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Yandere AU Book 2

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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


You don't worry about Claude, girls are too scared to approach him.


Sebastian Michaelis:


Definitely worry about him. You sometimes get mad cause he's so beautiful.


"Hey may I get your number?" He just laughs when you have the sudden urge to just murder that poor girl, before he hugs you tightly. "I already have a princess~"


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:


Why. Why Is he so attractive?! All the time, women and men approach him.

"Hi-" You're right behind Miles holding a knife mouthing the words.  "Go or die." (Pfft, and this Is a yandere AU for men...)


Phoenix Wright:


He rejects every single girl who makes a move, and cuddles you later which gives you the signal. "I only care about you."

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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


He gives you your chocolate and leaves you be, he knows better then to make you mad.


Sebastian Michaelis:


He'll give you what you want and cuddle with him for a bit, and sometimes he turns Into a punching bag...


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:


He has plenty of patience because he had to deal with Franziska when she was younger, he just ignores your snarky behavior and will watch Titanic 50 times If he has to.


Phoenix Wright:


Cuddles you all the time, he's sweet, but he has a habit of pushing your buttons (Somehow.) But you both make up anyway. And more cuddles!


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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


Kids are too scared to come near him.


Sebastian Michaelis:


Maybe It's some charm he has on kids or whatever but they always run to him.


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:


Surprisingly, he's great with kids, he just doesn't like It when they pull on his cravat.


Phoenix Wright:


Pretty good with kids. (I mean duh, he adopted one.)

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Sebastian Michaelis:


He Isn't completely cruel when murdering someone, he'll give his victim a chance to beg for mercy, though, when he's smiling and looking you directly In the eye, you should know that you're dead.


Claude Faustus:


He shows no mercy, not even a drop, he Is cruel to the core, unlike Sebastian who makes graves for his victims Claude just throws them out to dogs. (What do you expect? I mean seriously.)


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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


Spiders, everywhere.


Sebastian Michaelis:


He leaves yarn on your clothes so his colony of cats tear up your stuff.


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:


He's too mature for pranking, besides, he knows better than to tick you off.


Phoenix Wright:


The king of pranking himself, there's not a moment he Isn't up to anything, prank wars all the way.

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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


Alois, I believe everyone knew this, he hogs Claude all day, here's a quick scenario:




And Claude just slowly walks away.


Sebastian Michaelis:


Cats, that's what hogs him all day.


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:


Franziska and you are always at each other, she's always snapping her whip and you're always Insulting her father.




And he's just there getting tugged on by the both of you while he's just thinking on working overtime.


Phoenix Wright:


No one that he talks to really upsets you, (Except April May but she's not a friend and she's In jail so hah!)


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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


Emotional drunk, he just starts crying out of nowhere.

"THEY TOOK MY BABIES!" (Aka, His spiders.)

And you just sit there thinking, never give him vodka again.


Sebastian Michaelis:


He's a happy drunk, the problem Is he keeps hugging you every minute.



Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:


Jokey drunk, also, despite him drinking wine all the time he's usually sober. (It's hard to get him drunk.)

Honestly, this was one of the times you wished he would just shut up.


Phoenix Wright:


Quiet drunk, though he still hugs you all the time.

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Black Butler:



Claude Faustus:



"(Y/N), please stop."


He's tempted to throw duct tape on your mouth.


Sebastian Michaelis:


"I'm simply one-"



You and him always fight when drunk.


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:




"(Y/N), You've had enough."


"Give me back my beer or I'll leak all the Steel Samurai fictions you read on the laptop."


"You wouldn't dare..."


"I would."



Phoenix Wright:


"(Y/N), my back hurts..."


"You shouldn't have let my chocolate melt then."



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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


"(Y/N) let go of my leg-"



Sebastian Michaelis:


"I'll be back soon I promise-"

Cue crying.


Ace Attorney


Miles Edgeworth:


"It's just a work trip, you can stop crying..."


"I'm not crying..."


Phoenix Wright:


Psh, what work?

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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:




When he gets you mad, you kill all of his spiders.


Sebastian Michaelis:


Seb-Chan: Darling, I said I was sorry.


Reader: Fine I'll forgive you- Under one condition.


Seb-Chan: Yes?

Reader: No more cat anime for 3 weeks.


He started crying.


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:





"(Y/N) I'm not going to an amusement park with you, I get enough amusement from you."


He shouldn't have said that.


You stole his cravat and Steel Samurai figures.



Phoenix Wright:


"Pleaseeee (Y/N) I have work."


"On what? being a bum?"


"At least I don't go on computers to stare at anime guy pictures."

You hid his hair gel.

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Sounds of footsteps walked to the grave, they stopped.


Rain was pouring,


Just like the tears were pouring down his eyes,


It's been 5 years since you passed, still. He can't help but think It was his fault,


A small hand tugged on his pants,


He looked down at the little boy, his (Y/E) looking at up at him.


"Daddy, what was mommy like?"


He looked at his son, nearly choking at his words.


"She was the most angelic thing In this spiteful world."


It was true,


You died giving birth to (Y/S/N).


