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How was this sentence going to end?

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Jack was staring down into the nothingness below. They seemed to be surrounded by it. This little makeshift village, two rows of eclectic houses taken from different places through time and space, was surrounded by an endless pit of darkness. As dark as the sky -or roof- above them. It's as though they were on a platform floating in the void. Jack was startled by a cracking sound, then a spark of fire beside him. The Doctor just produced a safety flare from the pocket of his brown coat and ignited it.

He cleared his throat before letting it fall from his hand, into the nothingness below.. and it just fell, without a sound, and without shedding light over anything, until it grew out of sight and faded into the darkness. They were not getting out that way. Rose made a scuffing, disapproving sound before scratching her nose with a resolute sigh. "Should we get a very long rope, then?" She mocked. Jack was frowning. He looked around, taking a step back from the edge. They've been searching for a way out for at least half an hour now and still haven't met anyone out in the open yet.

He did see movements in the houses, though. Maybe he should try and ask their new neighbors what was going on. A strange atmosphere filled with fear was permeating the whole place. That was why he wanted out as soon as possible. This didn't augur well at all and he didn't want to stick around until whoever brought them here came to get what they were after. He then noticed one of the houses near them had its front door open. A short, chubby, green woman with three eyes, two pointy ears, and a straight antler over her head was waving frantically at them.

Jack didn't recognize the species and thought it looked as if it was taken straight out of a 1950's children's comic book. "Time to question the witnesses." Jack said out loud and everyone turned to see what he was talking about.

"Yeah," the Doctor in brown rubbed the palms of his hands over his face. "Let's hope they have more answers than we do." They were all walking toward the opened door when the floor beneath their feet started shaking frantically. The alien in front of them was waving, hurrying them inside her house to hide. She closed the door behind them. "What's going on?" the Time Lord asked, holding Rose close to him as another quake made the Earth tremble. The scared woman grabbed him by his shirt, falling to her knees, she started wailing and praying.

The foreign language made of guttural clicks and growls was not one they understood. Rose laid a hand on the woman's shoulder in sympathy, hoping to calm the alien's sobs and gasps and sniffles. "The Tardis isn't translating." Rose stated the obvious and watched as the Doctor's throat bobbed with anxiety. "We'll find our way back to her, yeah?" She tried to comfort him. He looked at her with a tight smile. "We always do." There was another tremor and a thundering sound, as though a house just exploded near them.

The Doctor held Rose close to him and the woman wailed some more. "Shit, Doctor, you need to come and see this." Jack called for him from the next room. He was looking by the window and they ran to it. Rose gasped when she saw what was happening. The roof from the third house to their left had been ripped open, as if it was a treasure chest and huge hands coming from the sky were holding an elderly man with dark red skin.

"What the..'' the Doctor didn't finish his question as the hands holding the man flew by the window and made the man walk awkwardly in the space between the houses. Booming screeching noises could be heard coming from the space above. Another language Rose couldn't understand and when another set of hands laid upon the roof of the pub they arrived in, she couldn't help to start running toward the door. She wouldn't be waiting here while those giant aliens in the sky played god over her friends.

"Rose, what are you..?" The Doctor asked at the same time Jack said. "Those are very big hands."

"We need to help them." Rose opened the door but the woman stopped her, closing it right back and screaming at her. Rose didn't need a translator to know the green alien wasn't approving of her playing the hero of the story. The Doctor pulled her softly by the hand, away from the door.

"They just grabbed a guy and a girl from the pub." Jack described what he was seeing and Rose's stomach twisted.


"It's like they're playing with them, as if they were toy dolls." Jack continued. "I wish we had a translator to understand what those aliens up there are saying."

Rose looked at the Doctor with pleading eyes. "We need to get back to the pub and save them."

"Jenna! Look! Look! I have it! My father found it for me" The whole world trembled once more around them and they all gasped as they saw one of the huge hands setting the Tardis down right in the middle of the road.

"They'll kill us all!!" The green alien pulling on Rose's arm said. No more clicks and hisses. Rose understood what she said plain and clear.

"No. The Tardis is right there. We can get to it and save you." Rose went for the door once more as the women looked at her befuddled, but she was cut short when the roof of the house they were hiding in pried open and she was lifted off from the ground so fast that the motion left her dizzy and nauseous.

"And he got me the whole collection too!" The booming voice from the sky added. "I have my favorite companions Rose Tyler and Captain Jack, and the Tenth Doctor. He is the best of them all." The giant hands all laid them around the Tardis.

"You are so lucky, Lorie. I wanna be Rose!" Rose's heart was pounding hard in her ears as she sat back up, looking around frantically at the sky to see the faces to whom those hands belonged. She couldn't see anything until a gigantic finger pressed on her chest to lay her back down. The hard shove knocked her breath away, she couldn't move, and the Tardis was so close.

"No! I'm Rose." The voice from the sky boomed at the same time Rose was lifted up anew. "You can be Martha and Mickey."

"Doctor!" Rose screamed when she saw him pass by her side, lifted by another set of fingers.

"Oh yes!" Said the other voice from the sky. "Let's fight aliens and then make the Doctor and Rose kiss. They are so in love with each other." That's when they were squished together, the Doctor and Rose bumping foreheads hard.

"Doctor!" Rose hugged him tight and he hugged her back. She hid her aching forehead against his shoulder as the giant fingers pushed them further together, rubbing their body awkwardly.

"They think we're dolls." The Doctor never let go of her, even when they were pulled apart, he held on to Rose's hand. "We need to get to Tardis!" He told her before dropping her fingers.

"Girls!" This voice was stronger than the two others and made the air around them shift. "I told you to finish your homework before playing." Rose was released at once and tumbled to the ground. Luckily, the fall wasn't from a great height and she found her bearings quickly. The Doctor was right beside her, trying to get back up despite the shaking ground.

"This is insane." Jack yelled at them, crawling toward the Tardis until everything calmed down and the world around fell silent.

"Let's go!" The Doctor grabbed Rose and pulled her up. They ran to the safety of the blue police box and were greeted with a wave of desperate fear. The Tardis didn't like any of this either. Her inner lights shone deep green and red. "We are in another universe. How did we get here?" The Doctor glared at the screen. "We need to get everyone out of here."


It took them less than an hour to regroup everyone in the village into the Tardis but more than a few days to bring every species back to their respectful planet and time frame. At least, with the genius of both Doctors, they were able to shut the window from where they were pulled in so something like this wouldn't happen anymore. Cardiff never got his new pub back and this hole where the building once was became famous for many unexplained myths and legends, especially since everyone that were in the pub that night mysteriously appeared in their homes a few days later with no recollection of what happened.

And finally, both Doctors and Rose were back in their Tardis, ready to travel through time and space.