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Her Before Us

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Her Before Us

Earth 34 Part I

One Night Stand/Accidental Pregnancy AU


Leonard Snart prided himself on many things. His skills as a thief being nearing the top of the list. Among those skills existed an acute sense of situational awareness. The ability to notice the slightest changes in his environment, someone looking his way a little too long, a nervous shift, a dangerous entity, and of course, a deviation in the normal routine.

His routine deviated the minute he laid eyes on her. His crew had just pulled a big job in Keystone City and Leonard had returned to Central afterward to lay low. Feeling a little couped up in his safehouse with the high of a well planned job going off without a hitch still pulsing through his veins, he decided on a jaunt to Saints and Sinners where he would enjoy the usual atmosphere, have a few beers, maybe a burger and then head back to crash.

The bar wasn’t particularly busy, not by Thursday night standards. There were a few groups of regulars spread out along the outside against the walls in the booths. Three frat house looking guys were playing pool with a couple of girls, none of them belonging here, making all kinds of excessive noise and throwing around money, all of them were living it up on their adventure to the seedier side of town. Leonard rolled his eyes, put an order in at the bar and then took his usual seat in the back, the perfect view of the entire bar.

It wasn’t until he sat down that he noticed her. How he could have missed her to begin with he wasn’t entirely sure. She was small, sure, but she wasn’t a regular, so his eyes shouldn’t have glossed over her. She was sitting at a high top, her feet propped up on the rungs of the chair across the table from her. There was a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels in front of her a tumblr next to that, and she never looked up from the pocket sized notebook she alternated between flipping through the pages of and making notes in. Other than a good view of the door and the bar, the table didn’t seem to be anything more than a place she found comfortable.

Leonard realized he was being obvious in his observations when she stopped writing to look up abruptly. Her brilliant blue eyes turned to him, not even trailing the rest of the room, just immediately pinpointing him as the source of what he assumed was her feeling of being watched. Leonard diffused the situation with a smirk, a tilt of his beer bottle toward her and then smoothly turning his attention to his food as the waitress brought it to him. He felt her watch him for another minute before turning back to her notebook.

Everything was relatively quiet after that, but as he neared the end of his meal he noticed the three college guys were huddled together. Never a good sign. The one in the middle was being elbowed and ribbed by his friends and the gestures toward the young woman made the topic of their conversation obvious. Eventually he pushed his friends away from him and made his way over. Leonard couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it was obvious the woman wasn’t interested. Not to be discouraged he continued to speak to her, leaning into her personal space. Leonard was looking for the right moment to step in, his need to lay low overruled by his desire to put these punks in their place, when the guy snatched the notebook out of the woman’s hands.

Leonard watched the woman, her face neutral but the rage boiling beneath the surface, not all that dissimilar from his partner Mick. She slowly she got up, ignoring his prodding as he flipped through the pages wanting to know what was so interesting that she would ignore him for it. She stood before him, feet shoulder width apart, body loose, ready for a fight.

“You have five second to return that.” she said, Leonard hearing her voice for the first time. A few of the other patrons had caught wind of what was going on and stopped to watch.

“Or what?” he laughed.

“Or I embarrass you in front of your friends.”

The guy laughed, shutting the book and sticking it in his pocket, mocking her. She smirked.

“You were warned.” was the last thing she said and she moved forward swiftly, driving a fist into his gut. He doubled over in pain, coughing and sputtering as she brought her knee up and capped him in the face. He straightened up with the force and the woman grabbed his head, slamming it against the pool table, letting him drop to the floor, groaning in agony. His face was covered in blood and he coughed every so often.

The woman reached down and pulled the notebook from his pocket, slipping it into her own and returning to her table where she slipped her black leather jacket on. This seemed to snap at least one of the other boys from his shock and he cursed at her, moving toward her as she picked up the bottle of Jack Daniels, only slightly less empty than when Leonard had first noticed her. The man raised his hand as if to grab her and with lightning speed she grabbed his hand, bending it back at a painful angle, bringing him to his knees as he struggled for her to let him go. The woman turned back to her bottle and in a feat that clearly impressed everyone watching, she downed the rest of it in one go, before setting it back on the table, releasing the second man and shoving him away with her foot.

