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Resurrection of a Dead Heart

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The following year goes by quickly for Kurogiri.


Sensei is teaching him how to cook. Kurogiri finds cooking relaxing. He always finds himself cooking when he wakes up screaming in the night. Sensei always checks on him, he refuses to admit that melts his heart every time he comes in and comforts him. He always asks before touching him and that makes his heart twist with appreciation. Honestly, if Kurogiri were to sit down and say all the things he liked about Sensei it would take a couple of days. But he finally figured out why sensei looks so confused, he's 100s of years old at this point and he’s never raised a kid. Sometimes he sees him reading parenting books with his small glasses on. Honestly, he’s never felt more loved since his mother died. Sensei is teaching him lots of things as well catching him up to school standards. Kurogiri doesn’t mind that he’s not going to public school. There is too much paperwork and that would put him back in the system. Kurogiri couldn’t go back to the system it would eat him alive.


The bar had opened after about 6 months of his stay there. It was open late at night, and the drinks were cheap which attracted unsavory characters of all kinds. Sensei made it clear that anyone who went upstairs would never return, and whenever someone did, Sensei kept his word. There was an unspoken rule in the bar, Do not go upstairs. But Sensei never used his scary Villain role when talking to Kurogiri, and for that he was thankful. Kurogiri finally figured out what that tiny voice in his head is, Sensei described it as worries or past regrets, that is perfectly normal to have. He ignores that tiny voice in the back of his mind that reminds him of the quickest way to eat. They found out together that Kurogiri’s quirk makes him a carnivore, so Kurogiri eats more meat to satisfy that. For Kurogiri’s 11th birthday he got him big round black glasses that allow him to see, He loves looking at objects and when Sensei is zoned out he loves staring into his golden eyes that remind him of the good in the bad. Sensei also got him a computer, he’s able to learn whatever Sensei can’t teach him and Kurogiri doesn't let Sensei know that he’s watching self-defense videos to protect himself should something happen to Sensei. Sensei’s last gift to Kurogiri was a quirk, naturally, Kurogiri would have denied, but Sensei explained that it was a resistance quirk. Sensei had no use for it apparently, but he told him that it would make everything less painful and that he didn’t have to accept right away. So Kurogiri thought about it for a week, what made him say yes however was when that disco looking hero had followed Kurogiri home.


That man had forced his way in and quickly subdued Kurogiri, who had screamed in pain upon his face hitting the floor. Sensei was livid. Kurogiri figured out why many villains left this area alone. Sensei really does go all out when he’s in Villain mode. He quickly got the hero off him and dragged him to the basement. Once he was locked up he ran up and comforted Kurogiri. Kurogiri doesn’t know what happened to that man, but he doesn’t mind knowing. The quirk really does let him run around and bump into objects without instant pain! However, hero patrols increased in that area for a while and there were missing posters. But anytime Kurogiri had to walk far away he would always shyly ask Sensei to walk with him. Sensei would always say yes. No matter what he was doing.


Sensei had particularly come back home bloody and injured when dealing with what he described as a mortal rival that can't seem to die. Kurogiri ponders for a moment, Nona? Nana? Nano? He can't remember their name but they are dead now. At the time Sensei asked Kurogiri if he could go to his room, that he wasn’t mad at him but he needed to get his quirks under control, so Kurogiri did. For the next 6 hours straight it sounded like Sensei was smashing things against the walls in the basement. Kurogiri still never went into the basement. He doesn’t want to see walls painted shiny red or the people standing over him. Plus it was Sensei’s space, who was he to enter that without permission?


Another thing he hates about heroes, they only come after a problem has been discovered. They never saved him, he had to save himself  But that's for all humanity, They all shame and push those who don’t conform to their ideals. They shame the weird, the broken, the unstable. They only come in after someone has hurt. It is sickening. In this weird time of quirks, all his problems have stemmed from these people claiming they know what’s right. Sensei, poor sweet sensei with his golden sun eyes only wants this to change! He overheard that one night in a meeting with potential allies. The more Kurogiri hears his speech, the more Sensei gains in his underground group, the more missions sensei comes home bloody with that bright light gone in his eyes, the more wounds Sensei comes home with; The more Kurogiri’s resolve hardens. He’s only known Sensei for a year and a few months, but he feels like Sensei is more than a teacher at this point. Kurogiri sees him as his father.  If there is anyone he would become a villain for, it was Sensei.

After thinking on it for a long time, he went to sensei with fire in his eyes. He only spoke briefly but his heart knew what he wanted. It was time. Just before sensei was about to leave for the day, he stopped him by tugging on his villain uniform.


“Train me to stand by your side, Sensei”


So that you won’t be alone in this world that sees you as a villain for wanting the best.
His new life with Sensei summed up in a single sentence;

‘To Stand by Your Side.’


And Train he did.