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What A Good Puppy

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Sure, it was embarrassing and he was somewhat terrified of being discovered but as he crawled on his hands and knees along the rough concrete path, hardly even noticing the tiny bits of gravel and debris grinding against his skin, gently lead along by the leash connected to the thick leather collar around his neck, his cock rock hard, aching, and dribbling a steady stream of precum that left a dotted trail on the path, Midoriya couldn’t bring himself to voice any protests to this humiliating situation. Completely naked, his clothes left in a neat pile in the back of Todoroki’s car, a large dildo with a tail haphazardly attached to the bottom of it shoved deep in his ass, rubbing enticing against the pulsing, twitching interior walls with his every movement, sending unsatisfactory zips of pleasure up his spine, walking on all floors like a dog, burning with an incredible heat that was both blissful and shameful, he distantly wondered what he would do if someone caught them.

They were in a public park. It was very late at night, around three in the morning when he last checked his phone before this walk got started but there was always a chance. If someone were to see him like this, what would he do? What could he do? It was no use, he couldn’t think straight. His ass was aching for something more than just a dildo. His cock was so painfully hard that he wanted to just plop down on the walkway and jerk off. His fingers twitched, begging to be wrapped around his throbbing length. Still, he fought against it. Glancing up at the broad figures of Todoroki and Kacchan, the question of where all of this was going floated across his hazy mind. When Todoroki had woken him up in the middle of the night for some ‘fun’, he thought it’d be the usual activity: over to Kacchan’s dorm, stripped and fucked until the sun came up. The usual Friday night adventure, one that he’d been looking forward to all day.

This…this was far beyond anything he was thinking of. Walking in the park like a dog, a fluff of fur sticking out of his ass and a collar around his neck, the cool night air pleasantly nipping at his exposed skin, so stupidly turned on by this humiliating scenario that he couldn’t think straight, wanting nothing more than Todoroki and Kacchan to stop walking already and fuck him, even if it was out in the open where anyone might stumble across them – it was bamboozling. Where had these two even gotten an idea like this? Definitely Kacchan’s, that much was for certain – he was always the kinkier one who wanted to try everything under the sun. Well, whatever, he supposed, wincing slightly when his knee landed on a particularly sharp rock fragment, even though it was immensely embarrassing to admit he…he was enjoying himself.

But…he really was getting to the end of his rope. The further the walk, the more turned on he became. Every time the thought that they might get caught fluttered across his brain, his cock twitched in excitement, sending a wave of heat rolling through him. Sweat rolled down his back and sides, completely undeterred by the cool night air. Biting his bottom lip, swallowing down plea after plea for these two to show mercy already, Midoriya gasped softly, his hopeful gaze flickering upwards when Todoroki and Kacchan stopped. Glancing down at him with a mischievous glint in his dark eyes, the corners of his lips turning up in a warm, fond smile, Kacchan reached down to gently pet his head, a gesture that Midoriya eagerly leaned into.

“Good puppy.” Kacchan cooed, then looked over to Todoroki, “I think that’s far enough, don’t you?”

Todoroki glanced around, then nodded, “Yeah, any further and we might wear our pup out before playtime can start.”

Midoriya’s heartrate picked up. Trying very hard not to look to impatient, his gaze darting between the two of them, he watched, holding his breath in anticipation, as both men began to tug open their pants, quickly going through the motions and pulling out their big, fat, dripping cocks. It took all his willpower to not simply throw himself at them, swallowing up whichever cock he got to first. If his tail had been real, it would have been waggling furiously at that point. Trembling with excitement and eagerness, he inhaled sharply when Kacchan tugged him over to the nearby bench. With a strength that was both startling and familiar, he yanked Midoriya up into his lap, large hands slipping underneath his knees as his back collided with a warm, sturdy, beefy chest. Spreading his legs wide open, fully exposing his indecent, lewd parts to Todoroki, who whistled low in appreciation, Kacchan ran his hot tongue up the curve of Midoriya’s neck, nipping playfully at his earlobe.

