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Resurrection of a Dead Heart

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Kurogiri scrambled to grab his things, tears of blue in his true forms eyes: his Foster family told him he had 5 minutes to pack and get lost. Kurogiri was devastated, his mist form that wraps around his frail body wavering at the thought of being homeless again, he couldn't go without food again. He couldn't stand the way his innards shook when he was in the cold pouring rain, he always got sick so easily, curse his weak body! Plus the loss of feeling in his legs when it was a hot summer, moving hurts a lot when the sun beats down on the pavement. Not again! Please not again! Kurogiri thinks, but he didn't have a choice did he? They seemed so happy to have him. They gave him food,  clothing, shelter and they genuinely cared! Then they throw him on the streets like the rest of them!


He guesses the rumors followed him here, he didn't mean to hurt them, his quirk acts out when he's scared. He's tired of it all. He's tired of being weak, he's tired of being scared, he's tired of being so alone. But all that doesn’t matter, right? They never really cared for his feelings. So he manages to pack his favorite clothing, he takes a heavy blanket too, for the winter. They never did tell him what he could and couldn't take after all. He scrambles for his emergency money, holding back his whimpering sobs. His chest hurts, and the pain is crippling, it's hard to move. It’s hard to breathe. Until he can't take it anymore and lets out a full sob at the thought of being alone again, crying always helps his pain, even if his tears are an ugly blue against his purple. He wished his mother was around a little longer, he wished his father understood, He wished he wasn’t alone.

"5 minutes are up, you hellspawn!!" His foster mother screamed from below "get the hell out of my house you demon!" Her footsteps creak loudly in the old house, he notes faintly that she probably has her shotgun with her. Last but not least he grabs the neck brace that belonged to his mother, she had a similar quirk too and he always took it with him. Even though Kurogiri loved her with his broken heart, he figures she shouldn't have had kids with her body that frail anyway, as that had passed onto him. With his brace in his arms and his bag on his back, he uses his quirk to open a portal inside and around his body to take him to his favorite place.


He comes here when he wanted to be alone, away from the people who hurt him. Away from the lies. On the bad side of town there's this alley he calls his. He hadn't been here in a long time since he thought the last foster parents would actually love him. How disappointing. He should stop getting his hopes up. After all the things he's seen he's not surprised that there is no love in this world, not since his mother died. This alley he calls home now, is a short dead end, with an old dumpster that’s locked shut. In this area, he has seen gangs, murder, rape, and no hero has ever come by to stop it. It's repulsive. How people can treat other people this way he doesn’t know. Perhaps he is a demon like everyone calls him. He finds that human bodies are repulsive. Their bodily fluids disgust him, he never really has needed to use the restroom, his body absorbs everything like a black hole. Nothing ever wasted, every little bit goes into keeping him alive. He finds their desires, their hopes, their dreams, and their greed to be repulsive. Humans are disgusting. Maybe if everyone thinks of him as a demon, something not human, he should start acting like one. A crooked smile crosses his frail weak body and the mist around his body responds licking up the alley walls around him.


Kurogiri speaks softly out loud for the first time all week "no one will ever step on me again" his mist dances around him in delight. He likes the idea of being in charge, no one will hurt him. No one can touch him. He walks down his alley to the dumpster and sits down next to it, the ground is cold and he shivers. Tears still run down his face, even after that declaration he wants to be loved. He wants to be held and told that everything's going to be okay. He wants to feel the warm touch of his mother, he wants to feel the warmth of being love. Even though the thought of hurting a human makes him sick to his stomach, he will defend himself from the cruel and needy. He decides that he should start prioritizing himself over the well beings of others.  He doesn’t need anyone, after all, there's only himself, and the memories of his mother.


At age 8 Kurogiri is homeless once again.

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Kurogiri has been on the streets for about a month now, He’s glad that it’s still the warmer months. He’s been only buying food once a week, and only enough to just barely get him by, he’s thankful for hoarding all this money in advance. Even though his stomach growls with hunger and the pain from that makes him dizzy. But he thinks he can survive this he just needs to find a homeless shelter that will let him stay. Shouldn’t be too hard, maybe these adults will be mature, unlike everything he has encountered before. But he notes he shouldn't get his hopes up. After all, he only has himself now.


Time seems to fly Kurogiri notes, at least when he’s in the homeless shelter. It’s been about 2 weeks since his last mental check-in. He’s found one that doesn’t ask too many questions and still provides occasional food. Though he supposes the food makes his head spin and make his stomach hurt. Right after he eats it he feels very confused, and he has troubles figuring out where he was, Sometimes he blinks and wakes up in one of the beds at the shelter. When he asked about it they shrugged him off, no one else seems to mind, or notice. So maybe it was just him being sensitive again? It doesn’t matter at this point food is food. At least he’s got the shelter when he can’t stomach that awful food, or when it makes his stomach turn to the point where he must use that nasty human restroom and upchuck anything in his system, he can at least use the beds provided. His first clue, that something was wrong but he ignored for the sake of a roof over his head and a constant meal.


His second clue that something was wrong, was when he started to blackout the more food he ate there. He had a lot of missing memories over the last week and he was starting to get worried. He figured he should stop eating the food, and for a day or two, he did. His third clue was waking up on the floor next to his bed with bruises after eating for the first time in two days. But the final clue that really set him off, was when he put his head down to sleep after eating and waking up in the basement, covered in chains, surrounded by people. Kurogiri does his best to forget that he doesn’t want to remember. He ended up warping himself out of the chains, and when those people stopped him, his vision went red and they were gone. He supposes they left when his mist started to spin around the room. He ignored why he felt like he ate a holiday dinner. Certainly, Kurogiri didn’t notice the bleeding out half corpse left behind, or how the walls were tainted with a shiny new red coat as he exited the basement.


Kurogiri quickly grabbing the things by his bed left as fast as possible. It was the middle of the night, so it was cold. His feet ached with each step, but he couldn’t stop. The roof over his head wasn’t worth this. That was when he ran straight into a hero on patrol. Kurogiri was 8 years old, afraid and what did this hero do? He was told off for running without looking. The hero told him he should get back to his parents.


“I don’t have parents” Kurogiri weakly mumbled, he's sore, his feet hurt and he’s scared, was it wrong to reach out to a hero to get comfort?


“Oh? Little orphan boy doesn’t have any parents?” The smile the hero had on his face was less than friendly.  “That makes my job easier. One less little piece of shit mutant to look after. Why don’t you do everyone a favor, villain, Take a swan dive off the nearest roof and hope for a better life in the next one.” He wound back his fist, and Kurogiri blankly realizes that this man is against mutant people, before he gets punched square in the jaw and flown back into the trash as his world becomes dark again.


Kurogiri wakes the next morning, with only a black eye added to his family of fist-shaped bruises on his body. He does not remember why he left the shelter, but the thought of going back made his stomach turn. Maybe that’s why he doesn't feel hungry today? or the next day, or the next week.


For the first time since Kurogiri was abandoned, he sobbed with ugly blue tears, for he was all alone in this world full of pain.



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His emergency money only lasted him two months. Kurogiri thinks back bitterly, he believes it has been two years on his own now. He’s about to turn 11 soon. He's lost most of the body weight he built up during his stay at the last foster people, and the place that shall not be mentioned. it’s beginning to hurt to breathe, and Kurogiri wonders if he can last much longer without turning directly to major crime. (he ignores the red-coated walls in his dreams, he's not a villain, he's not a villain) He still doesn’t want to hurt people, but that doesn’t seem like much of an option now.


He can’t go back to the system anyway, his previous foster parents reported him dead, he read the newspaper, suicide by hanging. No one questioned it. No one wondered where his body was, no one bothered to see if it was true or not. That hurt him more than anticipated, did no one truly care about him? Kurogiri scoffs, he's tried hanging himself before and it didn't work. Sometimes he wished it did. But he decides to live on for the memory of his mother. The only things that seem to hurt him are knives guns and extreme temperatures. Oh yeah, and quirks, Kurogiri thinks.


“T̸̬͓̖̻̰̣̫̈́͋͂̿̑̆̐͟͝a̶̛̳̦̻̣̭̭̿̑͗͑̽̓͠͞k̩͎̝̞̣̝͔̳̗͙̒̉͊̍̔̀̓e̸͓̮̫̝̜͎̊̊̆̊̎̉͌̒͘͘͢ ą̶͚̪̫̟͇̗̎̒̽͒͘͜͢ ș̸̡̨̨̧͙͓̣̠̯̍́͌̿̓͛̇͒͐w̛̭̺͕̲̼̰̬̄͋̒͒̀͗̚͜ą̵͔̠͚̗̙̗̆̌̉̃̇ṋ̷͙̣̥̪͔̲͕̟̇̂͊̾ d̘̜̮̱̳̐̑͐̈́͐͐i̸̗̭͙͙͕̇͐̓̒̄̔ṽ̨̧͉̹̲̩͕̰̆̈́̃̅̊̋̉͟e̢̢̯̗̺̔͊̓̀̔͊͆̚͜ͅ ŏ̘͇͓̞̭͓̹̟́̉̈́̐̾͢͟͡f̬̫̫̤̩̗̭̋̀̒̔̂͆́̓f̦̦͙͔͙̱͗̿̿͂́̽̏̀̏̎ ţ̷̰̣͚̘̺͇̗͙͔̂̋̀́̃̿͡͡h̴̦̹̹̖͛̈́̆̉͘͢e̛̳̜̤̯͒̃̇͋͢ ņ̵͓̫͉̱͎̥̿̈̓́̆ȩ͙̺̪̠͉̀̓̍͐͆̇̈a̖͓̺͉̤̔͆̍͌́̏̅̐̔͢͜r̮̰͙̰͇̞̘͚̦̮̍͒͌͒͐͘͝͝ẻ̦̜̻̘̰͎̌̓̐̒̊̎͘͡͡s̷̨̨̛̥̺̗̘̭̳̦̈́̍̌́͘t̨̧̪̮̭͉͎̤̻̐̌͘̕͢͝ r̸̡̘̥̟̻̺̝̣̉̍͋̍͛͘͜ǫ̴̨̛͖̯͇̬̠̪͚͊͒͂̔̈́̍̔ǫ̖͈͇͇͖͕̪̦̏͑͛̌̊ͅf̵̛̤͖͓̰͓̾͛͆͊̿͝͝͠ ą͎̥̤̹̱̫͖̖̊̎̂͌̂̆̍̇͜n̸̡̛̘̟͙̺̝͖̈̋̆̏͑͒̚͢͜͝d̜̗̮̭̫̓͒̐̑͘̚͞ ḩ̶̝͙̪̙̜̝̜̠̊̑̅͂̈̆͒̚ͅo̡̥̣̭̜͈͋̊̉͗̇͑͘p̮̻̤̮̰̤̗̒͆̾͌͛̃͜e̛̬̫̪̮̣͖͊̋̓̚ f͎̟̫͉̠͔̖̭̲̉͊͗̐̽̕̕o͖̠̻̻̼͓̙̮̅̑͐̑̈́ŗ̴͈̣̪͚͋͒̈́͋̈̂̚͝ ạ̛͖͙͚̠̲͓̱̝̓̉̊̌̊̐̚͡ b̶̡̡̢̥̤̣̭̩̉̽̓͂͡e̶̛͓̮͇͚̰̦̓͂̒̍͑̕̕͘t̛̼͈͖̹̞͉̘̲̼̿̎̃̊̊̊̑͒͒͜t̴͇̤̙̲̳͇̗͖̅͂͌̑͑͑̔̽͟͝͠e̵̡̢̱̩̬̝͓̿͋̈̿̈̑͟͞r̭̯̘̼̘̣͖͊̓̃͆͠͞ l̛̝̝̗̗̭̉͋̎̿̐į̸̲̬̞̼͇̊̊͛̏̔̇̄͠͠f̵̢̯̦͕̺̍͒́͒̾͢͡ȩ̛͕̪̘͍̈́̈́̍̾̓͜͞ ỉ̵̤̗̬̹̺̔̄̕͜͡n̷̘̱͙͍͉͉̑̒̓̏͊ ţ̩̪̦̪̯̭̹̎̂͌͆̚͘h̜̮̺̲̥̣̖̠̟̣̃̌̄̀͗̓͆͘͘͡é̢̢̤͙̗̬̤̓̂̿́̔͡͞ n̶͓̗͎̭͙̞̖̦̓̿͊̌̊̚͠͡e̶̛̖̞̣̜͇͔̠͔̅̿̒̄͑̒̄̈͢͠x̡̧͇̖̤͔̖͐̏̒̊͛͐̌͛̕t̴̛̛̖͓͕̰̜͒̈́̚͞ o̢͉̩̬̟͇̣̱͕̪̓̒̓͆̉̑̕͘n̢̛̲̲̠̤̲̘̺̈́͆͐̾͛͊͂̎͞e̶̯͕͙̮̱̺̪̹̣̱͂͒̅̄̃͋̒”


He lost it all. He remembers the day bitterly. He lost everything except his neck brace. Two months after he had been on the streets, a man with needle hair that secreted a paralyzing venom cornered him and took everything. He was so glad he didn’t lose the neck brace. He was wearing it at the time because it was cold and it kept the amount of his exposed body to a minimum. No hero came to his rescue, it was a long 5 hours laying on the cold ground in the alley. He was robbed, hurt and in excruciating pain from the paralyzing venom. He wondered if that was supposed to hurt that badly, or if it was his inability to be anything more than frail. Pathetic. Kurogiri thinks, he truly is worthless. Kurogiri forces these thoughts to the back of his mind, that was a long time ago. He needed to be positive, if not for himself, then for the memory of his mother, the one with a gentle hold and warm smiles. The one who died and took all the kindness in the world with her.


Right now he’s stealing from a grocery store, its seen better days. Hero fights take place a lot in this area, the buildings suffer from it. Damn heroes Kurogiri thinks, they don't help those in need. They didn’t help me. They destroy property. Especially that Endeavor, he’s gotten close to the flame hero before and it usually makes Kurogiri sick to his stomach.  Most heroes are punch first ask questions later. Like All-Might, though he supposes going up against all might would make him quiver in his boots. He hopes no one calls the cops on him for looking villainous again. Right, Kurogiri thinks, back to the task at hand, and not what is wrong with society.


This grocery store is older. It is surrounded by drug stores and liquor stores. Most often the patrons smell of weed, and that generally hurts his body. His mist absorbs the air and he’s accidentally gotten high a couple of times walking past the smoke shops. Now he’s learned how to filter what he takes in. Leading to control his quirk better. He’s gotten practice warping small objects, unharmed and undetected. In and out of garbage cans in alleyways out of sight. Since quirk usage in public is illegal. But since his quirk is always active around him, being a mutant quirk, there's not much the quirk sensors in this grocery store can do about it. He always takes small things like bread, fruit, cheese and occasionally he would take ice cream. Sometimes it’s a hot summer day, and he’s just a child ice cream is pretty good! He doesn’t know why he is arguing with himself about stealing ice cream. But he guesses it’s from the blunt trauma he received from that hero a while back.


That one wasn’t his fault the hero scared the crap out of him! it is not the first time heroes have arrived and called him out on being a villain only for him to explain that just because he looks like a demon doesn't mean that he is. Most of the time people will look guilty at that. He is only 10. But the heroes never question why he's out because It’s almost too easy to make himself look like an adult. He would wrap his mist around his body, and extend it upward it would make him look taller and wider, much like an adult. Kurogiri got sidetracked again, thinking about what's wrong with society, He sighs softly, it is not like he can change much, he's oh so tired, he needs to get some sleep anyway. The grocery store is understaffed today, so feeling lucky Kurogiri takes the bread and cheese warping them to his alley, the one he still calls home for these two years. After glancing to make sure no one is following him, he exits the grocery store. Unaware of a pair of steel eyes and silver costume that watch him as he goes.


Kurogiri had exited the grocery store and walked down the busy street. People stare at him briefly before going about their day, most people avoid him when he walks on the streets, something about his body being intimidating? He doesn’t care. Kurogiri is cold, tired and feeling sick. Being sick means he's weaker, slower, and more of a target.

L̶̼̲̮͑̾̀͜Ḛ̸̼̜̹̐̉Ţ̷͕̩̘̹̄̀͘ ̸̺̰̔́M̸͉͚̲̭̅͐͜͝͝Ȩ̴̨͇͔́̀ ̴̰͍̊̏͝͠O̵̪̯̩̐̾̀͝Ų̷̠͈͈̪͊Ṫ̵̜͓̼̓ ̴͙̹̗͈̟̀̈̿̚P̴̩̝͈͓̑̎L̵͎̳͛̉̈́̀E̵̖̼A̸̞̞̰̘̻̐S̶̤̞͇̓͐͘E̵̗̮̅ ̵̨̺͉̊͋I̴̡̧͕͒M̸̰̽̄͐̆̊ ̵̝̗̙͚̃̈̑͜S̴͈̝̹̲͒͊Ọ̷̢̄̔R̴͝ͅR̶̺̾Y̴̪̗̟͔̋̓͠

It also means that the slightest brush from people against his true body hurts more than he could imagine. Like all his nerve ends are constantly firing even though he's not touching anything. It always feels as though they are taking a knife and peeling the first layer of his body off, He had a foster parent do that once. Kurogiri is thankful he doesn't remember much from that experiment. He moves onto thinking about how long he can walk for the day before he has to risk using his quirk in public. He's long since lost the feeling in his feet, walking long distances doesn’t bother him anymore. But with being sick, he has to limit his exercise so his legs don't give out on him. It’s a decent day today, Kurogiri thinks while keeping his eyes to the ground, perhaps he could stop at a park and enjoy the day? Warming himself up in the process, its midday and he doubts any children would be there. He makes up his mind. While vaguely recognizing the silver hero costume in the corner of his eye, going in the same direction as he changes his routine.


Kurogiri is going to the park today.

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Kurogiri laid in the grass in at the park, letting his form relax. He listens to the birds chirp their sweet sounds and the bugs sing their melodies around him. He looks up at the cloudy blue sky. Peaceful. With the wind rustling the leaves in the trees around the park, it sounds like nature's melody, playing just for him. The sun is not a painful warmth but a pleasant one. The air is fresher here, much easier on his system. He finds himself genuinely sleepy for the first time in two years. He’s very thankful for this, honestly, why hadn’t he done this sooner?


“T̸̬͓̖̻̰̣̫̈́͋͂̿̑̆̐͟͝a̶̛̳̦̻̣̭̭̿̑͗͑̽̓͠͞k̩͎̝̞̣̝͔̳̗͙̒̉͊̍̔̀̓e̸͓̮̫̝̜͎̊̊̆̊̎̉͌̒͘͘͢ ą̶͚̪̫̟͇̗̎̒̽͒͘͜͢ ș̸̡̨̨̧͙͓̣̠̯̍́͌̿̓͛̇͒͐w̛̭̺͕̲̼̰̬̄͋̒͒̀͗̚͜ą̵͔̠͚̗̙̗̆̌̉̃̇ṋ̷͙̣̥̪͔̲͕̟̇̂͊̾ d̘̜̮̱̳̐̑͐̈́͐͐i̸̗̭͙͙͕̇͐̓̒̄̔ṽ̨̧͉̹̲̩͕̰̆̈́̃̅̊̋̉͟e̢̢̯̗̺̔͊̓̀̔͊͆̚͜ͅ ŏ̘͇͓̞̭͓̹̟́̉̈́̐̾͢͟͡f̬̫̫̤̩̗̭̋̀̒̔̂͆́̓f̦̦͙͔͙̱͗̿̿͂́̽̏̀̏̎ ţ̷̰̣͚̘̺͇̗͙͔̂̋̀́̃̿͡͡h̴̦̹̹̖͛̈́̆̉͘͢e̛̳̜̤̯͒̃̇͋͢ ņ̵͓̫͉̱͎̥̿̈̓́̆ȩ͙̺̪̠͉̀̓̍͐͆̇̈a̖͓̺͉̤̔͆̍͌́̏̅̐̔͢͜r̮̰͙̰͇̞̘͚̦̮̍͒͌͒͐͘͝͝ẻ̦̜̻̘̰͎̌̓̐̒̊̎͘͡͡s̷̨̨̛̥̺̗̘̭̳̦̈́̍̌́͘t̨̧̪̮̭͉͎̤̻̐̌͘̕͢͝ r̸̡̘̥̟̻̺̝̣̉̍͋̍͛͘͜ǫ̴̨̛͖̯͇̬̠̪͚͊͒͂̔̈́̍̔ǫ̖͈͇͇͖͕̪̦̏͑͛̌̊ͅf̵̛̤͖͓̰͓̾͛͆͊̿͝͝͠ ą͎̥̤̹̱̫͖̖̊̎̂͌̂̆̍̇͜n̸̡̛̘̟͙̺̝͖̈̋̆̏͑͒̚͢͜͝d̜̗̮̭̫̓͒̐̑͘̚͞ ḩ̶̝͙̪̙̜̝̜̠̊̑̅͂̈̆͒̚ͅo̡̥̣̭̜͈͋̊̉͗̇͑͘p̮̻̤̮̰̤̗̒͆̾͌͛̃͜e̛̬̫̪̮̣͖͊̋̓̚ f͎̟̫͉̠͔̖̭̲̉͊͗̐̽̕̕o͖̠̻̻̼͓̙̮̅̑͐̑̈́ŗ̴͈̣̪͚͋͒̈́͋̈̂̚͝ ạ̛͖͙͚̠̲͓̱̝̓̉̊̌̊̐̚͡ b̶̡̡̢̥̤̣̭̩̉̽̓͂͡e̶̛͓̮͇͚̰̦̓͂̒̍͑̕̕͘t̛̼͈͖̹̞͉̘̲̼̿̎̃̊̊̊̑͒͒͜t̴͇̤̙̲̳͇̗͖̅͂͌̑͑͑̔̽͟͝͠e̵̡̢̱̩̬̝͓̿͋̈̿̈̑͟͞r̭̯̘̼̘̣͖͊̓̃͆͠͞ l̛̝̝̗̗̭̉͋̎̿̐į̸̲̬̞̼͇̊̊͛̏̔̇̄͠͠f̵̢̯̦͕̺̍͒́͒̾͢͡ȩ̛͕̪̘͍̈́̈́̍̾̓͜͞ ỉ̵̤̗̬̹̺̔̄̕͜͡n̷̘̱͙͍͉͉̑̒̓̏͊ ţ̩̪̦̪̯̭̹̎̂͌͆̚͘h̜̮̺̲̥̣̖̠̟̣̃̌̄̀͗̓͆͘͘͡é̢̢̤͙̗̬̤̓̂̿́̔͡͞ n̶͓̗͎̭͙̞̖̦̓̿͊̌̊̚͠͡e̶̛̖̞̣̜͇͔̠͔̅̿̒̄͑̒̄̈͢͠x̡̧͇̖̤͔̖͐̏̒̊͛͐̌͛̕t̴̛̛̖͓͕̰̜͒̈́̚͞ o̢͉̩̬̟͇̣̱͕̪̓̒̓͆̉̑̕͘n̢̛̲̲̠̤̲̘̺̈́͆͐̾͛͊͂̎͞e̶̯͕͙̮̱̺̪̹̣̱͂͒̅̄̃͋̒, V̶̢̫̝̹̭̈͋̾̾̌̽̅̎ǐ̶̢̛͚̘̫̳̳̻̗͔̞̃̈́̔̈͌͡͝l̵̼̲͎̺̜̯̪̦̍̉̽́͌̕͠l̢̜͕̪̙͍̣̓͂̾̅͊̄̿́͝ā̛͓̙͔̩̗̍̓̍͡͞͠͡i͔̥̩̥̤̠̅́̑̂̒͟͢͟ͅń̮̩͍̻͓̜̀͌͊͒̓̚͝͞.͎̩͍͕̥̓̀̃̀͋̑͢͠”

The day was warm, there's barely anyone in this park. Although he cannot feel his feet he can feel the grass smushed against his frail body, it itches slightly. But it's a new sensation that he doesn’t quite mind. He takes out a small piece of the bread he stole and bringing it to his small mouth, he practically inhales the bread piece, and it makes him feel much better. He wishes he could eat the whole bread loaf, but this was all he could take for the week, so he would make it last. Even if that bread loaf was stale. Every time he thought about stealing money or breaking into people's homes, He thinks about how cold jail is. How they would treat him wrong, about how they wouldn't help him if he was hurt. He tries not to sob at the fate that lies before him for stealing (and murder). Even so, that bread piece made him sleepier too! Eating always makes him sleepy, he supposes it's the lack of food and sleep.


