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The Trainer From A Far Away Land

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"Regular Speech"

'Poke Speech'

“Ready to go buddy?”

“Pii…” ‘Yeah..’

“Cheer up Pikachu.  It’ll be just like our first time starting out……again.” 

Pikachu tried to perk up, he really did, but losing all your hard earned strength and starting over at a level that you had surpassed ages ago, repeatedly, tended to bring down even the most cheerful of creatures.

He still had his moves, his knowledge, his experience, but everything felt so much weaker now, so much slower.  So much weaker.  Thanks to that Arceus-damned Zekrom, it felt as if everything he had previously regained in Sinnoh was shoved down into a hole so deep, he’d need to learn Flash to see it again.  His mind could still see and process things faster than ever, but his body just couldn’t keep up with what he wanted much less needed to do.

To top it all off, he had lost to a starter, while clearly raised up better and longer than most of the starters from other regions it was no less humiliating, with a new trainer almost as infuriating as that rather nasty purple-haired human his partner had called ‘Rival’. 

The times in Sinnoh and Hoenn had been worse with an incredibly heavy toll taken on his body by injury and the overload of electricity, but it had really been a long time since he had been cut off from his own power so effectively barring the rare moments of illness. 

He could still feel the electricity coursing throughout his body, else how would he even be alive?  But during that last battle, it was there bubbling just under his skin.  His skin which may as well have been heavy duty rubber for all the good it did.  All that could be forced out were a few pitiful crackles.  It had taken so much effort and concentration too.

The lack of access to his electricity in general had slowed his movements greatly as if those few pitiful crackles were the last of his reserves. The speed of the impulses that flowed within his body allowing him to move with that much more speed, that much more power were like a clogged stream now instead of the rushing rapids they had been.  It was time to start clearing away the debris…for the third time. 


Now his wallowing had brought down his best friend into the same mud pit of self-pity.

“Sorry.  Looks like it back to the basics for us. Man, this really sucks.”

“Pika Pikapi.  Pipikachu pika.” ‘It’s alright, Satoshi. It’s a new start.’  He tried to reassure, gently patting his partner’s cheek.  

“Pi chuka pipipika kachupipika pikachu pi?” ‘No one knows who we are here and it doesn’t matter does it?’

“You’re right! We here to take on a new league, have new adventures, and make new friends.  We’ll haven’t let this get us down before and we’re not going to start now.”

The sad contemplative look was gone and replaced by an oh so familiar, and far more suitable in the opinions of any of his numerous friends, grin and determined eyes.


“Chu!” ‘Yeah!’

With matching cheers, two fists simultaneously punched the air as Satoshi continued to walk on with Pikachu balanced his shoulder.

“Heh. Thanks buddy.”

“Chaaaaaa…” Pikachu replied rubbing his cheek against Satoshi’s.  ‘Anytime.’

“Soooo……same as last time? Four moves?” 

“Pi.” ‘Sure.’ A nonchalant shrug that the boy couldn’t see but could definitely feel.

“How about Volt Tackle as your main move, Quick Attack for getting around, Iron Tail for rock-types, and…Thundershock for your long range attack?”

“Pi. Pika.” ‘No. Too weak.’ A shake of the head.

“Then what about Thunderbolt?”

“Kachu.” ‘Better.’ A nod.

It was an unspoken rule that Thunder, had been, and still was off limits unless there were extenuating circumstances.  No matter how weak he got, Thunder just seemed to release all the blocks on his power at once.  How would Zekrom have been able to handle that?

 Seeing as how he could fry ground types with it years ago, it was much too dangerous to be used against inexperienced pokemon. Actually, it was probably now too dangerous to be used against anything not an obscenely high-level pokemon or a legendary.  Best to not be remembered for obliterating everything with a single Zapdos-level attack or they’d probably pick up the attention of strangers that were far worse the Team Rocket trio who continued to stalk them over the years.

“What about Agility?  That’s not an attacking move.  Would that be okay too?”

“Pika…” ‘Maybe…’

Further ahead of the pair, a bush began to rustle.

“Hey.  Is that a pokemon?”