

"Connor, what's wrong? Please stop crying. Are you ok?" Connors face was pressed to his chest, the answers he got were muffled. Words like 'your awake, I'm sorry you got hurt, please don't leave' reached him. 

"Don't... Don't do this, please Con. Don't blame yourself. I'm here and i won't leave you. Shhhh." Gavin's eyes grew moist, but he tried to hold back his own tears.

So many things that went through his head right now, Connor was alive and here in his arms, he himself seemed to be alright too, though extremely tired.

He pushed his nose in Connor's hair and inhaled deeply. 

Connor leaned back a bit, and looked into his eyes, a slight blue blush spread over the android's skin. "Gavin, I know this may come unexpected, and you may reject me for this, but I love you, I love you so much. I thought I would lose you, you died in Hank's house. Your heart just, I-. I held your hand in mine, and your heart just stopped beating. I panicked, I just sat beside you and panicked, while the paramedics revived you." 

Gavin tensed when he heard had died, he didn't remember anything. But what really got his brain to freeze was that Connor loved him, he could't believe it. Was that a kind of coma dream?

Meanwhile the android stopped crying and Gavin could see pure love in those brown eyes, a warm feeling spread through his chest. No, this was not a dream, it just felt too real

Connor scooted up a bit, so they laid face to face, only inches apart.

Normally, he felt uncomfortable when people got too close to him, with the exception of Tina, but not this time. Connor's body so close to his made him feel safe.

"Afterwards, there were complications during your emergency surgery, and you fell into a coma, I waited two weeks for you to wake up."

Fucking hell, two weeks? Tina will kick his ass when he sees her, or rip his damn head off.  He was not looking forward to this.

"I contacted Tina that you're awake. I should leave. I'm sorry, I- I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. " When Connor sighed, and moved away to leave,  Gavin stiffened, he didn't want him to go. He tightened his arms around Connor as much as possible, and the android looked at him questioningly.

"Why me Connor? I was an asshole to you, and I am pretty sure you can do so much better, you could have anyone. I'm not good enough, I - ..." Connor shifted against him, closer, so close their noses almost touched.

"Gavin, " Connor spoke in a soft tone, his artificial breath was like a gentle kiss over his lips, "Please, just tell me, do you feel the same way about me?"

He did, he really did.

"Jesus Connor, yes! A thousand times yes. For so long now. I was just, I thought you would never -, I love you too, so much." Gavin pushed his lips against Connor's.

For a few seconds the androids lips remained almost unmoving against his own, but then he felt him kiss back. They kissed until Gavin had to stop, to take a deep breath, and Connor's brown eyes looked at him like he had just hung the moon and stars.

Gavin huffed let his forehead rest against Connor's "We are both idiots, aren't we?" Connor leaned in again, to leave a kiss against his lips, those damn lips could keep kissing him forever, so soft and warm against his. Each time their skin connected, his heart skipped a beat, he could have sworn that he was also able to hear that on the heart monitor, and was surprised that no nurse had rushed in to see if he was alright. Maybe Connor had manipulated that thing?

Sudden tiredness overcame him, and he could not suppress a yawn. He didn't want to sleep yet, he just woke up, kissing and holding Connor in his arms was much more important.

"Rest Gavin, I will be here when you wake up again. I love you."

"Hmmm, I love you too, Con."

As he fell asleep, he could feel Connor's fingers caressing over his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp.  


Tina was just about to head to the hospital, when she got Connor's massage that Gavin was awake.

She grinned at her phone. Finally! 

Finally she could kick Gavin's ass for making her worry so much, because of him, she would get gray hair before she turned forty.

Tina remembered that Hank said that Connor was with Gavin.

She looked at him, he must have gotten the message too, so she made her way over. "Hank, let's go to the hospital together, you can check on Connor, while I beat up Gavin."

After they arrived at the Hospital, and walked through the door to Gavin's room, Tina could hear Hank snort beside her. She had to suppress a laugh herself too, she got her phone out of her pocket and took a picture. 

Gavin and Connor were lying on the bed, arms wrapped around each other, legs entwined, fast asleep. 

"Fucking finally," Tina turned to Hank and raised an eyebrow. 

"Connor and Gavin dancing around each other was getting on my damn nerves. Do you now how many minutes a day Connor kept looking over to him, when he wasn't looking?" Hank huffed at her smirk. 

"Do you want to wake Connor up?"  Tina thought about waking Gavin too, so she could scream at him, but decided against it. She could do this later. 

"No, let them sleep, they need it." 

Before Tina went after Hank, she let her eyes roam over the two once more. She hoped that her best friend would finally be as happy as he deserved to be. She smiled as she closed the door behind her.