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The One He failed to Save

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'Run!' his mind helpfully supplied. He turned tail and ran, hoping that whatever it was would not follow.

He knew better than to hope though.

He could hear the telltale thump thump thump of shoes slapping across the ground behind him.

He needed to find some heroes. He needed to get somewhere safe.

It was a few blocks down, but it was his safest bet.

The teenager poured every ounce of energy that he possibly could into running full speed, twisting a turning through the various shortcuts that he had memorized since childhood.

He was able to get some distance between him and the killer, maybe even having lost him amongst the crowds if the lack of footsteps meant anything.

He still didn't want to test his luck.

He ran all the way to UA's front gates and began knocking on the door. Tears had long since been running down his freckled cheeks.

" Please! Let me in! Someone is chasing me a-and I'm scared. I think I've lost then for now but I-!" The split second he hadn't been watching his own back had sealed his fate.

He felt the pain of 3 knives embedding themselves in his back, one in particular going deep enough to stap through to the other side.

As his life faded away, he saw a blurried figure step from beyond the gates and begin attacking the assailant.

He noticed the bit of red splattered on the metal frame of the door before it fell open.

Everything fell dark.


The news of the mere 13 year old Midoriya's murder directly in front of the Hero School spread like wildfire. The hero that defended his corpse had been only a minute too late to the scene.

The news casters were quick to drop the stories of the little quirkless boy, but the hero that saved him could never forget watching those eyes that were so full of life fading with the oncoming death.