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The Killing Grounds

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All rights to the Star Wars intellectual properties and characters are owned by Lucasfilm, and no infringement is intended. This is a work of fan fiction, written by a passionate fan.

This piece of fiction takes place in a timeline alternate to that of the new Canon, and to that of the old pre-Disney Legends. However, this timeline draws nearly all inspiration from Legends, and attempts to faithfully recreate the spirit of Legends.


To every person who's only friends were found between the covers of a novel.

And to my father. You taught me to write.



This novel is not finished. Not even remotely. There will be no release schedule, and the chapters are (if you can believe it,) even less edited than those of the first novel in this series, Crossroads.

I was so lucky and blessed to receive so many wonderful comments for Crossroads, and I say to all of you returning readers 'Thank you.'

Now, more than ever, I appreciate any and all commentary and criticism. Writing a novel is not easy, not even fan fiction, and a sequel is even harder. Even if it's an inane comment about how my prose sucks, I'd like to hear it. (I realize that I'm opening myself up to a world of hurt by doing so, but if there's a comment that helps the novel, then I truly want to hear it.)