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How was this sentence going to end?

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Rose's heart was beating harder than ever. She braved fleets of Daleks and ran for her life more times than she can remember but never have she felt her heart scream so loud. It made all the cells in her body pulse and boil in spite of the cold wind gusting around her. The more she understood what was going on, the more the thunderous drumming sound of blood rushing through her vein raised in pitch.

He was leaving her. The Doctor was abandoning her purposefully with another Doctor, another man like him but not him.. one heart, on life, together. She felt his heart beat under her hand and shivered when the realisation dawned: as thunderous as hers, as single as hers. And then her heart was breaking. When she watched her Doctor walk back towards the Tardis, she couldn't let him go, she couldn't stay here, without him.

She wanted to scream. Anything to make him stay with her, just a little bit longer. "But, it's still not right!" They talked a bit more. Said some things. Things that didn't matter, things that didn't quite register. Things only meant to keep him by her side for a few more seconds, in hope that in those seconds she could find the right thing to say that would make him change his mind.

She was cataloguing every movements, every twitch, she needed to remember as much as she could. What could make him change his mind? And then she knew. Knew what she had to ask to ease her heart. Knew what she had to ask that might make him stay by her side. Her heartbeat reached new heights once more as she ask: "Yeah and, how was that sentence going to end?"

Silence. Time stopped. And in this moment, the Doctor held all the future timelines in his hand. His answer would affect the lives of everyone standing on this wretched beach and seal their fate once and for all.

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The Doctor's throat constricted when he heard her questions. So much hope in her eyes, so much despair. He knew the feeling. Except hope has evaded him with the birth of his metacrisis. The man standing in front of him wore the same eyes as his but bore a different set of emotions. Hope. They were filled with hope. Hope of a life with Rose Tyler. Of course, he could've told where this conversation was heading the moment she mentioned their last goodbyes.

Of course she wanted to know how the man she would spend the rest of her life with felt about her. But the moment he stepped into this strange dynamic, facing his counterpart, him desperate and so empty in front of this new man, filled with hope and already brimming with projects and dreams about this new life he was just offered, the Doctor couldn't compete.

Did it show, in his voice, when he answered. Could she read the resigned surrender in his feature. Could she feel how much it made his heart break to push her into another man's arms, into another fantastic life. If she did, it didn't show. The only thing the Doctor saw, as he laid his final blow was a light die behind Rose's eyes. "Does it need saying?"

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He couldn't lie to her. Couldn't hide the truth. Not after all she's been through to get to him. Who was he kidding? He knew what a life without Rose Tyler looked like. He knew the pain, the despair, and the grief that came with losing Rose Tyler. He was reliving it all, right now and then, as her eyes looked at his soul, pouring all the hope and all the love and all the trust she bore for him.

She was as desperate as he was to keep each other close. His hearts stopped for a beat and time stood still. He forced time to stand still. Because he could. Because he needed it. Because on this moment, the Doctor found himself stuck in memory lane, three years ago saying the end of this sentence again and again. "I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.." writhing on the Tardis' floor, clutching Rose's purple jacket against his hearts, or screaming: "Rose Tyler, I love you!!!" Into the void of space, filled with all the frustration in the knowing those words would never get to her.

Oh, he won't make that mistake again. He almost screamed it once more before he calmed himself down, remembering he wasn't in the Tardis, a universe away from the one he loved. She was right there in front of him, and now was his chance to set things right. He repeated: "Rose Tyler..." A bashful but honest smile illuminated his face. "I love you."

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His Time Lord counterpart looked at him for a few milliseconds before answering Rose's question. He was trying to find some kind of support, some kind of reminder of why he had to say what he was about to say. And it seemed he found the strength he needed in the brief look they shared since he answered: "Does it need saying?" The part-human Doctor noticed his voice constricting in the end, and the pain that laid beyond each words.

His heart went out to him. His gratitude would be eternal. What a wonderful gift he had just given him. He could also see the hurt in Rose's eyes when she turned to face him but she was showing a brave front. His wonderful, brilliant Rose. "And you, Doctor? What was the end of that sentence?" He could almost cry. Finally, he was given the chance to say those words out loud but he didn't have the heart to scream them for all to hear as he wished he could.

Not when the broken hearted Time Lord was grieving his lost. The part-human Doctor hid the glow that shone bright in his eyes in Rose's hair and whispered his love in her ear. And when she turned to face him fully, he didn't let go of her arm. In fact he was holding on for dear life never taking his eyes off her since he knew what the Time Lord was about to do.

He was getting ready to flee.. without saying goodbye. A proper goodbye being far too difficult to handle in the state he must be in. Suddenly Rose's lips was on his and his brain went blank. And when her arms went around him his knees gave way so he had to hold her back even tighter to steady himself. He almost didn't register the sound of the Tardis dematerialising as Rose raked her nails across his scalp.

Then she was gone, leaving a cold void in her wake. He swallowed and watched the last remnants of the Tardis before it disappeared completely. He wasn't sure if he took Rose's hand to comfort her or himself but the warmth it brought him sure helped ease his sorrow.

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Does it need saying? What does he mean: Does it need saying?!? This Time Lord could be so infuriating sometimes and Rose was getting sick of this. She had just spent three earth years (and who knows how much this means when you are jumping from universe to universe) searching for him, and all he could answer her was: Does it need saying?

"Well yes! It does actually!!" Rose counter-answer flippantly. The hell with him. The hell with both of them. She deserved so much better than being treated as a child, treated as if she wasn't old enough to be in control of her own destiny. And after being the saviour of the universes multiple times, defender of the Earth, Goddess of Time, after everything she'd learn traveling with the Doctor and climbing up the ranks in Torchwood, she knew she was meant for better than being the puppet in the Doctors' grand scheme. "Jerk!" She cursed him, turning around and pacing as fast as she could without running through the Tardis doors.

The Doctor already thaught her how to dematerialise and as she was pushing the buttons and pulling the levers to do just that, she saw the coordinates for landing were already set for Chiswick in her Prime universe. So be it! As the Tardis set course, she saw the last image of both Doctors running towards her but grabbing at thin air when they got to where the Tardis once was.

Rose pushed the screen away as she felt a pang of regret.. the last sight she would ever had of what they all called Pete's World. She had a thought for her mother, and the rest of her family. She will missed them, but they all new she wasn't suppose to come back once she found the Doctor. She had given her goodbyes and farewells to her loved ones more than a year ago.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" Rose turned around to fall face to face with a more than furious Donna Noble. Her nose inches from hers. How did she even manage to get in? She watched as Donna turned a few switches and roughly hit the console with the mallet. Nothing budged. "Argh!" She groaned, shoving the mallet away. "The walls have closed! There is no way we can go back now! What's your problem, Blondie?” Then Donna started acting very weird. “Wh.. What do.. What.. Whatever.. AAAaargh!” She screamed with pain.

"Are you all right?" Rose ask running to her, filled with concern.

"NO! .. Yes, yes I am. Nooo.." Donna hold one hand on her head and another one on the console, eyes tightly closed to try and control the pain. "Time Lord metacrisis/human brain.. too much!" Donna got straight up, taking a deep breath. "I'm fine, never better, molto bene, radiant, always top notch, SUNSHINE!!!." She singsonged at Rose before bending in pain and crying once more. Between two bouts of scream, she raised her head up slightly, her gaze filled with pain searching for Rose. "I'm" And Donna fell sprawled on the floor.

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The part-human Doctor was standing so close to Rose's left hand that he could just grab it and run. This was exactly what he felt like doing when the Time Lord in front of him confessed his love. This moment was crucial into determining the rest of his life, the rest of all their lives. And his counterpart had said all the right things to push Rose toward choosing him except this last part where he couldn't resist opening his heart and showing his true feelings.

How could he compete with the bare feelings of a Time Lord. Rose's reaction to the love admission surprised him and filled him with new hope. She smiled at his counterpart, a genuine smile, the kind of shy smile you try to hide but just can't contain for all the happiness wanting to burst out of you. She laughed, adding her tongue to the smile and took the Time Lord's hand before turning to him.

"And you?" She asked giddily. "How was that sentence going to end?" He laughed too. Was this really gonna be so easy.

"Does it need saying?" A hungry smile appeared and he delicately took her hand. "Rose Tyler, I love you." He brought her hand up and kissed her knuckles.

"I can work with that." Rose acknowledged mimicking his wolfish smile toward him, then toward her other Doctor, watching them in turn until the realisation dawned that she just made her choice and she chose both of them. No one gets left behind. The part-human Doctor could see fear in his counterparts eyes. This was not what he had planned. But he didn't care, he looked at Rose and nodded towards the Tardis, pulling her toward it so she'll get the gist before the Time Lord would realise what was really going on.

But the moment was broken as a Jeep rolled on the beach honking its horn to catch everyone's attention. He saw Jackie waving the hand holding her cell phone in the air and running towards them. "Rose.. Rose, Pete is here with Tony. We'll be ready to leave in a mo!" He deflated in an instant. He forgot about Jackie, about Rose's family. Of course she would want to stay with them and he would never have the nerve to ask her otherwise.

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This wasn't how he thought it would go. The Time Lord shouldn't have said those words and if Rose should kiss someone, it should've been him. Since Rose had laid her hand on his single heart a few minutes ago, his head was reeling with projects and dreams of kids and dogs and white picket fences, houses with carpet and windows, sharing a mortgage and many morning tea with Rose Tyler.

But there she was, kissing the man who just accused him of genocide. He was pretty sure the Time Lord said that to push Rose Tyler into choosing him. Why would he go and tell her he loved her then. Kind of defied the whole purpose. Well, hell with it. If this man wanted Rose Tyler for himself, than he'd leave them be. He wouldn't be the third wheel in this situation.

And he couldn't spend another second watching the love of his life not choose him. With a stubborn resignation, he walked toward the Tardis, opened her doors and started the dematerialisation sequence. "What do you think you are doing?" He heard Donna say before his eyes could meet hers. She was standing straight and mighty by the door which closed as the Tardis lurched and the cloister bell started to ring. "Are you going mad, space boy?"

"He got Rose Tyler, and I get the Tardis! Wasn't that how it was supposed to work out?" He barked over the cacophony.

"Wh.. What do.. What.. Whatever.. AAAaargh!" Donna screamed with pain. All hell broke loose and it happened so fast. Donna's was already spiraling, her human brain not equipped to contain all the thoughts and knowledge of a Time Lord. The Doctor probably had a plan for Donna, of course he would've taken away her memories and safely lock away all trace of the metacrisis deep within her mind.

But how was he suppose to do that? Was his own part-Time Lord telepathic abilities strong enough to save Donna? He should've thought everything through before getting into the Tardis. Why did Donna had to follow him?

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He was getting cold. So damn cold! He’d never been this cold in his entire life. The part-human Doctor was still getting used to his new self, trying to find the switches inside that regulated the temperature, trying to figure out how he was supposed to stay warm in a body that was at a constant 37.6 degrees. What used to be an automatic physiological adjustment was apparently impossible with this new constitution.

The chilling wind bit at his skin and even managed to seep through the few layers of clothes. There was nothing he could do to prevent it anyway, so he focussed on the wonderful taste Rose's tongue had left on his and the lingering pressure of her lips against his own. It had been two minutes and thirty-seven seconds since the whooshing sound that had filled the last 1000 odd years of his existence faded away; two minutes and thirty-seven seconds since the only things his half-human, half-Time Lord ears could perceive were the howling of the wind and the rushing blood that his single heart pumped frenetically through his veins.

The part-human Doctor clung to Rose's hand, searching her demeanour with beseeching eyes. She wasn’t moving, and the shallow rise and fall of her chest were the only signs that she still drew breath. He could have said something. He should have said something… anything. He should have found the words to make her forget all about this, bring her thoughts elsewhere.

He should have asked her to run and pulled her away from this wretched beach. Who was he kidding? He couldn’t even speak, let alone move. This was her pain, her moment, and he felt like an intruder, his presence an imposition to her emotional turmoil. “Ouch…” he flinched and almost smiled at the honesty of her interjection: an opening; a way to share her pain with him. Rose's eyes flickered back to the ghost of a memory of his beloved Tardis, an imprint in the sand. Rose's pain was evident: an aura around her. Her whole body, tense like a bow ready to snap, was a contrast to her lax hand still warming his. The Doctor wanted to soothe the tears that she refused to shed, but she lifted her free hand toward him. “Don’t.” There he was, his brain bursting with millions of ideas all at once - at least that hadn’t changed - ideas of dancing with Rose Tyler, settling into this domestic adventure, and a wedding, and kids, and a house with a white picket fence and windows and carpets. But she stopped him. “Don’t”, Rose repeated, and instantly the Doctor's entire body went taut, just like hers.

A few moments ago, this gray matter of his was optimistically calculating the probability of all of this ending positively for him. Now he was left with the bleak realization that none of this was going to be easy. The sound of her breath hitching was lost in the cold wind and she shivered. “Whatever happens…” Rose swallowed once more, clearly hiding back the knot in her throat. “Whatever I might say or do… just don’t take it against you.”

Those were her final words before she closed herself off to him: a warning for his own protection before she unleashed the storm that thundered inside her. Her jaw clenched and she shut her eyes, insistently hiding the tears about to fall. Then she turned and walked away. The part-human Doctor shivered at the cold of her loss but held onto Rose's last words as they echoed through his single heart, feeling their meaning.

She was disassociating the Time Lord Doctor from him, clearly telling the part-human Doctor that she would need time to mourn the man who had just abandoned her yet again, but showing him that these feelings had nothing to do with him. Whatever might come of that mourning, Rose just took all the guilt he might ever feel away. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and started walking in her wake, all his attention fixed on the slowly disappearing prints of her shoes in the sand, and he could only feel gratitude for what she’d just done and hoped that whatever their futures might hold, he would still have a chance to win her heart.


Rose was walking beside her mother in silence. The Doctor following them with some distance. She hoped he understood her message well. She didn't want to lose him, but she did need some time to digest what he'd just done.. what they'd just done. This situation was so confusing. What was she suppose to think when he just left her.. but he was still here.

There was no way she could cope with all this without separating the two man in her head.. and her heart. For her own sake. And for his: One Doctor left her. And the other stayed. Was it all planned though? Did they sat down together and pulled a straw and whoever had the shortest won Rose Tyler.. or would be the lucky one who doesn't have to deal with her anymore.

She sighed loudly. She couldn't start thinking like that. It wouldn't do anything to dwell, or to put herself down. Assets, she had to focus on her assets and what she should do with them. "I know you're not happy, love, but this is a wonderful opportunity." Jackie interrupted her thinking. "You will finally have him. You will finally settle down. Oh, we could plan you a wonderful wedding in the backyard. You could sell that awful flat in the city and move closer. It will help to have me close when you will need me to babysit your future kids."

"Mom." Rose sighed exasperated, no, frustrated. She was miles away from understanding what she was feeling right now. And Rose couldn't help to stop a few tears from falling and she wiped them off as fast as she could.

But her mom saw them, of course she did, she was a mom, and when she put an arm around her shoulders with an "oh.. Rose.. sweetheart." She cast her magic mother's spell and the dam broke. Rose tried her best to hide the tears from the Doctor but she couldn't hide the way her body shook with each sob and when her mom pulled her in her arms she didn't have any choice but to stop walking.

She cried some more, "He left me, mom." Seconds later, she heard plimsolls running against the gravel and the Doctor was roughly caressing her back. Rose was already calming down, she didn't want him to know she was crying. But her mom just handed her to him and suddenly she was in his arms. Surrounded by his scent, her Doctor's sent, the one who just left her.

And she started crying again. Sniffling all over his shirt. "I'm here, Rose," he held her tight, "I'm right here."

"No, your not." She didn't step out of his embrace. She was upset, but she knew she wasn't upset at him. She hit him, softly but repeatedly on the chest with the side of her fist. "Bloody Time Lord who always bloody push me away and bloody leaves me."

"I know." He answered sadly. "I know." And he kissed her on the top of her head. She stepped out of his embrace, and wiped the drying steak of tears on her cheeks. She must look like a mess.

"'M sorry."

"Don't be." He said. With a huge smile he grabbed the hand she presented to him and they started walking again. "Rose?" He added and she looked at him. "I'm no Time Lord, and I'm never gonna leave you."

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The zeppelin they boarded was empty of passengers except for the three of them. Rose explained it was a private zeppelin that would bring them directly on top of Canary Warf where they'd meet with a Torchwood crew. The Doctor cringed but didn't say anything. As soon as they were on, Jackie disappeared saying she was exhausted and needed a good kip.

She pointed at Rose, intently, advising she did the same. Rose did look tired but didn't seem to resign herself to go to sleep yet. Thinking about it, the Doctor did feel pretty drained too. The first hours of his life had worn him out. Rose pulled him to a nearby table and he sat down at the same time the zeppelin took off which gave him a funny feeling in his belly.

It almost made him giggle. He gazed through the window while the world got smaller and smaller beneath them. "I think I've never been on a zeppelin before. Except the last time I was here with you and Mickey. 900 years, no zeppelins. Well, I mean not a real functional flying zeppelin. I did visit the ruins of the Hindenburg in 1937. A little fella stayed trapped in the wreckage. His family were worried sick. Well, I say family, they were more like a clan, a community.. little purple furry dragons. Come to think of it, they were probably the one who caused the fire in the first place. Why would dragons want to travel on a hydrogen filled balloon? Balloon, that's a funny word to say.. ballllooooonn." He over pronounced every syllable of the word, feeling how they sat in this new mouth of his. "Any who! It's a good thing there aren't any Snigs on this zeppelin." The Doctor looked around to be sure he didn't see any of these purple fuzzy creatures, then his eyes fell on Rose who was scrutinizing him seriously. "I was babbling." He realised. "And you didn't stop me. Why didn't you stop my babbling, Rose Tyler?"

Rose's eyes narrowed, then her whole demeanour changed in an instant, "I'm famished, I need to eat something," she gestured to the hostess waiting near the doorway, "can we have some chips please?"

"And some tea." The Doctor added. The hostess nodded and left at once. Rose turn to the Doctor. "How do you take your tea, Doctor?" She asked sharply.

The Doctor frowned, "You know the answer to that question, Rose. With two sugar and a marmalade toast, if I have the luxury." Than he understood where this was coming from and added for good measure. "And in my last body, I liked it dark. Plain old tea, plain old me. And you, Rose Tyler, take it with a splash of cream and never want to use a spoon to mix it because you like to look at the white cloud rising and dancing through the darkness of the infusion. Is this a test?"

"So, you do have all his memories?" Why did she needed to be reassured of that?

"I do. I am him." The Doctor felt a hint of frustration rising. He was hurt that she didn't trust him. "Rose, we are.."

"Then why did you leave us here?" She interrupted him and he heard her voice break in the end. She sat back and crossed her arms in front of her, probably to keep her feelings from spilling out more than they should. This was suppose to happen, this was normal. He told himself. Of course they would need to talk about those things. But he wasn't ready.

Not yet. He still haven't found answers to those questions. The Doctor exhaled loudly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Rose, I don't know. I didn't.."

She leaned on the table, and interrupted him again. "I mean, what was he thinking. After all I've done to get back to him. Why would he do this?" She wasn't looking at him. She was spiralling, speaking her own thoughts out loud. "Was it all planned out? A great big scheme to get rid of Rose Tyler? Is there someone else? Did I do something wrong?" Her eyes met his, pleading.

"No! No! Rose, stop this. You are brilliant, you always were. Our, Rose Tyler. The one we love, more than anything. You saved me so many time, Rose Tyler. Again and again. In more ways than you'll ever understand. It's not you he wanted to get rid of.." He didn't continue. It hurt him too much to say the last part out loud. The part where all of this was his fault.

Him being born was a horrible mistake that broke the Doctor and Rose forever. He was the one spiralling now. He realised he was shaking. He felt a lot better when Rose's hand joined his on the table. The warmth of her skin on his so comforting. She gave him a resigned but happy smile. "Yeah.." she said.

"Yeah." He answered.

"I think we are both leftovers." She added. He cringed. Rose was far from being a leftover. Did she really think of herself that way. After all that had happened and all the wonderful things she'd done. Didn't she understand how brilliant she was? Couldn't she see her magnificence? For his part, he didn't mind being a leftover if it meant spending the rest of his life with Rose Tyler.

"Could I be your leftover?" He asked, his voice shaken with hope.

"Yeah. Let's be leftovers together." They smiled at each other.

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Rose felt so helpless watching Donna suffer. And when she told her she was going to die, something deep within Rose clicked and started to boil. Rose knew this feeling well. A powerful golden warmth rose to the surface and she breathed to let the energy flow through her. Bad Wolf has been her guardian angel since the game-station, always flaring up when she needed Her, changing outcomes and improving her fate.. giving her the strength to hold on when all seemed lost.

Rose took her last breath as Rose before being engulfed in the melodious music of Time. She danced with the endless Timelines, flirting with each fleeting outcomes they foreshadowed. When she regained consciousness, Rose found herself cradling Donna's face between her hands, her lips against hers, drawing in the last remnant of golden hues coming out of her mouth.

"I want you safe, my Doctor." She found herself murmuring against Donna's lips and she knew than that all traces of the Doctor that was embedded inside Donna's mind was now lodge inside of herself, dancing in a safe place, with the Goddess of Time she called Bad Wolf.

"OI!?" Donna backed off. "Seriously, when will you people understand? 'M not mating with you." Her hands rested on her hips defiantly, "I didn't want to mate with him, and I am surely not mating you, Blondie." Rose laughed. And still couldn't stop laughing after seeing Donna's surprised face.

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Donna was still holding herself against the console screaming and Rose went to her. "No! Don't touch me. Go away!" Donna shouted before exploding into the bright golden light of regeneration.

"No way!?" Rose backed off, holding herself against the coral strut. She knew exactly what was happening since she'd seen it before. But she didn't understand how it was remotely possible. When Donna came back with a gasp, stumbling to the jump seat, she still had the same body, and the same face, and the same red hair she used to have.

"Oh my God!" She sat down. "What just happened? That was no fun at all."

"Are you alright?" Rose got nearer hesitantly, "how are you feeling?"

"Fine, fine." Donna looked as if she was doing a full internal body check and her eyes widened. "Two hearts!" Her right hand went to her chest. "Respiratory bypass. Everything is clearer. My head.. my mind.. the colours.. the smells..." Her eyes stopped on Rose with an unfathomable look, inspecting her as her nostrils flared. "You, Rose Tyler!" Donna got up pointing toward Rose. "You've been very bad. You've stolen the Tardis from us." Rose backed away again until her bum hit the console. She could see her first Doctor in all of Donna's demeanour. "Very rude!" Now her second Doctor popped up. "How did you think you would get away with it? How would you even be able to take care of Her without me?" Donna was furious.

"Donna, what happened to you?" Rose asked a bit worried.

Donna twirled. "Doctor!Donna! Thank you very much! And you, Rose Tyler," Donna closed the gap between them, holding Rose hips in place with her hands, "smells really good when you're all concerned about me." Donna's nostrils flared again and her face went down to capture Rose's lips, angling her head up by cradling her cheek in her hand. Her other hand lifted the hem of Rose's shirt and touched the skin there.

Rose shivered and gave in when Donna's tongue moisten her upper lip. Things got a bit hot pretty fast. Lips were nibbled and sucked, tongue exploring and hands were scraping bare skin possessively. "Doctor?" Rose asked trying her best to keep herself steady through the heated kiss. Only the Doctor did that move with his tongue. Only the Doctor knew how it made her feel when his fingers scraped this certain place on her belly.

"I missed you so much, Rose, you have no idea how much I've missed you." Donna hissed against her ear than kissed her again. "And it's Doctor!Donna, now."

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"Mom. I'm not staying. I'm leaving with the Doctors." Rose's heart was filled with grief, but her mind was made up. She actually made her choice, a long long while ago, metacrisis Doctor or not, she would never leave him.. any version of him.

"I know sweetheart." Her mom solemnly held both her arms as Pete parked the car and opened the back door to let Tony out. Her mom hugged her tight then, and Tony ran to them, joining in the hug. Rose let go of her mom and crouched in front of Tony, ruffling his blond hair in the process.

"You leaving?" The boy asked.

"Yeah. 'M off for some other brilliant adventures."

"Can I go too?"

Rose laughed. "You have plenty of adventures to experience here!" She got up and turned to Pete. "You take good care of them for me, yeah?" Pete nodded and Rose hugged him, hiding her tears against his Torchwood jacket.

"And you take good care of yourself." He added. When Rose turned toward the Doctors, she saw Jackie hugging them and her heart went out to this wonderful woman who had raised her. They had both grown so much in these past years. And the fact that Jackie was letting her leave with these two men without a fuss meant a lot for Rose. Jackie still gave a few recommendations and demands before seeing them off.

As soon as the Tardis doors closed behind them, the Time Lord grabbed Rose in his arms, making her twirl, then putting her back on her feet he gave her a quick kiss on the lips. He was smiling widely, heart lighter than it has been for years. "You sure about this, Rose Tyler?"

"Of course I am. I made my choice a long time ago. I'm never gonna leave you." She looked at the part-human Doctor then. "Both of you!" There was a moment of happy silence and glee filled glances before the part-human Doctor started to push buttons and pull on leavers. He was soon followed by the Time Lord and then Donna. "Where to next?" Rose asked.

Donna was the one to jump in and answer her: "I thought we could try the planet Felspoon. Just because. What a good name, Felspoon. Apparently, it's got mountains that sway in the breeze. Mountains that move. Can you imagine?"

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"Mom. I'm not staying. I'm leaving with the Doctors." Rose's heart was filled with grief but her mind was made up. She actually made her choice a long long while ago, metacrisis Doctor or not, she would never leave him.. any version of him.

"I know, you plum." Jackie laughed, "I just told you to wait for us, we'll be ready to leave in a mo!" Rose frowned, not certain she understood, "We are leaving with you. Look!" To Rose's surprise, Pete's chauffeur was pulling trunks and suitcases out of the Jeep while Pete was undoing Tony's seatbelt. The boy was sleeping soundly, tired from the long car ride as the man took him gently in his arms.

"Really? You are really coming with us?" Rose couldn't contain her joy. Two Doctors and her whole family. This was even better than she could ever imagine. The four people made their way through the Tardis door passing in front of two dumbstruck Doctors, trunks and suitcases piled near the console.

Then Jackie's head popped out in the doorway. "You dorks are coming in or what?"

The two Doctors looked at each other, the part-human shrugged. "I'm up for it!" Then trolled in.

"Come on, space man, you love this!" Donna said nudging the Time Lord forward with her elbow as she passed him. He followed them in, rubbing the back of his neck, trying to fight the smile off his face that came from the warm feeling that was rapidly taking place in his hearts. The part-human Doctor and Donna were already at the console, preparing for dematerialisation when he closed the door.

The pile of suitcase fell in a tumble when the Tardis shook it's way through the walls to another universe. The Time Lord saw Rose sitting in the jump seat rubbing the back of a soundly sleeping young boy. He made is way across the console room and sat next to her, grabbing her hand, threading his fingers through hers. He watched the wonderful chaos taking place in the main room of the Tardis in silence for a while.

"You alright?" Rose whispered, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah," a genuine smile spread across his face, "Yes, I am." He kissed the crown of her head. Letting another wave of pure joy washed through his hearts.

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The Doctor was reeling. Cursing and kicking the sand with the sole of his shoes. Throwing his hand in the air, pulling at his hair, and pacing around like a lion in a cage. Rose's earlier kiss totally forgotten. Rose was watching him, still not believing what had just happened. The part-human Doctor left in a huff with the Tardis, leaving her and her Doctor stuck in Pete's World.

This was not the outcome she wanted to happened when she kissed the Doctor. She felt her mother's hand set on her shoulder at the same time she heard it: The Tardis was coming back. The grinding sound almost deafening after those anguishing last moments. She ran towards it, they all did. But when the doors opened Rose couldn't believe what she was seeing.

The part-human Doctor was sitting in the doorway with Donna lying unconscious on his lap. His fingers were on her temple and streaks of tears were drying on his cheeks. He looked the Time Lord in the eye pleading: "I can't.. I can't help her. She is going to die."

"No she is not." The Doctor said passing over them, still infuriated. Rose and Jackie followed. "We are bringing her back." He started pulling levers and pushing buttons frantically then stopped and turned toward them. "Close the doors, will you?" Rose did as he asked and heard him curse wildly, hitting the console with the mallet. "Brilliant! The walls have already close, we are going nowhere."

A lump set in Rose's throat and she caressed Donna's hair, watching the part-human Doctor. "What happened to her?" Rose couldn't believe this was happening. She hadn't known Donna for long but she sure wasn't about to let her die. She just wouldn't. And while everyone was wallowing in despair and belief of impossibilities. Rose stood up and started pacing pensively.

"Time Lord metacrisis." He answered her, stifling a sob. "Her human brain was not meant to contain all that energy." Rose remembered the feeling. Suddenly, Donna woke up with a horrible shriek and everyone stepped back. She held her head in pain still screaming.

"Do something!!" Rose ordered toward the Time Lord. "I can't!" He confessed. "I need to lock her memories away and prevent the metacrisis energy to spread through her mind, but it won't be any good if she doesn't wake up in Chiswick, with her family and her old life. The memories will resurface as soon as she suspects something's not as it should be."

Donna slumped back onto the part-human Doctor's lap and the silence following her screams was filled with grief and resignation. Rose's whispers broke the numbness. "There is nothing we can do.. and she is dying." Rose couldn't believe this was happening. She hadn't known Donna for long but she sure wasn't about to let her die. She just wouldn't. And while everyone was wallowing in despair and belief of impossibilities. Rose stood up and started pacing pensively. "Come on, we are not done yet, assets, assets." She muttered to herself. The Doctor approached but didn't disturb her slow path around the console. Rose noticed he was listening intently to her musing. "So we need something that could contain the Time Lord part in her. Making her look in the heart of the Tardis would not be an option."

"Rose." The part-human Doctor was still in the doorway, cradling Donna's body. "Rose there is nothing that will work. There is nothing that could isolate such energy inside of her."

"That's it!" Rose jumped around, facing the Doctor in blue. "We can't contain it inside her, but we can take it out!" Rose turned to the Time Lord. "What about that thing. The helmet plugged to the Tardis that transformed you into a human and transferred your Time Lord bits in the pocket watch."

"The chameleon arch?" The Time Lord seemed to consider. Rose answered him with a nod.

"That could actually work." The part-human Doctor's smile reappeared. "That is actually a brilliant idea!" He stood up, still holding Donna's limp body in his arms.

"Brilliant," the Time Lord jumped, exhilarated. He hit two buttons and lifted a switch, making a chair roll out from the Tardis' wall and the helmet attached to too many wires. It made the device look ancient, out of an old horror movie. Rose shivered. "Rose Tyler, you are brilliant!" The Time Lord continued. He trotted to her, grabbed her face with both his hands, and snogged her hastily before joining the part-human Doctor to help him strap Donna's body to the chair.

Rose surprised herself with a giggle, wondering if the Doctor's giddiness was contagious or if it was the kiss who left her hoping for more of it in the future. Both Doctors were working in unison as if they had done that their whole life - In a way, they actually did. "This is gonna work. This is brilliant." Rose heard one of her Doctor say.

"It will save her life but she won't remember anything." Said the Doctor in blue. "She won't be Donna Noble anymore." The Doctor in brown looked at him with a sad resignation in his eyes, then pulled the lever down. Donna's body went taunt and shook violently and after a long moment she started screaming.

Chapter Text

It wasn't working. The part-Time Lord was not strong enough to contain the cascade reaction taking place in Donna's mind. The residual telepathy left from the metacrisis was sluggish and unstable compare to what he was used to. He could hear Donna's cries of protest through his rough breathing and beads of sweat was pearling down his forehead from the struggle he was putting in the task.

He was far from the finish line. The part-human Doctor knew everything was over when the bright light of regeneration energy flared deep inside Donna's mind, spreading faster and faster and making every one of her synapses explode. He backed off in a hurry just in time to see Donna's luminescent body shake uncontrollably before exploding in a white radioactive discharge. The Doctor only had time to push two red buttons on the console before his body disintegrated in the blast.

Chapter Text

Things were a bit awkward, he had to admit. But a good kind of awkward, none the less. The kind of awkwardness that happens when two persons who've been friends forever are about to jump the line of friendship and become lovers but don't exactly know how to do it. How do you live up to so many expectations? To so many nights dreaming of this moment in secret? To all those wonderful, passionate kisses that could have been?

They were both laying on their backs, watching the ceiling, in their undies, because they didn't have nothing else clean to wear when they got out of the shower, and the part-human Doctor was wondering how he could spark back the same passion they had when they were still travelling together. It seemed as though every moments on the Tardis were a powder keg ready to explode between them.

Maybe he should've gone with his instinct and join her when she was in the shower. Grab her against the wall and kiss her until love unfolds and follows its course. Or jump on her, over the table, not caring about the food, when she had that tongue touch grin during dinner. Of course, he could be mistaken. Maybe her, choosing to spend the night with him at the Inn instead of sleeping with her mom had nothing to do with sex.

But the look she gave him when she said her good nights to her mother made his insides melt. There was no doubt into what she was expecting for the night. There was also the fact that he was part-human now, and he just gave her his life. Of course he meant his life as a lover and she knew that. He jumped a bit. He's been lost in his thoughts, when her digits surreptitiously caressed the side of his hand, then his palm, then her fingers entwined with his.

And when he turned to look at her, he was submerged under Rose Tyler's trademark's smile. Within seconds she was kissing him, her warm body over his, and he never felt so secured and happy in his whole life. They kissed languidly, hands roaming and exploring flesh and hair. "I love kissing you," she laughed, "why haven't we done that earlier?" He rolled over her and kissed her again until they were both rocking and moaning for more.

Things were getting very warm under the covers. "I haven't done this in such a long time." The Doctor said, breathing hard, his forehead against hers. "Its kind of exhilarating.. and scary, being with you, like this, Rose Tyler."

"Let's just kiss then." Rose cradled his cheek in her hand, scratching his sideburns with her nails. "Let's make a pact that we won't have sex before the sun comes up. Let's stay up all night and kiss and talk and cuddle.. no sex." That was not what he had in mind. Sex with Rose Tyler might be exhilarating and scary, but with the pressure in his pants, he didn't know if he would be able to resist until morning.

He laid down beside her, caressing a stray hair off her cheek. "Rose we will need to sleep at one point." He smiled. "There is nothing I want more than to spend the night with you but we will fall asleep you know that."

"We'll sleep in the zeppelin. Its a five hour drive. And we can keep each other awake. We can do anything together."

He held her tight against him. "That we can." They started kissing again. He could spend the night exploring Rose mouth with his tongue but when she started moaning, he couldn't help his hands closing possessively around her waist. This was gonna be hard.

"Don't fall asleep!"

Chapter Text

Rose couldn't sleep. Maybe she should have shared her room with her new Doctor instead of with her mom. It wouldn't be as if it was the first time they shared a room together, or a bed, or their bodies.. But she really needed some time to think, to regroup. Being with the Doctor wouldn't be healthy right now. She wouldn't use him to forget the other.. or to remember him.. whatever.

Her love life just reached a new level of complexity. As if being the Doctor's lover wasn't complex enough. She's been tossing and turning for so long now. Her mom has been fast asleep at her side for hours. Laying on her back, Rose was watching the shadow of a leafless tree on her ceiling. Her eyes closed, only for a few seconds and when they opened again, the tree wasn't there anymore.

The curtains were pulled shut and Rose started panicking. It was a lot darker and her eyes couldn't seem to be able to adjust enough to see the shadows around her as they shifted. She was sure she saw the shadows shift. And was it the panic that was keeping her from moving? Her limbs felt like led and were stuck to the bed. An elongated humanoid like shadow was standing at the foot of the bed and Rose wanted to scream.

Nothing came out. Her legs wouldn't move as she ordered them too. Move, just move! The form pointed a long crooked finger at her and all the shadows in the room jumped on her. Suffocated her. Blinded her. Ripped her inside apart and rearranged them to their will. Rose screamed then. A strangled desperate cry as she woke up straight in the bed making her mom and her Doctor jump.

The room was filled with daylight and her nightmare vanished with it. "What are you doing here?" Rose asked the Doctor.

"Don't move," the Doctor held her face and flashed a light in both her eyes. He checked her pulse too.

"What's the matter?"

"You wouldn't wake up, Rose." Her mom answered her.

"What do you mean, I just did."

"What was your dream about, Rose?" The Doctor asked her. He looked concerned.

Rose frowned in concentration. "I don't know, I don't remember. Just darkness, I guess. It's gone now. And I'm famished. Can we go and eat something?"

"Yeah. Come on, darling." Jackie gave her a hand and the Doctor follow behind as they went to the dining area. Rose shivered. She didn't like this place. It wasn't the same as what she remembered from last time she was here. The small town near Bad Wolf Bay was an idyllic fishing village mix with a bit of tourism. People tend to be happy and go on with their daily activities with a smile.

But right now, everything looked very gloomy. It was raining outside and the dark clouds seemed to be seeping into the dining room, reshaping its occupants' personality to its image. Everyone seemed sad or grumpy. The colours were dull and unattractive. The food lacked of texture and tasted.. meh! After one serving of porridge-like scrambled eggs and cardboard flavoured bacon, Rose was still hungry.

She actually felt as if she hadn't eaten at all. She had another serving, then another one. She ate until both her mom and the Doctor started to look at her with concern. "I guess I was very hungry." She shrugged. They were in their room, packing and getting ready to leave when Rose saw a tall, elongated, shadow move in her vision's periphery. A cold dread dripped down her spine.

It was probably nothing, just her imagination, but she had the gut-grabbing feeling that she wasn't suppose to see this. She wished she remembered her dream. It felt as though the answer was there, somehow. Rose's stomach growled from hunger and she glared at it. Half an hour later they were ready to leave. Waiting for the car that would bring them to London.

"You know, maybe we could stay here for a little while." Her mom said, setting her bags down on the Inn's porch. "I could do with a little vacation after everything we've been through."

"Here?" Rose asked. "We could go anywhere on Earth and you want to stay on vacation.. here?"

"Yeah! Why not. We have the beach, and the view. Norway is as good a place as any." Rose looked at the Doctor and he shrugged. She didn't understand. Was she the only one who thought this place was.. weird? She was about to lean down to get something in her bag when a passer-by bumped her on its way out of the Inn.

"Oi!" She said. "Watch it!" The man grumbled and continued walking without acknowledging her. "Something is wrong with this town!" Rose sigh, exasperated.

"What do you mean?" the Doctor asked. Her eyebrows shot up at him.

"Am I the only seeing it? Why is everything so dull and glum?"

"It's just rainy weather, Rose." The Doctor scratched his nose.

"No but look at the people. Don't you reckon something is wrong?" She almost stumped her foot, this nagging feeling was getting on her nerves and no one but her could see it.

"I don't see anything out of the ordinary but if you want to investigate, I'm not against a bit of poking around." The Doctor smiled at her.

"Oh! Are we staying?" Jackie asked, suddenly so excited.

Chapter Text

They had two hours left to spare after their little snack in the zeppelin's mess hall. Two hours before they arrived in London and meet with her family and friends and shopping and start everything this new life entailed. The next days would probably be hectic. He had no idea when would be the next time he'd be alone with her. But right now, they needed some sleep.

They were both exhausted. He wasn't prepared for what happened next, though. He thought Rose would probably want to cuddle and fall asleep next to him, but as soon as the door of their compartment closed, Rose pinned the Doctor's body against the door, strategically wedging her leg between his. The pressure had an immediate effect and, as is erection grew against her thigh, so did his surprise.

An arousing and unfamiliar heat spread from his groin, pulled and swirled in his stomach, and made all the hair on his body rise. In instants, he was shivering with want, and he wanted Rose Tyler. This feeling was so new, and felt uncontrollable, and very scary. He breathed hard as he watched her eyes grow dark. A familiar hazel gaze that he missed so much.

She didn't move. Rose was watching him intently, scrutinizing the planes and curves of his face. He felt self-conscious. Especially when his erection had a mind of his own and jerked against her leg, the same heat spread across him once more and left him light-headed, and very lustful. Was this how it felt to be sexually aroused for a human man? Was this how he would react each time Rose would look at him like that, with her tongue peeking out of her smile.

He felt so out of control, so vulnerable. He hadn't even notice his fingers had found their way under her shirt, thumbs already caressing the warmth of her breast beneath satin and lace. He took his hands off her right away, feeling guilty, and rubbed the back of his neck. "Rose.. I.." Rose didn't let him finish, she jumped on him. Kissing hard and demanding.

Her tongue working her way in his mouth and her arms possessively wrenching him from the door. Hands pulling at his hair, it took him some time to understand that he was actually allowed to touch her, that he didn't have to keep his hands in the air. And when he started touching her, he lost track of everything else. Only the heat in his body, the unbearable pressure in his groin, the beating of his heart loud in his ears, and the sound of their breathing, erratic and mingling.

Her tongue danced with his, and where the fuck were his hands, how could he even start to formulate a plan of attack when his brain went so foggy every time Rose Tyler kissed him. Scraping of nails against his scalp made him moan, pleasure coursing down his spine then made his thighs shiver. And suddenly, freedom. He could breathe. The fog dissipated enough for him to realise his trousers and pants were on the floor and, was he the one who took Rose's jeans and panties off?

Rose was out of breath, her chest rising and falling and the Doctor realised that he was in the same state she was. No respiratory bypass, he would have to remember to breathe. She was still scrutinizing him and his erection bobbed once more when his gaze focused down on her curls. His legs almost gave in, the arousal making him dizzy. This was just ridiculous, he needed to get a grip on himself.

But he actually didn't have time to do so before Rose did. She grabbed him in her hand and he was gone gone gone. Grunting and cursing, he was holding on for dear life, his arms around her shoulder as her fingers moved across his length. Release, he wanted sweet and relieving release. It was just too much and this painful bliss, this race toward self satisfaction was obliterating everything else, everything he hold dear.

Rose. Love. Rose. He wanted more than finishing between her fingers after a few seconds of her touching him. "Rose.. stop.. please.. It's.. hmm.." The Doctor had to push Rose's hand away from him but when he saw the pout she gave him, he kissed her, as hard and demanding as she kissed him earlier. His lips worked avidly until her back hit the door.

Fuck, and there was this painful pressure in his lower abdomen again. Release!! Sweet exploding release!!! He could just take Rose right here against the door and finally get some relief. Turn her around and rub himself against her insides. She loved them, those quick shag against random walls. No, he wanted more than this for his first time into this new life with the woman he love.

This time it meant something more than a quick shag. And why did he have to change into a body so feeble, so easily excited. This moment was so important. Rose was so important. So damn important. The Doctor pinned Rose against the door, holding her at arms length by the shoulders. She sent him a furious wanting gaze with a hungry smile. His single heart was beating so fast.

He loved her so much. She deserved so much love, so much pleasure. The Doctor fell on his knees in front of her magnificence, and courage, and selflessness. He wished he could worship her as she deserved to be. His face was inches from her curls when she laid her hands in his hair. With a finger, he caressed her inner thighs, wiping off the wetness that had dripped.

Before he touched her centre, he raised his gaze to hers, demanding, pleading. Rose answered by pushing his head toward where she wanted him to be, where he belonged. Her hips rose and he dived in. His tongue opening her folds and finding its way as far as it could go inside her. She was intoxicating and he felt dizzy once more. His hand went to her bum, lifting her right leg above his shoulder so he could go even deeper.

He was drinking her, lavishing her insides and he could hear her breathing become irregular. His fingers fondled her behind then join in with his tongue. He inserted two digits. Rose groaned. Her hips rocking against his mouth. His tongue licked its way up and as he started massaging her inside in tight circles on the right spot, his tongue did the same on the outside.

Rose was already sighing loud and her sighs changed into moan and sobs at the same time her inner walls were getting tighter and tighter. The Doctor felt the spasms around his fingers before he heard her screams of pleasure. And when she was done, she pulled his head away by the hair. "Up!" She order and he did. The Doctor was helpless in front of a demanding Rose.

She pushed him until he fell on one of the seats. When he understood what she was about to do, the warm feeling came back again, and he lost focus as tension made his cock want to explode. He couldn't do this. It was too much. He felt so dizzy. He felt so much love for her. Too much. And he couldn't believe she was really here. And she was straddling his lap now, getting ready to take him in, and he couldn't. "Rose.. please.. I.." She took him in her hand, angling him at her entrance. "I can't.. Rose... I CAN'T! AAH!!" He screamed when he fell in her heat, grinding his teeth to hold it in. He held her in place with two strong hands on her hips that would probably be bruising later, but he couldn't care. This was just too much. The Doctor sobbed in the crook of her neck. "Oh God."

It was so tight, so warm, so comfortable, so welcoming, so sacred. He sobbed once more. "Hey.." Rose hushed him. She took his face between her hands. And he realised he was crying, plain old crying. His body was raked with sobs and he shook. He couldn't stop the tears rolling and his face from contracting. "Hey.. are you okay? Talk to me." The Doctor pulled Rose to him as close as he could, rocking his hips slightly to feel her muscle close in around him.

He sobbed again, "I'm home.." he inhaled sharply, "oh my God, 'm home!"

"You're home." She agreed and held him tighter.

"I'm home." He repeated and with a deep breath in, the pressure faded with the tears as Rose started rocking against him. And it was soft, and warm, and embracing, and filled with love, and just as he wanted it to be, just as it should be.

Chapter Text

"Rose! Rose!!" Donna yelled, holding her hair down as best she could against the raging wind. Canary Warf being one of the tallest building in London, the gusts were a lot stronger and it made the landing of the zeppelin pretty hard to manoeuvre. They managed to arrive none the less. Rose took the Doctor's hand and pulled him to her.

"Sorry, forgot to tell you, there is a Donna in this universe too," Rose told him as loud as she could. The wind was blowing her hair in every direction and for one reason or another the Doctor thought it made her incredibly sexy and he just wanted to kiss her right then and there. "She is actually Pete's assistant." She continued. "I would've told you on the zeppelin if I knew she was the one who would come and welcome us. 'm sorry, I really thought my dad would be here."

Rose walked to Donna, never letting the Doctor's hand go. She was afraid he'd just fly away in all this wind. "Donna," She hugged and kissed her on both her cheeks, "Where is he? Where is my father?" She asked her right before her mother joined them.

"Pete couldn't be here." Donna talked loudly so both Rose and Jackie could understand her answer. "He's held up in his office. Let me brief you." She pointed to the roof's exit door for them to follow. When they were all safe behind the door, they could still hear the wind haul outside.

"Why is it so bloody windy?" Jackie tried to brush her hair back in a poney tail. They started down the narrow steps to the highest floor.

"A ship crashed 5 minutes ago," Donna answered, "right outside London. Completely crushing M4. The blast area is more than 5 miles wide. For unknown reasons, the wind's been blowing ever since. Pete is putting up a team to get to the crash site and he wants both of you on it."

"What?" Jackie intervenes. "There is no way I am letting this happened, they just got back here."

When they arrived on the highest floor of the building, Donna pushed on the lift's call button and turned to Jackie. "You'll have to talk to Pete about that, mam."

"Don't mam me, young lady." Jackie was flashing purple with anger, "Pete isn't in charge of those two anymore. As much as I love him, he doesn't get to decide for my daughter and her future husband's fate." She flashed a menacing glare at the Doctor when he snickered at her choice of word.

"Mom, this looks serious and the Doctor could actually help."

"Then he'll help from here. Bring us to Pete and he could stay by his side and give his advice as the team progress on the field." Jackie was adamant. Those days seeing her daughter injured on the field, never knowing if she'll come back or not were over. Rose finally got her Doctor back, now they could settle and leave the dirty work to the others. Pete should do the same if she had a say in it.

When they got in the elevator, Rose turn to the Doctor, took her rightful place in his arms and held him tight. "It's up to you. What kind of life would you like to have?"

Chapter Text

Rose dabbed a few tears at the corner of her eyes, "It's alright, Donna, I don't want to mate with you either." Rose shook herself out of it and cleared her throat. "How are you feeling?" Donna frowned. She wasn't sure what Rose was on about. She tried to remember the last moments but they were really fuzzy.

"My head hurts, just a bit," she said, touching her forehead with her fingers. "Something's missing. Where is the Doctor? What are you doing here? Oh my God, you stole the Tardis. I remember now. You stole the Tardis. You left them there. I had all the universe in my head. I.. I remember."

"And... you're ok?" Rose asked hesitant. She rubbed the back of her neck and worked the tip of her shoe against the grating.

Donna frowned, and then her eyes widened. "No! No I am not! I'm stuck in the Tardis with no Doctor to fly it! And I can't seem to find all this knowledge of his that I had that could help fly us home and.. What's up with you. Why are you acting like him? What's with the light in your eyes and.. you were all glowy." Donna took a step back from Rose.

Rose turned toward the console and fondly caressed the coral there. "I don't think we need the Doctor to fly the Tardis anymore." Donna gave an uncertain and frustrated sigh. Rose continued, "I had the heart of the Tardis inside me once. The Doctor thought he took it out of me but he didn't. He just took the part of Her that was hurting me. But the bond is definitely still there," she smiled at the time rotor. "When I had the time vortex in me, I became Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf is still here, inside of me. She is changing me, she's been changing me every since..." Rose fell silent for a while when she saw how scared Donna was. She tried a new tactic, "Donna, you all wanted to leave me on that beach with him, but I couldn't. One life, but I don't have one life anymore. He would've grown old beside me but I don't age. I don't age and I can't die. Bad Wolf won't let me. Every time I should've died, Bad Wolf came to my rescue and changed my fate." Donna was shaking her head as Rose continued. "That was Bad Wolf just now, taking all the explosive energy out of your head. We probably both would've died if she hadn't come."

