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“What do you get with three Ds and a G? A failed class!”

“Ah, another stunning display of Blood Legion intelligence,” Gavril snorted derisively.

“Yeah that barely made any sense,” Dandy commented in a low voice.

They turned away as the young soldier hollered, “Shut it, Ash Trash!” but my hackles were raised.

“Why don’t YOU–”

“Burn it, Damien.”

I felt a heavy paw on my shoulder, and looked up to see Dazzle.

“But they–” I attempted to protest.

“As your Legionnaire, I’m ordering you to burn it,” she said firmly. “We’ve got work to do, stop wasting time with petty buffoonery.”

Oh, I certainly burned. As I turned to follow the others, I could feel the heat under my fur.

“Learn to pick your battles,” she advised as we walked. “There’s no point in getting angry over drivel, and no point in arguing with the pointless. You have to learn to see a lost cause and prevent yourself from being involved in meaningless tasks.” She looked down at me. “We’re grown-up Ash Legion now. Time to act like it.”

I heaved a sigh. I knew she was right. I focused on petting Dylobaek, who was unfortunately now too big to hold, but his soft fur sufficed to calm my nerves. Dazzle gave me a hearty pat before taking the lead of the group.

Stealth. Patience. Deception. I live and die where secrets hide. I thrive where danger dwells. I am the blade in the darkness.

Let the Blood Legion charge blindly to their deaths. Let the Iron Legion build their machines of war.

You will find me in the shadows.

This, is my story.