With that she sauntered off, stopping just long enough to exchange some folded bills and a few words with the bartender before leaving. Leonard counted to ten, tossed some money on the table and left as well.

The woman was still in the parking lot, straddling the black motorcycle that he had parked his own next to when he pulled in an hour or so before. She was fiddling with the straps of her helmet, struggling as her hands shook. Her breathing was labored and Leonard would have thought she was shot through with adrenaline from the fight if only she wasn’t sitting so tense and rigid.

“That was some show you put on in there.” Leonard spoke up. The woman’s head snapped up, blue eyes sharp as she stared him down. He froze, a feeling of unease washing over him. “Don’t blink or you’ll miss her attack.”  a voice whispered in the back of his mind.

She leaned slightly away from him and took in a deep breath letting it out slowly. It dawned on him then that she was fighting an urge. He’d seen it before with junkies on the street. But the urge wasn’t for some illicit substance, the urge was to kill.

“What do you want?” she asked, turning back to her helmet.

Leonard telegraphed his movements, slowly raising his hands. “Just making sure you’re alright. Not that it isn’t obvious you can take care of yourself, but you did drink an entire bottle of Jack by yourself and now you seem intent on driving away.”

“You a cop?” she huffed a laugh, as if she already knew how ridiculous that question was.

Leonard chuckled. “Not if my life depended on it.” he replied.  

“And I suppose your just a concerned citizen.” she added.

“Absolutely.” he told her.

“One that seems very comfortable in a bar full of criminals.”

“Hey, even a crook can be worried about safety.”

She shook her head and took another deep breath. She’d stopped shaking, which was a good sign, and the deadly intent was gone, though he knew better than to think she wasn’t still dangerous.

“I haven’t seen you around here before, I’m Leonard.” he stated simply.

“Sara. And I’m just passing through. Stopped in to meet some friends of friends before I head out again.”

“Going anywhere special?” he asked, trying to keep it light. He wasn’t trying to pry, but this woman had grabbed his attention in away no one else had, at least not for a very long time.

“Not really. Why? You have a suggestion?”

He shrugged. “No, though I hear Bludhaven is beautiful this time of year.”

Before she could reply Leonard straightened up, listening intently. Sara did the same catching the faintest sound of police sirens in the distance.

“Those are definitely headed this way.” he said. Sara looked incredulous.

“You can tell, just by listening?” she asked incredulously.

Leonard smirked. “Impressed.”

She shrugged. “A little.”

“If your interested I know a safe place you can lie low.” he offered. Sara looked him up and down.

“Sure, why the hell not.”

Leonard sauntered over to his bike parked next to her and straddled it, slipping his helmet on. She did the same and then followed him as she pulled out of the parking lot, making it down the street in time to catch a police car and an ambulance as they turned a corner in the opposite direction.

Sara followed Leonard through the streets and eventually into an alley a few miles from the bar. She parked her bike beside his and took her helmet off, dismounting.

“A safe house?” she questioned incredulously as he pulled aside a section of the building’s wall that had, just a moment ago, seemed completely normal.

“I did say it was a safe place to lay low.” Leonard smirked.

Sara rolled her eyes. “You’re one of those guys who thinks puns are funny aren’t you?” she asked slipping through the open panel.

“Puns are hilarious .” he replied following her in.

The safe house wasn’t as sparse as she would have thought it would be. There looked to be a few rooms. The one they walked into was set up similarly to a joined kitchen and living room. There was a beat up looking sofa on one end, a card table somewhere near the middle and a galley kitchen on the other end. There were stacks of books and magazines randomly scattered around and the other rooms were all closed off by doors.

“Not planning on staying long?” she asked. She may not know him very well, or at all for that matter, but given his neat appearance she doubted this was a place he was all too comfortable in unless he absolutely had to be.

“No, I’ll move on in a day or so. I made the mistake of letting someone else set this one up.” he explained. She tried not to laugh. “Can I offer you a drink? Guy who set this place up cared more about stocking the liquor cabinet than anything else.”

“Sure.” she replied simply. She watched as he pulled a fresh bottle of Jack out of one of the cabinets and two glasses. He filled each and passed one to her. “So, Leonard, besides drinking, what else is there to do around here?”