Donna put her hand in front of her to stop Rose. "Wait. Wait." She frown and repeated to be sure she understood well. "So you're almost immortal, just like him. And you can fly the Tardis, just like him. And you left them over there. What are your intentions? Do you want to take his place?"

"Do you wanna come with me? Donna Noble?" Rose asked and in that moment she looked more like the Doctor then she ever did.

Chapter Text

The Doctor in brown was reeling. Cursing and kicking the sand with the sole of his shoes. Throwing his hand in the air, pulling at his hair, and pacing around like a lion in a cage. The other Doctor was watching him, still not believing what had just happened. Rose was gone. His Rose was gone. His Rose was gone and his heart was breaking. She left in a huff with the Tardis, leaving both of them stuck in Pete’s World.

This was a disaster. This just wasn't happening. This was impossible. This was the end. There was no way both of them would survive this. How the hell would he be able to get over this. Over the anger of her leaving, over the grief of losing her, over the guilt of all those things they could have done, over a slow pace life without her. And how the hell would he be able to deal with him?

He rubbed the back of his neck vigorously, then his whole face. Tears were streaming on his cheek and he haven't even noticed. He stifled a few involuntary sobs. The pain in his chest was taking his breath away. No.. he wouldn't be able to survive this. But then he felt it. A soft balm on his mind that numbed the pain of his heart. A chiming tone that brought a semblance of harmony to this whirlwind of despair.

His hand went automatically to his right pocket and he took the last piece of home that was left. The Tardis' coral, laid on his hands, signing and humming to soothe his worries away. Hope. This might not be the end after all.


"Give me that." The Time Lord grabbed the piece of coral from his counterpart's hands and used his sonic to scan it. There was a small whimper of protestation coming from the Doctor in blue's throat, then a sigh as he started walking toward the exit of the beach where Jackie was gesticulating, talking on the phone. He didn't want to hurt his metacrisis' feelings.

He didn't mean to be rude. But the ache deep in his guts was resonating through his body and throbbing in his head. The sudden loss of the Tardis left an open wound on his mind. And the loss of Rose did the same on his heart. The telepathic link was still viable with the little piece he had left and it was a balm on the pain he just suffered. He yearned for it more than the other him could.

His metacrisis was not fully Time Lord anymore, he didn't have the same telepathic need as he did. He was still sonicing the coral in his hand when he caught up with the part-human Doctor. The coral didn't really required to be soniced, but it was a good pretext for him to hold it close without awakening suspicions on the distress he was feeling inside.

"You won't do anything good with it here." His counterpart pointed out. "We need to plant it, and nurture it, and shatterfry the.."

"I know." He interrupted him. "Lets go!" They continued their walk, side by side, in silence, watching Jackie and wondering how she will deal with Rose's loss.

"Where's Rose?" She covered the phone with her hand and she frowned when they got to her.

"She's gone," The part-human Doctor mumbled as an answer without finding the courage to look at Jackie. He was actually more courageous than his counterpart who just hid behind a semblance of concentration on a pretend-task of sonicing a piece of coral.

"What?" Jackie asked, still not believing, not understanding. Her eyes grew bigger as she noticed the lack of Tardis on the beach. The Doctor in blue looked back toward the other Doctor and frowned. He was doing nonsense with his sonic and the piece of coral so he didn't have to face Jackie's anguishes. Hell, they all couldn't deal with how the event had turned out.

His jaw tightened before he groaned and answered louder. "She left us, Jackie! Rose. Is. Gone. With our Tardis." He couldn't help his whole face contorting as he spoke the words, making them true. He tightened his jaw once more to stop the flow of tears and swallowed them back in. Jackie noticed his reaction which gave him a reprieve. The man was already down.

She stopped walking, nonetheless. She still needed to process this and lay her wrath on someone deserving of it and the Doctor in brown didn't even seem to care. Jackie slapped him behind the head to bring his attention back to the here and now. "Oi!" He said, finally taking his eyes off his useless task.

"What did you stupid aliens done to her?" She yelled.

"Nothing Jackie!" The Time Lord answered.

"Then why did she leave?" It was Jackie's turn to swallow back tears and stifle a sob with her hand.

The Doctor in blue sighed. "He might have evaded the question when she asked him if he loved her."

"You what?!" Jackie was red with fury now. "After everything she's done to get back to you! We all know you are head over heels crazy in love with her why couldn't you just say it? Bloody hell!" She was repeatedly hitting him now, asking for her daughter back. "Bring her back, you stupid git!"

"I CAN'T JACKIE!!" He exploded. "I can't! She is gone! She's gone and she left us here. All of us." Tears was streaming down his face now that he was finally admitting it out loud. He sobbed loudly and Jackie held him tight and he melted in the hug. When all the tears were spent, the Time Lord held her tighter and she thought she heard him say, "thank you," before he let go of her.

"I understand this might be even harder for you two than it might be for me. I was ready for Rose to leave.. the odds of her staying were really low." She sighed. "You've got me, and Pete, and the mansion, and probably Torchwood, if you ever need. Don't be shy to ask for anything. We will all be here for the both of you. Whatever you'll decide to do." They all started walking again towards the zeppelin that will bring them to their new life.

Chapter Text

Doctor!Donna was still kissing Rose fervently. They couldn't help themselves. Well, they could, but they didn't want to. They felt so much love for the woman it was making their new hearts tremble and skip beats. Rose Tyler was fantastic. Rose Tyler was brilliant. Their Rose was so brave. They went through so much to get back to the Doctor, to get back to them. Doctor!Donna wanted to give her everything she deserved and even more.

And as their fingers slipped upon Rose's skin just the way they knew she liked it, Doctor!Donna remembered all the times the Doctor made love to Rose. Heat spread between their thighs and they rocked against Rose's hips to find some friction. Oh. But this felt different. Before Doctor!Donna could formulate another coherent thought, Rose whimpered loudly and returned the gesture.

"Doctor?... Donna?" Rose moved away from the heated kiss and Doctor!Donna marvelled at her dishevelled state and her swollen lips. They wanted to kiss her again, but Rose stopped them with a hand on their chest. "Who..? Doctor!Donna.. what does it means?"

"Means I can fly the Tardis for ya." Doctor!Donna winked and smirked. They would give her everything. Anything she want. All of Time and space. They took a step back when they saw Rose swallow, visibly unsure what to make of the situation. Rose needed some space to process and Doctor!Donna find it important to respect that. It seemed so simple for Doctor!Donna, though.

Everything the Doctor was, mixed with everything that was Donna. It was all so clear in their mind and hearts that this was exactly what was meant to be. There wasn't any part of them that wasn't the Doctor and Donna simultaneously. It all blended together in a way that it created a whole new person but keeping the Doctor and Donna's core intact. "Rose, I am the Doctor. All his memories, all his knowledge, all his wants," they continued, ending their sentence in a low growl. "But I am also Donna. All her memories, all her potential, all her intensity." Then, they added, so bare, so vulnerable, feeling each words deep in their bones, "I love you, Rose."

Doctor!Donna almost swept Rose in her arms when they saw tears fill their eyes, but had to hold back. Rose was crossing her arms around herself. "Then why didn't you say so, on the beach? Why didn't the other you answered my question honestly? Why were you pushing me away? Why were you doing your best to be rid of me?" Doctor!Donna's hearts broke for their Rose.

They watched as a tear fell and Rose wiped it immediately. Rose was trying her best to keep a strong front. "Rose, don't you see the present we were leaving you with. It was the best outcome possible for you and us."

"Typical. Doctor. Typical!" Rose spat. "Always choosing what's best for me. Always so patronizing, treating me like I am a child, a stupid ape incapable of making a sane decision. Was it so hard to let me choose how I wanted to live my own life, for once?"

Doctor!Donna crossed their arms defiantly, channelling blue eyes and big hears and leather jacket, and retorted back, "Well, I actually did let you choose, for once, and look at the decision you made. How can you call that remotely sane, stupid ape?" They never saw Rose look so hurt and felt immediately remorseful. It had been years since the Doctor stopped calling Rose a stupid ape and even longer since he considered Rose's judgement more sensible then his own.

Rose cleared her throat and hid a trembling lip with her right hand. "I.. I just need some time to think." And she disappeared into the bowels of their ship.


Rose was almost asleep when she heard knocks on her door. She wasn't sure how long it had been since she ran in her room for a good cry and she didn't know if she was ready to see Doctor!Donna right now. "Rose can I come in," Doctor!Donna asked, on their side of the slightly open door to respect Rose's privacy.

Rose sat in her bed and sigh. "Yeah, come in." She answered.

"Hey," Doctor!Donna sat on the side of the bed. Rose didn't answer. She didn't know if she should be mad at the situation or laugh as if it was just a bad joke the universe was playing on her. "Rose, 'm sorry, okay. You didn't deserve what I said."

"No." Rose shook her head. "That's not true. I did deserve it. You were right. It was stupid of me to leave with the Tardis. I think some part of me thought she would've stopped me or.. made things better, somehow. I don't know.. it's the Tardis, she's always done the right thing for me."

Doctor!Donna shrugged. "Maybe she did." They said suggestively. Rose still didn't answer. She was scratching a dried stain of mud off her jeans to avoid Doctor!Donna's gaze. Doctor!Donna laid their hand on hers. "Still, 'm sorry."

Rose finally raised her eyes to theirs and sighed, "It's ok, Donna, I don't mind what you said."

Doctor!Donna straighten up a bit with a frown. They didn't feel right being called Donna. As if a huge part of them wasn't recognised. They scratched the back of their head a bit sheepish to ask Rose to change her way of adressing them. "Do you mind, calling me Doctor!Donna. It's just.. just Donna doesn't feel as complete."

Rose's eyebrows shot up. "I don't." Then she frown. "It's just.. long."

Doctor!Donna thought about it for a while. They could find a whole new name for themselves. A name that could represent every aspect of them. Then she smiled, it was so simple. "How about DD? You know, for Doctor!Donna!"

Rose had a small wistful smile. "DD's perfect." She still looked so sad, though.

"Rose." DD said to make her fell better. "'M sorry for pushing you away on that beach. I should've told you the truth and let you choose. For real. Instead of manipulating you into leaving us for him." Rose nodded. Her eyes filled with tears. She was right. The Doctor was manipulating her away. She loved him so much. Why would he feel the need to do something like that to her? "But you're right, Rose." DD continued. "The Tardis probably did give you the best outcome possible. Because I am so happy I'm the one who ended up with you. Doctor!Donna!! You couldn't ask for a better mix." DD cradled Rose's cheek so she'll look at them as they promised, "we are never gonna push you away. Or manipulate you in any way. You deserve so much more than everything we put you through. Rose, you deserve to be love, and cherished, and adored. After everything you've done for us. Rose, you saved us. Again and again. Let us love you as you deserve to be loved. Let us prove to you that we am worthy of you"

Rose shivered and licked her lips. Her gaze fell on Doctor!Donna's mouth and DD's nostril flared as they smelled the effect they had on her. DD let go of Rose's face and groaned. They stayed silent for a while as DD stared at a picture on Rose's wall. They heard Rose clear her throat. "You really think this is the best outcome?" Without looking at her, DD settled further on the bed. They stared at their feet, toes tapping lightly on the floor.

"He would've killed us." DD confessed. "We didn't know at the time but we saw that outcome when we regenerated. When the metacrisis in us would've start raging, he would've smother us inside Donna's brain and erase all memories of us. She would've continued living, not remembering a thing about us.. about him, about her adventures and travels in the Tardis. She would've gone back to her family and friends with this emptiness inside her that would never be fulfilled."

DD felt Rose shift. Her hand came around their cheek and she pulled DD's face toward her. There was so much compassion in Rose's eyes. God they loved her. "It really was the best outcome then." Rose acknowledged. "What now though. I mean, what about Donna's life on Earth? Your friends and family?"

DD smiled a full Doctor-smile. "Oh they are still there. And we totally intend on going to see them. Who would've thought.. the Doctor with a family again."

"You always had a family with me." Rose stole DD's smile away with her lips. DD whimpered and fell over Rose when they felt her tongue and she opened up to her. They were kissing. And it was Rose who initiated the kiss this time around. They couldn't believe it. They smiled against her lips as they shifted on her body to find a more comfortable position.

This felt so familiar but so different at the same time. And the taste of their saliva mixing together was electrifying. Rose fingers scraped their nape, pulling them further in the kiss as she circled her hips, rocking to find some friction. She giggled shyly. "This is different." Rose said. DD smiled at her holding their upper body up on their elbows. "I've never been with a woman before."

"A woman body." DD corrected and Rose smiled.

"This is gonna take some getting use to."

"We have all the time in the world." DD smiled back.

Chapter Text

"There must've been something else we could've done!" Rose was crying. She had just got out of the part-human Doctor's hold and stumbled over Donna's body. "We could've... we could've find another way." The last minutes have been distressing for every member of the Tardis and Rose couldn't believe what had just happened, didn't know if she could live with the thought of being a part of it without doing anything to prevent it.

"It had to be done, Rose. This was the only outcome possible." The Time Lord was still holding Donna's limp body and Rose shook her head. She wasn't ready to accept this outcome, not ready at all.

The part-human Doctor crouched behind her, touching her lightly on the shoulder. "We need to bring her home before she wakes up."

"Let me do it." Rose said bravely. "I need to feel like I've done something good in all this." She wiped a few tears.

"We all do." The Time Lord added. "Let's all go."


It actually took a few hours for Donna to wake up. And Rose insisted that they stayed until they were sure she was up and about without any complications. The Doctors weren't thrilled when she accepted Wilf's dinner invitation but they went with it without saying a word. In a way, they all needed the respite. They all needed this moment together, a first step toward forgiveness, a first step in the grieving process.

They were talking almost merrily, sharing food and drinks, when Donna came down the stairs, grabbing her coat and putting it on. Everyone stood up, filled with expectations that could no longer be met. Donna frowned at them. "Ok.. Whatever.. 'M just going out to eat. Veema sent me like thirty messages. 'M meeting her at Annie's. Don't wait up!" And she was already gone out the doorway.

The rest of the dinner was awkward and when all was said and done, the Doctors and Rose were relieved to be back in the Tardis. "At least we know she's ok." Rose said sadly but then stretched and yawned. She was ready for bed, and after a nice shower and a warm tea, they all went their separate ways and turned in for the night.

Chapter Text

"Felspoon it is then!" The Doctor in brown started jabbing on the console with an uncontrollable smile and a springy quality to his every move. The Doctor in blue followed with Donna. The three of them caught in a dance, swaying to the wheezing and grindings of the time rotor. Rose watched them with pride as she held tight on the console, an open smile on her face.

She was back! Oh yes she was. The Doctor in blue pinned her body against the console as he tried to reach a lever. His arms wasn't long enough so he took her left arm to put her own hand on it. Rose grinned at him and he returned it with a wink. A moment later, the Time Lord Doctor did the same grabbing her right hand with his and gently making her push a green button.

His whole body was pressed against her back so she couldn't see his face when he whispered with a saucy voice in her ear, "Press this down for me, and hold it right there." Rose shivered. She was having a very strong sense of déjà vu. And then the Doctor was gone. When the Tardis stopped, the Doctor in blue came next to her and lifted the arm that was still holding down the green button.

He looked at her with a meaningful smile and a raised eyebrow. The part-human Doctor nodded towards the door and Rose felt the excitement fill her every cell. Finally, they were traveling again, exploring new alien soils and marveling at new and unknown -to her- landscape. She strode towards the doors, pushing everyone away. "My turn. Let me go first."

The Doctor in brown laughed. Rose opened the doors in a hurry, than blinked happily at the sight in front of her. A clear blue sky, lush colorful vegetation, the sun getting ready to set on swaying mountains, and barrels of a dozen guns... Barrels of a dozen guns?! "Really Doctors?" Rose turned around, exasperated. The Doctor in brown grabbed both her shoulder and pulled her behind him.

"I thought Felspoon was inhabited?!" He asked the men holding the guns.

"Our people have been living here for a thousand generations." A woman holding the gun pointing at Rose's back answered. "Maybe you are mistaken with Felspoon's twin planet who can't be colonized because of a strange curse that affects the brains of everything who has one."

A man on the Time Lord's side snickered. "Maybe you could go over there without any problem." He laughed again. "Do you have a brain, sir?"

"I am feeling quite offended," the Doctor in brown retorted, "I do have a brain, in fact.."

"Come on now, move!" The woman interrupted his answer and pointed the way. They all started to walk, the four prisoners keeping their hands in the air and Rose had another strong sense of déjà vu that grabbed her in the guts and filled her with dread. As if she's been here before, as if there was something important she must not forget to do.

"May I ask why we are being arrested?" The part-human Doctor broke the silence.

"You are outsiders," the woman answered, "this is reason enough. Felspoon is not an easy part of space to reach since it is surrounded by the Black-eyed Nebula. We can't be too cautious."

"Great." Rose said. And then she smiled. "Take me to your leader!"


Rose woke up with a small cry and a gasp, stuck under a pile of limbs. It took her some time to understand where she was as her dream dissipated. It was always the same dream; darkness. A damp and suffocating darkness that tasted like cinders and death seeping into her skin and bones. She was always left with the sensation that some pernicious entity was trying to take hold of her soul.

Her heart was beating hard against her ribs as if it was still trying to fight off the intrusion. Rose took a deep breath and looked around. She was still in the cell at Felspoon’s local police station. The light of morning was shining between the locked window. She was laying on her back, squeezed on a small cot, between the part-human Doctor and Donna who were both snoring softly in her ears.

Most of their limbs tangled above her. Her eyes were searching for the Time Lord. She still felt the pressure of her dream echoing in her mind, but when her gaze met his, the anguish dissipated. He had lifted his head from his project to check on her. Glasses dangling on the tip of his nose and sonic in hand, he mouthed, “‘you alright?” Rose nodded and swallowed.

The room was a bit more pleasant in the sunlight. The sun had already set when they were tossed in this prison cell about eight hours ago. The Doctors didn’t seem worried at all about their predicament, and since the three humans haven’t slept in a long time, they were all knackered. And the small cot had to do. It actually felt pretty good to be cuddled between people she trusted.

The Doctor and Rose were still watching each other when the Doctor beside her cuddled closer, grabbed her right breast firmly, and rocked his hips against her. “Rose..” he mumbled in his sleep. The Time Lord snickered and brought his attention back to the piece of technology in his hands. Rose smiled. In all the times she found herself snuggled against the Doctor as they both slept, he never woke up with a hard on in the morning.

This new part-human, part-Time Lord metacrisis would bring a whole new dynamic to their sex life. She spared a look towards the Time Lord, knowing full well his attention was still on her, even though he pretended to be absorbed in his project. She turned around, face to face with the sleeping Doctor, and returned the movement. The Doctor in blue groaned and rocked his hips once more, loving the friction she offered.

She drew his lips between hers, softly caressing his cheek with her right hand. “Hm.. Rose.” He repeated opening one eye, then the other. She squealed when he rolled over her and deepened the kiss, begging her tongue to dance with his. Rose couldn’t believe she was back in his arms, back at kissing him. If the setting was better, he would probably make love to her right now.

She missed him so much. God, he was so good with his tongue. She grabbed his bum with both hands, amplifying his movements against her. She wanted him so bad right now, but it wasn’t the right place, nor the right audience. Then, Rose remembered the Time Lord, a few feet away from them. How will they make this work? There were two of them now.

Was she allowed to snog one of him when the other wasn't participating in the snogging? Rose wasn't sure and a bit scared that he wouldn’t approve. That them doing this without him would hurt his feelings. They haven’t really talked about where their relationship was going and what they would do now that there were two of him.

She broke the kiss to see if the Time Lord was upset, and caught him jerking his head back down pretending he wasn’t watching. Though, he couldn’t hide the smile that spread on his face at being caught peeking, and that smile was all the approbation Rose needed. She was free to do has she seemed fit with the both of them. This was so thrilling.

“Do you still have my toothbrush?” Rose asked the Doctor on top of her.

“Yeah.” He laid down beside her and fumbled in his trouser pockets. Rose felt so giddy. She couldn’t wait for this new life, with two Doctors to start. Oh what fun! She laughed when he made a face, bending awkwardly to push his arm further in, his tongue peeking out and his eyebrows twisting in concentration. He was such a dork. “Ha!” Came out both the toothbrush and the toothpaste.

“Ta!” Rose grabbed them and meant to get up but he stopped her.

“You really leaving me like this?” His pout was a mix of horror and pleading. “I’ve never had a morning hard on before.”

“Me neither,” Rose laughed. Then she took pity and kissed him, caressing his sideburns.“’M not gonna make love to you for the first time in three years in a dingy prison cell while sharing a bed with Donna.”

“And thank God for that.” Donna sat at the edge of the cot and stretched, yawning widely. Rose gave one last quick kiss on the part-human Doctor’s cheek and started brushing her teeth as she got up. She spat in the sink nearby and rinsed her mouth when she was done. “Are we getting out of here soon?” Donna asked loudly to no one in particular.

Rose looked through the bars of the cell doors but nothing seemed to be moving outside. “They are probably still assessing how dangerous we can be to them.” The Doctor still laying on the cot said. “Once they’ll see that we pose no threat, they will let us be.” Rose went to see what the Time Lord was working on and as she walked towards him, she felt a very strange attraction, it was almost physical.

She knew she needed to stay with him, whatever might happen. She cleared her throat and moved a piece of metal with the tip of her index finger. She didn't understand all the bits of mechanic in his hands, but she noticed how he’s been examining her since she woke up and she wanted to know why. “Hey,” he said as she approached him, “come here.”

He sat back to make room for Rose on his lap. She put her arms around him and kissed him, their lips and tongue mingling for a few moments. Yeah. It felt so good to be back. “You taste different.” She smiled against his lips.

“Yeah?” He smiled too and kissed her again. “You taste like toothpaste.” She laughed and he changed the subject, “What was your dream about?” Rose felt the cold fingers of dread against her back as she remembered her dream. She hid her shivers against the Doctor’s body, laying her head on his shoulder.

“Oh you know, the usual, things that goes bump in the night. I’ve seen my fair share of monsters since I’ve started traveling with you.”

The Doctor held her tighter. “Do you want me to ask the Tardis to lessen their recurrence?”

“Nah, ’m fine.” She answered. “Nightmares are important, help us cope and assimilate.”

“If you say so.” The Doctor inhale sharply. “Tell me if you ever need anything done about it.” Rose could see the Doctor’s worry, he probably felt it too. Something was wrong with her. She knew it, deep inside, but wasn't ready to admit it yet. He didn’t push further, though, and Rose loved him for it. A strong instinct told her she should stick with him at all cost.

And an hour or two later, they were out in the open air. The magistrate having decided they didn’t pose a threat.

Chapter Text

It has been so long since they all slept. Jackie was adamant that it was time to rest and Donna second the motion. It didn't take long to get everyone settled. Jackie and Pete found a room that was a replica of their own room in the mansion and they decided to keep Tony with them for the night. The hardest part in getting them settled was when the Time Lord told them the Tardis built their room especially for them, finding the exact specifications of what the room should look like by searching in their heads.

Well the Doctor quickly found out that the Tyler family didn't like things looking in their head without their permission. Rose was still smiling a few hours later. After a good wash in her own old shower -and wasn't she happy to find all her old stuff again-, she had some time to reminisce about the old days with the two Doctors while grabbing a bite in the mess hall.

Back in her bed, she was exhausted but couldn't seem to stop smiling none the less. After half an hour of tossing and turning, she heard the door handle turn and the column of light coming from the hallway clearly defined the shadow of one of her Doctor. "Can I join you?" The voice reminded her of all those nights the Doctor used to join her and the activities they use to do when he did.

Rose's breath caught in her throat as a giddy, arousing excitement grabbed hold of her. The Doctor didn't wait for an answer and closed the door, sidled to the bed and dived right in, kissing her deeply. Rose let out and high pitched groan as his tongue worked his way around hers. She was already breathless, shivering from want. It had been way too long.

"Rose.." the Doctor moaned against her ear, rocking his raging erection against her thigh.

"Yes.. please!" She answered in a breath when his mouth found her right nipple. He laved the thin fabric of her nightgown, taking care to put as much saliva as possible to get through the satin. Rose cried out again when he used his teeth to gently bite the tip, the wet spot becoming cold and sticky. Her centre was throbbing and she couldn't wait anymore.

She already waited too long. More than three years of waiting was driving her crazy with want. Rose grabbed the hem of his pyjama bottoms, using her feet to pull them all the way down and in the next moment, the Doctor was nudging at her entrance and she rocked against his tip, closing her eyes and moaning. "Which one are you?" Rose breathed out as her hand sidled between them to feel his heart(s?).

The Doctor shook his head and took both of her wrists, securing them above her head and kissed her. "Does it really matter?" He answered. And without waiting for her response, he moved into her. They both cried out. Both overcome by the delightful and electrifying web of bliss. "Fuck, Rose." He almost sobbed. He rested his head against her shoulder then started moving.

In and out. Slow and sloppy. And she was so wet and it was so warm and so slippery and so easy and so, "harder, please.. fuck me.. harder." Rose pleaded. And so he did. He had to let go of her wrist to grab both her hips but Rose kept her hands above her head and she arched her body towards him, meeting every trust. The sounds he was making was taking her to a next level.

She was close. She was so close.. so close. Please. Please come. "Does it really matter which one I am, Rose?" He murmured in her ear with a strained voice. He was very close too. And he knew how to make her come with his words only. "Does it really matter which one of me is fucking you?"

"FUCK!!" Rose screamed as she came hard. She heard him give a triumphant shout as he followed her. Again and again. The sounds of their orgasms ringing loud in her ears and while she started to calm down, she hoped the Tardis walls were soundproof. She hope her family haven't heard anything, and with a slight pang of guilt, she wondered how the other Doctor would've felt if he'd heard it.

This Doctor, however, felt pretty spent and fell on the bed beside her, face first. "You really can't tell the difference?" He asked, half of his mouth smashed in the pillow. She laughed. With him falling so fast right after sex, she was kind of starting to realize which Doctor she was dealing with.

"Well, I haven't explore all the possibilities yet. Give me some time and I'll be the best at differentiating which Doctor I am fucking." She used the word on purpose since it was usually not a word they used outside of said activities, but was still a good reminder of the activities that just took place. The part-human Doctor's eyes were already closed but he smiled at her answer.

And since he wasn't totally asleep, Rose risked a question that was bothering her and would probably keep her from sleeping if she didn't came clear with it. "Do you think he'll mind, the other Doctor, if he knew about this?"

The Doctor opened one eyes, and pulled her to him. "I really don't think it's going to be a problem, Rose." He smiled as if he knew something she didn't, then he hid the smile inside the pillow. He groaned and yawn and kissed Rose on the forehead, then slumped back beside her. "Good night, Rose Tyler."

She watched him fall asleep in an instant and smiled at how cute he was. She was finally back. "Good night, my Doctor."

Chapter Text

Everyone slept well on this first night on the Tardis. The day before brought so many changes. Rose couldn't believe her whole family was with her, traveling on through space and time. Actually, everyone was exhausted about their previous day and fell like rocks as they hit the hay. Well, almost everyone. Rose was still giddy of the night she had with her Doctors.

Even though she never doubted his love for her, she still wasn't sure if and how their relationship could start back where they left it three years ago.. with only one Doctor. Waking up next to two very naked and very excited Doctors, Rose couldn't stop laughing at how happy they both were. Everything turned out to be so natural, as if they were just meant to be three of them.

So, after a good sleep and a good shower, everyone was back in the mess hall creating a wonderful chaos. Pete was talking loudly, sharing some of Rose's Torchwood adventures to the Doctor in blue who just couldn't take his eyes off of her from across the room. Rose and Donna were laughing over tea at an exasperated Time Lord who did his best to clean up Tony's mess before his sticky grape juice spread all over the papers and bits and bobs and pieces of different work in progress and machinery that were sprawled on the kitchen table.

Tony was throwing a fit over his grape juice not being orange juice and Jackie was quickly losing patience over the boy's antics. Yep, what a wonderful chaos, Rose thought to herself. And she wouldn't have it any other way. "Where would you like to go for your first trip on the Tardis, mum?" She smiled when she saw the Time Lord, dripping rag in hand, frowning at her, "Anywhere in Time and space, where would it be!" She added with a flurry, giving a tongue touch smile at the Doctor.

"Probably somewhere exotic. Can he bring us on a beach or something?" Jackie answered ignoring the sighing Time Lord beside her, "I did bring my new bathing suit and I could really use some time off to relax." The Doctor looked disgusted. He really didn't want to see Jackie in any kind of bathing suit.

"All of Time and space, Jackie," he repeated to bring his point, "don't you want to bring Tony some place fun?"

"I would," Jackie answered, "I just don't think we have the same definition of fun."

Pete laughed as the Doctor looked offended. "I think what Jackie is trying to say," he jumped in the conversation, putting an arm around his wife's shoulders. "Is that we want Tony to stay safe, and from what I've heard about most of your trips, it doesn't always end as planned."

"I can do safe!" The Time Lord retorted.

"Can we go to Disney Land!!" Tony jumped on his feet, pulling the Doctor's sleeve with dough eyes. "Please!?"

Rose snorted, "Grown men dressed up as mice." She muttered under her breath. She remembered her first Doctor pestering her about talking mice and kids being sick on roller-coasters when she confessed she always wanted to go there.

"I know exactly where we could go." The Doctor in blue said, his eyes sparkling. He crouched to be leveled with Tony's height. "How would you like to meet and old friend of mine who owns a magic school bus?"

Chapter Text

"How did you know about the chameleon arch, Rose?" The Doctor in blue asked her as he helped the Time Lord put Donna's unconscious body on the grating.

"Pocket universe," Rose answered, crouching reverently beside Donna's body. She remembered vividly the time she granted her a tour of the Tardis when it was laying almost dead in one of UNIT's warehouse. She watched the Doctor in blue again. "Learned a lot of things about the Tardis while I was there. As well as some things that happened to you in the real time line.. the one where you didn't die."

Rose tried to put up a good front but failed totally. The Doctor's single heart went out for her. He could only see the surface of all the struggles she had to go through to get back to him and it pained him to see how much Rose had grown tough from the experience. He laid his hand on hers to comfort her, knowing only time and love would heal those wounds.

"We need to bring Donna in Paris and fast." The Time Lord said from over the console.

"What's in Paris?" Jackie asked. "Donna's new life. Looks like she'll be the new security guard at the Louvre."

"Brilliant!" The part-human added to hide the lump settling in his throat. He was over the console, looking at the screen and smiling. "Looks like she just finished her degree at the Holloway Police Station." There was a knock at the door and everyone jumped. "Did someone order a pizza?" The Doctor in blue asked.

"Don't be daft." Jackie walked to the doors and opened them. She knew who it was.

"Pete!" Rose went to the door and took the sleeping child laying limply in his arms. She hugged him tight and kissed his face but the toddler didn't wake up. "You're late. I was so worried I wouldn't see him again. You were supposed to be here when we arrived." Tears were filling her eyes as she held the boy tighter. Rose went and sat on the jumpseat as the child was waking up.

"Yeah," Jackie pulled both Doctors so they'd listen to her. "I'm sorry I lied earlier, when we arrived on the beach. I kinda panicked when I saw Pete wasn't there, as he was supposed to. I knew you wasn't about to stay and I though telling you the truth would keep you from leaving." Jackie cleared her throat before she continued. "I told you I had a son named Tony. Well.. his name's not Tony. And he is not my son."

"Jackie, what are you on about?" The Time Lord asked a bit exasperated, he had a Tardis to fly and a hurtful, one way goodbye to give his best mate. He didn't have time to listen to Jackie's rambling.

"Is name is James, and he is your son, Doctor." Pete answered, straight to the point. And at both the Doctors' shell shocked expression, he turned to his wife and asked, "Why is there two of them?"

"Doctor!" Rose called out. She was crouching beside Donna's body with a blond and well awake boy by her side, "Donna, she's waking up." His heart clenched when his gaze fell into his son's eyes, deep and dark chocolate brown, charmingly contrasting with the blond curls and the freckles on his face. He was perfect. The Time Lord felt a wave of profound and unexpected love fill him, but he didn't have time to deal with feelings right now.

He ran to the console, followed by his counterpart and started the dematerialisation sequence.


It had been a rough day. Rose couldn't even pinpoint when the day actually started. She never had this many changes to adapt to in such a short period of time. Finally, it was time to sit down and relax, regroup and put things in order. They were all sitting on the Tardis' living room's floor, in front of the warm fireplace and Rose had trouble keeping her eyes open.

Still, she didn't want to go to bed. She actually wouldn't mind staying on that carpet, sitting across the Doctor's lap, all night.. 'till the end of time. She snuggled further into the part-human Doctor's arms, tightened the comforter around her, and reminisced about the days events. The Daleks, the Doctor almost regenerating only to create another Doctor, the kiss on the beach, both of them learning about James, Donna... dinner with her family.

She smiled. She loved the dinner they had with her family. Both her Doctors were so nice to agree to spend some time at the mansion before running off to explore Time and space in Pete's World. James mumbled softly in his sleep and Rose open one eye to make sure he was ok. He was laying across the couch in front of her. The Time Lord, sitting on the floor beside him, couldn't seem to take his eyes off him.

He stroked the side of his face. It was quite endearing how fast they bonded. She thought he would be displeased or something when he'd learn the truth about James. Nothing was more domestic than having a kid. But it actually seemed to make him the happiest man on Earth. "Rose, why didn't you tell us?" The Doctor was still stroking James, forehead with two fingers. "About James. Three years ago."

Rose hesitated. She knew this question would come. She had thought about it so many times since their goodbyes on that beach. She regretted not telling him the truth, of course she did. Before they got to Norway, she knew she would see her Doctor again, she intended to tell him but when the moment actually came... "'M sorry, I panicked." She answered honestly. "You were burning up a sun to say your goodbyes, Doctor. I couldn't.. I just couldn't" she shook her head.

The part-human Doctor held her tighter and it made her feel a bit better. She was so scared of them getting angry and leaving without her. "Tell me about him." The Time Lord ask keeping his eyes on James. The awe in his voice calmed her down and almost made her cry. It was wonderful to see how filled with love for their son he already was.

"He is so smart." She said. "It's crazy. 'M glad you are here because I wasn't sure what to do. There is no way I could send him to school, he is three years old and he is actually smarter than a third grader. I have trouble keeping up with him." The Time Lord snorted and she continued. "We never really fitted anyway, me and him. Everything was so different. The pregnancy, the labour, him as a baby, and growing up. I was different too, I couldn't be just an ordinary mother to him, I had to adapt..." She frowned and rubbed her forehead.

She didn't say more. She didn't want to make him feel guilty for not being there. It wasn't his fault. "I missed you." The Doctor, holding her in his arms, admitted. It was his way of saying he was sorry. She missed him too. So much. Rose reached behind her with her lips and grabbed them, kissing her lazily.

The Time Lord interrupted them. "His telepathy is strong, but way too open. Doesn't Torchwood have trainings they could've given him, to learn to shield a bit more effectively?"

"He is three." Rose sighed.

"Rose, three is the new ten in Time Lord years." Rose frowned. It was infuriating to hear him tell her what she should've done when he wasn't even here to know how their life was in the real world.

"He is not a Time Lord!" Her voice might have raised a few notches in pitch and force.

"He is, though." The Doctor behind her jumped in the conversation, a buffer between the two of them. "He might be part-human, part-Time Lord, for the moment, but the Time Lord's part in him will grow until it will erase most of the human genes. 'M sorry."

"He has only one heart and his blood.. apart from his telepathy and his fast development, we didn't find anything different."

"That's just how it goes, Rose. The mind develops before the body. He should start all the physical changes around his tenth or eleventh birthday." The Time Lord added and Rose groaned. She didn't forgive him for reprimanding her parenting yet.

"Yeah, well, I did the best I could with what I knew." Rose laid her head against the Doctor in blue's chest, snuggled further in the covers, and decided this conversation was over. She wanted to sleep.

The part-human Doctor frowned at his counterpart. "Rude!" he mouthed to him. The Time Lord shrugged but then felt guilty and crawled toward them to curl up against Rose. They stayed this way for a while, enjoying the closeness, happy to be back together.

"What will happened now?" Rose broke the silence. She was so scared he'd decide to leave her behind after learning he had a son. She's been dreading this moment since she knew she would find him again. Will he want to travel with her and their little boy? Will he reject the both of them and leave with the Tardis to be rid of them? Will he stay here with them and live a slow pace life until James would get old enough to travel? Will he ask her to be James' caretaker while he goes gallivanting through Time and Space and comes back for supper? There was so many options possible and not a lot of them seemed appealing to her.

Chapter Text

"How did you know about the chameleon arch, Rose?" The Doctor in blue asked her as he helped the Time Lord put Donna's unconscious body on the grating.

"Pocket universe," Rose answered, crouching reverently beside Donna's body. She remembered vividly the time she granted her a tour of the Tardis when it was laying almost dead in one of UNIT's warehouse. She watched the Doctor in blue again. "Learned a lot of things about the Tardis while I was there. As well as some things that happened to you in the real time line.. the one where you didn't die."

Rose tried to put up a good front but failed totally. The Doctor's single heart went out for her. He could only see the surface of all the struggles she had to go through to get back to him and it pained him to see how much Rose had grown tough from the experience. He laid his hand on hers to comfort her, knowing only time and love would heal those wounds.

"Good! So," the Time Lord said from over the console. "Donna's new life is near London. She just got hired as a Nanny. Do you think she'll really be good with kids?"

"Of course she will, she's brilliant." The part-human answered.

"Ha!" The Time Lord exclaimed exuberantly. "And looks like Jackie Tyler is the one who just employed her."


"Yeah, says so right here," he said pointing at the swirly and round language no one but the two Doctors could decipher. "You just got yourself a full time nanny for Tony."

"Tony doesn't need a nanny, I'm a stay at home mom!"

"Oh, well, I guess having Donna around, in the state she's in, could be a good thing." Rose said, getting back up. "Let's go then, the Tyler mansion it is!"

The Doctor twisted levers and punched buttons all the while keeping his eyes on Rose, a quirky smile on his lips. There was a sudden thud, and a lurch, and a loud bump, then everything went dark as they were all propelled to the floor. It smelled like burnt wires and smoke and Jackie was coughing loudly. "What the bloody hell?"

"Oh no! No no no no no!!" Both Doctor were at the console, each frantically trying different tactics to wake the Tardis up again, but nothing worked. They were dead in the water. As the Doctors were taking out the grating to get further under the console, Jackie went to the doors to see if they had moved at all.

"Oh, bloody hell, no!" Jackie came back in, furious, hands on her hips. "You move your ship right this instant, young man. What the hell did you think, landing it in my bedroom. How am I suppose to watch the telly with a 7 feet police box at the foot of my bed?" One of the Doctor's head, probably the one with one heart, came out from under the console.

"Jackie!? We can't move.."

"Mom!" Rose called out, interrupting the Doctor. "Mom! Help me out. She's waking up!" Jackie was still muttering when she grabbed Donna's feet and, with Rose's help, they brought her on Jackie's bed. "Mom. You have to pretend you just hired her. Don't ever tell her about who she really is, alright."

"I know!!" Jackie answered and muttered some more.

Donna's eyes opened and she sat straight on the bed. "Where am I? What happened?"

"Hey, sweetheart. Are you feeling better?" Rose said sweetly. Donna looked at her with a puzzled expression. "You're at the Tyler's you were here for the nanny interview." Rose paused and Donna's expression didn't change. "You applied to be my little brother's nanny?"

Donna's fake memories seemed to settle. "Yes, yes. Oh, my. I must've fainted. This is not good for the interview, is it?"

"Nonsense, Miss Noble," Jackie intervened, "we already agreed in hiring you. Come on, let me show you around and present you my Tony." Jackie brought Donna out of her bedroom and Rose sighed loudly. Rose came back in the console room to find both Doctors still bickering under the console. Her walk around the Tardis has been cut short when she found out most of the corridors ended drastically after a few feet.

The Tardis was in complete shut down. The only rooms remaining were her room, and three stock rooms filled with tools and machineries. "Rose," one of the Doctors called out to her. "If you need to get anything from your room, go get it now. We have to close it off to reroute as much power as we can to the main systems." Rose nodded and went to leave when he stopped her. "Wait!" He came out, mid body, from under the console, and she realised it was the metacrisis. He had his suit jacket off, wearing only the burgundy jumper with short sleeves and Rose's heart clenched; it must've been the first time she actually saw the Doctor's whole arm naked. "Give me the Joolyian spanner, the blue one with the screw on top. It's over there, by the jump-seat."

Rose opened the tool box laying on the bench and search through it.. wait did she see one of the tools move? She grabbed the spanner when she found it and closed the box as fast as she could. "I need some duck tape too." She heard the other Doctor call out from deep under the grating. She grabbed the roll, who actually had ducks on it, and imagined the bits of machineries under the grating, the Tardis' insides, filled with spots of tape with little yellow ducks.

She snorted. An hour and a half later, Rose finished bringing the last remaining boxes in her room in the mansion. She decided to move all her things since the Doctors weren't sure if the Tardis would ever be able to rebuild her old room the way it was. Rose didn't want to lose all the souvenirs she collected through her years of travels. She spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the console room, helping the Doctors out as best she could and listening to their curses and bickering.

She was starting to nod off against one of the coral struts when the Doctor in blue came out from under the grating, rubbing his hands with a dirty rag. "You should go to bed, Rose. There is still a lot of work to do here and it's been a very long time since you last slept."

"'M not leaving you." She said stubbornly. She stretched and yawn and he smiled at her.

"'M ready for bed too. 'M knackered. I don't have the same stamina as I use too. Want me to join you?" Rose flushed. It happened before, on rare occasions, that the Doctor offered to stay with her until she fell asleep but his present offer was a lot more different than that. Was this what they were now? Two.. three person, sleeping together?

"'M not leaving him either." She was adamant. The Doctor in front of her crouched down and caressed her face as he tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

"He's not coming out of there for a very long while." He swallowed and Rose saw a dark shadow pass over his expression.

"Then I won't leave until morning either."

He smiled again. "Alright then, scootch!" He settled behind her, laying on his side, his back against the wall and he pulled her to him. She laid her head on his arm. She was spooning with the Doctor... Oh my God, she was spooning with the Doctor. She breathed. She grabbed the hand from the arm laying under her head and played with his fingers.

"Is she gonna be ok? The Tardis, will she fly again?" He's been working under the console for more than 8 straight hours now, surely he could give her a status report.

"No." He hugged Rose tighter against his body. "No, she won't. Don't tell him though. I don't think he wants to hear it. But the Tardis won't work in this universe, 's not the same energy. I don't think she'll fly until we get her back to the Prime Universe." A few hours later, the Time Lord needed to eat something and after many shocks to nudge him out from under the grating, he finally understood it was time for a break.

He wasn't prepare for the sight that awaited him in the console room. Both Rose and his counterpart had fallen asleep directly on the hard and cold grating, waiting for him. A wave of gratitude filled him and it was too much.. he crumbled to the ground. His head in his hands he sobbed silently. He knew he just lost his Tardis and the grief that came with it was more than he could bare.

He wasn't ready yet, he really wasn't. His marvellous ship.. No. This was not the end. There must be something else he could do. He would find a way. He rubbed is eyes and cheeks to wipe the tears away and when his head came back up, he saw the other Doctor looking at him with tears in his eyes. He knew how he felt. With a soft movement, so he would not wake a sleeping Rose, the Doctor in blue gesture for him to join them.

The Doctor in brown frowned, but still crawled towards them. He settled his back against Rose's stomach and she held him tight in her sleep. They both did. He snuggled further in the hug and breathed deep to keep the tears at bay. He wasn't alone anymore.

Chapter Text

The Doctor was reeling. Cursing and kicking the sand with the sole of his shoes. Throwing his hand in the air, pulling at his hair, and pacing around like a lion in a cage. Rose's earlier kiss totally forgotten. Rose was watching him, still not believing what had just happened. The part-human Doctor left in a huff with the Tardis, leaving her and her Doctor stuck in Pete's World.

This was not the outcome she wanted to happened when she kissed the Doctor and it was hard to ignore the pinch of guilt that jabbed at her heart. All of this was her fault. She felt her mother's hand set on her shoulder at the same time she heard it: The Tardis was coming back. The grinding sound almost deafening after those anguishing last moments.

She ran towards it, they all did. "Oh thank you thank you thank you!" The Doctor said before striding trough the doors. His gratitude stopped short when he saw the state the Tardis was in, when he felt her pain. The whole console room was charred and his former companions were reduced to a pile of ashes. He knew very well what had happened.

"Oh my God!" He heard Rose gasp. He walked purposefully to the doorway and blocking her from this vision of horror, he turned her around and closed the doors behind him. "What happened to her?" Rose's voice was shaky and two tears fell on her cheek. The Doctor hugged her but continued to push her toward the entrance of the beach.

"There was an explosion." The Time Lord stayed as vague as possible.

"The Tardis doesn't just explodes," she stopped walking, "Oh my God! What about Donna? And the Doctor?" The Doctor was bereft of anything else to say. The truth was just too hard to deal with.

"Come on." He pulled her gently with an arm around her shoulders.

"No!" She moved out of his embrace, "we are not leaving her here."

"We are not," he sighed, "she needs time to regenerate and we need shelter, to eat, and sleep.."

"..and bathe." Jackie added from behind them. "I already phoned the Inn and put in a reservation for two rooms."

"Thanks, Jackie." The Doctor said dismissively.

"'M getting use to landing in bloody Norway!" Jackie retorted.


"Have a good night of sleep, Rose, she'll be better in the morning." The Doctor was talking about his Tardis, which they left on the beach, console room half charred from an explosion. The bed lifted at the same time he did, leaving Rose with an empty sensation in the pit of her stomach. They took all the time they needed to eat and get cleaned up and the shower seemed to give Rose a second life.

She couldn't remember the last time she did all of those things, she couldn't even tell how long it's been since the last time she slept. She watched the Doctor walk to a nearby desk and empty some content of his never-ending pockets. When the surface was filled with bits of gadgets and gizmos, he sat down, put on his glasses, and started working his sonic screwdriver on one of the parts.

After the years she spent without him, Rose wouldn't mind investing the rest of her life into admiring him as he worked. She preferred thinking of the here and now, here with her Doctor, instead of letting her imagination run wild over what might've happen to Donna and the other Doctor. Rose wasn't stupid. She knew something horrible went down in the Tardis' console room.

The Doctor didn't want to talk about it and she saw the state the Tardis was in. But even though she was tossing and turning and concentrating on the Doctor in front of her, her mind always wandered back to all of them burning in a gruesome explosion. "Sleep, Rose." The Doctor ordered without taking his eyes off from his contraption.

"'M tryin'!" She answered in a huff. She must've been trying for more than an hour now.

The Doctor laid his sonic down and turn to look at her with a sigh of resignation. "Where's your book?" Rose smiled. The Doctor taught her to always carry a book with her. Wherever she went. Books are little life savers.

"In my jacket, interior pocket." The Doctor fetched the book in question and went to sit on the bed, beside Rose.

"Scooch." He gestured and lifted the covers to sit in her warmth. Rose cuddled by his side, making her way under his arm and tugging his legs under hers. He smiled at her tenderly before looking at the book. "I Am Legend." The Doctor raised his eyebrows at her. "Great novel, but a bit grim for travelling through dimensions."

"My Little Ponies was already rented at the local library." Rose smiled back. "The movie just came out when I started my travels and I felt like reading it."

"The movie totally botched the whole meaning of the book."

"I know, such a powerful message couldn't transcend through a happy Hollywood ending."

"You've read it already?"

"Yeah, a few times." Rose stretched and yawn and snuggled closer. Now that the Doctor was by her side, it seemed like sleep was catching up with her. "I've been jumping for a while now and never took the time to change books between jumps."

"Right," the Doctor looked at her for a few seconds, gaze filled with concern and admiration, "which part do you want me to read, then?"

Rose groaned and settled her head comfortably on his chest. "Starts when Robert finds Ruth, it's a strange love dynamic, but I like it."

The Doctor snorted. "A vengeful monster falling in love with a depressed, lost cause of a human.. couldn't be more romantic!"


The next morning, the Doctor woke Rose up in the early rays of sunshine almost throwing her clothes in her face. "Hurry, Rose, you've got to see this!!" He was more than happy, jumping here and there, stuffing his pockets with all the pieces of machineries he worked on all night. When they got out in the morning air, Rose breathed in the warmth of the rising sun, the rays painting hues of pink and red across the clouds.

"Wow. Totally worth the early rise."

"Come on!!" The Doctor pressed her on, pulling on the first finger he could grab. And they ran together to the beach. Rose was exhilarated. It felt so liberating to run with her Doctor once more. With the colours of the sunrise fading to yellow and blue, the dark cloud that she carried the past few years was lifted from her soul. The Doctor stopped at the doors of the Tardis, put the key in the lock and pushed slowly.