With Kurogiri’s back laid against the grass, he watches the clouds roll by and watches the sun lazily drift through the sky. The choir of birds bugs and leaves, his brain cannot resist the lull of sleep. He faintly hears the soft melody that his mother used to sing to him.’ I’m delusional’ Kurogiri thinks. But he enjoys the thought of his mother's voice in his ears. A beautiful day Kurogiri thinks and he closes his eyes for a brief moment. He daydreams of the memories of his sweet mother, her kind touch, her lovely voice.


He was about to fully drift asleep until he feels someone enter his personal space mist. His mother's soft tune abruptly ends. He misses the sweet sound of her voice already. Kurogiri had flinched awake at the sudden closeness of a human. But it gets worse for Kurogiri. He feels someone grab him by the arm and yank him to his feet. His eyes snap open at the sudden contact, and his vision turns white with pain. The touch feels repulsive and turns his stomach in ways he can’t describe. The pain of being gripped brings back some unsavory memories of that place. Kurogiri can only see white, he cannot hear except for the ringing in his ears. The smell of the forest drifting away to something disgusting, is that onions? Kurogiri thinks, revolting.


'uh oh' he thinks, Kurogiri is sick. The smell of onions makes him gag.


Kurogiri gargles out a whine of pain when he can feel his arm being crushed under the force of the person. His gargle of pain causes the person to stop briefly before continuing on his screaming rampage. But Kurogiri doesn't know what he's being screamed at for. And for that, he's very scared. Once he’s able to see again he notices it’s that silver costume hero. He kind of looks like a disco-ball? He’s got bright yellow hair that stands on end. His eyes are silver too. Maybe he’s got an electric quirk? But nonetheless, a hero is here, in front of him, screaming at him.


“What do you think you’re doing laying in the park, Villain! As a pro-hero, I cannot let you get away with terrorizing the civilians!” The silver man exclaimed. He’s very loud Kurogiri notes.


“I’m not a villa-” Kurogiri manages to say before he is interrupted.


“There have been many reports of a Demon warp figure stealing from homes and local businesses!” the silver man exclaimed.


Although he may be acting tough, under all that trauma he's just a 10-year-old boy, and he can feel tears begin to form around his eyes. He doesn’t know what to say, so Kurogiri says nothing in response, he's frightened, he does not want to follow this strange man who claims he’s a hero. The next thing Kurogiri notices is that Silver-man is dragging him by his arm to the police car waiting nearby. Holy shit, is he getting arrested? Kurogiri immediately puts on the breaks, No no! Kurogiri thinks, they will hurt me! However, with the momentum and strength of the hero, he feels his arm snap like a twig under the pressure while simultaneously pulling out of his socket. Kurogiri’s vision turns red and he begins to shake.


Kurogiri's screams will haunt those around him, those screams were not one of a villain, but of a child.


The hero freezes when he hears the snap of the man's arm and Kurogiri's scream. However, even with all that practice and training, Kurogiri still loses control of his quirk. Sending nearby civilians, the Hero, and the police into a panic when portals of all sizes open up in the park. As Kurogiri screams and sobs in pain get louder he holds the now snapped arm close to his chest. Kurogiri knows only pain.


Civilians run, avoiding Kurogiri's portals. Many people get out of the park, but an unlucky 15 do not. The use of his quirk makes his stomach recoil in pain. Kurogiri is starving once more. Something in the back of his mind screams at him to consume the unlucky 15 being tossed around in his portals. He's oh so hungry. With his flight or fight instincts kicking in he doesn't notice when the 15 trapped people turn to 13.


The hero and police back off and wait for more heroes to arrive. ETA 5 minutes. Kurogiri is unaware of his surroundings as the trees, grass, the people turn to white as his blood runs down into the grass. More yelling happens, but he cannot hear them.


The hostages are screaming in unison with him. The screams that resonate through his portals make his body ache in exhaustion.  Kurogiri is in so much pain that he is now delusional. His mind screams at him to escape, while his body tells him to shut down and never wake up again. So he does the next best thing and creates a portal at his feet and falls in. The portal closes behind him preventing the heroes from following.


He doesn't know what happened to those people in his portals, but right now he couldn't care. In fact, that's not even on Kurogiri's mind. All he can think of is how cold he is, (he ignores how less starving he is). But he can feel his blood drip now as he sits, hot and sickly it burns where it touches his body. His blood has always been the blue like his tears, however, his mother insisted that he did not cry blood. Oh, his delusional mind thinks of his mother, he wouldn't be hurting if the world didn't take her away from him. So Kurogiri sits beside his dumpster shaking violently and no longer screaming, his throat feels raw. His blue tears mix in with his blood on the ground. He’s going to die here. Alone, in this dark damp alleyway in a world void of love. This world was about to take Kurogiri too.


His last waking thought was “I don’t want to die!” before his world turned to black.

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All for one had heard the news in passing sheep. There was a user with a warp quirk and that had piqued his attention. The man himself was made of mist, and he figures that while the man may be of mist, he should still have a body. He had followed him for a while, watching him steal from stores to survive, perhaps he cannot eat much?. Quirks are weird these days anyway. He wanted this man’s warp quirk for himself so he set out on a little hunt for the man. After all, it would be useful to teleport someone's head off their body. Ah, how they would scream. He imagines all-might getting his head popped off like a soda explosion. That he would record so he could watch it over and over. He feels a smile spread across his face, the amount of blood would be beautiful. Ah, he almost lost track of the little man, watching him turn into a park that's rather empty. That’s odd what does this man want with the park. Perhaps he's aware of being followed and is taking All for one to a low population area? All for one sighs and rolls his shoulders, he's willing to fight it out for the quirk, it would be fun to play with him.


Once he steps into the park however, a hero dashes forward to where the little man disappeared to. All for one is annoyed at the hero's presence but finds that this quirk is not worth grabbing for his collection. His eyes follow the hero to the Warp man. When he decides to get a closer look at the warp quirk user he feels his stomach recoil in disgust. This is no man! This is a young child. Realizing he messed up. One of his more recent quirks responded to the mist at the sound of a bone snapping under the force of the hero.


(I̧̛̼͎̹̞̞̹͑̏̿̑͂͞ͅť̡͉̝͎͕̫̬̭̣̾̈̒̾͆̒̔ H̷̨̢̞͙̻̔͛̽̿̋͗̕͞ų̴̡̛̱̘͔̰͖̽̌͂͌͒̇̽͟R̴̠͕̮̼͚̗̂́̀͋͘̚͢ͅţ̼͇͖̖͚͌͊͆͐ͅS̢̛̩͙̼̣̜̔̄̋͑̂͌͞ ḻ̸̱̥͉̼̘͓̓̈̌̓̊͜͢͠E̢̧̼͈̺̭̫̝̖͗̓̈́̈́͒͗͐t̩̰̝̖̥̂̃̒͑̑̉̊͠͡ M̭̪̤͍͒̄͑̅̉͟e̸̢̬̲̬̦̒̊̂͒̉͐̽͊͘͟ Ơ̛̮̻̣̤̈́͑̌͒̇̄͟u̖̤͍̘̭̔̐̎̒̐̅͘͢T̴̢̻̦̙̠̪̘̒̈́̈̑͌̐͢͜͠͞ͅ,̷̨̻̲̰͇͉̬͓̉̈̿̒̈͊͗͠͞ͅ ì̡̡̯͈͇̝̊́̔͘T̴̨̛̫̪͎̎̔̌͌̔͒͟’̶̧̧͕̬̠̩͈̠̂̾͂͐̆̿̔̒ͅs̵̛̝̜̟̭̤̫̉́̍̔̍ͅ S̤͔̱̦̩͚̘̥̞̅̓̓͊̇̃̀͂o̗̯͓̗̲̐̍̐̅̋ Ć̬̦̤͖̪̭̣̭̞͂̋̈͘͞o̶̫̥̖̖̣̙͕̪͔͂͂̎̍̾͛̃̍L̨͈̲̥̩͙̘̺͛̂̌̍͂͢͠d̸̻̭̣̱͔̫̅̓͊͋̓͗͊̔̚͞ H̵̫̜̗̩̹̍̽̒͆͌̈́e̷̢̝̝̺̣̿͒̃̂͋͒͡͝͝R͈̟̮͍͖͗̀̏͐̓̆̔͡ẽ͇͉̺̹̬͖̔̏͌͛̔̽̕͜͢).


Anger. Is an emotion All for one recognizes , how could this hero not tell that this was a young child?  How could he not tell that this child was hurting? He is revolted. This child has known pain before. He is disgusted. These were times when all quirks are acceptable. How dare they pick on a helpless child? He watches the small boy scream and cry and activate his quirk. He absently notes that the quirk gets stronger the more emotional he is, he wonders if that is true or not. All for one also notices how there were 15 ‘hostages’ at the start of the portals and yet he only has eyes on 13 of them now. He watches the hero and police call for backup. Right as they did so, all the hostages were released from the portals and the young boy falls into one of his own.


Curious, perhaps he moved elsewhere. All for one figures he should go to the young child’s hiding place. Perhaps he went there, for comfort. In the back of his mind, he vaguely hopes that the child isn’t too hurt. It’s late afternoon when he finally arrives at the child's alleyway. The smell of blood makes him shake to his core. Why? He's a villain! why does the blood of another make him worried?  But for some reason this child’s blood makes him worry. All for one prepares himself and stepped around the dumpster, he looked down at the young child. He had a speech prepared, to introduce him into villainy, a life that he would no longer be stepped on. But that all died in his throat when he found the child half dead. Heroes left him like this? Revolting. Disgusting. A child should not have the need to defend himself. A child should NOT be in this condition. He stops his thoughts, since when did he care about anyone? Let alone children? This is a concerning development. Why did he want to kill that hero because he harmed this poor child? All for one glanced back down at the child and feels the anger flow in him as one of his quirks activates once more.

(h̴̗̻̼̳̟̩̤̒̋̋̽̀͗̅̂̚Ȩ̵̛͕͍̰͉̩͔̥̈̀̎̉̍́̋̕͜ c̸̛̛̼͍̬͙̳̉̃͗͂̃͜͝͞Ẳ̴̢͙͍̘͚̖̮͙̦̋͑́̾̍͊͗̚ͅn̢͈̟͖̔̍̏̐͒͌̐̏͑̆ͅ F̴͍̰̪̩̙̰̘̟̬̝̾̓̃̕͝e̵͙͓̻̬̬̓̌͛͌̿̕̕͜͜E̛̼͖̺̻̘̬̺̥͍̓̑͑̍͗̄͑̚͢l̸͙̩̜̫̻̫͇̙̞̊̒̿̿̚̕͘͢ H̷̛͙͕͉͈̯̎͆͋͂̌́̕ͅį̛͔̳̖̳̤̖͕͐̐̓͒̍͟͝͡ͅS̛̫̦͕͙̫͚̣͓̲̊̽͋̊̓̂̕͘͞ͅ s̸͓͎͕̲̱̣͇̊̾̆̓͆Ķ̨̼̬̟̬͔̞̍͛͊͘̚͡͝ͅĩ̴͓͉͉͕̔̉͒̿̈̕͟Ṅ͕̜͚̩̭̻͉̼͌̅͒͛ p̢̪̲̞̗̀̾̿̉͑͋̒̚̚͠Ȩ͇̙̬͕̝̱̄̓͗̂̏̀̈́̕͝͝ẻ̷̜̺̪̼̫̱̋̏̍͌͊̔̐͠L̸̡̟̖̯͉̟͋̓̌̓̓ a̴̭̱͖̳̳͙̰̓͊̊̽̿̄̽͘͜͢͢W̴̝̤̥̫̤̠̅̎̍̅̚ͅǎ̵̮̬̯̰̻͓̮͕̄͋̔̾̃͆̿͝ͅͅY̵̢̨̼̜̠̝̣̣͍̋̓̐͐̽͒̀̽̓).

Society never gave him a chance, they beat him down, abused him. Society left him for dead, and that makes his chest feel uncomfortable. He figures the hatred that would brew in him would make him a nice villain. So All for one took him into his arms gently and carried him to his base, he told himself he was only doing this to make a better villain and grow a group to listen to his orders. It was nothing more and nothing less, he did not care about this child more than that… Right?


All for one laid him gently on the bed that was now going to be this boys room. The room itself was plain, it was a bit dusty so he had opened a window. The walls are a light grey, he assumes they were supposed to be white at one point. While the floors were a wood that needed some polishing. He had just bought this place a month ago. He had originally planned on using this as storage, but he decided that now he would change his mind. This is his Leagues new location, their home base, it needs some work but that is nothing with the amount he has access too. This is where he could raise this child- to be a villain! he oddly interrupted himself. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous. Gently placing a hand on the boy’s forehead, All for one uses one of his many healing quirks to fix the boy’s arm and relocate it in his socket. Though the boy has a fever, he notes to ask what medications he can take to reduce his sick. All for One gives the boy blankets to stay warm and a pillow. He ignores the stabbing pain in his gut about leaving the poor kid alone. He wants to coddle this child and tell him everything’s going to be okay. He writes a note on the inside of his door and pastes it there. He leaves the lights on in the room, so he's not afraid when he wakes.

All for one heads down to the dusty bar and gets to work. He has to make this place in his image after all. Nothing short of perfect will suffice. He starts moving boxes into the back rooms, using an air quirk to blow out all the dust in the room. Moving some bar stools to the rough bar surface. This is just for appearances, All for one thinks, This is in no way for the small fragile boy, who the world turned away. This is to make him look more professional.


But he lied to himself.

Chapter Text

Kurogiri awakes in a soft bed, covered in soft material, he's warm and for a moment he thinks that his entire life up till this point was just a dream. He awaits the sound of his mother coming in to wake up him, but when that doesn’t come he warily opens his eyes. The room he lays in is dusty, the room smells of old wood. There is a nightstand next to him, and a tall dresser in the corner. This isn't his home or his alleyway. Kurogiri is on high alert, who found him? How long was he asleep? He sees the open window in the room and it appears to be midday. He finally notices that his vision is fuzzy, has it always been unclear? He pushes that thought to the side and gently takes the covers off. That’s when Kurogiri notices he’s not in any pain. At all. He’s excited when was the last time he didn’t hurt at all? He doesn’t remember. Kurogiri stands slowly, his feet throb at the contact of floor and gravity. He lets out a whine of pain. Kurogiri guesses that he can feel his feet again. Great, so much for not being in pain. He limps over to the door, letting his mist constrict around himself to feel safe. Oh, there is a note on the door. Kurogiri grabs the note and brings it close until he can read it. He softly reads it aloud to get a better understanding of it.


“Hello, Young one. I hope you are doing well. I fixed up your broken arm and misplaced shoulder for you. Perhaps this makes you feel better. I would hope so. You had a fever at the time of arrival that I brought you into my home. This should pass soon if it hasn’t already, there is no need to worry. You are welcome to come and go as you please. This room is your room. You have been asleep for 3 days, and I assume you are hungry.” Kurogiri’s brain catches up with his stomach and it feels like it’s collapsing, he's starving. “There is sealed food in the kitchen, please help yourself. I shall be coming in and out frequently, If you so desire to stay here, I have some rules that I would like you to follow.” Kurogiri takes a deep breath and adjusts the paper even closer to his face. His eyes strain under the work and he blinks a couple of times. He hopes he can stay, it’s so warm here. He doesn’t want to live on the streets anymore. He's so tired.


“Number 1, the basement is off limits for it is storage, and some areas are unstable, I do not wish for you to get harmed. Number two, any food in the fridge is yours to have. Number three, I have gold eyes and black hair. I am about 7ft tall. If someone enters your space, including me, without permission, should you desire you can remove them with your quirk. Number four, If you should desire it, I can educate you in many different fields, however not for free. Helping out around the house will suffice. Number five, I shall give you an allowance for personal purchases, for example, clothing, recreational things, entertainment things, the more things you do around the house the more money you get. Last but not least number six, I will not make you do anything you feel uncomfortable in doing, you may leave at any time. You are not trapped here and I will not force you to stay. I will be around in the evening to answer any questions you may have. While this may sound odd, please call me Sensei.” His voice is a bit sore from reading out loud so much his voice sounded rough too. However, that doesn’t seem too bad Kurogiri thinks.


Sensei is a bit odd of a name, but his name is Kurogiri, so who is he to judge? Kurogiri at least knows how to clean, from previous foster homes who would make him do chores. But this time he would get money. He could buy himself anything he wanted! This was a dream come true! He would get shelter, a place over his head, which he could leave anytime he felt uncomfortable. A space that people had to ask permission to enter? Unthinkable! He would get food, no more starving on the streets! No more pain when he would use his quirk. He would gain back the weight he had lost. Most importantly no heroes could hurt him while he was on private property. This is all too good to be true. Kurogiri decides to take a chance, he’s tired of living alone and beat on by society. Even if the nagging voice in the back of his head tells him this is a bad idea, to trust a stranger. The more hopeful side of Kurogiri says that he won’t be a stranger for much longer.


Kurogiri leaves the note on the nightstand and hobbles to the bedroom door, there is a lock on the inside. This sensei person really does trust him with a lock? He ignores the fact that it excites him to have his own private space. He opens the door as quietly as he can and peers out into the hallway. It’s quiet and that sends nerves down Kurogiri’s spine, he instinctively wraps himself in his mist to keep himself safe and to prevent anyone from suddenly grabbing him. The hallway looks recently cleaned and the lights are on. To Kurogiri’s left is two doors on each side of the hallway and a pair of stairs that seemingly that go downstairs. Kurogiri notes that he’s probably on the top floor, and that is not to the basement. Not like he wants to go to a basement anyway.


“T̸̬͓̖̻̰̣̫̈́͋͂̿̑̆̐͟͝a̶̛̳̦̻̣̭̭̿̑͗͑̽̓͠͞k̩͎̝̞̣̝͔̳̗͙̒̉͊̍̔̀̓e̸͓̮̫̝̜͎̊̊̆̊̎̉͌̒͘͘͢ ą̶͚̪̫̟͇̗̎̒̽͒͘͜͢ ș̸̡̨̨̧͙͓̣̠̯̍́͌̿̓͛̇͒͐w̛̭̺͕̲̼̰̬̄͋̒͒̀͗̚͜ą̵͔̠͚̗̙̗̆̌̉̃̇ṋ̷͙̣̥̪͔̲͕̟̇̂͊̾ d̘̜̮̱̳̐̑͐̈́͐͐i̸̗̭͙͙͕̇͐̓̒̄̔ṽ̨̧͉̹̲̩͕̰̆̈́̃̅̊̋̉͟e̢̢̯̗̺̔͊̓̀̔͊͆̚͜ͅ ŏ̘͇͓̞̭͓̹̟́̉̈́̐̾͢͟͡f̬̫̫̤̩̗̭̋̀̒̔̂͆́̓f̦̦͙͔͙̱͗̿̿͂́̽̏̀̏̎ ţ̷̰̣͚̘̺͇̗͙͔̂̋̀́̃̿͡͡h̴̦̹̹̖͛̈́̆̉͘͢e̛̳̜̤̯͒̃̇͋͢ ņ̵͓̫͉̱͎̥̿̈̓́̆ȩ͙̺̪̠͉̀̓̍͐͆̇̈a̖͓̺͉̤̔͆̍͌́̏̅̐̔͢͜r̮̰͙̰͇̞̘͚̦̮̍͒͌͒͐͘͝͝ẻ̦̜̻̘̰͎̌̓̐̒̊̎͘͡͡s̷̨̨̛̥̺̗̘̭̳̦̈́̍̌́͘t̨̧̪̮̭͉͎̤̻̐̌͘̕͢͝ r̸̡̘̥̟̻̺̝̣̉̍͋̍͛͘͜ǫ̴̨̛͖̯͇̬̠̪͚͊͒͂̔̈́̍̔ǫ̖͈͇͇͖͕̪̦̏͑͛̌̊ͅf̵̛̤͖͓̰͓̾͛͆͊̿͝͝͠ ą͎̥̤̹̱̫͖̖̊̎̂͌̂̆̍̇͜n̸̡̛̘̟͙̺̝͖̈̋̆̏͑͒̚͢͜͝d̜̗̮̭̫̓͒̐̑͘̚͞ ḩ̶̝͙̪̙̜̝̜̠̊̑̅͂̈̆͒̚ͅo̡̥̣̭̜͈͋̊̉͗̇͑͘p̮̻̤̮̰̤̗̒͆̾͌͛̃͜e̛̬̫̪̮̣͖͊̋̓̚ f͎̟̫͉̠͔̖̭̲̉͊͗̐̽̕̕o͖̠̻̻̼͓̙̮̅̑͐̑̈́ŗ̴͈̣̪͚͋͒̈́͋̈̂̚͝ ạ̛͖͙͚̠̲͓̱̝̓̉̊̌̊̐̚͡ b̶̡̡̢̥̤̣̭̩̉̽̓͂͡e̶̛͓̮͇͚̰̦̓͂̒̍͑̕̕͘t̛̼͈͖̹̞͉̘̲̼̿̎̃̊̊̊̑͒͒͜t̴͇̤̙̲̳͇̗͖̅͂͌̑͑͑̔̽͟͝͠e̵̡̢̱̩̬̝͓̿͋̈̿̈̑͟͞r̭̯̘̼̘̣͖͊̓̃͆͠͞ l̛̝̝̗̗̭̉͋̎̿̐į̸̲̬̞̼͇̊̊͛̏̔̇̄͠͠f̵̢̯̦͕̺̍͒́͒̾͢͡ȩ̛͕̪̘͍̈́̈́̍̾̓͜͞ ỉ̵̤̗̬̹̺̔̄̕͜͡n̷̘̱͙͍͉͉̑̒̓̏͊ ţ̩̪̦̪̯̭̹̎̂͌͆̚͘h̜̮̺̲̥̣̖̠̟̣̃̌̄̀͗̓͆͘͘͡é̢̢̤͙̗̬̤̓̂̿́̔͡͞ n̶͓̗͎̭͙̞̖̦̓̿͊̌̊̚͠͡e̶̛̖̞̣̜͇͔̠͔̅̿̒̄͑̒̄̈͢͠x̡̧͇̖̤͔̖͐̏̒̊͛͐̌͛̕t̴̛̛̖͓͕̰̜͒̈́̚͞ o̢͉̩̬̟͇̣̱͕̪̓̒̓͆̉̑̕͘n̢̛̲̲̠̤̲̘̺̈́͆͐̾͛͊͂̎͞e̶̯͕͙̮̱̺̪̹̣̱͂͒̅̄̃͋̒, V̶̢̫̝̹̭̈͋̾̾̌̽̅̎ǐ̶̢̛͚̘̫̳̳̻̗͔̞̃̈́̔̈͌͡͝l̵̼̲͎̺̜̯̪̦̍̉̽́͌̕͠l̢̜͕̪̙͍̣̓͂̾̅͊̄̿́͝ā̛͓̙͔̩̗̍̓̍͡͞͠͡i͔̥̩̥̤̠̅́̑̂̒͟͢͟ͅń̮̩͍̻͓̜̀͌͊͒̓̚͝͞.͎̩͍͕̥̓̀̃̀͋̑͢͠”


He represses that memory and looks to his right, four doors on each side. He wonders why there are so many rooms and steps into the hallway. Kurogiri leaves his door open so if he needs to run to it he can. He ignores the small thought in his head that belittles him for calling it ‘his’ room already.