“Do you play Gin?” he asked.

“Card games? That’s how you entertain yourself around here?”

Leonard smirked. “Among other things. This however, is the only two person entertainment I can offer you without crossing a line.”

Sara looked like she was suppressing a smile, wageing an internal debate whether or not to rise to his challenge. She leaned forward on the counter. “Your deal.” she told him, stepping back and making her way over to the card table. Leonard took a steadying breath and pulled a deck out of a drawer before joining her.

Sara had taken off her jacket, draping it across the back of her chair. As she sat she leaned a bit, pulling the little notebook out of her jeans pocket and slipping it into the pocket of her jacket.

“Ya know,” Leonard began, shuffling. “That must be pretty important for you to break a guys face over.”

“It’s nothing that can’t be replaced.” she told him, taking a pull from her glass. “That guy just pushed the line a little too far. Probably didn’t need to give him a concussion, the broken nose was good enough, but...” she shrugged.

“Well maybe this will be a teachable moment for him.” he replied as they began to play.

“Doubtful. Men like that rarely ever learn. On the plus side I doubt I’ll have anything to worry about with the Police.”

“What makes you say that?” Leonard asked, taking a card and discarding another.

“Given the normal clientele, at least half, if not all of them probably ducked out the back when they heard the sirens, so there won’t be any witnesses. On top of that those boys are going to have to decide if they want everyone to know they got their asses kicked by a girl half their size. If not they’re going to have make something up that’ll just go cold in a couple of weeks.”

“Either way your home free. As you said, your leaving town in a few days anyway. Gin.” he laid his cards down. Sara looked over his hand, before ceding. She gathered up the cards and shuffled, dealing a new hand.

“So what is in the notebook, if you don’t mind me asking.”

Sara sighed, finished off her drink and standing to retrieve the bottle from the counter. She refilled her glass. “I’ve been a little out of touch for a year or so, it’s just a list of things to catch up on.”

“Out of touch?”

“It’s complicated.” she took a long drink from her glass and Leonard took the hint, dropping the subject.

The next two hours passed with cards and more alcohol. Leonard drank slowly, stopping once he felt a nice buzz, but Sara kept going, giving no indication that she was feeling any effects of the alcohol whatsoever. He briefly entertained the idea that she might be a metahuman, but dismissed it the first time she got up to relieve herself. She swayed on her feet as she stood only enough to look, to anyone who hadn’t seen her finish off nearly two bottles of Jack, as though she had merely misstepped. In an instant she was steady again, making her way to the bathroom and returning to find he’d put the cards away.

“Giving up.” she teased. She hadn’t won a single hand all night. Leonard of course had been cheating and he was fairly certain she knew it, but she didn’t mention it or seem to care.

Leonard smirked. “It’s getting late, and I’m not as young as I used to be. Can’t burn the candle at both ends anymore.

“You will not last the night.” she muttered to herself, standing and returning the nearly empty bottle and glasses to the kitchen. “I suppose I should get going too then. I’m sure it’s clear by now.”

“Are you sure, you’ve been drinking pretty heavily all night.” Leonard replied.

“Still worried about my safety crook, I’m flattered.”

Leonard smirked. “Maybe I’m just hoping you’ll stay and take advantage of me.”

Sara laughed, a very pleasant sound. Leonard had never considered laughter to be pleasant, but with her it surprisingly was.

“You’re very strange Leonard.” she told him.

“Good, I thrive on being unpredictable.”

Sara was slowly moving closer, crossing from the counter to where he stood beside the card table.

“I can’t seem to pin you down.” she continued, standing toe to toe with him. She had to crane her neck back to look him in the eye. Had he always been that tall? She could climb him like a tree.

“After what you did to those guys at the bar, I find that hard to believe.” he replied, leaning into her slightly. She must have felt the shift, her eyes dilating.

“Is that what you want Leonard? To be dominated?” she asked rising up on her toes, a feat that was so smooth and effortless Leonard questioned whether she had actually had anything to drink at all.

They were so close now, breath mingling between them as they stood in a standoff.

“What can I say,” he began, unapologetically. “I have a type.”