“We’ve got something special for you tonight, pup.” Kacchan whispered into his ear, making him shiver. “Something I think you’re gonna love.”

Todoroki’s hands slid over his bare chest, leaving trails of heated tingling all over the surface of his skin. When one of those hot, sweaty, calloused palms brushed over his nipple, Midoriya shuddered hard, his head falling back as he let out a breathy moan. Leaning down to lightly press his lips to Midoriya’s, the corners of his lips curling up in a small, excited smile, Todoroki breathed, “You’re so fucking cute, little pup.”

“He’s about to be even cuter.” Kacchan chuckled, reaching down to wrap his fingers around the tail protruding out of Midoriya’s ass. With one smooth tug, he slid the plug out. Shivering, his heart racing, burning with an incredible, overwhelming heat, Midoriya panted, hips trembling, as Kacchan lead the head of his fat cock to his twitching entrance. There was no warning, no ‘hey, I’m about to shove it in you’ – Kacchan just thrust up, driving the entirety of his length inside of Midoriya’s hungry ass. He took him all in easily, gobbling up every last inch. A loud, keening moan rippled out of him. Rolling his hips, grinding Kacchan’s cock against the interior of his ass, Midoriya was so wrapped up in finally having a cock inside him that he hardly even noticed Todoroki stepping forward, bringing the head of his cock to Midoriya’s already stuffed full entrance. He only realized it when he felt the hot tip nudging against him.

Jerking in surprise, he had just enough time to look up to see Todoroki’s wide grin then he was slamming his hips forward, shoving his as equally big cock inside of Midoriya’s ass. Crying out loudly, his eyes stretched wide, mouth hanging open, Midoriya was given no time to adjust to suddenly having two massive lengths inside his butt. Todoroki and Kacchan began to pound into him, fucking his ass with the usual ferocity that sent him jolting back and forth between them. Gripping tightly onto Todoroki’s shoulder, a loud, steady streams of moans and mews pouring out of him, Midoriya couldn’t find any rhythm, couldn’t find his usual steadiness as he was fucked by both of them. The sensation of having both inside at the same time…it was too intense! His ass! His ass was stuffed so incredibly full! Just one of them was more than enough to satisfy him but this! This…oh, this was going to ruin him.

Tongue hanging out of his mouth, his eyes heavy lidded and unfocused, drool pouring down his chin, his cock violently swinging back and forth as those two gorgeous men pummeled his ass with their incredible cocks, Midoriya bucked hard against them. Good…good, good, it felt so good! His ass was so full! He was being stretched so impossibly open and it felt amazing! More, more, he wanted them to fuck him like this even more! He wanted them to ruin him! To ruin his ass! To drive him insane with this incredible pleasure! Howling at the top of his lungs, no longer able to care that someone might find them, Midoriya shivered when Kacchan lovingly kissed his cheek, hot breath slamming against his skin.

“See?” He panted, amusement lacing his husky voice, “Told you he’d become even cuter.”

“You’re so adorable, Midoriya.” Todoroki moaned, cupping Midoriya’s heated cheeks. Pressing their lips together in a hungry, slobbery kiss, Todoroki swallowed up all of his pants and mews, pulling back with a playful lick to his lower lip. “It feels good, doesn’t it, little pup?”

“Good-!” Midoriya squealed, “Good, my butt feels so good! More-! More-!”

There came a soft chuckle from behind him. Kacchan shifted, slipping one hand away from Midoriya’s thigh, “You heard him, shithead. He wants even more.”

