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The Fourth Wall

Sardonyx is watching Amethyst and Peridot, for lack of a better word, getting it on. Some might call that voyeuristic, but she isn’t concerned.

“After all,” she says, “aren’t you reading about it?”

Those words - the acknowledgement of her own unreality - sends a chill down her whole form. With a glow, her clothes vanish, and she turns her attention to her sex. She gently massages it, closing her eyes.

“Oh, they like this too, don’t they?” she mused. “Well, they’re lucky I’m a showgem - or at very least, that I have a way with words.”

She strokes her clit and shudders.

“After all,” she continues, “this is a story, not a video. You people are lucky I can describe what I’m up to… except, of course, you should always show, not tell…

She smiles widely.

“That having been said,” she continues, “it pays to tease. So with that in mind - scene break! Ohohohohoho!”

She laughs and winks.