With a wince in his step, from finally feeling his aching feet, he moves to the stairs. ‘This is going to be painful’ Kurogiri thinks. Very slowly, he moves down the stairs. Biting his lip as pain shoots through his feet and into his hips. Once at the bottom of the stairs, he steps out into a bar. Kurogiri is surprised, he didn’t think this would be a bar. The room looks polished and finished, the bar stools tucked neatly into the counter. However, no one is here. He lets out a sigh of relief. He’s unsure why he’s nervous about meeting Sensei, but he pushes that thought to the side and wonders behind the bar. There are no drinks behind the counter, maybe the place is under renovation? He stops and stares at the beads that lead into the kitchen, He wonders why there would be beads instead of a door and carefully walks in wincing when they touch his body, but generally go through his mist without an adverse reaction. The kitchen is nice, it looks clean and modern. He quickly moves to the industrial fridge and tugs it open. The sight almost makes him cry out. There are packaged salads, nuts, fruit, meats, and bottles of water, anything he could ever dream of. His mouth waters at the sight of free food and he grabs at least one of everything. Closing the fridge door he sets his food on the ground and takes a seat.


He rips into the food so quickly that he only gets through 1 slice of meat, a couple of fruits a handful of nuts and a bottle of water before his stomach screams at him to stop. Food has never tasted so good. This Sensei guy couldn’t possibly be bad! They are giving him food! Kurogiri lets out a soft hum of happiness followed by a squeal. He kicks his feet against the tiled kitchen floor in childish delight. Food tastes extremely good! He stands up, gathering his food with him. He can’t let it go to waste after all! He decides to explore the building while munching on his food. Not the basement, never the basement.


“O̶̰͝n̵̞̍e̴̥͝ ̸̧̎ļ̵̃ẽ̸̬s̵̮͂s̵̗̓ ̵̩̌l̵̗i̸͇̇t̵̹̅t̵̝l̷̻͝ȩ̵̋ ̷̥̈́p̸̟̀i̷̘̿e̸̺͂c̷̰͌e̷̱͠ ̷͇̾o̴̭̚f̸̥͒ ̴̩̊ș̶͗ĥ̷̦i̸̖͑t̵͚͐ ̶̥͊m̵̠̍ủ̵̻ẗ̴̺́a̵͔̓n̶͇̚t̸̡̍ ̶̖͆t̴̢o̶̻̓ ̶͙͐l̴̛͇o̶͈̿o̴͍͑k̷̗̕ ̸̬̓a̸̖͋f̴̠̒ẗ̴͎e̴̟̊r̴̺͘!”


He finds the first-floor bathroom, Man, woman and No gender. Something thrives inside him, he doesn’t have those parts, and he can use the no gender instead of male. But he hopes that these aren’t the only bathrooms. If the bar ever opens, he doesn’t want to see other people stare at him. Upstairs, he finds what he assumes is Sensei’s room last door on the left. And other rooms are dusty and empty. He finds the upstairs bathroom first door on the right, it has a mirror, a tub shower, a toilet, and a sink. He looks at himself in the mirror. He's blurry, but he can make out how thin he looks, his glowing eyes look dim. He notes how dirty his body is, maybe he can figure out how to use the shower? While looking around the bathroom for a towel, he finds another note sitting on the counter. Kurogiri brings it to his face to examine.


“Hello, young one! It's me Sensei again! I wasn’t sure of your size, so I left you big clothing in your dresser just in case you wanted to clean up. Towels are under the sink. To turn the shower on turn the handle to the right and adjust for temperature and lift up the tab near the drain! Feel better soon, Sensei.” Kurogiri takes a deep breath and tries to get rid of the warm feeling in his chest. This note had a different tone to it, maybe sensei is a nice person after all? Kurogiri heads back to his room to grab the clothing as they said, it's giant, but he figures it should make him feel better. He sets the food on his bed for after his shower and heads back to the bathroom to start up the shower. He finds a nice soft towel under the sink and much to his delight varying different soaps with different scents. Kurogiri eventually picks the spring-scented one and tests the water. Just right! He’s going to clean himself off and then soak in the warm water for a while! It’s a dream come true.


Kurogiri for the first time in two years takes a warm shower and promises himself to take one every day.

Chapter Text

Kurogiri sits idly in the bathtub, the warm water feels nice in his bones. He really doesn’t want to leave, but he idly thinks he has been in here for about 3 hours. He rises from the bathtub, draining the water and steps out onto the tiles, He gently dries himself off. Putting on the big clothing he left out. He likes the way it drapes against his small frame. Kurogiri turns in front of the mirror to make sure his body is covered, before sliding his brace on. It is a little bit, and it sits just below his eyes. His eyes glow a yellow, but he can’t make out their shape. He smells of spring and it makes him feel nice. When was the last time Kurogiri felt nice? He stares at his reflection while his mind wanders off. The bathroom shifts from something warm and pleasant to the cold of the basement from his nightmares.

“V̶̢̫̝̹̭̈͋̾̾̌̽̅̎ǐ̶̢̛͚̘̫̳̳̻̗͔̞̃̈́̔̈͌͡͝l̵̼̲͎̺̜̯̪̦̍̉̽́͌̕͠l̢̜͕̪̙͍̣̓͂̾̅͊̄̿́͝ā̛͓̙͔̩̗̍̓̍͡͞͠͡i͔̥̩̥̤̠̅́̑̂̒͟͢͟ͅń̮̩͍̻͓̜̀͌͊͒̓̚͝͞.͎̩͍͕̥̓̀̃̀͋̑͢͠ V̶̢̫̝̹̭̈͋̾̾̌̽̅̎ǐ̶̢̛͚̘̫̳̳̻̗͔̞̃̈́̔̈͌͡͝l̵̼̲͎̺̜̯̪̦̍̉̽́͌̕͠l̢̜͕̪̙͍̣̓͂̾̅͊̄̿́͝ā̛͓̙͔̩̗̍̓̍͡͞͠͡i͔̥̩̥̤̠̅́̑̂̒͟͢͟ͅń̮̩͍̻͓̜̀͌͊͒̓̚͝͞.͎̩͍͕̥̓̀̃̀͋̑͢͠Ṿ̶̰͓͉̭̦͍̈́̒̐̀̌̊͂̑̿͒͘̚ͅI̸̺͕͓̮̜̳͖̘͋̋̇̏̓͆͛̍͘͝L̶̡̛͍̗̝͈̖̰̹̣̙̏͒̍̈́̍̎̾͂͊̕͜L̴̹̭̳̞̊̑͆̎͐̔͊̕͜͝͝A̴̛̩̬̩̮̘͓͉̻̒͊̾̈̌̈́̏̆̄͘̕͝I̸̡̫̓͛͐̈̍͐̋̊̔̅N̶̨̥̹͖̞̏̿̄̽́̔̕͝ͅͅ, S̵͓͔̪̆͝ų̵̧̢͉̈́c̸̟̽́͊͒h̵̍̚͜͠ͅ ̴̤͛̌̔à̸͍͖ ̵͇͇̪̥̂l̴̯̓͆̋ĩ̵̢͓̗͝ṱ̶̰̌̒ț̶̠͂̌̇̇l̷̨̈́̿͠e̷̻̖̻͊̃͘͝ ̷̖̋̀̔̎f̶̫̝̼͝ȓ̷̤͋̅ĕ̵̥͔̍̂̐a̸̢͜͝k̷̰̤͆̈́͒͘.̴̧̡̍ ̷̠͔̗͙̊͗͐I̸̧͓͋͐̊̈́ ̴̺̭͋̔͑b̵̛̼̄͗͐ę̴̟̄̑̋̿ť̴̢̬͍̓ ̵̹͇̩͗̐̍Ȉ̸͖̱̙̚ ̵̜͙̣͈̓͒c̵͎̩̽̈̄a̶̧͍̖̾͑̓n̵͔̪͌́ ̶̝̣̯́s̷̡̩̥̮̿h̶̬̦͆͌õ̶̮͔̝͛̎̕ẇ̸̘̞ ̸̬̭̰̒̓͒͘y̴̤̝̤̓̓̕o̵̞̺̾̄̈̓u̶̢̢̺̎̅̽ͅ ̷̪͍̮̺̈h̴̩̬̳̓͊̓͠o̶̦̺͈̰̅̔͘w̷͕̋͗͜ ̵̧̘̯͑͂̓ṭ̴͙̈o̶̜̎ ̵͖̙̟̈̆́f̸̙̰͓̈̊͗ͅe̴̻̝͈e̸̡̢̤̽̍l̴̰͈̰̜͛͘ ̷̨̻͙͛́͜n̸̛̹̓̇i̵̟̭͂̌͊c̴̛͈̬͔̮ě̸͎̹̙̈”

He hears the front door open and close. That jolts Kurogiri out of his nightmare as his legs give out. He feels the bile in his throat, blue tears prick his eyes as he drags himself to the toilet when he could no longer hold the bile back. Kurogiri vomits out all his undigested food into the toilet. He’s glad he stayed in the bathroom. He hopes Sensei hadn’t heard him and he hopes his clothing did not get covered. He wraps his mist out to relax. Just as he’s about to finish puking he hears a knock on the door.


“Young one, It is me, Sensei I was um... Wondering if you were alright?” the man behind the door states, “Is it alright if I come in to check if you have a fever still?” he sounds nervous and unsure with himself.


Kurogiri notes his nervousness and with a rough voice from puking, replies to the man. “Y-yes please come in, i-i um, I’m sorry for puking?” Kurogiri coughs before vomiting once more in the toilet.

Sensei walks into the room, and kneels down next to him, he takes in his appearance while he is awake, it seems his quirk stems from his mist. “It is no trouble young one. Now I’m going to check your temperature is that alright? I do have to touch you for that if that's okay?”


Kurogiri looks up at Sensei, He really does have gold eyes and black hair. His face is rather plain. He’s got an athletic frame to his build, despite being over 7ft tall. He hopes that the smell coming from Sensei is a lie because he smells of death. “Um.. yes you can? J-just be gentle please?” Kurogiri winces from his direct touch but it is delicate and that feels nice.


“Did you eat too fast? You don't seem to have the fever anymore.” Sensei asks him, his tone is patient and gentle, He hasn’t raised his voice once. Kurogiri nods before leaning away from the toilet. Sensei continues speaking not minding Kurogiri’s silence. Kurogiri notices, however, how nervous Sensei appears to be. “We can postpone any questions you may have if you would rather go to bed?”


Kurogiri pauses and takes another look at Sensei. Upon further inspection, Sensei’s suit must be made of something else? He smells of blood, and he’s busy during the day. “Sensei-sir? Are you a Villain?” He hopes he is wrong, He really does.


Sensei sighed and gets more on eye level with Kurogiri, “I am a villain young one. I do what I must to survive in this world.” Kurogiri glances up into Sensei’s eyes. They are filled to the brim with confusion and sadness, almost like he regrets being a villain. That he almost regrets surviving, and to Kurogiri he relates to him, that was left unspoken. “However” Sensei continues, “I will never force you to become what you do not wish. Do you want to become a hero? I will not stop you, and that will never change the fact that you have a place here. You can be whatever you want to be. I believe in you. ” Kurogiri tries to stop the tears in his eyes, but they don't stop flowing. This villain he just met, treats him better than anyone in his life had since his mother died. This villain, someone who society looks down upon said that he could be whatever he wanted to be.  So Kurogiri takes a deep breath and exclaims softly “Please call me Kurogiri, Sensei.”


Kurogiri decides to stick around Sensei a while longer, just to see where this Adventure would take him.

Chapter Text

The following year goes by quickly for Kurogiri.


Sensei is teaching him how to cook. Kurogiri finds cooking relaxing. He always finds himself cooking when he wakes up screaming in the night. Sensei always checks on him, he refuses to admit that melts his heart every time he comes in and comforts him. He always asks before touching him and that makes his heart twist with appreciation. Honestly, if Kurogiri were to sit down and say all the things he liked about Sensei it would take a couple of days. But he finally figured out why sensei looks so confused, he's 100s of years old at this point and he’s never raised a kid. Sometimes he sees him reading parenting books with his small glasses on. Honestly, he’s never felt more loved since his mother died. Sensei is teaching him lots of things as well catching him up to school standards. Kurogiri doesn’t mind that he’s not going to public school. There is too much paperwork and that would put him back in the system. Kurogiri couldn’t go back to the system it would eat him alive.


The bar had opened after about 6 months of his stay there. It was open late at night, and the drinks were cheap which attracted unsavory characters of all kinds. Sensei made it clear that anyone who went upstairs would never return, and whenever someone did, Sensei kept his word. There was an unspoken rule in the bar, Do not go upstairs. But Sensei never used his scary Villain role when talking to Kurogiri, and for that he was thankful. Kurogiri finally figured out what that tiny voice in his head is, Sensei described it as worries or past regrets, that is perfectly normal to have. He ignores that tiny voice in the back of his mind that reminds him of the quickest way to eat. They found out together that Kurogiri’s quirk makes him a carnivore, so Kurogiri eats more meat to satisfy that. For Kurogiri’s 11th birthday he got him big round black glasses that allow him to see, He loves looking at objects and when Sensei is zoned out he loves staring into his golden eyes that remind him of the good in the bad. Sensei also got him a computer, he’s able to learn whatever Sensei can’t teach him and Kurogiri doesn't let Sensei know that he’s watching self-defense videos to protect himself should something happen to Sensei. Sensei’s last gift to Kurogiri was a quirk, naturally, Kurogiri would have denied, but Sensei explained that it was a resistance quirk. Sensei had no use for it apparently, but he told him that it would make everything less painful and that he didn’t have to accept right away. So Kurogiri thought about it for a week, what made him say yes however was when that disco looking hero had followed Kurogiri home.


That man had forced his way in and quickly subdued Kurogiri, who had screamed in pain upon his face hitting the floor. Sensei was livid. Kurogiri figured out why many villains left this area alone. Sensei really does go all out when he’s in Villain mode. He quickly got the hero off him and dragged him to the basement. Once he was locked up he ran up and comforted Kurogiri. Kurogiri doesn’t know what happened to that man, but he doesn’t mind knowing. The quirk really does let him run around and bump into objects without instant pain! However, hero patrols increased in that area for a while and there were missing posters. But anytime Kurogiri had to walk far away he would always shyly ask Sensei to walk with him. Sensei would always say yes. No matter what he was doing.


Sensei had particularly come back home bloody and injured when dealing with what he described as a mortal rival that can't seem to die. Kurogiri ponders for a moment, Nona? Nana? Nano? He can't remember their name but they are dead now. At the time Sensei asked Kurogiri if he could go to his room, that he wasn’t mad at him but he needed to get his quirks under control, so Kurogiri did. For the next 6 hours straight it sounded like Sensei was smashing things against the walls in the basement. Kurogiri still never went into the basement. He doesn’t want to see walls painted shiny red or the people standing over him. Plus it was Sensei’s space, who was he to enter that without permission?


Another thing he hates about heroes, they only come after a problem has been discovered. They never saved him, he had to save himself  But that's for all humanity, They all shame and push those who don’t conform to their ideals. They shame the weird, the broken, the unstable. They only come in after someone has hurt. It is sickening. In this weird time of quirks, all his problems have stemmed from these people claiming they know what’s right. Sensei, poor sweet sensei with his golden sun eyes only wants this to change! He overheard that one night in a meeting with potential allies. The more Kurogiri hears his speech, the more Sensei gains in his underground group, the more missions sensei comes home bloody with that bright light gone in his eyes, the more wounds Sensei comes home with; The more Kurogiri’s resolve hardens. He’s only known Sensei for a year and a few months, but he feels like Sensei is more than a teacher at this point. Kurogiri sees him as his father.  If there is anyone he would become a villain for, it was Sensei.

After thinking on it for a long time, he went to sensei with fire in his eyes. He only spoke briefly but his heart knew what he wanted. It was time. Just before sensei was about to leave for the day, he stopped him by tugging on his villain uniform.


“Train me to stand by your side, Sensei”


So that you won’t be alone in this world that sees you as a villain for wanting the best.
His new life with Sensei summed up in a single sentence;

‘To Stand by Your Side.’


And Train he did.

Chapter Text

All for one couldn’t get his heart to rest, Kurogiri wants to be trained to stand by his side. As of now, he's euphoric to have another being especially one of great power on his side. He would train him, he would ignore the soft spot that had been growing on his dead heart for the past year. Or the way his chest rings with pride when Kurogiri gets A’s on his exams. He will ignore these childish feelings. He will ignore the pain in his chest when Kurogiri will hate him for the training he’s about to go through. He ignores the happy memories of pretending he is anything but a monster. Kurogiri will be trained to his standards of villainy, he will be All for one’s personal transport unit, and whoever wants to get to him has to go through his strong son Bodyguard.


He is a Villain overlord, he just conquered that damn seventh user of One for all. He supposes in the back of his mind that decaying thought, the slipping of power while she was using it. Though something rages through his cold decayed heart he remembers that damn woman’s last words, “You’ve changed” she ungratefully vomited blood, which was hilarious seeing that she was torn in half rather slowly so she doesn’t really have a stomach anymore. Heh. “You can change, it’s never too late to change” To which he exclaimed “Destiny is set in stone. There is no change for a monster like me” Right before the light in her eyes had faded he exclaimed, “ Thank you truly, for this amusing farce” . He had come back to his home with Kurogiri, Feeling emotionally dead. Her words joining the screaming of thousands, but always tend to be the loudest. Annoying. He had used a weather quirk to change it to pouring rain so that it would be harder to find her lower half. Part of his mind recoiled in agony at the thought of that being his body; in the future, he will prevent. While the other part of him curled with delight at the suffering of the next wielder. The one that would cause him so many issues in his future.

Y̶̨̨̙̻͈͍̪̪͍̙̮̬͎̐͊̽̂̔͑̐͋̂͆̈́̕͜͠͝ơ̸̖͖̖̩̭̗̳̬̘͍͆̍̀͋̔̒̌͑̏͝ǘ̵̢͈̺̭͔̻͙̭́̏̃̅͒͌̈͌̈́ ̶̧̡̛̝̯̗̰̲̰͈͙̲̳̲̺̣̔̐͗͘͘̕c̸̰͓͕̞̜͋͊̈́̔͒̌̀̌̏͌a̸̹͌̈́͐̚n̴̡̧̩̙̥͔̜͓̦̮͎̖̍̎̂̊͛̐ ̸͎͚̫͙̲͑̑͋̿̑̄͋̚͜c̵̡̡̮̤͈̝̳̩̝̻̪̮͐̌̈́̀̓ͅh̶̟͓̞̋̂̃a̵̢̨̦̮̤̲̱̘̼̳͍̮̙̗͗̐̐̓̽̂̓͒̿̔͘̚͠ͅn̵̜͚͍̗̭̫͉̓̋͊̓̄̉̾̑̕͠͝g̵̡̻̪̬̬̮̘̫͖̺̤͍̜͍̃́͛̋̐̈́͒͌̅̿ͅe̸̢̨̖͉̪͔̽́̕,̴̺̎̀̌̎͘ ̸̡͇̤͎̼̗̥̞̪̦̹̓̄͜i̸̛̻͕̯̐̿͊̍͘͝ț̷̡̞̞̞͕̩̈’̷̝̞͖̹̗̲͖̤͖̑̊̐̋̇ş̷̡͉̜̙͖̞̱̈́̓͊ ̴̳̠̗̘̦̩͎̘̺̟͉͓̩̤̱̑͗n̶̡̛͚̪̱͇̈̑͋̒ȩ̸̠̦̗̣̮̯̲͇͛̋̒v̶̡̢̛̟͖̙̹̠̦̍̓̅̔̾̋̓̕͘̚ȅ̴̡͓̜̖̹͈̟͙̻͎̆͆̌̾̐͑̎̇̊̚̕r̵͖̲̺̬̳̭̝̜͆͗̔ ̵̛̜̰͖̪͚̈̈̈́͜͠t̴̗̰͓͎̙͍͖̠͂̅͒͂̏͂͝͝o̷̡͓̮̲̳̜̍̐̒ͅơ̴̱̤͎͉̳̽͆͌̽ ̶͎͊̉̄̋ļ̸̡̦̣̻͕̠͈͔̩̫̫́̎̃͋͆̃̋̒͑̑͌̕͝͝͝ä̸̧̛̼̜͍͓̳̹̖͙͔͚̖͖̏̌̅͑̾̌̏͛̌͘͠͠t̷̠̬̮̜̥͇̖͍̉͆̆̾̈́́̾̾͒͗̅͛̕̚͜ȅ̸̛̛̩͍̓̀͠ ̵̨̨̡̖͈̦̗̠̰͔͍̻̋̃͆͛͂̓͌̀͊̾̒̓t̷̡̼̦͖̰̳̻̝͉̗̉͆̅̃̃̍̒̈́̚͜ö̷̫͔͍̙͓̱̳̦̹̗̭̙̥̻́̀̾̃ ̷͇̲̮̲̎̄͜ć̴̡̧̳̻̻̱͉̌͊̆̽͂͂͑͋h̸̨̧̡̦̮̰̼͓̺͎͎͓̓̄̿̋̈͠ͅặ̸̤̟̭̿͊͌͑̃̾̋͘͘n̴̛̦̹̼͚͌g̵̛̲̟̤̣̹̠̭̳͙̬̟̫̹͚͛̈́̎̐͂͗̎͆̇̐̈́̕ḙ̸̼̪̺̪̟̭̇͆͜.̷̼̥̠̹̭̰̝̭̍̃̽̈́̀͑̾̉͑̇̅̚͝

He decided a long time ago that he was never his villain persona with Kurogiri. He didn’t want to scare the young boy. He was just looking out for his newest member, right? Anyway, he already knew of the next successor thanks to a future-gazing quirk. All for one knew since before Kurogiri came around in his life. He knew what he looked like in the future but no matter where he looked he couldn't find that stupid blonde hair idiot, All-Might was his name? It’s been a while since he's thought about the new and upcoming thorn in his side. He thinks about having All-might’s blood on his hands and that makes him euphoric again while recoiling in disgust somewhere deep in his mind. Back to the matter at hand, he turns to face Kurogiri, he readies himself in front of this small child.