Sara reached up and planting her palms against his chest, she pushed him back, the unexpected move, throwing him off and he stepped back. She didn’t stop though, keeping a firm pressure against his chest as she advanced. Leonard took the hint stepping back each time she stepped forward until the back of his knees met the sofa and he let himself fall back onto it.

She smirked down at him, crawling onto his lap with feline grace she should have been incapable of after so many drinks. His hands came up, resting on her hips, fingers flexing against the material of her jeans.

“Mmm, you definitely have a type.” she muttered, feeling the evidence of his arousal between them. Sara leaned in to him, her mouth latching on the column of his neck, finding a sweet spot just below his ear.

Leonard groaned, threading his fingers through the belt loops of her jeans and pulled her flush against him. He then trailed them up her back and under her shirt, stuttering in his movement only slightly when he felt the numerous, sometimes rather large scars there. He had no room to judge of course, he had plenty of scars of his own he wasn’t looking forward to her seeing, but as she ground down against him, he found his self consciousness, flying from his mind.

Sara’s hands began their own journey, running down his chest and down to the waistband of his jeans. She had the button undone and his zipper down in record time, never ceasing her work on his neck, before trailing her hands up under his sweater. Her nails scratched deliciously at the muscles of his abdomen, never once hesitating over his blemishes. She pulled back long enough for him to pull her shirt over her head and then moved in again, this time working on the other side of his neck. He was sure to have a few telltale marks in the morning, but at the moment he couldn’t find it in him to care.

Sara had almost gotten his shirt off when, he wrapped his hands around her ass and pulled her against him, standing. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he started walking, heading for the farthest closed door from the couch. She continued her ministrations, ignoring what he was doing, where he was going until he dropped her, her back hitting a soft surface. It took only a moment for her to realize they were in a bedroom now, and he had dropped her on a bed.

Leonard stood over her, breathing a bit labored, whether from the exertion of carrying her or what she had been doing to him. She assumed it was the latter, eyeing the prominent bulge through his open jeans. Leonard removed his shirt as she sat up, pulling him by the waist band to stand between her legs. She pushed his jeans off his hips, his briefs following.

“Please tell me we haven’t gone through all of this and you don’t have a condom.” she spoke for the first time since she’d crawled into his lap. Leonard smirked, stepping back, ridding himself of his pants, and turning away to pull open a dresser drawer. He reached in, found what he was looking for and turned around just in time to watch her kick off her jeans. She stood before him in black lace, her hips sharp, her body incredibly toned. He realized as he appreciated her, that she had a lot more scars than he originally realized. He could tell which ones were bullet wounds and which ones were knife wounds. There was a cluster of stab wounds just below her breast bone and he could only guess what made the long angry looking slashes.

He caught her eye and stalked forward, holding up the condom. She took it from him, pulling him down to finally share a kiss. Leonard used the opportunity to wrap his hands around her thighs, lifting her up and moving forward to kneel on the bed. He laid her down gently this time, hovering over her.

“You’re overdressed.” he said, smoothing his palms down her sides.

Sara smirked. “What are you going to do about it?” she challenged, running her hands through his closely cropped hair.

Leonard looked smug. “I think you’ll find, Sara, that I never back down from a challenge.”

“Good.” she replied, throwing her leg over his hip and using her momentum to flip their positions, much to his startled amazement. “I think you’ll find, Leonard , that neither do I.”

Leonard took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He was no prepubescent boy, he had plenty of experience with partners of multiple persuasions, but this woman, this woman who was slowly grinding against him, looking for all the world like she just might eat him alive was going to be the death of him. He could feel it.

The sound of the foil ripping, drew him out of his thoughts and he watched as she rolled the condom on, before reaching up and undoing her bra. Leonard sat up against the headboard, pulling her toward him as he did, slipping his fingers into her panties and pushing the garment down. Once she was free of them, she straddled his lap, sinking down onto him slowly. He dug his fingers into her hips as she began to move just as slowly, teasing him.

“Sara.” he breathed, a warning that only spurred her on. They were both so wound up, Sara knew they wouldn’t last and it was only a matter of time before Leonard took matters into his own hands.

Sara was driving him crazy, the slow undulation of her hips not nearly enough to push either of them over the precipice they had been working towards. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her down against him, stilling her movements. She gasped as he pistoned his hips up into her, a feeling of deep satisfaction settling in him as she dug her nails into his shoulders.