Kacchan shifted again. Out of the corner of his eye, Midoriya saw that he was holding the dildo. Before he had time to register why, Kacchan had brought the tip to his ass. An electric jolt bolted up his spine when he felt it pressing against him. He didn’t even think about resisting or protesting, only watched with his mouth hanging open, chest heaving, as Kacchan, most likely with a wide grin on his face, plunged it in. The world went white. Head thrown back, his tongue lolling lewdly outside his mouth, eyes rolling back in his head, his hips violently convulsing, Midoriya let out a strangled wail. Too full! His ass was too full! It was too much! He was breaking! He was being broken! Good…good good good good good good, it felt so good! His butt! His butt was so full! Having three cocks in his butt felt so good! Cumming…cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming! He was going to-!

Jizz splattered across his bare chest and stomach. A crashing wave of pleasure slammed into him, knocking the last bit of sense out of him. Slamming his hips down against Kacchan, driving those three lengths even deeper inside, humming with an incredible ecstasy that made him feel stupid and blissful at the same time, Midoriya babbled incoherently, begging them for more, begging them to stop, half-torn between terror and adulation of this immense pleasure. Warm laughter poured into his ears. Continuing to fuck him with both their lengths and the dildo, Todoroki and Kacchan drove his orgasm up further and further until he might as though he really might shatter. Finally, when he was on the verge of hurtling into a hysterical sobbing fit, the two men slammed their hips forward, driving the entirety of their lengths deep inside. Both swelled up even further, pushing his already stretched asshole open wider, then scalding hot jizz was pouring into him, flooding into his pulsing insides. Shivering, dazed and disorientated, Midoriya’s head fell back against Kacchan’s broad shoulder.

“Good puppy.” Kacchan praised him sweetly, giving his sweaty cheek a kiss.

“You did so well, Midoriya.” Todoroki cooed, leaning down to lovingly peck his lips.

Midoriya shuddered, a weak gasp rippling out of him when they both pulled out, leaving his ass feeling abysmally empty. Even with the dildo still left inside him, he felt like he was missing a piece of himself. Stepping back, Todoroki took a glance around then went to stuff his still rock hard, glistening cock back into his pants, only to stop when Kacchan held up a hand. Gently easing Midoriya out of his lap, he guided him down onto his knees, one large hand landing on top of his head. Midoriya looked dizzily up at him, patiently waiting his next instruction. He felt weak and exhausted but…that desperate hunger was still there, gnawing at him, begging to be played with even more, for these two to hold him down, fuck him until he was near comatose, stuff both of his holes full of their semen and leave him a babbling mess.

Pushing his cock into Midoriya’s face, Kacchan ordered in a low voice, “Clean me off.”

Letting out a shuddering breath, instantly rock hard at those demanding words, that intense heat quickly returning, despite the intensity of their previous activity, Midoriya stretched his mouth open wide and hungrily devoured Kacchan’s cock, sinking all the way down until his nose was buried in the thick mass of pubic hair. A familiar, comforting taste spread over his tongue. Sucking hard, he bobbed up and down, adoring the sensation of Kacchan’s cock inside his mouth, loving how far he had to stretch his jaw to accommodate his immense girth. More, more, more! He wanted Kacchan to clamp his hands down on the side of his head and fuck his mouth until he felt like he was going to pass out from oxygen deprivation. He wanted Kacchan to shove him down onto the pathway, straddle his head and pound into him, to use his mouth like a cocksleeve, pouring load after load after load of delicious semen down his throat! There was a stir of movement out of the corner of his eye. He didn’t even have to focus to know what to do. Instinctively reaching over, he easily found Todoroki’s length, wrapping his fingers tightly around it and began to pump, his hand easily gliding up and down his thick, fat cock. Sliding up, teasingly rubbing his palm against the head, a rush of exhilaration roaring through him when Todoroki let out a throaty moan, his hips bucking forward into Midoriya’s hand, Midoriya sucked on Kacchan for a couple moments more then pulled off with a loud, wet pop.

