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To Sum Up. . .

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1. Finding Love
Houndsditch was the last place either Victor or Alice had ever expected to find the love of their lives – and yet, here they were.

2. Waltz
They still enjoy dancing to that tune from the music box, humming it softly as they revolve across the floor.

3. Kiss Without Lips
The way his fingers lightly brush her hand feels almost as good as his lips against hers.

4. Magic
Victor was thrilled when Dr. Fixxler taught them the ‘Glowing Orb’ spell – not only because it meant he’d never have to fear the dark again, but because it meant Alice wouldn’t have to worry about any lamps setting their home ablaze.

5. Late Night
The memory of them making up over tea and stolen biscuits his first night in Houndsditch is just about enough to justify his bouts of insomnia to Victor.

6. Marriage Proposal
Victor's well aware his proposal to Alice probably isn’t the most romantic – but, on the other hand, at least it's more romantic than an arranged or accidental one.

7. Love at First Sight
Victor's not sure if it was really “love” at first sight – but there was no denying Alice had his attention from the moment they met.

8. Making “Heart Eyes”
Judging from the comments he got from all the other inhabitants of London, Victor had to wonder if his love for Alice was written all over his face.

9. Infatuation
Victor would never say what he had with Victoria and Emily was mere infatuation – but he will admit that what he has with Alice feels rather more real for having developed slower.

10. Glowing with Happiness
“The deepest, most impenetrable darkness of Wonderland would fear you now – that boy has got you shining brighter than any star,” Cheshire comments the night after they set their wedding date.

11. Body Worship/Love
He treats her – with her scarred flesh and broken mind – like a goddess.

12. Luxury
Victor is only too willing to give Alice the best of everything - it's not like he (or, perhaps more accurately, his parents, who he quietly thinks owe him) can't afford it.

13. Storytelling
Their children are just as appreciative (and much more polite) an audience as the children at Houndsditch.

14. Scars
His fingers are so gentle as they run over the scar on her shoulder – how in God’s name can he stand to touch it?

15. Heirloom
That old raggedy rabbit has pride of place on the shelf in their bedroom – until the day Chester spots it and reaches up, crying “Bunny!”

16. Sleeping on Someone
Alice thinks there’s no nicer pillow than Victor’s chest.

17. Family/Decisions
She looks at him, looks at the three little ones playing together peacefully (for once), and decides – one more.

18. Innocence
Alice is still horrified that Victor had to go through all that he did – that, like her, he had to lose whatever remained of his innocence.

19. Knows Me Better Than Myself
It’s awkward, sometimes, asking Alice about the man he knows he’s supposed to be – but it’s far, far better than the alternatives.

20. Private Moment
It’s the quiet moments – where its just him and her, alone without a care in the world – that they appreciate the most.