“I will train you to be of use to me. Call me All for One”


Yes of course! All for One finally came to a conclusion about what to do with this softer side of himself.


He and Sensei are different people.


Two sides of the same coin.


It was a simple easy conclusion, All for One was not changing, he was not good, he is a monster as he always will be. All for one revealed in his enemies blood, leaving a trail of corpses in his wake. He would stop at nothing to get the change he desired in the world, quirks were a display of power. He would train Kurogiri to be his bodyguard, he would train him to fight like a villain.


But Sensei, he wasn’t sure what he would become, he was already more than willing to harm someone who harmed this child. Yet he wanted the best for this child he saw as his own. But Sensei is weaker, he shows softer emotions that died with All for One. Sensei wants to change the world for Kurogiri. Whereas All for One wants the world for himself. Sensei let that bastard that touched his soft bodyguard live. All for One thinks that should have died immediately. Instead, he took mercy and made him a Nomu. So far he’s got that original flashbang quirk, 4-speed quirks, a stealth quirk and a quirk called “Record me” it records everything it sees and plays it from the eyes of the creature like a projector.  It’s the most perfect Nomu for surveillance and recon. Sensei is just as smart as All for One, however, there are a couple of things in common they both despise One for All.


All for One looked down at Kurogiri, he was offering his hand to him, so in true Sensei fashion, he took it and walked with him to sensei’s main base of operations.


All for One would make him useful yet.

S̷̡̨̬̘̼̙̥̜̦͇̝͖̘͉̪͚̹̣̗̱̯͓͉̹̮̖̥̼̩̞͔̄̐̉̅̏͊̽̈́̓̈́͆̒̀̉́̃̅̇̎̇̐̋̑́̈́̓͆̎̔͆̕͘͘̕̕͘̕͘͜͠ͅͅĕ̴̝̞͂̅́͒̉͑͋̇͂̒͑̄̀̌̒͛̎̈̅̏̂̇̾̃̂͘̚͝͠͝͠͠͝n̸̫̞͎̹̣̭̞̳͍̟͓̆̾͑͛̈́̆̽̊̂̌̄̏͌̽̆̊̐̍̽̕͘͝͝s̷̡̡̢̨̨̳̩̰͈̭͚͍̟͈̗͎͓̬̲̦̻͇̦͎͈͉̰̩͈̰̝̒͒̏̒̈͗̎̚͜͝ͅe̸̢̨̛̼͕̖̺̻̠͔̙͍̦̮̘̖͍̖̪̬̣̻̮̼͉̣̿̈́̃͊̌̀̍͋͛̂̋̇̊͂͋̅̎̓̐́̄͌̉́̌̌̾͌͗͒̋̂̓͛̌́͋̈́̕̕͝͝ḯ̷̧̘̜͕̤͕̝̰̝̯̬̌͂̃͗̔̆͂̐̓̋̾̈̐́̎̔̊̆͛̚͝ͅ ̶̣̺̠̜̿͛́̓̅̓̓̊̇͂̓͋̏̎͑͗̽́̒̓̈́͒̈́̐̎̈̍̌̓͂̐͗̄̚̚̕̚̚͝w̷̡̢̖̠͎̥̝̩̗̭̪̳̟̝͔̼̻̞̺̩̜̼̯͒͊̓̊͌͗̅̒̊͆͊̐̅͌̏̽̎̀̾̅͐̑̍̐̈̚͘̚͜͠͝ȏ̸̡̢̡̹͙̳̝̭̺̳̞͖̪̩͕͓̪̩́̽̓͋̔́̂̐̽͌̑̊̓̋͂̈́̊̆̃̓̓̈̾̎̔͗͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅṳ̴̡̟̱̯̖̼͍͎͙̫̪͖̪̫͇̬̬̼̞͎͖̹̙̗̖͌̑̑̔ͅͅl̸̢̛̮̥̯̗̳̜͈̖̖̯͙͉̘͍͓̤̝̤̞̈́͒̆̇̑̈̋̏͒̉̎͊̃̋͗̏͆̿̈́̈́͋̐̏͆̑̋͐̎͆̇̓̒̈́͒̋̅͋̋̊̚͝͝d̵̡̡̡̧̢̫̻̬͙̼̠̲͎̝̺͖͉̯̥͕̗͈͙͎͔̪̦̤̳̻̰̹̟̏̈̈͗̋͌̇̉̍̒̍͌͊͗͘̕͠͝ ̷̢̡̧̢̛͕͕͕̞͕͉͕̹̥̯̬̳̩̙̩͍̼̫͍̼̳͚̠̥͈̆̈́͂̿̆̃̅̀̈́͐̆̆̈́͒̏̄̔͌͐̇̿͠ͅẖ̴̢̨̫̯͇͉̝̱͔͍͉͉̰͉͍̩̠̗͙̰̝̦̭̪͈̃̿̒̋̉͗͑̾́̊̈́͛̈́́̎̂͐̾͛͛̉͗͋̾̉̾͛̂͛̿̌̚͜͠͝͝͝o̸͓̙̯̩̠̠̳̜̍̈́͆̌͂̾͛̐̃̽̄̎̅̽̑̉̒́̓̈́͒͐̇̐͊̊̏̆͛̓̈͋̽͘̕͠͝͠͝ḽ̸̡̧̛̛͚̖͍̺̻̝̬̗͚͉͔̥̺̗͖̝͇̟̣͑̀̊̈́͋̃̿͊͒͛̆́̄̌̎̆͑̑̊̄̿̽̔̄̎̀͐́͌͐̚̚̕̚̚͜͠͠͝ͅͅd̵̡̢̢̨̨̢̧̢̻̣̥͈̰̖̺̭̰̟̗̤͓̠̰̼̠̯̠̹̹̣̮̜̰̩̳͕͎̰̠̿̽̑̋̔̆̿̆͂̄́̒̇͆́̚͘ ̷̩͈̩̮͍͉͖̦̠͈̋̀̈͂̄̆͑̿͐́͂̽̈̍̐̈́̉͋̃̊͛̈́̓̅͊̇̒̇̈́̕̚͝͝K̸̨̤͎͍̬͔̙̺̘̫̓͂̊̔̀̀̈́̽̀̀̚̕͜͝͠ư̸̢̢̛͉̩̰̪͔̺͉̹͙̼̮͉͇̱͚̭̖̣͔͉͒͛̉̈̾̊̑̊̽͛͆̂̽͗͌͐͒̍̈̔̈́͘͠͝ͅr̵̡̡̡̧̫͎̤̲̣̳̘͈͙̣̪̳͖̙̺̬̣͕̳͚̫͖̣̘͍̺̄͑͆̒̿̋̒͐̈́͂̅̌̅̌̕͘͜͠͠͝ơ̵̡̧̛̜͔̙̗͓̠̯̼̱̋͛́͂͂̐̋̈́̌̀͊̂͌̌̉̌̊͑̈̑̔͗̑̇̀̌̍̈̍̓̎̑͒̃̋̚̕̕͘ͅg̸̢̡̡̥̣̗̜̳̹̖̥̼̦̱̱̞̣̗̭͇̠͈̭͈̠͚̯͚̟͓̣͈͎̦̪̻̯͕̱͇̟͚̐̍̋̇͋̈̐͛͌͋̈́̋̆̃͒̃͒͛̓̕͝͝͝͝i̴̢̠͇̣͙̼͚̙͖̟̩̎̊͋̄̓̐̎̽͆̈́͗͆́̃͒͒͐͑̂̍͛̆̍͐̃͊̀͘͘̕͝͝͠͠͠͝͝r̷̛̛͕̅̂̃̉͑̑̽̎͂͋͛̐̃̇̋̒̒͊̚͝͠͝į̶̡̗̤̝͎̫̘̱̫̩̥̪̙̜̥̣̝͖̲̮̋̄̓̈́̊̈́̃ ̷̨̮͕̲͙̫̳̘̪͛̅̀̈́̄̎̓͌͐̌͐͒̏̅̐̏̓̅͗̇̌̃͋̊̽͛͗͋̇͆̈́̔͘̚͘̚̕͜͝͝͝ͅą̶̺̩̖͓̞͍̳̦̹̣̤͕͈̮̣̞͉̣̺̠̖̻͖̟̪̣̗̼̻͗̓̆̎̿͑̽͗̈̂̓̃̄̂̓̉͑̍̓́̆̃̄͗̚͘͘͝͠͝͝͠ͅs̶̢̛̲̼̳̭͍͔̩͆̓͆̇́̒̒̇̈́̏̔̑͑̃̓̍̔̔͆͊̓̌̑͋̒͛̑̇͆͌̂̕̚͘̚̕͜͠͝͝ ̸̡̢̱̯͖̻̬̜̙̥̩̜̲͈̯͓̠̮̹̬̟̤͓͛̏̈͆̈̅͂̊̓͑̽̆̒̅̓͗̎̔͋̿̍̈͗̈́̚̚͘͜ͅh̶̛̫̋́̓̄͒͗̽̒̈́̒̈̇̐̔͂́̿͛͂͌̿̾̾͒̉̎̓̎̈̎͘͘͘͠͝ȩ̶̛̤͈̰̙͇̖̟̞̖̥͍̣̞̞̩̱̳̱̺̭̲͊͐̆͂͒̐̌̌̂͐̍͋͆͊̉̇͐̃̃̈́̌͊͗͊̿͑̓̓̋͘̚͠͝͝͝͠ͅͅ ̸̡̺͈̱̪͉̞̦̝͕̯̠͍̰̲̤̃̈́̎̎̀͐̃̍͊̊͒̋́̽͊͊͛̆͂̕͘͝s̸̛̼̰͇̬͚̦̗͙͖͔̮̝̲͎̦̪̳̀̿̆͂̏̃̊͛̐͌̿́̒̽̇͋̓̾̓̔̐̒͒̌̍̔͋̒͐̈́̕̚͝͝͠ċ̵̛̛̛̪̖̙̠̂̈̇̃̒͋̄͊͒̄̊̀̈́̆̄̄̆̄̍͌̍̽̈̒̀͂͋͌̽̇̍̚̚̚̚̚͠r̸̡̢̛͔̞̥̭̯͚̱͎̹̪̹̼̬̞̖̜͇͍̭̓͛̋̓̔̂̽̓̅́͂̏͗͑͘̚͘͜͝͝e̶̛̥̖̫̮̥͋̾̅̐͑̽̊̊̀̇̇͛̏̋̐͂̀́͘͘̕͠͠͝á̵̢̠͖̙̮̭̞̜̪̻̯̮̭̬̖̲̩̜̤͇̼̺̜͙͈̱͚̮͑̔̑͋̓͗̑͋̂̋͐̃͘͠ͅm̷̨̧̧̢̨̖̠͖̱̱͔̖̭̦͉̺͔͉̳̤̞͔̥̤͙̮͉̔̀͐͋͐͜ͅẻ̸̢̡̧̢͎̜̹̪͚͚̰͎͎̣̳̳̘̙̟̻͍̠̮̼̮̥̙̬͚̘͖̟͙͕̻̮͎̦̗̰̎́͗͆͑̂̚̚͘͝d̴̳̿̎́̐̈͐̈́̈́̔̈̌̎̆̊̍͛̊̈̑̅͋̊͗͊̀̅̍̄̈́͐̍̕̕͘͘ ̷̧̣͖̦͕͔̱̜̻̠̘̣̝͎̐̾͋͊̄̽͊͋̆̈́̈́͒̾͜͝ͅt̵̨̡̨̛̛̛̫̩̘͇̣͙̦͎͎̠̺̱͕͎̮̯̲̮̱̔̎̐͑̐́̃͒̈́̽̍͆̇͑̽̎͗̕̚̚͘͝͠͝ͅh̴̖̼͚͇͙̼͉͇̼̪͖̘͚̬͇̺̳͔̟͉̻̭̯̭̼̤͗͌̂̈͑͆̍͂͜͜ͅr̴̡̛̼͈̥̙̗̻̞̟͈͎͉̎̏̔̉̍̌̋̋̈́͑͊̊̒̔̓̎̈̽̊̈́̉́̌̈̿̄͒̓̈́̕̚͜͜͠ǒ̷̡̨̧̡̧͇̳͉̗̜̜͙͍̭̹̳̥̫̯͚̙̺̜̖̩̠̹̜̼̹̼̳̻̊̋̏͒͆͑̋̈̂͆͐́̾͛͋̄̐͊̈́̀̑̂̓͑̒̎̌̀̆̒̏͘͜͝͝͝ừ̵̡̢̨̧̡̢̻͍̝̜̩̲̪̟̠̥̣͍̺̯̮͍̯̭̥̪̰̱̫̰͂̒̒͗̇̃̍̿̃̆̍̑̽͛̂̓̎͆̄̀͐̇͆̂̐͘͘̚͘̕͝͠͝g̵̝̼̩͚͎̘̹̖͙͈͇͙̯̖͚̦̻̙̳̰̭̻̼̔̈́̃̔͒̀͋̃͆̒̐͊̆͒̒̈̋̔̈͑͘͜͝h̶̢̨̨̢̢̧̧̭̘͎̫͓̬͉̤͍͖̱̘̹̭͚͎͈͖͙̜͍̭̠̭̣̝͓̦̫̫̦ͅ ̴̡̲̜̘̳̊͋̌̃̉̏̌̓͒͒̾̓̄͂̽͌̍̃̿̎͑̌̈̚͘t̷̡̢̖̮̦̘̣͚̜̥̦͈̲̣̻͍̩̎̂̒̈́̕h̷̢̛̹̙̩̩̙̮̭̥͔̼̪̤̩̮͙̻̙̖̩̘̰̬̲̫͐͑̿̓e̷̢̧̧̩̯̺̦̪͔̱͎̰̗̱̝̬̟̟̹͔̩͖͕̭̻̞̺͚͔͙̤̅̌̃̈́͐̂̓̄̑͒̚̚͝͠ͅ ̷̧̧̢̧̨̘̰̖̲̼̜͉̩͉̯͙͎̻̞̩̟̤̟͇̯͔͉̭͙̖̜̦̹̙̺͓̈́̅͠͠ͅn̵̨̧̡̙͓̯̗̣͔̮͉͔͇̰͚̻̘̤̹̙̯̣̭͎̹͍͔̼̣̲̻̙͚̙̉͐͛̕̕ị̵̧̧̨̛̜̣͕̺̻͓̗̹̬̼̩͈̬̘͇̙̺̝͉̞̤̰͙̳͔̖̜̱̗̪̝͂̎̇͐̾̑͑̈́̆̒̓̃̿͛̒̌̾͗̕͘͜͜͜ͅͅg̴̡̡̻̺̣̳͍̞̝̳̯̮̟͖̻̼͙̥̙̦͇͇̭̅̈́̈̂͂̊͂͋̄̂͊̈́͜͠ḩ̴̢̢̛͔̤̱̖̗͓̝̖͉̝̻̩̘̯̱̫͔͎̟̝̥̤̮͕̹̪͈̈́͆̈̀̐͑̄̎̂̆͐̄͋̌̚͘͜͠ͅţ̸̨̨̧̙̘̘̝̼̠̼̫̞̤̬̰̥̤͓͇̟̗̻̣̙̳͔̞̬̮̹͕̮̬̮͓̜͍̟͌͜ͅ.̶̧̨̛̫͕̙̭̻̟̲̘̭̩̫͎̮̼̙̟̣͈̼̪̼̳͕͚̞̏̔̔̔̅̋͂̔̈͒̂̿͘̕͜͠͠ͅͅ



Chapter Text

Tomura can't remember what his name was. It started with a T. But each time he thinks of it, it slips away like dust between his fingertips. But it’s probably the head trauma at this point.


His father said his name is freak. So in his mind, he calls himself Tomura. Every morning he chants his name.

“T̶̨̡̢̡͇̭̪̼̠̝̤̙̹̹͎͔͈̯̘̫̣̳͓͍̹̼̼̞͚̪̜̝̖̤̳̈́̔̃̍̌͛͛͛͛̒̂̔̓͌̏̅̀̈́͛͆̋͋̽̒̎̈́̓̑͘͘̕͘͝͝͠͠ͅO̶̧̡̞̭̖̞̥̙̜͕̙̘͖̗͙̘̲̫̞͓̠̪̲̳̭̥͔͖̍̂̇́̄̍̃̔͋̓́̋̔͑͆̏͊̀́̊̄̋̓̒̈́͊̚͜ͅḾ̵̛̛̦̖͕̹̻̪͙̱͉͕̯̻͇̪̖̭͈̪̬̞͔̰̱͌̐͒̿̄̄̓̈́̆̍̉̍̓̍̎̊̽̑́̉͑͆͐̃͊̃͘͝͝͠͠͠ͅU̴̧̡̢̨̱̭̜͚̙͈̹̤̜͕̠͖̩̤̭͔̹̹̰͖͇̝̻̯͍͐̏̆͑̈́̾̽̊̍̐̿́̿͌͌̾̃̌͆̈̒̐̍̓͘͝͝͠͠R̷̨̻̼̙̲̐̆̐̈͗͂͊͗͋̌͛́͆̑̍̒̍̾̈́̅̏̋͐̓̈́̃͆͘̕̚͝͝͝A̴̧̢̡̢͎̦̳͙̹̫̝͔̤̤̮͕̩̣͉̫͙̭̟̜̖̱͇͖̼͓̘̥̗̣͗͂̈̾̄̈́̂̏͐̅͒͛̌̐̌̑̈́̕̕̕͘̚͝ͅ ̸̨̨̛̛̞͙͕̖̠͓̱̹̥̹̙̳̰̥͔̜̳̱̤̝͔̻̦̂̊̌̇̄̌͋̒͑͊̅̇̓́͊̑̓͆͒̀̕͘͘͝͝͠T̷̨̨̨̨̨̨̛̙̙̜̥͉̪͈̤͈͙̫̯͈͈͔̥̪̟̻̥̪̈̀͆͊̌̋͑̽͛̉͒̾͛̀̌̊̔̐̄̊̈́̚͘͝͝Ó̷̧̡͖͖̼̮͔̝̗̚Ṁ̸̛̲͎̘̹̗̥͈̙̥͎̌́̐̓̊͐͋͑́̂̌̊̓̈́̆͆͑̐͒̃̀̈́̈̿͛̄̕̚͝Ų̸̧͇̪̟͙̱̻̟̻͚̥͉̭̣͙̣̲̫͇̰̩̗̮̺̼̼͈̻̣̦̆͋̓̀͊̂̉͂͌̔̽̄͐͑̉̉Ȓ̵̢̨̻̞̖͖͔̝̺̐͠ͅA̵̛̛͇͓̾͗̅͂̿̐̎̂͊͋͑̎̅̊̄̊͋́̑̃̐̓͗̊̈̕͝͠͝͠ ̵̨̡̨̡̡̢̧̼͎͉̼͇͉͔̜̹͓̗̲̟͓̮̼̤͋̿͊̓̊̊̈̅̍͊̑͒̉̐̈T̶͈̥̹̹̤̜̝̦͔̅́̾̈́̅͆̿͘͠Ờ̶̢̲͓̫̠͉̟̹͇͂̑͐̆͂̓͗̏̚͝M̴̨̨̡̡̢̧̞̱̜͇͈̱̦͎͔͎̼̟͈͈̝̫̹̰̹̪͇͖̠͕̅̈͌̾̆͋͊̌̓̈̎̈́̅̍͛́̏͗̚̚͘ͅͅͅU̷̧̨̡͈̟̯͖̻̖͍̯͚͈͉̿̂͊͗͑͘̚R̴̨̢͙̘͉̳̗͍͇͉̳̝̳͖̩̮̲͈̞̦̰̆͜ͅA̸̢̗̥̰͎̺̞̫̮͕̮̠̘̠̫͓̠͙̲̪̹̟͚̩̋̿͗̍͆̐̔̂̾͋̃̏̐̇̓͑̄̽͂̓͒͘͘͘̚̚ͅͅ ̴̡̛̛̰͈͚̠͉͓̜̟̝̞̯͚̪̘̜̙̺̬̩͚̮͍͎̖̥̖̤̹̮̞͖̳̤͕͗̒͊̑̎͐̔̽̏̈́̄̑̉͊͗̅̑̾̕͜͝͠ͅṪ̵̢͖̠̖̮̬̱̯̫̰̟̭̰̯͉̼̘̘̥͈͓̘͕̗͉̞̖̹̲̲̝̗̻̥͗̆͂͐̆̊͒͌̈́̓̑̈́̊̎̈́̾̆̒̓̎̓̃̀̈́̌̎̂̇̏̐͆̕̕͠Ơ̷̡̡̧͖̬̰͍̻̠͕̮͖̩̘͙̳͉͍̺͍̻̦̞̖͔̫̠͔̗̦͎̟̦͑̊̒̈́̃̄̒̓̄̋̑͛̇͊̑͋̾̽̎̓̔̔͗̆̉̚͜͝͝͠M̷̜̖̩͒̏͋̃͐̾͂́͐̆̏͘̚̚͠͝͝͝͝Ư̵͓̫̞̺͚͙̗̝͕͍͓͍͇͙͓̱͈̝̞̥̘͚̭̼̎̂̔̑̓̄̿͒R̸̜̬̟̈́͒̋̀̽̔̚̚͠Å̸̧̨̨̗͚̤̹͖̭̗̣̹̪̖̤͈̳̭̖̠̞͎͈̹̠͉̼̤̻̲̟̙̲̣͍̝̣̊̈́̆͐̏̿̑̓͒̒̆̊̐̒̊̑̋͋̑̂̏̽̆͐̚͘͝͝͝ͅ.̸̹̫̱͓̃̽̆̽̆̐̑͐̈̉͋̈́̄̃́͌̈́̆̋̿͌̉̏͒̽͘͘͘͝͠͝͠.̵̧̧̧̨̜̺̞̪͇̥̫̖͖̳̰̦̦̲̞̣̦̤̜̯͔͎͎̗͆̃̄͆́̓͛̂̇̂̓͛̕͜͜͠͠.̸̨̛̠͎̹̯̩̖͉͎̮͖̮̺̞̞̖̭̝̪̱̻̤̳̓̀̅̒̽̾̌͜͝”

He chants his name so his father would not take it away.


