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Newly Hired Security Guard

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Another Day of Failed Job Hunting... You've Applied to Over 10 Different Places, Went Through Thousands of Job Interviews And Still No Luck, With A Resigned Sigh You Flopped on The Couch At Your Parent's House And Turned on The TV, Flipping Through Channels You Eventually Landed on One Showing "How to Train Your Dragon" And Went to Microwave Some Popcorn, After Coming Back Popcorn In Hand You Settled Down to Watch Some Toothless Shenanigans, About Halfway Through The Movie There Was A Commercial Break, Getting Up And Stretching You Went to Grab A Drink, But Before You Could Get Into The Kitchen You Heard It, That Classic Jingle Promising A Lifetime of Fun And Childhood Memories, Instantly You Sat Back Down And Turned Up The Volume

"Hello Everyone, It's Sans The Skeleton, Here to Deliver An Important Message" Huh... He Seems A Little Nervous... Weird... "Here At 'Sans And Friends Pizza' We're Looking For A Security Guard to Work The Night Shift, Pay Is 15$ An Hour, 7 Days A Week, Schedule Is Negotiable, If You're Looking to Apply Simply Visit 'Sans And Friends Pizza' In Ebott City, That's 'Sans And Friends Pizza' In Ebott City, We Hope to See You There" And With A Wink From Sans The Ad Ends, Hurrying Into Your Room You Donned Your Best Interview Clothes, White Button-Up Shirt, Frilly Blue Mini-Skirt, Black Office Blazer And Some Navy Blue Mary Janes, Grabbing Your Purse And Your Keys You Began The Drive to The Infamous Children's Pizzeria