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"Half of an Omega"

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People normally shows his nature around 15 to 18 years old, some take more time. Omegas present mostly around 15-16 years old, alphas around 16-18 and if someone doesn't present as any of those two, they are automatically a beta, but they actually wait till to around 21 to confirm it.

For Yugyeom everything started when he was 15 and it was terrible, one day he woke up with a fever and his body ache everywhere, so everyone though that he was sick, everything normal. It was the second day he was like that when his mom just knew what was going on, so she just waited to happen, staying close to his son when he was awake giving him the comfort he needed in that moment. When Alphas present was way too easy, they just start they rut that it last around 24 hours and that's it. But with omegas is different and worse, they have the pre-heat symptoms, just like Yugyeom was experiencing, then heat could last from 5 days to a whole week, that every 3 months for the rest of their lives.

The night of the third day being 'sick' he was feeling better, the fever had dropped significantly and his body didn't ache anymore, so he got up to get a glass of water and came back to his bed, he was about to fall asleep again when the cramps started around his lower stomach, he was confused as hell, he didn't eat anything more than soup this couple of days, how can he get a stomach ache? He tried to ignore it but it become stronger with time and when he started to feel hot and sweaty he just remembered his biology class when they talked about omegas and their heats and then he understood what was going on: he was presenting as an omega and he was going into heat. Great.

He didn't remember much after that, the only thing he remember is when he was at a hospital office signing papers to make his omega nature official.

But things started to get complicated after that, his second heat was way too short, only 4 days compared to the week that the first one lasted, they ignore it because first heats are always irregular, the body needs to get used to it. But the third one never came.

Yugyeom went doctor to doctor to see what was wrong with his body, doing every test that the doctors asked for to get to the answer, almost a year passed when they finally got an answer.

-You certainly are a special case, boy-The doctor said- you are what we call a 'Half of an Omega'

-A what? -Yugyeom asked- what does that mean?

-It means that you had enough hormones to present, but now your body doesn't produce them anymore, that's the reason you don't have heats, we have to run more tests to see what we can do, but i have to tell you is not much, some supplements can help but they not always work, this cases are rare but the ones i have seen the only thing that had have help was to meet the right alpha, the body automatically would produce the right hormones and everything will be back to normal.

-But… this means that he is infertile? Until he "meets the right alpha"? -Yugyeom mom asked, kind of confused.

-Well… yes, but is more than that, he won't experience some things that a normal omega would, he would be mostly like a beta -the doctor look at Yugyeom- we don't know which behaviors will stay with you or if you will have any omega behaviors, you know? it all depends on how many hormones your body will produce with time -the doctor take some papers and show them to the younger- the tests that we have taken show us that you do produce some amount of hormones but they're not enough, so we have to wait and see how your body will work.

At the age of 16 Yugyeom didn't care much, he was just annoyed about the so many doctor appointments he needed to go but when he started to see how his classmates were getting into relationships, getting their mates, it's when his omega side started to show, one of the behaviors that he developed was to make nests, omegas usually do that when they are in heat or when they are distress, so making nests was his way to comfort himself.

When he told his friends about his condition everyone was confused "Are you an omega or not?" was the common question. Every time he said that he was an omega to new people someone will ask him if he was sure or told him to stop lying, that he didn't acted like an omega, so he just started to say that he was a beta, it was much easier.


-Until you find the right alpha.

The fuck that even means? He has met a lot of alphas and any of them made him feel any different, some of his friends are alphas and nothing happened! He have read somewhere that when a "half of a omega" met the "right alpha" it could trigger their heat, but that haven't happened yet and here he was, at his second semester of his first year of college and any fucking alpha have make him go into heat.


He currently was on Jinyoung lab, he was doing his 3-monthly test to check his hormones. His hyung studies biology, he specializes in omegas and alphas and how their bodies work.

He knows Jinyoung (and most of his group of friends) since school, all of them knows about his situation, but Jinyoung was mostly interested because it helped with his investigation… well he also was worry about his friend but since he was in school and he read about "half omegas" he was just so curious how they body worked and was so excited when Yugyeom told them that day, so he worked his way till this point so he can know more about Yugyeom body and maybe do something to fix his problem.