He was watching Rose's every reactions, down to the sharp breath she inhaled at the sight of the new console room. The whole structure was made of dyed wood, deep blue with golden vines sculpted through it. Golden fairy lights on golden branches coming out of the walls and sealing. The white marbled floor contrasted with the twilight dome up above and the time rotor shimmered with golden glitters.

Rose's eyes were shining as she took in all the details the Tardis thought of gifted them with. "A new Tardis for our new life," the Doctor turned and looked her straight in the eyes. "Rose, you promised me forever once and I don't think I've really lived up to it.. I don't think I realised how true you were. 'M sorry I've been so thick." The Doctor scratched the back of his neck. "Yesterday, I told you that I love you, and loving you has been my truth for so long now, I think it's time I accept it.. I.. what I mean to say is.. thank you, Rose Tyler."

"You're such a dork!" Rose laughed, giddy and feeling a bit self-conscious. "What now?"

"Oh, you know," the Doctor gestured toward the time rotor, "back to the Tardis, same old life, the Doctor and Rose through Time and space, as it should be."

Chapter Text

The Doctor was reeling. Cursing and kicking the sand with the sole of his shoes. Throwing his hand in the air, pulling at his hair, and pacing around like a lion in a cage. Rose's earlier kiss totally forgotten. Rose was watching him, still not believing what had just happened. The part-human Doctor left in a huff with the Tardis, leaving her and her Doctor stuck in Pete's World.

This was not the outcome she wanted to happened when she kissed the Doctor and it was hard to ignore the pinch of guilt that was jabbing at her heart right now. All of this was her fault. Suddenly, the Doctor fell to his knees and Rose heard him sobbing. She ran to him, taking him in her arms without any question and he held her so tight she had trouble breathing.

He was muffling painful cries in the crook of her neck. "Shhhhh.. 'm here. 'M here." Rose repeated against his left ear to try and calm him down. Then she stopped, remembering she was actually the reason all of this had happened. And what good could it do that she was here when the Tardis wasn't.

"She's dead, Rose." Cruel sobs raked his whole body and he held her even tighter. "I felt her die." Rose's heart constricted and her eyes fill with tears. She didn't know who just died but the Doctor's pain hit her hard. "The Tardis burned." Rose's body shook and she gasped. Tears started trailing along her cheeks. "Oh, Rose." The Doctor's lips were on hers then. Hard and demanding. Tasting of salt and warm flesh. And they fell and he was on top of her, and she was burning, images of the Tardis exploding. An uncontrollable wave of scorching pain mix with broiling arousal spread through her and she cried against his lips. "Rose. Rose. Rose. Rose. Oh Rose." He repeated sloppily as he trailed kisses down her neck.

He grabbed her hips and grind his pelvis against hers. And she could feel how desperate he was, how vulnerable. She gasped and open her eyes and through the daze she was in, she saw Jackie looking down on them severely with her arms crossed. "There's a room, with a bath and a bed, waiting for you less than a mile from here. Maybe you two could wait 'till you get there."

Rose had to push the Doctor off her for him to understand. He was far gone and when she took his face in her hands she saw the wild look in his eyes and wonder if he'll ever come back completely. "Come on, Doctor." She helped him up and he held her close all the way to the inn.


The Doctor was sitting on the bed at the exact same place she left him when she went in the shower, fifteen minutes ago. He was looking at the interior of his open hands on his lap, shell-shocked. "Hey," Rose ran to him and cradled his face between her hands, "it's okay, Doctor. I am here, look." She tried to make him look at her. "I'm here.. I know it's not much, probably not what you wished for, but I'm still not leaving you." He didn't answer. She just saw him swallow back some tears. "Here let me help you." She took off his coat, then his shoes, and his socks. Stripped him until he had only his trousers and shirt on. Then laid him down on the bed and snuggled next to him. "I'm sorry." She added thickly and she couldn't stop the tears from falling, seeping through the fabric on his shoulder. He just lost so much, and it was all her fault "I am so sorry."

Her body shook as she sobbed silently. He moved then, swiftly rolling over her, his whole body pinning her against the mattress, warm with emotions. The Doctor's hand cradled the side of her face and wiped her tears with his thumb, eyes dark and hypnotizing. He closed his eyes and kissed her softly, his lips grazing hers. No pressure, just slow exploration.

The pressure was elsewhere, lower. His erection jerked against her thigh, growing harder and she whimpered, grabbing his head and kissing him deeply. They both rocked against each other, gasping and groaning. "Rose," the Doctor murmured, licking the ridge of her neck. She felt so hot. Rose have never been so aroused, it was almost too much. As if her every cells were calling for him. "Rose." He repeated.

His forehead was against hers and she could almost see it, the fire burning in her veins, burning for her Doctor. A flash of herself as Bad Wolf. Memories buried deep she shouldn't remember. I want you safe, my Doctor. That's when she realized she was seeing herself through the Doctor's mind. She opened her eyes and looked into his soul.

"You are amazing, Rose. Don't ever be sorry for what happened today, don't ever be sorry for any stupid things I do. You are so much better than any version of me." Rose was still trembling from the experience of kissing him, realizing how odd it was that he had such a strong effect on her. "I love you, Rose Tyler," The Doctor continued, "but, even if there's nothing I want more right now than being with you, we can't do this."

"Whaddya mean?" She cleared her throat. "I.. I want it too." She reassured him. She really didn't want him to back off now. She's been waiting so long for this moment. Rose's hand slipped under the hem of his untucked shirt and touched his skin, there.

"Time Lord," he groaned as his skin seemed to ripple under her fingers, "lot's of things are different. Most of all, we bond telepathically.. for life. And it can be pretty intense on a human mind, and body."

"But.. doable?" Rose shivered from a mix of want and fear and curiosity. Her nails dug in the skin of his back and it rippled once more.

"Rose," he growled as a warning. He groaned once more, grabbing the hand roaming on his back and pinning it over her head. "Skin's very sensible on an aroused Time Lord."

"Oh," Rose said arching her body provocatively against his, "you're aroused? I couldn't tell."

The Doctor bit his lower lip, watching the way her body moved under his. "Very doable.." then he looked her in the eyes, "you really want to do this? I.. I've never done this.. with a human, I mean.. Rose, I really don't know how it might go. You could end up being my bondmate forever..." Rose smiled at him. He looked so vulnerable and open as he continued, "I am pretty much asking if you want to marry me right now.. Maybe you should think about it." Rose used her free hand to caress his face.

"I love you, Doctor, forever, bondmate or not, married or not." She laughed and raised her head to kiss him.

Chapter Text

"Stop fussing" The Doctor said to Rose as he tried to grab a stubborn strand of her hair with his pinky finger.

"Stop pulling on my hair, you are giving me a full facelift and I don't need one."

"I'm almost done." Rose just grunted as a reply. As soon as he would be done braiding her hair, it would be Rose's turn to do whatever she wanted with his. Just you wait and see!, she thought as he pulled again and rendered the strain on her scalp even tighter. She groaned. "'M sorry, Rose. It's getting very pretty though." Rose felt his deft fingers give a last little tug before letting go of her hair all together. "All done. Now it's your turn to confess."

Rose turned around to face him. Her hand touched the tight braid circling her head, it looked flawless. "Right. Well... It's not that I don't like the idea of traveling or moving in with you, but… I wouldn't mind staying at the mansion for the first few months. I just… think I need the breather, the stability." The Doctor nodded. He was agreeing to what she was saying even if, moments earlier he was confessing that he wanted the exact opposite.

Rose frowned at him. "Rose don't get me wrong, I can't wait to start our lives together, but I understand if you need to rebuild a safety net before we do. You've been running, jump after jump, for years now. Buying a new home and moving and learning how to deal with the both of us and living the life. I totally get that you need to find your bearings first. I think I do too." The Doctor lifted his hand to her face and rolled a stand of loose hair around his finger. "I forgot one."

He smiled. Then he leaned forward to kiss her lips.

"Don't be so stubborn, try-it!" The Doctor laughed as he pushed the plate of oysters towards Rose. Room service closed at eleven so they had to order everything they'd need for their upcoming all-nighter before it did. They now had so much food. From hors-d'oeuvres to various desserts and so much fish and seafood. Rose had more than one idea of what they could do with the food they wouldn't eat, but then she stopped herself, remembering the pact they made and how they had to wait until sunrise for the kinky stuff to come to fruition.

She watched the Doctor, bringing the brownish shell to his lips and winking at her before he gulped all of it down with one slurp. Rose grimaced even though there was a part of her that was totally turned on at the sight of his adam's apple bobbing as he suck the slimy juices down. "Eurgh!" She said to emphasize the fact that she was not getting aroused over this. "It looks even more disgusting than those thing you made me try on the planet with the floating purple balloons."

The Doctor smiled at her. "Anoraxis." The Doctor corrected her as he licked his lips. Rose shivered. "And those were some local delicacy I made you try. A fungus that heightens the alpha waves in your brains, helps to attain a meditative state without having to do the deed."

"I remember." Rose said as she reminisced on the calm euphoria she shared with the Doctor that evening.

"This," the Doctor continued, pointing to the seafood, "is known for other kinds of properties." Rose smiled at him, knowing full well which properties humans gave to oysters, and tried one out. As soon as the liquid touched her tongue, she regretted her choice. The salty taste rushed down her throat and she grimaced even more. She couldn't understand one bit how this taste could be associated with any kind of aphrodisiac properties.

"Eurgh!" She shuddered in disgust. "It taste like what they feed us with on Stuttforn XIV." Rose drank a whole flute of champagne in one go to wash away the taste before she noticed how stiff and pale the Doctor was. Then she remembered what she just said.

She didn't have time to come up with an explanation to comfort him before he spoke. "Rose." He swallowed. "I never brought you there… I would never."

"I know." Stuttforn XIV was a reform planet gone wrong, where the most violent criminals of the galaxy were sent and left on their own to survive. Suffice to say, it was not the place you wanted to end up during a forty eight hour long dimension jump. And there were valid reasons why Rose remembered the name of this planet but tended to forget others. "It was one of the place I landed while dimension jumping." The Doctor looked horrified. "I am fine, Doctor."

"No, Rose…" Rose frowned at him and he went silent. She grabbed a plump strawberry and dipped it in whip cream before licking it off then biting the tip of it. Rose dipped the same strawberry in the cream again and held it out to the Doctor. He smiled and leaned forward to suck and bite the rest of it, his tongue grabbing a finger of hers at the same time.

Rose couldn't help but bite her lower lip to hold in a moan. Her little scam to change the subject and lighten up the mood again worked, but she got caught in the heat of it faster then she thought she would.

"You are my new pillow." Rose laid her head on the Doctor's chest and her eyes closed all by themselves. It was getting harder and harder to stay awake for the both of them. They needed to find something else to occupy their minds.

"Rose." Rose moaned and lifted her eyes to look at her Doctor. "Do you want me to tell you a story?" She smiled before nodding excitedly. This was going to be fun. She laid her ear on his chest and listened to his heart beating and his voice rumbling low in his lungs as he started to share an important moment of his childhood "Once upon a time, there was a little Time Lord getting ready for his first day at the academy…"

12:28 am
It was getting very hard to stay awake. At the moment, both of them were asleep, although they've only been drifting in slumber for less than a few minutes. Rose woke up with a small gasp and rushed over to the Doctor when she saw he was close to starting snoring. "Wake up." She said as her body turned his over so they were laying on their side face to face. "Stay with me."

She grabbed his face and as soon as his eyes opened lazily she kissed him. Rose was so tired, and the Doctor was too. Their kiss was messy and sloppy but very heated. They needed to stay awake and it seemed as though holding onto the warmth of the other's body was the only way they would be able survive the night. The Doctor moaned very loudly in Rose's mouth and it echoed in her lungs, straight to her center.

She felt herself getting so wet as she rubbed her thighs together. He moaned again when she couldn't help but encircle his hips with her leg and rock on to him. "Rose." The Doctor grumbled and the way he said her name left her panting and wanting so much more of it. She rolled over him and within seconds her hand was sliding between them, under his pants, grabbing at his aroused member.

The Doctor let out a garbled sob and rock in her hand. It was incredible to feel him between her fingers. Hot and so hard for her. Rose could only imagine what he must feel like, pounding inside her. She couldn't wait, she wanted him. She was so wet as she rubbed herself against him, so hard against her center, with only the two thin fabrics of their underwear between them.

Rose sobbed when two firm hand on her hips turned her over. The Doctor was disheveled and panting above her, as aroused and wanting as she was but he held himself back. "It's not morning yet." Rose realized he had her wrist held tight on each side of her. She squirmed and tried to grab at him, pull him back against her.

"Don't care.. want you." She wailed, she pleaded.

He stopped her with an intense gaze filled with so much love. "I care." He said and she deflated as the importance of this moment started to sink in. He was right, The did promise to wait until morning, they could do this.

2:28 am
"But I want to hear you sing!" The Doctor gave her a pleading look and Rose answered him by shoving him away with a hand on his shoulder.

"I said I sang in karaokes, after a few paints and surrounded with friends. I don't sing lullabies, Doctor."

"Please!!!" Was the Doctor's only answer.

"Eurgh!" Rose let out an exasperated grunt. "Alright!" She laid back down on her belly, beside him, and laid her head above her arms on her pillow and started singing to the Doctor a slow song her mom used to sing when Rose had nightmares. The Doctor was smiling like a loon, his face inches from hers.. as close to heaven as he could be.

3:09 am
"I think I am in love with you." The Doctor lifted his pen from the paper as he tried to recover from what Rose just told him.

"You… really?!" Rose blushed now realizing what her addled and exhausted brain had just confessed out loud and the Doctor wished he could capture this exact moment and the exact shade of her skin on the drawing he was currently making of her, but he only had this stupid blue pen and an old piece of paper that was all rumpled at the edges and he frankly didn't care about the drawing anymore, all he wanted was Rose, in his arms, now!

Chapter Text

"Rose!" Rose woke up with a start to the sound of her mother banging plates and cutlery together as she was trying to sort out the mess they made during the night. Rose didn't even remember falling asleep. Well, in truth, she knew they'd fallen asleep multiple times during the night but there was always one of them awake enough to save the other from their slumber. "What did you two do? Did you even sleep?" Jackie asked her.

Rose frowned. The braid the Doctor made with her hair must look like a mess and this thought made her really sad. They fell asleep. They didn't make it through the night. Rose laid her hand on the Doctor's back and shook him gently, jumping a bit when her mom clanked the dishes harder together. "Mom, you don't need to clean up, the maid will do it." She knew her mom was only doing this to show how exasperated she was, it had nothing to do with cleaning.

The Doctor was sitting up straight on the bed beside her and Rose knew he felt the same pang of guilt at falling asleep as she did. "It's almost 8:30 and we need to be at the zeppelin dock by 9. You said you'd be ready and waiting for me downstairs at 8." Jackie crossed her arms. "I am not missing my flight, Rose."

Rose huffed and rubbed her forehead. "I know, mom. Give us a minute to get dress, will ya?" Jackie walked to the door while muttering about new found love and hormones and having kinky sex with food all night. "Ahh!" Rose sighed loudly as she let herself fall back on her pillow. Her hands were on her face, she couldn't get herself to look at the Doctor. She was so mad that they didn't get to consummate the passion that they've been building all night.. hell, the passion that have been brewing for years.

They waited so long for this moment. And now he was sitting beside her, half naked and sleep hazed and disheveled, and she couldn't look at him because then she couldn't hold herself back and they would totally miss their flight. "'M sorry, Rose." Rose grunted and in a moment, she was out of the bed, digging around for a piece of her clothes. "Rose…" the Doctor continued as Rose was putting on her trousers, but she interrupted him.

"Doctor, it's not your fault, we both fell asleep."

"I know but," the Doctor pulled Rose to him and she let herself get trapped between his lips. "I really wanted this night to be special." He said before coaxing her tongue out with his. Damn it, they were going to be late. Her hand came up behind his head to deepen the kiss and she moaned when she felt him rock his hardness against her thigh. He let go of her and it took some time to find her bearings.

What were they supposed to do again? Right. "It was special, Doctor. And we have the rest of our lives to make up for it." She said as she turned around to continue the task of getting dress.

Chapter Text

When they returned to the front desk to ask for their room back, the clerk sighed loudly, shaking her head. "Of course you are staying, everyone is staying. I only have one room left after you lot. Well, as long as you are paying."

"What do you mean everyone is staying?" Rose asked and her stomach growled again.

"Well, we have the perfect little village, you see.. the beach and the view." The clerk answered in what could've been a very sarcastic tone. "Lately everyone decided to extend their stay."

"That's weird." The Doctor remarked and Rose gave him an 'I told you so' look.

"No it's not." Jackie gave them a stern look. "Stop trying to find weirdness everywhere, you are not traveling on your Tardis, saving the world all the time anymore. I'm really happy we are staying here a little bit longer. 'M sure everyone else here is too." Jackie said joyfully as she grabbed her bags and started toward the room. When they got all settled again, they decided to go for a walk.

Jackie was adamant that she wanted to see the sights and the Doctor and Rose wanted to talk to people and poke around a bit to find anything out of the ordinary. "I really don't like this place. It gives me the creeps." Rose said to the Doctor when they were out in the open. "It wasn't like that last time I came here."

"Like what?"

"Gray and," she crouched to take a fistful of dirt from the ground and let it fall in the wind, "dull. Everything feels dull. It lacks texture and color and tastes. Look, the sun is out now and it doesn't even shine as bright as it's supposed to." The Doctor looked at the sky as Rose got back up, rubbing her hands together to shake the excess dirt off.

"I don't see it, Rose, it seems fine to me. Maybe you're covering a flu, it could alter your perceptions."

Rose shivered. "You're probably right." She frowned when she saw a flash of light on the far left but it was gone when she turned to look directly at it. There behind the tree, she saw another tall shadow again before it morphed with the shadow of the tree. She was going crazy. She shook her head. "Do you feel watched?" She asked him in a whisper. "Or followed?"

The Doctor looked around and frowned too. "I don't, no. But I'll keep that in mind." She smiled. He trusted her and it warmed her heart. He never doubted anything she said, even the craziest things. He never tried to gaslight her by denying her own feeling and experience, and she loved him so much for that. She grabbed his hand and started walking purposefully toward a chippy.

"Come on. 'M starving."

"But you just hate three servings of breakfast!"

"I know, but I'm still hungry." She answered. "And it'll give us a good reason to mingle with the locals and ask around."


The Doctor grunted as he shifted from one foot to the other, hand in his pocket, trying his best to scratch an hitch and take the discomfort of his predicament away. They were at the local healthcare center since after talking to a few people around town, Rose and him have notice a pattern: Every single person in this town were displaying different symptoms of sickness or biological imbalance. “Are you alright?” Rose asked him for the third time as they got out in the open air.

“Hm?” He looked at her. She was still munching on her third serving of chips. It was evident that her hunger wasn’t going away and this was not normal.

“Well.. I can’t seem to stop eating. I am so hungry. And everything around seem to have lost its taste and color.” The Doctor frown, trying to find an illness in the known universe that had those kind of symptoms but coming out clueless. “Everyone seems to have different weird health problems popping out.. ’m just wondering if you had something too.” She looked genuinely worried. For him. For her. “Oh shit! Mom!” She got up and ran out of the chippy without even thinking about the bill.

The Doctor left a few bills and followed slowly behind, grunting uncomfortably. He didn’t have the time to answer her question before she ran off and he was not sure he would’ve answered her if he could've. He tried to walk as fast as he could, but the inconvenience he was suffering from made the running quite uncomfortable. He whimpered and couldn’t resist bringing his hand to his crotch to adjust the tightness in his trousers, the bulge twitching compulsively against the fabric.

The pressure made him groan as he was trying his best to wrap his brain around what might be happening in this town. Rose being so hungry. Him having a raging erection since breakfast, that woman at the healthcare center that had a sudden sprout of acne all over her body, that man that couldn’t stop peeing, that little boy that was speaking with a grown man’s voice.. and the list went on.

They arrived at the inn fast enough and he followed Rose to her mother’s room. He was surprised and a bit annoyed to notice that the run hadn’t reduce the amount of blood flowing between his thighs. He wasn’t aroused, per say, even though the sensations, the pressure, the sensibility made it all very unnerving, this was purely biological. A loud music was coming from the room and Rose opened the door.

“Mom!” Rose smiled at her mother. She was jumping on the bed, dancing her heart out on an old rock and roll tune. “MOM!” The Doctor closed the door behind himself and Rose went to the radio to bring the volume down.

“Oh, Rose, dear. You should’ve come to the beach with me it was so beautiful.” Jackie laughed, her eyes filled with mirth as she jumped like a giddy kid. Very not Jackie like, the Doctor thought. Something was definitely wrong. And while Jackie started singing loudly and twirling around the room, Rose walked to the window with a frown.

“Doctor, there is something out there.” She told him when he got to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, being extremely careful not to rub a throbbing part of him against her. He watched outside intently and then he saw it. Something translucent and shifty on the horizon, a blurry wall that surrounded the city and seemed to be hidden behind a perception filter.

"I think a walk at the edge of the town would be our next move" He said smiling at her.

Chapter Text

The Doctor knew there was something wrong with Rose. He could taste it on her. There was a faint, almost indiscernible, acridness behind her usual sweetness. Of course, he haven't tasted her in years, and some things changed with time. He looked at the Rose sleeping beside him and frowned. He had to admit that this last day with Rose had been.. weird.

He couldn't put his finger on it, though. But he knew he was a bit disturbed by what had just happened between them. It was their first time together in years and he only wanted to love her but it rapidly turned into a race to a finish line that she couldn't seem to attain. She kept asking him for more, harder, deeper, and for one reason or another, despite all the moves he tried, she never seemed to be satiated.

It all started that morning, at the Inn, during breakfast when she couldn't stop eating. And again with the bag of chips in the car where she seemed so reluctant to share and almost got angry when she realised the bag was empty. It was the same at dinner and again right before bed. She was just.. hungry. Rose had been on edge all day. Curt and snappy and he really wondered if she could still be mad at him for what happened on the beach.

But for some reason he had the feeling that the problem had nothing to do with him. He really wish he could go in her mind right now and see for himself what the problem might be. He wondered if he still had the ability. He doubted it. And if he still had, it might not be as good and in control as it use to be which could get very dangerous, especially if what was afflicting Rose was something darker than just understandable emotions.

He heard Rose's stomach growl and saw her squirm in her sleep. Something was not right and he really needed to check on her in the morning. But he didn't have a Tardis med lab anymore. He frowned. Maybe Torchwood could help. He didn't like that idea. He'll take care of this in the morning. His eyes were closing of their own accord and before falling asleep, he took Rose's hand, sending a prayer to the universe that everything would turn out fine.


“Oh my.. no. What the..?!” The Doctor’s heart stopped beating when he heard Malcolm’s reaction to what he was seeing on the screen. They have been at it for a big part of the day, trying to find what was wrong with Rose. Rose had a fitful sleep the night before and she woke up even more hungry than she was the previous day. She also had troubles with her breathing.

Things were not getting better and it’s in the early morning that they rushed to Torchwood to find out what was wrong. They checked her lungs, her heart, her stomach, her blood, nothing checked out of the normal chart. “Doctor.” Rose’s voice was weaker than usual and when he turned to her he tried his best to hide his panic. Rose’s skin was taking a greyish tone and she was showing him a very dark spot on her arm.

It was black.. no not black. It was no colours. As if light couldn’t reflect on it. He shook his head and hugged Rose in his arms. A panic was taking hold of her which wasn’t helping her laboured breathing. “Don't worry, Rose. We will find out what is going on.” He was shaking as much as she was, though. He didn’t like this, one bit.

“We have.” Malcolm interrupted his thoughts. And the Doctor let out a breath, that sounded more like a sob, still not sure if he should feel relieved to finally get some answers. They’ve done all the test he could think of already and haven’t found a thing. And Rose’s symptoms were getting more than bizarre, to say the least. “I wired up an integrator, I thought it could measure her energy signature. Look.”

The Doctor frowned, an integrator had nothing to do with Rose’s symptoms but since none of the physical tests was giving any results, it could be something wrong in her energy field. He approached the screen and his eyes went wide. “Is that what I think it his.”

Malcolm nodded. “Wormholes.”

“Shit!” The Doctor cursed.

“We can’t get a fix on her mass.” Malcolm continued and touched the screen to show him the last readings. “Her whole integrity is compromised if we don’t stop them. Take a look.” He pressed another series of keys and the Doctor’s eyes widen in horror. “They are growing exponentially, we have less than ten minutes before they all merge together to create a massive one.” Malcolm gave him an apologetic look.

“Doctor..” They both turned to look at Rose as she called with a feeble voice. The Doctor walked to her and crouched down to look her straight in the eyes. “What’s happening?” She asked. He swallowed thickly. “Each cells in your body seems to be collapsing.”

She frowned. “My cells are dying?”

The Doctor shook is head. “No, not just dying. They are collapsing, disappearing and reversing into wormholes. I’ve never seen anything like it.” He got up and walked purposefully to Malcolm. “What’s keeping the wormholes from collapsing back? Where do they lead?” They worked together for a while, both in a frenzy to find the best solution as fast as they could and within minutes Rose was encased in a chamber surrounded with glass.

Her state was deteriorating fast whole spot on her skin dark, she was disappearing little by little. “Ok, Rose. We are going to shoot particles of exotic matter to try and make the wormholes collapse back.” Malcolm told her trying his best to reassure her.

“This should work, Rose. You’ll be alright soon, okay.” The Doctor continued his hands over the glass, never taking his eyes off her. Rose used all the strength left in her to lift her grey eyelid to look at him. Her iris was swirling and uneven.

“I love you.” She mouthed in lack of finding her voice. Her whole demeanour made the Doctor want to cry. She was acting as though she knew she wouldn’t make it.

“Rose, you’ll be alright, okay.” He couldn’t stop a tear from trailing down his cheek. “I love you.” He gave her a comforting smile, as comforting as he could give her, and Malcolm started the countdown. As soon as the invisible particles started hitting her body, Rose screamed in pain, her body contorting and swerving, the image of her became blurry and translucid. "Rose.. Rose!" The Doctor yelled, hitting the glass window. He could see her fading, then with an imploding sound, like a pressure on their eardrums, she disappeared completely. "ROSE!"

She was gone. The Doctor ran to the screen and Malcolm didn't have any choice but to take a step back. "She nowhere on sensors, Doctor." He said as the Doctor switched frantically from one reading to another. "She's just.. gone."

Chapter Text

That same evening, Rose couldn’t get the grin off her face. It hadn’t been that long since they arrived in Pete’s World and Rose was already head over heals for this new new new Doctor. She was getting ready to go out with him. A proper date. She smiled, watching herself in the mirror and smoothing down her black dress, sexy but sophisticated. He was so flustered when he asked her out for this date.

As if it were their first. Maybe it was. She remembered the first time he asked her to follow him. All big ears and blue eyes. She could recall a certain shyness behind the boldness he tried to exude. Do you wanna come with me? Well, if he was flustered asking her out a few hours ago, wait until he saw this dress. She smiled some more, feeling the butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

It made her giddy. This would be a whole new chapter to their lives. Not sure how it would turn out to be, though. How will they react to a day by day life with no running, with whole new set of rules and a kind of adventure they are not use too? Will they even be able to find the thrill they need in a monotone beans on toast routine? Rose noticed the butterflies had turned to led and she breathed her rising anxieties out.

Now was not the time to start to worry about those things. They will find ways to keep life interesting. They were the Doctor and Rose for God’s sake, they didn’t have to face death every day to feel alive.. did they? And after the day they just had, Rose didn’t want to risk her life, or his, ever again. She was getting ready to leave their room when her mom came in knocking.

“Hey, love.” Jackie smiled when she saw her daughter. “You look beautiful. And I am so glad you two are back here, safe and sound.” Jackie hugged her and Rose hugged her back.

“I am glad to be back too, mum. I love you.”

Her mom held her by the shoulders and smiled at her. “He is downstairs waiting for you. Pete got him a nice tux. He looks very handsome.” Jackie let go of her daughter to wipe a tear in the corner of her right eye.

Rose laughed. “Mom, it’s just a date.”

“I know, I know.” Jackie waved her off, turning toward the door but then turning back to Rose. “I have the perfect necklace for this dress, let me get it.”

“Mom!” Rose tried to object but her mom was already out the door. She came back a minute later, holding the magnificent piece of jewellery up between her fingers. “Mom, it’s beautiful. I never saw you wear this.”

“I never had the occasion to, nor the right dress for it.” Rose could clearly see the fondness in her eyes. Jackie didn’t wait for Rose’s approval and put it around her neck. “Wow. It suits you.”

Rose watched herself in the mirror and smiled again. “Yeah.” She couldn’t wait to go and see her Doctor now. She wanted to be by his side. Forever. Her mom seemed to be wanting the same thing since she grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room and stopped right at the top of the stairs.

She took a few step back to look at her and then tucked a stray hair back behind Rose’s ear. “You look perfect. Have fun tonight.” Rose smiled at her and took a few steps down. “Rose.”

Rose laughed again. “What, mom?”

“I am really happy for the both of you.”

Rose laughed even louder. “I know, mom. I love you.” She was still laughing as she got down the last steps as fast as she could. Her mom would never let her go. It was with tears of mirth filling her eyes that her gaze met the Doctor’s.

“Rose!” He let out a breath, than laughed with her. She grabbed his elbow than they walked to the limo waiting for them outside the mansion's doors.

Chapter Text

The Doctor brushed a stray hair from her face before he answered. "Rose, 'm okay with helping Torchwood, under certain conditions but.. I don't want to lose you and I wouldn't want you to lose me either. I loved all of our adventures in the Tardis but the stakes are too high now. I wouldn't jeopardized this second chance the universe gave me when you came back. Lets give them a hand but forget about field work. Is that alright with you?"

Rose nodded and smiled at him, surprised to feel some relief. She loved being on the field, and she was good at running her own team. But she also did live through her fare share of bad injuries and near death experiences. She was happy to put those days in the past for the man she loved. "Yeah," she answered, "Lets try a new approach on life."

"New life, new new new Doctor." He smiled and the lift stopped at the same time Jackie aww-ed at them.

"Right then." Donna said. "If you'll follow me. You'll have to talk with Pete about this. 'M in no right to choose for him."

"And he is in no right to choose for them either." Jackie mumbled.

"Rose!" Pete held her tight when she came in. "'M glad you're back. There is a Torchwood team waiting for you in the artillery room. Did Donna brief you?"

Jackie groaned but Rose interrupted her. "'M not going, Pete. 'M sorry. 'M resigning from the field." Pete had a slight moment of hesitation, then his eyes fell on the Doctor's hand holding Rose's tightly, has if he was afraid to lose her again. He smiled and he looked at Jackie with so much love in his eye, it made Jackie blush. "I understand." He straightened a pile a paper on his desk before continuing. "You are our best captain. You will be hard to replace."

"Oh, we don't mind helping out," the Doctor clarified. "Just.. not on the field."

Pete nodded and pushed the intercom button on his desk. "Deploy team beta. Jake, you keep me posted."

"Yes sir." They all heard over the intercom.

"Doctor, Rose, if you please." Pete showed them the door and they followed him to the main command room. They put on the headsets that were given to them and sat on the chairs there. They could see the team's progress on the CCTV. The Doctor took Rose's hand.

"Do you have any idea what it could be?" Rose whispered to him.

"I have my theories." The Doctor answered.

"Do your theories augurs at anything dangerous?" Pete asked from behind them.

"Not really. Should be a piece of cake."

"Those are usually the ones that ends badly." He heard Pete mumble. When the team arrived on the site, the helicopter had trouble landing because of the strong gusts of wind. They could clearly see a whirlwind spinning around the crash site.

The Doctor nodded. "Jake, can you hear me?" He asked in the headset's microphone.

"Yeah. Loud and clear. And you are?"

"'M the Doctor." The intercom sizzled and they clearly heard a muffled Holy shit! that made the Doctor sit straighter with pride. He cleared his throat before continuing. "If we are dealing with what I think it is, you should send two of your strongest man inside to brave the wind until they get to the ship. It's gonna be a two miles walk into strong winds up to a hundred miles per hour. They'll need an oxygen mask, heavy steel boots, and a suit to protect them from flying debris."

"And guns." Jake added.

"Guns?! No, no no!" The Doctor answered. "You won't need guns."

"Doctor," Pete interrupted. "It's procedure."

"Well, it's not mine." The Doctor shook is head and explained to both Jake and Pete, "Listen. The wind acts like a force field preventing you to get in the ship. If that kind if safeguard's been activated it probably means the whole crew is down or badly injured and they don't want outsiders to find the ship. They probably knew they were crashing on Earth, which is a lower level of evolution than they were. It's procedure to erase all trace of their technology before you get to it. You can either wait until all the ship is vaporized and the wind stops by itself, which could take a few days, or go in and hit the big purple button."

Pete makes a quick decision, "Send in your men, Jake." Jake sent two men in to brave the wind. Well, one man and a woman. Dan and Julie were their names. They've been braving the winds for a little more than an hour now and they were finally getting ready to enter the ship. As the Doctor predicted, the ship was, indeed, charred and the crew was all dead.

"We're in front of the console." A woman's voice spoke in their headset. She was clearly panting from the efforts she gave in the last hour. The camera shifted toward the console and the multitude of levers and button.

"It's the purple lever." The Doctor said and pinched his nose under his glasses. He didn't have the same ease he use to have with long term computer work. They all jumped when Dan flicked the switch. There was a loud electric sound, and the screen went white, then everything shut down.

"What happened?" Pete asks. "Dan. Julie. Jake, status!" We could hear the slight panic rising behind his voice.

"The wind stopped. We are going in." Jake answered and they could hear the gear rubbing against their microphones as well as their heavy breathing as they ran. "They're down! Two team member down." Jake's headset moved too fast to follow the image it was sending until it stopped on Dan's half burnt face. Jakes finger went to his neck. "He is dead."

"Julie's dead too." Another voice stated. Pete rubbed his forehead. Then took off his headset.

"Shit." He threw them on the table.

"'M sorry." The Doctor apologized. Rose took his hand. "I should've thought of checking for any kind of short circuits. M not sure what just happened." Rose could hear his throat constricting as he spoke. Pete had both his hands on the table looking down.

"That could've been you two." He looked at rose. "That could've been you, Rose." Rose swallowed. The Doctor shivered.

"It probably was, in another Time line." He said, still remembering what it was like to feel time and how it flowed. Pete put his headset back on.

"Jake we are sending you a cleaning crew." He stated with a tone of defeat.

Chapter Text

The Doctor and Rose were right in the middle of the action while the rest of their Torchwood team were held as back up, ready to follow if they needed help. As they braved the winds together, Rose had a thought for Mickey and all those aliens and crazy things they dealt with. She looked at the Doctor, in his black required field suit, face hidden behind an oxygen mask, and smiled.

She was so happy he was here with her now, living the Torchwood life, another incredible adventure. The winds were blowing so hard around them they had trouble keeping straight. The Doctor reached for Rose and she grabbed his hand. He held her tight. They would never let each other go, never again. One foot after the other, they continued their progress, breathing loudly in their mask to help them cope with the efforts their body were putting in.

The Doctor tweaked their steel boots to keep them from flying off the ground but it made the job of lifting their feet a lot more difficult then it ought to be. "It's some kind of protection shield, a safeguard." He told her loudly through the intercom in their headset. "When the ship crashes, it wards off any invaders. The crew is probably dead or so weak they can't close it." She looked at him with sad eyes. She loved meeting new species. Especially when the Doctor was by her side. Her heart went out to the people in the ship who didn't survive the crash. "We have to get inside," he continued, pulling her body closer to his. "Switch this wind off. There might be some survivors. We could still help some of them, Rose."

She was amazed at how well he knew her. How he could read right through her, knowing exactly what she needed to hear. God she loved him. The winds were getting stronger as they moved on. Rose put her hand in front of her and couldn't even see it with all the dust flying around. At one moment, she slipped out of the Doctor's hold but he caught her arm at the same time a piece of metal, the size of a cat, hit her middle.

"Rose!!!" She fell back, landing hard on her stomach and grabbing at the earth to hold herself still. "Rose! Rose are you alright." he slumped down next to her. She was trying hard to find her breathing and got back on her hands and knees.

"'M ok." She stumbled, getting back up seemed out of the question. "Ouf, that'll leave a nasty bruise."

The Doctor helped her up and they continue crawling. "We have to get to the ship fast before some other debris hit us. Come on Rose almost there." She heard him in her headset. It took a few more efforts, but her hand finally touched something hard. It was the cold metal of the hull of the ship. "We must find a door." The Doctor stated the obvious, never letting go of her, and they follow the metal wall with their hands and body.

They didn't find a door, they found an open whole in the hull. The ship seemed to be cut in half. They were finally protected from the wind when they got inside. Everything was charred, there was no survivor. The Doctor looked as disconcerted as Rose. He went to take his mask off but Rose stopped him. "Doctor, no. There could be gas emanations or something.. you're not a Time Lord anymore."

Rose flinched as she grabbed his arm to stop him. "Rose. You are hurt. Let me see." She took a deep breath and it did, indeed, hurt. She knew that feeling. It wasn't the first time she had a broken rib.

"'M ok, for now. Let's find what we came here for first, yeah?" The bridge wasn't far, they found it after a few minutes of walking through the debris. The Doctor advanced toward the pilot chair, followed closely by Rose. His hand slid across the console exploring one lever and button after the other.

"It's this one." He said, pointing at a big purple button.

"It had to be mauve?" She laughed and then wince.

"It's the last resort button." He smiled giddily, then took Rose in his arms.

"Aah.. hurts!" She cried out and he frowned.

"I love you." She could hear the concern in his voice as well as the happiness that came with resolving the problem at hand. "I want to kiss you so bad right now." They looked at each other. He had his 'I am dork in love' smile and she really wished she could kiss it off his face.

"Later," she answered. "Let's have our 'we saved the world' shag after this is all done."

"No arguing here." He laughed.

Chapter Text

Donna shook her head. "No." She shook it again. "No, I do not. You're mental, you are. Who wants to be the Doctor? No one.. no one wants that kind of life. And you are mental if you do."

"Donna, I don't. I don't want it, but something inside tells me I don't have any other choice."

She shook her head again. "Bring me home." Donna looked scared, frightened as she sat on the jump seat. "Please, bring me back home."

"Alright." Rose felt so sad and guilty as she drove the Tardis back to Donna's house. When the Tardis landed with a thud, Donna walked slowly to the doors. Then turned around. Rose didn't move from her post near the console room and was holding back some tears. Donna felt for her but it didn't excuse what she just did. She opened the door to see the alleyway that led to her house, then cleared her throat. Rose lifted her gaze on her.

"You need help." Donna tried her best to sympathize. "You'll go mad traveling by yourself. Don't you have anyone who could accompany you?"

"I'll be alright." Rose swallowed and forced a smile. "I've been through worse." Donna nodded and closed the doors behind her as she left. Rose watched her run to her house. She knew full well, now that she saw the Time lines through Bad Wolf, what would've happen to Donna had she stayed in Pete's World with the metacrisis, and she smiled as she realised she just did her first good deed as the new Doctor.

Rose set the coordinate at random. She new the Tardis would bring her to the right place. The place where she'll be able to do as much good as she could. And after what just happened with Donna, she really needed to do something good. Rose frowned as she looked at the monitor. "Ok. Can I go outside then?" She asked the Tardis. A red space suit came out of a hidden closet in the wall.

Rose put it on. "This better be good." She remembered the last time she saw her Doctor wearing one of those and tears came to her eyes. Could she really do this on her own? Maybe she'd find someone who'd like to travel with her on this planet. She frowned as she clipped the helmet over her head and the oxygen started to flow. She wondered what kind of lifeforms she would find here.

Mars always gave her the chills. Maybe it was just because she was too young the first time she watched Total Recall. Then she had a flashback of a movie she watched with Jimmy that was pretty horrific. It was about people living on Mars that took some kind of pleasure mutilating themselves. Oh. That's why she didn't like the planet.. Ghost of Mars, it was.

She just hoped the Tardis had some kind of purpose for bringing her here. And not the one that was portrayed in that movie. Total Recall would be a lot better scenario she thought as she got out the doors. Something about melting underground ice lakes to give the planet a proper, breathable atmosphere. She could be up to that. The view was astonishing, though.

At the top of a hill with the sun closing in on the horizon. Everything was, indeed, red. "The red planet," she said. Rose stood beside the Tardis for a while. Enjoying the last rays of sun over this part of the planet. It was breathtaking. Rose never ceased to be amazed by all the splendors of the universe, and it was always the smaller things that held the most sacredness.

The orange and red rays of the sun made the whole ground blaze with colours of blood and although it should be terrifying, it brought Rose a sense of belonging. This was who she was. This was what she was meant to become. A traveler exploring and doing the right thing all through the universe. And even though this planet still gave her the creeps, it felt mystic and ancient and rooted to a force so much bigger than she ever could fathom.

She looked around when the sun disappeared and wondered which way she should go. She could follow the sunset to a steep slope on her left that gave into a crater. Or she could go the other side, after a small climb, she'd arrive directly on an unending desert like plateau. Where did the Tardis wanted her to go? This was Mars, and Mars was definitely not populated.. well it wasn't in the 21st century. She probably wasn't in her own time period. She should go ahead an explore.

Chapter Text

Donna walked slowly toward Rose as she trotted around the console to send her flying through the Time vortex. She examined her every move, still wary of the woman who just saved her life. She didn't feel like going back home straight away. She wanted to give Rose a chance and see where all this madness could lead them. There was also a part of Donna that was screaming for her to stay beside Rose and never let her go.

A part that knew how vulnerable the woman was even if she didn't let it show. A part of her that understood how cruel this universe could be and how important it was to always have a hand to hold. No, she wouldn't leave her. For the Doctor's sake, she will protect the woman he loved, at all cost. "Great then, where to next, Donna Noble? Forward or backward in time." Rose asked with a flourish.

Was she trying to impress her? God, she was as much of a blow-hard as he was. "Backward. Lets go backward." Donna said without hesitation. "I wanna try on those silly puffy dresses."

Rose smiled, remembering her second trip with her Doctor. "Good, Victorian era it is. Let's choose a date at random, shall we! Surprise us!" She caressed the Tardis fondly. She knew she would bring them where they were meant to go. The doors of the Tardis opened on a little alley filled with snow. It was beautiful and both Rose and Donna smiled as they got out and heard the crunching sound their boots made in the white frozen sheet covering the street. "Oh, London." Rose observed. "Near Christmas, what a nice time of the year to visit the Victorian Era." The end of the alley gave onto a small market bursting with people. It seemed almost magical. Everyone was so happy, a choir was singing and kids were running around. "Well, Christmas Eve, then. Oi, you!" Rose stopped a passing boy, "What year is this?"

"You thick or something?" The boy answered.

"Just answer the question." Donna reacted.

"Year of our Lord 1851, mam." He answered before scampering off.

"What happened in 1851?" Donna asked Rose.

Rose shrugged. "Don't have a clue. I should've listened a bit more during my history class. I never thought that, one day, I'd steal a Time machine." Donna snorted and then they both jumped when she heard a woman scream, calling for the Doctor.

When Donna turned to look at Rose she could see how distressed she was, but didn't bother to sympathize as she asked, "Why the hell are you standing there for? You're the Doctor now."

Rose shook her head frantically. "But 'm not, though," she resigned herself, "think about it why would she be calling for me? She surely is calling for another Doctor and I am not crossing path with a pass version of himself."

"Rose," Donna laid a hand on her shoulder, "they might need help."

"'M not risking the time lines, Donna."

"DOCTOR!!" the desperation in the woman's voice was evident.

Chapter Text

"I'm not staying." Was the first thing the Time Lord told his counterpart after they sat at a recluse table in the mess hall of the zeppelin. "I can't stay in London." He shook his head and crossed his arm in front of his chest as he sagged in his chair. "I am going as far away from the Tylers and Torchwood as I can." The part-human Doctor understood. He had the same antsy feeling that kept him from wanting to settled and he wondered if he would've felt the same way if he was in this same zeppelin with Rose instead of the other Doctor.

That thought also made him understand that he too needed to run as far away as he could from anything that might remind him of Rose Tyler. He wondered for a moment if the Time Lord needed to be rid of him as much as he wished to flee the Tylers and Torchwood. Would he agree of him traveling by his side? He tightened his jaw for a few seconds in an attempt to change the path his thoughts were taking and asked his counterpart, "What about the Tardis?"

He saw him straighten up a bit. He had probably forgotten about it so he continued, "It needs to be planted and preened regularly. Who would take care of it?" He looked at him as he didn't answer but gazed pensively through the window. His single heart was beating hard in his chest and it was filled with a warmth he could only described as love. Well, maybe not love, love, but something like a deep connection, an understanding, a profound admiration.

The Time Lord was gorgeous in this moment with the orange light of the setting sun on his stern face. The part-human Doctor had a sudden need to keep him close and never let him go. "With the proper care it should take eight to twelve months of waiting, then we could have all of Pete's World's Time and space to explore." The Time Lord looked at him, narrowing his eyes, and the part-human Doctor realized what he had just said, assuming they would travel together.

A feeling of dread drop like a led balloon in his stomach. Maybe the Time Lord didn't want him to follow him on his journey. "You'd come with me?" His counterpart's voice cracked gravely. And the Doctor in blue's heart almost stopped.

"You'd leave me here?" He turned the question around. The Time Lord frowned, his lips twitching involuntarily.

"No, I just assumed," he sat back, crossing his arms once more, "with you being human and all, you might've wanted to settle, live the human adventure," he scratched his nose, clearly feeling uncomfortable, "find someone." The part-human Doctor almost cried with relief. Of course, he would think that. Of course, he would expect to be abandoned once more.

"I already have someone."

The Doctor in brown looked at him straight in the eye and after a few moments of stare down, he broke the contact and sighed, "Yeah well, 'm still not staying in London." The one heart-ed Doctor nodded and his gaze fell on the setting sun almost all gone down the horizon. It was up to him then. He will be the one having to grow the Tardis while his counterpart was off gallivanting through the world. Should he really accept the deed without a fuss, though? Maybe they could actually gallivant together and still found a way to grow the tardis.


Chapter Text

"It's not really an option anymore, lads." Pete was leaning, his hands sternly set, on the far edge of the kitchen table. "Either you come and work for me, or you find yourself a daily activity that will get you out of the house and help you focus that.." he gestured wildly over the post apocalyptic doom that was his kitchen, "excessive, restless energy into something less destructive."

The Time Lord sent a furious, almost pouting frown at his counterpart from over the table which made him sigh and shake his head. He had nothing to do with it, even if the Time Lord wished to put the blunder of his faulty wiring on him. "I only wanted to enhance the.."

"I don't want to hear it!" Pete was full father mode on them. Because not only did the pair of them made half of the household appliances explode in the past few days, but they also manage to cause an actual quantum vortex to appear in their backyard which ate two stray cats and half of Jackie's begonias. "Things have got to change. I am not gonna tell you what to do because I actually believe you two are mature enough to take charge of your life on your own, but you have to do something." Pete settled both his hands back on the varnished wood. "I want a full, elaborated plan of your future life goals and projects by the end of the day or else you are Torchwood material starting next Monday. Is that understood?"

Both Doctors looked at each other with a mix of guilt and incredulity. The Time Lord groaned and with a resigned sigh, he finally answered, "yes pete, we'll work on that today."

"Good, then," Pete continued, "I believe in you, lads." He knocked on the table with his knuckled, "Meeting adjourned." He said before leaving the two Doctors to glare at each other.

Chapter Text

"Rose.." Rose turned her head and groaned, pulling the covers over it in a grumpy attempt to keep herself in a slumbering state. She felt movement beside her and the spell was broken. She knew she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. Her heart was beating fast as she reminded herself of the events of the last day, as she understood who was moving beside her.

Rose smiled and shuffled further beneath the duvets. Why was she blushing? Her body was responding in ways she wasn't prepared for and her present thoughts only accentuate the effect. She kissed Doctor!Donna, and she really wanted to do it again. She turned her head to face the person beside her and let one eye open and out of the covers.

DD was watching her with a fond but mischievous smile. Rose hid back under the duvet and groaned. "I wasn't finish sleeping." She stated. She couldn't resist slithering her way to Doctor!Donna's body and melt against it.

DD held Rose tight and lifted the covers a bit. "You've been sleeping for more than eight hours, Rose." And Rose snorted. She couldn't help but be reminded of her first Doctor, back when she started traveling with him. How he was always in her room exactly eight hours after she called it a night and went to sleep. He was always eager to be moving on, wailing on about how humans were wasting their short lives on sleep.

Her second Doctor was a lot more understanding of her needs, or maybe it was more of the fact that they were a thing then, and spending some quality, morning time in bed with the woman he loved wasn't as boring as waiting in the console room for the next adventure. For a moment, Rose missed those mornings. But she remembered she still had her Doctor, and they were laying right there beneath her.

Rose sidled her way up their body and peaked over the cover. The smile was still there, full and earnest. Rose's insides felt like they were melting under the love it conveyed. "I'd really want to kiss you again." she said with a blush. DD just smiled and lifted her head up by the chin, leaning in for a kiss. Soft and warm but tentative, and just on the edge of not enough.

Rose groaned and open her lips against theirs, a feeling of want rushing through her body and making her shiver with excitement. This was all so new, so weird, so enthralling. The scents, the feels, everything was different, but not enough for Rose to feel out of place. This was still intrinsically her Doctor, she knew it in her bones, felt it in her heart, remembered it in the shivers she got when their fingers caressed the exact right spot on her belly that made her whimper and wish for more.