He looked up what his father had meant by disintegrating when his quirk came in. Tomura decided to call it Decay. Decay came in earlier than anticipated, his father called him an early bloomer. Afterwards, his father started acting strange, he would make Tomura walk around with his hands clasped together. He would make Tomura gather bugs all day in a bucket. Before his father started waking him up in the middle of the night.


Tomura had only been on the earth for 3 years before he learned how cruel the world was.


The first time his father had dragged him into the basement he duct taped his hands together, and he had cried the whole time. It was cold in the basement, and Tomura’s body was covered in bruises and small cuts. After the first week, he stopped crying when his father hit him. After the first month, he stopped reacting at all. The only times Tomura cried is when his father used the big knives on him and slammed his head against the pavement. But Tomura was always unconscious when he got fixed up. Time seemed to pass quickly, there were gaps in Tomura’s memory and now, Tomura doesn’t remember much from before his quirk came in. To the best of Tomura’s knowledge, this was his life before the quirk came. He vaguely remembers heroes but he never understood why they wouldn’t come to save him. Eventually, he gave up on being saved.

He woke up every morning to the same routine, he says his name, his father comes in and ties his hands and drags him to the basement.


His routine changed after the first 6 months, his father made him stay during the day in the bug pit.


At least Tomura now knew what father was doing with all those bugs.


Tomura assumed the reason he was always so itchy was that his quirk made his skin dry. But after the bug pit, he constantly itches when he wasn't in the pit. His father keeps his nails short, but that doesn’t stop Tomura from itching it till it bleeds. Sometimes while he sleeps in his bed he can feel the bugs crawling all over his skin. Sometimes he wants to burn his skin off so he can't feel each individual leg crawl on him.


Tomura HATES bugs.


After about 3 months of only occasionally being in the bug pit. He father decided to only let him stay in the bug pit. He wants to remove the bindings, but his father had dislocated his thumbs a week ago. Tomura can feel them crawling on his skin. Tomura can feel each time they bite his skin. The only time his father lets him out of the bug pit now is to make him clean the house. Tomura is happy to clean the house and wishes to do it more often. His father makes him take a shower before cleaning the house. Showering is nice, he can clean off the dried blood and bug carcasses from his frail body. However, it is difficult for him with his 3-year-old hands to clean a house by himself. His father feeds him once a day and usually, it’s crackers and cheese with a tiny bit of water. He’s unsure why his father bothers feeding him. If he’s going to leave him in the bug pit. But he’s overheard his father talk about selling a quirk to some scary sounding guys. Tomura figures out that his father plans on shaping him into a mold for him to be sold. He can't wait for it to happen, honestly, he's so tired.


Tomura decides that anywhere is better than the bug pit. He wonders what his new life would have for him.

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Kurogiri Just officially turning 12, had a birthday party with Sensei. Oh, goodness is Sensei cuddly, He’s really embracing these softer emotions when not wearing his Villain suit. Not that Kurogiri minds that, he has an empire to run after all. He had gotten him lots of gifts, new glasses, new courses to learn. It’s all very nice. Sensei has taken to softly hugging Kurogiri more, giving him praises and in general teaching him a lot of life skills, while still giving Kurogiri time to himself. This is more than he could have ever asked for. Kurogiri’s training is coming along good too. All For One is training him to defend himself close range, as well as absorbing projectiles to spit them out elsewhere. It’s very intricate, he never pushes himself too far. Kurogiri is more than willing to fight for Sensei, no matter what facade he puts on. Kurogiri is willing to bet that the ‘All For One’ is the facade.


All For one hasn’t had much time behind the wheel as he would have liked. He thinks bitterly. That pastel Sensei has been coddling the child and showing that we care. His training is going beautifully, he truly is a team player. He’s very good at attacking at a distance. All in all, All For One is proud. The Nomus have been created at a readily speed. However, Sensei won’t just let me pick random drunks off the streets. Now we go after child abusers, sex offenders, and crooked heroes. Unfortunately, that has given Sensei some, media attention. So Sensei, while out finding proper Nomu, material changes his appearance to give him large horns on his head and large claws on his hands. So that no one will confuse the two. All for one is a Villain. He must constantly remind himself of being a villain, instead of letting the soft emotional one take over. All for one must protect both of those soft idiots. He will not admit to being proud of Kurogiri, He will not admit that his cold heart is changing. He will not admit to enjoying the softer moments with Kurogiri.

Y̶̨̨̙̻͈͍̪̪͍̙̮̬͎̐͊̽̂̔͑̐͋̂͆̈́̕͜͠͝ơ̸̖͖̖̩̭̗̳̬̘͍͆̍̀͋̔̒̌͑̏͝ǘ̵̢͈̺̭͔̻͙̭́̏̃̅͒͌̈͌̈́ ̶̧̡̛̝̯̗̰̲̰͈͙̲̳̲̺̣̔̐͗͘͘̕c̸̰͓͕̞̜͋͊̈́̔͒̌̀̌̏͌a̸̹͌̈́͐̚n̴̡̧̩̙̥͔̜͓̦̮͎̖̍̎̂̊͛̐ ̸͎͚̫͙̲͑̑͋̿̑̄͋̚͜c̵̡̡̮̤͈̝̳̩̝̻̪̮͐̌̈́̀̓ͅh̶̟͓̞̋̂̃a̵̢̨̦̮̤̲̱̘̼̳͍̮̙̗͗̐̐̓̽̂̓͒̿̔͘̚͠ͅn̵̜͚͍̗̭̫͉̓̋͊̓̄̉̾̑̕͠͝g̵̡̻̪̬̬̮̘̫͖̺̤͍̜͍̃́͛̋̐̈́͒͌̅̿ͅe̸̢̨̖͉̪͔̽́̕,̴̺̎̀̌̎͘ ̸̡͇̤͎̼̗̥̞̪̦̹̓̄͜i̸̛̻͕̯̐̿͊̍͘͝ț̷̡̞̞̞͕̩̈’̷̝̞͖̹̗̲͖̤͖̑̊̐̋̇ş̷̡͉̜̙͖̞̱̈́̓͊ ̴̳̠̗̘̦̩͎̘̺̟͉͓̩̤̱̑͗n̶̡̛͚̪̱͇̈̑͋̒ȩ̸̠̦̗̣̮̯̲͇͛̋̒v̶̡̢̛̟͖̙̹̠̦̍̓̅̔̾̋̓̕͘̚ȅ̴̡͓̜̖̹͈̟͙̻͎̆͆̌̾̐͑̎̇̊̚̕r̵͖̲̺̬̳̭̝̜͆͗̔ ̵̛̜̰͖̪͚̈̈̈́͜͠t̴̗̰͓͎̙͍͖̠͂̅͒͂̏͂͝͝o̷̡͓̮̲̳̜̍̐̒ͅơ̴̱̤͎͉̳̽͆͌̽ ̶͎͊̉̄̋ļ̸̡̦̣̻͕̠͈͔̩̫̫́̎̃͋͆̃̋̒͑̑͌̕͝͝͝ä̸̧̛̼̜͍͓̳̹̖͙͔͚̖͖̏̌̅͑̾̌̏͛̌͘͠͠t̷̠̬̮̜̥͇̖͍̉͆̆̾̈́́̾̾͒͗̅͛̕̚͜ȅ̸̛̛̩͍̓̀͠ ̵̨̨̡̖͈̦̗̠̰͔͍̻̋̃͆͛͂̓͌̀͊̾̒̓t̷̡̼̦͖̰̳̻̝͉̗̉͆̅̃̃̍̒̈́̚͜ö̷̫͔͍̙͓̱̳̦̹̗̭̙̥̻́̀̾̃ ̷͇̲̮̲̎̄͜ć̴̡̧̳̻̻̱͉̌͊̆̽͂͂͑͋h̸̨̧̡̦̮̰̼͓̺͎͎͓̓̄̿̋̈͠ͅặ̸̤̟̭̿͊͌͑̃̾̋͘͘n̴̛̦̹̼͚͌g̵̛̲̟̤̣̹̠̭̳͙̬̟̫̹͚͛̈́̎̐͂͗̎͆̇̐̈́̕ḙ̸̼̪̺̪̟̭̇͆͜.̷̼̥̠̹̭̰̝̭̍̃̽̈́̀͑̾̉͑̇̅̚͝

A Distance away, a small young girl aged 5 with buns in her hair gains a fascination for sharp objects and blood. Helping another child when they got a cut. Changing herself to look just like him. The parents take her to quirk counseling and find out that this is her quirk. This is the beginning of her parents' abuse. They forget about her, they call her quirk villainous, and sometimes leave her unattended. They still feed her and take care of her. But for how much longer? How much longer before she runs away?


A young man faces harsh training with his father everyday. It’s not training when it leaves him full of bruises. It leaves him hurting, this man makes him push his fire quirk until he can feel it boiling his blood. He can’t take this life anymore. One of these days he’s going to lose control of his quirk. Controlling his violent urges is becoming harder and harder each day. He doesn’t want to be that man, he wants to be himself. But everyday he gets up and is greeted with the same red hair, the same face as that man who abuses his mother. He doesn’t know how much longer until he shatters completely, little did anyone know, that was sooner than everyone thought.


The Girl with the cherry red hair, and cherry clothing had lived at this orphanage for as long as she could remember. Her parents had left her here because she had a weak quirk. Simple as that. They were a strong businessmen family and believed a weak quirk was a weak link in the family. She didn’t need them. She could become whatever she wanted. What she could do was life-changing, and nothing could change her mind. All she had to do was survive this a little longer than she was home free. Or she thought until a new arrival from the hospital was delivered.


In the hospital lies a boy born with all his adult teeth, abandoned, and being taken to the orphanage. His mother did not want him, She knew what he would do in the future as was her quirk. She hoped that by leaving him his future would be safe.  It was best that she would not be in it. He would grow up to be a villain that takes down All-Might. She didn’t want that in her family history. So she ditched out the first-floor window, once she was recovered from the birth. How could she love that thing? Later in the news that evening the mother had gone missing via a man with horns, falling into the future she had seen. A fine Nomu she would make.


The moment he was born he was considered evil. Medusa was his nickname. Medusa was the name he was given. His snake hair had almost killed his mother. But at the time how was he supposed to know? He's a toddler. The people were afraid of turning to stone upon eye contact, so they forced the newborn to wear sunglasses, never bothering to check if that was part of his quirk. Before shipping him off with the rest of the dangerous quirked individuals. A facility that helps individuals control their scary quirks with robots and minimal human contact during quirk training. This Facility has darker ties to the underworld.


He lived with his mafia family. His family had not wanted him when he was born. But kept him around until his quirk could come in. They struck gold. He could create objects out of the air around his hands. Suddenly he was given the attention he desired. All he had to do was work and create things. He found out that he was just a tool for them. They never once actually cared about him. He was to work to the bone for a family who saw him as a tool. He would be here till he died.


Lastly, this child was formed in a lab. He was created from darkness, and darkness is where he lived. He had just broken out of the government facility, and there was no going back for him. He ran, no one would hurt him. He would rule the darkness, and make those who harmed him kneel before him. Let those who created him and gave him a form, suffer for holding him to this plane of existence. He could not wait to become the king of the dark. But first, he and his companion must grow stronger.

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Today, Tomura;

“T̶̨̡̢̡͇̭̪̼̠̝̤̙̹̹͎͔͈̯̘̫̣̳͓͍̹̼̼̞͚̪̜̝̖̤̳̈́̔̃̍̌͛͛͛͛̒̂̔̓͌̏̅̀̈́͛͆̋͋̽̒̎̈́̓̑͘͘̕͘͝͝͠͠ͅO̶̧̡̞̭̖̞̥̙̜͕̙̘͖̗͙̘̲̫̞͓̠̪̲̳̭̥͔͖̍̂̇́̄̍̃̔͋̓́̋̔͑͆̏͊̀́̊̄̋̓̒̈́͊̚͜ͅḾ̵̛̛̦̖͕̹̻̪͙̱͉͕̯̻͇̪̖̭͈̪̬̞͔̰̱͌̐͒̿̄̄̓̈́̆̍̉̍̓̍̎̊̽̑́̉͑͆͐̃͊̃͘͝͝͠͠͠ͅU̴̧̡̢̨̱̭̜͚̙͈̹̤̜͕̠͖̩̤̭͔̹̹̰͖͇̝̻̯͍͐̏̆͑̈́̾̽̊̍̐̿́̿͌͌̾̃̌͆̈̒̐̍̓͘͝͝͠͠R̷̨̻̼̙̲̐̆̐̈͗͂͊͗͋̌͛́͆̑̍̒̍̾̈́̅̏̋͐̓̈́̃͆͘̕̚͝͝͝A̴̧̢̡̢͎̦̳͙̹̫̝͔̤̤̮͕̩̣͉̫͙̭̟̜̖̱͇͖̼͓̘̥̗̣͗͂̈̾̄̈́̂̏͐̅͒͛̌̐̌̑̈́̕̕̕͘̚͝ͅ ̸̨̨̛̛̞͙͕̖̠͓̱̹̥̹̙̳̰̥͔̜̳̱̤̝͔̻̦̂̊̌̇̄̌͋̒͑͊̅̇̓́͊̑̓͆͒̀̕͘͘͝͝͠T̷̨̨̨̨̨̨̛̙̙̜̥͉̪͈̤͈͙̫̯͈͈͔̥̪̟̻̥̪̈̀͆͊̌̋͑̽͛̉͒̾͛̀̌̊̔̐̄̊̈́̚͘͝͝Ó̷̧̡͖͖̼̮͔̝̗̚Ṁ̸̛̲͎̘̹̗̥͈̙̥͎̌́̐̓̊͐͋͑́̂̌̊̓̈́̆͆͑̐͒̃̀̈́̈̿͛̄̕̚͝Ų̸̧͇̪̟͙̱̻̟̻͚̥͉̭̣͙̣̲̫͇̰̩̗̮̺̼̼͈̻̣̦̆͋̓̀͊̂̉͂͌̔̽̄͐͑̉̉Ȓ̵̢̨̻̞̖͖͔̝̺̐͠ͅA̵̛̛͇͓̾͗̅͂̿̐̎̂͊͋͑̎̅̊̄̊͋́̑̃̐̓͗̊̈̕͝͠͝͠ ̵̨̡̨̡̡̢̧̼͎͉̼͇͉͔̜̹͓̗̲̟͓̮̼̤͋̿͊̓̊̊̈̅̍͊̑͒̉̐̈T̶͈̥̹̹̤̜̝̦͔̅́̾̈́̅͆̿͘͠Ờ̶̢̲͓̫̠͉̟̹͇͂̑͐̆͂̓͗̏̚͝M̴̨̨̡̡̢̧̞̱̜͇͈̱̦͎͔͎̼̟͈͈̝̫̹̰̹̪͇͖̠͕̅̈͌̾̆͋͊̌̓̈̎̈́̅̍͛́̏͗̚̚͘ͅͅͅU̷̧̨̡͈̟̯͖̻̖͍̯͚͈͉̿̂͊͗͑͘̚R̴̨̢͙̘͉̳̗͍͇͉̳̝̳͖̩̮̲͈̞̦̰̆͜ͅA̸̢̗̥̰͎̺̞̫̮͕̮̠̘̠̫͓̠͙̲̪̹̟͚̩̋̿͗̍͆̐̔̂̾͋̃̏̐̇̓͑̄̽͂̓͒͘͘͘̚̚ͅͅ ̴̡̛̛̰͈͚̠͉͓̜̟̝̞̯͚̪̘̜̙̺̬̩͚̮͍͎̖̥̖̤̹̮̞͖̳̤͕͗̒͊̑̎͐̔̽̏̈́̄̑̉͊͗̅̑̾̕͜͝͠ͅṪ̵̢͖̠̖̮̬̱̯̫̰̟̭̰̯͉̼̘̘̥͈͓̘͕̗͉̞̖̹̲̲̝̗̻̥͗̆͂͐̆̊͒͌̈́̓̑̈́̊̎̈́̾̆̒̓̎̓̃̀̈́̌̎̂̇̏̐͆̕̕͠Ơ̷̡̡̧͖̬̰͍̻̠͕̮͖̩̘͙̳͉͍̺͍̻̦̞̖͔̫̠͔̗̦͎̟̦͑̊̒̈́̃̄̒̓̄̋̑͛̇͊̑͋̾̽̎̓̔̔͗̆̉̚͜͝͝͠M̷̜̖̩͒̏͋̃͐̾͂́͐̆̏͘̚̚͠͝͝͝͝Ư̵͓̫̞̺͚͙̗̝͕͍͓͍͇͙͓̱͈̝̞̥̘͚̭̼̎̂̔̑̓̄̿͒R̸̜̬̟̈́͒̋̀̽̔̚̚͠Å̸̧̨̨̗͚̤̹͖̭̗̣̹̪̖̤͈̳̭̖̠̞͎͈̹̠͉̼̤̻̲̟̙̲̣͍̝̣̊̈́̆͐̏̿̑̓͒̒̆̊̐̒̊̑̋͋̑̂̏̽̆͐̚͘͝͝͝ͅ.̸̹̫̱͓̃̽̆̽̆̐̑͐̈̉͋̈́̄̃́͌̈́̆̋̿͌̉̏͒̽͘͘͘͝͠͝͠.̵̧̧̧̨̜̺̞̪͇̥̫̖͖̳̰̦̦̲̞̣̦̤̜̯͔͎͎̗͆̃̄͆́̓͛̂̇̂̓͛̕͜͜͠͠.̸̨̛̠͎̹̯̩̖͉͎̮͖̮̺̞̞̖̭̝̪̱̻̤̳̓̀̅̒̽̾̌͜͝”

has figured out that his quirk can be activated through his feet. ‘Amazing’ Tomura thinks ‘That trash bag turned to dust.’ Tomura covers a gasp from his mouth. ‘I can get out with this. I can save myself.’


He has to be careful not to alert his father that he’s found out a way to use his quirk while his hands are taped. So while cleaning the house he specifically taped his pinky toe on both feet so that he wouldn’t activate it while walking, cleaning up the trash bag dust. He is surprised that he hasn’t turned the floor to dust before he realized that he could use his quirk with his feet. He also figures that his hands need all 5 fingers on an object if that's how his feet work too.


But with this newfound knowledge, Tomura began to plan his escape for freedom. While his father was sleeping, he would break out of his cuffs by removing the tape on his pinky toe and releasing his hands. Then he would run. Tomura would never come back. This new knowledge sparked something that was previously dead inside him. Anger.


Tomura is angry. He doesn’t want to itch. He doesn’t want bruises or pain. He doesn’t want the scars on his back to increase. But what Tomura wants is to grab father by the face and watch his body turn to dust. He would save himself, no hero required! Then Father would never hurt anyone ever again. But yet something cold settled in Tomura, what would he do after? He can't feed himself. He has no money. Maybe he would need to find a hero after all?


Tomura decides that he needs more planning. Just one more week. Then he’s gone. That's all he has to do. Survive one more week and then he will be free. What's one more week? His father hasn’t talked to the scary men in a while. He still has time. Tomura gets back to cleaning the house carefully and using his taped hands with precision someone shouldn’t have. Practice makes perfect after all. He decides to sneak some food while working, not enough for Father to notice, just a small cracker that's broken at the bottom of the box. Tomura returns to his room when he hears the car pull up.


Tomura doesn’t get a week. He overhears that night that his father sold him. Eight Precepts of Death is what his father’s contact said. He doesn’t know who they are, but they don’t sound good. Tomura doesn’t want someone new to hurt him. Tomura doesn’t want to go with these people. He decides that he should start moving to leave now. He can’t stay here anymore. Tomura carefully contorts his thin body and manages to get his feet near his face. He bites the tape that's on his toes and pulls.

Tomura’s thoughts start to go haywire, ‘why, why, why, why?  IT WON’T COME OFF!!’ he flails his leg a bit harder and it comes off taking some of his skin with him. His feet burn from the tape but he doesn't have time to celebrate. He moves his foot to his hand, wincing in pain when his back and hips disagree with him. Tears for the first time in almost a year come to his eyes before spilling over. He's freaking out.


Tomura bites off a cry of pain when he gets all his toes on the tape around his hands. It’s weaker for sure. But it decays it enough to wiggle his fingers and his fingers do the rest.


Tomura’s mind screams in delight when his hands are free, he stretches his sore arms and makes for his window quietly. With his pinkies up he turns back and starts packing a small backpack that was hidden under his bed. He takes clean clothing he hasn't seen in a year. He rips off the rags that were attached to his body and changes out of the dirty filth he has been wearing for months. He's wearing a black shirt and grey shorts. He doesn’t know where he's going but anywhere is better than here. Anywhere is better than whatever the Eight Precepts of Death are. Just as Tomura opens the small window and slides out into the street, pinkies never touching an object, with difficulty of course. His father bursts into the room and lets out a scream.


Tomura runs faster than his legs should be capable. He will not be caught by that man. He will not go back to the bug pit. His head hurts as he runs, but he begins to chant the name that causes himself to feel better.