It wasn’t long before they were both nearing the end, and Leonard was determined to make sure she finished as well. He slid his hand between them, placing steady pressure against her clit. She gasped his name, her entire body wrung taught like a bow string as her walls contracted around him.

“Fuck.” he cursed, burying his face in her neck and biting down on the flesh there. Not enough to break the skin, but just enough to make her squirm against him as she came down.

They sat like that for neither knew how long, before Sara pushed off of him, collapsing to the side. Leonard smirked down at her, enjoying the boneless way she struggled to calm herself.

While Sara tried to catch her breath she heard Leonard get up and walk across the room. A door opened before she heard the sound of running water. Not long after he came back in, crawling back up onto the bed beside her. She hadn’t realized how exhausted she was until she felt a blanket being draping over her. She turned to look up, watching as Leonard got comfortable on the other side, never once questioning her continued presence there. She had been certain that he wasn’t an overnight kind of a guy, but she supposed he had made it clear he didn’t want her driving in an impaired state. Fucked senseless was about as impaired as it got for her.

Leonard heard Sara laugh and turned to look at her. “Not exactly the response I usually get after sex.” which only made her laugh harder.

“Sorry.” she apologized though he got the feeling she was not in fact sorry for anything. He merely shrugged, switched off the bedside lamp and laid down, drifting off to sleep.


Sara jerked awake, the voices rising up in cacophony all around her. Another night, another nightmare. At least this time she hadn’t lashed out. She turned her head, letting her eyes adjust to the dark before she could see the faint outline of her bed partner. She smiled to herself. Leonard had been a lot of fun, undoubtedly. Quite the gentleman for a crook, but it was time to move on. There was no need for a night of fun to turn awkward in the light of day, so she carefully slipped out of bed, redressed in the dark and left. Simple as that.

Except, nothing was ever simple when you lived a life like hers.


19 months later

“We got a problem boss.” was Mick’s only greeting as he stalked toward the wooden work bench Leonard had laid all of his notes and blueprints out on. The Rogues were gathered around, waiting for him to fill them in on their latest heist when Mick dropped a thick manilla envelope on the bench in front of Leonard.

“What the hell is this?” Leonard questioned. The outside was blank, no markings of any kind.

“Special delivery from one of Lewis’ goons.”

Leonard looked up at his oldest friend, an intense glare on his face. Mick knew it wasn’t for him, but he also knew what a piece of work Lewis Snart was and no matter what the reason, chances were, something bad was about to happen.

“What did he say?” Lisa asked, from Leonard’s right.

“Only that it was a job offer, and it was in your best interest to look it over before you make up your mind.” Mick explained. “I got the distinct impression that he’s found leverage somewhere.”

That didn’t make any sense. The only people Lewis could hurt to get to him were Lisa and Mick. He’d defend his crew, sure, but at the end of the day they didn’t mean the same to him as his sister and surrogate brother.

Leonard sighed, opening the envelope, careful to feel for traps before he looked into it. When he was certain it was safe he dumped the contents on the bench.

“Surveillance photos?” Shawna questioned. “Isn’t that the woman from Saints and Sinners last week?”

She was right, it was Sara. The young woman who swept in and out of his life in a single night. She had been gone when he woke up the next morning, no note, no explanation, not that he expected one. He assumed if he ever saw her again, it would be by chance, until the week before when she’d been at the bar before he and his crew walked in. She’d seemed distracted, nervous even, but whatever was bothering her, wasn’t enough to stop her from having a good time with him in the alley behind the bar while everyone else was busy inside.

The photos were taken a good distance away. A few of them were of just her, running through the park, or standing outside a nice house in the suburbs talking to another, older woman with long blonde hair. It was the other photos that brought him up short though.

Sara, carrying a young girl, a bright red stuffed toy of some kind clenched in the girl’s hand. Sara was smiling down at her, laughing. The photo didn’t show the young girl’s face, but she had long curly dark hair. The next one did show her face, and there was a note attached to it.

The little girl was sitting in the yard of the same house in the other photos, same toy in her hand as she looked out at someone out of frame. She was grinning happily. The note simply read;

She has your mother’s eyes.