Sharp angles now round and plush, the musky and spicy scent now sweet and fruity, those short strands of hair now long and silky, those lips.. those lips that used to be tight but agile, now plump and juicy. Rose wanted to drink it all in, discover this new body in all its hills and crevasses and gasps and groans. A new territory to explore, but still the same secure and inviting grounds she was used too.

Rose pulled Doctor!Donna over her body, undulating wantonly under them to find friction, satisfaction. She groaned again, desperately deepening the kiss. But DD broke it and looked at her with amusement. "I thought we decided we would take things slow." She growled, but her fingers never left that tantalizing caress on the side of Rose's ribcage.

Rose frowned, "Why are we even still dressed?" She pulled on the hem of Doctor!Donna's shirt and took it up her abdomen, and breasts. DD lifted their arms up, one at a time, to help her out. Then it was Rose's turn to lose her shirt and the skin on skin feeling made her dizzy, she melted into it. Doctor!Donna was so soft, Rose was positive she'd never touch such soft skin and it was all over her, and she needed to breathe, she wanted to cry from the ecstasy that flowed through her veins.

DD nipped and kissed a wet trail against Rose's jaw and neck. The weight of their breasts, full and heavy and so warm against hers was very new but comforting and arousing. Rose's hand travelled up DD's ribcage and her thumb caressed the side-boob still covered in silk and lace. She still couldn't believe how warm they were. She growled and arched her back when Doctor!Donna grabbed her nipple between their lips, still so agile with their tongue.

"Doctor.. Donna.." she gasped. Then Rose whimpered even louder when DD's hand travelled further down, into her pyjamas, curling and stroking the wet, fuzzy hairs at her entrance. She was so wet, she realized.

"I want to taste you so bad." DD said before grabbing her lips with theirs with a fervent hunger. Rose's only response was to kiss them back and open her legs farther as an invitation. She should be doing something too, shouldn't she? But she didn't have the time to push that thought further before two long and soft fingers plunged into her, making her shiver and buck her hips.

Oh shit, Doctor!Donna knew all her spots. It took only three firm and resolved stroke and Rose was a mess of sweat and whimpers, shaking and already on the edge. She had let go of DD's body to grab at the linens with tight fists and arch her body, taunt and panting. Still so amazed at how easily the Doctor could bring her to the heavens. "A-ah!" She sobbed as Doctor!Donna grabbed her earlobe with her tongue. "A-ah! This is so unfair!" Rose cried out as she came.

The waves of incredible pleasure made her sob, again and again. This was, indeed, so unfair she thought when DD's finger came out of her and deftly rolled over her swollen clit and sent another jolt through Rose's body keeping her orgasm going strong and sending her even higher. She was a panting mess when Doctor!Donna took her hand away from her slit to pull Rose's body flush against theirs.

"This is so unfair," she repeated before she kissed them. "You know me so well." Rose pouted. "And I have so much to learn of this new body." Her hand came across Doctor!Donna's covered breast again and they were huge between her fingers, she wanted to spend the rest of the day kissing and lick and biting them. But she was firmly pushed away by two strong arms pinning her to the bed, holding her wrists on each side of her head.

"Later," DD ordered.

"What?" Rose asked, incredulous as she watch her lover grab their shirt and get out of the bed. Rose sat straight, shivering from the loss of warmth as Doctor!Donna put their shirt back on.

"Come on!" they said and Rose could hear the excitement in their voice, "I want you to meet my family."

"What? No, but.." Doctor!Donna kissed the end of her protest away and then ran to the door. "No!" Rose pouted and kicked the covers away in her frustration.

Typical Doctor.

Chapter Text

Doctor!Donna didn’t understand why they landed the Tardis so far from Chiswick. They thought that, with the Donna part of them helping the drive, it would be a lot smoother with a lot less accidental mixed up in time or space. Donna was a good driver after all. It was night when they set foot out of the Tardis, “Oh. This is quite a posh part of London to live in.” Rose said as she took in the shops and museums.

“I live in Chiswick, this is not Chiswick.” DD groaned. They were really disappointed that they would have to take the bus to get to the right part of the town. “Let’s check the bus rounds.”

“You wanna take the bus?” Rose asked a bit incredulous, remembering how hard it was to get her first Doctor in those things.

“Yes, Rose, I do use buses. Or maybe you prefer we call in a limo?” Doctor!Donna was beyond irritated at the Tardis. Adapting to being Doctor!Donna was something, but having to deal with a misbehaving Tardis above it all was pretty disconcerting, to say the least. They just wanted to impress Rose, give her their own version of this new Doctor’s domestic approach, spend the evening dining with Donna's mother and granddad. But the Tardis had something else in mind, and they could feel it quite strongly, something was afoot. “Here, it’s this one.” DD pointed toward a typical, double decker, red, London bus coming their way. “It’s stopping right now.”

“What are the odds?” Rose added sarcastically. Rose knew something was up, all right. She knew the signs. The Tardis bringing them in the wrong part of town might be enough of an indication for her to suspect something. DD got out a few coins and tossed them in the machine. The bus driver gave them a once over and a happy smile.

“Good evening, Ma'am.” Doctor!Donna didn’t answer, still caught in their mood.

“Don’t you recon something’s fishy.” Rose asked as they sat down.

“Oh, do you feel it too?” DD raised their eyebrows at her. This was not something a mere human should be able to pick up.

“What are you on about?” The bus started rolling and DD didn’t answer. They were concentrating.

“I don’t think you’ll get to meet my family right away, Rose. ’M sorry. You would’ve love my grandfather, he is brilliant and curious, just like you… Oh! Yes!!” Doctor!Donna got up, “can you feel that? It’s getting stronger. Oh! And it’s a big one.” They tossed their sleeve up. “Look at my hair how it’s rising.” DD continued, “’M like a magnificent gauge measuring energy flux.” DD sat on the floor, in the middle of the aisle, and started taking things out of their pockets, bits and bobs and tools. They were attaching them together using a sonic screwdriver that glowed dark pink and orange. “Ooh, Rose, look at my new sonic.” Doctor!Donna wiggled it between their fingers, then tossed it at Rose, never taking their eyes from what they were building. “Thought I could use one so I built it last night while you were sleeping.” Rose weighted it in her hands, it was different than the one her last Doctor had. A bit heavier, easier to grab, with ridges for the fingers. It was darker too, made of metal and deep burgundy stone-like material. DD was now wrapping their device in duck tape, cutting the edge with their teeth. Then, still without looking up, opened their hand at Rose to take back their sonic. “Here we are, then, you hold this.” They handed her the contraption they just built, a few raggedy piece of machinery held together haphazardly. “Hold that button and tell me when the little dishy thing starts turning.”

And DD stormed to the front of the bus. The nice old driver was clearly flirting with them and it made Rose smile. A comfortable warmth spreading in her abdomen at the thought of this Doctor!Donna being hers. They were taking things slow, learning to know each other, this was what this new adventure was for, after all. And it was heartwarming to see this new Doctor loved her so much that they didn’t even notice the looks the driver was sending their way.

Rose cleared her throat.. and her thoughts as she watched the driver ogling DD’s breast as they leaned to point at something up ahead. It didn’t take long for the dish to start turning around frantically, throwing confettis of sparks over the head of the blond woman sitting in front of Rose. “Hey! Watch it!!”

“Sorry, it’s the little dishy thing, its turning.” Rose told the woman as if it was the most normal thing to say. The woman frowned. “DD, the little dishy thing, it’s turning.” she yelled to the front of the bus.

Doctor!Donna gave her a huge, excited smile, before they turned to the others and seriously warned them, “Ok every one, hold on tight, this ride is about to get rough.” They sat next to Rose and held on to her. The whole bus shook and the sound of grinding metal was deafening. Then the bus stopped abruptly.

“What just happened?” Rose heard people say. DD got up and, taking Rose’s hand, they dragged her outside, right into an endless desert of orange sand.

“I don’t think we’ll be in Chiswick for dinner.”


"So, where are we, Rose?" It was a game of theirs. The Doctor was always asking her to use her senses to know her surroundings.

"Well, we are not on Earth anymore, that's for sure." Rose put her hand in front of her eyes, squinting as she tried to look at the horizon in spite of the three suns blinding her with their light. Doctor!Donna was crouching and raking their fingers through the sand. They extended their arm toward Rose to give her a pair of large sunglasses.

"Don't let the three suns fool ya." Rose smiled as she put on the glasses on her nose. Yep, just as she thought, DD just handed her magic sunglasses. She could clearly see the huge portal, or wormhole, or whatever the bus passed through to get here. A flash of excitement ran through her and she jumped a few times from toes to heels to test the planet's gravity.

"We are on a bigger planet. Gravity's different. Do you think the whole planet's a desert?" Rose asked.

"The stronger gravity doesn't come from the size of the planet, this time around. It comes from that." DD pointed at the swirling vortex. "And this isn't just sand." DD answered her question very vaguely. They let a stream of sand fall between their fingers then got up and looked around. Rose moved the not-just-sand with her shoe.

"What do you mean it's not just sand?" But Doctor!Donna wasn't listening. They were standing in front of the huge, gaping, swirling vortex with sunglasses of their own. Rose snorted. They looked like a superhero, their stance wide and straight, with both their hands firm on their hips. Their red hair was flowing and twirling in the wind like a cape and Rose bit her lip. She couldn't believe how attracted she was from them. She loved them. It hit her then, that she loved them the same way she loved all her previous Doctors.

Rose was so lost in the feeling that she was surprise when another feeling rose up. Jealousy. The driver was walking toward DD, still watching them from head to toe, and stopped way too close for Rose's liking. She cleared her throat and shoved the feeling down as soon as it came. "Don't come closer." Doctor!Donna stopped the driver from walking too close to the portal.

"What are you on about, woman? Is the sun too hot for ya?" The guy following the driver answered. He was about the same age as Rose.

"Look, look, there is a hole in the fabric of reality." Rose said, going to him and lending him her sunglasses.

"Shit!" The man exclaimed as he took in the giant hole. "That's what we drove through?" The driver was now the one putting on the sunglasses, wanting a peek at the phenomenon too. "Do you think we could drive back in?" The boy asked.

"Yeah?! What are we waiting for?" The driver started running toward the vortex but DD caught his arm before he got to it.

"I said don't get closer!! You are not going in there, no one is." DD warned him and he swallowed visibly. "Do you know how much pressure it takes to keep a wormhole this big open? You'd be crushed and disintegrated in seconds in there, look what it did to the bus." Doctor!Donna continued their explanation. "There must be something on this planet causing it. Wormholes don't just appear in the middle of nowhere nor do they stay open when they are left unattended." DD squeezed their eyes through the glasses, "and there is no quantum string or exotic matter counteracting the gravitational flux. This means whatever created this portal to Earth, is still operating right now." They looked at Rose who smiled back.

"Are we looking for alien tech?" We could hear the eagerness in Rose's voice and DD only snorted as an answer.

Chapter Text

It was late in the evening in Cardiff bay when they got out of the Tardis. Which was a bit confusing since Rose had breakfast with the Doctors a few minutes ago. As soon as they were out of the Tardis, they heard Jack calling for them. Rose laughed as she saw him run. "Jack!!" She jumped, filled with giddiness.

"Rosie!" He caught her in his arms and made her twirl. "You're already back? I thought we wouldn't see you for a while; you in that blue box with a whole new Doctor to play with."

"Well," the Time Lord put an arm around his Rose and smiled at her, "we left quite in a hurry yesterday, Rose wanted to catch up."

"Yeah. Up until yesterday, I thought you were dead or lost somewhere. I never thought I'd got to see you again." She frowned at the Doctor who let go of her.

"Ah! Mickey!" He was happy for the chance to change the subject.

Rose was glad for Jack's smile. "You're alright, Rosie?" Jack asked, grabbing her shoulders with his arm and pulling her closer. "The Doctors been treating you right?"

"Yeah... yeah." She looked at him, face illuminated with a wide smile at the thought of her two Doctors by her side. "Two Doctors, Jack, how is that suppose to go?"

He laughed and started walking them toward Roald Dahl Plass. The two Doctors were in a deep conversation with Mickey up ahead. It sounded quite animated and Rose wondered what they were on about. "You do whatever you want to do, Rose. There are no rules, there are only your rules, and by 'your', I mean both the Doctors and you." Jack winked at her. "I've been in a lot of poly-amorous relationships with a lot of different dynamics. You create the one that fits all of you. And if you want a fourth member from time to time, you know who to ring."

"Yeah," Rose laughed, poking him with her elbow. "'M gonna try and figure out this three way relationship before adding a fourth."

"Rose, wait up!" She heard a woman's voice calling from behind her. It was Martha. She was stunning, running toward them in a small, black, glittering dress and matching high heels. Her hairdo left strings of hair loosely flying around her face and shoulders. She was gorgeous. "I didn't know you'd be coming with us. The Doctor ain't exactly the clubbing type."

"You are all going clubbing?"

"Yeah. A new pub just opened up. We wanted to try it out. Where's Donna? I wanted to give her my phone number in case she wanted to get together sometime?" Rose frowned. She was not sure how she was supposed to tell them about Donna. Should she tell them?

"Tell the Doctors we are off to chase some aliens." Jack whispered in her ear.

"Wha?" Rose was deep in thoughts and not ready for the non sequitur.

"If they don't want to go clubbing," he said louder, "tell them we are infiltrating an alien gang."

"We are not!" Martha shushed him, "stop starting rumors. We need a night out, that's all. And I am certain Rose and the Doctors need one too."


Rose was at the bar waiting for her drink and enjoying being tipsy. Both Doctors agreed for the night out as soon as Rose asked and it really surprised her. Had her Doctor changed that much since they got separated? Still sweaty from the dancing, she smiled. She couldn't say she'd ever seen the Doctor so happy to be doing domestics. They have been laughing and dancing and drinking with everyone and it was so great to be out with friends. They were all having such a good time. When was the last time she had such a good time?

She couldn't remember. So long ago. Once upon a time. Before she lost him... A hand on her back got her out of her memories. It was the Doctor in blue. She smiled at him as her heart filled with love for the man behind her. His arms came around her, his nose in her hair. "'M so glad you're back."

"Is this man bothering you, Miss?" The other Doctor sat beside them and took a sip of his drink. Rose turned around in the Doctor's arms.

"He actually is," she took the hand from the Doctor beside her, "and I hope he'll never stop." He kissed her knuckles with a saucy smile that made her inside melt. Did they agree to this night out only to woo her? She grinned at the thought. Both her Doctors hadn't taken their eyes.. and hands off her since they got into this club, sending salacious smiles and lewd comments filled with suggestive meanings. Oh, this was definitely a date. The Doctor in blue didn't hesitate to push her further onto the bar with his own body.

This left Rose with no choice but to sit on one of the stools, the short skirt of her navy blue dress rising up above her thighs as he positioned himself between them. She squealed when, with a hand on her lower back, he pulled her tighter against him and groaned in her neck, hiding his nose in her loose hair. "What did they put in your drink?" She asked, a bit breathless. His snort rumbled deep in his chest and made her lose all control when he started nibbling her ear. She was glad for the loud music covering her gasps and whimpers.

Rose jumped when she remembered another Doctor was beside her, still holding her hand. She felt him slowly pull her hand up and put her whole little finger in his mouth. Twirling around it with his tongue and suckling, that finger was now as wet as her knickers. The moment was broken when the bartender placed a drink behind her. "Here you go, mam, that'll be £4.56." She didn't want this to stop. She wanted to bring them both to the Tardis, right now, and have her way with them. When they were back on the dance floor things didn't slow down.

Both Doctors stayed by her side, swaying, making her twirl, until she couldn't tell which Doctor she was dancing with. "Do you think it would be rude if we ditched this place?" One of them asked her as the other splayed his hand on her stomach, pulling her against him. She couldn't resist grinding against him and arching her body against the other. Fuck, she wanted them so badly and the Tardis was so far away.

"Rose, what do you want?"

Chapter Text

When Rose opened the Tardis doors the next morning, she was well rested, well fed, and freshly out of a warm shower. She hadn't felt so alive in the past few years. Jumping through dimensions wasn't the healthiest way to live. A smile spread on her lips as she took in the scenery. They landed in a clearing, right in the middle of a forest. A field of yellow and pink flowers spread in front of them and a path was laid out from the Tardis' doors to the depths of the forest.

Rose took her first step on this new alien soil and felt the warmth of the two suns on her skin. The most beautiful thing she saw, though, was the twin planet hanging in the sky, right behind the Tardis. It was huge and surrounded by purple rings. "Felspoon!" The Time Lord said taking Rose's right hand.

"Where are the moving mountains?" Rose asked, curious.

"Probably behind those trees" the part-human Doctor answered as he closed the doors behind them. They started walking and Rose couldn't believe how beautiful everything was on this planet. The colours were so vibrant, she could almost taste them, and those rings around the planet felt so close, she just had to lift her arms and her fingers would graze the shimmering dust.

"You're sure we're on Felspoon?" The Doctor behind her rasped. The sound of his voice reverberated through the skin and bones of her back and she stifled a groan as she savoured the feeling.

"Yeah. Why?" The Time Lord answered sharply. It was so warm, Rose felt a bit dizzy, and very thirsty. She could feel sweat pearling down her neck and on the skin of her back. Thank God she thought of braiding her hair, when she got out of the shower. Oh.. another shower would be so nice right now. How long have they been walking? Rose looked back and the Tardis was only a few meters away. Not long then.

Her gaze fell on the Doctor walking a few feet behind them, his eyes boring into hers, he was drinking her in, from head to toe and back again. Maybe he was as thirsty as she was. Beads of sweat were covering his forehead as well; they were shimmering like diamonds on his skin. "Something's not right." He growled never taking his eyes off her. Rose turned around, a strange mix of arousal and panic was taking hold of her.

She breathed hard. It was very hot, he was very hot, he made her feel very hot and very wet. Her heart was thumping in her ears, in her whole body, and especially down bellow. Why was it so hard to concentrate. He was right. Something wasn't right. This wasn't how she usually felt.. was it? This wasn't how she usually perceived the world.. was it?

Something seemed off. She closed her eyes and breathed deep once more, through her nose. Everything just smell so good. So damn good, it made her salivate. So sweet. She could feel the sweetness of the air melting like warm honey on her skin, seeping through it and feeding her muscles with a sacred, mystic energy. The Time Lord, held her hand a little bit tighter which made her blood run even faster in her veins.

Rose groaned loudly and he looked at her, "What do you mean, something's not right?" The Doctor on her right raised is eyebrows, "Rose, are you ok?" But she wasn't listening, she was watching the perspiration oozing from the skin of his neck. It was calling to her.. and she was so, so thirsty. Rose pulled the Time Lord down and licked him, full tongue, from shoulder to ear and she ended up sucking on his earlobe greedily. The salty taste of his skin made her whole body wanting more. "What?" The Time Lord grabbed Rose by the shoulder and held her at arms length, examining her fully dilated pupils and flaring nostrils. "Not right."

"Told you so." He heard the breathlessness in his counterpart's voice and turned to him. The Doctor in blue was trying hard to keep his distance but still couldn't take his eyes off Rose. He was in the same state she was, eyes dark, breathing hard. Both their skin had a red tint that wasn't usually there. The two suns were at their zenith, right on top of them.

They probably suffered from some kind of fast acting heat stroke. Then, without any warning, Rose and the other Doctor ran toward each other and collided, kissing, biting, suckling, drinking, tongue mixing and licking each other. "Yeah, not right." The Time Lord tugged at his ear then rubbed the back of his neck. "Plausible.. I mean, since yesterday, we all knew some kind of love and mating ritual would be happening between the three of us at one time or another, probably sooner than later but.. Rose?" The Doctor's voice was rising in pitch when he said her name. He wasn't expecting her to take her shirt off, giving the other Doctor free access to the skin of her breasts. "Okay.." The Doctor cleared his throat trying, but failing, to find some semblance of control over the situation. "Back to the Tardis, the both of you."

Of course they didn't move, except against each other. The Time Lord closed his eyes breathing deep. His counterpart said that something wasn't right, this meant he felt something that he seemed to be missing. He tried his best to concentrate in spite of the very erotic sound coming from the two lovers. And there it was. Of course he couldn't feel the effects as much as his human companions would, his body was well immune to the empathogen that was currently flowing in his blood.

The potent neurostimulants seemed to be everywhere, pouring right out of the air they were breathing. There was no way around it, they had to get out of this atmosphere and back to the Tardis. The Doctor opened his eyes when he heard his counterpart whimper loudly. Still kissing him deeply, Rose now had her hand down his pants and things were clearly escalating fast as the part-human Doctor cried out her name.

"Fuck me, Doctor!" Rose pleaded and his arms came around her as she pulled him towards the ground.

"Nop, nop," the Time Lord caught Rose before she hit the bed of pink and yellow flowers waiting for her and separated the two lovers. With his free hand, he pushed on the other Doctor's chest to keep him from crashing into Rose once more. "Not like this." The Time Lord ordered seriously glaring at the other Doctor's which made him inhale deeply before backing off.

He needed to get them back to the Tardis. He picked Rose, and her shirt, up in his arms and started walking toward the blue box. "Cover yourself, Rose." He said.

"'M sorry." She replied like a child caught doing something wrong. She struggled to put her shirt back, but totally failed as her attention went to her Doctor's sideburns.. she needed to touch them so bad.

"'S not your fault," the Time Lord looked down at her, smiling softly, "but I don't think we are on Felspoon after all. If you see floating mountains, they'll probably only be floating in your head." When he looked back at his counterpart to make sure he was following, he saw him rubbing his face in his hands, his dishevelled state was pretty sexy in a vulnerable, after snog kind of way. Maybe, someday, Rose'll make him look as vulnerable and sex worn, of her own volition.

Chapter Text

Rose was leaning against a wooden fence. The fence protecting them from falling into the steep edge of a ravine. On the other side of said ravine, she could admire the mountains of Felspoon swaying in the wind. “It’s beautiful.” She said. The rumbling sound of the moving rocks brought a mystical magic to the view. The wind that made the mountains dance a few moments ago was now making her own hair dance.

And the thought of it made her feel special. As if everything was connected in a way. As if all of this was meant to be. “It is. Beautiful!” The part-human Doctor answered. Rose then notice he was watching her instead of the mountains and she laughed, pushing him with her shoulder. This was the corniest of clichés.

“Stop looking at me like that!”

He laughed, “What? Like you’re almost as beautiful as those mountains?”

“Almost?” Rose faked an offended sigh.

“Yeah well, look at them,” he pointed toward the horizon. “They are pretty exceptional.”

“True.” She nodded then they admire the view in silence for a few minutes. Rose’s heart was beating a bit faster than usual. She couldn’t stop thinking about all the events that happened in the last few days. How she found him again.. both of him. She smiled. “How is it gonna work then?” She turned to him, “the three of us.. together? Having more than one partner is that a thing?”

He snorted. “Well it depends where in the universe you’re at, but, yeah, most species allows polygamy and there is a lot of polyams in most part of the universe. Your Earth is one of the few places that still practice full monogamy. It’s cute. You’re like the emperor penguins of the universe.”

“What?” Rose frowns trying to understand. “So in most place in the universe everyone shag everyone and it doesn’t matter?”

“You’re talking about sex, there, Rose. I’m talking about loving, lasting, healthy relationships.” Rose’s heart felt like exploding. She was so in love with the man, and how he had this ability to expand her universe. “Even on your time on Earth everyone shags everyone, monogamy or polygamy as nothing to do with that.”

Rose nodded. “Yeah well, the only experience humans had with polygamy, that I know of, are those harems with one men and tons of women that are either slaves or practically brainwashed, or sect-like communes in the 60s with the hippies. ’S not the best of way to understand polygamy.”

“No, it’s not.” He smiled at her lovingly. “Those are examples of relationships based on possession and jealousy or on laxity and disengagement. Don’t worry, the human race will grow to learn that there is not one way to love, there are no rules when it comes to love. Only knowing yourself, your own values, your needs, what attracts you and find someone who will bring it to you and respect it. It has nothing to do with anyone else but yourself, the people involved in the relationship, and the trials each of you wish to experience.”

Rose took a few steps toward him with a saucy grin. “Well, I’d really like to experience both of you.. soon!” She watched his lips and he did the same with hers. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have them both. The Doctor leaned down to kiss her, but Rose stopped him when her attention was pulled elsewhere. There, in the sky, was a darkness.

Rose started to panic. It was the same darkness as in her nightmare. A cloud, black as night growing above the mountains. “Rose what is it?” The Doctor turned to see what she was looking at.

“Don’t you see it?” She pointed, terrified. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This was an unknown monster she only ever encountered in her worst dreams.

“I don’t see a thing Rose, what is it?” Her panic was contagious, especially since Rose didn’t tend to panic so easily and the Doctor trusted her. If she was seeing something horrifying, it was probably there, there surely was an explanation for it, and the explanation was probably not a fun one. Rose took a step back. The darkness was growing exponentially.

A swarm of nothingness engulfing the mountains and the ravine. Enclosing around her and when it took the Doctor she screamed. The darkness took that opportunity to jump on her filling her lungs through her mouth, and eyes and skin until she was filled with it and couldn’t breathe anymore.

Chapter Text

"It doesn't bother you, then?" Rose asked as she picked up a beautiful blue and purple bracelet from one of the stalls in the marketplace. She held it up toward the sun to see it glimmer.

"No." The Time Lord repeated for the third time. "Why would it bother me? He is my metacrisis. He is me. We are the same man."

Rose put the bracelet back and turned to him. "So I could sleep with any you, from any time and it would be ok with you?"

"Well yeah," he scratched the back of his head. "As long as it's ok with the other me." The Doctor frowned. "I had a few asexual regenerations." He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the next stall.

"Well, 'm glad this one wasn't one of them." Rose added.

He stopped walking and looked at her pointedly. "It couldn't have been." Rose didn't answer. His eyes were saying enough. He turned and started walking again. Then grabbed what looked like a pen, or a straw, and watched it intently. That morning, their first morning on Felspoon, their first morning after their reunion, and the ordeal with the Daleks and their reality cannon, Rose had decided to follow the Time Lord to the marketplace to shop with him while the metacrisis and Donna went to see the floating mountains.

Rose was so glad to be back with them, so happy that she found them, and that they were all traveling together again. And how lucky was she that she now had two Doctors with her. "Does this mean you can sleep with any Rose Tyler, too?" She asked him, intrigued.

His left eyebrow lifted and a saucy smile made his way across his lips. "Kinky." Was all he said and with that look, Rose's knickers were soaked, the light summer dress she was wearing not enough of a shield to hide her scent from the Time Lord. He groaned when Rose approached him, all suave and flirty.

She laid a hand on his chest, and played with his tie. "Maybe we could ditch this place and go back to the Tardis." She said suggestively. "Practice some of our old moves until the other Doctor comes back. Then invent new ones for the three of us."

The Time Lord licked his lips and she saw his pupils dilate. "Come on!" He snatched her hand and walked purposefully toward the Tardis. Rose smiled, getting excited. She couldn't wait for him to take her again. She couldn't wait for him to taste her again. It has been so long, so many nights remembering the feel of him inside her. She frowned when they got out of the market place and he took a sharp turn in another direction. It took a few seconds and they were hidden in a back alley and Rose was pinned up between his body and a rough wall.

So many memories came flashing through as his tongue caressed her lips avidly. They've been at it for so long before they got stuck in two different universes. They shagged against walls and benches and trees and other alien things she couldn't remember the name of, on so many different worlds, in so many different times. "Doctor," she broke the kiss. Her knickers were drenched. She wanted him so badly. She fumbled across his belt but couldn't find the dexterity to unbuckle it in the state she was in so she opted for grabbing him through his trousers instead.

He moaned loudly. "God, I want you so bad. I missed you." He held her face between his hands and kissed her again. She squeezed him and he dropped to his knees in front of her. Oh this was gonna be good. In seconds, she was stepping out of her knickers and the Doctor already had his head between her thighs. She rested her back against the wall and a leg over his back, holding her skirt up so she could see his eyes boring deep inside hers. It didn't take long that she was writhing against his mouth and when he inserted two fingers and rubbed her walls just the right way she couldn't help but scream his name.

It's been so long, she was so aroused, this would be quick. She called out for him again. Her eyes half open, she was breathing hard when she saw a man with dark cropped up hair and a black leather jacket run in the alley toward them. "Shit! Doctor!" Rose exclaimed breathless and shaking. She pulled on her Doctor's hair to make him stop but then he did something incredible with his tongue and bliss course through her body. And as her eyes closed and a cry of pleasure rose through her lungs she didn't care for the watching intruder and came hard in her Doctor's mouth.

The last thing she saw was the ocean blue gaze of her first Doctor on her.


He was watching Rose scream his name in a way he's been craving to see her do since he laid eyes on her in Henrick's basement. But he wasn't the one making her scream it. He wasn't even sure why it was his name she was screaming since he was not the man with his head between her thighs, right now. He really didn't understand what was happening. A thousand different thoughts and emotions were making a whirlwind impossible to decipher in his heart. He wouldn't make a scene. Should he, though?

It was pure jealousy that was coursing through his veins right now. Stupid apes! He knew Rose was attracted to pretty boys. It wasn't the first pretty boy she invited on the Tardis or the first one she befriended during their adventures. It always did make him feel the random jealousy, but he trusted her. She never went ahead and slept with them. He would've known. What was this all about, then? He was just with her, shopping in the marketplace. He saw her wander off less than five minutes ago. How could she pick up a pretty boy and have him between her thighs in such a short amount of time?

He couldn't believe the scene that was before him. Rose wouldn't go and shag any kind of alien on a foreign world. She was wiser than that, wasn't she? Or maybe she wasn't.. maybe it had nothing to do with her and all to do with the man between her thighs. He felt fury fire up his synapses at the man touching his Rose. His Rose wouldn't do a thing like this and this man was coercing her one way or another. "Get off of her!" He growled, his whole body ready for a fight but still leaving him a chance to comply.

He shouldn't. He should smash that pretty boy's face against that brick wall. "Doctor!" Rose said but at this point he wasn't listening. His tunnel vision fixed solely on the surprised man who just got up, holding Rose against the wall with a hand as if to protect her. He was the one who needed protection at the moment because he was wiping off Rose's juices on the sleeve of his coat as if she belonged to him, as if he was used to doing this to her.

"You!?" The man seemed surprised. He stood straighter, mustering a certain bravado. But still held Rose back when she tried to say something. Oh, bad move. In an instant, the leather clad Doctor was on him, grabbing him by the lapels of his ridiculous suit and shoving him against the wall.

"You've touched the wrong woman, mate." He said through gritted teeth, inches from the other man's nose. He could smell Rose all over his breath and he wasn't sure if it was turning him on or making him even more mad. Probably both.

"If you would just.." the pretty boy started but a furious Rose tugged both of them away from each other before he could finish.

"That's enough!" She yelled at the blue eyed Doctor, a Tyler glare in her eyes that made his blood freeze in his veins. She was standing between him and 'pretty boy'. That move made him even more upset. Was she ok with this? "You don't understand yet, do you?" she continued and then left him some time to try and understand, but it left him even more confused. He frowned, then deflated. She was right, he had no say in this. It was her choice what she did with her body.. he still had some doubts that Rose would do such a thing, though.

And he had this nagging sensation that something was missing, he didn't get the whole picture. He watched the man that she was protecting, very handsome, freckles and perfect hair and a demeanor that exuded the kind of mischievousness Rose would totally be into. If he had to create the perfect man for Rose, this would be it. The man in his pinstripe suit was swaying from foot to foot, his hands tucked in his long coat's pockets. This cropped hair Doctor with funky ears didn't stand a chance in a competition for Rose's heart against a man like that.

He grinded his teeth and swallowed in resignation. "Doctor," she caught his attention again. Then, pointing at the man behind him, she added, "he's you! And I'm not your Rose, I'm his!" The penny dropped. The missing piece of the puzzle fell into place. He looked at her and noticed it right away. She looked nothing like his Rose. This one was a few years older, more mature, hair shorter, and she wasn't dressed at all like the Rose that he left minutes ago in the marketplace. He felt so stupid. He really should have gone with his first idea and not make a scene.

He knew he should've trusted Rose's judgement. Future him lifted his hand and gave him a simple wave. "Hello." And he answered with a groan. He can't believe he'll turn out to be a pretty boy.

Chapter Text

Rose was having the best of dreams. She was running for her life with two Doctors. Then two set of eyes and lips and tongues and hands. And she was making love with both of them. And their love were coursing through her veins. And it didn't stop and Oh God.. She was about to come when she woke up with a cry escaping her lips. Her hips rocked against long nimble fingers, rubbing her clitoris hard, then sliding deep inside her.

So deep. So wet. Again and again. But.. she wasn't dreaming anymore. Rose's eyes opened wide at the same time as the fingers came out of her and she was looking straight into the dark eyes of her Doctor. Her Time Lord Doctor. She knew because he was still dressed, with his shirt coming out of his pinstriped trousers. He was on top of her naked body and was watching her with a coy smile and wanting eyes.

She shivered. "Hello, sleeping beauty." He whispered before putting two fingers in his mouth. The same two fingers that was inside her moments ago. She shivered once more.

"Doctor?" Rose wasn't sure if this was a dream or not anymore, and turned her head to see if the other Doctor was still there. He was, still slumped on his belly, his head turned the other way. She could hear is soft, steady breathing. She gasped when the fingers returned to her little bundle of joy, then down to her entrance.

"This ok?" The Doctor inquired, pausing, waiting. Rose wasn't as wet as she wish she'd be but she was sure the Doctor would find a remedy to her problem fast enough. She spread her legs wider and nodded shyly. Then he pushed his fingers back inside her. She moaned loudly. But the Doctor put a finger over his own lips, sending a glance toward the sleeping man beside her.

Rose bit her lips and felt the moisture come back at once as the thrill of having to stay silent shot through her. This was gonna be so much fun. She loved those games where the Doctor was in control of her body. She trusted and loved him so much in these moments. He started moving his fingers. Hitting deep, than rubbing round, right on that spot inside of her, than deep again.

And again. And suddenly his tongue was avidly licking. Drinking all the juices his fingers were squeezing out of her and she had to bite her lips hard when an high pitch cry tried to escape them. God, she loved him. Loved how devoted he was, loved how thirsty he had always been when his head was between her thighs. Her core vibrated as he groaned and moaned his pleasure against her slit.

Every sound was echoing so loud against the silence of the night. She grabbed his head. She was close, once more. So close. Her head rocked back and her mouth opened in a silent cry. "Doctor," she breathed. "Doctor, please," she had trouble controlling the volume of her voice. "Please Doctor, fuck me." The last words were mere whispers but the Time Lord heard them.

He let go of her entirely and she whimper at his lost. His hand laid flat on her stomach and his gaze ran over every curve of her face and body tenderly. He was calculating the possibilities, trying to figure out what he wanted to do with her next. "Turn around." He ordered softly. And she did, licking her lips in delight, and sliding a hand under her belly and two fingers in her wetness.

The Doctor was up, beside the bed. Right in front of her face. Rose watched him untie his belt slowly and open the button of his trouser. She couldn't help but whimper loudly as she rubbed herself. His glorious erection came into view. She wanted it inside of her so badly, it hurts. The Doctor crouched, bringing his face in front of hers and one hand on her bum.

"Rose," he whispered and massaged her butt cheek, "I need you to stay quiet, can you promised me that?"

She nodded, "Yes, sir." Rose answer with a pout. And the Doctor immediately caught up with what she really wanted. Good. He smiled wolfishly. He loved playing those games with her. When she was in a submissive mood, her whole body was his playground and playing this role usually made him do things he wouldn't have explored with her in every day life.

It made him do things he didn't even know he had in him. And to see her so hungry, so wanting, for him only. It filled him with a love he wouldn't know how to express outside the bedroom. The Doctor kissed her lips and slid the tip of a finger over the side of her face. God, he loved her. "Good girl." He patted her bum rougher than necessary and she whimpered again. "Now you stay silent or I will have to punish you."

It was hard for him to hide a giddy smile. Seemed he had more trouble staying in character than Rose did. As he stood up, his hand trailed down and his fingers mixed with hers between her thighs. This was so arousing, both their fingers dancing in her dampness, working together toward her own climax. The Doctor brought his other hand down her back and pushed her gently against the bed as three of his fingers went inside her.

Rose breathed hard and her legs shook as he worked her insides and her fingers were taken care of the outside. God it was good. Then, the Time Lord heard a small gasp, and his eyes found the sleepy, hungry gaze of his counterpart. He had just waken up, and watched the both of them silently, with rapt attention. An understanding passed between them.

He was looking, and there was nothing he wanted more than to watched his beloved Rose being fucked by himself. The Time Lord smiled wolfishly at him. Agreeing and getting ready to give him a show. He angled Rose's bum a bit higher, pushing the hand on her back down, pinning her further into the bed, and pulling up with the fingers inside her.

Doing so, he could access a deeper point, hitting her womb and she stifled a cry in the pillow. His fingers were pumping, massaging hard, making her juices flow down her own fingers. She was rubbing frantically, urgently, now, and at one point she forgot about everything but the rising heat and her walls getting tighter around his fingers and she moaned loudly.. too loud.. Fuck!

In an instant the Time Lord let go of her, right at the moment where she was starting to spasm around his fingers, breaking her upcoming orgasm. And the Doctor tsked, "Oh Rose, you promised." His voice faked disappointment. Rose took a breath to calm herself down, still not grasping reality yet. Another shiver of arousal shook her body when she realise the loud sound that had come out of her mouth, excited to know how the Time Lord would punish her.

The Doctor's eyes levelled to hers once more. "And now I have to punish you." He inserted the three fingers that was inside her moments ago in her mouth. Rose closed her eyes and moaned, tasting herself was so arousing. "Do you want more? Do you want me?" He asked taking his fingers out.

"Yes, sir.. Please." Rose pleaded with a soft voice. The Doctor stood up and aligned his penis with Rose's lips. She opened them and licked the tip greedily. He smiled at her fervour and push the head in, breathing out a sigh. Then out then in a bit more. With each push back in, he pushed a bit deeper, and with each pull back out, Rose salivated a bit more, making the whole experience hotter and damper and deeper.

"Fuck, Rose." The Doctor held her head tight against the pillow until he was up to the tilt and she tighten her throat around him, swallowing. The Time Lord pulled back a bit with a cry of pleasure. He didn't want to come right away. The other Doctor was watching, touching himself, now. It must be so hard for him not to jump in, not to touch her too, to keep silent so the magic between Rose and the Time Lord wouldn't break. "You're alright?" He asked, breathless and she nodded around him and he grunted.

He knew she was alright. Knew Rose enough to know her limits. But he needed the time to breathe. He started pumping, shallowly, for a while, and she was sucking and licking and moaning and her moan slowly raised in pitch, following his own level of arousal. And when her moans became strangled cries, his right hand went to her puckered hole, grazing the short hairs there, making her cry louder around his cock.

"Are you touching yourself, Rose?" She nodded. "Are you gonna come soon?" She nodded again with a cry. "You can't come, Rose. You don't come unless I say so." Rose whimpered and sobbed in protest, rocking her butt-hole against his finger and he stopped pumping inside her mouth. Instead, he slowly pushed his dick as far as he could go inside her throat and allowing just the tip of his finger to enter her tight hole.

She swallowed around him and sobbed once more. Her body was shaking. The Doctor was so close to coming he needed to stop this. She wanted to be fucked, she pleaded, only moments ago, for him to fuck her. And it has been so long since they had the chance to be together like this. And she have gone through so much to be with him, like this, again.

He had to live up to it. He got out of her and she hid a few sob in the pillow as she found her breath again. "Are you still ok?" He levelled his eyes with hers once more, caressing the side of her face with his hand. He was worried this time that he pushed to hard and the worry might have shown in his voice. She smiled to comfort him, a genuinely happy smile.

"I am," she answered with a hoarse voice, "Now could you please fuck me.. and make me come.. hard.. around your cock.." her smile widened and she added, "please, sir.." she pouted again and he laughed. The Doctor kissed her swollen lips. His hearts were filled with love and admiration for this woman. He wanted to love her again and again, for all eternity.

He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly push in as she angled her pelvis up. The feeling was perfect for both of them and Rose groaned once more. The Doctor put a hand on her mouth and held it there as he gave a few hard trust and she cried between his fingers. "Hush, Rose." He ordered her, even though he knew he had no grounds to ask it of her anymore since the other him has been wide awake for a while now.

He could hear him touching himself and feel the bed moving with each trust of his hand and rocking of his hips. The sharp sound of his breathing told the Time Lord he was pretty close too. But Rose didn't know that yet so the game could go on, for her sake. His fingers tightened on her lips and she seemed to be pleading through them. Her own fingers giving all they got left to help her come.

Her hips rocking with the Doctor's movements, sending each of his thrust so deep inside of her. And as the Doctor fucked her, he groaned in her ear, "Rose, oh Rose," he thrust hard, "I love fucking you." She whimpered, "Tell me, did he fucked you like I am fucking you now? I could taste him in your cunt. He came so hard inside of you, I could taste it." The Time Lord stopped talking for a few seconds, giving all he had in the thrusting. He tried to control his breathing, but couldn't switch to his respiratory bypass. He was so fucking close, but he wanted Rose to come before he did, and it had to happen fast. "I always come hard for you, just you, always you, forever you. And I am gonna come hard once more as soon as you come." He heard the Doctor beside them groan too. The part-human was hanging on his every word, "And he is gonna come too, Rose. The other me, he is watching us, Rose. He is touching himself, watching me fuck you, and waiting for you to come. Come for us, my precious Rose."

Rose cried out, then turned her head around and saw him. The other Doctor was watching her with pleading eyes, and the sight of him almost made her come. She pushed herself up on her hands and knees and the Time Lord grabbed her hips while the other one slid beneath her. "Rose," his face was levelled with hers, contorted with pleasure. "Fuck, Rose.. I love you."

And he came, all over his stomach, and she kissed him. His hand grabbed at her breast and flicked the nipple and the Time Lord moaned once more in her ear. "Rose Tyler, I love you," both of her Doctors said in unison and it was all she need to come hard, pushing her bum against the Doctor behind her and screaming her love to them. They all fell on the bed.

No more energy left in them. The Doctor on her left, hugging her tight with an arm over her chest, his nose and lips poised on her cheek. The other Doctor was laying between her legs, his head resting on her belly. He hugged her even tighter, and they all fell asleep in a happy tangle of limb. Rose and her Doctors, in the Tardis, as it should be.

Chapter Text

Rose and Tony were having the time of their life as the two Doctors and Donna piloted the Tardis to their next destination. They were laughing and running around the console pretending to be space cowboys chased by aliens. Jackie was trying to shush them so they wouldn't disturb the Doctors' driving. Oh, she knew about his dodgy driving skills and how the Tardis usually ended up in the wrong destination, or the wrong time period, and she would have none of that when the security of both her children was involved.

But Rose was having none of it either. She was happy to have her little brother back, so happy to finally having the load of the universe off her back, so happy to spend time with all her loved ones. She just couldn't stop laughing and jumping all around the place. And after the wonderful night she just had with her Doctors, she felt like nothing else but flying.

Pete and Jackie were the first one at the doors when the Tardis stopped lurching and groaning. "We're in a school yard," Jackie said with surprise, "we are in a peaceful, non threatening, school yard. Is it safe to go out?" She watched from side to side, outside the doors, to be sure no one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater was hiding beside the blue box.

"Of course, it's safe, Jackie!" The Time Lord walked between the couple, digging his plimsolls right in the sandbox. "Welcome to modern day, USA. We are here to meet with Valerie Felicity Frizzle. You can call her Miss Frizzle. She is also well known as the Frizz."

"The Frizz? Is that a thing.. like 'The Doctor'? Is she a Time Lord too?" Pete asked as they all got out of the Tardis. Tony was already running toward the see-saws with Rose and the part-human Doctor in tow.

"Not exactly, but close enough. She comes from a planet neighboring Gallifrey. Same ancestors, some thirty or forty thousand years ago. Similar culture, similar biology, similar technology. But still different. Didn't really got along with the Time Lords. Bit stuck up, Time Lords were, with a huge superiority complex. Not like me. I mean.. I didn't really get along with Time Lords either." The Doctor cleared is throat and rocked on his heals to get out of the memories, "But no.. not a Time Lord." He sighed, "She used to teach at the citadel.."

"And then I fell in love with humans and their precious, impressionable, brilliant, children's brain." A woman in an eccentric purple dress said with a vibrant smile. "Did that sound weird?" She laughed and hugged the Time Lord. "Nice to see you again, Doctor." She walked around the Tardis, feeling the wood under her fingers "You still have this wonderful Type 40 Tardis, do you? Ain't she a beauty." She continued. Tony came running. Then came the Doctor in blue holding Rose's hand. They were both panting. "And who is this young man?" Miss Frizzle crouched at Tony's side.

The child hid behind Rose's shins and the woman laughed heartily, her freckles contrasting against her cheek as they took a tinge of red. Rose couldn't believe how pretty she was. Her red hair falling in curls around her face and shoulder, only enhancing the sparkle of happiness that emanated from her bubbly personality. She reminded her so much of her Doctor.

And when a lizard popped on her shoulders the woman laughed even louder at the boy's expression. "Meet Liz. I think she wants you to join us on our magic bus. To the bus!!" She turned around in a flurry and walked toward the front of the school, to an actual yellow school bus. Rose had only seen school buses like this on the telly. Even though she knew they were everywhere in the States.

They all followed, chatting happily until they boarded the bus. "Did the bus just winked at me?" Rose asked the part-human Doctor beside her.

"Can you blame it?" He gave her a saucy wink.

"What am I getting myself into?" She sighed.

He bowed down his head until his mouth was at Rose's hear. "Magic bus." He murmured with awe.

"BUS.. Biodynamic Universal Symmetry!" The Time Lord added loudly as he entered the BUS. "Instead of working with inter-dimensionnal technology to travel through Time and space, it draws on the quantum knowledge that the microcosm is the same as the macrocosm. The infinitely big, contained in the infinitely small. The ultimate symmetry of the universe. The Frizz added the world magic so it would appeal to young humans and their parents, but there is no magic involve, nothing but pure science."

"Do you have to take all the fun out of it?" Donna let herself fall in one of the seat.

"Ah but science is magical!" Miss Frizzle answered. "And so fun to discover first hand. What do you wish to learn today, Tony?"

Chapter Text

"Doctor, you shouldn't be eating so many sweets." Rose laughed when the blue pinstriped Doctor came back with a rainbow colored cotton candy that was sparkling as if it was a huge piece of unicorn's mane shavings. Her mom was not happy when the Doctors landed them on the moon.

Tony did ask to go to Disney Land after all. Donna was the one who had to explain to the Tylers that Disney bought the moon in 2042 and by the end of the century, they had actually built an amusement park on the whole surface. Riding a roller-coaster with Planet Earth in plain view was something else.

"It's okay, Rose, 'm sharing with Tony."

"What are you feeding my four years old child thirty minutes before bedtime?" Jackie wasn't going to let this pass so easily. "I think you're gonna eat that on your own, mister. No more sweets, Tony, you hear me? Now let's go back to the Tardis and get ready for bed." Rose was so happy, she was floating on a cloud and didn't listen to the rest of the conversation as they walked towards the Tardis.

She just spent the whole day having fun with her family. A day off with her loved ones. Finally, taking a break from jumping from one dimension to another for the universe's sake. This was the best welcoming gift her Doctors could ever give her.


It took more time than it did last evening to get everyone settled in their room for the night. But Rose finally made it back to the console room. The Doctor in blue was sitting on the jump seat, his elbows on his knees, and the one in brown was leaning against the console in front of him.

"You should've listened to Rose." She heard the Time Lord chastise his counterpart. "I hope this won't ruin our plans for the evening."

"What plans?" Rose interrupted. The Doctor in brown straightened up with a welcoming smile. "Are you plotting to keep me up all night again?"

"There you are!" The Time Lord said. "I just landed us on the dark side of the moon for the night. It's a whole other side of the resort."

"The dark side, yeah?" Rose gave him a saucy grin and sat beside the Doctor in blue. He hadn't moved an inch since she came in and seemed to be concentrating on taking deep breaths. Rose put a hand on his back and rubbed lightly. "Would you like more cotton candy, Doctor?" She teased.

She heard him grunt. Then the other Doctor gave him a glass filled with a clear green liquid that Rose knew very well. She had to drink some, one time too many, when her stomach wouldn't cooperate with the adventure ahead. She continued her back rubbing as he downed the glass. "You two are coming?" The Time Lord was waiting on the doorstep.

"Was I always so annoyingly inconsiderate?" The part-human Doctor asked Rose, taking one last deep breath before getting up and lending her a hand.

"Let's say you don't really get how it's like to have an inferior biology." He squeezed her hand, watching her with awe, wondering why she was still with him. Rose had the same awe in her eyes when the doors opened. The scene was nothing but magic, in a futuristic, big city kind of way. It was as if they just landed in a mix between Las Vegas and Hollywood Studios at night.

Each building had their own holographic giant screen advertising it's own Disney movie. As they walked the streets, Rose saw movies she'd never seen before but a lot of those movies that have forged her childhood as well. They were all there. "What is this place?" She asked the part-human Doctor who still held her hand.