“T̶̨̡̢̡͇̭̪̼̠̝̤̙̹̹͎͔͈̯̘̫̣̳͓͍̹̼̼̞͚̪̜̝̖̤̳̈́̔̃̍̌͛͛͛͛̒̂̔̓͌̏̅̀̈́͛͆̋͋̽̒̎̈́̓̑͘͘̕͘͝͝͠͠ͅO̶̧̡̞̭̖̞̥̙̜͕̙̘͖̗͙̘̲̫̞͓̠̪̲̳̭̥͔͖̍̂̇́̄̍̃̔͋̓́̋̔͑͆̏͊̀́̊̄̋̓̒̈́͊̚͜ͅḾ̵̛̛̦̖͕̹̻̪͙̱͉͕̯̻͇̪̖̭͈̪̬̞͔̰̱͌̐͒̿̄̄̓̈́̆̍̉̍̓̍̎̊̽̑́̉͑͆͐̃͊̃͘͝͝͠͠͠ͅU̴̧̡̢̨̱̭̜͚̙͈̹̤̜͕̠͖̩̤̭͔̹̹̰͖͇̝̻̯͍͐̏̆͑̈́̾̽̊̍̐̿́̿͌͌̾̃̌͆̈̒̐̍̓͘͝͝͠͠R̷̨̻̼̙̲̐̆̐̈͗͂͊͗͋̌͛́͆̑̍̒̍̾̈́̅̏̋͐̓̈́̃͆͘̕̚͝͝͝A̴̧̢̡̢͎̦̳͙̹̫̝͔̤̤̮͕̩̣͉̫͙̭̟̜̖̱͇͖̼͓̘̥̗̣͗͂̈̾̄̈́̂̏͐̅͒͛̌̐̌̑̈́̕̕̕͘̚͝ͅ ̸̨̨̛̛̞͙͕̖̠͓̱̹̥̹̙̳̰̥͔̜̳̱̤̝͔̻̦̂̊̌̇̄̌͋̒͑͊̅̇̓́͊̑̓͆͒̀̕͘͘͝͝͠T̷̨̨̨̨̨̨̛̙̙̜̥͉̪͈̤͈͙̫̯͈͈͔̥̪̟̻̥̪̈̀͆͊̌̋͑̽͛̉͒̾͛̀̌̊̔̐̄̊̈́̚͘͝͝Ó̷̧̡͖͖̼̮͔̝̗̚Ṁ̸̛̲͎̘̹̗̥͈̙̥͎̌́̐̓̊͐͋͑́̂̌̊̓̈́̆͆͑̐͒̃̀̈́̈̿͛̄̕̚͝Ų̸̧͇̪̟͙̱̻̟̻͚̥͉̭̣͙̣̲̫͇̰̩̗̮̺̼̼͈̻̣̦̆͋̓̀͊̂̉͂͌̔̽̄͐͑̉̉Ȓ̵̢̨̻̞̖͖͔̝̺̐͠ͅA̵̛̛͇͓̾͗̅͂̿̐̎̂͊͋͑̎̅̊̄̊͋́̑̃̐̓͗̊̈̕͝͠͝͠ ̵̨̡̨̡̡̢̧̼͎͉̼͇͉͔̜̹͓̗̲̟͓̮̼̤͋̿͊̓̊̊̈̅̍͊̑͒̉̐̈T̶͈̥̹̹̤̜̝̦͔̅́̾̈́̅͆̿͘͠Ờ̶̢̲͓̫̠͉̟̹͇͂̑͐̆͂̓͗̏̚͝M̴̨̨̡̡̢̧̞̱̜͇͈̱̦͎͔͎̼̟͈͈̝̫̹̰̹̪͇͖̠͕̅̈͌̾̆͋͊̌̓̈̎̈́̅̍͛́̏͗̚̚͘ͅͅͅU̷̧̨̡͈̟̯͖̻̖͍̯͚͈͉̿̂͊͗͑͘̚R̴̨̢͙̘͉̳̗͍͇͉̳̝̳͖̩̮̲͈̞̦̰̆͜ͅA̸̢̗̥̰͎̺̞̫̮͕̮̠̘̠̫͓̠͙̲̪̹̟͚̩̋̿͗̍͆̐̔̂̾͋̃̏̐̇̓͑̄̽͂̓͒͘͘͘̚̚ͅͅ ̴̡̛̛̰͈͚̠͉͓̜̟̝̞̯͚̪̘̜̙̺̬̩͚̮͍͎̖̥̖̤̹̮̞͖̳̤͕͗̒͊̑̎͐̔̽̏̈́̄̑̉͊͗̅̑̾̕͜͝͠ͅṪ̵̢͖̠̖̮̬̱̯̫̰̟̭̰̯͉̼̘̘̥͈͓̘͕̗͉̞̖̹̲̲̝̗̻̥͗̆͂͐̆̊͒͌̈́̓̑̈́̊̎̈́̾̆̒̓̎̓̃̀̈́̌̎̂̇̏̐͆̕̕͠Ơ̷̡̡̧͖̬̰͍̻̠͕̮͖̩̘͙̳͉͍̺͍̻̦̞̖͔̫̠͔̗̦͎̟̦͑̊̒̈́̃̄̒̓̄̋̑͛̇͊̑͋̾̽̎̓̔̔͗̆̉̚͜͝͝͠M̷̜̖̩͒̏͋̃͐̾͂́͐̆̏͘̚̚͠͝͝͝͝Ư̵͓̫̞̺͚͙̗̝͕͍͓͍͇͙͓̱͈̝̞̥̘͚̭̼̎̂̔̑̓̄̿͒R̸̜̬̟̈́͒̋̀̽̔̚̚͠Å̸̧̨̨̗͚̤̹͖̭̗̣̹̪̖̤͈̳̭̖̠̞͎͈̹̠͉̼̤̻̲̟̙̲̣͍̝̣̊̈́̆͐̏̿̑̓͒̒̆̊̐̒̊̑̋͋̑̂̏̽̆͐̚͘͝͝͝ͅ.̸̹̫̱͓̃̽̆̽̆̐̑͐̈̉͋̈́̄̃́͌̈́̆̋̿͌̉̏͒̽͘͘͘͝͠͝͠.̵̧̧̧̨̜̺̞̪͇̥̫̖͖̳̰̦̦̲̞̣̦̤̜̯͔͎͎̗͆̃̄͆́̓͛̂̇̂̓͛̕͜͜͠͠.̸̨̛̠͎̹̯̩̖͉͎̮͖̮̺̞̞̖̭̝̪̱̻̤̳̓̀̅̒̽̾̌͜͝”

It doesn’t matter how far ahead Tomura had gotten. He forgot one thing, He didn’t retape his foot, he was leaving a trail of half dust footprints for his father to follow. It was a matter of time before he felt someone hit the back of his head with something heavy. He hits the ground like a bag of bricks, his head hurts even more now. It's filled with static and he can't think straight. He rolls over to look his father in the eyes. Giving him a grin that pulls at the muscles in his face and Tomura does something he saw his father do to him. He spits on him. That sends his father into a rage. Everything was already getting blurry at this point and he thinks that it's his father that's kicking him in the stomach as he blocks out the pain.


Then suddenly it all stops. Tomura quickly prays that this will kill him before going unconscious.

Chapter Text

Touya lays on the floor in his room. His room is bare, just a bed, dresser and a closet with formal clothing in it. He’s wearing shorts and a tank top to help him cool off. His quirk making his body boil. Its summer so it’s much hotter for him. He's glad that at least the air conditioning is on at least. Perks of having an abuser that has a fire quirk? He guesses.


Touya holds back a moan, the floor is absolutely like a fridge. This is heaven. He rolls over onto his stomach, ignoring the slight pain in his stomach, he’s very tempted to take off all his clothing just to be colder. But he resists, just in case Endeavor walks in. He doesn’t need that conversation again. The scars Endeavor left pulse whenever he uses his quirk. They always feel so much better when he’s cold. Touya closes his eyes to enjoy the silence without being interrupted.


Touya loves his mother. He really does. Her quirk is beautiful it just makes her look more elegant. But why did she have to have another kid? Can’t she just stick it to the bastard and tell him to fuck off? At least that's what she just did. She threatened to throw herself off the stairs if she got pregnant again. Does he feel maybe she should have done that sooner? yeah. But he feels this way every time she pops out another one. He wishes she cared for him more. He just feels bitter all the time.


He hopes that Endeavor just keeps paying attention to him so he doesn’t hurt his younger siblings. Self-sacrifice, he guesses. As long as he has Endeavors attention the rest of the family is safe. At least Endeavor, he refuses to call him dad, keeps the Air conditioning on during the summer. It’s wonderful, but he assumes it's just for Endeavor. He has about 15-20 minutes of laying on the floor before Endeavor takes him away for training. God, he wishes that he had more time. Endeavors training isn’t really training, it’s more of torture really.


Touya holds back a whine, his stomach hurts badly. Probably from endeavor kicking him yesterday. He holds back tears. He doesn’t want to hurt anymore. But he will hold out for his family. Right?


His quirk is getting harder and harder to control these days. Sometimes his blood boils when his quirk activates and singes his clothing. It’s why he never wears anything other than tank tops. Better than destroying clothing Endeavor would yell at him for. He's noticed the way his mother and siblings flinch away from him when he gets angry. He supposes it is because his hair is red and his facial structure is like Endeavors. He doesn't want to be Endeavor. But he can't help his emotions. Is he just supposed to suppress himself? Is he not allowed to have emotions.


He’s tired. He’s so tired. How much longer until he snaps?


The bruises keep growing. The scars keep growing. How much longer until he can’t control his quirk?


Endeavor hits him harder now than ever before. It hurts. Touya is scared. But he won’t show it. He has to be strong for his family. It didn’t start out this way, He only started training him after his quirk came in. He supposes it's because he had Touya when he was still in school. By the time his quirk came out, Endeavor had a feud with the number one hero All-Might. He was already training to be a hero to surpass the big shot. Honestly? Touya didn’t care. It is becoming harder and harder for him to care.


Why care when your family flinches when you activate your quirk? Why care when all you see is Endeavor’s face in the mirror?


Why bother? Why bother when the bruises keep growing? Why bother when his insides feel like they are boiling? His father is just going to beat him under the guise of training. His other Siblings do their best to avoid Touya to prevent angering Endeavor. He’s so lonely.


He loves his mother he really does. But he wishes that she would stick up for Touya instead of everyone else. He’s only 11 after all. He’s not an adult how is he supposed to stand up to Endeavor? But no. Touya has to fend for himself.


He hears Endeavor stomping down the hallway, and he wishes Endeavor would curl up in a ball and die. Sometimes he fantasizes about Endeavor getting murdered. He knows it’s bad to think that way, but how can that man be a hero?


He only has a few moments before Endeavor arrives, he thinks bitterly. His newest sibling Shoto was just born in January. Touya finally found it in himself to care, even if its a tiny amount. That's the only reason he is still around. That poor little wide-eyed boy. He couldn’t leave this child alone with that man. His mother occasionally lets Touya sit with the toddler under heavy supervision, like he’s going to hurt him like he is Endeavor. That hurts him more than he is willing to admit. It makes his heart ache when Shoto would reach out for Touya for a hug, Shoto gives the best hugs. It had always made him feel better. He’s worried though. Little Shoto was a perfect split down the center of his hair. He hoped and prayed for whatever god out there let Shoto be spared from Endeavor’s Training, that poor little Shoto wouldn’t have the quirk Endeavor desires.


“TOUYA” Endeavor shouts from behind the door, jolting Touya from his mind “Get your lazy ass out here. Training starts in 5 minutes. DO NOT BE LATE.” with that Endeavor stomps off.


Touya whispers softly to himself, “yeah yeah you fuckin flamethrower. I'll be there.” Touya pops in his mouth guard. He’d rather not risk shattering another tooth from one of Endeavors punches. That was an interesting visit to the doctor. Endeavor had made up some story that he had fallen up some stairs. He was covered in bruises and scars so the doctors believed him when Endeavor said that he’s clumsy. He’s already got burn scars from Endeavor’s heat tolerance tests. Most in the shape of hands. What a joke.


Touya heads to his ‘Training’ room showing up on time. He likes pissing the old man off sometimes. Serves him right. Think he will take a beating without retaliation? WRONG. He feels his face contort into a sinister grin, briefly imagining destroying Endeavor’s entire career. Taunting Endeavor, even if it gets himself hurt, makes him feel alive. He’s gonna make fun of the bastard today.


“What's with the smile Touya? Finally taking things seriously?” Endeavor says with a sneer, reading himself into a fighting stance.


“Nah, I was just thinkin’ about how much more experience I would get if I trained under the Number ONE hero, instead of a Number two. Ya know? At least he isn’t a piece of shit like you.” Touya’s quirk activates and it surrounds his arms with a bright red fire. It hurts a bit, but he doesn’t show it. His scars throb under the heat, it makes Touya feel like his body is breaking apart. He doesn’t show it. Don't show that's a weakness. Endeavor is not happy at the reminder of his failure and curse words apparently.


“Curse words? Really? Guess I'll have to show you how much you still have to learn under me.” Endeavor is no longer smiling. Endeavor cracks his knuckles and activates his quirk.


Oh shit, he fucked up. Endeavor was already in a bad mood.


Touya hopes that he doesn't have any new burn scars after this. At least he can’t get killed by Endeavor. Heroes don't kill…




Touya can’t take it any longer. He wants to leave this house. It’s full of nothing but hate and hurt. But baby Shoto being alone with this monster makes his blood boil. How dare he abuse them like they are just objects? Touya’s quirk activates making him let out a yelp of pain. He quickly turns off his quirk before it can light his bandages on fire. He holds his breath, hoping no one heard his pain. Once the coast is clear, he finishes bandaging himself up.


At the end of the training session with Endeavor, Touya is patching himself up in the bathroom of his room. He’s pretty sure that he was coughing up blood from getting kicked. Fuck. Him and his big mouth. He ended up shit talking Endeavor during the training, that pissed him off even more. He’s got bruises on his face and stomach. He’s got dried blood on his arms and legs. He’s got a new scar on his left shoulder in the shape of Endeavor’s hand. It hurts to move his shoulders now. Endeavor wanted to test direct contact with flames to see if he could finally handle the heat.


News flash asshole. He still can’t handle the heat. Wow, surprise surprise? Asshole.


He’s getting mad, Why does this have to happen to him? Why? Why does Touya have to suffer so? Why does his mother look at him with disgust? Why do his siblings look at him like he is Endeavor? He’s not Endeavor! He is Touya. He won’t hurt Shoto. He would rather die than hurt the small boy with hope in his eyes. He hopes and prays to whatever god can hear him, that Shoto won’t have what Endeavor wants.


He notes that his quirk activated and it burns brighter than before. The tips of his fire turning blue. Why? Why is it so hot? Why does he have this curse of a reminder of what he is? A carbon copy of Endeavor. He quickly douses himself in the sink, Preventing his bandages from lighting on fire. Before staring up at his reflection. All he sees is Endeavor. In a fit of rage, he punches the mirror, causing it to shatter all over his knuckles.


Crap. He quickly cleans the glass out of his fits and bandages them too. Touya feels the pressure building in his body. He's emotional. He can't take it anymore.


Touya cries for the first time in ages, his tears evaporating at the temperature of his body, barely able to keep his quirk from lashing out.


He doesn’t want to be Endeavor. He doesn’t want to hurt children. He doesn’t want to hurt his siblings.

But all he sees is the reflection of a Bastard.

Touya cries for a long time. Without being comforted by anyone.

Chapter Text

Cherry insisted on everyone calling her by her nickname; Cherry.


It was a simple and easy name, unlike the one she had been born with. Sometimes she even refused to give that name out. The girl with the red hair that was tied into pigtails had lived here, at the orphanage. She had just turned 10 this year, she had been here a total of 6 years. She constantly wore red, and everyone who came and went said that it was her style. Red was just her. She was told by the caretakers that her birth parents wanted nothing to do with her. That she vaguely remembers.


Softly a memory surfaces, she vaguely remembers the face of her mother strapping her into the car. She had waited for Cherry to fall asleep. When she woke up, she had noted that her mother was leaving the room without her. Cherry was calm and collected and waited for the people to explain. Explain they did. For some reason, Cherry didn’t cry. She always knew those rumors that went about school were true. Her family doesn’t tolerate the weak.


Her quirk wasn’t something that they viewed as strong. She had quickly come to terms that her parents didn’t show her love anyway. So they got rid of the weak link. Simple. Efficient.



Something has prevented her from being adopted all these years. Her birth parents are rich. They are paying to prevent her from getting adopted. She’s seen the bills, the caretakers don’t seem to care that they know they are getting paid to keep her record hidden from adoptions. Sick and revolting right? But it gives the rest of the children a chance to get adopted. By giving the orphanage quite a bit of money. Allows them to run ads and reach out to more people looking to adopt. Cherry means, a LOT of money. Simple as that. It has increased the number of children that don’t stay here. She doesn’t blame them. Cherry is glad that they can find good willing people to take care of the kids that have been here. But she is so lonely. All her friends leave her. So she thought why bother? She thought she was weak too. Who would want to pick a weak child in this world where quirks meant everything? Who would want to be friends with a child who didn’t show their quirk constantly? So Cherry made herself useful. She learned cooking, cleaning, laundry. With the money she made, she learned to lockpick and small amounts of self-defense. She was shifting her interests to Biology in her studies at the local library. Biology held all the secrets to her quirk.


She thought she was weak until she saw what she could do with her own eyes.


It brought back a level of excitement in her life.


She had sat down with Her quirk which she had named Color Change. It allows her to change the color of anything. When she means anything. She means EVERYTHING .


But that's not all.


Recently she discovered a little thing about Color Change in combination with her biology courses. When changing the color of an object, it does not revert back to its original color. As per her hair. It was originally brown. But since she changed it to red, it now grows red directly from the roots. She told her blood vessels, her plasma, her white blood cells, to turn neon green.


Guess what? She had a constant stream of neon green blood. It was interesting. She had waited 8 weeks before opening her arm again and found that the new blood had stayed the same color. Afterward, she quickly told everything in her blood to go back to its original colors. She had one kid ask her why she had ‘Mountain Dew’ in her veins, that was an interesting conversation.


But back to the point, Why does it do that?

Well, she's not changing the base color, she's changing it down to the smallest of its properties. She took her DNA and changed it so that her hair grows red. She changed her eye color to be a matching red. Her blood would replenish itself in that new color.


Cherry had found that it takes her stamina to change colors of things.


Why does it take her Stamina to do that? Well, she’s got a theory. What if she changes the color of a limb that is no longer there? Or an organ that's damaged? Can she change the DNA to say this organ; a healthier version of itself, is now blue. Would it fix itself? Would it grow to be healthy again? Or would it just change colors? Does it take her stamina because the DNA and properties of the object need the energy to change? She had needed to test her theory.


She was worried about testing her quirk on something other than herself. But when she had tried to mutilate herself she had vomited instead. It was an interesting conversation with the caretakers, she had to fake being sick for a couple of days to get out of that one. So Cherry decided to apply this logic to a local cat. Whom had been missing its left eye. Worse comes to worst, nothing changes with this cat. But if she had succeeded, well, this cat would have use of their left eye. She had gained the trust of this cat after a while. It had taken about 6 months. Eventually used her quirk upon physical contact to tell the cat’s body that its left eyes’ color is now green, instead of blue.


What she had found was amazing, to say the least.


It took quite a bit of stamina but she gave the cat enough energy to grow the new eye to match its new color. She almost passed out, from watching in horror and fascination as the eye regrew. She had taken the cat to the local no-kill shelter after she was done with her experiment. This cat deserves the best after all. She ignored the loneliness that followed after leaving the cat to find a better home. Even though she never named them, sometimes her heart cries out for what could have been. But she often pushes that to the side, she cannot show weakness.


She wasn’t weak at all. She was amazing. She could regrow body parts.


This was the start of her routine training to increase her stamina. The caretakers noticed her change in behavior but said nothing about it. They really didn’t care what she did as long as they got the paycheck from her parents.


Cherry had been 7 months into her stamina training when the little newborn had arrived. She didn’t know what had coursed through her at the sight of the small infant. Her heart had pounded. This boy would be her brother, and she had hoped when he was older he would feel the same way. Somewhere in her mind, she had started calling him Tooth, mostly because of the uncanny sight of adult teeth already grown in the boy’s mouth. She was told his mother had abandoned him after birth and had gone missing shortly after. That since she was one of the oldest at the orphanage she would have to step up and help with chores or the infant.


Somewhere along the line, Cherry had stepped up in caring for the young infant when the caretakers were too busy. She had taken to speaking softly to Tooth. Mostly when they were alone, she had stopped doing that around the caretakers because of the stares.


They had said Tooth couldn’t understand her, that it was pointless to talk to him, but recognition had flashed in his eyes when she spoke to him. Sometimes, she would think his small occasional cooing would be responses. He seemed happy when Cherry called him Tooth she wondered if Tooth could actually understand her.


This boy would grow up to be something amazing with her. No matter the quirk. No matter his past. No matter the Future. She’d be damned before anyone would get in their way.


She would make this world come to its knees for Tooth.

Chapter Text

All for one finally had some time in charge. He finally found out that big-haired idiot of a next successor is in America. It took him longer than anticipated to kill the previous successor. Unfortunately, he had already escaped All for One. He would be back. They always came back.

Y̶̨̨̙̻͈͍̪̪͍̙̮̬͎̐͊̽̂̔͑̐͋̂͆̈́̕͜͠͝ơ̸̖͖̖̩̭̗̳̬̘͍͆̍̀͋̔̒̌͑̏͝ǘ̵̢͈̺̭͔̻͙̭́̏̃̅͒͌̈͌̈́ ̶̧̡̛̝̯̗̰̲̰͈͙̲̳̲̺̣̔̐͗͘͘̕c̸̰͓͕̞̜͋͊̈́̔͒̌̀̌̏͌a̸̹͌̈́͐̚n̴̡̧̩̙̥͔̜͓̦̮͎̖̍̎̂̊͛̐ ̸͎͚̫͙̲͑̑͋̿̑̄͋̚͜c̵̡̡̮̤͈̝̳̩̝̻̪̮͐̌̈́̀̓ͅh̶̟͓̞̋̂̃a̵̢̨̦̮̤̲̱̘̼̳͍̮̙̗͗̐̐̓̽̂̓͒̿̔͘̚͠ͅn̵̜͚͍̗̭̫͉̓̋͊̓̄̉̾̑̕͠͝g̵̡̻̪̬̬̮̘̫͖̺̤͍̜͍̃́͛̋̐̈́͒͌̅̿ͅe̸̢̨̖͉̪͔̽́̕,̴̺̎̀̌̎͘ ̸̡͇̤͎̼̗̥̞̪̦̹̓̄͜i̸̛̻͕̯̐̿͊̍͘͝ț̷̡̞̞̞͕̩̈’̷̝̞͖̹̗̲͖̤͖̑̊̐̋̇ş̷̡͉̜̙͖̞̱̈́̓͊ ̴̳̠̗̘̦̩͎̘̺̟͉͓̩̤̱̑͗n̶̡̛͚̪̱͇̈̑͋̒ȩ̸̠̦̗̣̮̯̲͇͛̋̒v̶̡̢̛̟͖̙̹̠̦̍̓̅̔̾̋̓̕͘̚ȅ̴̡͓̜̖̹͈̟͙̻͎̆͆̌̾̐͑̎̇̊̚̕r̵͖̲̺̬̳̭̝̜͆͗̔ ̵̛̜̰͖̪͚̈̈̈́͜͠t̴̗̰͓͎̙͍͖̠͂̅͒͂̏͂͝͝o̷̡͓̮̲̳̜̍̐̒ͅơ̴̱̤͎͉̳̽͆͌̽ ̶͎͊̉̄̋ļ̸̡̦̣̻͕̠͈͔̩̫̫́̎̃͋͆̃̋̒͑̑͌̕͝͝͝ä̸̧̛̼̜͍͓̳̹̖͙͔͚̖͖̏̌̅͑̾̌̏͛̌͘͠͠t̷̠̬̮̜̥͇̖͍̉͆̆̾̈́́̾̾͒͗̅͛̕̚͜ȅ̸̛̛̩͍̓̀͠ ̵̨̨̡̖͈̦̗̠̰͔͍̻̋̃͆͛͂̓͌̀͊̾̒̓t̷̡̼̦͖̰̳̻̝͉̗̉͆̅̃̃̍̒̈́̚͜ö̷̫͔͍̙͓̱̳̦̹̗̭̙̥̻́̀̾̃ ̷͇̲̮̲̎̄͜ć̴̡̧̳̻̻̱͉̌͊̆̽͂͂͑͋h̸̨̧̡̦̮̰̼͓̺͎͎͓̓̄̿̋̈͠ͅặ̸̤̟̭̿͊͌͑̃̾̋͘͘n̴̛̦̹̼͚͌g̵̛̲̟̤̣̹̠̭̳͙̬̟̫̹͚͛̈́̎̐͂͗̎͆̇̐̈́̕ḙ̸̼̪̺̪̟̭̇͆͜.̷̼̥̠̹̭̰̝̭̍̃̽̈́̀͑̾̉͑̇̅̚͝

That blond idiot All-Might is what he goes by, has been the number one hero in America for a while now. Whatever, he will eventually travel to take him out. He just wasn’t expecting him to leave Japan at all. He will come back. All for One likes to think that he’s that much of a threat. Tonight he plans on going quirk hunting. Oh, quirks. He loves the rush of having a new strong quirk. Oh, it’s euphoric.


