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    This is a collection of the best narrative driven or stat based interactive fiction on the website, sometimes referred to as ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ (correctly or otherwise), where the writer has the reader choose where the story goes from a number of alternate chapters they are or have written. This can be maintained through simply making choices through the text (narrative driven, as with a Classic Your Own Adventure book) or using stats that the reader must use as in a game to know what choices are available, or possibly rolling dice or taking notes (as found with the classic Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf books).

    AN: Writers regularly and incorrectly label ‘Reader Interactives’ - where they ask readers to choose where an otherwise linear story will go - as a Choose Your Own Adventure story. This is NOT a piece of interactive fiction as the writer has no intention of including all possible paths and a reader who prefers a choice over the mass vote is ignored. Reader Interactives will not therefore be included in this collection - hopefully this will encourage such writers to label their stories properly or switch to writing all paths.

    Adult content and themes might be included, be advised.

    (Open, Moderated)