"Holo-studios." He answered. "Kind of a 'Choose your own adventure'. You choose a Disney movie you'd like to experience and go ahead and live it."


"Yep. And if we want, we can choose a special, adult version of the movies." The Time Lord added with a wink. Rose's heart started to beat faster.

"You mean.. role playing.. an adult version of a Disney movie?"

"Are you up for it?" The part-human Doctor asked.

"Yeah." Rose was very excited by the project, her head was reeling with ideas. Then she became self-conscious, "I mean.. it's private, is it?"

"It is. But there are cameras so we can keep a copy of the adventure for future viewings." The Time Lord had a wolfish grin on his face. Of course he'd hold the recordings for safekeeping and pull them out on a rainy day.

"Which movie are we trying out then?" She tried to remember all of the Disney stories she knew.

"Don't you have a favorite Disney love story?" The Time Lord asked her. "If I had to choose, I'd go with Peter Pan."

His counterpart snorted. "Oh yeah, I can see it; man tights and a propensity to take young girls from their window sill to show them a whole new world."

"I only take the best! Wendy was brilliant. Peter Pan wouldn't have taken anyone else." The Time Lord answered him with a huff. "But I'd let you be Peter Pan, I wanna be hook." He mimed a hook with his finger and barked a wicked laugh, grabbing Rose around the hips and making her twirl.

He kept his wicked gaze on her, hypnotizing and utterly sinful. And Rose gasped, bringing her arms around his neck. God, he'd be gorgeous playing any kind of role. His lips stopped, inches from hers. She could taste his breath, and in that moment, she wanted nothing more than to be chained in the pirate's Captain's chamber with him doing depraved things to her while waiting for her other man to come and save her.

"And you, Rose," The Time Lord growled against her lips. "Which Disney love story do you prefer?"

Rose took a step back and sighed. "The most romantic Disney love story is, without any doubt, Beauty and the Beast." At the Doctors reaction, she added, "While Peter Pan would be a role play very exciting to explore as an adult couple already in a healthy relationship, I don't think the relationship between Peter and Wendy is very healthy.. and it's even less healthy between Wendy and Hook!" Rose interrupted the Time Lord as he was ready to argue. "Belle and her Beast on the other hand is one of healing and growth and developing love that we don't get to see in a lot of love stories on telly. And we'll still get the thrill of you as my captors."

"Rose, there are two of us and just one beast," the Time Lord said "and I am not playing Gaston. There is a difference between villain and reprehensible."

Rose shrugged. "Couldn't you tweak the game to add a second beast? Dunno. We can always go with Peter Pan if you'd prefer."

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"Rose, Rose, come and see this." The Time Lord was up to something. When they learned the gardener caught the flu, this morning, he told Pete he would take care of it. Rose wasn't sure it was such a good idea but he was adamant and Pete didn't mind. Surely, he didn't know the Doctor as well as her and Jackie knew him. Jackie was off shopping for clothes with James and the part human Doctor.

Rose prayed the Doctor wouldn't do anything stupid enough that would get him a Jackie Tyler slap. "Doctor, what did you do?" She asked.

"Why do you assume I did something wrong?"

"Well, did you?"

"No! Come and see!" The Doctor grabbed her hand and brought her outside. Everything seemed perfect, the grass had been mowed, and the flowerbeds had been weeded out.

"Wow, good job, Doctor! You did all this?"

"Yeah, yeah, I did." He answered dismissively. "But wait, come and see." He grabbed a latter and with a nod of the head, he asked her to follow him. Rose frown and did as he asked. They went to the side of the house and laid the latter against the roof. He climbed up and she followed. What the hell was he on about. The roof was high and Rose did have to admit she got a bit dizzy when she arrived at the top.

The Doctor was already sitting on the far end of the roof, his feet dangling over the edge. Rose joined him and held him a bit tighter than she had too when her feet dropped beside his. "Look." He pointed down toward the lawn.

"Oh, my God." She exclaimed. She didn't know if she should laugh or be mad at him when she saw he rearranged the flowerbeds so they would spell her name. "You are such a dork."

He turned to her, his face so near and smiled. "I love you!"

"I love you too." She answered and hugged him.

Chapter Text

Rose woke up when the Doctor in blue hugged her close and kissed her on the ear giving her shivers all over. The Time Lord was gone. Was he even there to begin with? Maybe she dreamt about him sleeping in her arms. The part-human Doctor continued to hold her tight. He brushed some hair off her face and neck and kissed her there. Rose didn't dare to move.

The Doctor never kissed her before. Well.. not like that. "'M so sorry, Rose." Rose turned in his arms and his fingers continued their caress on her cheek.


"I never told you how much I love you." Rose breath caught in her throat. "I saw you kiss him and I got jealous, and stupid and it almost cost Donna's life and it.. killed the Tardis."

"Hey, no, stop this." Rose grabbed his face.

"I know he is not happy with me. I am not either.."

"I am!" Rose interrupt him. "I am happy with you. It's all that matters ok. We'll get through this ok. Like everything else. There is no need to point fingers, we just need to work towards a solution alright." The Doctor in blue nodded. "But, I think you should still answer the question again."

"Which question?"

"How was that sentence going to end?" The part-human Doctor smiled and caressed her cheek. He kissed her forehead, her nose, then his lips were against hers and Rose hugged him, pulled him against her body to feel his weight and his warmth.

"Rose Tyler," he broke the kiss for a second before plunging back in. "I love you." He whispered between her lips.


The Time Lord was nowhere to be seen and after searching the Tardis, and her room, Rose gave up. "Do you think he ran off?" Rose ask the Doctor in blue. She was really worried. He could've been so upset about yesterday that he'd just left all of them here. Rose felt suddenly very guilty for kissing the part-human Doctor while the Time Lord could've been angry and hurt and alone and stuck somewhere else in the world.

She resigned herself to go get something to eat and start searching for him right after. But when they got to the kitchen, there he was.. with Tony. The boy and him covered with flour and jam, he was flipping pancakes. "Noooo Rose. It was a surprise. Go back to sleep." Her brother demanded.

"You're making pancakes for breakfast?" It was the first time Rose had seen her Doctor cook anything.

"Indeed I am. Domestics! I gotta get use to them! Sit down, they are almost ready." As he put the plates on the tables he asked. "What do you want to do today, Rose?"

"Me? I dont know. I.. why?" He sat down.

"Whatever you want. 'M up for it. You spent the whole day yesterday by our side while we tended the Tardis. And before that you spent years jumping through universes to try and find me. I think you deserve it. Whatever you want."

"Well how about getting the Tardis to move out of my room for one?" Jackie just entered the kitchen. "Oh my God! What have you done to my kitchen?!"

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I keep this as a safekeeping. This outcome is not written or linked to any chapter yet. Please come back later!

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I keep this as a safekeeping. This outcome is not written or linked to any chapter yet. Please come back later!

Chapter Text

When she got back to the flat from a day of work at Torchwood, the Doctor was taking a shower. Rose had to admit, things had been rough for the last few weeks. They’d been back in Pete’s World for a couple of months now and things seemed to go well at first. They worked for Torchwood and moved in Rose’s flat in the city. Their relationship was striving and even though they haven’t bonded yet, they worked on Rose’s telepathy often.

She had to admit it, it was pretty frustrating. She was taking baby steps and their link didn’t seem to evolve as fast as it should. In the last weeks things seem to be deteriorating for the Doctor. He just didn’t seem to be able to fit in. Pete had to give him some time off after he went mad and destroyed a lab. His genius brain was an asset for Torchwood but the Doctor wasn’t thrilled of them using his knowledge to build weapons meant to ‘protect’ the Earth from potential invasions.

Mundane life was also becoming a hassle for him. Chores and paperwork and rules of propriety were not an innate skill and most of the time he didn’t even fathom there was something 'wrong' with his behavior until it was too late. Rose thought it was cute and except for some stuck up persons that didn’t know him well enough, most of their friends and family didn’t mind but it got really frustrating to the Doctor because he was really trying and putting himself under great pressure to perform well in this new life.

At one point, he just gave up all together, ghosting around the apartment and not leaving the couch for days. Rose stood by his side though. She would never leave him in this despair and she was working hard to put some money together so they could leave this place and travel the world at one point. She was also working hard on her own telepathic skill.

She thought if she’d be able to make a giant leap and finally give him the unity he craved for, it would make everything easier. It wasn’t as if he was putting any pressure on her, though. If something in the Doctor’s life was thriving, it was his relationship with Rose. Thank God they had each other. Thank God he had her. Rose opened the restroom door slowly and she smiled her eyes zooming on him through the glass window.

He supporting himself on the wall, both hands on each side of the spray, water glistening down his hair and skin. Rose was suddenly submerged by a slight panic; a dark cloud filled her soul. A mix of anger, disgust and deep sorrow rushed like a chilling wave down her spine and she had to repress some tears from rising. She didn’t understand where those feelings were coming from.

Then she understood. They were his feelings. He was crying. She didn't even think when she jumped in the shower and held him against her, clothes and all. She didn’t know why he was crying and she didn’t really care. For the moment, Rose just wanted to be there for him. He held her tight and cried in the crook of her neck until the storm past and everything calmed down.

“Hey, I’m here.” she whispered, rubbing soothing circles on his back.

The Doctor smiled softly at her. “Rose, you forgot to take your clothes off..”

"Do you want to help me take them off?" she asked with a saucy grin, pulling on the fabric sticking to her belly. It made a sucking noise as the wet textile unglued off Rose’s skin. Desire flashed up in his eyes as they flew over the now see-through white linen. The Doctor took a deep breath. He stepped towards her with a groan. His fingers dug on the sides of her thighs, catching the hem of the skirt.

“Yeah, let me help you.” She raised her arms above her head so he could pull her dress up and over her head. His fingers left a trail of desire and need as he wrote the movement in Rose’s skin. And she felt it; the Doctor’s own arousal glided down her spine and tightened her belly. Rose rested her hand against his chest, between his hearts, to push him away a little.

It was a bit overwhelming. She breathed out the rush he gave her. “Doctor, I can feel you.” He let the dress fall in a wet blob on the shower's floor.

“How do you feel me, Rose?”

She tried to put in words what it felt like. “Your emotions, they’re… rushing over me.” Rose saw the Doctor hesitate for a moment, stricken with guilt from being in such a dark mood for the first time she’d been able to feel him like this.

But then he reached for her cheek and smiled. “Really?” Warm, caring love covered her. Rose couldn’t repress a chuckle and a wide smile. He sent her this one on purpose. “Come here.” Rose fell into his arms with complete abandon and they kissed under the pouring water. They were holding each other, passionately sharing this moment, eyes never leaving the other's gaze. And something in them clicked. The Doctor felt it, and she did too. "Rose, I’m so sorry." The Doctor was awestruck. "I was so indulged in y own despair, I didn’t even realize how much our link had strengthened."

But Rose was already lost in the sensations, feeling him all around her, emotions rushing back and forth and amplifying until they both whimpered, caught in a kaleidoscope of turbulent visions of love. Rose chuckled while tears of joy filled her eyes. She felt him smile in response to her mirth. He sent her a powerful feeling of love that overwhelmed her senses and made her weak in the knees.

She responded with arousal, deep and strong, beating of her heart and tightness of her inner walls that made him whimper and kiss her deeply. The taste of him was mixed with the warm water of the shower pouring over their kiss and Rose drank him in. His fingers dug in her back as he tightened his grip and glued her to his body. So close, she felt as though their skin was fused like their mind was about to.

“Rose, this is so… I can’t…" he was losing control, about to pour everything he was into her feeble human mind, about to meld his body, his mind, his soul with hers in such a deep lever. Oh yes, please, God, or whatever deity, he just wanted to let go and take the plunge.

"I want you. I really do,” And she sent him a surge of her love, her desire, her trust, her sheer strength of will. He couldn't stop himself anymore and his forehead connecting with hers. He was now trembling, whispering in Gallifreyan. Rose felt her back connected with the cold tiled wall and gasped out of their connection, noticing the water has gone a bit colder.

"Stay with me, Rose. Don’t leave me,” he called her back in his mind with a powerful pull, kissing her deeply with teeth and tongue. She gasped back into the whirling world within them. The Doctor was pulling her in with a strong magnetic force, sucking her whole being. Rose could literally feel her soul being hauled out of her own body to follow his in the rising vortex his arousal was generating around them. Her skin attracted to his body as if the Doctor was a powerful magnet, every part of Rose that wasn’t in contact with his cold-warmth was aching with the crave of him. "I love you,” He rasped in a whisper.

And the only thing Rose saw before he completed the connection was the intense adoration in his eyes. He lifted her up, grabbing her thighs and with an high-pitch sob, urged toward her center. He was inside her, literally, physically, and Rose might have screamed, she was panicking, suddenly scared of letting go. But it was inevitable, she was melting, losing herself, becoming him, becoming them.

His scent was under her skin, his taste filling her every muscle, the feel of him vibrating in her bones, his hearts were beating, thundering within hers and he was breathing through her own lungs. The aching was sickening when he had to use all his strength to pull back out of her. The whole universe was fighting for them to stay as one; the agony of losing the Doctor within her was unbearable.

Rose needed to let go and follow the waves but she actually felt as though she was drowning, as if she couldn’t breathe without him breathing through her. Her heart had stop too and she wondered for a second if her body could sustain such a physical merging, if she would be able to survive if he wasn't within her to give her life. She wondered if she could live without him coursing through her skin.

Her faculty to breathe came back with him filling her again. They both groaned, or maybe he did and it reverberated into her lungs to her throat. Blue mixed with golden and twirled, creating a whole new light. They swayed together, in a constant rhythm of pulls and thrusts, crushed by the waves of the ocean of their love for one another. Between longing and plenitude, until both the sensations meld together and longing became pleasure and plenitude, everything.

The Doctor grabbed her tighter pushing much deeper, rushing all they were to their core. Rose screamed some more as they exploded, releasing a white blinding light that overwhelmed both their consciousness. She blanked out, floating in their awe, surrounded and entranced by their scent. Eternity lingered above. Neither of them would be whole anymore without the other.

It took some time for Rose to register where she was and what had just happened. The awareness of her surroundings slowly coming back to focus. The scent of overthrown shampoo bottles, the sound of the water and its warmth rushing over them, the comforting weight of the Doctor’s body over hers. He was still within her. Her fingers closed firmly on his hips, bruising, she couldn't let him go.

He seemed as out of it as she was. He was panting heavily against her collarbone, all of his concentration set on keeping his weight from crushing her. Her throat and her chest were constricted with fathomless tears, her lungs breathing through spasms and soft sobs. She whimpered loudly, trying to get rid of the tremors that still shook her body. The Doctor found his strength back at once and lifted himself up enough to look at her. "Rose?"

"Hey.." she let out in a shaky breath. "Am I.." her lips twisted of their own accord. "Am I suppose to feel like this?" She managed to finish her sentence before a few tears fell from her eyes. He shook his head, and swallowed thickly. He had his I'm so sorry face on and Rose nodded, still searching for her breath. She rubbed her face with both her hands, a way to mask the uncertainties rumbling inside.

But she couldn’t fool him, especially after what they'd just done. His frowning lips kissed her forehead. “Let me help you to bed, Rose.” He offered. He pulled back a fraction, to reach out and shut down the water, his eyes never leaving hers. He pulled her up with him and they both managed to make it to the bed.

"No don't leave me." Rose said, a little louder than she intended to, when he took a few step away from the bed. Her raspy voice was just another proof of her distress.

“I need to get us some towels, Rose. I'll be right back." He kissed her forehead and looked at her intently, waiting for her to calm down before he turned around. Rose couldn't understand why it was hurting so much as he walked to the bathroom, her whole body quivering when deprived of his. A physical aching need had settled in the cells of her skin which could only be quenched by his touch.

And in this moment she hated herself for being so feeble without him. As Rose sat there, naked and cold in spite of the supposedly warm air of the room, shaken by the magnitude of what had just happened, she realized how violently profound the experience had trampled over her body and her soul. She felt so little, so vulnerable, and defective. She used all the strength she had left to stop herself from breaking apart.

But then, she already was broken. Rose choked into tears. She missed him so much in this moment but the last thing she wanted was for him to see her cry, the last thing she wanted was for him to think it was his fault she was crumbling, the last thing she wanted was for him to think she regretted what they've just done. Her body was shaking into uncontrollable sobs.

Suddenly the Doctor was there, holding her in his arms, caressing the pain off her skin and it was her turn to cry in the crook of his neck. The storm was coming undone tempestuously. Rose wanted to be strong for him. She wanted to live this meaningful moment by his side. She wanted to show him how beautiful and profound it has been for her, but all she could do was cry.

"I’m so sorry,” Rose whimpered between wet sobs, holding him so tight.

"Don’t be,” He tightened his grip as well, sharing a comforting touch with his nose behind my ear. “I’m here.” The Doctor used the towel to dry her up before rubbing it on his own skin. He laid her in the bed and shielded her body with his, moving to curl up between her and the night. The exhaustion made her quiver long after she fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Rose was about to fall asleep for the hundredth time that night. The last thing she saw was the bluish light rising in the distance. An exhausted tickle of excitation made her insides shiver at the sight of the first light of day, but she couldn't bother to remember why. "Rose." She heard the doctor mumble beside her but didn't have the strength to answer him. "Rose the sun is rising."

She lifted a finger. It was the only part of her that could still move. The doctor pulled her to him and his lips found hers. They've been practising this all night, using kisses and caresses to wake the other up and to keep them awake so they wouldn't fall back in slumber. So Rose found the rhythm easily as she slowly woke up again. His body seemed cooler than it did the rest of the night – might be the fatigue.

Rose's skin was so very warm against the flat of his chest, the difference in body temperature muddled her control quite effectively in the process. The Doctor seemed exhausted as much as she was. His lips opened slightly before closing back, leaving a moist invitation for her mouth to dance with his. She followed the pace of his tongue. "We could wait." Rose said against his mouth. "We are both exhausted."

The Doctor shook his head. "It's morning. We made a pact. And I will honor every pact we make until the day I die." He rocked his raging erection against her thigh to show her he was up to the challenge. Rose was still hesitant to let herself go so intimately in this experience. Especially when she looked at the state of debilitating fatigue they both were in.

She really hoped her first time with him would be better then a few ins and outs and voilà! The Doctor moaned between her lips and the sound of his pleasure rippled way down below her navel. Rose squeaked further in his embrace, unable to resist pulling his waist against hers with her leg. Her centre was throbbing with the need of him inside her and feeling him hard against her stomach was amplifying the yearning.

The Doctor's kiss was passionate but slow. Once again, she could sense his exhaustion in every movement he shared with her and Rose wondered if it was worth getting so excited over something that might finish way too fast for her uproar to find release. It was Rose's turn to moan, she was begging for him and the effect was immediate: the Doctor pulled her closer and with a deep growl, he rolled over her to align his body with hers.

He fell into the cradle of her hips and they both moaned loudly. They've been waiting for this moment all night. Hell, they've been waiting for this moment for years. Reaching incredible heights, than having to come back down, over and over again. And it was finally happening, and he was completely lodge inside her, and it was so easy, and so good, and she wanted to stay in this sacred moment for ever.

He wrapped his hand behind her thigh; never taking his lips off hers as he plunged into her heat once more. A blissful, electrifying web of electricity made her body spasms and she shiver around him. “Doctor.” she grunted, rippling in delight. He pulled out only an inch, then thrust back in, making that grumbling noise that she totally got addicted to over the course of the night.

His rhythm was heavy but blissful in flow with the drive of his tongue between her lips. He was making desperate, gasping noises. The pace of his thrusts never sped up but seemed to increase in passion, setting the pace of her own panting breath. With an high-pitch whimper he connected his forehead with hers and a shiver passed through Rose, making the hair on her body rise when his deep, brown, loving gaze plunged into hers.

The intense emotions she saw there washed over her in a whirlwind blur and she gasped as he filled her again. “I love you,” he murmured. “I love you so much.” He shoved his nose onto her neck and let out a shaky laugh. "I'm so fucking exhausted. 'M sorry, I am so slow. 'M so sorry. I am.." He tried a lazy attempt to add clarity to his pre-slumber babbling apologies.

“It's okay, Doctor. We don’t have to rush. I mean rough and passionate sex is very fun but.. we can make it slow."

"Slow is good." The Doctor mumbled in the crook of Rose's neck. "Very good. It's like.. Like slow dance, slow dancing with you is… Hm… fantastic. And...” He trailed off, almost falling asleep but staying surprisingly hard inside of her. He really needed some sleep. It was early morning and the sun was starting to show, a little rest would be profitable for both of them after such a wonderful night.

Rose's fingers were drawing round figures on the Doctor's back to lull them both out of the inflaming state they had put themselves into. “Rose…?” He was trying to fight himself out of his slumber.

“Hm?” she hummed her answer and he retaliated with another hum, forcing his upper body back up. His lips crashed on hers once more, sluggishly lapping her tongue out. He didn’t want to let this moment fade into a dream. Rose turned them over, then, pinning his body against the bed. The Doctor spared her a surprise glance from below before she kissed him back. “You need to sleep, Doctor.” Rose said, slightly grim from having to let go of him.

He grabbed her by the hips to hold her in place. In the state he was – his eyes barely able to stay open – Rose was amazed about how strong his erection still stood in the comforting warmth of her slit. “Please… Stay..” Rose gave the Doctor a teasing tongue touched smile with a buck of her hips to tease some more. He groaned and his bum arched off the bed pushing further in a perfect angle.

She gasped with pleasure, head lulling back for how incredibly good it was. God, why haven't they done this sooner. He fitted her so perfectly she couldn't help to wonder how her life would be if they'd done this years ago. “You’re gorgeous, Rose.” He whispered in awe. “Oh Rose.” He gasped. His tongue danced with hers in passionate swirls. One of his hand entangled in her hair to pull her further in the kiss as the other one dug its fingers in her lower back, guiding himself in and out of her, letting out delightful whimpers filled with desperate desire and need.

Both his hands moved down to her bum and he made a pleading noise as the rhythm slightly accelerate. Rose reminded herself of how exhausted he was. This love-making wouldn’t last long but she still wanted to find satisfaction to this yearning growing in her centre. She sat up for a better angle, which made them both moan, rolled her hips as he continued to shove deep.

A cry pushed its way out of her at the pinching feeling of him hitting her womb. The bemused Time Lord was utterly transfixed on Rose's body dancing on his. He was praising appreciatively at the view and it encouraged her to give him quite a show. She gasped and moaned her way in his adoration, rocking on the strong manhood he was offering, letting her hands caress strategic points of her skin to make herself whimper a little louder for his own pleasure.

But the teasing soon switched into pure eroticism, electrifying Rose's nerves with lust, and at one point she totally forgot the Doctor was there. She was deriving her own satisfaction from fingers and cock. A climax heralding its way in her cries as the heat intensified. So much so that when she opened back her eyes on his, the reminder of his adulating gaze on her tightened her stomach in a boiling wave that crashed throughout her whole being.

Rose heard the Doctor say her name as he took control of her pleasure with a growl, his thrust deep and wild. Unyielding rapture rolled up from her clit, to her womb, up her lungs and bolted in a powerful cry before another jolt of her orgasm made her inside clamp around him tight, intensifying the blissful tension for both of them. Rose's hands fell on his chest while the Doctor pounded hard inside her, his digging fingers steering her hips as he intended to.

With the last bit of lucidity left in him, he sobbed Rose's name and grabbed the side of her face to graze her temple. She howled once more, his shared pleasure flowing through her, steeling the last strength she had left to hold herself above him. It took a long time before regaining any kind of clarity. Rose's ear rested on his beating heart until the world settled back into its rightful place.

Listening to the deep and rhythmic flow of air in his lungs was enough for her to understand that he had already drifted in a slumbering state. He was conquered. After spending the little strength he had left on sharing his love with her. Rose rolled on the Doctor's side, pulling the covers over them, and let soft kisses caress his face. He cuddled closer, nuzzling her cheek. “Thank you.” He whispered, holding her tight before slipping back into deep torpor.

Chapter Text

Both the Doctor and Rose were standing in front of each other beside the bed. Both of them were completely naked. "You look like a human." She raised her right eyebrow. He told her that Time Lords were different, that he wanted to take this step slowly, and learn each other as it goes. He was scared that bonding with a Time Lord would be too overwhelming for her human biology.

"I do." He swallowed. "Is that a good or a bad thing?"

"You just.. told me that Time Lords were different." Rose frowned and took a step towards him. He hesitated. Still unsure of how she might react.

"Touch me." He asked of her. She took another step towards him but he stepped back. "Only with one hand." She nodded and gently laid her hand on his chest, playing with the hairs there. Her fingers explored his skin, every crevasses, every ridges, every freckles. The Doctor started to breathe deeply, in and out as his erection grew full between him and Rose.

It didn't take long that his skin started rippling under her fingers. Tiny waves of pleasure that sent little sparks on Rose's finger tips. He groaned and closed his eyes, keeping his breathing steady. "Woah!" Rose reacted when the sparks became soft shocks, starting from her hand and flying across her body. She felt her heartbeat in her inner thighs and it rendered her a bit dizzy.

The Doctor was still breathing, in and out, deeper and deeper in concentration. Rose relished in the sensation. From her hand to her lungs, she felt them filled with fresh air even if she wasn't breathing as deep as he was. She knew it was coming from him and it felt incredible. He groaned again, as her palm went down his arm. His skin was now undulating as if it wasn't as tangible as it should be.

The shocks beginning to feel like electricity flowing through her nervous system. It was blissful. "Doctor, what is that?" She breathed too.

"Our link, Rose." Rose jumped. The vibration of his voice was coursing through her bones. His eyes were still closed as he continued. "Your body is connecting with mine, and I am connecting to yours. It will get a bit more intense, then that." He opened his eyes, pupils so big she couldn't see his brown irises. "Do you wish to stop?" The vibration of his voice was everywhere and especially between her thighs.

She closed her eyes as well. She wished he'd never stop talking. "Does it hurt?" She ask the legitimate question.

"We become one." He answers as if it was that simple. "If none of us hurts, then it shouldn't hurt." His voice was an echo inside her chest, helping her heart beat. Would her heart stop beating if he'd stop talking? "Hey, you're alright, Rose, breathe." And she did. "You don't need to lose yourself in this. You stay Rose Tyler, ok." She nodded, concentrating on her breathing as he did, concentrating on staying Rose Tyler as she felt more an more of him inside her.

She continued her touching, her hand getting up his arm. His skin cresting and swelling under her digits. A wave of fear struck through her heart when she tried to raise a finger but couldn't. Those little shocks made the attraction to his skin so strong. She opened her eyes to see his skin curling around her fingers, physically connecting with her hand, pulling her flesh under his skin and panic took hold of her.

"Breathe, Rose." He was looking at her, having felt her fear. "We can stop whenever you want to." She shook her head as, once more his voice filled her mind in such a strange blissful way.

"We are literally melding together." Her voice was shaking. She couldn't say if she was petrified or amazed.

"At a certain level, yeah." The Doctor frowned. He scratched the back of his head, taking a step back, forcing her hand to let go of his shoulder. He needed to reassure Rose that it was easily fixable. They wouldn't stay stuck together forever, and she could step out of it at any moment. And Rose felt him leave her body, as if he was pulling a web, that was attached to each one of her cells. She shivered. "Is it too much?" He asked her with a worried look.

Chapter Text

----------------PART ONE---------------------

1-How was this sentence going to end (K) CYOAVERSE
2-Does it needs saying (K)
3-Rose Tyler I love you (K)

----------------PART TWO---------------------

2-Does it needs saying (K) CYOA
4-And you Doctor (K)
5-What's your problem blondie (T)

3-Rose Tyler I love you (K) CYOA
6-I can work with that (K)
7-Are you going mad space boy (T)

----------------PART THREE---------------------

4-And you Doctor (K) CYOA
8-I'm never gonna leave you (K)
9-Could I be your leftover (K)

5-What's your problem blondie (T) CYOAVERSE
10-I'm not mating with you (K)
11-It's DoctorDonna (T)

6-I can work with that (K) CYOA
12-Can I go too (K)
13-I'm up for it (K)

7-Are you going mad space boy (T) CYOA
14-There is nothing we can do (T)
15-Far from the finish line (T)

----------------PART FOUR---------------------

8-I'm never gonna leave you (K) CYOASTORY
16-Don't fall asleep (M)
17-You wouldn't wake up (K)

9-Could I be your leftover (K) CYOA
18-I'm home (E)
19-So bloody windy (K)

10-I'm not mating with you (K) CYOA
20-Do you wanna come with me (K)
21-You've got me (K)

11-It's DoctorDonna (T) CYOA
21-You've got me (K)
22-Stupid ape (M)

12-Can I go too (K) CYOA
23-It had to be done (K)
24-Take me to your leader (M)

13-I'm up for it (K) CYOASTORY
25-Does it really matter (E)
26-I can do safe (K)

14-There is nothing we can do (T) CYOAVERSE
27-He is your son (K)
28-We can't move (K)

15-Far from the finish line (T) CYOA
29-We are not leaving her here (T)
30-I felt her die (M)

----------------PART FIVE---------------------

16-Don't fall asleep (M) CYOAVERSE
31-Pillow talk (E)
32-Wake up call (M)

17-You wouldn't wake up (K) CYOAVERSE
33-I'm still hungry (M)
34-Wormhole (M)

18-I'm home (E) CYOASTORY
19-So bloody windy (K)
35-Just a date (K)

19-So bloody windy (K) CYOAVERSE
36-Send in your men (T)
37-Let's save the world (T)

20-Do you wanna come with me (K) CYOA
38-I've been through worse (K)
39-You're the Doctor now (K)

21-You've got me (K) CYOAVERSE
40-I already have someone (K)
41-Meeting adjourned (K)

22-Stupid ape (M) CYOA
42-DoctorDonna and rose (E)
43-The little dishy thing (T)

23-It had to be done (K) CYOASTORY
44-We need a night out (M)
45-I don't think we are on Felspoon (M)

24-Take me to your leader (M) CYOAVERSE
46-Don't you see it (T)
47-Our old moves (E)

25-Does it really matter (E) CYOAVERSE
26-I can do safe (K)
48-He is watching us (E)

26-I can do safe (K) CYOAVERSE
49-Science is magical (K)
50-Disney love story (T)

27-He is your son (K) CYOA
51-You are such a dork (K)
52-Evil things*

28-We can't move (K) CYOA
53-You deserve it (K)
54-I am going to kill him

29-We are not leaving her here (T) CYOASTORY
55-I finally found you*
56-If anyone could help*

30-I felt her die (M) CYOAVERSE
57-Is it too much (M)
58-I can feel you (E)

----------------PART SIX---------------------

31-Pillow talk (E) CYOA
32-Wake up call (M)
59-The sun is rising (E)

32-Wake up call (M) CYOASTORY
19-So bloody windy (K)
35-Just a date (K)

33-I'm still hungry (M) CYOA
60-Alien experiments (T)
61-Torchwood quarantine

34-Wormhole (M) CYOA
62-Back in the Tardis
63-A new Rose (K)

35-Just a date (K) CYOAVERSE
64-As normal couples do (E)
65-Sex in the limo

36-Send in your men (T) CYOASTORY
35-Just a date (K)
66-Cutting edge*

37-Let's save the world (T) CYOA
67-Agent Tyler is down (T)
68-You can't leave me

38-I've been through worse (K) CYOA
69-Tip top shape (K)
70-Give me some spock*

39-You're the Doctor now (K) CYOA
71-Doctor coming through (T)
72-Follow my lead

40-I already have someone (K) CYOA
73-Creating Rose (K)
74-Jackie gets postcards

41-Meeting adjourned (K) CYOASTORY
75-Dead on the job*
76-Doctor and demon*

42-DoctorDonna and rose (E) CYOA
43-The little dishy thing (T)
77-Dinner with the family (K)

43-The little dishy thing (T) CYOAVERSE
78-How can I assist you (T)
79-Not a storm cloud

44-We need a night out (M) CYOAVERSE
80-Let's not speculate (T)
81-Have you done this before*

45-I don't think we are on Felspoon (M) CYOAVERSE
82-The next level (M)
83-I am naked

46-Don't you see it (T) CYOA
84-It wasn't a dream (K)
85-I can't remember

47-Our old moves (E) CYOAVERSE
86-What started it all (K)
87-I am not anyone's rose (T)

48-He is watching us (E) CYOA
26-I can do safe (K)
88-Tyler home (K)

49-Science is magical (K) CYOA
89-Let there be light (T)
90-Take chances

50-Disney love story (T) CYOAVERSE
91-Never ever grow old (E)
92-Let him go

51-You are such a dork (K) CYOA
52-Evil things*
93-Together (K)

94-We stay together
95-We are not alone

53-You deserve it (K) CYOA
96-If you say so*
97-Still hard (K)

98-They find Ten
99-They don't find Ten

100-Someone important to me

102-You can't escape us
103-You are pregnant

57-Is it too much (M) CYOA
58-I can feel you (E)
104-I trust you (E)

58-I can feel you (E) CYOAVERSE
105-Proposal in the mountains (M)
106-Proposal under the rain

----------------PART SEVEN---------------------

59-The sun is rising (E) CYOA
66-Cutting edge*
107-You're ready for this (M)

60-Alien experiments (T) CYOA
108-Saved by Judoons (K)
109-Outer space

110-Venusian princess
111-The cure

112-Bringing Donna home

63-A new Rose (K) CYOASTORY
35-Just a date (K)
66-Cutting edge*

64-As normal couples do (E) CYOA
114-Swirls and twirls (K)

116-Bus ride
117-The estate

118-Girls night out
119-Quiz night

67-Agent Tyler is down (T) CYOA
120-Their own little world (M)
121-I'm so sorry

122-Without him
123-Keep up the good fight*

69-Tip top shape (K) CYOASTORY

124-Sickbay it is
125-Or something

71-Doctor coming through (T) CYOA
126-It's a balloon (K)
127-This won't end well (T)

127-This won't end well (T)

73-Creating Rose (K) CYOA
129-New bodies (K)
130-Rose is back


133-Young River
134-Old River

135-Jealous demon
136-Two impossibles

77-Dinner with the family (K) CYOASTORY

78-How can I assist you (T) CYOASTORY
77-Dinner with the family (K)
137-Against the console

139-The weapon

80-Let's not speculate (T) CYOA
140-Fan merch (T)
141-Time Lord slaves

142-Uli's hamster*
143-Cleaning up

82-The next level (M) CYOASTORY
44-We need a night out (M)
81-Have you done this before*

144-In your arms
145-Keep your eyes open

84-It wasn't a dream (K) CYOA
146-A glitch in time (K)
147-Just a fantasy

147-Just a fantasy
148-Not like this

86-What started it all (K) CYOA
87-I am not anyone's rose (T)
149-Forgetful (K)

87-I am not anyone's rose (T) CYOA
149-Forgetful (K)
150-Time agency

88-Tyler home (K) CYOAVERSE

89-Let there be light (T) CYOA
90-Take chances
151-They will be ours (K)

152-Marry me
153-I'll come back to you

91-Never ever grow old (E) CYOA
154-Falling for blonds
155-Fire at will

156-Rot in your cell
157-All wibbly wobbly

93-Together (K) CYOASTORY

159-The maze

161-The goblin master

163-Plain to see

97-Still hard (K) CYOASTORY

96-If you say so*
164-Growing the tardis


167-Traveling with Nine*
168-Tea with Nine

169-Forced bonding
170-Rose's kindness

172-Pink fumes

173-Under the sea
174-Wrong Tardis

104-I trust you (E) CYOASTORY
175-Phone sex*
176-No bear in sight*

105-Proposal in the mountains (M) CYOASTORY
104-I trust you (E)
177-Thirteen crashes the party*

175-Phone sex*
176-No bear in sight*

----------------PART EIGHT---------------------

107-You're ready for this (M) CYOASTORY
35-Just a date (K)
66-Cutting edge*

108-Saved by Judoons (K) CYOASTORY
18-I'm home (E)
35-Just a date (K)


18-I'm home (E)
66-Cutting edge*

35-Just a date (K)
66-Cutting edge*

44-We need a night out (M)
178-Distress signal*


114-Swirls and twirls (K) CYOASTORY
176-No bear in sight*
179-Totally worth it*

66-Cutting edge*
179-Totally worth it*

117-The Estate
180-Dinner on the bus


181-Drunk call
182-Drunk kissing


120-Their own little world (M) CYOASTORY

185-Dark thoughts


189-Saint mary's

191-Water monster
192-Just a pawn


126-It's a balloon (K) CYOA
127-This won't end well (T)
195-Electromagnetic pulse

127-This won't end well (T) CYOA
196-Queen Donna (T)
197-Queen Rose

127-This won't end well (T)
195-Electromagnetic pulse

129-New bodies (K) CYOASTORY

198-No Ten

131-INDIA ***THE*END***

200-Going down
201-In shock



136-Two impossibles
202-Just like me

203-The bookshop


77-Dinner with the family (K)
137-Against the console

205-Kill them all
206-Kill us all

140-Fan merch (T) CYOASTORY

210-The moment*

178-Distress signal*
211-Pregnant Rose*

142-Uli's hamster*
178-Distress signal*

178-Distress signal*
212-We've got you

213-Keep her hydrated
214-That makes two

146-A glitch in time (K) CYOASTORY
24-Take me to your leader (M)
215-The Master*

216-Pete's world
217-Starting all over

218-Part two
219-Med lab

149-Forgetful (K) CYOASTORY

149-Forgetful (K)
220-A way out

151-They will be ours (K) CYOASTORY
50-Disney love story (T)
88-Tyler home (K)

153-I'll come back to you
221-Rodents of unusual size

222-They're right behind me
223-Where is the spider

224-Clouds of love
155-Fire at will

225-Fight or flight
226-Swimming contest

228-A night alone

229-In my room
230-Don't move

231-Alien symbols

233-Fairy food
234-Three wishes


238-All tied up

239-Drinking with celestial beings*

241-Trashy magazines
242-Peeping Tom




243-Stop it
244-History repeating

245-Pool of love

247-Back to ten
248-Keeping Rose

169-Forced bonding
249-Star Trek maraton

250-Just in time
251-I give you my life



254-Such a good kisser
255-Future life

177-Thirteen crashes the party*
256-New York City

257-Lake caribou
258-The key

176-No bears in sight*
259-I still love you

----------------PART NINE---------------------

260-Saving themselves

263-Life at the mansion

117-The estate
264-End of the line

265-Blow drive
266-Sleeping beauty

181-Drunk call

268-Friendly dinner

184-CHIPS ***THE*END***

270-The Doctor

185-Dark thoughts
271-Rose's grave

272-Still with you
273-Too long

275-Mind games

35-Just a date (K)
66-Cutting edge*

189-Saint mary's
276-Make love to me



191-Water monster

279-So much water


196-Queen Donna (T) CYOASTORY


198-NO TEN
280-Wedding surprise
281-Almost missed it

199-TWELVE ***THE*END***

282-Same parka


203-The bookshop
284-Two of them






208-*** ***THE*END***

289-Sound of hope
290-Computer room

291-Saving Gallifrey
292-Friends first

293-That smell
294-We are pregnant

296-I've got you

44-We need a night out (M)
142-Uli's hamster*

44-We need a night out (M)
142-Uli's hamster*

297-Pocket universe
298-Left behind


2-Does it needs saying
3-Rose Tyler I love you

219-Med lab
299-Let me in

300-Rightful timeline
301-Not the same Rose

302-Helping Jack
303-Donna and Jack



309-Magic bus

155-Fire at will
226-Swimming contest

310-Is she dead

312-The beach
313-I could jump


316-West wing*
317-Be my guest*

318-Still doing this

229-In my room
320-Let's get you to your room

321-Back to the beginning
322-Secret door

323-Part-human Doctor

326-Letting go


235-FOO ***THE*END***

236-HOP ***THE*END***

238-All tied up
327-One step ahead

328-Shoved into a blackhole
329-Oblivious James

241-Trashy magazines

241-Trashy magazines

97-Still hard (K)
164-Growing the tardis

331-Friendly manners


333-Clockwork Droids
334-Miss Pompous

167-Traveling with Nine*

56-If anyone could help*
176-No bear in sight*

167-Traveling with nine*
168-Tea with Nine

336-Hiding in the tardis

247-Back to Ten
337-Dancing bananas







176-No bear in sight*
177-Thirteen crashes the party*

258-The key

258-THE KEY ***THE*END***


----------------PART TEN---------------------

341-I did this
342-Our possible future

344-Death sentence

263-Life at the mansion
345-Solar eclipse

66-Cutting edge*
176-No bear in sight*

179-Totally worth it*

266-Sleeping beauty
346-Ice baby


347-Fever party*


269-JACKIE ***THE*END***

271-Rose's Grave
349-Into the stars


56-If anyone could help*
176-No bear in sight*

273-TOO LONG ***THE*END***

56-If anyone could help*
176-No bear in sight*


198-Saint Mary's
350-Through the spheres




351-Sweet moments
352-Come with me




203-The bookshop

353-Loving an angel
354-Young Crowley


287-*** ***THE*END***

288-*** ***THE*END***

81-Have you done this before*
142-Uli's hamster*

210-The moment*
349-I did this

355-New years eve

81-Have you done this before*
142-Uli's hamster*

357-Morning sickness
358-Sucking his thumb

357-Morning sickness
358-Sucking his thumb

81-Have you done this before*
142-Uli's hamster*

81-Have you done this before*
178-Distress signal*



81-Have you done this before*
178-Distress signal*

112-Bringing Donna home

35-Just a date (K)
66-Cutting edge*



361-Different Doctor
362-Not well

364-New life


50-Disney love story (T)
88-Tyler home (K)

308-VENOM ***THE*END***



368-So eager
369-Look at him


370-Keeping post
371-Desk duty

318-Still doing this
372-She is all yours

318-Still doing this

373-Safe word

375-Snowball fight
376-The library

375-Snowball fight
376-The library

49-Science is magical (K)
88-Tyler home (K)

316-West wing*
317-Be my guest*

159-The maze



324-WIND ***THE*END***


378-Taking care of you





239-Drinking with celestial beings*

379-Shower of love



380-Shippy Dalek
381-Emperor of the Daleks

383-Self destruct

247-Back to Ten
248-Keeping Rose

384-Royal feast
385-Baby moments

386-Breaking the bond
387-Threshold of evolution


----------------PART ELEVEN---------------------

210-The moment*
388-Two Roses

44-We need a night out (M)
81-Have you done this before*



176-No bear in sight*
263-Life at the mansion

346-ICE BABY ***THE*END***

389-Viens petite fleur
390-Just the two of us

348-NO ***THE*END***



52-Evil things*
391-Sweet moments II





356-ROSE ***THE*END***

358-Sucking his thumb
392-The blue pen

392-The blue pen
393-Uncle Mickey


396-One time too many

397-Middle spoon
398-You and me

397-Middle spoon
398-You and me

363-ALIVE ***THE*END***

397-Middle spoon
398-You and me

50-Disney love story (T)
88-Tyler home (K)

399-Indian moon*

370-Keeping post
371-Desk duty

370-Keeping post
371-Desk duty

370-Keeping post
371-Desk duty

400-Red handed Jill

400-Red handed Jill

317-Be my guest*
402-Taking control

318-Still doing this

375-Snowball fight
376-The library

376-The library
403-Ballroom dance

403-Ballroom dance

377-VINES ***THE*END***



404-Number one fan

406-I want you safe
407-The harvest

167-Traveling with Nine*


385-Baby moments




----------------PART TWELVE---------------------


411-Une bonne baise
412-Bons amis



351-Sweet moments
413-The birth

392-The blue pen


395-AMBUSH ***THE*END***

415-Toclafane Donna
416-Bad Wolf awakes


398-YOU AND ME ***THE*END***

417-I love you too

419-The last fight

419-The last fight
420-First time

317-Be my guest*
318-Still doing this

421-The prince



167-Traveling with Nine*
168-Tea with Nine


167-Traveling with Nine*
168-Tea with Nine



----------------PART THIRTEEN---------------------

265-Blow drive
412-Bons amis


351-Sweet moments
391-Sweet moments II

351-Sweet moments
424-Baby James

44-We need a night out (M)
178-Distress signal*



370-Keeping post
371-Desk duty





423-KILLED ***THE*END***

----------------PART FOURTEEN---------------------

351-Sweet moments
391-Sweet moments II

Chapter Text

"Wait, Rose." The Doctor said. He's been hearing the buzzing sound for a while now, and the further they were walking out of town, the more he had an idea of what the sound might be. They were close. He could feel it. Like an electric pull on his skin. The static of it mustering a nagging feeling on his nerves.

Rose stopped beside him. "What's up?" She asked him.

The Doctor extended his arm and took a step forward. There it was, the tell-tale of an invisible but powerful force-field. "We are not meant to go further." He answered. "And I don't think we are still in Norway either."

"What are you on about?" Rose frowned.

The Doctor didn't answered. He just took another step forward, grimacing as he laid his hand on the first layer of the grid. "Huh!" This wasn't a force-field after all. Rose gasped when she saw reality shift around the Doctor's hand, binary codes swirling like strands of DNA to create the illusion of a continuing world outside the town. "This is a wall." The Doctor's hand slid across it, showing more of the matrix before it rearranged itself back into a normal countryside scenery. "We need to find the door."

Rose laid her hand on the fake landscape with a shuddering breath. "What does it all means, then?" She started her journey, sliding her hand across the wall, walking away from him to extend their search for a way out. The Doctor didn't answer. He was calling to his mind all the reasons why aliens with this kind of technology would imprison a whole town, reasons why all the inhabitants of said town would have such strange symptoms. It had to be related. And most of the theories the Doctor came up with didn't bode well at all. "Doctor!" He heard Rose call out to him.

Their was the loud, metallic sound of a door unlocking and opening and then Rose took a step forward. "Rose, wait!!" The Doctor started breathing again when he went through the opening and find her safe and sound on the other side. They were on a spaceship, one which must be huge to contain a whole town in its belly. He looked around, trying in vain to find any clues about which kind of alien they were dealing with, any clues that could tell him where they were and why they'd been abducted.

"Doctor?" Rose breathed out and there was pure fright in her voice. She was looking at her abdomen with horror. Two long needles were lodged in it, passing right through what should be her liver and her stomach. "Doctor, take them out!!" She shrieked at him, hands in air, too scared to move. She didn't noticed the other needle that went through her neck, coming in under an ear and out under the other. The Doctor let out a small sound of distress as well, as he rushed to help her out. He never seen this before. This wasn't like any thing he ever encountered before. Rose took a step back. "You have one too."

She reached out to touch his navel and the effect of her fingers grazing the metal string made him double up in pain. "F-fuck!" He couldn't help the blaspheme. The thin rod, lodge right over his pelvic bone, connected to his spinal cord as it passed through his sacrum and the vibration of it was resonating in his bones, his muscles taunt and waves of heat spread through his body making him sick to his stomach.

Rose was by his side in an instant, helping him back up as he breathed the nausea away. "Are you okay?" She looked so worried. He was too. "I am so sorry, I didn't know."

"I know." He reassured her, standing straighter. "Let's not mess with it until we know what it's all about." The tip of his fingers and toes were tingling as well as his whole face. He could taste adrenaline in his mouth and feel his heart thumping a bit erratically. Something was really off with his whole hormonal balance. "Come on. We need to find out what is going on here."

They searched around for a while, and it didn't take long before they found a room that was probably a laboratory, but could easily pass out as a torturing chamber. Three metal tables with straps were surrounded by weird instruments and computer screens. Rose looked at a plate filled with needles just like the ones she had inside her and grimaced. "I really don't like this."

"Yeah, me neither." The Doctor answered. He was already at one of the computer screen, taking in every experiments done in this very lab and all the data that had been collected so far. "Looks like we're their lab rats."

"Wha'?" Rose took the hand that was turned into a fist at his side and he relaxed so she could entwine her fingers with his.

The Doctor's jaw was tight when he pointed at the screen. "This is your file." He felt the bile in his stomach churn with unmistakable rage. "They are severely decreasing your leptin levels."

"What's..?" Rose stops herself when the Doctor glance at her with a small frown of concern. "That's not right, though. Aliens can't just abduct us and experiment on us like this, yeah?. We need to tell the others, we need to fight back." The Doctor sighed and frowned even more, letting go of her hand to use both of his on the screen. He wouldn't let this happen.

He didn't want to fight anymore. He wanted to settle in a house with a white picket fence and two dogs and maybe a few children if Rose wanted any. He wanted to start his life with the woman he loved, marry her and make love to her every chances he got. This was not what he wanted anymore and he would be damned if he got himself caught up in the rush it once more.

He knew he should fight for the right thing, but this wasn't his fight anymore and until he put his foot down and chose differently, the universe would keep sending him head straight into these kind of battles for their lives. He chose a life with Rose Tyler and a life with Rose Tyler he would get. They both jumped when an alarm started blaring. "What did you do?" Rose frowned at him.

"I called for help." He grunted.

"You wha…?" Rose was interrupted by two aliens half her size with strong ridges on their huge forehead storming in the room with what might be guns pointed at them. "Should we run?" Rose asked the Doctor.

"No." He gave her a straight answer filled with determination, lifting his hands in the air with fury in his eyes and praying that there was a Shadow Proclamation in Pete's World.