Somewhere in his mind, Sensei laughs at his word choice. All for one grumbles at him and tells him to shut up and let him monologue.


Tonight he would take out some annoyances in his side. There is a local group that is buying children for their quirks. They must have good quirks to be sold in the first place. So he figured he would…Show up and take as many as possible before the police arrive to save the children. That damn Sensei said he would make All for One care for all those children if he didn’t. Sensei reminds him that he has no problem taking over, and not letting him take the wheel of their body.


Whatever. Screw him.


After All for One arrives at the auction, to find 10 children up in cages, thin and ill. He can see their bones. In one of them, he’s pretty sure the kid is brain dead with the lack of emotion on their face. He barely contains Sensei from taking over, making his signature ram horns grow from behind his ears. He wonders if behind his ears left any permanent damage. No matter, after silencing Sensei with sweet promises of Justice, he began walking around the room and taking quirks from individuals. Slowly and silently. It takes a little longer but it’s not as painful this way and doesn't require his whole hand just two fingers.


In a crowd like this, no one would care about being bumped into. 'Getting closer to the Children' Sensei retorted venom laced in his voice. He pushed Sensei aside ignoring him for the time being. For getting closer to each quirk was worth the discomfort of being closer to other people.


For each Quirk, All for One would take. Sensei would get to pick one of All for One’s quirks to corral off. Each other wouldn’t use each other's quirks. They would make sharing this bodywork. Back to the situation at hand; This place is a GOLD mine of quirks. Using his quirk sense he can see all the quirks names and descriptions, it makes taking strong quirks easy.


All for one took the following quirks: Lady Luck - the user give/take luck from people.(created by Nonbinary_connor <3), Dreamer- Can create illusions of things seen in previous dreams (created by A_Black_Cat <3), Dark Hijack -  Use the shadows to Hijack anything that can move (created by A_Black_Cat <3) Deep Dark- upon touch reading minds and make their worst fear appear (Nonbinary_Connor), Mage’s Wish- Summon inanimate objects (A_Black_Cat), Friendly Fire- People you view as Allies cannot physically harm you. All for one was pleased with the results of tonight’s haul. It only took him 30 minutes of his time. He begins to exit the building, due to the six people starting to realize their quirks are gone. Oh well. It’s too bad he used Venom touch on them as well. Sensei quickly takes over, using a voice changer to be something softer, but doesn't make the mutant quirks activate. All for One appreciates that.


"Hello, police? There's a child trafficking auction going on at warehouse 56, there are 10 children in cages…mmm, I can't stay on the line, you will arrest me… good day…" click. Sensei let's all for one take back over. He stretches and clears his throat before continuing his walk to his research lab. After all, he's got some Nomu to make.


Those who's quirks were stolen will be dead before the police arrive. All for one likes having no witness to exclaim their quirks are gone. Allows that idiot of a next successor stays off his trail longer. He's gotta get stronger so he can finally end this century-long fight.  


All for one begins to poke his massive quirk pool to find out what Sensei has taken. Sensei, in return, had taken; Claws- A mutation type quirk, Speed quirk 459, Strength quirk 700, Blood Devour- consuming another person’s blood allows the user to gain a permanent copy of the quirk. All for One had forgotten about that quirk. Once he had found out about some new underground man going around copying quirks he didn’t like someone was potentially stepping on his feet. So one more corpse and a couple of hundred quirks later, he had forgotten about the ability. Sensei had also taken Blood Immunity 8 and increased pain tolerance. What was sensei planning? Perhaps there was a quirk he was looking for?


‘You know’, Sensei reminds all for one, ‘we share the same thoughts right?’


‘Oh fuck off Sensei. Let me be mysterious.’ He thinks right back at him. Sensei chuckles and fades into the back of his mind. All for one rolls his eyes and continues on the lookout for potential Nomu material on his walk, it's only a few minutes before he darts into an alley and waits for the police cars and heroes to rush by, seems they are taking Sensei's advice. Somewhere he hopes those children get the help they need. He assumes it's Sensei and continues along his way.


When All for One is about halfway to his Nomu facility, he stumbles into a man beating the shit out of a young kid. This sends Sensei into a rage as he is pushed out of control.


Sensei is furious, this small child is already hurt, he sees red leaking out of the child. That sends both of them into a panic. But after shoving his alternate out of the way, he charges out of the alley he was using, horns and claws in full display, ignoring the pain of horns sprouting through his skull, but with the help of that new pain tolerance quirk, it hurts significantly less. He charges right up to the man and grabs him by the hair, ripping quite a bit of hair off the man's head in the process. Moving him away from the child. This causes the trash to scream out in pain and surprise, with quick thinking from his silence quirk he removes the voice of the scum.


"What do you think you are doing?" Sensei's voice is filled with rage. “Child abusers like you. Are the people who are the scum of society. It’s my job to take out the trash.” Sensei lets his face distort into a sinister smile. “Shall I introduce you to the other trash I’ve taken care of?” Sensei waits for a response before remembering the quirk. He lets the man’s voice go.


The man immediately screams at the top of his lungs “SOMEBODY HELP ME! I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!!!” Sensei cut out the man’s voice again before lifting up the smaller and oh so weak child into his arms. Deciding to drag the man by his hair to the alleyway as he screams without a voice. Sensei places a call to the sweet child he’s caring for, Kurogiri. He’s so proud of Kurogiri and how much he has grown. All For One, getting impatient blurts out ‘What happened to my week of control?’ Sensei chuckles and replies softly ‘You enjoy hugging Kurogiri as much as I do.’ That causes All for one to shut up for a while.


“Kurogiri, I need a warp to the Lab. I have run into some material I would like to keep. Please meet me there with the Medical kit, i-I” Sensei steels his voice, trying to prevent the soft tears from his golden eyes to spill. Sensei’s voice goes softer in this next sentence “I have found a child who is hurt and needs medical attention Please hurry.”


Kurogiri who was silent behind the phone the whole time extends a portal to his parental figure that heads straight to a lab, Sensei walks into it and Kurogiri closes it just as a hero walks around the corner.


Kurogiri meets Sensei at the Nomu lab. Sensei feels relief upon seeing that Kurogiri is unharmed after being left to attend the bar alone. He would strangle anyone who harms a speck on him. But turning back out to the nomu lab, he walks the halls of all the tanks filled with various Nomus. Kurogiri follows him. This room is kept dim, and the Nomus are kept in stasis. He has a total of 15 successful mindless Nomu, 20 more Nomu who will come out in rampage mode, and 2 Nomu who are capable of thinking for themselves. However, those are fragile and kept in stasis for observation. Sensei takes a right and throws the man into a cage before slamming the door. Then continues down to the end of the hall to All for One’s private office. Kurogiri following behind him in step. Once inside the room and with the door shut and locked does Sensei set down the small boy on an examination table.


He turns around quickly and kneels down to give Kurogiri a hug. Kurogiri hugs him tightly and for that Sensei is grateful for. After letting go, Kurogiri gets to work cleaning the young boys' many wounds. Sensei gets a warm bath started to help get him clean.


Kurogiri and Sensei work throughout the night cleaning the young boy and patching him up. When Kurogiri wasn’t looking he took a sample of the young boy’s blood, giving him Decay. Sensei giving the boy a pair of gloves with two fingers covered and socks with special wraps in them so the young boy could get around without hurting himself.


It’s about 5 am when Kurogiri and the boy make it back to home. The young boy had slept through all of it.


Sensei hopes that it isn’t too late for the small teal haired boy. But if it was?


That man would die.



V̷̧͎͉̥͕̱̪͚̲̂͌̓͛̒̚͞ͅe̛̦͕̥̙̩͇̪̖̽̍́̽͊̈́̋̓͠r̸͇̟͍̹͉̺̙̦͛͑͂̈́͛͟͟͡y̵̨̛̠̼̲̪̬͋̅̎̄͛̇̇̕ s̨̡͖̦̪̲̞̆̽̿̽͒ͅļ̶̦͍͚̼̣͖͗̓̈́͛̿͛͐͐o̴̟͕̞̜͍̳̾͑͒͑̂̎̈̕w̷͕̯̗̮̫̋̾̈́̽͆̍̋̕l̢͙̠̼͈̙͌̈́̑͝͝͡y̶̢̨͕̝̺̻̝̱̏́̔̇̕̚͟.



Chapter Text


Tomura wakes up in a soft bed in a room that is not his. He lies still. Sun enters this window. It is morning. Everything that had happened from the night before came rushing to him. He moves his arms to his face and is surprised by the number of bandages. He softly notes that His arms don't feel heavy from chains. Did his new captors not chain him? What’s with these gloves?


Tomura tries to Decay the blanket and nothing happens. This seems like a much nicer way to stop him from destroying things. Tomura quickly throws off the blanket and rushes to the window. He tries to pull himself up to it, his legs hurt with each step but that doesn’t matter. Tomura has to escape. He quickly chants his name as he weakly tries to pull himself up to the window.



T̵͕͖̘̤̟͉̺̙̈́̍̅̅̍̔̇͒Ő͕̤̘̲̲͇͎̱͆̐̚͡M͙̖͚̞̗͙̰̻̝̗̋̏͑͆̅͝U̡̩̭̻̯̩̓̃̈͛̚͘͟͝R̴̢̩̺̘͓͂͐̈́̈͝ͅA̶̝̳̤͕̣̻̘̟̠̖͗̄̋́͠ T̷̡̡̙̱͇̩͎̔͋͛̍̂̏̐̊͗̚O̷̬̼̫̘̖̻̝̠͇̯̐́̌͐͐̂͂͆M̷̺̠̺͉͕̩̝̘̌̃̑͡͞U̵͖̯̪̺̬͆͛͊̉̒͋̄̾͝R̘͚͈̮͗̒̀̀̔̈́̊͜͞A͈͙̘̫̻̯̯̲͂̇͒̋͋̉̕͡͞ T̵̛̩̺̦̼̤̃̋̎̎̈O̥̯̟̟͎̭͔̬̱͒̊̿͌͜͞M͇̤̙̯̝̟̼͂͑̄̂́̊͡͝ͅȔ̵̜̼͈̹̊̈̃͒͟͞R̶̢̟̼̭̯͇̫̙͇͆̍̎̓̃̊̂͠͠͡A̛̦̝͍̟͙̮̋̿̓̾͗̿͠ͅ



It’s no use and he drops to the floor. He lets out a yelp when he tumbles to the ground. A Man made of mist comes rushing into the room, Medical kit in hand. That's odd. More importantly, that's his captor! Tomura rips off the glove with his other hand and aims his hand at the mist man.


“Take a deep breath, I'm not here to harm you.” Mist man says. “My name is Kurogiri, Sensei found you last night and pulled that man off you.”


Tomura collects his name and keeps it in his mind. “Are you further injured?” Mist man er-Kurogiri says. Tomura looks to the floor and speaks softly “I'm not hurt mister”


“Really? I'm glad, This room is your room for as long as you like. Sensei said you are allowed to come and go as you please.” Kurogiri says its just the law.


“Why?” Tomura gathers the strength to look at Kurogiri in the eyes. His eyes are yellow and he really is made of mist.


“Sensei saved me from the streets too. I got beat up by a Hero pretty bad...  But he's no longer a threat! And neither is that man!” Tomura assumes that Kurogiri tries to smile but cannot.


“Tomura… Call me Tomura… how old are you?” Tomura is actually a bit curious how old the mist man is. He's rather tall after all!


“I am 12 years old!” Kurogiri puffs out his chest like he’s proud of his age.


“What!! No way!” Tomura stomps over to him sliding the glove back on. “I'm only 4! There's no way you get that tall that quickly!”


Kurogiri just laughs and offers his misty hand “You must be hungry right? I can make us some food! Follow me!” Tomura shakily holds Kurogiri’s hand and he gets led to the kitchen.


Tomura tries to think of the right word “Why doesn't your Sensei make your food? He’s like an adult right?”


“Oh!” Kurogiri says “I generally like seeing my food prepared because I've been poisoned in the past.” Kurogiri pulls up a chair for Tomura in the kitchen before getting to work on making breakfast. “I didn’t have the best home life! But I'm With Sensei now. I'm glad that he saved me.” Kurogiri has blue tears in his eyes before he wipes them away. “Is scrambled eggs okay?” Tomura nods, his throat hurting from all the talking he has done today. Kurogiri warps a glass of orange juice to Tomura while he's cooking and, without hesitation, he drinks it.


“What happened to my Father?” Tomura eventually asks through the silence.


“The man that was hurting you? Sensei is taking care of him. Why?” Kurogiri is curious.


“I want him hurt for what he did to me,” Tomura responds back. Kurogiri looks blankly at Tomura before going back to cooking. Tomura is shocked at the lack of expression of him just admitting to wanting his father to hurt.


“Sensei won't let him live unscathed. I promise you that.” Kurogiri goes back to cooking. “He might seem a bit odd at times, but he really does care when Kids get hurt. However, you should know before we go any further.”


“Know what?” Tomura asks, slightly scared of his response.


“Sensei and I are villains. However long you wish to stay here we will not force you into anything villainous, if you wish to be a hero, we will support you.”

Tomura felt his blood boil. Hero? HIM a HERO?! Those who didn’t come to save him when his father beat him constantly? NEVER. Tomura couldn’t even save himself! How was he supposed to save others? Tomura would never become a hero. Tomura allows his poisonous thoughts to creep onto his face and with malice in his voice he speaks.


“Heroes? Disgusting, they never help those who need it. Heroes are greedy and only in it for fame and money. I PROMISE the day I become a hero in society is the day I DIE.”


“I feel the same way.” Kurogiri talks softly. “You will fit in nicely here.” Kurogiri leads him out of the kitchen and sets the food on the bar’s countertop. Kurogiri helps Tomura up on the bar stools before setting his food down.


Tears form in Tomura’s eyes. “Thank you Kurogiri.”


“It is no problem Tomura. I shall always be here should you need help.” Kurogiri warps cleaning materials and begins cleaning the bar.


Tomura eats the first solid food other than crackers for the first time in a year.

If Kurogiri notices him crying, he doesn’t mention it.

Chapter Text

Tomura has gotten into a new routine with this odd family. Not saying he’s part of it. But the best part is, he knows how to write his name. He no longer needs to chant his name when it's written just about everywhere in his room. In the morning he gets up takes a shower. Kurogiri usually gets up after, he goes and makes both of them breakfast, and occasionally leaving a plate for Sensei. Then after he goes for his turn in the shower and they both start their days. Kurogiri is teaching Tomura how to read and write. But Tomura has yet to meet his savior. The one who stopped his father from selling him, and brought him to a home that's not so cold. Kurogiri insists that he’s shy and nervous about meeting Tomura, and that's why he hasn't come out of hiding, but it has been two months.


Tomura doesn't feel anything positive anymore so he wonders if that is really the case. Could it be that Sensei was the one to purchase him? Could sensei be planning to make him sleep in a bug pit again? But he pushes those thoughts aside remembering what Kurogiri told him ‘You can come and go as you please’. Kurogiri told him that it's normal to feel nothing after what he went through. But all he feels is itchy. He can only feel his skin crawling when he wears tight clothing, so he ends up wearing a couple sizes bigger to alleviate that fact. He notices when he is annoyed that his neck becomes unbearably itchy and that causes him to scratch it. Kurogiri did get him some lotion to help with the itching and he usually puts it on his neck every morning.

Tomura does notice that he gets angry when something doesn’t go his way, like Kurogiri beating him at Go Fish, or when Kurogiri has to run the bar extra late and doesn’t wake up to make him breakfast. He doesn't know where to push his anger so he takes it out on things around him. Generally, the damage he causes is gone the next day, he guesses that it was Sensei who cleans up after him. Another reason to thank his savior he supposes.


Today however is the day that he will meet Sensei. Tomura will make sure of it, he has to thank his savior. So he will wait up at night for Sensei and come down when he arrives.


So that's what Tomura does. He waits and listens for Kurogiri to close the bar. He waits and listens for the sound of Kurogiri’s quirk and the heavy footsteps of someone he doesn’t know. Tomura quickly steps out of his room and closes the door. He turns down the hallway and creeps down the stairs. He peaks around the corner of the stairs and sees Kurogiri in a suit and tie talking with a 7ft man with black hair and gold eyes, that man is also wearing a suit.


“How is Young Tomura, Kurogiri?” Sensei asks


“He is doing well! He's really opening up! I hope you can meet him soon All For one.”


“Yes yes, We have been too nervous and…” he hesitates “We look too much like his father.” All for one replies. All for one? Who is All for one? Where is Sensei? All for one visibly relaxes, and his body begins to change, he grows horns and claws.


“Oh Sensei, it's nice to speak with you. What's the occasion?” Kurogiri speaks. Are they the same person?


“It seems we have a guest.” All for One/Sensei had spoken looking directly at Tomura. He motions for Tomura to come into the room. Tomura hesitates at being caught, shakily he enters the open bar.


“Tomura, what are you doing up?” Kurogiri sets down a thicker folder on the bar.


“I couldn’t sleep...hello mister Sensei?” Tomura hesitantly approaches the man sitting on the barstool. He flinches when Sensei gets off the stool and kneels down to get closer to eye level.


“It’s nice to finally meet face to face. Just to clear up the confusion, the one with horns and claws is me Sensei. The one without is All for One. okay?” Tomura nods his head looking only slightly up at Sensei to meet his eyes. Sensei’s eyes show so much emotion, with just their eye contact he can feel how much sensei cares about his well being.


Tomura finally decides to speak up, he bows in admiration “Thank you for saving my life Sensei and All for One.”


“I’m sorry the heroes weren’t the ones to save you.” Sensei says, “I’m sorry that Villains have shown you more compassion.”

Tomura thinks for a moment before replying “Villains are people too, and if that means I can become a person too, I want to stay with you.” Tomura looks nervously at the floor.


“Young Tomura, you can become whatever it is you desire. If you wish to be a hero-” All for one begins before Tomura interrupts him instantly, “I don’t want to be a hero! I want to be a Villain who can do anything and the world can't stop me!” Tomura meets Sensei’s eyes with a fiery passion.


The look in his eyes is Determination.


All for One smiles harshly in his mind, he would steer this child in his direction.


“If that is what you wish Young Tomura. I shall guide you as I have Kurogiri. You are welcome to stop at any time.”



Chapter Text

Tomura had learned a lot about himself over the last year.


He has a habit of decaying things that get on his nerves. Honestly, that's fine, just don't annoy him and he won’t lash out at you. He has lost quite a few video game controllers that way. For a child his size, he’s gotten pretty decent at hand to hand. If someone tries to use his height against him he can just decay his way out. All for one, he notes is much more focused on hand to hand combat training. Where Sensei teaches him ways to creatively use his quirk, It sometimes feels like he has Tomura’s quirk too. But that can't be! Sensei doesn’t have his quirk. It’s impossible. But yet something lurks in the back of his mind. He can give and take quirks. What’s to say he doesn’t take his quirk while he sleeps? But he slaps that voice away. Sensei and All for One have saved him. He needs to stop believing his mind and focus on the facts in front of him.


Sometimes Sensei helps Tomura practice flexibility. While other days they sleep in and have pancake breakfast. Kurogiri has been absent most of the time, gathering research on a gaining popularity Hero over in America All-Fight or something. All Tomura notes is that his name is dumb and shouldn’t be a problem for a great guy like All for One. Maybe not Sensei, sensei is a bit of a softie. But don’t say that Tomura said that.


Today is a special day for Tomura.


Yup, it’s his 5th birthday. Sensei is taking him to the store to buy whatever games he wants. Currently, hand in hand with one of two worlds most dangerous criminals. The other being All for One, of course. Sensei had also said that it was celebrating their first year together. Kurogiri looked at him with pride. Although he wouldn’t say it out loud Tomura knew that Kurogiri was happy that his Villain family was happy.


That's all they could have ever wanted. Right? Things were great! Nothing bad would happen as long as Sensei was here. Nothing could topple the King of the Underworld.


“Sensei?” Tomura looks up at him, his eyes sparkling in the way a not villain toddler should be able too, “Can we get ice cream before we head home?” oops. Ah. Tomura did not mean to slip and call him that. Play it cool Tomura. He quickly glances out of his right eye to see Sensei look excited, Crap. He’s supposed to be the extra edgy one.


“Of course Young Tomura. This is all for you.” Sensei smiles warmly at him while they walk into the games store.


Tomura is fricken excited. He’s not allowed to say the F-bomb until he’s Kurogiri’s age and actively a villain. But whatever, He picks out the most violent games he can find.


That game with the torture scene? Yup.


That game about hunting people..what was it? Yup.


If sensei noticed him put in Viva Pinata, he didn’t mention it. Shut up voices in his head. It’s a good FREAKING game. Sensei buys it under the guise of for himself, and the other one is for him. They laugh at Tomura and ask him if he is old enough for this kind of game. THE NERVE. He scratches his neck in reply. Sensei even looks a little mad. These people are freaking annoying, they should just DISAPPEAR- and with that, his mood swing is over when Sensei holds his hand a little tighter.


“Of course” Sensei replies his smile turning into something of malice, “Are you aware of the fire in your back room?” The employee’s face turns white and he turns to check. Sensei grabs the back of the man’s shirt. Then breaks the cameras with a technological quirk, blocking the quirk sensors once they arrived. Since they only pick up on one active quirk per person. Sensei currently has mutation quirks on after all.


“Such a shame a villain attacked-” The mall fire alarm goes off “-that has a fire quirk.” Sensei’s smile turns poisonous. At times like these, Tomura has no idea who is in control, All for One? Sensei? He doesn’t know. Tomura goes around pocketing other things as well while he can vaguely hear their threats.


“Oh? Begging for your life now? After you insulted my boy? You can beg all you want. You’re going to hell.” Oooookay this is the part that Tomura usually zones out, mostly since Sensei got a new quirk. Vampirism. The more blood he drinks the stronger he gets. Though it gets kinda messy. So sensei usually drinks at night or when he’s mad...So Tomura assumes something the man did offend him. He’s too busy focusing on which other games to get. Tomura thinks he hears screaming outside but since there is currently a Nomu under the command of Kurogiri attacking the mall today, he pays no mind to it. It’s a fire Nomu with a strength that rivals that fire hero End-vore? He doesn’t remember the name of the hero. But he doesn’t care.


It’s Tomura’s Birthday after all.


“Shigaraki” Sensei calls him. Oh, that's right, his villain name is Shigaraki.


“Yes?” Tomura looks up at Sensei curiously looking at the man whos drenched in blood, he's barely awake.


“Would you like to do the honors?” Sensei looks over at him.


Tomura pauses, Sensei is allowing him to do direct villain work. His eyes gleamed in excitement. “As you wish.” Tomura filled with anxiety approaches the trembling man. Sensei had let him go, to drop on the floor, he's covered in blood at this point. Tomura can hear him begging, but he can't hear the words that are coming out of his mouth. All he can see is his father.


