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Yandere AU Book 2

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Black Butler:


Claude Faustus:


You don't worry about Claude, girls are too scared to approach him.


Sebastian Michaelis:


Definitely worry about him. You sometimes get mad cause he's so beautiful.


"Hey may I get your number?" He just laughs when you have the sudden urge to just murder that poor girl, before he hugs you tightly. "I already have a princess~"


Ace Attorney:


Miles Edgeworth:


Why. Why Is he so attractive?! All the time, women and men approach him.

"Hi-" You're right behind Miles holding a knife mouthing the words.  "Go or die." (Pfft, and this Is a yandere AU for men...)


Phoenix Wright:


He rejects every single girl who makes a move, and cuddles you later which gives you the signal. "I only care about you."