Chapter Text

"Where is she? WHERE IS SHE?!" The Doctor slammed is hands on each side of the keyboard before shoving the rolling chair back in its little nook under the desk.

"I don't.." Malcolm fidgeted with his fingers for a while, nibbling his lower lips in thoughts. He always had ideas, the best actually. He was a genius, well at least that's what people usually said of him. Right now he didn't feel like a genius at all. The Doctor was pacing the room, knocking his forehead forcefully with the tip of his fingers, as if he could poke Rose's salvation out of his brain.

He walked back to the computer, typing in some new algorithms that only came back with negative feedbacks or results as null as they could get. "Ah! I can't believe with all the technology held in this building there is no way to pinpoint where the wormhole was originating from, no way to find out if it was a natural phenomenon or if someone, somewhere is trying to get to her.. or to me.." The Doctor grew even more sombre and let himself fall in the seat in defeat. He leaned his face in his hands and Malcolm heard the desperate cry of a broken man. "Rose…"

Malcolm was so eager to meet the Doctor. Miss Tyler had sang his praise and talked of him in such a way that made him dream of working by his side someday. But now he was thoroughly letting him down and he couldn't live with that. More so, not only was he letting him down but they've lost one of the most wonderful woman he'd ever had the chance to meet.

Then the Doctor turned around in his chair, full attention on the glass chamber where Rose had disappeared from. And Malcolm heard it too.. or, it was more like he felt it. Like the sound of a kettle boiling but lodge between his eyebrows. It was very unnerving and it was getting louder in pitch and stronger. The Doctor got up in a frenzy, back at the keyboard and worked it full speed, eyes flying over the symbols on the screen.

Malcolm joined him and he was about to ask a question when there was a pop and then a loud bang when Rose's back hit the glass window at a daring velocity, thrown back out of another wormhole before it collapse. "Doctor!" She called out at the back wall before turning around. The Doctor was already at the door entering the code. "Where am I?" Rose screamed and banged in the window. "Let me out!" She was clearly panicking.

The door unlocked and in seconds, Rose was in his arms. "You're okay. You're okay." He kissed the top of her head.

"Doctor?" Rose let out a small laugh, nudged in the crook of his armpit. Then he pulled back and examined her and realised the same thing Malcolm had been starting to understand himself. This was not the same Rose Tyler who had left ten minutes ago. Her set of clothes was not the same, her hair had changed too. The Doctor led her out of the chamber and into the lab and Rose shook her head. "What am I doing back in Torchwood? Malcolm?" She asked when she saw him. "Why am I back in Torchwood?"

"Miss Tyler, if I may, it would be wise to check your vitals to be sure everything is in order before we do anything else. You were very ill when you disappeared through the wormhole." Rose sat down and let the Doctor kneel in front of her and touch the skin on her arm. The colour had come back to normal and there was no sign of darkness. While the Doctor did his physical check up on Rose, Malcolm was on the computer, using the integrator to check on her energetic field. All seemed clear.

After a few minutes of this, Rose grew impatient and swatted the Doctor's hand away. Malcolm smiled. This was the Rose he knew. "So, I am back in the other universe, am I?" Rose straighten in the chair, clearly faking bravado.

"Tell me what happened, Rose." Rose got up and paced a bit aimlessly before stopping and looking at them. "I've been having these.. blackouts. Moments of memory loss. Ever since we left the beach. Bad Wolf Bay. You brought us to visit the planet Felspoon with Donna and the other Doctor." Rose frowned. "Which Doctor are you? And where is the other one?"

The Doctor got up to her slowly, apprehension making its way in. "You're from another timeline." It wasn't a question. "In my timeline, we stayed in this universe and the Time Lord left with the Tardis."

Rose bit her lip, tears threatening to fall. "Why would he do that?" Her voice was trembling. And the Doctor swallowed. He already talked about this with Rose before. With his Rose, they already went through this.

"I can't sense time any more, but if I could, I would've known from the start that something was wrong. That a slight shift only a Time Lord can perceive happened on that beach and it caused a paradox. Those wormholes weren't a natural occurrence or a mad plan to take you away from me but only time righting itself. You're the Rose who should've stayed with me all along."

Tears were rolling down Rose's cheek and she opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. The Doctor went to her and held her in his arms. "I'm sorry, Rose. I'm so so sorry."

Rose held him tighter then sniffed against his chest. "Don't be." She wiped her tears with her wrist. "Don't be, it's not your fault." Malcolm shifted from foot to foot. He needed some tea. Rose had told him that life with the Doctor was filled with impossible surprises, but this.. this was even more surprising than anything he could expect. The fact that it wasn't the same Rose for him and it wasn't the same Doctor for her and they still so easily accepted and loved each other; all of this was just out of Malcolm field of understanding.

Talk about him being a genius!

Chapter Text

When Rose laid her finger on the purple button and pushed on it, giving her Doctor a saucy grin, the whole ship shook as the wind outside started to fade. The Doctor laughed, his single heart submerged with the joy of another job well done. A job well done, accompanied by his Rose, how could he get this lucky? How could the universe finally gift him with the ending he deserved?

He could almost cry for how happy he was. But Rose didn't have time to take her hand away from the console that a loud explosion was heard outside the ship, cutting his laugh short. This was not suppose to happen. Before he could react, a purple current of electricity stroke Rose right in the chest and it seemed as though time paused for a few seconds, holding her body in the air before she fell limply on the ground.

The Doctor stood still, his brain taking a few moments to process, to wait for her to get up, to tell him it was just a 'welcome to Pete's World's' joke. But she didn't move. "Shit!" He ran to her. "Rose, Rose wake up!" Her body was stiff from the shock but there was still a faint pulse when he checked on her. He went to take her mask off but then stopped, remembering her advice about leaking gas throughout the ship.

She was so brilliant. She was always taking care of him.. his Rose. She completed him, he couldn't lose her. "Agent Tyler." he heard Pete's voice crackle through the com of his headset, hearing her father's voice calling her name made the Doctor's heart cry out. "Rose, the com his back on. Good job on stopping the wind. It worked. Status report?" A sob came out of the Doctor's lungs, she wasn't waking up.

He needed to do something, he needed to save her. He would always save her. He would always get her back. He couldn't do otherwise. He couldn't live without her. He started pumping on her chest. "'M so sorry." He said remembering her injury, knowing full well she had a broken rib, knowing she was the bravest creature he had ever had the chance to meet. "Please, Rose, please stay with me."

"Agent Tyler, do you copy?" He could hear a certain panic in Pete's voice.

No. No she does not! The Doctor thought to himself. "Rose, please answer me. Please come back to me. I can't.. I can't!" He continued his massage, hoping to counter the effects the electric current had on heart. Tears filled his eyes and he couldn't see. He took off his mask, to wipe the tears away. "I can't lose you! I can't. I can't save you." He was thinking of the last time she died, on satellite five, surrounded by Dalek dust, he gave her one of his lives so she could live. He couldn't do that anymore, he didn't have any lives left to spare. "I can't save you!" He sobbed. He didn't have his sonic, if only he had his sonic. She'd be fine in an instant with his sonic. "I can't.." he felt so powerless.

"Agent Tyler!" That was Jake's voice. "Shit, Agent Tyler is down." Jake ran to Rose and the Doctor stepped back, letting go of her, letting go of hope and love and life all together. "I repeat, Agent Tyler is down." The Doctor couldn't register. He was caught in a haze, caught in a painful whirlwind of emotions and thoughts he couldn't process. As he watched Jake continue CPR on the inanimate body of his Rose.

Chapter Text

The Doctor wanted this evening -his first real date with Rose Tyler- to be perfect, just like in the movies. But movies were not the kind of perfection he was used to -not the fun romantic movies anyways. Oh, he could give you the adventure sci-fi -smart and dashing alien saving you from evil monsters then whisking you away before kissing you passionately over a cliff, facing a purple ocean and two setting suns- kind of romance but this -limousines, tuxedos, five services restaurants, door opening and chair pulling, wine tasting and the fork on the far end first- type of romance was way out of his league.

And for a stupid reason -he couldn't clearly recall at the moment- that was his plan for the evening, that's what he chose to do to woo Rose. It must've shown that he was a complete dud at this when he fell face first while running around the limousine to open Rose's door -which, she had already started to open by herself hence, him falling over the door and closing it back over her foot.

It must've shown that he wasn't so good in proper dates when they bumped their forehead -hard- together as he went to pull on her chair at the same time she did. But Rose had a knack to suck out all the awkwardness and turn all his cock-ups into the perfect moment to be in. She really was the perfect woman for him and he couldn't believe how lucky he was.

They were both merrily sipping their third -or was it their fourth- glass of wine when Rose delicately put down her fork and stretched back on her chair, pushing her breasts up in the most alluring kind of way which made the Doctor sit straighter. "Ah! I think I ate too much." Rose said letting a breath out to emphasize how full she was. "It was so good, Doctor, thanks for inviting me."

Her voice was lower than usual. Was she doing this on purpose? The warmth of the alcohol was making the Doctor a bit dizzy -seemed like this body didn't have the same tolerance toward alcoholic beverages. At least it was a happy kind of dizzy and the vision of beauty smiling back at him gave him lust-filled feelings he wasn't ready to act upon. Especially here, in the middle of a five star restaurant with napkins made of fabric that matched the tablecloths.

He swallowed thickly. His mouth was suddenly so dry, his trousers so tight, his cheeks so warm. Rose made him realize he was staring at said breasts when a finger of hers sinfully grazed the mounds and valley of her cleavage, following the tempting dark and soft fabric of her dress on her decolletage. "Do you like the view, Doctor?" The Doctor swallowed again.

Damn alcohol, where was that glass of water when you needed one. He was in quite a bad predicament at the moment. His heart -who was beating a strong rhythm- was turning the rushing of his blood into very lustful thoughts. This was not the right place, nor the right moment. He really wanted this evening to go perfectly and according to plan -this was not the plan.

He watched as Rose dipped a finger in the apricot sauce -probably cold by now- then brought it to her lips. Plump and glossy, tongue coming out to great the treat. The Doctor grunted with an involuntary but subtle thrust of his hips, wishing he was the one she was savoring right now. No, right now was not the time for lust. He breathed deep to try and calm down, but was cut short when Rose's foot pressed against him, bringing pressure on a part of him that already had enough pressure as it was, thank you very much.

"Rose…" he moaned with a small hint of disapproval. His whole body tensed even more when she deftly moved her toes, massaging the head of his throbbing member. Fingers closed into fists over the edge of the table as he moaned louder, his eyes closing by themselves.

"I don't think you are suppose to be this obvious, Doctor." She growled with a sinful voice. "There are people around."

"Rose… hmm!" He couldn't believe how good she was at this, her whole foot moving and melding over his shaft, warm and unrelenting. He'd seen scenes like this in movies… but this wasn't the kind of movie he planned on reenacting this evening. "Rose… please." He moaned again and she must've mistaken the very reason for his plea since she added pressure and speed and fuck he was so close. He couldn't believe he could actually come like this. "Fuck, Rose… stop."

He moved back on his chair and Rose's foot stopped moving, then settled on the chair between his legs. She was looking at him expectantly when he lifted his gaze back to her face, breathing deep to pull himself down from the high he was into. The surroundings started to filter back, the smells, the band playing their soft music, the other patrons who didn't seem to have notice anything, the couples dancing to the soft music.

He wish he could bring Rose on that dance floor and dance the night away -as normal couples do. "Doctor, I'm sorry." His attention flared back on Rose who was looking a bit sheepish.

He smiled softly, grabbing her hand over the table. "Don't be." He frowned. "'S just.." He looked around. "As much as I really want this with you. It's not what I had planned for us tonight."

Rose frowned too. "Did you have something else planned?"

"No... Yes.. I just… wanted to give you a normal date, like... normal couples do." Rose licked her lips and smiled at him and there went his lustful thoughts again. He couldn't help leaning closer over the table.

"But, we are not a normal couple, Doctor." Rose said in a husky voice. "That's what I like about us and if you force me into a normal setting," Rose gave him a very raunchy smile that made him shiver and she too, leaned closer. "I will rebel and go down on you under this very table." It was the Doctor's turn to lick his lips. His breath was so warm and his thoughts were spinning.

She was probably right. Of course they weren't your typical, normal, human couple. But he had to ask himself, was he trying to reach so hard into normalcy for Rose, or for himself? A part of him did want to have a taste at the normal life he was always so curious about but never could've dream of having. It was, in a way, his last great adventure.

Rose fell back in her seat and she looked at him with a hunger he couldn't resist. "So?" She asked, smiling devilishly. "What's next?"

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"My battery is low." Rose heard the mechanical voice and her heart beat faster. She didn't really understand why she felt so invested in the small rover. "And it's getting dark."

"Aww.." Rose couldn't keep her emotions in and let a tear roll down her cheek. This was the cutest thing she'd ever heard. She was watching the rover's last message sent to Earth on the Tardis screen with a wistful smile. The things she'd just learned about the rover filled her heart with a profound reverence. The little bugger started his journey pretty much at the same moment she did with her Doctor.

In a way she felt tied to the machine in a deep level. She had wanted to fix it, and then leave it back where she had found it so it would continue its journey and spend another few years sending data back to Earth, but now, she really entertained the idea of keeping it. She looked toward the disused robot with a NASA logo on it's frame and smiled. "Let's get you back in tip top shape shall we?" She said, throwing her new sonic screwdriver in the air and catching it again.

She started by cleaning up all the parts of dust and grime. Rose was filled with a strange feeling as the dirt fell in her hand, crumbling the lumps and examining the result with awe. She was actually holding Mars soil on the palm of her hand. She had walked on it before without really acknowledging it. She was so used to stepping on new and alien world. But this rover and its journey reminded her how sacred this planet really was.

How mankind had dreamed and worked so hard to extend a feeble finger toward their neighboring planet. She wondered if humans would ever succeed in sending people here. This robot was the first step before mankind actually got here. Soon, this planet might as well be teeming with human settlement and villages and cities. An whole new era for humanity.

The storm seemed to be calming outside and Rose really hesitated on her next move. The Tardis told her, it was the end of June 2018 on Earth and Rose wondered what the human race was up to right now. Did they really needed their Mars rover back? She got up and turned to the console. With a determined smile, she set the coordinate for dematerialisation and the Tardis swirled in the time vortex as Rose played with her new toy.

The human race would never know what really happened to their rover and it made Rose laughed with mischief as her sonic sang its song against the metal cover of a frayed wire.

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"I don't care. We are going." Donna grabbed Rose's hand and ran towards the alley where the screams came from. They were running toward a woman in a Victorian dress.

She looked at them and Rose's blood froze in her veins when she yelled, "Where the hell have you been?" Was she really talking to her. No, there was no way she knew.. except maybe if they crossed one of her future timelines. Will she really be traveling with a different companion, and asked to be called Doctor in her future? That doesn't seem like something she would do.

But then she noticed that the woman wasn't watching her, but someone behind her who roughly shoved her arm as he passed beside her. "Right then, let me pass, Doctor coming through." The man said. Rude, Rose thought. She almost didn't have time to see what this Doctor looked like before the wooden doors in front of them burst opened.

"Oh shit!" Rose said as she saw the half beast, half Cybermen that was watching them.

"Now, no need to lose your courteous manners, Miss, I'm the Doctor and I'll take good care of this beast for you." Rose reached for her gun, a habit when it came to dealing with Cybermen, but remember she wasn't carrying one anymore. Her eyes widened when she saw the Doctor throw a rope at the Cyber-beast who was now climbing up the brick wall.

What did he wish to accomplish with a rope. "Shit," Rose repeated when the Doctor took off, flying behind it.

"He is as bonkers as the other one," Donna confirmed.

"And as full of himself," Rose agreed.

"You idiot," the Doctor's companion yelled at him as she grabbed and axe and took off.

Rose snorted. "I like her! Lets go and save the idiot, then!" And they ran alongside the woman.


"Well, I'm glad you think it's so funny." The Doctor's companion was not happy. She just saved the Doctor from falling down the third floor of an abandoned old shoe factory. "You're mad. You could've got killed." Rose was a bit out of breath but still found enough to snort when she saw things just didn't change. She wonder which regeneration this Doctor was at.

Probably before the Time War. Her Doctor had told her once how fresh the Time War was for him when he met her in Hendrick's basement. "And who are you, Miss?" Rose hesitated before answering him. How did those things work? She looked at Donna which jumped on the opportunity.

"Donna Noble, sir, and this is Rose Tyler." Rose frowned at her, part of her waiting for Reepers to appear.

"Ha! Donna and Rose meet Rosita." The Doctor exclaimed. "Always telling me off."

"Please to meet you Rosita." Rose smiled at her.

"Likewise." She grabbed her offered hand. "Now I'll have to go and dismantle the traps. All that for nothing. And we've only got an hour till the funeral, don't forget. Then back to the Tardis, right?" Rosita left with a huff and without hesitation, Rose started following her. She didn't want to stay with the Doctor. For many reason. The fact that she just stole his Tardis was one of them but most of all, she blamed it on keeping the timelines intact and avoid the Reapers from crossing to this plane of existence.

She also knew she would have a lot more answers from the companion than from the Doctor himself. "Rosita, wait up!" She caught on to her and trotted beside her to try and keep up. "What was that? What funeral?"

"What do you mean?" Rosita held her skirt tighter against her to walk a bit faster and get rid of Rose. "It's all over the papers. Reverend Aubrey Fairchild's."

"Right! Fairchild. Of course." She cleared her throat. Cybermen. They were dealing with Cybermen and Rose knew how to deal with them right. There was no mercy to be had. Find their base of operation and delete them. Her Torchwood training and years of cleansing Pete's World's Earth of them was kicking in. She wondered what the Doctor was planning. "And the Doctor is going to the funeral?" She asked.

"'M sorry, who are you?" Rosita stopped walking and turned to face Rose.

"'M Rose, Rose Tyler." She answered genuinely and Rosita just shook her head with an exasperated roll of eyes. This was not the answer she wanted.

"Why are you following me, miss Tyler?" She sighed then gestured wildly at anywhere else but here as she said. "Go on, then, go back home and celebrate Christmas with your friends and family. You don't have nothing to do with all this."

"But those.. monsters." Rose flinched, which Rosita probably thought it was from shock but was more because she almost said Cybermen instead of monsters. That would've made Rosita even more suspicious. "What is your plan to stop them? Are there more?"

Rosita started walking again. "Yes. They almost killed me once but the Doctor came to my rescue." Rose scratched her nose to hide her scoff. Of course, he did. "We do have a plan and I am sorry to say that it doesn't concern you."

Rose growled internally. "Yeah well, we could still help. Donna and me, we could be of good use." Rosita's eyes scanned Rose from head to toe, never slowing down her pace. And now that she was thinking of it, Rose regretted offering her help. She really didn't want to go through the whole ordeal of getting rid of the Cybermen following this Doctor like another companion.

Yeah, she was quite done being the Doctor's companion. Rose didn't mind using a gun against them and she knew the Doctor would. She needed to find a way out, go back to the Tardis to find the right kind of weapon and then she could start her search for the Cybermen's base of operation at the funeral. If the Doctor was going to be there, it probably meant something.

"Here we are. This is where I stay for the moment with the Doctor." Rosita stopped in front of two large door that looked more like a barn than an actual house. "You can come with me, if you really want to help. The Tardis is out back. I have to get it ready before the Doctor arrives." Rose frowned. What did she mean? Get it ready for what? Rosita was looking at her expectantly, waiting for her answer before she opened the doors.

Chapter Text

Rose was in the Doctor's arms. She couldn't believe it. She was just back from her second jump across dimensions, and there he was, waiting for her. She was crying, sobbing with joy and relief and a long last ending grief. She was totally ruining his suit with her tears. A blue suit, she noticed. It was fitting him like a glove, just has the brown one did. She hugged him tighter, so scared he was just an illusion and would disappear from her sight once more if she let go.

She wouldn't survive losing him again. She wasn't sure how he found her, he must've figured out that the walls between dimensions were thinning, so he came to get her the same way she was trying to find him. Did he know about the stars disappearing? Her sobs calmed down and she was able to loosen her grip on him a little. She held his face between her hands to look at him proper and she had to hold in another set of tears.

He was just as she remembered him. Strong but vulnerable and a bit broken on the edge. She never did forget what he looked like. His face was always so vivid in her memory. And in this moment he looked as wrecked as she was. Her Doctor. She couldn't hide the trembling in her voice when she spoke. So many emotions rushing inside of her at once.

"It's really you." Rose swallowed thickly. Her throat wasn't as ready to let out words as she thought. "But how…?"

"'M sorry, Rose." The Doctor shook his head, still sheltered between her hands. "I needed to see you again." And there was a resigned distress in his voice. What did he do? At what cost was he here with her? "I couldn't live without you. He told me to forget about you, they all did, but I couldn't. I could never forget you." Rose's eyes grew bigger and she stopped breathing.

This seemed serious. Worry filled her voice. "What did you do?" She knew how crazy one could get to get back to the one they love. She knew of the hurt of losing him and everything she could've done -everything she was actually doing- to be by his side again. Crashing through the walls of the universes and breaking the laws of time might have been something he would be ready to do for her. Would he though? "Doctor?" She pushed him into answering.

"You left…" he trailed off his lower lip twisting in an awkward way. He looked so broken his voice couldn't continue the explanation.

"But, I didn't." She really wanted to make him feel better but how could he think that? As if she let go of that lever on purpose. As if it was her choice, as if it was her who left him behind. "I am working so hard to get back to you. I'm sorry. I couldn't hold on to the lever. I didn't mean to leave you. I swear!"

The Doctor shook his head. "You left us." Rose didn't understand. Who was us? Fear was grabbing at her heart. Something wasn't right. There was something wrong about all this, something very off that she didn't understand.

"What's going on, Doctor?" He must have seen how confused she was because he calmed down and sat on a rolling chair to find his bearings. Rose pulled herself another chair to sit beside him. "Where is everyone?" She changed the subject to calm things down a notch. "There is usually a whole team greeting me when I come back from a jump."

The Doctor shook his head. "There is no team working on the dimension canon anymore. There is just me. Rose, you traveled through dimension for three years before finding me." Rose frowned. Then she understood. This was a Doctor from her future. This was not her Doctor. All her hopes went down the drain. "You told me about the stars disappearing during a Dalek invasion on Earth. I got shot by a Dalek and I should've regenerate but I stopped the process before I changed and I kind of created another me in the process."

"How do you mean? There is two of you?" Rose felt the need to sit further in her chair to try to get a grip on everything he was telling her. Should he be telling her all this, though? Wouldn't that change her future timeline? Maybe that's what he wanted her to do. Maybe he was just here to warn her and then he would leave and she would have to jump universe again for the next three years.

"Yep." The Doctor popped his p feigning nonchalance but totally failing. "There is a Time Lord me, and a part-Time Lord, part-human me. We are the same except for the fact that one of us has only on heart and… one life."

Rose swallowed and looked at him from head to toe. "And you are the part-human one."

The Doctor frown. " How do you know?"

Rose smiled at him. "I have never seen you wearing a blue suit before."

The Doctor looked at himself then smiled back. "Well, things can change."

"They don't seem to be changing for the best." Rose sat straighter and grabbed his hands over his lap. "Don't get me wrong I am glad you are here, I mean, glad there is a part-human Doctor in the universe but what are you doing here, in another dimension and in wrong timeline?"

The Doctor wiggled uncomfortably in his chair and evaded her gaze as he laid the truth on her. "I am not in the wrong timeline Rose, you are. I brought you here." Rose took a sharp breath as the reality sunk in. This was bad. Wasn't it? She wasn't supposed to be here. She was supposed to be jumping universe trying to find him to stop the stars from going out. She got up and paced a bit. This was a bit too weird for her. "I am sorry, Rose. I really wanted to be with you again."

The Doctor seemed desperate, bordering on mad. "Why am I not here with you, then? In your timeline, we got separated again?"

"You left us!!" There was a lot of anger there, so much hurt and Rose shook her head. She would never do that, would she? The Doctor calmed down with a sigh. "A year ago. The same day you found us, the Time Lord-me brought you back in this universe and tried to leave both of us here, to live the one adventure he could never live." He looked down at his hand. "I guess you weren't happy with his decision since you ran in the Tardis and left us both on that beach in Norway."

Rose felt so sorry for him. She pursed her lips together. She could imagine how that moment went down but still couldn't believe she would leave her Doctor over that. After all the trouble she would have been through to find him again. "Where is he then?"

The Doctor shrugged. "Somewhere out there. He left too. I haven't heard of him since that day on the beach." He looked so broken, and alone. Rose sat back on her chair, facing him, wanting to hold him. But there was an important matter to settle first.

"What am I doing here, Doctor? I understand how alone you must feel but, you can't keep me here. I have to finish what I started, I have to find you again. We can't mess with the timelines like this."

"No." The Doctor shook his head with a glorious, almost proud, smile. "No, Rose, I thought of everything. I mean…" the Doctor settled back, his sudden mirth changed into unease. "I was created from him, you see? So I thought I could create you from her as well." He scratched his nose than looked at her expectantly as if she should understand what he was trying to say. "It took me some time to figure it out but it turns out that you left an echo of yourself, each time you jumped. And with the right calibration and the mind of a genius like mine, it is quite easy to grab you back and pull you out of the canon."

This was even harder for Rose to grasp than all the rest. "You mean… I am an just echo of myself, left in the dimension canon after a jump. And the real me is out there…"

"Flying in my Tardis in another dimension, yeah." The Doctor cut her off with a hint of bitterness, then he deflated and his eyes were pleading. "Is that ok?" Rose didn't answer. She was looking at herself with a pout.

"I don't feel any different."

" You aren't!" He stated and grabbed her hands firmly between his.

"But, I am though. Because this me would never have left you on that beach." The Doctor looked nervous again, scratching the back of his neck just as he always used to do. It made Rose smile a bit as she was flooded by so many happy memories with her Doctor.

"Rose, things change. Life changes you as time passes. I know about life bringing you down and losses and hurt and disillusionment. The more you experience it the more you feel the need to protect yourself, even from the ones you love. You must have been through a lot during those three years of dimension jumping." He gave her a half shrug, dismissing the rest of his thoughts.

And Rose realized, he wasn't only talking about future her, but also his other self, who totally closed off and left him alone. She couldn't stop herself anymore and pulled him in a kiss. And as he opened up to her she promised herself she would never ever leave him. The part-human Doctor and the echo of a Rose would be together for the rest of their lives.

Chapter Text

"Come with me." Doctor!Donna surprised Rose as she was helping Sylvia drying up the dishes. It was the first time since the beginning of the evening that they were touching her, and even then, it was only with one hand on her lower back. They haven't really talked about it, about telling others of their relationship, about how they were to behave together with others around, about whether or not DD would tell her family the truth about what happened to them and who they had become.

None of it came out during dinner. It was only this normal conversation with Donna, her mother, her grandfather and Donna's new friend. DD didn't even correct them when they only called them Donna. It made Rose feel weird somehow. Her second Doctor was always so demonstrative of his affection for Rose, even if it was only an arm over her shoulders as they sat, or standing close to her and whispering conspiratorially things which would make them laugh.

Rose always felt they were little accomplices together, the Doctor and Rose, the stuff of legend. This made the whole dinner a bit awkward for her, not because she was scared things had changed between her Doctor and her, she totally understood where they were coming from and respected their choice in wanting to tell their family or not. It was more about the fact that she didn't know where to put herself, the role had somewhat changed and the dynamic had shifted.

Doctor!Donna smiled at her while she put her rag back on the counter. They meant to leave through the back door when Sylvia stop them. "Donna, she was helping out with the dishes. She is not done."

"We'll be back, mom." They said as they grabbed Rose's hand and smiled some more. "Run!" They told her and they ran together through the door and out the street and then up a treeless hill.

"Where are we going?" Rose asked, panting and wheezing a bit -and they weren't even half up the hill yet.- DD didn't care that Rose didn't have any respiratory bypass to balance her breathing, they pulled her against their body and kissed her stealing even more of her breath away. "You are going.. to kill me!" Rose took a breath right at the middle of her sentence.

Doctor!Donna only smiled. "I've been wanting to do that for hours." Rose snorted a bit. Then DD took something out of their pocket and gave it to her.

"Thanks?" Rose took the Thermos, thinking it was for her to drink and feel better.

"Give this to Wilf. He is right over there and he wants to talk to you." They leaned down conspiratorially and winked. "He wants to show you the stars." Rose snorted again, then grabbed Doctor!Donna's head and kissed her. "Come on." DD held her closer and laid a gentle kiss under her ear before letting her go and starting back their walk up the hill. "Hey gramps." Doctor!Donna said when they arrived. A gust of wind made Rose shiver and DD took a duvet that was laying on a spare chair and wrapped Rose in it. "Here, sit down."

"Are you two together?" Wilf asked, without even saying hi, and Rose's heart stopped. Doctor!Donna didn't answer. They were kneeling in front of the telescope, looking at whatever Wilf was set on watching. Anyway, Rose was the person to whom Wilf had ask his question. Rose was really uncomfortable, squirming on her chair and wishing she could disappear in the duvet. "'S just that she won't tell me anything, and she is clearly glowing. If she isn't pregnant, then she must be in love."

Rose saw DD smile. "There it is," they gesture to Rose without taking her eyes off the eyepiece. "Come and see, Rose." Rose kneeled down beside them and they pulled her to close to their body, making sure to caress her jaw and ears as they held up her hair so it wouldn't fall in her face when she leaned in to watched. Doctor!Donna laid their chin on her shoulder and whispered against her neck. The warmth of their breath in contrast with the cold air made her shiver. "This is the Rosetta nebula." Rose couldn't believe her sight.

It seemed so close to them but she knew it was far, so far that they shouldn't be able to see it with this kind of telescope. "It's amazing!" Rose gasped when she felt DD's lips beneath her ear. She turned her head to face them and now their lips were on hers and their mouths opened in sink.

"This is some very good tea you brought me, Rose, thank you so much." Wilf interrupted them, his voice bearing a happy lilt. DD laughed softly and pulled Rose to sit on her lap on the spare chair. They spent a good part of the late evening talking and laughing and watching stars and planets, huddled together in this little part of their universe before getting back in their Tardis for other wonderful adventures.

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Doctor!Donna and Rose started walking up the hill of sand to see further across the horizon, when a horrifying crash of burning metal made the wormhole jitter and spark and spit out a flaming car that came hurtling against the back end of the bus. “Oh no.” Rose ran back down the dune toward the car.

“Rose!” DD followed. The small vehicle was still flaming and there was no way the passengers were still alive. The smell that permeated the air rapidly became infernal. Rose and Doctor!Donna had to stop their approach, the heat was unbearable. The passengers remaining in the bus were getting out, some of them in shock and bleeding. Rose meant to go and help them but DD stopped her. “I need your phone, Rose.” As soon as she found it, and tossed it to Doctor!Donna, Rose ran to them, asking around to be sure everyone was alright. “We need to close off this road before another car gets sucked in.” DD mumbled to herself as they dialed a phone number.

“Unit helpline. Which department would you like?” DD pursed their lips, remembering the last time they had to work with Unit, when Sontarans decided that Earth would be a good battleground.

“Yes. This is the Doctor, I am in urgent need of assistance.” The line switched with a static sound and a woman answered.

“This is Captain Erisa Magambo, how can I assist you, Doctor?”

“We need to close Gracechurch’s street, between Cornhill and Eastcheap.” There was silence on the other end and DD shifted their weight from foot to foot. Sweat was pouring down their back and Doctor!Donna spared a look at the other passengers, afraid for their own health under the burning suns.

“Miss Noble.” Came the woman’s voice again. “Is the Doctor with you? Is he incapacitated?” DD grunted. They must’ve run a voice analysis on them.

"THEY are not, I am the Doctor, long story. Will you help us?”

“Of course.” Magambo answered. “There is a team heading for Gracechurch as we speak..”

“Don’t let them get on that street. For some unknown reasons, a wormhole of one hundred fifty kilohertz operating in four dimensions opened up on that street and we got stuck on the other side. Seven of us need a ride back and then we have to close it.” DD walked towards the rest of the passengers to make sure they were all ok. Rose was already taking care of a blond woman with a hurt arm. They were all sitting in the sand, taking advantage of the small shade the bus was offering.

“And how do you propose we do this?” Magambo asked.

“Something sturdy, made of metal, should go through the wormhole without any problem. Then send a specialist. We will need a compressed burst of feedback on a counter-oscillation to close the wormhole as soon as we are through.” DD heard Magambo clear her throat. They knew she didn’t understand a thing they just said. She was a soldier and didn’t have an ounce of scientific knowledge about wormholes and how to close them, but she will find them the genius who would.

“On it.” She answered. “See you soon, Doctor.” And the line cut off. Doctor!Donna sat on the warm sand, in the bus' shade, a few feet from the rest of the passengers. They swallowed hard. They had a strange feeling about this, unease coursing through their body.

"They are coming." The frightened woman's voice made their stomach churned because, in a sense, DD knew something was coming. The aliens who opened this wormhole were after something and Doctor!Donna was pretty sure it wasn't a welcoming committee that would come to great them. DD pretended not to give any attention as the husband explained to Rose that his wife had a gift. "Teeth of metal that brings death." Panic rose through the group and Doctor!Donna had to breathe in deep.

They were hoping that Unit would hurry before all hell broke loose. Rose was looking at them expectantly, they could feel it through the hands scrubbing at their face. She sat beside them and held their hand when they came down on their lap. "Help is coming." Doctor!Donna sighed as they laid the back of their head against the hot metal of the bus. "Unit is on its way to pick us up." Rose wiggled a bit to get closer to them.

"Let's hope they arrive before those metal teeth do." DD didn't answer. They were listening to the group arguing over what to do and on whom they should put the blame of everything that was happening right now. Humans. DD knew better than to get involve in their paranoia, even when they started pointing towards them. They swallowed and sighed again, a bit lost in another time and place that reminded them too much of this very situation.

"I met another Deedee once." Rose frowned at the non-sequitur. DD continued to bring their point home. "On a tour bus where we got stock on a deserted planet even hotter than this one." DD turned their head and smiled at Rose. "Brilliant woman she was. Clever and curious." Doctor!Donna closed her eyes and brought her head back against the bus. "She lost it in the end. They all did. A bus full of brilliant people and they just went mad with panic and paranoia after less than an hour trapped in a bus in the middle of nowhere." DD knew some people in the group were listening to their story. The tension easing slowly. "Funny how humans can surprise you." DD was happy to see that sharing their experience had calm everyone down faster than trying to reason with them did the last time. They heard the loud roaring of strong motors and smiled as they got up. "I think our ride has arrived." DD said at the same time as a huge beige and brown tank appeared through the vortex, crawling slowly but surely at their rescue.

They all ran toward it, hope giving them a second breathe. The seven of them were sitting inside the tank, on their way back to Earth in no time.


"Where did you find a M113 so fast?" Rose heard DD ask the Unit soldier a few minutes after the wormhole was closed. She didn't listened to the answer, she was looking around at the chaos around them. Ambulances and police cars and tanks. Soldiers and doctors and scientists all working together to protect the wounded and curb the alien menace. Seeing human beings putting their efforts toward a common goal like this always gave Rose a fuzzy feeling in her stomach.

Another thing that brought butterflies to Rose's stomach was to see how the bus driver was constantly turning around DD in a very alluring way. And now there was this scientist named Malcolm, the one with which Doctor!Donna had work with to close the wormhole down and make sure it will never be reopen near Earth territory again. He was something different. Exhilarated but awkward, he was in total awe in front of this new Doctor and it was the cutest thing to watch him stammer and jitter when DD was talking to him.

Strangely, seeing these men pursuing Doctor!Donna's attention didn't make Rose jealous, it only reminded her of her love for them. She couldn't wait to get back in the Tardis. Rose smiled when she notice DD was smiling back at her. And without any doubt in their step, they walked past the two men talking to them and grabbed Rose in their arms. The smile on Rose's face grew even wider and she felt all the blood in her body rush to her cheeks.

"Hey." She said with a laugh.

"Hey." DD answered fondly as their hand came up to Rose's jaw. "Let's get out of here." Their face was so close from hers, she could only lean in and kiss them. She wanted to. Doctor!Donna's eyes flickered to her lips before they stepped back and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward the Tardis.

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The part-human Doctor hesitated before opening the Tardis doors, wondering what was going on inside. He had taken his time on his way back. The Time Lord brought Rose through those same doors a few minutes ago. A very intoxicated Rose. He wanted to wait for her to be ok before going in. He didn't know if he felt ashamed of what had just happened or really giddy about it.

He was still under the influence himself and will probably be for a while after entering the Tardis. He wondered how long it would take for whatever made him feel this way to leave his body. How long he should still wait before Rose's body would purge the toxins? His mind and body was caught in a loop. A very naughty loop. Remembering how her warm body felt rubbing against his.

Recalling Rose's sighs as he sucked greedily on her breasts. Reminiscing on the wonderful feeling of her fingers around him. He would've made love to her in the middle of that field if the Time Lord hadn't stopped them. Would it have been such bad thing? He groaned and his hand went to his crotch, grabbing his erection and holding it tight through his trousers.

He couldn't resist jerking it. Once. Twice. Three times with a satisfying hum. He laid his forehead against the blue wooden doors to calm himself down. This was not helping. All he needed to do was to open those doors and go inside and let the effects disappear. But for some reason, he didn't feel like doing it. He thought about pleasuring himself before going back in.

Not only to take away the constant pressure, but also to take full advantage of the situation. When will he ever feel so blissfully connected to everything again? Once he'll get back inside the Tardis and the molecules in this atmosphere will stop altering his perceptions, he won't ever be able to feel like this again. It really was an extrasensory experience he would like to share with Rose and the Time Lord Doctor.

Now that he was thinking about them, he actually couldn't wait to see them. He took a deep breath and with a trembling hand and an uncontrollable, full on erection inside his trousers, he opened the doors.


Rose was sitting on the jumpseat drinking a glass of water the Doctor just brought her. She still felt very dizzy but a lot more aware of her surroundings then a few minutes ago. She was worried since the part-human Doctor hasn't come in yet. She really hoped he wasn't upset with what she did. Jumping on him like that might not have been the proper way to show him how much she cared for him.. for both of them.

Her breast was out of sight again, as it should've stayed. The Time Lord put her shirt back on while she was still amazed by his sideburns, saying naughty things to him, hoping he would take her clothes off instead of putting them back on. She felt very self-conscious at the moment. Oh, she would never forget the feeling of the Doctor's hands holding her waist tight as his tongue grabbed her nipple to bring it to his mouth and sucked on it.

It was one of the best sensation she ever experienced, especially with the effect of whatever was affecting her brain at that moment. But she was so scared he wouldn't be happy with what had happened. Her head jerked back up when the door slowly opened. She looked around and the Time Lord was nowhere to be seen. Was he hiding from her? When the other Doctor closed the doors behind him, she noticed how lost he looked.

Hair and eyes wild, clothes rumpled and awry. He was very sexy in a distressed kind of way. She only wanted to hold him. She should probably apologize first. She got up and went to him. He took a step back and her heart broke. Did she just burn all her bridges? It's not as if she really regretted what she did, it's more about the fact that the last thing she wanted to do was upset her Doctors.

"'M sorry, Doctor." She said, taking a step back and respecting his desire to stay away from her. "I didn't mean to.."

"Wait, Rose." He interrupted her, holding his hand in front of her and taking long deep breaths. "Just wait." Then she realised he was still under the influence of whatever was out there. Oh. This had nothing to with her.. well, not entirely. Rose looked around, trying to find something that might help him in one way or another. Then she remembered she had a half full glass of water in her hand and gave it to him. "Thanks." He downed it in two gulps. "And don't ever be sorry for kissing me." He panted. "Where's he then?"

Rose shrugged. Then she heard the Time Lord Doctor laugh behind her, coming back into the console room. "He is right, Rose. You shouldn't feel bad for kissing us. Ever." He walked towards them, holding a sample in a vial in front of his eyes. His glasses hanging on the tip of his nose made Rose smile. "The compound you inhaled on that planet wasn't an aphrodisiac per say. More of an empathogen." He continued. "Takes away the inhibitions but it doesn't create feelings that weren't there to start with and even if your actions might be slightly more focus toward a communion with all your senses, your judgement wasn't impaired. Same for his judgement." He said, pointing at his counterpart. He pulled on his ears and sighed loudly. "What I'm trying to say is, it's about time we all take this relationship to the next level!"

Chapter Text

Rose woke up with a small cry and a gasp. It took her some time to understand where she was because this was not where she was suppose to be. Was it? Had she been dreaming? Really? Because she was back in the same prison cell, back at the exact same place, in the exact same position she was this exact same morning, stuck under a pile of limbs, with a Doctor and Donna beside of her, snoring softly.

Was it that same dream again? It was the same darkness. Damp and suffocating that tasted like cinders and death seeping into her skin and bones. Her heart was beating hard against her ribs and her head was spinning. Rose took a deep breath and looked around. Everything was exactly as it was this morning. She was still in the cell at Felspoon's local police station and the light of morning was still shining between the locked window.

How could she be back here? What was going on? Then she remembered the Time Lord. If everything was as it was this morning, he should be watching her right now. Her eyes met his and he was indeed scrutinizing her. She bit her lip and held in some tears. she was going insane. Glasses dangling on the tip of his nose and sonic in hand, he mouthed, "'you alright?" Rose swallowed and looked up at the sealing. This was not happening. She was shaking now. She breathed deep and rubbed her eyes to wipe out the tears in them. "Hey," the Time Lord murmured when he arrived beside the bed. He was watching her, frowning with concern. "Come here."

He lend her a hand and she took it. But before she pulled on it to get up, the Doctor beside her cuddled closer, grabbed her right breast firmly, and rocked his hips against her. "Rose.." he mumbled in her ear. The Time Lord smiled at the situation but she didn't. This was not funny. This, happening again, the same way it did this morning, was just a proof that something was not right.

She couldn't be reliving everything that she just dreamed about, could she? She got up and joined the Doctor that was waiting for her. He saw right away that she was terrified. A lot more scared than she should be for a simple nightmare. "Rose what's the matter? Talk to me."

"Something's not right." She looked around the cell, then looked at him with a frown. She touched him. "You are really here. 'M not dreaming?"

"You're not dreaming, Rose." He answered hesitantly.

"Yeah, well, you would say that!" She said flippantly, trying to hide how distraught she was.

He understood where she was coming from and continued as he watched his other self sitting in the bed and rubbing his eyes. "Let's put the theory of you dreaming aside and tell me what's going on."

"I had a dream of this before. All of this. You and him and Donna. Waking up in this prison cell after a nightmare. Well, I think it was a dream.. but it felt real. Just like this." She touched him again. "I've been here before. This morning.. which is now.. I don't understand. I am from the future and I came back. I'm from the end of this same day." she frowned.

She's gone mad, that's what was happening. He nodded once. Acknowledging what she had just said. He knew Rose, he trusted her judgement. If she said something was wrong, then something was definitely wrong. "What if it wasn't a dream? Rose. I Felt it when you woke up. Something's wrong with your time lines." The part-human Doctor was up walking toward them. "Did I told you this? Did I told you about your time lines the first time around?" The Time Lord asked her.

"No." Rose frowned. "But I know you suspected something, I think. But you didn't tell me, no."

"What's happening?" The Doctor in blue felt the dark mood when he took Rose's hand.

"Think she might be caught in a temporal loop." The Time Lord rubbed the back of his neck. "How many times have you lived through this?"

"Once… I think… I am not sure. I had this strange sense of déjà vu since I came out of the Tardis. I think I am forgetting bits."

The part-human Doctor looked at his counterpart with worry. "It could be a helicoid amnemonic temporal loop."

Rose bit her lip. "What? What's a heli-monic temporal loop?" The time Lord traced a spiraling circle in the air with his finger a bit dismissively as he thought of something else. Rose could see his mind was going on miles a minute.

"She just remembers this once," the part-human Doctor continued. "That's good. The mnemonic feed is fresh she'll probably retain memory the next time she jumps."

"We need to find what's causing it first, it won't do any good if she remembers and we don't know what needs to be done to stop it."

The part-human Doctor shook his head and his jaw tightened. "We've seen our fair share of temporal loops in the past, Doctor. You can read them better than anyone. What do you see?"

The Time Lord cleared his throat and Rose saw how distraught he was as he fixed her with an unfocused gaze, as if looking behind her, or all around her at once, or in another dimension all together. "It looks like an helicoid." The Time Lord pinched the bridge of his nose as if trying to get his normal focus back. "But it's actually shifting into a catenoid." He swallowed thickly. "And it's getting near the focal point. We need to get out of here before she jumps again. I can't see what's causing it and I am sure it is not the first time I tell you all this, Rose, but it might be the last if we don't stop it right now."

Rose felt dread pooling in her belly. "What? Why?"

The part-human Doctor pulled her close to him and explained what the Time Lord meant while holding her tight. "The time loops are like knots, getting tighter and tighter together, like a spinning spiral. You must've gone through this moment a lot more than twice because you are very close to the center of it all."

Rose lifted her head and looked at him with pleading eyes. "What happens when I get to the center?"

The Doctor holding her looked at the other Doctor then swallowed when his gaze fell back on her. He laid a hand on her cheek and answered her question with reluctance. "We don't know what's causing the temporal loop. We need to find out about that first. Then we'll know what needs to be done." He caressed one of her fallen tears off with his thumb. "Everything will be okay, Rose. We'll get through this. I promise."

Rose nodded, trying her best to believe him. "We need to get out of here and bring you to the Tardis." The Time Lord said as he came closer and hugged both of them.

“How was it when you jumped?” Donna's soft interruption of their little moment made Rose recoil further in her Doctors' embrace. She didn't want to talk about that darkness.

"It wasn't fun, at all. I've been dreaming of that darkness for a while now. Maybe it wasn't a dream. A darkness, engulfing everything then I wake up in a panic because I can't breathe."

The Time Lord held her tighter. "It probably wasn't a dream, Rose. All just jumps you don't remember." She shivered. “Rose.“ The Time Lord looked worried and Rose didn’t like this. "How far away in your memory do remember having those nightmares?”

She shrugged, trying her best to make it seem as if it was nothing. “A while I guess.” She didn’t like what this conversation was implying. It was just a stupid nightmare, couldn’t they just leave it there? “Probably while I was dimension jumping.”

The Doctors looked at each other, concern written all over their face. “Rose.” The Time Lord lifted his hands toward her, stopping his fingers inches from her temples. “Can I?”

Chapter Text

"What about biology?" The Time Lord clasped his hands together. He then turned toward the Frizz and smiled at her. "It always fascinated me that your specie would use actual doctors inside of a BUS to fix people, sending tiny persons in the body to heal directly at the source."

"Can they really do that?" Rose asked the Doctor beside her.

"Yeah, I've always wanted to try that. An adventure in a living body! But I'd be happy to be your guinea pig." The Time Lord proposed.

"Oh! This'll be fun." Miss Frizzle jumped from excitation.

"Now you take care of everyone." The Time Lord pointed at her. He knew her propensity to lose track of the serious stuff and this was his body they were about to visit. "I can control most of my body's reactions, which will make it easier for you. That's why I'm yielding myself to your fun little science adventure. But I don't want Tony to get lost in my blood stream, or Rose to melt in my stomach acids," Rose made a face, "or Jackie to mess around in my brain," he shivered visibly.

"I could go inside is second brain and castrate the hell out of him." Jackie mumbled.

"Alright out you go then." Miss Frizzle shooed him out of her BUS, sat on the driver's seat, and closed the doors. "Seat-belts everyone!!" All the passengers still on the BUS found their places, a bit unsure of what was about to happen. And when the bus started to shake, the outside world became a blur for a while. It felt like a mad roller-coaster. They were so tiny, and moving so fast.

Rose sat straight in her seat when they fell forward and held on to the Doctor beside her as they swerved and turned. She saw the brown pinstripes as they almost crashed in the giant Doctor's suit jacket. They really were tiny. They were as big as the buttons of his baby blue shirt and still shrinking as the BUS jerked up and then rode on his stomach, his chest, up his chin, right across his closed mouth, and in his nose.

They flew through a forest of hairs filled with mucus and Rose grimaced. "Hope he doesn't pick his nose soon." Donna snorted.

"It's a good thing I can control my sneeze reflex because this feels very uncomfortable." They heard the low rumbling voice of the Doctor as the BUS was squished and stuck between the two walls of his nose.

"Doctor! Stop scratching!" Miss Frizzle ordered and then the BUS was freed when he let go. It flew out of the sinuses and rolled down his tongue.

"Woah!" Most of the passenger of the BUS were amazed. Though there wasn't a lot they could see due to the lack of light, the sight was not something you would see every day.

"'M actually inside the Doctor's throat." Rose snickered conspiratorially to the Doctor beside her, "Never been here before, it's usually the other way around." The Doctor in blue snorted and held her tighter against his chest before laying a kiss on the top of her head.

"Very funny, Rose." They all heard the giant Doctor answer. Which was not a good idea seeing as how small they were, the breath he took as he talked made them tumble and fall right down his trachea and into his lungs.

"Hold on tight!" Miss Frizzle yelled as she tried to manoeuvre the BUS through the many tunnels getting tighter and tighter as they went, until they stayed stuck into one of the bronchial tube.

"Ouch!" A few of them said. It was now total darkness outside. The headlight of the BUS smooched against the protective layer of the inside of his lungs.

"What now?" Rose asked the Doctor.