-Not much change… the supplements are doing absolutely nothing- Jinyoung said with a frown on his face, he was frustrated- This is the third time i change the recipe.

-Told you, nothing works on me.

Yugyeom was bored of all of this, the tests, the questions, the experiments, everything, he just accepted to go with this investigation because the University give him money for this and because it helped Jinyoung to get his degree.

-Uh… i will see what did i do wrong so i can fix it.

-You do you but i tell you, the only wrong here is my body -He looks at his phone- can i stay here? My class don't start in more than an hour.

-Yeah, your presence helps me -He said while he was looking at some papers.

Yugyeom lay down on a couch that was there and message Bambam (his best friend and roommate) who was annoyed with him because Yugyeom keep doing a nest on his side of the room. Well... he can't help it! Doing it elsewhere it just felt wrong, and it's not like he does it all the time, only when he feels sad and yesterday he was watching an episode of the drama he was obsessed lately and the episode was very much sad and he just felt the need to do it and lay there for the rest of the day, that’s all! Bambam is just being whiny.

He was going through his Instagram feed, seeing how happy some of his old classmates were with their partners, how some of the omegas he had met through doctor appointments were with theirs mates “Will I ever get that?” he thought. He has tried dating, really, he tried with alphas and with a beta, but nothing worked, the alphas eventually get frustrated with him because he didn’t react to them, to their scent, so they just leave him, and with the beta it just didn’t felt right, it was almost uncomfortable sometimes. He was just 19 but he decided that dating wasn’t for him, that he won’t try again, until he meets “the right alpha” he huffs, even just thinking about it was ridiculous. So no, no more dating for him, even if he wants it so desperately, no… just no. Hi body wasn’t made for that.

-I want to try something totally new this time -Jinyoung says out of nowhere- So there is a possibility that I won’t give you supplements this trimester, so I will check your number more often, every 2 weeks I think, is that ok? -He finally looks at Yugyeom

“No, it is not, stop trying” he wanted to say, he was just damn tired of everything that had to do with his body, everytime he was here it reminds him how fucked up his body was, and now he will have to be here every two weeks? Hell no… but he didn’t have the heart to refuse, he knows how important this experiment was to Jinyoung, how much time he spend on this. Before, when Yugyeom was still on school, the omegas that worked with him left him after two or three tests, saying that was useless and he should drop the matter, like everyone else, but Jinyoung refuse to do that, even though it looked like he hadn’t do much after all this time, he actually achieve more than most at his age, he had made a supplement that helped for a while, his level of hormones increase, not much, not enough for him to even have heat symptoms, but the number was higher, and they had hope, but they stayed at the same level till this day and everything it’s frustrating again, why his body didn’t cooperate?


The younger looked at his hyung and sighed.

-Yeah, sure, it’s fine -Jinyoung gave him a pained smile and he started to work again.

Yugyeom was going through his social media again when Mark send a message to their group chat


Markie Hyung: Are you guys busy? I know any of you have class at this hour

DoubleB: I'm not, whazzup?

Bummie Hyung: whats wrong?

Markie Hyung: I wanna introduce you guys to someone ^^

Bummie Hyung: Your new roommate?

JaeJae: oh, hyung have a new roommate? Cool!

Dandelion: we all have time now, right? on the same place?

Markie Hyung: yesss i'm here already

Markie Hyung: hurry up

Bummie Hyung: i'm not gonna run


-Hyung, are you busy? -Yugyeom said from the couch

-Mmh… not so much, why?

-Mark hyung wants to introduce us his new roommate.

-Oh ok, sure, i can continue this later -he said while changing his lab coat into a hoodie- When did Mark hyung got another roommate?

-He said something about an exchange student last semester, someone being an old friend? I don't remember

-God please, not another alpha, that's all i ask- He said while they were heading out, Yugyeom just laughed.

In their groups of friends there were enough alphas, Mark, Jaebum and Jinyoung, then there was Youngjae and Yugyeom as omegas (if you count Yugyeom as one/he always says that) and Bambam as a beta. All this mix was together since school, Yugyeom and Bambam were friends with Youngjae who friend with Jaebum Hyung because of music class, Jaebum and Jinyoung were best friends since little kids and both were friends with Mark, so they just got together and form their group. And after they all present any of them have the heart to leave the group, mostly after what happened to Yugyeom and the hard time he was going through they all felt that they needed to be there for him, so life made him stay together till this day. The alphas don't fight much, only having arguments when they are going to start they rut, but nothing more than that.