Very slowly and carefully Shigaraki takes off his gloves and approaches his father. Shigaraki lets himself smile wickedly and puts his hand on his face, the man screams. Then he turns to dust. All that remains is his hand. Sensei picks it up as Kurogiri opens a portal for them to return home. Shigaraki skips through the portal. He no longer feels crushed by his father he no longer feels anything bad.


Tomura feels good.


The mall incident raises awareness of monsters crawling in the dark since they didn’t capture the nomu, they have no idea what it is. It was perfect, scaring the other underground groups away while making sure that everyone is aware of their growing power. However, people believe each incident is different.


They have no idea how many Nomus they actually have. At this point, it is in the hundreds.


The mall incident is talked about for months on end, as well as the 100 casualties and failure on the heroes end.


The hero society is strained, for the time.


The actions at the mall, however, do not go unnoticed. A specific hero all the way in America takes note and begins preparing to return to Japan. For no one else could make such monsters.


To face the greatest evil.


All For one.

Chapter Text


Another year had passed, Kurogiri thinks.  Their father figures All for One and Sensei seem to be constantly fighting to control the body they share. They had gone to their Doctor of the group, one who swears loyalty to All for one. That's when they found out Sensei had grown into another person altogether. Originally the quirks that All for One had taken had bundled up around those feelings of softness and desires to protect the young children in his care. Kurogiri assumes that he and Tomura are at fault. He feels a little guilty. He almost protested when All for one asked how to remove those feelings. Didn’t he care about them too? Did he not love them too?  So he decided to voice his opinion.


“All for one sir? If I may be allowed to express my opinion” Kurogiri starts, and continues with All for One’s permission “Having two overlord masterminds who have the same goals and ideas are better than one. Especially when they are the same person. You and Sensei are the same person yet different yes?” He waits for All for One to see where this is going, “Why not separate Sensei from you and give him a body of his own.” Kurogiri watches All for One’s expressions change. While to the casual observer his face doesn’t seem to change much. But that soft twitch of his eyebrows, his eyes focusing in and out. Like he was weighing his options. Kurogiri can read his facial expressions of the smallest key.




T̶̮̪̯͔̆͗͂͌̎͟ḩ̷̟̳͎̭͓̟̘͆̽̽͝ȇ̦͕̩̹͕̞̞̀̂͑̓̕̕͢͟͢ f̵̧̩͔̖͉̯̃̋̋̅̓̽̄͋͘͢͜͝u̧̡̱͍̰͍̖̻̍̏͋̓̓͢ț̛̛̛̺͔̳͈͎̫̩̍̓̑͆͆̌̚͟ͅu̧͚̟͔̬̱͋̀͋̒̀̏͐̊̚r͍͍͎̝̠̱͈͙̬̊̚͘͟͝e̢̛̯̣̦̳͕̞̠͗̃͌̀̇͟͟͝ ẅ̸̼͕̠̞͉͍͙̤̪͛̀͂̈o̘͍̠̞̥̯̳̥͗̂͊͋͆̂̓͟ú̪̫̝̱̖̜͂̑͛̈̒̕͠͠ļ̷͇̺̱͈̭̺̅̔̇̎̄̓̚͢͝͡ͅd̩̟̺̤͗͋̉̒͗͘͜ m̷̧͈͎̭̦͉̲̟̘̿̐̋̿͘a̫͙̘͕͙͓̲̺̫̭͛̍̏̋̎̕͞k͈͖̘̠̔̐̀̔̍̆͗̊̊̕͢ę̶̨̯͎͎͔̟͙̎̐̾̑̾͘̕͜ h̷̨̰̱̺̞̦͇̣̆̋͗̇̏̽̅͠͝į̻̜̫̘̈́͗̈́̓̏̃́̋̃m̴̫̝̦̞̘̥͇͈̓̾̊̉͗̓̀̔ c̨̛̰̘̖̐͒̇̎͟͢͡ͅͅr̲̹̟̹̠̜̤̖͉͒͒́̆͡y̰̺̰͍̥͓̹̅̆͒̈̓̎͜͝͞ ǫ̴̢̣̰͔̩͕̗̭̲̒̂̍̌̉͊̄̅͡ũ̶̲̘̤͚̹̮̦͌̊͌͆̈͡ṯ̡̢̢̲̪̻̳͍̐̊͛͛̃,̨̢͉̘͖̱͙̣̮̊̐͐̈́͐͛̐͂͘͢ h͖̦̯͖͐͑̊̎͘͢͡i͍͈̘͚͉͇̇̎̈́̍̋͗̚͜͟͞͠ͅs̴̨̬̠̭̻̻̖̮̱̿̎̿͗̂̍̎̌͢͡͞ f̰͕͔̮̺̦̈͗͛̊̈̒͟͜͞͡ă̴̮̬̰̼̺͙̯̫̇͒̕͡t̸̨̛͇̞̺̪̻̱͓͖̙̔̃̐͡͞h̷̢͕̼̘̰̭̬̱̣̳̒͛̌͊̉̂͡͡ȩ̴͍͓̹͕͕̥̮̺̋͂͗͆̊̽̆̑̓͞ŕ̵̛̙̠̞͙͔̯̹̉̓̌͜͢ i̙̖̗͇͖̒͛̉̄̆̓̏̎̕͢s̛̤̖͔͚͇̝̒̈̊̒̅͒́͡ û̡̨̥͇̳̖̮͔̙̂̔͛͒̆͘͠͝n̵͓͓͚̼͗͋̓͂̚͢͢͞r̵̖͕͎͎̲͉̝̓̓̊̽͂͌͢͟e̠͔̪̰̼̾̈̌̎̈̀͆a̵̭͚̞͙̦̫̥̲͐̏̎́̀̈́̊͝ḑ͎̥̗̮͎̓̅̓͛͊̾̓a̛͇͙̦͇̭͙̰̞͍͐͛̿̽͛͠b̵̢̘͎̳͕̠̭̽̋̒̿̋̾̕ļ̧͇̥̩͎̰̞̋̓̊̾̄́̏͗̌̇͟ͅe̤̞͉̠̎͒̿͒̄̕̚͟ͅ



Hook.Line.Sinker. Kurogiri would still have the cuddly father figure he desires, and the world would still have its Evil overlord mastermind. Win-win for everyone right? Well.. maybe not everyone else, but that's beside the point. Kurogiri is a villain he’s allowed to be selfish in social standards.


“That is a wonderful idea, Kurogiri. With two of us that Damn successor of hers’ will rot in the same hole I left her in.” All for one smiles. Finally free of that soft voice in his mind that tells him differently. Kurogiri stays silent, he knows better than to act out when he’s dealing with his underlings. All for one is proud of him, and he softly allows that pride to bubble up inside him.

Y̶̨̨̙̻͈͍̪̪͍̙̮̬͎̐͊̽̂̔͑̐͋̂͆̈́̕͜͠͝ơ̸̖͖̖̩̭̗̳̬̘͍͆̍̀͋̔̒̌͑̏͝ǘ̵̢͈̺̭͔̻͙̭́̏̃̅͒͌̈͌̈́ ̶̧̡̛̝̯̗̰̲̰͈͙̲̳̲̺̣̔̐͗͘͘̕c̸̰͓͕̞̜͋͊̈́̔͒̌̀̌̏͌a̸̹͌̈́͐̚n̴̡̧̩̙̥͔̜͓̦̮͎̖̍̎̂̊͛̐ ̸͎͚̫͙̲͑̑͋̿̑̄͋̚͜c̵̡̡̮̤͈̝̳̩̝̻̪̮͐̌̈́̀̓ͅh̶̟͓̞̋̂̃a̵̢̨̦̮̤̲̱̘̼̳͍̮̙̗͗̐̐̓̽̂̓͒̿̔͘̚͠ͅn̵̜͚͍̗̭̫͉̓̋͊̓̄̉̾̑̕͠͝g̵̡̻̪̬̬̮̘̫͖̺̤͍̜͍̃́͛̋̐̈́͒͌̅̿ͅe̸̢̨̖͉̪͔̽́̕,̴̺̎̀̌̎͘ ̸̡͇̤͎̼̗̥̞̪̦̹̓̄͜i̸̛̻͕̯̐̿͊̍͘͝ț̷̡̞̞̞͕̩̈ '̷̝̞͖̹̗̲͖̤͖̑̊̐̋̇ş̷̡͉̜̙͖̞̱̈́̓͊ ̴̳̠̗̘̦̩͎̘̺̟͉͓̩̤̱̑͗n̶̡̛͚̪̱͇̈̑͋̒ȩ̸̠̦̗̣̮̯̲͇͛̋̒v̶̡̢̛̟͖̙̹̠̦̍̓̅̔̾̋̓̕͘̚ȅ̴̡͓̜̖̹͈̟͙̻͎̆͆̌̾̐͑̎̇̊̚̕r̵͖̲̺̬̳̭̝̜͆͗̔ ̵̛̜̰͖̪͚̈̈̈́͜͠t̴̗̰͓͎̙͍͖̠͂̅͒͂̏͂͝͝o̷̡͓̮̲̳̜̍̐̒ͅơ̴̱̤͎͉̳̽͆͌̽ ̶͎͊̉̄̋ļ̸̡̦̣̻͕̠͈͔̩̫̫́̎̃͋͆̃̋̒͑̑͌̕͝͝͝ä̸̧̛̼̜͍͓̳̹̖͙͔͚̖͖̏̌̅͑̾̌̏͛̌͘͠͠t̷̠̬̮̜̥͇̖͍̉͆̆̾̈́́̾̾͒͗̅͛̕̚͜ȅ̸̛̛̩͍̓̀͠ ̵̨̨̡̖͈̦̗̠̰͔͍̻̋̃͆͛͂̓͌̀͊̾̒̓t̷̡̼̦͖̰̳̻̝͉̗̉͆̅̃̃̍̒̈́̚͜ö̷̫͔͍̙͓̱̳̦̹̗̭̙̥̻́̀̾̃ ̷͇̲̮̲̎̄͜ć̴̡̧̳̻̻̱͉̌͊̆̽͂͂͑͋h̸̨̧̡̦̮̰̼͓̺͎͎͓̓̄̿̋̈͠ͅặ̸̤̟̭̿͊͌͑̃̾̋͘͘n̴̛̦̹̼͚͌g̵̛̲̟̤̣̹̠̭̳͙̬̟̫̹͚̀͛̈́̎̐͂͗̎͆̇̐̈́̕ḙ̸̼̪̺̪̟̭̇͆͜.̷̼̥̠̹̭̰̝̭̍̃̽̈́̀͑̾̉͑̇̅̚͝

SHUT THE FUCK UP NANA I KILLED YOU! All for one feels everyone in the room tense and is pulled from his thoughts.


He notices the quirks he had such a grip on has loosened over the years. He had accidentally activated muscle augmentations 1-300. He quickly powers them off but doesn’t apologize for his behavior. 


“Is that possible Doctor Tsuboa?” the man in question had tensed under his gaze. Good. He meant business. That Rat had better give him truthful news. Or his hospital’s funding might just magically disappear.


“Without a mind transfer quirk? No, Otherwise they would turn into Nomus right?” He looks up at All for One expectantly but he just gives him a dead look. “Right, so! You prepare the body and we transfer all of the quirks that the quirk Double Identity has taken all in one big group so his memories and feelings are the same.” All for one allows a pleased expression to cross his face before speaking up.


“Excellent We shall begin constructing it a body then-” Kurogiri interrupts him, somewhere inside him he feels proud, but also an annoyance. He has guts, while he’s in boss mode to interrupt him, but he allows it. Kurogiri acts in favor of Sensei and All For One.


“Would it guarantee that Sensei would remain who he is or would he copy the identity of the new body which would kill him since there is no mind?” That's true All for One thinks, Telling sensei to shut the fuck up in the back of his mind. He’s no use to him dead.


All for One comes to a conclusion “Doctor Tsuboa. Please research this a bit more. I will be back in 6 months to a year.”


Kurogiri sees that as his moment to make a portal to leave, and right before All for one steps in he turns around and looks down at the man “Do not disappoint me Doctor Tsuboa.” All for one steps in, followed by Kurogiri. Once they are back at the bar the portal closes and Kurogiri visibly relaxes taking his spot behind the bar. He begins preparing for the Villain bar to open for the night. All for One sighs releasing the tension in his body, allowing him to slouch. Finally away from those idiotic followers.


Tomura was playing video games in his room when he hears the sound of Kurogiri’s warp portal. He runs down the stairs at the sound of Sensei, All for One and Kurogiri returning home from the doctor. He’s excited to see them again. He's feeling childish today, again who could blame him for the mood swings? He runs to All for one and sensei with his arms up. Sensei kneels down to hug him and Tomura gladly accepts the hug.


Tomura allows himself to act like a child “Up!” All for One and Sensei picks him up off the ground and holds him on his hip. Tomura is happy being those close to them and leans forward onto them. He sees them both seemingly nod. “We’re taking a family day, Kurogiri, Tomura where would you like to go today?”


Tomura is freaking excited. Family Day is the freaking best. Tomura throws his hands up in the air “Dinner?” Kurogiri shrinks his size and nods in agreement. Sensei quickly takes over, since All for One is tired, he shifts his voice to be softer he allows horns to sprout but keeps them smaller than when he’s in Vigilante mode. 


He smiles openly, though it strains his face since he doesn’t openly smile that often. “Are we ready to get going, kids?”


Sensei, Kurogiri, and Tomura take the afternoon at a fancy restaurant, silently judging the place to see if it’s worthy of his funding or not. But also making sure they have a good time.

Kurogiri orders something all meat, while Tomura orders vegan today. Perhaps his dreams are bothering him again. Sensei with a sly smile orders a very fancy ice cream sundae subtly, to come out once their food does.


Sensei might not be as observant as All for one. But he definitely notices which kid likes what. Kurogiri is much more shy about his likes and dislikes, preferring to appear neutral. Kurogiri likes sweets, he likes meats and will often refuse to admit that his quirk makes him hungry after each use. But if Sensei notices him snacking directly afterward he won’t say anything to him. Kurogiri hates being overly cold and will often dress to stay warm. Even with that enhancement quirk, he tends to avoid being out during winter often. Old habits die hard Sensei supposes.


Tomura is much more honest, he will bluntly say when he thinks something is unfair. When he wants something when he hates something. The young child has been saying that he hates specific heroes. Endeavor is one of them. Honestly, he can’t blame Tomura. He takes the ‘shoot first ask questions never’ a bit too seriously. That makes his blood run cold whenever they talk about Endeavor on the news. But he brushes it off. He’s not afraid of any hero.



Y̵̢͔͍̘̙̞͈͒̌̑̏̋͟ó̧͚͎̜̙̠́͗̇̑̀͊̿͠u̻̘̹̲͉̹̳͂̌̎̑̕ͅͅͅ '̴̡̙̘̯̼͛̔͒͐́̉͢ȑ̸̢̧̨͚̘̗̼͉̫̰̀̋͊͘ě̫̟̞̭̬̣̬͊̀͑͆͒̓͘͟͠ ḁ̵̠̞͚̤̩̼͂͑̄̓́̔̆̚f̨̧̲̤̜͍͕̺̰͊͛̆̇͠ͅr̸̨̧̗̫͙͕̓̃̀̚͜͞ȧ̷̯͈̲̺̳̱͕͈̙̓́́͑̉̚͜͡ĩ̢̺̗̙̞̤͙̇́̿̊͢͝ď̶̢̥̗̘̗̻̜̐̽͊̄̆̏͜ o̖̬̞̖̥̊̌̀̌f̴̻͉͙̲̖͙̖̝͐͋̎̐͋̅͡͡ A̯̦͔̜̬̍̾͗̇͗̎̋͞ļ̴̼̞̟͓̦̟͊̋͗̑͂̓́̇̏͟ļ̛̩̥͍̟͉͍͕̀̈́̅̍̽̄̾̄͢͞-̸͇̭̯̣̳̫̱͑͂͛͂͘͡͡͝Ṃ̨̦̰͓̹̫̿͒͒̇̅̕̚͞í͇͍̙͚̮̾͐̎͘͝͝g̵͓̱̦̟͙͚͑̑̾̓̚͝h̙͕̠̱̠̟̦̔̋͆̌̃̌̓̓t̛̘̟̳̯͍͉̖̼͂̽̎̃͑͟͝,̷̨̜͚̺̼̪͇̗̽̀͗͊̈́͒͗̐̿̕ͅ  His mind supplies.




̵̢͉̗̝̭̩̜͕̎͂̆̉͜͟͝Ẏ̱̣̥̤͇̋̋̆̃͢͟͢͠ͅo̴̼͈͇̪̝̮̩̔̆͘̚͜͡ṵ̭͖̪̞̹̠̓̈́̈̚̕͡ͅ'̧͇̣͕̟̺̅̏͌̕̕͞ř̢̲̥̠̊̅̽͆ͅȇ̶̹̻̮̮̭̂̾̎̒͐͘͘ a̢͙̮̰͚̝̒̾̍̑̽̄͘̚͡f̴̢̬͚̠͖̦̉̇͋͒͌͘̕͟͡r̵̳͔͖͙̗̯̯̖̥̔̀̎̌͘͞â̧̦͎͇̠̄̎̈́̈́ị̸̡̱̬̯̭̹̉̐̃͌̔́͘d̡̨̛̛͓̗̝̠̻͊̉͘ o͉͉̭͓̲̲͙̓̇̂̏̐̔̓̕͘͝f̲͉̩̯̜͑͊̀̂̊̚͞ ḽ̷̢̛͉͈̗͙̄͊͋͘͢͡͞ͅͅê̘̘̭̂̃̓̕͟͟͢ͅa̵̜̲̹͓͈̪̳̬̪͛̔̌͊̔̐̿̓̎͜v̡͉̭̗̼͎͆͒͊̽̈î̧͍͓̻̥̠̜̹̱̑̇͌̑̆̉̎͢n̶̢̛̰̳̰̫͕͙̄͊́̔̐͐̌̀͝g͔̠̟͖̥͈̣͙͔͂̉̋̓̇̈́ ț̴̥̯̫̘̲̪̤͙̒̐̓̄͌́ḩ̵̨̯̪̰̩͖͈̜̈́̿͒̑̓͜͠ȩ͚͙̭͚̠̼̜̄̇̽͌͠ͅs̷̤̤̜̞̹̣͖̭͑̑̋̽͘͝e͎̰̣̻͙͋͛̽̑̿͢ c̶̢̬̥͓̺̀̾͐̏̎̋͛̒h̵̡̬̹̱͕͍̯̽̾̓̏̅̂̇̏̊̔i̢̪͓̱̬͍̤̘̫͌̈́̔̐̇ͅl̸͚̺̥̰̗͚̪͓̇͊̑̊̆͞ͅd̡̛͇͍͚̼̘̘͖̃̏̉̎̈́̽͘͜͟r̵͇̯̪̲̫̜̼̎͌͋̏̐̉̔͜ȩ̦͕͈͇̰̬͚͗͑̑̿͜͡n̡̘̰̗̠͕͛̒̀͆̓͐̔͋͢͢ ẗ͖̮̦̥̱̼͙́̎̑̄̇̕ở̧̠̟̙̲͔͈͙̻̍͊̏̔͐̕̚͢ d͖̪̟̳̿͑̆̔́̓̅͊̈̕͜ị̵̙̭͈̪̅̽͛̄͗͜͞è̸̡̜̤͓͉̬̖͕̿̽̿͑̚.̴̠̬͍̜̼̗͔͒̈͒̔̔ his mind screams at him and he tries not to frown. 

Now is not the time to be thinking of such things. They have much more time ahead of them before that big blonde idiot returns to Japan.


Tomura has mood swings, when he’s in a cuddly mood everyone will know it. By everyone, Sensei means him, All for One and Kurogiri. He will generally ask to be held, he will run around with his hands up he will softly ask for things, he mostly wants sweets in this mode. When he’s in a bad mood, he will glare at everyone from a distance, get defensive when approached and will generally rage much harder at his video games. But Sensei loves all of Tomura, even if his original intention wasn’t pure, or still isn’t a good intention. He will love Tomura and Kurogiri with all his heart. Eventually, he will convince All for One that it’s okay to love.


They have all the time in the world to show All for One how to love. 


Sensei is a slow eater, something about enjoying the way food tastes. He loves trying new things but he holds off on the seafood around Tomura, he wouldn’t want to accidentally revert him back into his trauma. Oh, sensei had remembered another cute thing that Tomura does, he sometimes practices evil laughs while in the bathtub, most the time Tomura assumes he can’t hear him. But holy crap is it adorable. It should be illegal to be THAT cute. Kurogiri is softly humming away, happy eating his steak. Sensei should remember to add more meat to the list so Kurogiri’s quirk doesn’t start eating at his body again.


He digs into his food, he got a salad since his stomach has been upset recently. He's happy to see both of them enjoying their family time out. Anytime people look at Kurogiri with disgust he activates a fear quirk that makes them stop looking in his direction. He won’t have any intrusions on this lovely meal with his makeshift family. Tomura looks at Sensei like he asked a question. “Could you say that again Tomura, I didn’t have my ears on” he winks at Tomura and Tomura pouts visibly.


“Rude! I was asking if we could do this more often..hang out-n-stuff” Tomura looks shy and Kurogiri tries to hide the tint of blush on his face.


OHH his heart. It feels like it's about to stop “Okay okay we will bump up family days to once a week, instead of once every two okay?”


Tomura stands up on his seat with his hands in the air “YES” he does a hop dance getting him glares from the other patrons. He activates his fear quirk again and stares them down. That's right back off vultures. Fucking animals. Tomura sits down shortly after with a huff. “I'm done eating this!” Kurogiri nods too and waits for Sensei’s reply. 


“Hold on here comes a surprise.” Both boys are confused but wait patiently.


He watches as Kurogiri and Tomura’s eyes light up in excitement over the surprise ice cream sundae.


He smiles. There isn’t anything he won’t do for these kids. He decides to let the restaurant stay on his funding list. But will remind them of their place. ‘Barely’ passed. The food was shit if he was honest. Service was shit, but then again he is an intimidating man.


Which is why when he gets home and puts the kids to bed for the night. Making sure each of them was comfortable in their separate rooms. He even reads a bedtime story for Tomura, the ones without the happy endings. He oddly likes those. He made sure Kurogiri’s room was always on the warm side before heading out. Instead, he heads to his basement and teleports to his Nomu lab.


He sits down at his desk and pulls open a file. The Nomu’s were advanced enough to begin to take actions for themselves. While still retaining what he wanted them to do. This next nomu would be the next grand test.


Could he make a Nomu into a real person? Someone who could protect the weak from the corrupt heroes. Someone who would prevent what happened with Kurogiri to others. He would need someone willing to take out the fake heroes.


He would start the project. He had high hopes for this Nomu.


Sensei sets the folder on the topmost pile;


Project; STAIN

Main DNA: Vigilante Stendhal

Age: 21

Status: Braindead