Shifting over to Todoroki, he swallowed up his twitching cock and switched to jerking Kacchan off. To his surprise, Todoroki was a little more rough with him. Instead of just standing there, watching the show, as he usually did, he grabbed a handful of Midoriya’s hair, tugging him down until every last inch was sunk into his mouth, the head of his massive cock sliding down into his throat. Moaning loudly, his eyes rolling back in his head, a devastating pleasure rocketing through him, leaving him feeling dazed and stupid, loving being treated like this…like he was just a onahole to be fucked, nothing more than a hole meant to get his masters’ to cum, Midoriya sucked as hard as he could, saliva flooding in thick streams down his throat. Resting his hands on Todoroki’s hips, urging him to move faster, to do it harder, to fuck his throat until he could feel the shape in the delicate membranes even after he’d pulled out, Midoriya squealed shrilly when Todoroki, wrenching his head even closer, shoving his cock down deep inside him, let out a guttural groan and came. His toes curled so tightly that it felt like they might break. A strange burning sensation rushed out from his crotch as his cock violently twitched. It felt like he was cumming but nothing came out.

Todoroki pulled back with a hard exhale, a thick trail of saliva momentarily keeping the two of them connected. Breathing raggedly, his head spinning, blood roaring in his ears, Midoriya collapsed down onto his butt. A warm hand landed on the top of his head, gently petting him. Moaning softly, he leaned into the welcome, comforting touch. Looking up at him, brimming with such intense love and adulation, it was almost terrifying, Midoriya mumbled, “Was I good?”

“Better than good.” Todoroki murmured, dropping down onto one knee beside him, pushing sweaty locks of hair out of Midoriya’s face. Glancing up at Kacchan, who was watching the two of them with a flushed, dazed expression, his somehow still rock hard cock standing out proudly from his jeans, “What do you think? Find somewhere secluded and keep going, or get back to the dorms?”

“There’s a bathroom about five minutes that way.” Kacchan pointed with his thumb over his shoulder, “I can’t wait to get back, and bet you can’t either, two toned bastard.”

Todoroki shook his head, got to his feet, stuffed his equally as hard cock back into his pants, then bent down to gather Midoriya up into his arms. Squeezing him close, pressing a kiss to his temple, Todoroki took a step forward, only to stop when Kacchan closed in, cupping Midoriya’s flushed, sweaty cheeks and claimed his mouth in a deep, thorough kiss. Exhaling softly, pushing back into him, his fingers curling into the thin material of Todoroki’s shirt, Midoriya happily slid his lips open to give Kacchan access to his mouth, shuddering when that incredible taste spread over his tongue. Todoroki, not about to be left out, kissed everywhere he could reach, sucking and nipping at the more sensitive areas, leaving bright red marks that weren’t going to fade any time soon. One of Kacchan’s large, hot hands landed on his chest, slowly sliding down until it found his steadily softening erection. Crying out sharply, the sound muffled by Kacchan’s mouth, Midoriya’s hips bucked up into Kacchan’s hand, his length hardening to near painful in less than a second.

Chuckling huskily, Kacchan licked the seam of Midoriya’s lips and whispered, “Don’t think our little puppy can’t wait either. Can you, Deku?”

“No-!” Midoriya gasped, needily grinding his hips against Kacchan’s hand, “Please-!”

“Let’s get going, then.” Todoroki said firmly, stepping around Kacchan and setting off with purpose.

Growling, Kacchan snapped, “That’s my line!”

Todoroki ignored him, and Kacchan jogged to catch up with him, his mouth twisted into a frown. Laughing softly, his gaze sliding between the two of them, loving them, loving them both so much, Midoriya briefly considered asking them to go a little easier on him since they did have training tomorrow but as soon as the thought appeared in his mind, he discarded it. It wasn’t often that they got to have a night together like this. He wanted Todoroki and Kacchan to wreck him, to unravel him, to leave him unable to move in the morning. He wanted them to possess him, use him, devastate him…to fuck him until he passed out. The discomfort he’d be in tomorrow during training was more than worth that insane satisfaction.