"Let's get unstuck." Miss Frizzle answered with a flurry. "I was planning on visiting the digestive system but this is gonna be even more fun! Tony! What happens to the air that gets in your lungs?"

"I spit it back out!" Tony opened his mouth and blew some air out.

Rose laughed. "I give you air from my lungs." The Doctor in blue smiled back at her.

"Quite close, but before it's spat out, it goes through an important journey. Lets go!" Miss Frizzle pushed a few buttons and the BUS shrank even more, until the surface that was holding them became porous and they manage to squeeze right through it. As soon as they were on the other side, the BUS started shaking again. They seemed to be moving very fast, surrounded by a dark liquid. Big red cells that were as huge as they were pushed against the windows and ceiling. It was literally a bloody traffic jam. "So many healthy red cells. There are a lot more here than in a human body. If we were oxygen molecules we'd be riding on their backs right now." Miss Frizzle explained. "We are now in the pulmonary vein. Where is the next stop, does anyone knows?"

"That'd be the left ventricle of the heart." Pete answered.

"Right you are!" Miss Frizzle said as the walls in front of them opened on a huge chamber. "Here we are, then. Left ventricle of the right heart!" She drove the BUS near one of the walls and anchored it there.

Rose poked the Doctor beside her. "We are in the 'right' heart!" She laughed at her pun.

"Rose you are always in my hearts, both of them!" They heard the rumbling voice of the Doctor once more and Rose blushed furiously. Miss Frizzle looked at her with a smile, then pushed on a button.

"Let there be light!" And the whole ventricle was flooded with light. It was pretty amazing to see the blood flow thought the Time Lord's heart. Cusp opening and closing letting tons of red cells rush in and then back out. And after a few moments of seeing this miracle first hand, the Frizz turned off the BUS. All the lights went out and they could hear the beats as well as the whooshing sound of the blood flowing through the ventricle.

The sound was hypnotizing, sacred. The Doctor beside Rose used this time, in total darkness, to turn Rose's head and kiss her deeply, pining her against the wall and window. The kiss was so heated it left Rose breathless. She turned toward him and slid a leg on the seat so he was comfortably sheathed between her legs. "The first sound you've ever heard." He whispered against her lips, pulling her to him with a hand on the small of her back as his thumb caressed a rising nipple under her shirt.

She bucked against him, sheltering her mouth between his ear and her arm so she could whisper without being hear by the others in the BUS. "God, Doctor, I'd totally make love to you right now.. inside your right heart." He growled and kissed her again. They were so immerse in the heat of the moment, they didn't realize the sound of the Time Lord's beating heart was increasing as fast as theirs were.

"You ok up there?" Miss frizzle said.

"Fine, 'm fine." And at the same moment the BUS lurched and shook.

"Woaw!" Rose and the Doctor sat back up.

"That's not suppose to happen," the Doctor said. Another tremor shook the bus and Miss Frizzle open the lights back on. There seem to be huge cotton balls attaching themselves to the hull.

"Doctor," the Frizz called out. "I thought you were suppose to control your antibodies?"

"I am a bit indisposed right now! Ah! No! Let go of me!!" The Doctor's heartbeat accelerated.

"Doctor, what's up?" Rose talked loud so the Time Lord would hear her.

"Ah! Kids, Rose, there are kids everywhere." Rose laughed. "No, not the hair! Don't touch the hair!" Another bump and another white ball attached to them.

"Are we safe, though?" Pete asked. "If the antibodies see us as the bad guys, are we in danger."

"There's a strong force-field around the BUS, we are safe. This is not its first rodeo," Miss Frizzle patted the console. "We are just a bit stuck until they leave."

"Rose! We are never having kids." Roses eyes grew as big as saucers. He didn't just say that did he? "Or if we are, they are not gonna be like those kids. Ah! I said no!" Why would he have said that? Rose knew full well that humans and Time Lords were incompatible. He told her a few times already, and she never got pregnant even if they never used protection.

Why was he talking about them having kids if it was not a possibility? She looked at the Doctor beside her. He was watching her intently. "Are you ok, Rose?"

Rose realized then, "We didn't use protection last night." She whispered. "'M so use of not having to think about those things with him.. but with you." He was about to answer but was interrupted by the deep voice of the Time Lord.

"Ah well, sorry about that. 'M free now, off you go." The antibodies started to detached from the hull and the BUS was free again.

"Let's take this opportunity to go back!" Miss Frizzle laughed as she drove the BUS out of the heart.

Chapter Text

“You’re sure you don’t want to travel with us? Just a trip or two.” The Time Lord pulled on Rose’s hand, trying his best to stop her from coaxing a trip in the Tardis out of her mother. He couldn’t wait to get back to traveling with her, just her. Well, with his metacrisis.. and Donna. He made the efforts. Bought the Tyler family a nice house near the beach in a quiet part of the world.

They will be happy here. They had everything they needed to raise their son and live a fantastic life. And of course they would hop and visit as often as Rose wished to. And they will have other opportunities to travel together. And, more than anything, since it was finally possible for them to do so, both Doctors wanted to build a family and a life of their own with Rose.

He smiled. This was going to be brilliant. “Of course, we are staying here, look at this place. You’ve more than spoiled us.” Jackie smiled a bit sheepishly at the Time Lord. “Thanks.” She added for good measure.

“Yeah. You all deserve it.”

"Are you staying for lunch?" Pete asked them.

"Oh! We could have a picnic on the beach before we leave." Rose was jumping with excitement between her Doctors, using her infallible big dough eye at them. There was nothing else to do than follow Rose's desires when she pulled that trick. The Doctors were wipped. Donna snorted and the part-human Doctor was the first to exhale a half hearted all right.

The Time Lord smiled as they followed the happy bunch across the warm expense of sand. The next adventure could wait. This, was an adventure of its own.

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"Mom!... Mom, wake up!" Rose groaned. Since he was born, James didn't sleep that much. And up until the Doctors started living with them, her and her mom had hire a nanny to take care of him during the night. So him, calling for her, in the middle of the night, wasn't something she was used to. "Mom!"

"James, go get the nanny, mommy needs her sleep." She answered, not really registering where or when she was.

"Mommy.. you promised!" The child whined and Rose opened an eye, trying to remember what she promised. It's when an arm came from behind to pull her against a familiar, lean body that Rose was reminded of it. The part-human Doctor held her tight and kissed her temple.

"Let's get dress. I bet the Time Lord got everything ready for us." He whispered in her ears which made her shiver. A few minutes later, Rose was climbing up a hill, all wrapped up in a fluffy duvet, still sleepy but very comfy. James was running around in the damp long grass. The night was crisp and well on its way and everything seemed a bit magical, as all starry night can be.

It was the beginning of August and the Doctors and Rose had been living at the mansion for the past six months. Rose couldn't wait for their first trip in the Tardis as a family. But the Doctors were actually the one who had wanted to wait this long before leaving. It warmed Rose's heart that they cared so much for her and their son to learn to know them, to take their time to create a dynamic before jumping into the adventures and chaotics a life on the Tardis can bring them to.

Rose sat, her back against the Tardis and the Time Lord joined her, leaving a wet trail of kisses down her neck. She smiled as they watched the myriad of stars lighting up the sky. It took less than a few minutes before James came running, all excited about seeing his first shooting star. Rose had already seen a bunch since she sat down with the Doctor but, because her son was as fidgety as his fathers, he was missing a lot of them.

The perseids were at their peak when Pete and Jackie joined them. James had calmed down a bit and was immersed in learning marvellous things about the cosmos with the part-human Doctor. The telescope they were using was state of the art material which enabled them to see planets and star systems, galaxies and nebulas and clusters. Not only was this night under the stars meant to admire the wonders of a sky during the meteor shower, but also for James to choose their first destination.

Rose had suggested they ask the Tardis to build an astrolab with an actual visual map of the universe through time but the Doctor wasn't warm to the idea. "It's already all here in my head, Rose. I'm going to teach him the wonders of the universe first hand. There is no need for a map." Men and maps...

"Mom, you need to see this." James pulled Rose to the telescope and when she watched, she was amazed to see swirls of pink and purple, and foreign stars caught in the luminous clouds. It was beautiful.

"Where is that?" Rose asked.

"The Orion Nebula." The part-human Doctor answered.

"That's where we are going!!" James made his big reveal. Rose laughed and watched her one hearted Doctor.

"Is there anything exciting to see in the Orion Nebula?"

He smiled fondly at her. "Everything will be exciting from now on. All of us together, in the Tardis." An hour later, both Doctors were sauntering around the time rotor, getting ready for take off. The whole family having said their good byes, James was jumping around, asking the Doctors to show them how to drive. Rose was sitting on the jumpseat, smiling at the scene in front of her.

She was exactly where she wanted to be in the universe.

Chapter Text

The Doctor in blue, who wasn't in blue any more, was pulling on Rose's little finger impatiently. "Rose." She heard him whisper but pretended she didn't hear him. She tried to concentrate on Pete's speech and she'll be damn if she'd miss her good friend's retirement ovation. Marcus has been there for her when everything seemed bleak and he was the one who helped her the most with the research and the building of the canon that got her back to her Doctors.

They had been in Pete's World for a week now. The Tardis still didn't work and they pretty much accepted that she would not work as long as they find a way back to their universe. They had decided to start working for Torchwood and in the meantime, use its resources for their own little project with their Tardis. Tonight was an important evening for Rose.

Both her Doctors and herself put on their best clothes to celebrate the beginning of Marcus' retirement. Rose was adamant that they behave for Marcus' sake.. and her own. "Rose," he repeated and she jumped when his hand landed on her naked knee, fingers drawing swirly patterns in her inner thigh. Her breath caught and she held the sides of her chair tighter.

God, he would make her melt on the spot. He knew how to get her attention, didn't he? She turned to him, eyebrow raised, doing her best to hide the effect he had on her. "What?" She whispered back. He just nodded toward the chair beside him, the chair where the other Doctor should've been. Oh no. "Where the hell is he?"

The part-human doctor shrugged. "He just got up and left. Didn't you notice?"

Rose shook her head. "I'll be a horrible mother." She said, alarmed, and the Doctor beside her snorted. "Come on." She grabbed the hand on her thigh and got up. He followed her and Rose shivered when he laid his hand on the small of her back to guide her through the exit. They walked for a while, opening doors and asking around but they couldn't find him. The Doctor stood by her side, never letting go of her hand. "I really hope he isn't doing anything stupid." Rose growled.

"Rose," the Doctor said. "It's not an easy place for him to be. For me either. I know this Torchwood is different and I know you trust them. But it's still hard for us."

Rose pushed on the door leading to a lower level. "I know. It wasn't easy for me when I came here either." The conference room was on the top floor so they made their way down a few levels, searching from room to room, until they got to an abandoned floor that Rose knew way too well. They all knew it too well. "Oh no. Do you think..?" she pushed the door that led to the level where the rift between universes had open years ago, letting Cybermen into the other universe while slowly destroying Pete's World.

That white wall that still bore the memories of this crack to the void that pulled her in and kept them separated for so long. The hand holding hers tightened when the Doctor beside her realised where they were. She guided him through the small maze of empty offices and abandoned workstations until they got to the main room. The Doctor, still in brown pinstripes, seemed tiny against the massive white wall.

Rose almost cried out from the rush of memories that came with the sight of him, in this very room. He was sitting, legs sprawled in front of him, the back of his head lolling against the wall. His eyes were closed and they could clearly see the trails of tears drying on his cheeks. He held the red and blue 3D glasses loosely in his right hand. Rose's heart swelled and she went to him, sat beside him and took his hand.

Her heart swelled even more when she saw the other Doctor do the same on his other side. They both laid their head on each of his shoulders. They will always be there for each other. Nothing would keep them apart any more. "I didn't think it would hit so hard." The Doctor beside her said. "Being in this place again. Do you really think it's a good idea to work for them?"

Rose tilted her head to look at him. She wasn’t sure of the right thing to say. She didn't really care if they worked for Torchwood or not any more. The important thing was that they stayed together. But working for Torchwood would get them closer to certain technologies that might be good for the Tardis. She opened her mouth to answer him, but the part-human Doctor bested her to it. "I think working here would be a good thing. Stay in the thick of things. We need it. To grow.. ourselves as well as the Tardis." He cleared his throat and shifted his body to sit facing the Time Lord, still holding his hand. "Our worse memories haunts this tower but we could build new ones, good ones. I think Pete’s done a good job at building his team from the ground up and the root idea that created this Torchwood is a lot different from the one in our universe."

The other Doctor snorted derisively. He then rubbed his face in his hands. "It's just, so hard without the Tardis.." A rush of emotions stopped him from finishing his sentence so he only tapped his index finger a few time over his right temple to bring his point. Within second, his counterpart was cupping his cheek and grabbing his lips between his. He knew what the Time Lord was feeling, the emptiness, the hurt of losing the song of the Tardis on his soul.

The part-human Doctor was lucky that his own mind didn't wired for telepathy when he it was created. He didn't need a connection as bad as the Time Lord did. He moved closer the his body to deepen the kiss. And time stood still, even Rose held her breath. She never thought she’d get to see this, and it was beautiful. It took a few moments before the Time Lord moved. He was as shell shocked as Rose was.

But then he did move and opened up to the man comforting him, grabbing him possessively and pulling him across his lap. The part-human moaned and settled, a leg on each side of the other Doctor's hips. "Let's create new memories." The Time Lord said against his lips. "Right here, at this same place where we lost everything. At this very place that tore us apart, broke us. Let's mend it all and create something new."

Rose slithered to the both of them and murmured, "Together." The Doctor in brown pinstripes smiled at both of them, then pulled Rose to his lips in a soft, open mouthed kiss. "I love you." She told him.

"Come here." The part-human Doctor pulled her in front of him, over the Time Lord's lap, and they all hugged, snuggled in a tight ball.

Chapter Text

Rose didn't answer him she just laid on the bed, pulling him to her. He saw himself falling upon her in slow motion. His heart beating so fast, he was so scared all of this would be too much for her, but there she was, naked and waiting for him with a soft playful smile that was calling to him, ready for the taking. The Doctor held himself above Rose, on hands and knees.

There was no way he could touch her whole, body against body, just too much skin. It would surely overwhelm her. He could already feel the pull, the literal physical attraction, as if both of their bodies were strong magnets calling to each other. Rose closed her eyes. She seemed to relish the sensation, arching her body toward his, she moaned.

The Doctor took in a sharp breath when he saw the whole of her skin shiver leaving strong, beautiful, goosebumps everywhere. Her nipples standing erect and ready to burst.. her whole body seemed ready to burst. "Doctor, it's your turn to touch me!" It came out as a breath. He couldn't lay whole on her. Their body melding into one would be too intense for her.

He started by brushing an errant lock of hair from her face and he heard her whimper. Warm shocks were tickling the tip of his finger and coursing the length of his skin. It was blissful and he took a breath in to calm himself. He trailed the back of his fingers upon her cheek and over her open lips, thrilled to feel her warm wanting breath on them. It was almost as if he could hear her heart beat, its uproarious rhythm coursing through her veins wanted to connect with his own two.

He groaned out of the feeling, it was too early for that, was it? He heard her whimper once more and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead, sending calming, loving feelings in her mind. She took a sharp breath and started mumbling some deep declaration of love that made his hearts dance in his chest. He felt herself open up to him and he followed, laying only his forehead on hers.

It was like a soft summer stream when she flowed through his brain and the fresh breeze of her scent overwhelmed his senses. She arched on the bed once more. Welcoming him fully with a sigh. He was trembling, trying his best to hold back, so scared of giving in too much. They were playing with fire, he wasn't even sure a human body and mind could withstand something as powerful as sex with a Time Lord.

"Please," it came out of him in a small cry, after she sent him a long deep surge of how he was making her feel back through their growing link. He just wanted to let go of it all and take her, meld into her. His Rose. The arousing feeling pooled like liquid fire in his belly and he groaned, fully aware that this was the last of his control going away. “Please, tell me if you want me to stop.”

Her lips whispered words of encouragement against his temple and her voice resounded in the Doctor's bones. And right now, all of this, all of them, mingling in their warmth and light was exquisite. He breathed out a smile for only answer, staying focus on the sensations. He kissed her. All of her, at once. "We've both been waiting for this moment for so long." He heard Rose's voice deep and ethereal and golden. The echo of a memory. Bad Wolf vibrating in his head. "On this night, I am welcoming you to share your soul in the same way you had welcome me to share your life." The Doctor groaned out of the feeling, sitting beside her wanting body, not sure if he really heard/felt what had just happened. Were they already at that point where she could send thoughts and feelings to him? Was that really Rose's voice? "Doctor, don't stop!" He saw her eyes opened and her lips move and her voice was hers again.

He frowned, then he began to run his free hand over Rose's body, traced its contours, but never stopped in one place. The crackling feeling of their link was warm and it blissfully stung deep inside muscles and bones. His gaze followed his hand, and that seemed to do the trick. Rose's eyes fluttered shut again and he saw her relaxed some more under his gentle touch over her soul.

His heart was beating so hard in his ears when he put his hand flat beneath the mound of her left breast. He needed to jump in. Rose wanted this and at one point he needed to let go and trust themselves, he would still be careful. He felt her heart started beating faster under his palm and both his heart sinked with hers. And as his lips and tongue flew over Rose's neck and breast and nipples, his hand never flinched above her heart and their hearts never faltered in their dance with each other.

The Doctor saw Rose's hands turned into fists, clenching around the bed covers and was scared of going too fast for her but then he gasped loudly. Rose's chest was expending in a golden light; opening up even more with every rush of blood being pumped through their ventricles, offering all she was to him. It was astoundingly blissful to see her so bright and magnificent.

An high-pitch whimper escaped his lips, and she let out a small laugh, obviously pleased with the feeling. “I love you,” he wasn't sure if she really said it or if she sent it as a thought, but he felt it deeply. Rose's mind was a lot stronger than he expected her to be. The mattress dipped as he moved towards her, above her. He brought with him all he was, as open as he could be.

First it was just a press, a yearning against her mind and soul; then the slide of him, seeking permission to enter, then it deepened and their lips consumed them both as his deep blue light enveloped hers and his softest emotions crushed into her body. Her essence was everywhere, around him, inside him, filling every part of who he was and who he ever will be.

And his essence was on her, around her, inside her, filling every part of who she was and who she ever will be. He could feel what it felt like to have his tongue on her skin. Wet plain licks on her breast and navel lost in swirl of the torrid raising arousal coiling within them. He could feel what it felt like to have his fingers caress her and the softness and warmth of his skin.

Gasps and grunts rippled like echoes through blue and golden light. A red glimmer of desire flared up as their whole being grew, swollen and pulsating, a hot velvety force of attraction. The craving was hard to bare. They were imbued with the same aching need to be one; it was crackling in the core of each of their cells. “Doctor, please.” she arched against him, but he still held back.

This feeling was incredible but they should still be careful not to go too fast, too strong. Then Rose took control, unable to wait any longer. She pulled him in, sucked on his being, hauled his soul to dance out of his body with hers, forever. The Doctor panicked as their skin glued at a molecular level, touching atoms melding together. But she was still calling him to her with a magnetizing force until it ached all over.

“Rose,” He whimpered loudly, as if she was the one who had pulled the name right out of his lungs. The Doctor's concern was leaking all over; his fear of breaking her was almost overwhelming.

“Please, Doctor, I want this, I trust you.” Rose's eyes intently buried into his. With a rush of loving confidence she encouraged him to let go, ready to let herself fall, trusting that he would always be there to catch her. And when the Doctor let go, and slid inside her, they didn’t lose themselves; they found each other instead. Rose gasped and purred her way into his being.

Nothing frightening, only freedom. She laid her scent under his skin, her taste in his every muscle, pushed herself in until she’d vibrate in his bones. He felt the frantic exaltation of having only one heart and tasted the crisp and rattling air through her lungs. When he pulled back out of her he was the Doctor again; lifted by a glorious and overwhelming feeling of belonging, as if the whole universe rejoiced in the union of their souls.

He was breathlessly euphoric with the thought of sharing himself with this woman he loved. He felt how the brush of his cock felt for her against her insides, warm and tight, and the exquisite bliss the brush against her core was rippling in her when he filled her again and again. Their lights danced together in a perfect mixed of comes and goes, swirls and twirls, dips and rises.

He kept his strokes shallow at the beginning, for her sake. He moaned loudly as she shifted, inviting him deeper, demanding more. She shuddered a groan out of his lungs and he lost the sight of her when his lashes fluttered shut. He sank faster, deeper into her. He cried out at the joy she was giving him, while he was reveling in the heights of bliss he was able to take her to.

It was warm and cold and frail and strong and magnificent and frightening, as old as the universe but still young enough to be filled with wonder. They completed each other in such a perfect way that together they were everything. With a final deep stroke of his body into hers, he came forcefully with a surrendered cry of his love; the words ringing in her core and his body pulsing again and again inside her; pelvis grinding, poised deep within.

It was all it took for her to soar with him, screaming her ecstasy into this explosion of white blinding light. Their powerful release was drawn out by languorous, rich, deep movements that seemed to stretch for ever. They swayed, cradled in timelessness, before they both fell into each other’s arms, feeling weightless. Reality slowly settled back as their link hushed in a blissful stillness.

They stayed joined, completely and intimately, caressing with the delicate movements of gliding noses and lips and soft breaths of air across cheeks and eyelids, until they both felt ‘back in their bodies’ again. Lips then opened as mouths met, and they exchanged slow, warm wet kisses, tongues gliding and caressing, lips suckling and savoring, languid and sensual and affirming.

Their damp bodies finally separated as the Doctor hugged her thigh and breathed her in. They rolled to their sides, face-to-face, just gazing into the eyes of the other. The Doctor smiled like the rising sun. “Hello.” He brushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Hello.” she whispered back with the same smile.

Chapter Text

Rose was in this new club’s restroom with Martha. They were washing their hands. “They both look so in love with you, it’s crazy. I’ve never seen so much love in a man’s eyes.. and you have two.” Martha was in awe.

Rose laughed. “Maybe.”

“You gonna do something about it?”

Rose only cleared her throat as an answer. “Yeah well. ’M ready to go and dance again, you coming?” Martha laughed at her reaction. “I’ll follow you in a sec. M just gonna freshen up.” Martha was still laughing when she left the restroom. Rose put on a bit of make up. She was pretty sloshed maybe she shouldn't have drank so much if she was gonna have sex with her Doctors. There was no doubt about that. They both have been pretty explicit about it and Rose knew none of the three of them would still last long before jumping on each other.

She felt so giddy she could fly. She walked to the door. Maybe she should start by trying to walk straight before flying. “Hey, lovely!” She heard when she got out the doors. There were four young persons, three boys and a girl, trying to get her attention. They weren’t giving out a good vibe. They looked as sloshed as she was.

“Hey.” She answered before trying to walk past them. A guy stood in front of her, blocking the small passageway to the dance floor.

“Hey, don’t leave so soon, would you like to drink with us?” He was holding a golden flask he must’ve stolen from his father.

“No thanks. My friends are waiting for me.” Rose answered as flatly as she could. He didn’t scare her in the least, but this situation was a bit frustrating. She was drunk and she felt like throwing up which she wouldn’t mind doing all over the boy’s posh vest. The girl beside her laughed.

“Shit, Josh, it’s that girl with the two dudes.”

“Ew! The girl fucking the brothers? What is that all about? You have a kink for twins?” The guy in front of her asked, never letting her pass when she tried for a third time. This was getting ridiculous. None of this was any of their business and Rose just wanted to get back to her Doctors. She was getting quite exasperated and in the state she was in, her patience wasn’t as lenient as it should be. Especially with a bunch of prat that didn’t understand the history and the love she was sharing with her Doctors.

She couldn’t help but smile as she remembered what would happen as soon as she got back to them. “That’s disgusting don’t touch her, Josh, you’ll get aids or something.” The girl added. Rose didn’t care about other people's opinions. She was just a bit sad that people of her century didn’t know more about polyamorous relationship and hoped it would get more and more accepted in the future. Humanity, and all the boundaries they needed to overcome. Rose tried to pass but the guy stopped her.

“Come on, let me go. Don’t make me hurt you.”

“Oh wait! She likes it with more than one guy at a time,” Another skinny guy behind her stated. “There’s only two of them over there, we could fill you up faster than they could. I bet she likes it rough.” The moment he touched her shoulder, Rose had him face against the wall with an arm twisted painfully behind his back. She talked slow and loud, to be sure all four of them understood her message.

“I actually do. I like it very rough.” She twisted further and the boy screamed in pain. “I sleep with two real men because they can handle it. The three of you can not. I would break you and you’d go back crying to your mothers.” Rose growled, golden sparks in her eyes. You do not disrespect the love between a Bad Wolf and her Doctors. “I am leaving now and you won’t follow me or cause me or my friends further prejudice. Is that understood?” The boy’s face was still contorted with pain as he nodded and Rose let him go and left without a word.

Damn some people could be dumb. She really hoped humanity would evolve already, and let people be and love who they wished. When she got to the Doctors, the first thing she did was kiss them both languorously. “You’re ready to leave?” She asked them, voice filled with promises. They both smiled, but while they were saying their goodbyes, everything started to shake. There usually were no earthquakes in London and if this was an earthquake, it was a big one. Chairs and tables were toppling, glasses filled with drinks were shattering, people were screaming.

When everything calmed down, Jack and Mickey tried to gather everyone on the dance floor and assess the damage. The Doctors and Rose did a full round up of the place and when they opened the front doors, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They weren’t in London anymore. They were in some kind of city. Something was very weird with this place, though. As if it was made with different buildings from different worlds and times. The Doctor recognized some of them. Not the buildings themselves, but the style.

That house in front of them has been built in the style of the Vervisuen’s civilization during the reign of king Sämoth III. Nothing to do with Earth, and far from the 21st century. They were definitely not on Earth anymore. Something else felt very weird. Something about gravity. It wasn’t natural. But there wasn’t anything that indicated they were on a spaceship either. No roaring of motor or clanking sounds of metal and machinery. The sky was dark, just dark, just.. nothing. “Where do you think we are?” Rose asked them.

“Dunno. It doesn’t make much sense.” The Doctor in blue answered. “I think we’ll have to postpone our plans for a while.”

“Bummer.” Rose added and the Time Lord held her closer to him with a kiss on the head. “There are movements in the other houses.” Rose pointed to the house in front of them. “And no one outside. What do you think it means? Do you think they’ve been here long?”

“It’s hard to say. We’ll have to determine how they are bringing us here and who we have to deal with.” The part-human Doctor answered.

“And what they want from us.” The other Doctor added.

“Yeah” Rose took another peek outside before they closed the doors. “We should post someone here, keeping watch outside to tell us when there is movement. I just hope they don’t expect us to fight each other.” Rose rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand, trying to think straight through all the alcohol coursing in her system. She’d seen this scenario one time to many, on telly and in real life. People of different species locked up together and meant to fight each other to death for the entertainment of their captors.

Rose frowned and felt sick to her stomach. “Hey.” The Time Lord held her closer. “Don’t worry, Rose. We don’t know what’s going on. Let’s not speculate. It wouldn’t be a good idea to prepare a mob of drunk youngsters to fight if this is a peaceful act.”

“Yeah. I'm still trying to figure out in which circumstances kidnapping a bunch of people could be considered peaceful.” Rose said but she still agreed with the Doctor. Especially when she remembered what happened outside the restroom a few minutes ago, imagining those four preppies with weapons and violent ideas in their mind could be a bad thing. When they got back in the main room, Jack joined them and asked for a briefing. The Doctor in blue explained in hushed tones what they saw and the more he heard, the more Jack straightened, getting a plan of attack ready in his head.

Rose smiled. She was so happy both her Doctors, Jack, Mickey, and Martha were here with her. She was finally not alone anymore to face the vicissitudes of life. No more dimension hopping all by herself, no more getting out of the worst situation on her own. No more pretending to be tough and strong for the sake of being trusted upon. Well.. at least not if she didn’t feel like it. She finally had the support she needed to appreciate these little adventures for what they were.. an opportunity to help others and bring more hope in this universe.

Chapter Text

It was so cold. Rose closed her eyes and snuggled against her Doctor. He held her tight and rubbed her arm vigorously. She could barely feel it over the thick and fluffy material of her winter coat. She breathed in the glacial air of the mountains. It made the little hairs in her nostrils freeze as it went in which felt very weird. Nose hair was not a part of her body she could usually feel.

She exhale a fat cloud of mist and shivered comfortably, further into the Doctor's embrace. She closed her eyes on the sensations of the brisk temperature over her body and the sullen sound of the soft winds moving over the frigid snow. The last time she felt such sensations was with her first Doctor, when they visited a planet where the oceans were frozen.

It was such a sweet memory. Since it was the exact moment she realized she was in love with the Time Lord. Oh, she probably was infatuated way before that, but she remembered clearly when his blue eyes fell on her, as blue as the icebound waves towering behind him. The cold air wasn't the only thing stealing her breath away as he grinned at her, making her heart stop.

She smiled at the memory and felt her cheeks creak, taunt and dry under the harsh weather. Her eyelashes were glued together by tiny beads of frozen water and that too felt pretty weird, another part of her body she wasn't used to notice. She rubbed it off with her gloved fingers. "Here, this will help." The Doctor smiled back at Rose and Rose could feel the fondness rolling off him in waves, she don't think she'll ever get enough of this link between them.

The Doctor's cheeks were as red as hers and it gave him the cutest grin, enhancing the freckles over the bridge of his nose. Rose wanted to kiss them all. The Time Lord was holding an open and steaming thermos toward her and she took it, inhaling the warm smell of chocolate. The Swiss alps was the best place on Earth to drink this kind of drink. Rose took a sip which burned her lips slightly but felt divine as it spread warmth through her body, the creamy taste making her moan loudly.

This was nothing less than paradise on Earth. The Doctor laughed and pulled her back under his arm, sending a stream of mirth that made Rose laugh as well. She dived in his embrace without hesitation. They both took a moment to admire the rays of the sun making the snow glitter around them. Rose still had trouble believing they were here, in another universe, with her Doctor, stuck without the Tardis, taking some time off in a recluse and private cottage, slam bam way on top of a the everlasting snow of a mountain in the alps, somewhere in Switzerland.

All Rose could see for miles around was snow and valleys and neighboring mountains. "How are you feeling?" The Doctor broke the silence. Rose smiled. She was feeling a lot better. Better than she had felt for months.

She shivered at the memory but kept a strong front and looked straight in the Time Lord's eyes as she answered, "Top of the world!" The Doctor snorted a bit, his lips twitching at the corners as his gaze darted to her lips then back at her eyes. Rose's insides were melting and she shivered again. The Doctor had barely touched her since that night where they telepathically bonded in the shower.

With some distance, now that she was feeling better, Rose was starting to remember it as one of the most beautiful experience she had ever lived but it took some time to get to this point. Rose could understand why the Doctor wasn't incline to touch her during her recovery. Of course, he must have felt guilty for putting her through this, for pushing a bond on her mind before it was ready to receive it.

But most of all, Rose was ashamed to admit it, she must've been quite a pain during these last months. Snapping at him. Crying for no reasons. Wanting him to leave her alone but then sobbing in grief when he disappeared from her sight. Waves after waves of emotions and sensations she couldn't make sense of made her drown in the reassuring blankets of her bed, the pressure and weight too heavy to find the motivation to set foot out of her dark room.

It was even worse during the first week when her mind was so bare she could hear every thoughts and feel every emotions running in the head of people living in their vicinity. It didn't take long for the Doctor to arrange this retreat and whisk Rose far away from any kind of civilization. But Rose didn't want to think about the long time it took for her to recover.

She was proud of the progress she made and the journey her and her Doctor went through and he was still watching her, gaze warm and wanting and he always stood by her side through it all, always calm and strong through her storms and she wanted him to kiss her. Oh please, please, please, Doctor, kiss me! she tried her best to convey with her eyes.

The Doctor lifted a hand on her cheek and she could feel the warmth of the gloves sheltering her taunt skin against the weather. And Rose's heart leapt as he slowly leaned towards her. His lips brushed hers, a gentle caress, and Rose could feel her heartbeat in her mouth, salivating, expecting. Could Time Lord slow down time? The moment seemed to last an eternity, suspended in time, suspended on his lips, on the warmth of their breath mingling.

But then time found its rhythm again with the ring of her phone. She swallowed thickly when the Doctor startled out of the moment and pulled back. Rose grunted as she fetched the phone in her pocket. So close! It was her mom. She couldn't have called at a better time. Rose thought sarcastically. "Hi mom." She gave a shy smile at the Doctor and he took her back under his arm.

"Hey sweetheart. Are you feeling better today?" Rose snuggled into the warmth of her Doctor. Having to slide the phone between her ear and the fluffy fabric of her hat was letting the cold air breeze over the left side of her neck and she shivered.

"'M ok, mom." Her mom had been calling her each day in the past months to get some news about her health. She must've been pretty scared when the Doctor just hopped and left with her daughter once more, saying something about Rose being sick and having to quarantine from any kind of telepathic stimulation. He was the one who had to answer Jackie's call during the first weeks since Rose couldn't talk to anyone.

It must have been quite the job to calm down a worried Jackie. Rose smiled at the thought. She loved him so much. This time around, Jackie seemed worry free since she started blabbing right away about the wedding she went to, two days ago, and how huge and posh it was and how she really wanted to throw the Doctor and Rose as huge and posh a party when she got back home.

They never did celebrate Rose finding her Doctor again, never thought it was something to celebrate considering the circumstances. "Put me on speaker phone so I can hear him too." Jackie asked her and Rose laughed, trying her best to hit the speaker button with her gloved finger.

"Here you go, mom. He can hear you now." She said as she winked at the Doctor. He smiled back at her and his grin seemed to hide a sparkle of mischief that Rose couldn't quite place. Was he nervous?

"Well.." Jackie urged. "Go on, you plum. I don't have all day." Rose frowned. She didn't understand what she needed to go on with but then the Doctor moved and knelt in front of her.. on one knee. He was holding a blue velvety box in his bare hands and was grinning like the dork he was. Rose's eyes were as big as saucers and her hand couldn't help but cover her open mouth.

She never even imagined a moment like this happening to her so the only reactions that came were those she'd seen on telly. "A-aah.." the Doctor opened his mouth but nothing really came out of it.

"Doctor! Go on!!" Jackie shrilled at the end of the phone line which made them both jump out of the haze they were in.

The Doctor shook his head. "I-I forgot what I was suppose to say." He answered a bit defensively to Rose's mother. His voice was shaking and Rose gave him a shy laugh that was just as shaky, trying to keep the tears in and giving him all the time he needed. Her heart was beating so fast.

"Just ask her already!" The Doctor's gaze never left Rose's and he swallowed thickly.

"I had a whole speech prepared." He sighed in defeat. Rose balanced her weight from foot to foot and couldn't help grinning like a loon as she watch her favorite dork fumble with his proposal. "Marry me, Rose?" Rose laughed and fell on her knees in front of him, grabbing his face and pulling him into a kiss. He dragged her closer, closing his arm around her and opening up his lips, tasting her with a grunt of hunger.

Rose pushed him in the snow and fell over his body. God, she couldn't wait anymore. She grabbed his lips again with a renewed fervor and he responded with a strong shiver of arousal that made her skin prickle. "Rose?" Jackie asked. "Rose? You still there?" The sound of her voice muffled by the snow covering the discarded phone. "Doctor! What did she answer?" Jackie huffed in frustration.

The Doctor ended the kiss abruptly. "Was that a yes?" He asked Rose and she laughed.

"Yes! God!!" Rose reached out for her phone, searching through the snow and said, "Yes! I said yes!!" toward the mouth piece before pressing the off button and turning back to the matters at hand. "Now, please never stop kissing me." The Doctor laughed between her eager lips then kissed her back, rolling them over. Rose grunted, feeling his knee tight between her thighs. She was grabbing with a desperate hunger at the fabric of his winter coat with her gloved hands, frustrated at the lack of grip. "We need to continue this elsewhere."

And she knew the Doctor caught her drift when she saw his face turn from aroused to deep worry. He swallowed. "You sure about this?" He clearly didn't want to repeat what happened the last time they tried to bond.

"You are marrying me, Doctor. In every way. I want you. In every way." He got to his knees and then helped her up. They walked back to the recluse cottage and an hour and a half later, after a good meal and some tea -for the tannin, good for strengthening the mind- they were both facing each other, naked beside the bed. The Doctor was holding Rose's hand in his, sliding on a sapphire encrusted silver ring on her ring finger.

"I love you, Rose Tyler." He whispered the sentence that started it all. Rose smiled and cupped the side of his face with her free hand, coaxing him into another kiss.

"I love you too, my Doctor." She whispered back against his lips and her fingers scratched lightly at the hairs on the base of his neck making him shiver. The rippling of his skin was getting strong and contagious. Rose breathed deeply to calm down her rising heartbeat.

"You are really sure about this?" The Doctor still looked worried but Rose knew she was ready for him, for them.

Chapter Text

The Doctor was dizzy, feeble for the first time in his life. He didn't know if he liked the feeling or not. But the reasons why he was feeling it sure were wonderful. He was holding Rose's hand, ready to board the zeppelin that would bring them to Torchwood headquarters. His whole body was shaking from lack of sleep and blissful hormones were coursing in his veins.

The whole night has been a dream come true. They spent it talking about everything; their feelings, their dreams, the past years without each other, they made plans for the future, they even talked about their past, before they knew each other and shared things they've never shared with anyone. He told her his real name, and this meant so much for him.

They kissed and explored each other's body with fingers and tongue and teeth. Rose's idea to keep sex at bay until the first rays of sun was the perfect thing to do, even if he didn't realise it at the time. Because of it, he now felt as though he knew her better than he ever knew anyone. He did have telepathic bonds before, but never did he feel as much bonded then he did with Rose Tyler at this moment.. even though any kind of telepathic bond was out of the equation for Rose and him.

None of this would've happened if they'd consume their love right away and fell asleep minutes after. None of the rush of not being able to keep their eyes open and falling asleep only to wake up seconds later with a Rose straddling him rocking her hips sleepily against his, holding his face and kissing him deep to wake him up. Whispering I got you and making his insides go wild.

Oh, how can he not be addicted to her after a night like this. Oh, and the sex, this morning!!! The tension escalating all night toward this completion. A crescendo of arousing pleasure and adoration and love. Indeed the Doctor was addicted to Rose Tyler. Bonded to her, in an whole new different way than he was used to, for the rest of his life. Whatever might happen.

"You're ready for this?" Rose watched him expectantly. He never let her gaze go and kissed her again.

"Yeah," he murmured against her lips. "Yeah, I am." She laughed against his lips.

"Allons-y, then." she says his catchphrase.

Chapter Text

It wasn't the first time the Doctor had to deal with the Shadow Proclamation. It was the first time he called upon them in this universe, though. They were still as fixed on protocols as he remembered, still as annoying and on their high horses as they used to, but he was glad they'd come to help. It's been more than an hour since he saw Rose's unconscious body being pulled off the cold examination table and brought out on a gurney by people from the Outer Space Police, more than an hour since he was brought in this waiting room, and he was more than fidgety at this point.

It was his choice. He had to remind himself. He didn't want to be in charged anymore, didn't want to have the fate of the universe on his shoulders, didn't want to make his love ones suffer the brunt of his self imposed duties.. he didn't want to be alone anymore. He needed to trust that other people could take care of this for him. The Earth had Torchwood, the universe had the Shadow Proclamation, and even though he wasn't fan of either's methods, Rose was his only universe from now on.

He was in control of his own fate and the life he wanted to build with Rose was worth it. But it was so hard for him to stand back. When the Judoons started boarding the ship, he had to hold himself from the urge to grab Rose's hand and run. When the medical team were putting people to sleep to take off the probes and reverse the effects of the experiments, he had to stop himself from laying his scientific knowledge out in the open.

It was especially hard to act as a normal human when it was Rose laying inert on that table as long needles were pulled out of her body. She was one of the many humans who didn't wake up right after the procedure and not knowing what came of her was one of the reason the Doctor was now pacing the room. But he had to calm down. He had to wait patiently for instructions, as a normal human would do.

He wasn't in charge anymore. He chose to become human, he chose Rose. There was the clearing of a throat behind him and he swirled around. The Doctor recognized the woman as soon as she entered the room. The Shadow Architect, followed by two of her assistants, motioned the Doctor to sit. He bit the inside of his cheek as he did so, the need to rebel, to let out any kind of witty comment, to run, was so ingrained in his being, it was hard to resist.

"Sorry for the wait Mr. Noble." The Architect said with a judging eyebrow lifting high on her forehead. "I was just briefed on the situation." She turned to one of her assistant.

"Why are you keeping me here? Where is everyone else?" Where is Rose? he wanted to ask.

"Everyone was returned to the planet on which they originated with no memories of this incident." Hard red eyes scrutinized him as she continued, "as for you, we weren't sure what your planet of origin might be so we needed a verbal explanation on your part." The woman slowly sat on the chair before him, never taking her eyes off him. "How did you know to call us, Mr. Noble?" The question was a rhetorical one since she didn't let him any time to answer. The Doctor was being grilled and he didn't like where this was going, he held in a small grunt, trying to stay as stoic as possible. The Architect spread some sheets on the table between them. "This is not possible." She said pointing at a specific line of data. "This is a protein that only exist in legends. Legends of a race that could live forever, a race that had power over Time itself." The Doctor's jaw tighten. "Who are you really, and on which planet should we bring you back, Mr. Noble?" The woman sat back and brought her hands together, clearly waiting for an answer.

"I am the Doctor." He cleared his throat, deciding to tell is version of the truth. "I come from another universe. A universe where this proteins was embedded in a triple helix deoxyribonucleic acid that belonged to a race called the Time Lords. I chose to become human." The Doctor leaned forward over the table to make is point, mustering all that was left of his Time Lord fury in his gaze. "I chose to become mortal and I chose to lose all the powers that came with being a Time Lord to follow the woman I loved." The Doctor gaze softened and all the fight left in him came out in a breath. "You ask me on which planet I belong. I belong on Earth, with her, because it's the home I chose. I chose her." His voice was strained, pleading.

"You are a smart man, Doctor. With more knowledge than I could even dream to touch in my own lifetime. We could use a man like you on our team." The Doctor bristled immediately, ready to run again. "I am sure you've seen your share of horrors. That an life as long as yours must be filled with loneliness and loss. I can't blame you for the choice you made." The Architect snapped her fingers toward one of her assistant which gave her a file. "Most of the Time Lord's genes in your DNA are completely dormant so you cause no threat to the Earth. But you must understand that we need to register you if you wish to spend the rest of your life on a level 5 planet."

She slid the document toward the Doctor who started reading it thoroughly. It mostly stated the general rules of propriety and laws that bound to be followed when dealing with a level 5 civilization. The usual. He filled the form and signed at the bottom and was surprised to see fondness in the Architect's demeanor when she closed the file. She got up and gave him her hand to shake. "My official welcome to Earth, Mr. John Noble. I hope the few decades you have left will be the best of your life."

The Doctor heart started beating faster than it ever did as he understood the implications of what she just said. He was free. He belonged to the Earth, with Rose.


"Hey!" Rose's face illuminated the room when she saw the Doctor come in. "Where were you?" She hugged him and let out all the anxieties of the past hour with a breath. She was so scared he'd left when she went to his room and found it empty after she woke up. She knew she should've spend the night with him but she didn't feel ready then. Especially after being dumped by another him on a cold beach.

It seemed so far away now, though, and she couldn't wait to start her new life with him. "I love you." She murmured against his chest and Rose felt the Doctor exhale sharply. A hand cradled her cheek and she lifted her head to look at him.

"Rose." He let out in a breath. "I love you so much." Rose smiled. Her heart filled with so many emotions she couldn't contain it all. She leaned forward to kiss him. Tears of joy streamed down her face and she couldn't understand why she was so emotional.

They were interrupted by a loud thunk as Jackie set her bag on the floor. "Lovebirds," she said pointedly. "The zeppelin is leaving in less than two hours. We are gonna be late if you keep this on."

And Rose wished she could keep this on forever.

Chapter Text

The same fears had been assailing Rose since they left home. The same daunting idea that the Doctor would get bored, that this life -a life of opening doors and pulling chairs and routines and dishes cleaning and electricity bills and boring dinner dates- would be the end of him.. of them. How could the Doctor want this after a millennia of adventure and exploration?

What did she have to offer, now that traveling in his Tardis was out of the question? It kind of hurt when the Doctor asked her to stop teasing him with her foot under the table. She was actually doing it to give him a sense of adventure, to show him that this slow life on Earth might still be fun, she needed to show him that she was still special, still filled with surprises and spunk.

He could rely on her to bring the 'spice of life' he might crave for. It still stung, a few minute later as the Doctor was pulling her to the dance floor, using this slow melody as an excuse to wrap her close to him and sway to the soft rhythm. It still stung, but it didn't seem to matter anymore. The Doctor looked as if he was floating on a cloud of bliss, not the same bliss she had put him into earlier, but a calm and peaceful bliss, as if everything was right in the world when he was in her arms.

Was this really because of her? She smiled at his goofy grin and settle against his chest, one hand over his single heart and a cheek on his shoulder. He did say that he wanted them to have a normal date after all. She smiled again. He really didn't have a clue on what normal could be these days. There was not as much requirement as there use to be. He was more into the 'formal' date than the 'normal' date, she thought.

The Doctor kissed her softly on the cheek. They would be alright. It might not always be easy, but they would be okay. They would make it work. She kissed him back on his neck and shivered when his hand spread across her back and he made her tip backwards. She laughed as a strong warmth filled her abdomen. She loved him so much. Her hand found purchase around the back of his neck and she kissed him fully on his lips as soon as he brought her back up.

He smiled against her mouth, opening up and tasting, and she moaned. "I love you so much." Rose said. And both his hands came up on each side of her face and he leaned his forehead against hers.

"I love you too." He was playing with a stray strand of her hair as they continued to sway to the music, never letting go of each other's gaze. They stayed like this for a long moment. Rose was mesmerized by the amount of emotions she saw in his eyes, completely breathless in front of this bare trust and profound fondness. She hoped he could see the same in her eyes as well.

"What did you plan to do next?" Rose asked him a bit conspiratorially.

The Doctor pulled her back to him, strong hands on the small of her back. "Dunno." Her hands came up over his shoulders, awaiting his answer with a lingering curiosity. "We could travel the world together, or buy ourselves a farm and raise sheeps." The Doctor gave her a smile and she frowned. That's not what she meant with her question, she wanted to know what he had planned next in this 'normal' date, still she let him talk. This was getting interesting. "We could rent a flat in the middle of London and I could work as a physics teacher at a renowned university, or we could stay at the mansion and work for Torchwood." He laughed. "Rose, whatever you want, as long as I am with you!"

Rose started breathing again. She didn't realized she had stopped. Was he asking her to choose what they'd do next with their lives? She didn't have time to finish her thoughts and breathe away her worries, the Doctor gave a twist of his arms and made her swirl. She laughed as her long skirts flew around her legs and he caught her back between strong arms and wanting lips.

Yeah, she thought, kissing him deeply, whatever they choose to do, they would be ok, as long as they are together.

Chapter Text

The Doctor couldn’t register what was happening around him. The only thing he knew was that Rose was not well, not well at all. Rose might be dead. No. Rose couldn’t be dead. Not under his watch. He was about to get up and help Jake out when more men dressed in the Torchwood required uniform rushed in and shoved him and Jake aside. He hated them.

He hated Torchwood and everything they represented. Why was Torchwood always there when his world was falling apart? Why was Torchwood always the reason him and Rose got separated? He watched as they pulled her on a gurney, divested her of her boots and jacket and belt and shirt. He couldn’t take his eyes off her livid face and his heart wanted to scream when they took her mask off and he saw the burns on her face and her pale blue lips.

He jumped when Jake laid a hand on his shoulder. “There is still a pulse, Doctor. They can still revive her.” He jumped again when the defibrillator gave a jolt. This was not a sight he could bare to see. He closed his eyes as another shock made her body convulse. “They are the best men you can get.” Jake continued and the Doctor set his jaw. This was not what he needed to hear. “And they are ordered to leave as soon as she flat-lines.”

The Doctor frowned. Why would they have to leave? He was grateful for the thought. Nobody should be here to see his wrath if he ever got to lose Rose, but the Doctor still find the order to be a bit weird. He was pulled out of his thoughts the moment he noticed the silence in the room. The atmosphere was mournful. One of the man turned to him and shook his head.

“’M sorry.” He said solemnly. They all took their gears and left. All except Jake.

“What?!” He couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t be dead. What was happening?

“It’s ok, Doctor.” Jake answered him. “They don’t know your secret. Only Pete, Mickey, and me were present last time it happened. We intend to keep it that way.” The Doctor was already by Rose’s side, holding her stiff cold hand, tears streaming down his face. She really was dead.

“What?!” He repeated as sobs shook his body.

“Should you really be touching her?” Jake asked him.

“What do you mean, should I be touching her? She is dead, we are not gonna leave her here?” That’s when he felt it, her skin getting warmer, her skin getting so hot it burned him. And when he let go of her he saw the veins in her hand glow with golden hues. “That’s.. no.. that’s not possible.” He took a few step back as Rose’s whole body exploded into golden flames.

“Didn’t you know?” Jake asked him, surprised by his reaction. “Rose can’t die.”