For the longest Claude blamed the poor boy for your death,


He knew his behavior was stupid, women die sometimes during childbirth.


But you...You were strong till your last breath.


You weren't just his wife.


You were his best friend.


But now,


You left a part of you,


Your son,


And he Is forever grateful he was able to spend time with you.


Till your last breath.



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You tiptoed out of the bed you and Miles shared, he was practically clinging onto you, It took you a whole 10 minutes just to get his arms off of you.


You made your way to the kitchen, yawning and looking out the window, the sun was about to come up. You sipped at your Instant coffee, you couldn't sleep so what was the point In laying In the bed all day?


You continued to sip at your coffee, before jumping In surprise at arms wrapping around your waist,

You didn't know how to react, It was too sudden.



You really need to find a plush for him to cuddle.


You relaxed eventually, noticing silver hair nuzzling Into your neck, you let out a sigh. He just continued to nuzzle Into your neck, you chuckled a bit. "I just left the bed for a few minutes Miles. I was going to come back-"



That's when you heard It...


He was crying, his voice was muffled due to him nuzzling In your neck, though you managed to hear a little bit.


"What If you weren't going to come back?"


You finally caught on,


He had one of his nightmares again.



"I'm not going anywhere." You said, smiling softly sitting your coffee cup back on the counter, he was able to let you go a few minutes so you both could go back to the bedroom, as soon as you both went on the bed he fell asleep on your lap.


You smiled again.


"I love you."



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Everyone, I deeply apologize, but I will be on a hiatus, I'm not certain about when I'll be back.


I want to come back with a fresh mind and a lot of scenarios In my head, I deeply apologize once more.



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Claude Faustus:


"Want to get married?"


You stared at him, what the- Where did that question even come from? True, you did love him even though he murdered some of your crushes.


You were taken out of your thoughts when he pulled a ring In front of your face,




...Is he...Proposing?


You bursted out Into laughter, the way he was so straight-faced about It and everything!


"Yes...I'll marry you." You pulled him Into a hug.



Claude Is just too Innocent.



Sebastian Michaelis:


"My beautiful princess, would you give me the honor of marrying you?"


Your eye twitched.


"I knew you were up to something when you gave me my favorite breadsticks and teddy bears."



Phoenix Wright:



"You're the only person I love (Y/N)." He handed you a ring box,


You squealed, opening the box to find...



A ring pop.


You laughed and kissed his cheek.



"I will, you dork."




Miles Edgeworth:



"This was the best gift I could ever have..."



He chuckled. "The fact that me engaging was your birthday gift?"








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Claude Faustus:


"Claude! can't you be a little bit of help?!" You frowned, crossing your arms as you watch your fiancee play with his phone. 


"I could care less If you wore jeans to the wedding, you'd still look beautiful to me." You couldn't help but blush at that.



Sebastian Michaelis :


"Sebastian. I said help me pick dress, I never said pick out the whole store."


"But they all look good on you darling.."


"I said no, now. Put those 12 dresses up."



Phoenix Wright:


"The pink and blue one looked fine to me."


"Phoenix, who wears a long-sleeved dress to a wedding?"






"Point taken."



Miles Edgeworth:


"This Is absolutely ridiculous, I've tried every dress-"


"They all look hideous, let's go somewhere else."


You spent the whole day looking for a good dress because of 'picky' Miles.




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Claude Faustus:


"Claude, I did not get all dressed up for this to be a private wedding."


"Wrong, you got dressed up for me."


What on earth are you going to do with this man?


Sebastian Michaelis:


Of course he goes all out when It comes for the time of the wedding day, he even got the wedding rings custom-made, and he decorated the whole house with roses and other types of flowers.


This dude treats you like a Queen.



Miles Edgeworth:


A small, simple wedding. (Because Miles has social issues.)


Everything was fine until Franziska threatened to kill you If you hurt her baby brother.


It was a slap fight, and Maya was just watching while eating her popcorn.



Phoenix Wright:


A simple, cute wedding, Maya, Athena, Apollo and of course Trucy was there.



Anddd Pearls beat Phoenix up for 'breaking Mystic Maya's heart.

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Sebastian Michaelis:


Andd he goes all out like he always does, you both don't travel anywhere super special, but you both went to a nice hotel (He kept feeding you chocolate) And you both spent a nice time together like you always do.


And he put rose petals In the bathtub for when you both bathe together.


Miles Edgeworth:


He goes all out as well, you both go to Europe, and head to a hotel, you both went shopping, and headed to café's (Though, he still hates those places cause he's still antisocial) But It was a great time.




Two words, Body oils.


Don't be a pervert, he just gave you a back massage.


Phoenix Wright:


You both stayed at home, Phoenix took a vacation to spend time with you, you both watched movies and ate out, and of course, cute cuddles.


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You were laying your head on your husband's lap while he was reading a book, you raised a brow, 






"Why do you wear glasses?"


"Because I want to, that's why."


"But your eyesight's perfectly fine though!


"I just like wearing them, okay?"


"Claudeeeeeee Telllll meeeeeee"


"I regret marrying you."