The three of the alphas are very protective over their omegas, they're even protective over Bambam. Yugyeom was very thankful for that actually, his lack of hormones made very difficult to difference the smells of the people around him, so he had had some not so good encounters with alphas in the past, so having them around is very helpful.

They got to the café the group always go to, it was close to the campus but it wasn't very popular because it didn't have Wi-Fi so students weren't very interested in that place, they boys go there because nobody was there and they could chat in peace.

When Jinyoung opened the door the smell of an alpha hit Yugyeom immediately "maybe someone will start his rut"  Yugyeom thought, the only times he can differ a smell is when a omega will start they heat or when an alpha will start they rut, but his theory was thrown out the window when he saw the only people there were his friends, and he knew for a fact that any of them would start their rut anytime soon.

-Are you going in or what? -Jinyoung asked when he saw that Yugyeom wasn't moving

-What? Oh yeah, yes

Jinyoung looked at him weird but he didn't say anything.

-Oh! Yugyeom and Jinyoung are here -Mark said- guys, this is Jackson, my new roommate and an old friend

Yugyeom was shocked, he couldn't believe the beauty he was seeing.

-Hi, i'm Jinyoung, nice to meet you -Jinyoung looked at the younger

-I ah… uhm… i'm Yugyeom- So smooth, uh? Idiot.

Jackson laughed-how beautiful- hi, i'm Jackson Wang- He smiled and Yugyeom felt how his heart skipped a beat.

They both take a seat, Yugyeom between Youngjae and Bambam.

-Where are you from? -Jinyoung asked.

-Oh, i'm from China.

-China? How did you meet Mark Hyung then? -Jaebum asked with a frown.

-We met when i was there for exchange last year of school, remember? Jackson was the first person i met - Mark answered.

-I actually have forgot about that -Jinyoung laughed

Everyone started to go in the conversation quite easily, Jackson was a very outgoing person and didn't have trouble to talk with new people. Yugyeom didn't follow the conversation though, he was distracted with the smell, a very strong alpha smell, maybe Jackson was an alpha? And he was going on his rut? He couldn't help it, it wasn't normal for him to decipher such a defined smell.

-You ok? - Youngjae asked him- You look confused- Yugyeom looked at him, Youngjae wasn't distracted nor even attracted to the scent, and for omegas, the smell of an alpha on his rut can trigger their heat, and Youngjae looked normal.

-Hyung, can you smell something strong? Like an alpha kind of strong?

-What? No, i smell the normal- Youngjae looked at him- Wait… you can smell an alpha? Like, a new alpha?

-The first thing that i smelled when a got here was an alpha, and you know i can't do that -Yugyeom was confused as hell

-Are you serious!?

-Yah! What are you two talking there- Jaebum asked.

-Omega stuff -Youngjae said easily and smile.


Nobody questioned it and they keep going with the conversation, but Yugyeom could feel Jinyoung eyes on him.

-Why did you choose Korea? -Bambam asked

-Well Korea have one of the best trainers on Asia, so i came here so i can learn more from him, also they have a great training plan along with the studies, so...

-Trainer? Are you into sports? - Yugyeom asked.

-I'm a fencer -Jackson smiled

-Not any kind of fencer, an Olympic kind of fencer, you are looking to one of the best fencers of Asia, my friends -Mark said -Gold Medal and all

-Yah! Stop! -Jackson blushed at Mark words.

Everyone was in awe, asking Jackson more about him and his life as a professional fencer, but Yugyeom mind was on the clouds, so Jackson was a athlete, so there is a chance that he was an alpha, but Youngjae said he didn’t smell nothing different, so he couldn’t smell a new scent, which means he couldn’t smell Jackson, but why he could smell something new? Why he could smell something at all? He didn’t understand, his body was unable to decipher new scents, he knows the scents of his friends after all the years they have been together, even with Jinyoung help and the small increase of his hormones he still couldn’t get the full scent of them, but now the smell was so clear, it scream Alpha with all of its letters, and it was so weird, it was the first time in his life that this happened, why now? What was going on?