It was morning when Rose woke up. The Doctor was laying beside her, wearing only his pants and it made her smile. She couldn’t help but to slither over him and kiss him awake. He opened up to her immediately. Tongue avidly calling her in for more, as he tangled a hand in her hair, rocking his body against hers, hot and wanting more. "Rose." He mumbled as he woke up for her. And then he sat straight and grabbed her joyfully smiling face. "Rose, you are awake."

"Yes, I am." She laughed. He rolled them over and held her so tight she laughed even louder. "Stop, I can't breathe, you're smushing me to death."

"Please don't joke about that." The Doctor held her even tighter and hid his face as far as he could in her neck and Rose wasn't sure she understood. "I love you so, so much and we are never working for Torchwood ever again."

"What? Why?" Rose lost her smile. It wasn't because of what he had just said, she didn't care whether they decided to work for Torchwood or not now that he was back, but the mention of it felt like a bucket of ice had just spilled over her head and she started to shake. Something was wrong. She realized she couldn't remember the last hours.. the last day?? How long was she missing? What happened after they got out of that zeppelin?

"Rose.." The Doctor was very serious. He let go of her to look into her eyes. "Why didn't you tell us that you couldn't die. On the beach. You should've told us." Rose shook her head and closed her eyes. She couldn't remember, but she knew something horrible had happened to them. How did he know she could regenerate. She only remembered their ride on the zeppelin and then.. landing in Torchwood.. "Why did you choose me?!"

He was angry. She could hear the frustration in his voice. The impatience. He needed to know why she chose the mortal Doctor when she could've run and follow the one that fitted her lifespan. "Because you chose me back!"

He shook his head. "Rose, you can't die. Do you even understand what this means for the future you just chose?"

"I do." She interrupted him. "And I am not like you, Doctor. I don't leave people or push them away or abandon them because they don't fit my lifespan." Her words were filled with rage. He was doing the exact same thing his counterpart did on that beach. Now that she would be the one outliving him, he didn't want her anymore.

"Yeah well, wait a few century and try and tell me the same thing then." He almost murmured but then he said a bit louder to bring his point home. "Oh no, I won't be there in a few century for you to tell me."

It was her turn to have her heart broken by his words. "I don't know how I would survive losing you." Her voice broke when she admitted her defeat and he cradled her cheek.

"You'll manage. We all do. It will change you forever, but you'll manage." She still didn't feel like that. Rose still believed in impossibles, still trusted that as long as you followed your heart’s calling, the universe would bring you what you need to walk your own path. "Do you even grow old?" He asked as his throat constricted. "We were suppose to grow old together."

"I'm sorry. I don't know. 'M sorry."

He shook his head and tears filled his eyes. "You need to go back to him. You can't stay here with me.." His tears were contagious as they fell down Rose's cheek as well. Was he abandoning her too?

"I love you." She held his face. "I love you now. That's all that matters. Please don't leave me." They were both crying now and he fell in her arms holding her so tight as if he'd never let her go.

"Oh Rose, never. Never. Whatever happens. I’ll grow old and you, you do whatever you want. But I’ll never leave you." Their kiss was desperate now. He had lost and found her again and again so often that he thought nothing could haul them apart anymore. Their tears mixed together with their tongue and they found their laughter again as she pulled the covers over them.

Building their own little world as they will build their own little life. The Doctor and Rose. "Please make love to me." She pleaded in whispers and he bit on her lower lip as he couldn't do anything else than oblige. They both cried out when he slid inside her. He whimpered and bit her neck. He will never get enough of this. Never get enough of Rose.

"I’ll never leave you." They chanted again and again. His forehead against hers when he came with one, two, three little shouts. She kisses him. They stayed together for a long long time. Never leaving each other’s side. Building their own little world, their own little life.

Chapter Text

The Doctor with blue eyes crossed his arms against his chest and looked at them suspiciously. "Nuh huh. I can't believe I'll regenerate into a pretty boy. There is no way that's happening." This is what he said but what he wanted to say was something else all together. What the hell was his future self's head doing between Rose's legs?

And was she really ok with this? Is it something his Rose would actually want? He shook the thoughts out of his mind. Those kinds of reflections were better left in the dark. In the privacy of his room or under the warm spray of his shower. He growled. Trying his best to look unaffected.

"Well.." the pretty Doctor rubbed the back of his neck and swayed from heels to toes a couple of times as his eyes roamed guilty between Rose and the other Doctor. A soft little flush made his freckles pop out and the Doctor in black leather growled louder as his mind played tricks on him and added this pretty version of himself in his fantasy between him and Rose. This was ridiculous. "We actually regenerate like this thinking it's what Rose wants us to become."

The Doctor, still behind Rose, looked sheepishly towards her. "What?" Rose turned and glared at him. "That's ridiculous. We were already lovers before you regenerated. You knew I loved you as you were?" She turned back to look hopefully at her first Doctor. "You know I love you just as you are don't you?"

The Doctor in front of her was flabbergasted and didn't even find enough coherence in him to hide his astonishment. Did she just say she loved him? Did she just state that her and him.. this him.. this cropped hair and big ears and stern demeanor, him.. together.. in love? Rose frowned and took a small step toward him.

"You know that don't you, Doctor?" Her hand came up to cradle his cheek with so much fondness in her eyes, directed specifically at him, that he almost cried. He didn't answer. He couldn't. Her hand roamed over his ear, fingers fleetingly caressing his jaw, his cheekbones, his eyebrow, his hair.

He couldn't even move as she got closer, her lips inches from his. "I missed you." She whispered before closing her eyes and her lips over his. He opened up without a thought, as if it was the most natural thing to do, as if it was meant to be. He took the step that was left to take to get to her and she melted against him, hands holding his face preciously as their tongues tasted each other.

He groaned, wishing he could freeze time, wishing this moment could last a lifetime. It would apparently. He was suddenly hit by the realization that they weren't alone and his eyes opened on the other Doctor. He was actually smiling wide while looking at them, still rocking on his heels, hands in his pocket and the Doctor broke the kiss.

Almost frustrated at how much the sight of his future self was turning him on. He took a step back and Rose cleared her throat, visibly affected by the kiss they just shared. She was the sweetest thing, hair ruffled and lips glistening and parted and skin flushed. He growled and wanted to take her in his arms again, but his thoughts of kissing her again were cut short by the other Doctor.

"So," he said. "When are you in my timeline, Doctor? Because you don't seem in the least aware of what Rose is actually feeling for you, are you?" The other Doctor continued with a wide grin. "Still believe she is too good for you, do you? Still won't admit to yourself you crave her more than anything, won't you? This place us, what.. Christmas in Cardiff?" The Doctor with blue eyes didn't react. "No? Slitheen in London? Slitheen on Justicia?" The Doctor crossed his leather clad arms across his chest. He wouldn't give this older Doctor a hint of an answer. Poker face, that was how he dealt with people who were a tad too curious. But he continued, "No that's not it, is it?" The Doctor in front of him frowned as though he was a thought away from solving the Skasis Paradigm. "We are pass meeting with the Dalek in basements, almost losing Rose in the process, aren't we? This leaves us.."

"Satellite 5.." Rose finished his sentence and the Doctor's blue eyes couldn't help but soften at Rose voicing the truth. She approached him, once more, laying a soft hand on his arm. Blue eyes bore into hers.

"I only take the best." He purred sincerely. She visibly swallowed and let out a breath then turned to her Doctor.

"Oh my God, is this it?" She gestured between the three of them. "Is this why you declare your love to me? Why you bring me into your room and make love to me for the first time? Is this what started it all? I thought it was because of Adam, because you got jealous and he made you realize you loved me. But it was this! It was because you caught me in an alley with an older version of you."

The pretty Doctor shook his head and frowned. "I don't remember this, though. I swear, I don't." He couldn't tell if Rose was offended by the idea that they were the instigators of their own love story. "I promise, Rose." He lifted his hands in the air, a way to show his honesty. "I promise I didn't make my move because I knew our future."

"I know but.. It's still weird, isn't it?"

Chapter Text

Donna had changed her mind. She didn't feel like watching the mountains anymore, she was pretty certain she had seen them before. "I don't get it, Donna. We never saw the floating mountains of Felspoon because we never were on Felspoon before." The Doctor in blue was a bit disappointed because he really wanted to see them.

For some reason, he thought it was fun to do touristy things and hoped he'd get to see lots of things in the time he had left. Oh, this line of thought had dropped rapidly, already reminding him of his own impending doom. A lot of lines of thoughts have been doing this lately. He groaned trying to bring his attention elsewhere.

He still had plenty of time to enjoy life, with the Time Lord and Rose, in the Tardis. He kicked a rock with the side of his shoe as he followed Donna. "I don't know, I just know I've been here before, and I've seen those mountains and it's probably why I suggested them in the first place." The Doctor frowned.

This was weird. She must be mixing adventures together. They didn't know what the metacrisis could do to her human brain. She was supposed to have access to most of his memories but maybe something was wrong, maybe her human mind didn't process them the same way a Time Lord one would.

Her memories couldn't be this jumbled, he didn't remember ever coming here. It didn't take them long before they were walking in the city again, jaunting across stalls and booths of food and jewellery and clothes and tools, trying to find the Time Lord and Rose. Rose. He couldn't wait to see her again.

What was he thinking going to see the mountains without her? "Hey," he said, when he found her. She was perusing through a stall of jewellery, holding a beautiful deep blue and purple bracelet against the light of the sun to see it glimmer. He laid a hand on the small of her back. "That's a brilliant choice, a beautiful piece. Do you want it?"

"Are you selling it to me?" She turned around and he took a step back.

"Oh." He said, pulling at his ear a bit sheepishly. "Not my Rose then." She frowned at him and laid the bracelet back where it came from.

"'M not anyone's Rose and you are?" She smiled pointing at him. He cursed himself, rubbing his hand over his face. This was definitely a younger Rose. Donna was right, they have been here before.

"I am.. ah.." he really didn't know what to answer and she laughed.

"You're bonkers, that's what you are." She turned around and seemed to be searching for someone. And the Doctor realized he.. the younger him.. must not be far. This was not good. He really needed to get away from here, find his Rose and his Time Lord and run back to the Tardis before Reapers started to appear.

"Oi! Doctor! Come here, look at this." The Doctor cringed when Rose turned towards Donna's voice with a curious frown. "Doctor!" Donna, who was a few stalls down, turned to him gestured for them to come.

"Is she talking to you?" Rose turned back to him and he cleared his throat. Well Reapers be damned, this was probably why he didn't remember being on Felspoon.

"Yep. That's me. I'm the Doctor." Rose opened her mouth looking very cross but didn't have time to say anything before Donna stormed toward them and grabbed him by the arm.

"I know all you see is Rose when she is around but I exist too, you know?" And she was about to pull him with her when she stopped dead in her tracks. "Wait." She frowned. "You're not our Rose?" Rose huffed in frustration.

"What is it with you? 'M not anyone's Rose. Now who are you and why did you call him Doctor?"

"Oh shit." Was the only thing Donna answered.

"Yeah." The Doctor added rubbing the back of his neck. Rose groaned and placed both her hands on the Doctor's chest.

"One heart. You only have one heart. Great. So your not the Doctor, then." She looked around still searching for black leather and blue eyes and the Doctor in front of her tried his best not to feel hurt at her comment. She didn't know that he was as much the Doctor as his counterpart could be.

He loved her as much, one or two heart didn't change that fact. "Rose. If you want, we can help you. We are actually trying to find him too." Rose frowned.

"Yeah. Whatever." She said and started walking, not waiting for them to follow. "Maybe you could use this time to tell me who you are and what all this is about."

Chapter Text

“Let me see this Tardis, then.” Rose said with a confident smile.

Rosita smiled back and open one of the huge stable’s door. “The Tardis is right there in the yard. Let me get some luggage ready.” They both went inside and Rose saw that the place where horse should’ve been was transformed in living quarters instead.

“Is this where you live?”

Rosita was already off in the back shuffling through a case of clothing. “With the Doctor, yes.” She answered without lifting her head from the trunk. “I followed him here, one night, after he saved my life from this man made of metal.” She stopped rearranging the clothes for a moment, lost in the memory of that night.

“But why don’t you live in the Tardis? Is something wrong with her?” Rose felt a bit embarrassed to cut Rosita’s reveries short to bring her back at the subject at hand.

“Why would we? The Tardis is no place to live.” Rosita’s laugh seemed nervous. “Plus, it’s not even ready yet. Jed is still working on filling her up, and the Doctor doesn’t want to ascend until all this mess with the Cybermen gets sorted out and London is safe.”

“Ascend?” Rose repeated with a frown, not loud enough for Rosita to catch it. That was a strange way to call the Tardis’ dematerialisation, but from what she understood, this was Rosita’s first adventure. She wasn’t even a full time companion yet. She had all the guts and the spunk to be a perfect one, though. This thought made Rose smile as she peruse through the stalls noticing the piles of filled luggage.

Her fingers lingered over a seal on one of them, bearing a tree emblem with the initials J and L on each side. She cleared her throat. “May I see it? The Doctor’s Tardis?”

Rosita was closing the case and locking it with a key that she slid in-between her breasts. “Yes of course. Can you help me with these?” Rose nodded and grabbed two suitcases. She followed in the yard, looking around for a blue box but seeing nothing but a man, sitting on a huge, round piece of fabric, sewing together a tear in the cloth. “Isn’t it ready yet?” Rosita asked, sounding very annoyed.

“No, ma'am. There was a ripped panel, I am fixing it now.”

Rosita walked to a wicker basket for a hot air balloon and deposit the suitcase beside it, gesturing Rose to do the same. “It’s not all done yet but there she is, the Doctor’s Tardis.” Rose frowned, her eyes shifting from the deflated balloon and the basket. She laid down the cases she was holding, then laid over the edge of the nacelle to peek her head in. It was not bigger on the inside.

“It’s a balloon..?” Rose really didn’t understand what was going on here.

“Tardis.” She jumped and turned around at the sound of the Doctor’s voice coming towards them. “T A R D I S. It stands for Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style.”

“It's a balloon!” Rose repeated. She was almost frustrated to hear him say this. As if it was blasphemous to use the Tardis’ name on a simple hot air balloon. Donna appeared behind the Doctor and shook her head at Rose, clearly telling her to let it slide. Rose cleared her throat again and mumbled. “Good.. great.. Tardis. I.. like it.” She smiled awkwardly at the Doctor, then nodded, then walked right past him to join Donna back in the stables as Rosita and the Doctor talked about their upcoming plans.

"I don't think he is the Doctor, Rose." They were standing right beside the luggage Rose inspected earlier.

"Well, this is definitely not the Tardis."

"He has this real screwdriver that he carries around but he still calls it sonic." Donna said.

"So he is a fraud? Why would he pretend to be the Doctor? Why would he face Cybermen all by himself like that?" Rose couldn't believe it. This was madness.

"I don't know I think he is delusional, Rose. He really believes he is the real thing. After we faced a Cybermen in that dude's house, he started rambling about how the Cybermen stole something from him, but he couldn't remember what." Rose leaned down to pick something shiny from the ground. It was a single golden cufflink with the same initials Rose saw on the seal from the luggage; J and L. She frowned at it. "His marbles, probably." Donna continued.

Rose cleared her throat, taking her decision. "So the man believes he is the Doctor and he has a woman following and trusting him. He wants to stop the Cybermen from attacking London, putting his life and Rosita's in danger." Rose neatly laid the engraved cufflink on the top of the pile of luggage and sighed. "I think we should hurry and fix the issue before he gets himself too caught up in destroying Cybermen with a wooden screwdriver."

Donna nodded and they both walked toward the large barn's doors. Ready to face a fleet of Cybermen but sure that they possessed more skill and weaponry to do so than the man currently helping Jed hitch up the huge tarp over the wannabe Tardis. Rose and Donna ran toward the Tardis as soon as they got out of the stables.

Chapter Text

The Doctor was running around the console, pulling on levers and poking at bike horns for dramatic effects. Rose was laughing at his side and he can't remember being this happy, feeling this lucky. After everything they've been through, things might never be as carefree as they were before, but he will always be conscious of how grateful he should be to be with this woman he loved more than everything.

Rose smiled at him when the Tardis settled without as much as a soft thud and his single heart wanted to explode in his chest. The Doctor grabbed her cheek and leaned down to lay a kiss on her lips. She returned the heat and the love in it tenfold as a hand of hers came around his nape to drag him further into her mouth, licking and nibbling. He let out a moan and she pulled away an inch.

"I am so glad I met you." She brought back memories from what seemed to be a century ago and the Doctor laughed.

"Me too." He looked at her with all the fondness he felt and his thumb trace the velvety skin of her cheek. "I think the Tardis laid out a dress for you on our bed." He smiled at her and she smiled right back before dashing out of the console room and into the depths of his new ship. His marvelous Rose. He couldn't believe how well she took the recent events.

It's not as if learning you were the duplicate of yourself was an easy thing to deal with -he knew something about that, thank you very much. And the fact that she couldn't says goodbye to her family before they left with the Tardis was something he thought would be hard to handle too. But Rose was so happy just to be back with him that nothing seem to bother her anymore, as long as they were together.

His new Tardis was nothing like the old one. She was still small on the inside, counting only a few main rooms and a kitchen, as most young Tardis are. His new Tardis looked nothing like the old one but she felt just like her, filled with all the wisdom her past self's adventures and experiences brought her. Just like him, and his Rose, they were all new bodies, with old memories and experiences, ready to start a new life with whole new adventures.

Chapter Text

Rose frowned, looking around, between the trees and the tombstones and the cortège of men all dressed in black. She held the large magnetic gun against her chest. The gun she got in her Tardis. “I thought he would be here by now.” She said to the woman crouching beside her.

“He is probably on his way, Rose. This Doctor said he wanted to attend the funeral.” Donna tried to comfort her. Rose adjusted her stance so her legs would not get numb, just in case they had to run.

“You are probably right. ’S just.. Cybermen…” Rose shivered. She decided to work this threat with Donna and leave this Doctor to his own devices, but she still hoped she made the right decision. She didn’t want anything bad happening to him. Well, it surely wasn’t the first time he had to deal with them. He would know how to handle himself if he ever got face to face with Cybermen.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a woman wearing a flashy red dress and holding an equally red umbrella, walking purposefully towards the circle of men standing reverently over the lowering coffin. The vision seemed so unreal that Rose wondered if she was hallucinating. It was quite entrancing to look at the blood red queen standing among the grey and white décor of the cemetery.

“I somehow don’t believe she is here to give her condolences.” Donna admitted. Every men in the graveyard were tense and it didn’t take long before an argument erupted. Rose tried to understand what was said but couldn’t hear a thing.

“Yeah, this won’t end well.” Rose stood and hid behind the nearest tree, readying her gun. Donna followed. It was feet stomping in unison over the bristle snow that made the taste of adrenaline rush in Rose’s mouth. This was probably the worst sound Rose have ever heard. It haunted her nightmares and even though so much time had pass since the cleansing they had to do in Pete’s World, the Pavlovian reaction that came with it hadn’t dissipated.

As she saw men running out of the cemetery, she ran against them to fight off the attack. Her peripheral vision blurred as her body reacted to the intensity of the moment, enhancing her tunnel vision and helping her aim and shoot down as many Cybermen as she could. They were everywhere, but even if her blood froze in horror at the screams of pain and the electrifying sound of humans being deleted, her automatic reflexes were flawless.

Years of training and fighting and an impeccable instinct of survival made her an incredible killing machine when it came to actually killing machines. Bodies were littering the tombstones, the vision pulling Rose further in her trance. Rose then came face to face with the cold and murderous silhouette of the woman dressed in a blood red dress. It was as circumstantial as the storm provoked by the flapping wings of a butterflies when the red queen approached her menacingly, a hand with a knife raised high above Rose and Rose tripped on a tombstone, a trigger was pulled and an electrifying stream of energy blasted out of her gun, hitting the woman directly in the heart.

It all went down so fast but Rose saw the lady staggering back in slow motion before she fell backward with a scream, landing hard on the coffin below ground level. Rose ran to the hole, making the mistake of dropping her gun, her heart filled with guilt and horror as she realized fully what had just happened. The sight of a mud covered and tattered red dress was the last thing she saw before a metallic hand closed over her shoulder and darkness surrounded her.

Chapter Text

Rose was laying in the bed of a young girl. The wallpaper filled with pink flowers and the floor scattered with toys, made the whole purpose of why she was really here a bit weird. She must try to forget the fact that she just spent the last hour pretending to be a thirteen years old girl for the sake of the holo-movie's introduction and remember who she really was.

Rose Tyler was waiting for a man in tights to come and sweep her off her feet and show her a whole new world. That sounded familiar. She smiled, a wave of giddiness and anticipation flowing through her as she snuggled further in the covers. She couldn't wait to see how this adventure would go.

He should be arriving at any moment now. She did it on purpose, expanding her hair like a halo on her pillows, turning her head just the right way, licking her lips to keep them moist and shiny, arching her chest and dragging her nightgown further down to show as much cleavage as possible.

Picture perfect. She was ready.. Where was he? "Shit!" She heard his voice coming from the windowsill. "Stupid toys." He mumbled. She couldn't help a puff of laughter from escaping her mouth as she heard him tripping across the toys and cursing again. She sat up, watching him over the bedpost.

She had trouble keeping her laughter in again when she saw his costume. It did look silly, but also very sexy on him. No tights, just leaves covering his parts and crossing over his naked chest. His hair was in disarray and she wanted nothing more than to put her hands in them and ruffle them even more.

"Boy, why are you crying?" She said with a sultry voice.

"'M not crying, it's this damn costume with no shoes to protect my feet from those toys." He said totally out of character. Then he straightened up, adjusted his leafy belt, and cleared his throat. He didn't answer her, he just prowled on the bed making her slide back until her head hit the pillow.

Rose was breathing hard. His eyes were lustfully appraising her chest as it rose and fell under him. Without a word, his whole body connected with hers and she whimpered as he sucked on her lower lip. The effect was immediate and wetness pooled between her thighs as she felt his erection grow through the leaves and onto her naked skin.

She arched against him when his tongue slipped between her lips. Her thighs rubbed together of their own volition. She needed friction. "Wendy." He called her, staying in character, and she cringed. She broke the kiss and frowned. That just killed the mood. Rose just realized she couldn't pretend to be Wendy and be doing this with him at the same time.

"Please don't call me that," she demanded and it was his turn to frown. "We're in a kid's room, surrounded by toys, and dolls," she explained, "my parents just tucked me in, expecting me to fall asleep and have wonderful, magic filled, kids dreams. I don't think they'd be very pleased to know what you are up to with their thirteen years old daughter."

"They are holograms, Rose, and you are not a little girl."

"I know, but it felt so real." She whined. "I almost cried when Wendy's father told me that I needed to grow up. I don't want to grow up." She pouted.

"Stay as you are then," he kissed her sweetly. His eyes were shining with wonder which fitted his character so well. "Don't ever grow old." His smile was huge when he added. "Come for me, and you will feel young forever."

Rose laughed. "Don't you mean; Come with me and you will never grow old?" With a wicked grin, his hand slipped under her silk underwear. Rose arched her whole body with a sigh. The Doctor's nimble fingers were already pressing large circles against her clit. The movement sent waves of pleasure through her body.

He was watching her with a sinful twinkle at the corner of his smile which made her heart melt. God, he was gorgeous. His Peter Pan costume enhanced his mischievousness. Their gaze were locked together until he slid two fingers inside her. The pressure between his thighs rose as he looked at Rose's body arch once more, mouth slightly open on a whimper.

She was already so wet between his fingers. He bent to grab a piking nipple through the silk of her nightgown and licked and sucked and nibbled. Rose bucked under his touch. "Sssoooo good.." she whispered. He started pumping, massaging her walls exactly on the right spot, amazed at how his whole hand was now covered with her juices.

He loved seeing her like that. So aroused for him, breathing hard and flushed and pleading. Her panties were hindering his movement so he rose back up and let go of her to take them off. Then grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly across the bed making Rose shrieked with surprise.

"I wanna fuck you so bad." He licked his lips as he watched her sprawled open, juices glistening, her bum on the edge of the bed. His erection was so tense and full and ready to explode but he wanted to give Rose the best experience she could have so he forgot about his own pleasure for now and knelt beside the bed, between her legs.

He couldn't help but start touching himself as his mouth found her center. So aroused to hear Rose's sounds of pleasure. He started by sucking off all the excess juices before concentrating on lavishing her clit with his full tongue. "Oh gawd!" he heard her cry out when he added his own fingers inside her.

Then he noticed Rose was hovering a few inches above the bed. He stopped and smile. He would've thought it strange, being anywhere else than in a holo-studio, playing Peter Pan. But now, it was just plain erotic to think of all the things he could do to her body as she was floating in the air.

"Doctor, don't stop!" He laughed and continued to nibble the little peak of flesh and nerves until it was at his maximum excitation and raw, then used the tip of his tongue to tickle gently. He stopped again because he had to stand up to follow Rose's body as it rose. Didn't she notice how high she was? "Doctor. 'M so close. Please. Oh! Fuck! Please don't stop!"

Nope, she was too far gone to notice. She grabbed his hair and roughly pulled his face against her, leaving him no choice but to take his fingers away. He used his hand full of her juices to start touching himself again, and the other one to push on her body to gently bring her back down onto the bed.

"Don't stop don't stop don't stop." She repeated, rubbing herself against his stubble and when he sucked hard on her clit, he felt her whole body convulse. "Fuck yes!" he heard her scream as she continued to buck against him until all the waves had pass. She let go of his head, her limp hands floating in bliss on each side of his ears.

He licked her everywhere. Cleaning her up before wiping the juices off his mouth and chin with his forearm. Rose was still breathing hard and long, floating above the bed, trying to calm herself down. He bent his body over hers, hands resting on each of her shoulders to keep her down on the bed, and not six feet in the air.

The head of his cock came, bobbing at her wet entrance. He was trembling, he couldn't wait to take her, to feel her around him. But her eyes were still closed. He just gave her a good one. She was still feeling her last orgasm and it showed. She hummed in contentment. "I love you so much, Rose."

He pushed a bit further inside, just the head and her legs opened up even more. He felt the aftershock of her orgasm against his tip and licked his lips. And when her eyes opened and her sinful gaze plunged deep in his soul, he was finally ready to sheath himself fully in her warmth.. but something stopped him.

The Doctor cursed again when something pulled hard on his hair forcing him to stand up and take a few steps back from the body of his naked Rose. "Ouch." He rubbed the back of his head. "What the..?" A fairy appeared in front of him and shook her head, pushing on his chest to get him far away from Rose.

She was red with fury as she chastised him. Rose laughed. "Ha! I like her.. do not touch other girls' privates. What is she.. your conscience?"

"She is not a cricket, Rose."

"Should I be jealous then?" He watched her with an exasperated look and she snickered. "Come on. Let's get this story going." Rose got up next to him and kissed him on the cheek for good measure. He followed her to the windowsill, mumbling about damn fairies and something about cock-blocking.

The Doctor took a step outside and didn't fall down. He was floating. He gave her his hand. "Come with me?"

"Always." She took a step to follow him and flew beside him. The feeling was quite exhilarating. They floated over an old London, passing right in front of Big Ben which reminded Rose of the first time she met Jack. "This is amazing." she said as they were flying straight towards the full moon.

The Doctor shifted under her, crossing his hands behind his head. Her fingers went to his chest and she kissed him tenderly. Tongues mixed for a few moments. "Are you ready to go to Never-everland?"

She smiled. "It's Neverland, Doctor. You should never say never-everland."

"Oh, I don't know. You tend to prove that never evers can actually be possible."

She kissed him again.

Chapter Text

“It’s a wound in the space time continuum, usually caused by a traumatic event...” the Doctor in brown was telling Rose as he wiped the glue off her forehead and unstuck the small electrodes. Rose didn't let the Doctor look into her mind earlier, while they were in prison. It wasn't that she didn't trust him -or telepathy in general- it was because she didn't trust herself.

She didn't trust what was hidden inside her head. That darkness was scaring the crap out of her. The Time Lord respected her choice but they needed an answer one way or another, and the answer was hidden in her mind, hence the electrode and the heavy machinery once they got in the Tardis. She was now sitting on a chair in the Tardis’ med lab, getting unhooked from a strange contraption that was supposed to measure God knows what.

“But there was nothing traumatic about our trip in Felspoon.” Rose interrupted the Doctor’s explanation.

“I mean traumatic on the web of time, Rose. It could seem anodyne to you but still be important to the space time continuum. Not all fixed points in time are life shattering events.” Rose nodded and looked at Donna and the other Doctor who were trying to decipher the result of the test they just did. “Rose.” The Time Lord continued. This was important she really needed to understand these things before the temporal loop started again. She needed to know what to look out for and how to break the cycle before the loop collapsed at its center. “A time loop is usually caused by a glitch in time, a focal point that’s been disrupted, a fixed point in time that didn’t happen as planned.”

Rose frowned. “Wouldn’t Reapers appear if a fixed point in time gets disrupted?”

The Doctor shook his head. “No. Not in this case. It’s not a paradox, where someone intentionally comes back to change the past, it’s an involuntary choice that set out outcomes that wasn’t meant. It’s as if you were in a video game and you chose an action that actually wasn’t in the script. The universe doesn’t know how to cope so it retaliates by creating a pocket universe or a temporal loop to isolate the abnormalities.”

Rose frowned and remembered the pocket universe she was in a few days earlier, where the Doctor died and the universe couldn’t cope. She couldn’t either, to say the truth. She remembered how Donna had to die to break the cycle. How a small choice like turning right instead of left disrupted the whole continuum of the universe. She wondered if this time loop had something to do with what happened in the pocket universe.

"This just means that you've been doing the same thing, again and again. When the loop starts over and you jump again, you just need to choose another outcome along the way so you won't end up in this loop again."

Rose wiggled in her chair and wrung her hands together. "But how can I do that if I don't remember?"

The Time Lord smiled at her. "It's probably not the first time you ask me this question."

Rose still felt uneasy and wasn't ready to return his smile yet. "And what happens if I don't stop it?"

Rose saw the mood of the Time Lord darkened. "You don't have a lot of loops left. And when you'll get to the focal point, you'll just... disappear -on our point of view anyway. As for you, you'll probably end up in a time pocket. The chances of us finding you would be pretty null."

The part-human Doctor joined them and kneel before her, taking her hand. “A time loop can be artificially created. Do you think we could be dealing with someone with ill intentions?” He asked the Time Lord as he brought Rose's knuckles to his lips.

“Dunno. Could be an option. But, all the Time Lords are gone and I hope all the Daleks too. There is no one left with the kind of technology strong enough to disrupt Time at this length, and what would be their purpose?” The Doctor in brown rubbed his face with his hands vigorously then sighed as he pulled at fistful of his hair. He looked at Rose and seemed hesitant to explain. “There was a lot of temporal weapons during the war. Sending whole civilizations into oblivion, creating new ones.. trapping loved ones in all kinds of time loops, time pockets, creating temporal storms and temporal chaos. Whole solar systems so polluted with temporal static that they became inhospitable for any thing existing beneath the sixth dimension..” He rubbed his head and pulled on his ear, mercurial as ever when it came to memories of his past. It was actually the first time Rose heard him talk about the cruelty of his war. It broke her heart. How could a soul so filled with wonder live through something like that. He was out of it as fast as it came, though, and he smiled at her. “Probably not what we are dealing with here, though. What did the test say?”

“Nothing very conclusive. A few input that was higher or lower than average but not enough to be alarmed or to give us a clue on what is happening.” Rose sighed loudly and wiggled in her chair again. This was all fun to know but she still didn't feel as though she had the right tools to help her out after her next jump, especially since it was not the first time they tried this out and it clearly didn't work on their last attempts to break the time loop.

"Doctor?" Both Doctors looked at her and she raised her eyebrows.

"Right." The Time Lord knelled before her, and lifted his hands to her face. "I am going to put a trigger in your mind. It will make you want to stay with me when I go to the market instead of following him to the floating mountain. That should do to break the loop." Rose felt uneasy but nodded. Let's hope this time it will work. As soon as the Doctor put his fingers on her temples, Rose went stiff, petrified by the fast growing cloud of darkness, that spread and grown like ominous tentacles around them.

The last thing she saw before she disappeared again was the Doctor's eyes. "Change your path, Rose! Choose another outcome!"

Chapter Text

I keep this as a safekeeping. This outcome is not written or linked to any chapter yet. Please come back later!

Chapter Text

“Kids, Doctor?” It was the first things Rose said once they were alone, the three of them, back in the Tardis mess hall.

“Yeah.” The Time Lord laughed. “They were everywhere. Who wants to be surrounded by kids?” The part-human Doctor shook his head and rolled his eyes as he got the kettle out and ready. He knew that was not where Rose was going with this conversation and saying he didn’t like kids wasn’t helping his current situation. The Doctor wanted kids. Both of them did.

Kids with Rose Tyler, that is. He always did. Since the first time she asked him if they should use protection. Since that moment when the realization dawned that it wasn’t a possibility between them. At the time he wasn’t sure if it was a relief or a just another curse on their relationship. But as time went by and both of them got closer and closer and their love and intimacy grew, he kind of wished he could share this experience with Rose.

“So.. you don’t want kids?” Rose was generally curious. She spared a glance at the part-human Doctor. He was the only one who could actually make that wish come true between the two of them. The other Doctor also looked at him fleetingly, a bit nervous and not sure what to answer. “You told me you had kids before.” She added for good measure, the Doctor and blue felt her unease, felt the bit of jealousy popping at the edge of her question.

Why those kids and not hers? He swallowed and hope the Doctor wouldn’t make an ass of them. He was getting ready to take over the conversation if he did. “Rose.” The Time Lord said, pulling at his ears. “I do want kids with you. Tons of kids. We both do.” He gestured between the two Doctors. “I thought you were talking about kids in general, not our kids.”

Rose smiled, her skin taking a beautiful shade of pink and the part-human Doctor started breathing again, not realizing he’s been holding his breath in. “Our kids will be kids too.” Rose stated with mirth in her smile.

“Yeah well..” he shrugged, taking the cup of tea the Doctor in blue was giving him. He deserved it. “That’s exactly the point. They will be ours.”

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I keep this as a safekeeping. This outcome is not written or linked to any chapter yet. Please come back later!

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I keep this as a safekeeping. This outcome is not written or linked to any chapter yet. Please come back later!

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It was night when Rose woke up with a breathtaking start to the sound of screaming. The earth was shaking menacingly under her body in jerky jolts, as if a very huge and very heavy beast was approaching. Rose sat straight up when she remembered where she was and what had happened. "Shit!" She cursed as she got up. The Cybermen must've left her for dead in this frozen cemetery.

How long did it take for her to come back to life this time around? So many hours seemed to have pass since she accidentally pulled the trigger on the red woman. Rose was actually facing her, the woman in red. Her body was awkwardly twisted at the bottom of her improvised grave and the dress seemed to emanate its own red glow through the thin sheen of snow that had fallen over it.

Another quake of the earth made Rose falter. She turned around to see the reason for the earthquakes. "Shit!" She cursed again. Then started running towards a Cybermen-like giant towering over the town. She looked around in panic as she ran. Donna was nowhere to be seen and Rose felt like crying. She wouldn't be able to survive this if Donna didn't make it.

She would never forgive herself. She had to believe Donna made it out alive. It didn't take long that she was out of the graveyard and speeding through the streets of the town, making her way against the crowd of screaming people. She needed to get to the Tardis, then she would be able to stop this monster and find Donna's bio-signature. She swerved right, remembering where she parked the Tardis and let out a breath of relief when she saw the blue box intact and waiting for her.

A house nearby had been crushed by the inconsiderate foot of the titan. "Thank God, you're still here." Rose said as she laid a hand on the wooden doors and felt the welcoming hum as she ran to the console, turning the computer screen toward her. Rose decided she would use the big guns this time… literally. With a few turns of dials and pulls of switches, she was expertly lifting the Tardis off the ground.

She knew she could do it. The doors opened and she saw the head of the metal giant through them. She was maneuvering the Tardis to fly around the head until she came to a stop in front of the emotionless face of it. That's when her heart stopped. Rose had already aimed the deadly weapon toward the opening serving as mouth before she noticed Donna's body tied to a metal throne in the middle of it.

Her head was held into a contraption clearly made from Cybermen's technology. Did they turn her? Why wasn't she in the normal metal body? Rose let down her aim, there was no way she could fire and disable the giant Cybermen with Donna right in the middle of it. "Donna!!!" Rose screamed holding on to the hand-ramp so she wouldn't fall through the open doors.

The wind was blowing her hair around ferociously and stealing her voice before it got to the woman. This wasn't working. She closed the door again and went back to the console. When she got out after landing the Tardis, she was inside the mouth, right beside Donna. Rose fired her gun a few times and disabled all the Cybermen around before she got to the woman sitting on the metal throne.

"Donna!" Rose said as she grabbed her face in hers. "Donna, look at me!" Donna's eyes were fully black, from the brown of her irises to the white of her sclera. "Donna!" Rose pleaded and Donna seemed to hear her since her head looked down toward her.

"I am CyberKing. My mind inside the Cybermen. The world will bow down to me." Bow down to her? Cybermen didn't want to be worshiped, Cybermen only wanted to rid the universe of emotion, to turn the flesh into metal.

"What have they done to you?" Rose asked with tears in her voice.

"I am CyberKing. My mind inside the Cybermen."

What did she mean her mind inside Cybermen? "Are you controlling this thing? Donna you have to stop, you have to…" Rose shook her. "Snap out of it!" Rose didn't know what to do.

And that's when a black tear fell down Donna's cheek, leaving an oily trail in its path. "I am… CyberKing. My... mind inside.. th-the Cyberm-men." Donna repeated with so much emotions, Rose's heart felt like crying too.

"Donna you have to fight it." She grabbed the woman's face and wiped the oil off her skin. "You have to come back." A long sob came out of Donna, a horrifying wail, a frustrated plea, a desperate cry, and a jolt made Rose fall backwards and she understood the giant Cybermen was turning back. Donna was controlling it and although she was crying out in pain, the determination was evident.

Donna was going to end this madness. Rose got back up holding her gun ready when other Cybermen started to swarm back toward them, trying to stop Donna's attempts to save London. "Rose leave!!" She heard Donna's metallic voice scream.

"I am not leaving you!" Rose answered as she shot two other of them. She turned to the Tardis and saw that Donna was bringing them back to the Thames.

"Leave!" Donna said again. Tears were flowing on her face and her cheeks were black all over. Rose ran to Donna and tried to open the metal bindings on her wrists and chest. It was to no avail. She should've taken the time to build herself a new sonic screwdriver.

"I am not leaving you here." Rose affirmed through gritted teeth and Donna's face scrunched up, forcing another wave of powerful energy against the machine. An electric current started to fizzle around the contraption on Donna's head and Rose took a step back as Donna screamed again, loud, and through the determination, Rose could clearly see the fear pouring out of Donna.

The electricity flashed all around Rose, into the floors and the walls, a through the Cybermen and in a blinding light, they all exploded simultaneously. Donna too. Rose was stunned. Too many emotions flowing through her to understand what had just happen, to acknowledge that Donna had just sacrificed her life to eradicate the last Cybermen in existence.

The world started to lurch drastically and Rose still couldn't register a thing until water came rushing through the opening of the giant Cybermen's mouth, crushing her against the far wall.


The Tardis was floating right beside her when she came back. The golden hues of her regeneration still illuminating the depths surrounding her. She was trapped in a metal chamber, at the bottom of the Thames. She swam towards the blue wooden doors and pushed on them before she didn't have any air left in her lungs. The doors closed by themselves, immediately stopping more water from rushing in as Rose find her breathing back.

She laid on the grating floor for a long time. Her mind on full stop. Then rolled in a tight ball and cried, her hands over her head wouldn't stop the hum of the Tardis trying to comfort her. She cried for what seemed like hours… days… She eventually fell asleep, rocked by at the soft song of the Tardis, the only thing in the world she had left.

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Jack was staring down into the nothingness below. They seemed to be surrounded by it. This little makeshift village, two rows of eclectic houses taken from different places through time and space, was surrounded by an endless pit of darkness. As dark as the sky -or roof- above them. It's as though they were on a platform floating in the void. Jack was startled by a cracking sound, then a spark of fire beside him. The Doctor just produced a safety flare from the pocket of his brown coat and ignited it.

He cleared his throat before letting it fall from his hand, into the nothingness below.. and it just fell, without a sound, and without shedding light over anything, until it grew out of sight and faded into the darkness. They were not getting out that way. Rose made a scuffing, disapproving sound before scratching her nose with a resolute sigh. "Should we get a very long rope, then?" She mocked. Jack was frowning. He looked around, taking a step back from the edge. They've been searching for a way out for at least half an hour now and still haven't met anyone out in the open yet.

He did see movements in the houses, though. Maybe he should try and ask their new neighbors what was going on. A strange atmosphere filled with fear was permeating the whole place. That was why he wanted out as soon as possible. This didn't augur well at all and he didn't want to stick around until whoever brought them here came to get what they were after. He then noticed one of the houses near them had its front door open. A short, chubby, green woman with three eyes, two pointy ears, and a straight antler over her head was waving frantically at them.

Jack didn't recognize the species and thought it looked as if it was taken straight out of a 1950's children's comic book. "Time to question the witnesses." Jack said out loud and everyone turned to see what he was talking about.

"Yeah," the Doctor in brown rubbed the palms of his hands over his face. "Let's hope they have more answers than we do." They were all walking toward the opened door when the floor beneath their feet started shaking frantically. The alien in front of them was waving, hurrying them inside her house to hide. She closed the door behind them. "What's going on?" the Time Lord asked, holding Rose close to him as another quake made the Earth tremble. The scared woman grabbed him by his shirt, falling to her knees, she started wailing and praying.

The foreign language made of guttural clicks and growls was not one they understood. Rose laid a hand on the woman's shoulder in sympathy, hoping to calm the alien's sobs and gasps and sniffles. "The Tardis isn't translating." Rose stated the obvious and watched as the Doctor's throat bobbed with anxiety. "We'll find our way back to her, yeah?" She tried to comfort him. He looked at her with a tight smile. "We always do." There was another tremor and a thundering sound, as though a house just exploded near them.

The Doctor held Rose close to him and the woman wailed some more. "Shit, Doctor, you need to come and see this." Jack called for him from the next room. He was looking by the window and they ran to it. Rose gasped when she saw what was happening. The roof from the third house to their left had been ripped open, as if it was a treasure chest and huge hands coming from the sky were holding an elderly man with dark red skin.

"What the..'' the Doctor didn't finish his question as the hands holding the man flew by the window and made the man walk awkwardly in the space between the houses. Booming screeching noises could be heard coming from the space above. Another language Rose couldn't understand and when another set of hands laid upon the roof of the pub they arrived in, she couldn't help to start running toward the door. She wouldn't be waiting here while those giant aliens in the sky played god over her friends.

"Rose, what are you..?" The Doctor asked at the same time Jack said. "Those are very big hands."

"We need to help them." Rose opened the door but the woman stopped her, closing it right back and screaming at her. Rose didn't need a translator to know the green alien wasn't approving of her playing the hero of the story. The Doctor pulled her softly by the hand, away from the door.

"They just grabbed a guy and a girl from the pub." Jack described what he was seeing and Rose's stomach twisted.


"It's like they're playing with them, as if they were toy dolls." Jack continued. "I wish we had a translator to understand what those aliens up there are saying."

Rose looked at the Doctor with pleading eyes. "We need to get back to the pub and save them."

"Jenna! Look! Look! I have it! My father found it for me" The whole world trembled once more around them and they all gasped as they saw one of the huge hands setting the Tardis down right in the middle of the road.

"They'll kill us all!!" The green alien pulling on Rose's arm said. No more clicks and hisses. Rose understood what she said plain and clear.

"No. The Tardis is right there. We can get to it and save you." Rose went for the door once more as the women looked at her befuddled, but she was cut short when the roof of the house they were hiding in pried open and she was lifted off from the ground so fast that the motion left her dizzy and nauseous.

"And he got me the whole collection too!" The booming voice from the sky added. "I have my favorite companions Rose Tyler and Captain Jack, and the Tenth Doctor. He is the best of them all." The giant hands all laid them around the Tardis.

"You are so lucky, Lorie. I wanna be Rose!" Rose's heart was pounding hard in her ears as she sat back up, looking around frantically at the sky to see the faces to whom those hands belonged. She couldn't see anything until a gigantic finger pressed on her chest to lay her back down. The hard shove knocked her breath away, she couldn't move, and the Tardis was so close.

"No! I'm Rose." The voice from the sky boomed at the same time Rose was lifted up anew. "You can be Martha and Mickey."

"Doctor!" Rose screamed when she saw him pass by her side, lifted by another set of fingers.

"Oh yes!" Said the other voice from the sky. "Let's fight aliens and then make the Doctor and Rose kiss. They are so in love with each other." That's when they were squished together, the Doctor and Rose bumping foreheads hard.

"Doctor!" Rose hugged him tight and he hugged her back. She hid her aching forehead against his shoulder as the giant fingers pushed them further together, rubbing their body awkwardly.

"They think we're dolls." The Doctor never let go of her, even when they were pulled apart, he held on to Rose's hand. "We need to get to Tardis!" He told her before dropping her fingers.

"Girls!" This voice was stronger than the two others and made the air around them shift. "I told you to finish your homework before playing." Rose was released at once and tumbled to the ground. Luckily, the fall wasn't from a great height and she found her bearings quickly. The Doctor was right beside her, trying to get back up despite the shaking ground.

"This is insane." Jack yelled at them, crawling toward the Tardis until everything calmed down and the world around fell silent.

"Let's go!" The Doctor grabbed Rose and pulled her up. They ran to the safety of the blue police box and were greeted with a wave of desperate fear. The Tardis didn't like any of this either. Her inner lights shone deep green and red. "We are in another universe. How did we get here?" The Doctor glared at the screen. "We need to get everyone out of here."


It took them less than an hour to regroup everyone in the village into the Tardis but more than a few days to bring every species back to their respectful planet and time frame. At least, with the genius of both Doctors, they were able to shut the window from where they were pulled in so something like this wouldn't happen anymore. Cardiff never got his new pub back and this hole where the building once was became famous for many unexplained myths and legends, especially since everyone that were in the pub that night mysteriously appeared in their homes a few days later with no recollection of what happened.

And finally, both Doctors and Rose were back in their Tardis, ready to travel through time and space.

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"So, that's it then." The youngest Doctor said. His hearts were beating in his chest so hard that he could actually feel them. He couldn't believe what he just learned and he couldn't seem to stay in place since the Rose from his own timeline showed up. His emotions ranged between raw fear that all of this was too amazing to be real and excitement to start this new kind of life with Rose.

After saying their goodbyes to everyone, here they were facing each other, on the verge of losing the memories of the last two days they spent on Felspoon. "Do we really have to forget all of this?" Rose asked. She didn't really seem to mind, she trusted him fully, but it was still a shame that they won't get to remember that everything continues on well for them.

She wasn't there when he caught the older Rose in the alley with the pretty Doctor, so she couldn't know there was actually something going on between them, but they did get to broach the subject of regeneration together. Maybe he should tell her about it after all. He never thought she would get to see him go through one, even less that she would stay after it happened. Everything about this meeting with his future was making him see things in a new light and he wasn't sure he was ready to forget all of it. "It's ok, Doctor." Her eyes were so soft, so full of love. How could he ever have doubt about those feelings she carried for him? He brushed her cheeks with the tip of his fingers. So warm, so soft. "I don't mind. I trust you."

And she closed her eyes, seeming to melt under his touch. Oh, my Rose. He thought. His hearts filled with too many emotions. He closed his eyes, trying to hold on to this moment as he slowly drifted into her mind with as much tenderness as he could muster. And when he reached that place in both of them where the memories of the last few days were hidden, right as he saw them disintegrate in thousands of snowflakes, he heard her whisper:

"I love you, my Doctor."


When they came to, they hadn't moved, but none of them knew why they were standing so close to each other. The tip of the Doctor's fingers were still delicately grazing her temples. Rose's heart was dumping in her chest because the doctor's face was so close to hers that she couldn't quite focus on his eyes.

All she could see was blue. All she could feel was the Doctor. And so, so much love. They were always close. Since run, she grabbed his hand and never let go. But this was something else, this was… Rose pulled herself out of this trance with a sharp intake of breath but even if she backed off slightly, the Doctor's fingers never left her cheeks.

It was as if he was pulling her back in. As if, his fingers were hooks and she was caught in his grip. As if, time stopped when you got caught in the Doctor's gravity. Could Time Lord stop time? Her whole body trembled. She was caught, and she wouldn't want it any other way. "Rose." The doctor breathed out and leaned forward.

So close. Rose knew she was dreaming. She couldn't even remember how they both got so close. One moment, they were trotting happily to the Tardis' doors, ready to get into a new adventure on new alien soils, and the next, here they were, standing against the console about to kiss. This was truly a dream.

"Rose." The doctor murmured again. A question. A plea. Rose couldn't resist the pull anymore. She fell forward and he grabbed her with his lips, securing a strong hand on the back of her head and another one on the small of her back, pulling her flush against him. They both whimpered when they opened up to each other.

"I love you too, my Rose." The doctor whispered in the kiss. And instead of asking herself where the too came from, all she was reminded of, were floating mountains on the horizon of an alien planet and the promise of a wonderful future.