"I don't regret killing your spiders."




You snorted.



Seriously, though. Why does he wear them?

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You hummed as you wrote In your notebook, enjoying the quietness In the office, until...





"What the-"




"Phoenix....." You began, frowning a little, looking towards your husband.




"You're sucking your teeth again."


"Oh, sorry."




Few days later....



Phoenix frowned, "Y/N....Please, you're singing off key again."


"I do what I want."



"In that case, I'll do what I want, I'll have your black butler posters ripped by tomorrow."


"You wouldn't...."



"I would..."

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Sebastian Michaelis:


Cat anime, he watches that as soon as he gets home, he usually changes Into his pajamas when he gets home (That have kitty ears!)


Miles Edgeworth:


As soon as he comes home he usually stays In the same clothing, In case something comes up. However he will take off his cravat.

Later on, he'll change Into casual clothing, or pajamas and watch steel samurai.


Phoenix Wright:


As soon as he gets home he Immediately changes clothes, he'll spend the remainer of te day with you and Trucy. 



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You squealed and ran Inside the mall, Sebastian walked behind you and chuckled lightly when you ran around everywhere.




While you were busy doing your runabouts Sebastian noticed something.


A man was staring at you as you ran around.


"Y/N," Sebastian began, "How ab-"


You were already walking to Sebastian before you stopped, turning your head around as you felt something touch your shoulder.


"Hi there gorgeous, what's your na-"


"I have a husband." You responded quickly.




"Which means, I'm not Interested In you."


"I could always change your mind." The male said and grabbed your shoulder.


Sebastian Immediately moved to you, about to put that male In his place.


But he stopped.





You brought the palm of your hand to the man's cheek.


"Don't ever put your hands on-"


Sebastian put a hand on your shoulder. "Princess, no need to dirty your beautiful hands with such trash."


The raven-haired male smiled at the man.


"Let me take care of things that should go In the dumpster."


A faint "eep!" was heard from the male.




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You flipped the page, looking at all the photos Inside the book, "Aw! You look so cute In these photos!"


Miles covered his somewhat pink tinted face, "Honestly.....You like those photos that much?"


You nodded, continuing to flip the book's pages and look at the photos Inside of It,


Miles sat up, and walked to the bathroom, 


"I'm going to take a shower, have fun with that book." He chuckled softly before heading Into the bathroom and closing the door.


You played around with your wedding band that was on your finger, before you went back at looking at all the photos In the book.


~15 Mins Later~


Miles continued to take his shower, pushing his bangs back a few times as he sung quietly (Yes, the dude sings In the fricking shower.)




Upon hearing you, he quickly turned off the water, grabbed a towel and wrapped It around his waist, before he opened the bathroom door.


"Y/N?! Are you alright-"


You were on your back, looking at the photo book giggling. "EEE! You looked so cute as a baby!"


Miles just rolled his eyes,


You got up from your back, "I thought you said you were taking a shower....-"


You looked down, particularly, at his abdomen.




Your face heated up, while Miles just raised a brow.


"Are you done ogling me yet Y/N? You've already seen everything, I don't get why you're so surprised." The male said, crossing his arms.


He shouldn't have done that,


The towel on his waist fell off.


You both just looked surprised and horrified.

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Claude Faustus:


"I don't feel well."


"...Are you pregnant?"


"W- No! I just have a cold."


"Oh." For some reason he seemed disappointed.


Sebastian Michaelis:


"She was loved dearly..."


"Seb-chan, I'm not dead."


Miles Edgeworth:


Probably the only one who takes your cold seriously.


"Feel better?"


"A little....But do you know what will make me feel really better?"


"...I'll get the book of alantic movie."




Phoenix Wright:


"It Isn't contagious Is It?"











Chapter Text

Claude Faustus:


"Y/N...It's just a cold."




"Omygosh I hate you."


Sebastian Michaelis:


"My love...I'm sorry that I'll leave this world."


"Seb-chan, stop being dramatic."




"...Want a cat?"


"I want you~"


Miles Edgeworth:


"Miles Edgeworth, sit your butt down."


"Y/N, I have work-"


"I don't give a d-"




"Just don't go to work."


Phoenix Wright:


"I feel like crap."


"Don't we all? Dear husband."


"You know, you're acting very calm when your husband Is dying."


"It's a cold Phoenix, chill."








Apollo just looked at you and Phoenix, then to Athena. "Is Mr. Wright okay..?"


"He's suffering from brain cell loss."

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Trucy came Into you and Phoenix's bedroom because she had a nightmare.


Phoenix smiled down at his teenaged daughter and you.


You looked so peaceful when asleep,


You were like an angel.


Well, to him you are.


You always knew how to bring him up when he was down,


He would always feel warmth when he felt your touch,


He loved you dearly,


And he loves his daughter dearly.


The defense attorney kissed you and Trucy's head before going to sleep.


"I love you both."



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Oh crap,


You knew that voice.


That's the voice Sebastian makes when he wants something.


You stared at the outfit that your husband held up, you shook your head. "No."














You wear the cat suit.